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Lorenzo's Music Podcast

Lorenzo's Music Podcast

By Lorenzo's Music
This podcast was started by Tom Ray of Lorenzo's Music, an indie art rock band from Madison WI. Each week Tom talks to musicians and creators all around the world asking them about their creative process, how they do things and why? An entertaining, inspirational, informative show that hopes to connect more musicians and makers together.
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S01 Episode 12: Ace Waters - Musician, Plus, YouTube Video Claims - Lorenzo's Music Podcast
This episode I start out with a conversation about having music claimed in YouTube videos. All of our stuff is under creative commons and people are allowed to use our music as long as they attribute the work to us. But what happens if a site that I uploaded our music to years ago gets bought by a company like Live Nation and they start going around and telling people they own your music? Well, this just happened to us. I talk with the Anthony Smith owner of Black Paw Photo who received this notice for using our music and we try to figure out how to fix this. After that, I get the chance to meet musician and YouTuber Ace Waters. I heard about him a few episodes back when I met Rock The Jake. So Ace is currently making YouTube his full-time income so I had to ask him about that! Links
March 1, 2019
S01 Episode 11: Bobby Hussy - Musician, The Hussy - Lorenzo's Music Podcast
The Hussy is a band here in Madison, WI featuring Bobby Hussy, Heather Hussy, Tyler Fassnacht. Bobby Hussy also runs his own label No Coast records. I've wanted to meet him for some time and thought to reach out and ask him to be on the podcast so I could find out more about him. Links
February 22, 2019
S01 Episode 10: Terri Balogh & Darci Alishouse, Filmakers - Lorenzo's Music Podcast
From time to time we get contacted by people asking to use our music in videos and movies. That's the case with the people that I talk with on this episode of the podcast. They made an independent film that they are entering in the film fest circuits and it's called "Feet". So needless to say I had to get them on the show to learn more about what this thing was all about. Links Feet (IMDB Info)
February 15, 2019
S01 Episode 9: Audio Farm, Band - Lorenzo's Music Podcast
The band I meet to on the show today is Audio Farm. I contacted mainly because I was curious. I saw their page on Facebook and at first, it was just a logo I think. Then they posted band photos and each person in the had an animal drawing that represented each one of them. I met with a few of them in their studio here in Madison to talk. Links
February 8, 2019
S01 Episode 8: The Fancy Pears, Band - Lorenzo's Music Podcast
I met one of the members of the band The Fancy Pears at an event I was at in the fall of 2018. I had never heard of his band before so I thought it would be fun to get together with them and do an interview for the podcast. Later on, I met with other members of the band and we just sat around a table and talked about making music. This was really why I wanted to start this show, so I could just hang out with other musicians and talk. It was a fun time. Links The Fancy Pears Website - Bandcamp Page -
February 2, 2019
S01 Episode 7: Ashlinn Nash, Musician, Cyberwaste - Lorenzo's Music Podcast
One person that contacted me about being on the podcast was an electronica musician from England. We had actually spoken to each other in the fall when we originally recorded our interview but if you’ve been listening to the show you’ll remember that somehow I accidentally lost or deleted that file or something? So we got online and recorded another interview. She releases music under the name Cyberwaste and I talk to her about her new album, her musician promotional company called Trial N' Error Productions and another musical project she has called Rose Astronaut.
January 25, 2019
S01 Episode 6: Erich Eickmeyer, Ubuntu Studio - Lorenzo's Music Podcast
In this episode, I get to meet Erich Eickmeyer Council Chair at Ubuntu Studio. When we recorded our "Rom-Comm Mixtape" release we decided to try an do the whole thing using only open source tools and software. We even got a write up in Forbes because of it.  We ended up using a Linux distribution called Ubuntu Studio. We chose it because it's an entire computer operating system that comes preloaded with tons of free software for musicians, artists & filmmakers. I reached out to the Ubuntu Studio Facebook page to see if anyone would be interested in talking about the project on the podcast because I wanted to support them for what they've done. Check out Ubuntu Studio for yourself at
January 18, 2019
S01 Episode 5: Synovia Alexis Knox, Musician - Lorenzo's Music Podcast
This time I meet musician, Synovia Alexis from right here in Madison WI. She has a new self-made release out now called "SIgnature". We get together to talk in downtown Madison about making music, how she performed in Europe, self-promotion and more. Listen to the EP SIgnature on SoundCloud
January 9, 2019
S01 Episode 4: Dominic Francisco, Musician, Gilman Mom - Lorenzo's Music Podcast
Today I meet musician Dominic Francisco of Gilman Mom who also created a short film out of his own songs called "Manifest Destiny".
December 23, 2018
S01 Episode 3: Tanner Kahl, LUM Music Streaming App - Lorenzo's Music Podcast
This time on the podcast, I meet Tanner Kahl from LÜM, a startup that created a new music app. I heard about this company because they are based right here in Madison Wisconsin. When I first heard about them the app was just getting ready to launch. And I was curious about what it was. So I reached out to them to see if I could stop by and ask them about it.
December 9, 2018
S01 Episode 2: Jake Woodward, YouTuber, Rock the Jake - Lorenzo's Music Podcast
I wanted to talk to people that have signed up to our mailing list or people that have used our music for their own projects or just people that I’ve heard about on the internet that seemed like they were doing interesting things. Things that I wanted to know more about. The person I’m talking to today Jake Woodward is a YouTuber that makes videos and music. Jake is one of the people that contacted me from our email list. How he heard about us in the first place is actually kind of a funny story. You can check out his channel on youtube -
November 25, 2018
S01 Episode 1: Cheyenne Hohman, Free Music Archive - Lorenzo's Music Podcast
This Episode I talk to Cheyenne Hohman from the Free Music Archive, a site that has been one of the biggest sources where people have discovered music that is free to use in videos, films, mobile app projects and more. Soon after we recorded this interview, Cheyanne found out that the site would be ending it’s long run and shutting down. Which is a huge loss for musicians all over the world. But Cheyenne has done so much to support music that I wanted to focus on her as a music fan. So this episode is a tribute to what she's done. Visit our website at
November 18, 2018
The Lorenzo's Music Podcast - Coming soon!
Not that long ago I got an idea. It was simple really, I wanted to meet other artists, musicians or people that create things in general. I mean anything? On the show, we talk about why we create and what interests us. And why we decide to have this musical outlet at all? I think the creative struggle is the same for us all no matter where we’re located. The interviews I’ve had are with musicians, video streamers, music distributors, music software creators -- from all over the world. The new season is starting soon.
November 6, 2018