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By Lopez
A brown man and his friends gather to talk about society and pop culture.
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Lopez Radio 379: The Trail To Oregon w/ Ashley Anderson

Lopez Radio

Lopez Radio 379: The Trail To Oregon w/ Ashley Anderson
Ashley Anderson AKA KittyKosmos continues our conversation from Offline to discuss so many things. We talk about what's been on her mind, ADHD, staying and getting healthy, would we survive the Oregon Trail, seeing shows on Broadway, managing the sheer amount of equipment and data that we've amassed over the years, and more.   Check out Ashley on Offline episode 3 here:  All of Ashley's Links: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ My Socials: Twitch:​ Twitter: ​------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Community Discord: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Podcasts: Lopez Radio: ​Parentally Unprepared: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Music by Spuntastic:
July 14, 2022
378 - Flossing For A Cure w/ Slick Schultz
Long-time friend of the show, Slick Schultz joins Lopez for a remote broadcast that was recorded live at Camp Brewing in Hampton, GA. Over some beers we discuss medical fears, brewing beer, teeth cleaning, toilet etiquette, and more. Nick was also on my Offline show about content creation (link below).    Check out Slick on Offline episode 2 here:  Contact Slick: Twitter: Instagram: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Filmed at Camp Brewing (Thanks, guys!): ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ My Socials: Twitch:​ Twitter: ​------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Community Discord: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Podcasts: Lopez Radio:​ Parentally Unprepared: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Music by Spuntastic:
June 24, 2022
377 - The Open Road
Long time friend of the show Shawn Arnold returns to talk about being a professional musician, what it takes to tour with a band on several levels, National Spot a Homophobe Month,  seeing Tears for Fears live, what music means to people that aren't the artists that make it, and more.   Check out Shawn on my new show Offline here:  Contact Shawn: Twitter: Instagram: Podcast: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ My Socials: Twitch:​ Twitter: ​------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Community Discord: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Podcasts: Lopez Radio:​ Parentally Unprepared: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Music by Spuntastic:
June 17, 2022
376 - No Country For Old Men
Lopez and Krista are back and talking mostly about the breaking news of the potential turnover of Roe v. Wade by the Supreme Court.  Krista is very HOT on this subject and shares her concerns as well as some drinks with Lopez. An important event covered by your favorite podcast. What more could you ask for? @lopezradio for all social media for streams
May 04, 2022
375 - OCHS Comeback Kings
My good friends Banshee and Sheets went live with me to catch up for the first time in person since WELL before the pandemic. Our conversations meandered around music, movies, games, first reactions, and more. It was a lot of fun. NOTE: We were live and a little intoxicated, so there may have been some chaos. @lopezradio for all social media for streams
March 25, 2022
373 - Texas Hipster Massacre
Lopez is joined by the lovely Krista to talk about the witches of Greg Locke's church, The 2022 release of a new Texas Chainsaw Massacre on Netflix, racism toward that cast and crew of Atlanta in London, attempted cancellation of Dave Chappelle and Joe Rogan, and more. @lopezradio for all social media for streams
February 20, 2022
372 - Introducing 2020-Lite!
We like to call it "2020 Lite" but you may know it as 2021.  Zach White makes his return to the show for the first time in over a year and it may be one that you'll likely want to play for the family at Christmas as we get into all the stuff that you don't want to talk about around the ol' Christmas Tree.  Catching up with Zach and getting darkly political, as we do. I hope you enjoy it.  If you're not down for the political stuff, we'll catch you on the next one, no worries.  Happy holidays! @lopezradio for all social media
December 10, 2021
371 - Karmic Vigilantes
Lopez returns for the first time in a long time.  Krista joins the podcast for the first time to catch up, talk about the new realities of pandemic life, a discussion on Marilyn Manson and what to do when artists you enjoy turn out to be garbage people for real, the role of music in your life as place markers, and we discuss a conspiracy theory pyramid that she found on Reddit. Follow the show on social media: @lopezradio Check out my live streams on Twitch:
November 24, 2021
370 - Lopez and Sheets are #AllElite
Lopez and Sheets broadcast from the L&S Mountain Fortress aka #MountPound to talk about getting away from the world in the mountains, the return of our Sunday Night Alternative radio show (linked below), some sports, some wrestling, F-U Money, and Fez Whatley passing away.  Enjoy and check out the links below! Follow Lopez: @lopezradio Follow Sheets: @SheetsLive Check out our radio show: (or just search for BSLR on Spotify)
August 24, 2021
369 - Class of 2001 Reunion (Part 2): The Movies, TV, and Entertainment
Lopez, Sheets, and Banshee are back to talk about the movies, TV, and entertainment goings on of 2001. We also get into Coen Brothers movies, Tom Green, and more as we continue our look back at our High School graduation year. You can follow us here: And watch me on Twitch:
July 08, 2021
368 - Keep Calm & Kerrty On
PARTNERED STREAMER Kerrty joins the show for a conversation that's at least two years in the making. We discuss her long path to partnership, the changes streamers see as they grow their channel, the perils of streaming and maintaining a community, the odd latest trends on Twitch, how getting older is pretty cool, her plans for the future, losing touch with IRL friends, and more!  Follow Kerrty on Social Media @KerrtyPlays Check her out on Twitch:
June 24, 2021
367 - Class of 2001 Reunion (Part 1): The Music
Lopez, Banshee, and Sheets graduated high school 20 years ago and it appears no one has organized a reunion, due to the world being basically over.  This is part one of a podcast mini series about the school year and summer of 2001, the year that officially ended the 90's. This episode focuses more on the music that was popular that year and what we were listening to and seeing in concert. It was our senior year and we felt like kings, as most kids did.  Grab a drink and join us. Feel free to rate, review, and subscribe to the show on your favorite podcast app. You can follow us here: And watch me on Twitch:
May 26, 2021
366 TechGuru & TechSquad Hype
TechGuru808 is a great friend of the show and community who I met through Twitch and we finally got a chance to sit down and have a podcast session.  We talk a lot about what he's been doing during quarantine, how creating on Twitch and YouTube has been through the past year, how building a community around our channels has been so cool, how our views of content creation has evolved, and so much more.  I also recommend you check out Tech's channels (links below).  This was a really fun episode. Feel free to rate, review, and subscribe to the show on your favorite podcast app. You can follow us here: And watch me on Twitch: TechGuru808 can be found at the following: Twitch: Twitter: YouTube:
April 24, 2021
365 (Part 2) The Fight For Creative Sanity
We continue our podcast journey with Lord Fagan as we discuss content creation and how it is changing as well as the direction of Marvel, Star Wars, and Disney+. Feel free to rate, review, and subscribe to the show on your favorite podcast app. You can follow us here: And watch me on Twitch:
April 12, 2021
365 (Part 1) The Fight For Earth Realm
Lord Fagan returns to the show for a two part episode where we discuss the 1995 film Mortal Kombat, in preparation for the new Mortal Kombat movie that will release this month.  We venture from there into talking about more video game movies and a little bit about gaming the system in Vegas. Join us for part two where we discuss content creation, the direction of Marvel, Star Wars, and Disney+. Feel free to rate, review, and subscribe to the show on your favorite podcast app. You can follow us here: And watch me on Twitch:
April 12, 2021
364 Check Out My Rack: Accepted (2006)
Lopez and Krista have decided to watch all the movies in their DVD rack and talk about them here.  The first up is the college comedy Accepted from 2006 starring Justin (not Jason) Long, Jonah Hill, and Lewis Black.  It's an interesting look back on what was once really funny to us and what drove us to buy the DVDs that we bought. Feel free to rate, review, and subscribe to the show on your favorite podcast app. You can follow us here: And watch me on Twitch:
April 01, 2021
363 Good Times and Great Oldies
Sheets and Banshee join us for another nostalgic Lopez Radio episode.  We talk about potential plans for a 20 year reunion for high school, doing a years in review series for 2001, TV and Movies, and more. You can follow us here:
March 25, 2021
362 Altering DNA and Social Filters
What are the products of insomnia? Bags under your eyes? Bad TV shows and infomercials? Hazy perception of the world around you? Tonight (or this morning?) one of those products is a new episode of Lopez Radio.  Catch up with Lopez and listen to him talk about what he's been up to lately, vaccinations, babies, other podcasts, Dr. Suess, future Lopez Radio plans, and more. You can reach the show on social media @lopezradio You can also check out my other show about pending parenthood called Parentally Unprepared:
March 16, 2021
361 The Agreed Reality
Our pal Banshee helps us close out 2020 talking about fatherhood, Bill Murray, reading a crystal ball, and more. Follow Banshee on Twitter @Banshee_RadioFollow the show everywhere @lopezradio
January 02, 2021
360 Thankful For LSBS
Lopez and Sheets get together to catch up and talk about a little pandemic, The Deftones’ upcoming 20th anniversary release of White Pony, ranking Deftones albums, the power of nostalgia, the paths you take in life and more. -You can follow Sheets on Twitter @sheetslive and you can check him out on Twitch: the...
December 02, 2020
359 Fireside Chat
Zach White returns to the show to catch up on life, the pandemic, the election, and online goings on. It is a more political discussion than is the usual fare on Lopez Radio but that’s what we like to do with Zach. You have been warned. Follow the show on social media @lopezradioCheck out live...
November 21, 2020
358 Season of Caution
Lord Fagan returns to Lopez Radio to tear the universe apart and talk about it. More specifically we get into a lot of TV and movie talk including Mandolorian (no spoilers), Marvel, Disney, and David Fincher. We also get into different critical mentalities behind bingeing vs. watching a show week to week, the importance of...
November 16, 2020
357 Fudge Society
Streamer and Musician Fudge joins the show to hang out and talk about life, music, content creation and more. It was a pleasure having him on and I look forward to it again. Episode 357 Strategy Guide: -Check out Fudge on Twitch: -Check out his music on BandCamp: -Follow the show: @lopezradio -Check...
October 27, 2020
356 Southern Henna Tattoos
Shawn Arnold of the TMIPod returns to Lopez Radio for the first time in over two years to catch up on many things including things we’ve been watching, current events in the south, bullies and helicopter parenting, new gear, new dogs, and more. Episode 356 Strategy Guide: -Check out Shawn’s Podcast at -Follow Shawn...
September 17, 2020
355 Cutting A Promo On Quaratine
A couple of my favorite Englishmen, Ian Bain and Brad Wharton, join the podcast to catch up and talk about what quarantine has been like for them, what they are projecting this Fall to be like, then moving into its effect on live sports and MMA. We get into some great MMA and Pro Wrestling...
August 05, 2020
354 Gene Simmons Is Missing
Lopez and Sheets return to catch up on many items like the death of Regis Philbin, a lot of celebrity net worth, nostalgia tied to listening to the radio, Sheets’ escape from Portland, the Rolling Stone 500 Greatest Album list, and much more. Enjoy two plus hours of our BS. Episode 354 Strategy Guide: -Follow...
July 29, 2020
353 Twitter’s Not Real Life
Dear friend and author T. Blake Braddy rejoins the podcast to discuss the books he’s been working on, creative burnout, his new Crime Podcast “Music City Murder,” as well as the current cancel culture, social media, and politics. Episode 353 Strategy guide:-Follow Tyler @blakebraddy on Twitter and @tblakebraddy on instagram-Check out his new True Crime...
June 24, 2020
352 Flacid Expectations
Jbrucifer is a podcaster and Twitch broadcaster that joins Lopez to talk about Beer, Cats, and Broadcasting. We get into some of the things we’ve learned by observing the Twitch platform over the years before diving into a really deep and nerdy discussion about audio equipment. Episode 352 Strategy Guide: -Follow jbrucifer on Twitter and...
June 09, 2020