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Losing 300

Losing 300

By Kandy KetoPuffer
Follow Kandy on her journey from 300 pounds to a good healthy weight!
I will be talking about diets, fitness, and just everything that comes up with my diet. :)
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18: The Picture
Listen To Kandy y’all about the Photo. That horrifying photo someone else takes of you. The feelings behind it. Why that photo isn’t the real you.
May 4, 2020
17: One Week On Keto!
I’m back in Episode 17. It’s been a crazy month so I waited til I was a week in on Keto. Already down 5 pounds. I also get real about what got me started again and kind of cry. Lol! Follow me on Instagram:
February 26, 2020
16. The Sickie Ickies and Feelie Wheelies
Sorry for making yall wait another month for another episode! This time I am talking about how I have lost some weight but the sickie ickies and emotional eating hasn't helped me lose a ton of weight.  Follow more of my journey on instagram!
November 19, 2019
15: Getting Back on the Train
Some great news! I have kept up with my diet this last two weeks. Also we discuss hair issues, the reason behind Losing 300.  Please rate and review me if you use Apple Podcasts.  Also! I have an instagram. Check me out. Twitter: I even have a blog!
October 15, 2019
14: Good News! Yay!
This week I’m talking about how I have been doing completely back on the diet. No cheating, full on ketosis! Go me! Wohoo! Please review on apple podcast! Tell a friend! Also follow my journey even more on Instagram @ketopuffer
October 1, 2019
13. Moving, schedules, and mood.
In this episode I talk about moving, open up about something bothering me, and talk about how I need to plan better.
September 17, 2019
12: I am Alive!
I AM BACK YALL!  Today I am talking about getting back on track, having a good day, and being genuinely over excited about everything! Super stoked! I am getting back on Keto, even after debating it for a few weeks. I am stoked!  THANK YOU ALL for being a part of this journey with me! I can't wait to see where it goes! Follow me on social media? everything dot com at ketopuffer  cause everyday Im keto puffling. 
August 1, 2019
11: Dating is Awesome
Thank you for listening! Still 238 pounds. Or 237 if I wanna believe that one day, right? ;P This episode I discuss dating and how that has changed my diet but how I also don't care because my boyfriend is amazing! I just adore the fuck outta him. Opps, I cursed...  If you like my podcast share with a friend! Also review it if you use apple podcasts! If you hate my podcast then share with an enemy!  If you wanna follow my journey more and see photos, you can find me on instagram! If you don't use instagram? Message me on my email!
April 23, 2019
10: Mood Affects Diet
Thank you for listening! Please Rate and Review on itunes. Trust me, it means a lot to me!!! In this episode we just mostly get an update on Kandy's life and weird moods. How mood affects your diet and will to do anything. Some reflection, and just mostly self talk. It is a podcast about my diet journey and this is just one of those times.  You can find more of me on instagram! Or you can email me directly:
April 16, 2019
9: Mindful Eating
Hey Thank you for joining me on my weight loss journey.  This week Kandy discusses how she basically has been cheating with pizza for like 6 days. How stress makes her eat, and how she needs to get back on track! Also she discusses about mindful eating and taking time to make sure you are really hungry. Also about how you need to replace old habits with new habits and how to get out those emotions instead of stuffing them down with food.  Please Review on iTunes! Really, it does help! Share with friends! You can watch and see more of my story on instagram! Wanna comment but don't have instagram? You can email me! 
April 11, 2019
8: Exciting Podcast Announcement!
THANK YOU GUYS! For real! Part One: Currently have not weighed myself. Otherwise, had a great week food wise, but the gym is still a mystery to me.  Part Two: Thank you guys so much for your support. I am getting interviews set up after some amazing ladies have stepped up and supported me. Absolutely amazing. I really cannot wait to hear their full stories and to share them with you guys!  If you wanna book an appointment to share your story with me I now have a calendar! Check it out if you wanna tell me your story of weight loss!  If you wanna see photos of me, my food and progress check me out on instagram! Please Rate and Review on iTunes! For real, Podcasters love these and they are needed! Share with friends, family, and etc!  If you have questions or just wanna talk, it goes down in my DM's! Or you can email me:
April 6, 2019
7: Meal Prepping
Thank you for listening! Please Review on iTunes! I would appreciate it so much! In this episode Kandy talks about how she still has not gone to the gym and how she still has not bought a lock. Also, about her not getting on a scale, but sharing some Nonscale victories!  Then we go into a huge confusing rant about how meal prepping is super helpful to a diet. How being poor can be trendy, and how much Kandy likes her boyfriend because he is just awesome and called her on the podcast.  Thank you guys! 
April 4, 2019
6: Weird Things About Weight Loss
This week we talk about how I dropped to 237! I SEENT IT SO ITS TRUE! Also we discuss how I ate ice cream, but its okay. It is a lifestyle. I am still choosing mostly good foods, and still sticking to my diet most of the time as well. So that is a plus.  Then! We talk about weird things most people do not talk about when they discuss weight loss! I now have elbows, and bones! How weird is that? Hahaha.  Thank you for joining me on this journey! Please RATE AND REVIEW on iTunes! I would appreciate it so much!  Also follow my journey more on instagram! Also! Here is the Reddit Post I was reading while talking: 
April 3, 2019
5: Every Body Is Different
Thank you for listening! Please rate and review us on iTunes. Share with a friend! I hope you enjoy! Today Kandy wants to tell everyone that they have different bodies. No one diet is going to be perfect for everyone. It's something you have to experiment, try out different things and talk to a doctor for sure. Kandy explains why she has chosen her diet, and why she is going a bit more strict with her diet than she normally would.  Wanna follow my weight loss journey more closely? Find me on instagram: @ketopuffer
March 30, 2019
4: Tips and Tricks
Thank you all for listening! I cheated a lot on my diet this weekend but I am BACK ON TRACK today! No more cheating for me. Even if I do spend the weekend with my boyfriend! No more! But also, it happens! Also I am coming to yall with some tips from me. I didn't google these. These are things that have worked and helped me and I thought I would share them! If you have any tips, tricks, OR just wanna say hi OR share your story please send me voice clips at  I wanna share everything with yall! Also if you wanna follow me more on my diet, find me on instagram!
March 19, 2019
3: Cheating
We are adding a new segment to the episode of what I did for my diet this week. I did not do exercise, but will include that in the future. Also, I will be better about it, lol!  Then I discuss cheating on a diet and how we should not let that affect us the way it does! Just get back on and keep going! Thank you for listening!
March 14, 2019
2: What is Keto?
In this episode we are talking about what keto is. Hint: It is a low carb, high fat and moderate protein diet. It actually uses fat to fuel your body so you burn fat! It is pretty awesome, and has some great foods! :P  I will explain how I do keto and how it has worked for me! 
March 13, 2019
1: The "Start" of My Journey
Welcome to Losing 300! Hi! I am Kandy! You can find me on instagram @ketopuffer to follow more of my weight loss! In July of 2018 I realized how fat I was. I was pushing 300 pounds, and it just was not a good look. With a good kick in the but today I find myself at 240.8 pounds! This is the start of my journey! Listen in to hear me talk about my progress, what I am doing, and hopefully this encourages you!
March 13, 2019