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LOST Ending Explained

LOST Ending Explained

By LOST Ending Explained
Let us explain Lost to you.
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LOST Ending Explained - 006 - SO WE'RE IN HELL, HUH?
We're all flashbacked out as we finally learn everything about our intrepid heroes'sss's's pasts. Sawyer hunts a pig! Jin hates his gig! Hurley wins big! EPISODES 16-18. Original Air Dates - Feb 16th, Feb 24rd, March 2nd 2005
August 28, 2020
LOST Ending Explained - 005 - JUST PEE ON IT
Turns and twists may hurt our wrists, but implied incest will never get past us! Boone has a sibling fling! Michael gives parenting a swing! Claire forgets everything! EPISODES 13-15. Original Air Dates - Jan 12th, Jan 19th, Feb 9th 2005
September 23, 2019
LOST Ending Explained - 004 - WHO THE HELL IS ETHAN?
Terrifying revelations occur on the island, as our stranded crew gets pulled through the wringer of mysterious unnamed characters. Claire keeps crying! Charlie winds up dying! Kates always lying! EPISODES 10-12. Original Air Dates - Dec 1st, Dec 8th 2004, Jan 5th 2005
September 08, 2019
LOST Ending Explained - 003 - JEDI MOMENT
More backstories revealed as we get to know more about the troubled  souls who washed up on shore. Charlie gets hooked! Sawyer's a crook!  Sayid is shook!   EPISODES 7-9. Original Air Dates - Nov 3rd, Nov 10th, Nov 17th 2004
July 24, 2019
LOST Ending Explained - 002 -THAT'S ANOTHER $89.95
It's time we get to learn more about the island by looking into our secretive cast's back stories! Locke can walk! Fathers will stalk! Sun could talk! EPISODES 4-6. Original Air Dates - Oct 13th, Oct 20th, Oct 27th 2004
June 19, 2019
LOST Ending Explained - 001 - 3 DAYS AGO WE ALL DIED
In our first recording, we explore the colorful cast of characters we are sure we will still enjoy after 121 episodes. Jack saves us all! A polar bear will fall! Sawyer is appalled! EPISODES 1-3. Original Air Dates - Sep 22nd, Sep 29th, Oct 6th 2004
June 12, 2019