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Look Behind The Look

Look Behind The Look

By Vinyl Foote Productions
Look Behind The Look is a new podcast hosted by the filmmaker behind Larger Than Life: The Kevyn Aucoin Story, Tiffany Bartok. It is a deep dive into iconic looks in film, TV, music, and fashion history with the creatives that brought them to life. Look Behind The Look also offers rare and exclusive visuals on YouTube featuring archival photographs and footage to enjoy along with the story. Head to for more.
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Ep 24 | S2: I want CANDY - Katie Ballard Discusses Her Incredible Work On The Hair-Raising True Crime Series Starring Jessica Biel and Melanie Lynskey for HULU.
When it comes to transformations, it's no secret that right now, they are all the rage.  But Jessica Biel as Candy Montgomery and Melanie Lynskey as Betty Gore are really impressive and you will hear why in this episode.  I have Katie Ballard on the show this week to explain how she made their wigs appear so natural and realistic, share some of her inspiration and techniques, (spoiler- we talk about the iconic Vidal Sassoon Bevel Cut) and Katie shares hilarious stories from the set. Make sure to watch CANDY on Hulu right now-  it started last night and will drop a new episode every night this week,  ending on... Friday The 13th! Links
May 10, 2022
Ep 23 | S2: The James Vincent Interview - Including The Makeup Show, The Powder Group, more!
It's here, It's here!  I am finally bringing you the James Vincent  Episode on video! If you have been a makeup artist or hair stylist in the industry for even 5 minutes, you know James from The Makeup Show, The  Powder Group, iArtist, or any number of other community gatherings in  the industry. James is the Director of Education and Artistry for The Makeup Show and The Powder Group, He career in makeup is legendary, he has worked for years Keying major Fashion Shows in all the major cities, and has worked for years in music videos, spanning genres with such legendary musicians as Lady Gaga, Florence and the Machine, Courtney  Love, Amy Winehouse, Joan Jett and The Foo Fighters. James has had the pleasure to work with leading ladies like Liv Tyler, Reese Witherspoon and Jane Fonda, James has also been privileged enough to work with men  who have made a mark including President Barack Obama. We are going to get into his passion for community and what drives  him to bring artists together through strong communities like The Powder Group, The Makeup Show and innovative education events. We are also going all the way back to James’ assisting days to talk about the best advice Kevyn Aucoin ever gave him as well as his time spent working with Billy B and Dick Page. Don’t forget that The Makeup Show is May 1,2,  it’s LIVE and IN PERSON and there is a code in the show notes for $5 off Head to CODE for $5 off The Makeup Show: LOVENYC22 James Vincent IG: Rebels & Outlaws Website: The Powder Group
April 27, 2022
Ep 23 | S2: The James Vincent Interview - Including The Makeup Show, The Powder Group, and more!
It's here, It's here!  I am finally bringing you the James Vincent Episode! If you have been a makeup artist or hair stylist in the industry for even 5 minutes, you know James from The Makeup Show, The Powder Group, iArtist, or any number of other community gatherings in the industry. James is the Director of Education and Artistry for The Makeup Show and The Powder Group, He career in makeup is legendary, he has worked for years Keying major Fashion Shows in all the major cities, and has worked for years in music videos, spanning genres with such legendary musicians as Lady Gaga, Florence and the Machine, Courtney Love, Amy Winehouse, Joan Jett and The Foo Fighters. James has had the pleasure to work with leading ladies like Liv Tyler, Reese Witherspoon and Jane Fonda, James has also been privileged enough to work with men who have made a mark including President Barack Obama. We are going to get into his passion for community and what drives him to bring artists together through strong communities like The Powder Group, The Makeup Show and innovative education events. We are also going all the way back to James’ assisting days to talk about the best advice Kevyn Aucoin ever gave him as well as his time spent working with Billy B and Dick Page. Don’t forget that The Makeup Show is May 1,2,  it’s LIVE and IN PERSON and there is a code in the show notes for $5 off Head to CODE for $5 off The Makeup Show: LOVENYC22 James Vincent IG: Rebels & Outlaws Website: AND AGAIN! The Makeup Show: Get tix for NYC May 1,2 HERE: CODE for $5 off The Makeup Show: LOVENYC22 The Powder Group
April 27, 2022
Ep 22 | S2: Etzel Ecleston on all things Archive 81
Raise your hand if you binged the crazy ride that is Archive 81.  You know I love anything 90's but we get more than one period look in this show and Etzel Ecleston shared with me her story about going from Key to Makeup Department Head on this project and her secrets for defining the 1920s with makeup.  Listen up to learn how Etzel made her career happen, hear great advice about how to remain irreplaceable on-set, and as always, so much more. Etzel's IG Binge Archive 81
April 16, 2022
Ep 20 | S2: Cowboy Bebop Costume Designer Jane Holland Talks About What Happens When Your Show Gets Cancelled Abruptly?
A delightful conversation with New Zealand's own costume designer, Jane Holland, where she opens up about the intense craftsmanship that went into Spike Spiegel's (actor John Cho's) iconic blue suit in Cowboy Bebop - the tailoring, influences from the graphic novel, the gorgeous lining only actor John Cho knew about, and a secret 'easter egg' of sorts: handmade buttons with a water symbol - all part of a legacy costume (one the character wears the whole project!).  Also, the hundreds of versions that were made of the blue suit for all the action sequences.  Jane discusses the heartbreak of the shows sudden cancellation by Netflix after creating an entire studio workshop for the characters' intricate wardrobe.  Jane discusses throwing herself into projects and how if you don't go all in, you aren't taking a risk, so NO REGRETS.  From her beginnings working on Jane Campion's Oscar-winning The Piano to Xena: Warrior Princess, Jane sings the praises of New Zealand's tightly knit and vital film community as well as her recent colabs with her son!  
March 31, 2022
Ep 21 | S2: Oscar Nominee Nadia Stacey talks Cruella! Yes, I said Cruella!
Listen as I unabashedly fan out over BAFTA Winner Nadia Stacey.   Nadia talks with me the day after her Oscar Nomination was announced for her Hair & Makeup Design on Cruella.  We talk about the looks, of course, but also how Nadia feels now that Cruella and her insanely creative looks have become some of the most recreated, beloved and studied looks in film right now. Make sure you are following Nadia on IG for all you ever wanted in behind the scenes facts, anecdotes and footage.   And below are some of my favorite Cruella finds for you fellow superfans. Cruella on Vinyl  Cruella Soundtrack  Stream Cruella  Cruella DVD
March 21, 2022
Ep 19 | S2: Hair Designer Nakoya Yancey Talks Colin: In Black & White, and the Importance of Injecting Diversity into And Just Like That.
Hair designer Nakoya Yancey talks about her work on Colin In Black & White, getting the call in fly in and create young Colin Kaepernick's cornrows and working with Ava DuVernay in numerous productions, including the award-winning, When They See Us.  Nakoya discusses the importance of authenticity and inclusion, how things are changing on sets... and how they aren't... in this illuminating conversation.  Nakoya also discusses Sarah Jessica Parker being the ultimate boss on And Just Like That, and how she got her start in this difficult business as well as juggling raising a teenager through it all.  I love this episode, and know you will too.
March 18, 2022
Ep 18 | S2: A Women's Day Special - Catherine Deriana & Cynthia O'Rourke talk indie films with strong women, God's Country & A Mouthful of Air
Tuesday was International Women's Day, but let's be honest, EVERY  day is women's day, right?  To celebrate I wanted to talk to 2 women, Cynthia O'Rourke who was the Makeup Department Head for the film A Mouth  Full of Air, and Catherine Deriana who was the Makeup Department Head for the film God's Country which just celebrated it's premier at Sundance 2022. I picked these two and combined them in the same episode because these women both worked on  films with very strong female leads and those parts were played by  powerful female talents. Listen to Cynthia O'Rourke talk about crafting Amanda Seyfried's looks in A Mouth Full of  Air, and Catherina Deriana speak about working with Thandiewe Newton on the unforgettable film God's Country. 0-:26 min. Catherine Deriana :26 -:50 min. Cynthia O'Rourke
March 10, 2022
Ep 17 | S2: Ami Mallon talks jane iredale, Clean Beauty, and How to Make a Career for Yourself
This week are are talking about the beloved clean beauty brand, jane iredale, and the brand's founder, Jane, with Director of Artistry and Education, Ami Mallon.  Listen as we talk about what clean beauty is, and what it not, and hear from Ami some real talk about work/life balance and how she discovered her purpose and how to turn it into a career.  Ami has over 15 years of experience in beauty. As a makeup artist, oncology  certified esthetician, educator, and leader, she has worked closely  with top spas, medical spas, dermatologists, plastic surgeons in her  role as Director of Education for Osmosis Pur Medical Skincare and  former National Makeup Artist and Skin Care Educator  for gloProfessional. Enjoy! Links in this episode: Ami Mallon IG jane iredale
March 03, 2022
Ep 16 | S2: Alessandro Bertolazzi & Sian Miller talk Cyrano, the BAFTAs, and a volcano that created a makeup look!
This week I sat with (should I say zoomed with?) Oscar award winner Alessandro Bertolazzi and BAFTA nominated Sian Miller.  This is the duo  behind the epic 18th century looks in the film Cyrano which finally will be coming to theaters Feb 25.  In this interview Sian and Alessandro tell me about their Baroque Bubble that kept production going through the height of COVID, of a volcano that contributed to Alessandro's makeup looks, and as commonly discussed by the greatest artists, it's never about the awards, but about the integrity of the  work.  Both are nominated for the BAFTA this year for their work in Cyrano and when you see the film, you will understand why. Sian Miller IG Alessandro Bertolazzi IG Cyrano Website
February 19, 2022
Ep 15 | S2: Glamazon Beauty Founder Kim Baker Talks About Her Inspiring Career
In this episode, I'm sharing with you a conversation I had with Kim  Baker.  I met Kim at an event re-launch of her beauty line, Glamazon  Beauty and I was so truly impressed with the product that I invited her  on the show to tell me more about how it all came about.  From her beginnings as a successful Wilhelmina Model, to her unexpected career as  a celebrity makeup artist, and finally to the launch of her own  successful makeup line, we cover it all.  Join Kim and I for some real  talk about the industry... and a lot of inspiration. Glamazon Beauty   Kim Baker's IG
February 11, 2022
Ep 14 | S2: BONUS EPISODE - Pam and Tommy On Hulu w/Barry Lee Moe, David Williams & Jason Collins. It's a PARTY!
Bonus Episode: Pam and Tommy On Hulu This is the day.  It's finally here.  You can now watch Pam and Tommy for yourselves on Hulu and I want you to report back.  Pam and Tommy has been loaded into your feed nonstop but now you can experience the series.  Let me know what you think.  I devoured the 8 episodes and in this Bonus Episode of Look Behind The Look we get into the HOW'D THEY DO THAT of it all.  I have all 3 magicians here: Barry Lee Moe the Hair Department Head, David  Williams the Makeup Department Head, Jason Collins Special Makeup Effects Designer: Autonomous F/X, Inc. (Yes, we talk about those special prosthetic body parts...) for an amazing rundown of how the looks were created and INSANE stories from set.  Enjoy! LINKS Pam and Tommy IG: Barry Lee Moe IG: David Williams IG: Jason Collins IG:
February 02, 2022
Ep 13 | S2: Cliona Furey & Jo-Ann MacNeil take a trip into Nightmare Alley
Seasoned Artists - Hair Designer Cliona Furey and Makeup Department Head Jo-Ann MacNeil - go in depth to discuss the incomparable looks of  Nightmare Alley.  We go into detail about the creative process creating the looks for The Geek played by Paul Anderson, Toni Collette's Zeena and Rooney Mara as Molly.  Cliona and Jo-Ann share about the challenges they faced like shutting down production immediately and without warning  on March 12, 2020 in the midst of shooting a scene's master shot, and then picking up again in September without missing a beat.   Hear about their fascinating process and enjoy listening as they share incredible details about this epic production.
February 01, 2022
Ep 12 | S2: Linda Dowds - Jessica Chastain's Personal Makeup Artist Talks The Eyes of Tammy Faye
In this episode, I talk with Linda Dowds, Jessica Chastain's  personal makeup artist for 16 projects and counting.  We focused on The Eyes of Tammy Faye for this conversation as the awards buzz for her work has risen to a volume of 10.  The accolades are so well deserved and here we speak about the pressures of awards buzz, the mechanics of creating a look combined with prosthetics and the magic of working with someone for so many different projects.  Enjoy! See The Eyes of Tammy Faye HERE Linda Dowds IG MORE TAMMY: The Eyes of Tammy Faye Episode 8 with Justin Raleigh
January 21, 2022
Ep 11 | S2: Stevie Martin - Makeup Dept. Head - of Arthea Franklin bio pic, RESPECT!
I had such a fun time talking with Stevie about her masterful work as Makeup Department Head on RESPECT and engaging in real talk about the chaos on set. Stevie talks to us about thinking out of the box and on the spot on set to problem solve, recreating an icon and all the managing the pressure that comes along with it, remembering where you came from and being a true leader who manages a team to succeed in mastering a look. She tells us about the moment she fell in love with makeup and decided to never look back and gives brilliant advice for artists everywhere. Learn about Passion over Paycheck and hear what Stevie’s secret weapon was to provide Jennifer Hudson with Aretha’s signature ummm…“glisten”. WATCH RESPECT HERE NOW
January 14, 2022
Ep 10 | S2: In Conversation With Celebrity Makeup Artist, Lottie.
Ep10 is up!   And you will be excited to hear this conversation between  the celebrated makeup artist Lottie and I.  You have absolutely seen and celebrated her brilliant work:  She is the artist behind campaigns for  Smashbox, Urban Decay, Benefit, Adidas... the list goes on and on... she also works with many of your favorite celebrities, and has had her work  on countless covers including Vogue of course.   We also talk about her fantastic podcast, We Speak Beauty, which is very popular in the beauty community and I  highly recommend it for professional advice, insight and support. Listen up as we dig into her career, her philosophies, and dive into the  details of some of my favorite looks by Lottie.   Lottie's IG
January 10, 2022
EP 9 | S2: In Conversation with Celebrity Makeup Artist Suzy Gerstein.
In Episode 2.9, I finally got to enjoy some time with my friend Suzy Gerstein who talks with me about her early days in the industry assisting makeup legends like Dick Page, Lisa Butler, Val Garland and Chris Colbeck.  We talk about her great love for her time spent working with the foundation Dress For Success, her obsession with finally getting organized thanks to Grishan Roof, and we talk about the importance of set etiquette, taking rules and breaking them so that your technique becomes your own, and as always so.  much.  more.  Enjoy! Follow Suzy on IG  Links in this Episode The Art of Kevyn Aucoin Book Dress For Success Grishan Roof Well Insulated
November 25, 2021
Ep 8 | S2: Special Effects Makeup Artist Justin Raleigh Talks The Eyes of Tammy Faye and Impeachment
It took a village to create the masterful transformation of Jessica  Chastain into icon Tammy Faye Bakker, and Just Raleigh allows us inside the detailed work that he contributed.  A prolific artist, Justin was behind the special effects work for Jessica Chastain, Andrew Garfield,  Cherry Jones, and Vincent D'Onofrio.  We talk about his work in great detail, and as a bonus, we delved into the world of American Crime Story | Impeachment which is currently on FX.  Justin's company Fractured FX  is behind that mind-blowing transformation of Sarah Paulson into Linda  Tripp, Annaleigh Ashford into Paula Jones and Clive Owens into Bill  Clinton. Learn more about Justin's company here: Fractured FX
November 02, 2021
Episode 7 | Season 2: Dana Covarrubius talks Only Murders In The Building!
I had the pleasure of speaking with Dana Covarrubius who is the Costume Designer behind your new favorite show, Only Murders In The Building.  We know you've already devoured season 1 and are relieved to hear that a Season 2 has been greenlit, now hear Dana and I talk about all your favorite characters played by Steve Martin, Selena Gomez, Martin Short and yes, she tells stories about Sting.  Dana shares with me about her creative process and her career path. I especially loved hearing about her upbringing in Texas and finding inspiration in the window displays of her local mall as a young girl.  Dana’s resume includes hit shows - MasterNone (Netflix), Ramy (Hulu), Mrs.Fletcher (HBO), Crashing (HBO), Claws (TNT), Quantico (ABC), Broad City (Comedy Central), Inside Amy Schumer (Comedy Central) and Grand Army (Netflix).  Enjoy learning more about her and her work now!
October 12, 2021
Episode 6 | Season 2: Hair Designer and Emmy Nominee Liliana Maggio Talks The Politician
In this episode, Hair Designer Lilliana Maggio talks about her second EMMY nomination for her work on The Politician.  She joins me straight from the set of the Sex and The City reboot, And Just Like That, to discuss her career and reveal how she manages to balance work, a newborn, and even COVID.   We talk about the power and grace of Judith Light, the experience of watching Steven Spielberg direct while she was on the set of West Side Story, how Vera Farmiga was the one who inspired her to be able to say 'yes' to family and career, and laying her first wig on Bernadette Peters right on set. Enjoy and see you next week!
September 30, 2021
Episode 5 | Season 2: Make-up Artist & Photographer Troy Jensen talks about Bjork's 'Swan Dress'
Don't let his baby face fool you, Troy Jensen has over 30 years of experience in the makeup industry and in this episode we go behind the  unforgettable Swan Dress look worn by Bjork in the 2001 Oscars, and you'll hear why this story was one of his greatest career lessons.  Troy has created looks for an endless roster of celebrities - in this episode, we talk about his work with Kim Kardashian, Vanessa Williams, Nicole  Scherzinger, and more.  Troy is also an incredible photographer and quite often, he is also behind the camera documenting his own fabulous work.  Hear all about his impressive career and how he became an industry favorite in this episode, and don't forget to head to YouTube to watch so you can see the looks! Learn more about Troy at
September 17, 2021
Episode 4 | Season 2: Bobbie Thomas on inner style, battling grief, and how to find your JOY.
In Episode 2.4 , I speak with Bobbie Thomas - TODAY Show  correspondent, fashion journalist, style expert and friend!  I invited Bobbie to come onto the show to take a look behind keeping up appearances in our fast-paced industry.  I wanted to talk with her about finding joy in moments that prove to be challenging, and how to take time out for yourself so that you can recharge, regroup, and then show up for yourself and those you care about.  Bobbie and I talk about working with brands and companies that have authentic and pure intentions, (Yes!  They exist!), how your image identity can be found and celebrated, and how navigating this roller coaster of life doesn't have to be a journey you take on all alone. For more of Bobbie's expertise, make sure to pick up her book The Power of Style: Everything You Need to Know Before You Get Dressed Tomorrow This episode is sponsored by Russel Stover's Joy Bites
September 10, 2021
Episode 3 | Season 2: The Legendary Career of Makeup Master Ve Neill
I am beyond thrilled to share this conversation with the legendary makeup master Ve Neill.  Ve's career spans decades and includes 8 Oscar Nominations and 3 Wins.  She and I cover as much as we can in our time together including her Tim Burton collaborations Beetlejuice, Ed Wood, Sweeny Todd, and of course, Edward Scissorhands.  Find out more about her intimate relationship with Johnny Depp and Robin Williams and even hear about the 2 gigs she regrets turning down. (!) You know Ve's work from her contributions to your favorite films, but you have also seen her on the show Face/Off - the SYFY Competition Show.  She is the mastermind behind Ve's Favorite Brushes by Ve Neill and she also has a school Legends Makeup Academy.  Ve has played a part in nearly every film you love, shows no signs of slowing down, and lives and breathes creativity, community and education.  
September 02, 2021
Episode 2 | Season 2: Costume Designer and Emmy Nominee Jeriana San Juan Talks HALSTON
Emmy Season is here and Jeriana San Juan is nominated for her impeccable work in the Netflix Series, HALSTON.  Listen to her talk about how she came to the project and how she researched, replicated, and paid homage to one of America's greatest designers.  Also hear stories about how she worked as a consultant on the film and actually choreographed Ewan McGregor's movements.  From Halston, to Liza and of course Elsa Pieretti, we cover all of the highlights in this visual feast and Jeriana shares generously about her creative philosophies and work ethic in this  inspiring look into the creative process.
August 17, 2021
Episode 1 | Season 2: Lawrence Davis Talks Jennifer Hudson and RESPECT
I'm thrilled to kick off Season 2 with a look into the work of the tremendously talented and incredibly humble Lawrence Davis.  His latest project, RESPECT, is in theaters as we speak, so please go see it to truly enjoy Jennifer Hudson as Aretha Franklin and also to bask in the  work of hair magician, Lawrence Davis.  He also shares with me the incredible story of what brought his career to fruition and set him on  the path of what would become the department head for shows like Claws,  Watchmen, The Underground Railroad, Mare of Easttown, and the upcoming Mothership (Netflix). Lawrence joined me literally in between takes while working on Mothership for Netflix, so please enjoy our chat and please forgive any audio challenges - I apologize in advance but I did steal time in the makeup trailer and we had a slight audio challenge so I recommend watching this episode on youtube if you can! WATCH RESPECT HERE NOW
August 14, 2021
Episode 30: Keith Barraclough & Kate Lorenz | The Redhead Project
In Episode 30, we are talking to the photographer Keith Barraclough and his partner, Kate Lorenz.  Keith is a well-known photographer living in NY and you may have heard of their innovative endeavor, The Redhead Project.  It's been featured on CNN, and in Vanity Fair, and is indeed fascinating.  Keith has photographed over 500 redheads, capturing each of their unique personalities in a grand fashion.  In this episode, you will hear all about how it came to be, and where it is headed, as well as a detailed look into many of the shoots.  Enjoy and remember to follow the project and find out more on IG and or go to the website HERE.
July 13, 2021
Episode 29: Jessica Matlin | Beauty Director of Bazaar and Co-Founder of Fat Mascara
In Episode 29 I talk with Beauty Director of Harper's Bazaar, Jessica Matlin.  Jessica is also the co-founder of your favorite Beauty Podcast, Fat Mascara and as a long time admirer of her work, I invited her on to Look Behind the Look for some fun beauty banter and a chat about some of our favorite Bazaar covers featuring Kevyn Aucoin's makeup artistry.  Listen and enjoy as we analyze the definition of a smokey eye ...and as I reveal one of my interview horror stories!
June 25, 2021
Episode 28: Theo Kogan and the New Book from The Lunachicks (Fallopian Rhapsody)
Theo Kogan.  Punk Rocker, beauty entrepreneur, makeup artist, model, actress and mom.  There is no "former" in any of these labels, she is all of these at any given time.  In today's episode, we talk about Theo's Iconic band The Lunachicks, and their new book, Fallopian Rhapsody written  with Jeanne Fury and available everywhere from Hachette.  Keeping with the element of surprise, Theo's daughter, Lucy, joins us to talk about  her own band (!) and lets us know about her IG page, Food Disorder.  Join me while I chat with the coolest woman in New York, celebrate the new book and The Lunachicks' upcoming show, and learn more about Theo in this new article from Vogue for an even deeper dive.
June 08, 2021
Episode 27: Jon Lieckfelt | His work with Maye Musk and More
In today's episode, we talk with Makeup Artist and Hair Artist Jon Lieckfelt about some of his incredible creations with his clients including Maye Musk and Adam Lambert, and fun stories about his other clients like Christie Brinkley, Fran Drescher, Anne Heche, and Minnie Driver.  Hear his beautiful thoughts on not getting caught up in followers, likes, and other numbers; and keeping the focus on creation.  We also talk about his new series, LieckMinded, a wonderful new show he has created on YouTube that offers a dose of DIY creativity in each episode.  Enjoy!  
May 30, 2021
Episode 26: Schitt's Creek with Lucky Bromhead and Ana Sorys
In this fun episode, the truth comes out that I was a late bloomer in the Schitt's Creek world.  This beloved treasure is celebrated by myself, makeup artist, Lucky Bromhead and hair stylist, Ana Sorys, who create so many of the iconic looks that you know and love on the show.  We discuss at length Moira Rose's infamous Crow look, her Cabaret look and so much more.  We also talk about how it feels to be a part of an artistic endeavor that has created such a lasting mark in so many people's hearts, as well as in entertainment, fashion, and beauty  history.
May 22, 2021
Episode 25: Andrew Sotomayor | Talks about his Emmy win, West Side Story, and more.
Andrew Sotomayor and I had a lovely conversation about his work, his Emmy win and his philosophies on his artistry.  He shares his  origin story and secrets to longevity in this career.  Hint, always say yes and do whatever it takes to seize opportunities the second they arise.  In Episode 25 of Look Behind The Look, learn more about Andrew,  his intricate work on Broadway in West Side Story, his beautiful line, Oracle Jayne Station, his new podcast Masters of Makeup, and... as  Much.  More.
May 18, 2021
Episode 24: Sam Fine | A Fine Conversation With The Legendary Master of Makeup
Dreams do come true - I was able to have a conversation with the legendary Sam Fine to ask him about some of his most memorable shoots, his illustrious career and the creation of his beloved, iconic book that changed so many of our lives and set the world on a path of unforgettable beauty.  Sam talks about his incredible career and his beloved clients from Queen Latifah and Tyra Banks, to Patti LaBelle and Vanessa Williams, Jennifer Hudson, and the woman who lit the first match, Naomi Campbell.
May 07, 2021
Episode 23: Morag Ross | Behind the Looks of Cate Blanchett in Mrs. America and Hela of Thor: Ragnarok
What could powerful Marvel villain Hela from Thor: Ragnarok and (some might say equally powerful) Phyllis Schlafly possibly have in common? Well, both were played masterfully by iconic thespian Cate Blanchett and both were expertly created with the artistry of makeup artist, visionary, and BAFTA winner, Morag Ross.  Listen as we discuss just a few of Morag's incredible looks, her career, and, as always, so...  much...  more!
April 30, 2021
Episode 22: OSCARS Special | Mia Neal Talks Ma Rainey's Black Bottom
It's Episode 22 and recent BAFTA WINNER (!) Mia Neal talks about her incredible career and her Oscar nomination.  Mia joins me to talk about work/life  balance (and laugh), her historic Oscar Nomination this year which she shares with Jamika Wilson as the first Black women to be nominated for  makeup and hairstyling since the categories inclusion in 1981, her admiration for the Safdi Brothers' and her wild times working on Uncut Gems, and ... as always... so.  much.  more.  Enjoy!  And don't forget to watch The Oscars Sunday night!
April 22, 2021
Episode 21: San Sigüenza | His Art, Influence and His Muse, Selena Quintanilla
Today,  April 16th would have been Selena's 50th Birthday. We are celebrating by talking to artist San Sigüenza who's artwork featuring Selena can be seen everywhere from on murals, to inside the Selena Museum in Corpus  Christi, and even on super fans' bodies as tattoos! I talk to Santi about how he found himself painting Selena during some of the most difficult times of his life, and how he was saved by connecting with her through art. When Santi lost his Aunt who introduced him to Selena's music, the universe gifted him with the ability to play a part in keeping Selena's legacy alive. Enjoy this episode and celebrate Selena any and every way you can today!
April 16, 2021
Episode 20: Daniel Martin | More Than The Royal Wedding
This  week our guest is none other than Daniel Martin. The makeup artist  that creates flawless looks for Elisabeth Moss, Gemma Chan, Jessica Alba, Meghan Markle, and so many more. He is currently Tatcha's first-ever Global Director of Artistry and Education. You recently saw his work on the beautiful Maya Rudolph when she hosted SNL and everyone knows the look he created with Meghan for her Royal Wedding. But Daniel and I found ourselves talking about all that and more including the importance of the STOP APPI HATE movement, our mutual homesickness for the Pacific Northwest, and of  course no interview would be complete without some MAC counter nostalgia. Enjoy! Per our conversation, please visit for resources and ways to ACT NOW.
April 13, 2021
Episode 19: Dianne Brill | Queen of the Night
The insane life of Dianne Brill began in Wisconsin, then London in her early twenties, and by some fluke of a visa problem New York City got her, thank God. By 1985 she was featured in the New York Times as the reigning queen of NYC parties. Andy Warhol famously said of Dianne, if you were at a party and Dianne Brill was there, you knew you were at the right party. Her supersonic beauty, skintight rubber fashion, and club appearances drove the paparazzi insane and made her officially known as the queen of the night. She was at the top of what became known as the Fab 500, literally the 500 coolest people that were on any New York city guest list in the 1980s. We're talking Iggy Pop, Robert Mapplethorpe, Jean-Michel Basquiat, Keith Haring, Annie Leibovitz, Steven Klein, Debbie Harry, Mario Testino. And of course Andy Warhol. She was married to Rudolf Pieper the owner of the legendary club, Danceteria where her legendary status was cemented. Everywhere Dianne went she was adored and always made a statement. She’s acted in films like iconic downtown NYC film, Slaves of New York, and For Love or Money with Michael J. Fox. She wrote a book, “Boobs, Boys and High Heels or How to Get Dressed in Just Under Six Hours.” She started a clothing line and she was dressing Duran Duran and Prince, walking in runway shows for Thierry Mugler, Jean Paul Gaultier, Vivienne Westwood. She even has a mannequin created after her figure…She started her own cosmetics line, Dianne Brill Cosmetics, and now she is on Instagram and YouTube with her channel, The Brill of it All. Dianne Brill was truly way ahead of the curve for being famous for being fabulous, way before social media likes followers and the notion that people are just famous for no discernible reason. The thing about Dianne is she's famous because she created a sensation, a fury, she represented what it meant to be everywhere at all times a sensation, and anyone that watched her walk across the room. We had such an amazing time going down memory lane and celebrating her incredible and illustrious life. And don’t forget to wish our Aries queen a Happy Birthday today! Enjoy xo
April 06, 2021
Episode 18: Angie Wells | Carey Mulligan in Promising Young Woman
We’re back this week with Angie Wells who is a two-time Emmy nominated makeup artist, IATSE member, MUAHS Guild Award, and Critics Choice Award nominee. You’ve seen her incredible work in MUDBOUND, HARRIET, SYLVIE’S LOVE, and most recently, PROMISING YOUNG WOMAN with Carey Mulligan. We talk about how she came to the industry and her many talents including how she’s not only an amazing makeup artist but also an accomplished jazz singer. She also shares her back story including how she met her mentor, Marietta Carter-Narcisse. As for the ✨LOOKS✨, Angie shares what it was like to work as the Makeup Department Head on Emerald Fennell’s Oscar-nominated film, Promising Young Woman, when the makeup is its own character, creating and executing DIY-style looks with Carey, some of the products she worked with (shoutout to Kosas!), and as always so.much.more.
April 02, 2021
Episode 17: Pati Dubroff | Margot Robbie "Once Upon a Time in Hollywood" Press Tour
We're back this week just in time for awards season…I sat down with one of Hollywood's most respected makeup artists, a distinguished leader in the beauty industry, CHANEL Makeup artist, and total rockstar Pati Dubroff. We talk all about her unique style and talent for accentuating beauty, all the incredible looks from Margot Robbie’s press & awards tour for Tarantino’s Once Upon a Time in Hollywood, her Hollywood Reporter Magic Hour feature, and as always so much more.
February 26, 2021
Episode 16: Mario Dedivanovic | Makeup by Mario, Kim Kardashian Met Gala 2019
We’re back this week with another amazing & humble guest, who is one of the most sought after, acclaimed, followed, and influential makeup artists in the world, a groundbreaking educator, AND CEO & Founder of his own line, Mario Dedivanovic. We talk all about handling the pandemic and launching a line amongst it, his journey as a makeup artist, remembering to take it all in, what fuels his soul and inspiration, and of course THAT Kim Kardashian wet look at the 2019 Met Gala. Enjoy! SPONSOR: Presentation Folder. Save 15% on any new or custom poster or sign order with promo code: TIFFANY15,
February 19, 2021
Episode 15: Dita Von Teese & Gregory Arlt
Craft your favorite cocktail or garnish your seltzer with lime and join Emmy Nominated Makeup Artist, Beauty Influencer, & Director Of Makeup Artistry at MAC Gregory Arlt & icon, Queen of Burlesque and glamour evangelist Dita Von Teese, talk all about the perfect cat eye & red lip, their kismet relationship, beauty philosophies, favorite looks they’ve done together and so much more. You won’t want to miss these two and all their glamorous & antic, just in time for Valentine's Day weekend. Enjoy!
February 12, 2021
Episode 14: Billy B | Lady Gaga, Mariah Carey, Missy Elliott, Britney Spears and More
We’re back this week with Episode 14. I sat down with the kindest soul, legendary and visionary makeup artist Billy B. We discuss his humble beginnings from Mississippi to NYC, becoming a self-taught artist, his illustrious career and always remembering where you came from. This episode is packed with so many iconic stories of Billy’s work at the height of pop music and building special connections with Lady Gaga, Britney Spears, Missy Elliot, TLC, Pink, Dolly Parton and so many more. Enjoy!
February 05, 2021
Episode 13: Angelique Vélez | Breakups to Makeup + Hey Glowfriend
We're back this week with Episode 13. I sat down with my brilliant and dear friend, creator of My Makeup Mastermind, host of The Hey Glowfriend podcast, and CEO + founder of Breakups to Makeup, Angelique Vélez. We talk all about what it took to launch a cult-favorite beauty brand aka the original makeup clutch, getting on QVC, pivoting creatively and so.much.more. Enjoy! Breakups to Makeup: Hey Glowfriend (Listen to Angelique’s episode with Tiffany!): My Makeup Mastermind:
January 29, 2021
Episode 12: James Boehmer | Shiseido Makeup Global Artistic Director
We’re back this week with Episode 12. I sat down with the absolutely incredible makeup artist and Global Artistic Director Shiseido Makeup, James Boehmer. We discuss how he got his start, his time working at NARS, what goes into creating and launching a line, new and exciting things at Shiseido with Hunter Schafer, a Warhol inspired shoot with Andreja Pejić and so much more. Enjoy!
January 22, 2021
Episode 11: Sarah Cimino | Moulin Rouge! The Musical
We’re back this week with Episode 11. I sat down with the absolutely incredible stage & theatrical pro makeup artist, designer, and educator, Sarah Cimino. We discuss how she got her start, her deep love for theatre and telling stories, experimenting and learning as a young artist in NYC, her brilliant makeup design and process on the Broadway spectacular Moulin Rouge! The Musical, her work with Company XIV, and as always, so much more. Enjoy!
January 15, 2021
Episode 10: Lisa Eldridge | Eva Green in Dumbo
We’re back this week to kick off the new year with Episode 10. I sat down with Beauty Icon, Makeup Historian, Pro Makeup Artist, NYT Bestselling Author, Lancome Global Creative Director, and founder of Lisa Eldridge Makeup & Jewels, Lisa Eldridge. We discuss her humble beginnings and early love for drawing & painting faces, her big break getting representation and working with Cindy Crawford, her take on the beauty boom & the success of her beloved YouTube channel, and of course her work creating Eva Green’s looks with the incredible team on Tim Burton’s Dumbo. Plus, so much more. Enjoy! Look Behind The Look is a new podcast hosted by the filmmaker behind Larger Than Life: The Kevyn Aucoin Story, Tiffany Bartok. It is a deep dive into iconic looks in film, TV, music, and fashion history with the creatives that brought them to life. Look Behind The Look also offers rare and exclusive visuals on YouTube featuring archival photographs and footage to enjoy along with the story.
January 08, 2021
Episode 9: Justin Teodoro | NYC-Based Artist, Designer, and Illustrator
With the holidays in full swing, we’re coming back with another episode right before Christmas…Episode 9: Justin Teodoro. I sat down with my dear friend, Canadian-NYC-based, artist, designer, and illustrator, Justin Teodoro. We talked all about his current & past work including his powerful piece #WeShouldAllCare went viral and his continuous example as an artist who leads with compassion. Not to mention, his incredible, current collaboration #BossXJustinTeodoro (don’t walk…run!) and of course, we swap stories on all our shared inspiration and love for all things 90s, beauty, supermodels, fashion, art, and so much more. Fun Fact: Justin is the designer and illustrator behind our logo. We j’adore Teodoro!
December 23, 2020
Episode 8: Lena Koro - NARS Global Artistic Director
We’re back this week with Episode 8. I sat down with the absolutely stunning makeup artist & NARS Global Artistic Director, Lena Koro. We talked all about her deep love and passion for beauty and glamour, her decades of work with Francois Nars including his books Makeup Your Mind, Makeup Your Mind: Express Yourself, and X-Ray. Plus their work together with Amber Valletta, inspired by Luis Buñuel’s classic, Belle Du Jour and as always, so.much.more. Enjoy!
December 18, 2020
Episode 7: Gina Brooke Talks Madonna, Eyelashes & Manifestation
We’re back this week with Episode 7. I sat down with beauty expert, brand consultant, makeup artist, and all-around amazing human being, Gina Brooke. We talked all about getting her start, manifesting & reinvention, working with Steven Klein, Carolyn Murphy, Naomi Campbell, and countless others, THOSE $10K diamond eyelashes, and of course all things MADONNA. Enjoy!
December 11, 2020
Episode 6: Rachel Goodwin Talks Emma Stone Vogue Cover and Blue Eyeshadow
We’re back this with our latest episode and guest in Episode 6. I sat down this week with the ultra-talented and kind, celebrity makeup artist, beauty seeker, creative thinker, Co-Founder of the Makeup Museum Official, and Host of the upcoming Pretty Curious Show Podcast, Rachel Goodwin. We discuss ALL things blue liner/eyeshadow + how her deep love for it all began, moving out to LA, meeting + creating makeup magic with January Jones, her close and personal work with Emma Stone (they’ve been working together since Superbad), how kindness matters in everything you do, and as always, so.much.more. Enjoy!
November 21, 2020
Episode 5: Renee Garnes
We’re back with another amazing episode and guest in Episode 5 of #LookBehindTheLook This week, I sat down with the utterly fabulous, Celebrity & Editorial Makeup Artist, Art & Beauty Director, Activist, Renee Garnes We discuss her impeccable brow work, getting her start in Austria, Indya Moore’s 3 Vogue covers THIS year, backstage moments at fashion week, being ahead of the trends with Naomi Campbell, Lizzo’s iconic Vogue cover, and as always, so much more. Enjoy! Twitter: @LookBehindPod Instagram: @LookBehindTheLook YouTube:
November 13, 2020
Episode 4: Sandy Linter
This week I had the amazing honor of talking with ICON/LEGEND, makeup artist, and author, Sandy Linter. We talked about her books Disco Beauty & The Makeup Wakeup, her current exhibit at The Brooklyn Museum, THAT Allen Tannenbaum Studio 54 photo, her favorite red lip AOC wears, her work with Debbie Harry, Patti Hansen, Gia, and so much more. Enjoy! Twitter: @LookBehindPod  Instagram: @LookBehindTheLook  YouTube:
October 28, 2020
Growing Pains
I stopped recording, and here's why...In this EXTRA episode, I explain why I didn't post a new episode for a bit after posting one every Friday. I hope you enjoy this little break from interviews- it's short, sweet, (well, I don't know about that) and personal... and I have a feeling you can all relate. Thanks for listening!
October 27, 2020
Episode 3: Jenn & Ignacia Talk Claws on TNT
Our guests this week are the brilliant, gorgeous, and hilarious duo, Jenn Lyon, and Ignacia Soto-Aguilar.  Jenn is an actress/writer/producer & the funniest woman alive. She currently plays Jennifer Husser on #ClawsTNT where she works with beloved makeup artist & Department Head, Ignacia Soto-Aguilar. In this episode, we share lots of laughs and dive into stories of matching your tassels with your liner, blue eyeshadow self-realization, wearing Tom Ford lipstick in a swap, and of course so much more. Enjoy! ----------------------------- Twitter: @LookBehindPod Instagram: @LookBehindTheLook YouTube:
October 02, 2020
Episode 2: Barry Lee Moe Talks Pose on FX
Our guest this week is Emmy-award winning hairstylist, Barry Lee Moe. Today we dive into his work on Pose FX,  his relationship with Tori Amos, giving back and so much more.  *Support Trans Lives* Donation Links discussed in the episode today: Marsha P. Johnson Institute -, Sylvia Rivera Law Project -, Hetrick-Martin Institute -  -----------------------------  Twitter: @LookBehindPod Instagram: @LookBehindTheLook YouTube:
September 25, 2020
Episode 1: Tricia Sawyer Talks Sharon Stone in Casino
Welcome to our first episode of Look Behind The Look the podcast that examines iconic looks in film, television, music, and fashion history, with your host, Tiffany Bartok. Our first guest is Emmy-award nominated, makeup artist extraordinaire, Tricia Sawyer. She has worked with icon, Sharon Stone, on 19 films and the one we are going to talk about today is Martin Scorsese’s, 1995 classic, Casino - set in Vegas and encompassed about 16 years of different looks. It stars Robert De Niro, Joe Pesci, James Woods, and of course, Sharon Stone, who was nominated for her performance. Today we dive into all 27 looks of Sharon's iconic Ginger and so much more. #LookBehindTheLook  A new podcast by Vinyl Foote Productions Twitter: @LookBehindPod Instagram: @LookBehindTheLook YouTube:
September 16, 2020