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Leo on the Line

Leo on the Line

By Leo Laporte
Podcast like there's nobody listening.

Leo Laporte is a podcaster, broadcaster, and tech pundit. The Tech Guy coast-to-coast on the Premiere Networks. Founder of the TWiT Netcast Network.
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Line 3 Off To The Big Apple

Leo on the Line

Line 10
What the spotify acquisition means to podcasters.
February 07, 2019
Line 9
Playing Ketchup
June 19, 2018
Line 8
Line 8 \u2022 Love ur lifestyle hate the subway \u2022 Livin' the Dream \u2022 Livin' the Dream \u2022 Microphones \u2022 Haircut etiquette \u2022 Oops \u2022 The truth from Candace \u2022 Time stamp? Or do 'calls' just stackup\277 \u2022 Pixel 2 XL \u2022 KNBR 1989 \u2022 Love from the hub
December 08, 2017
Line 7
Line 7: Too Early \u2022 Question Time \u2022 Voice acting / improved speaking tips \u2022 Voice Work \u2022 Bernie has a content request \u2022 TWiT Bits \u2022 Greetings from Cork Ireland \u2022 Life Tapers Off \u2022 Paul's first question for Leo \u2022 Now with Caffeine \u2022 The Petaluma Story
December 07, 2017
Line 6
Question time β€’ Photo processing on Moto G5s plus β€’ Using camera raw on Android β€’ Your Craziest Call-in to Date? β€’ Crazy calls
December 02, 2017
Line 4
Night all
November 30, 2017
Line 3 Off To The Big Apple
Start slow β€’ Samsung Note 8 or iPhone X. If I win which one should I get? β€’ Take the iPhone X β€’ Hi Leo πŸ™‹πŸ½β€β™€οΈ Video versus Audio Podcasting β€’ My greatest mistake β€’ Now boarding β€’ All aboard β€’ ... as long as they are in your Contacts ... β€’ More questions! β€’ Night all
November 29, 2017
Line 2
Line 2 β€’ Opening a neglected app β€’ Line 2 part 2 β€’ Line 2 part 3 β€’ Line 2 part 4 β€’ Leo, glad you’ve launched your own personal show! β€’ Part 5
November 28, 2017
Line 1: Ask Me Anything
Line 2: Ask me anything!
November 27, 2017
Line 0: A new show from an old guy
Line 0
November 25, 2017
November 24, 2017
November 24, 2017