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Loud Sports Podcast

Loud Sports Podcast

By Kyle Gorney
Hello and welcome to Loud sports, where we talk a lot of sports and smoke a little loud. We are a 420 friendly sports podcast recorded here in Michigan. We cover all major sports headlines in college football, basketball, the MLB, NFL, and NBA.The content covered is always fresh for each show. Join the family as hosts Kyle, David, and Koen talk a lot of sports and smoke a little loud

*Disclaimer: Not all hosts or guests on the show partake in the usage of cannabis. While the show does encourage both medical and recreational marijuana, precautions are taken to ensure the comfort of all guests
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Episode 31: Football is in the Air
Hey sports fans! We are back again with another episode of Loud Sports! This week we have David back in the studio for the first time in several months!! We talk a little bit of NFL football and then David does his oh so famous College football segment! Join us this week and hit the like and share button! 
June 17, 2020
Episode 30: We are back!!!!
Hey sports fans we are back!! The Loud Sports team is back in the studio bringing you all the info you need! join us this week as we have Koen back and then this Thursday we get the full team back! Don't forget to hit the like and share button!!! 
June 7, 2020
Episode 29: NFL free Agency Recap With Special Guests!
Join us this week as we recap NFL free agency so far! We are joined by BCMG very own Steve Reisner form Slightly Biased and Ernest Silva from Into The Lab! You can find the live video from this weeks show on our Facebook page! So stoners and sports enthusiasts sit back and enjoy another episode of Loud Sports! 
April 1, 2020
Episode 28: College Basketball Wrap up and More
Hey Sports fans join us this week as we wrap up the college basketball season and talk a little NBA while we are at it! Don't forget to hit the like and subscribe button! 
March 11, 2020
Episode 27: Weekly Wrap Up and Heated Debates.
Hey sports fans welcome back to Loud Sports! Join us this week as we wrap up your week in sports and our guests panelist get into their own little heated debate and more! Don't forget to hit that subscribe and share button! 
February 29, 2020
Season 2 Of Loud Sports Kick Off!
Hey there Sports fans we are back!! Its season 2 join Koen and myself as we talk all sports and catch everyone up on whats been going on here at loud sports!! 
February 18, 2020
Episode 25: Super Bowl Special!!!
Join us and so many guests as we talk the superbowl!!! Give us your pick and share this epispode!! 
February 2, 2020
Episode 24: Farewell to a GOAT
Tune in as we dedicate Episode 24, to the greatest 24 of all time. With the help of Steve Reisner from Slightly Biased Podcast, we cover a little college basketball, our Super Bowl picks, and introduce our MMA segment. Enjoy Loud Sport's fam.
January 29, 2020
Episode 23: Conference Championship Wrap Up and So Much More!
Hey sports fans! Join us this week as we wrap up Championship Sunday and dig a little deeper into the cheating scandals surrounding the MLB! David and I also dig into the NBA and NCAAM. Don't forget our superbowl special is 2 weeks away!!! Hit the like share and subscribe button! 
January 22, 2020
Episode 22: NFL Divisonal Wrap up and More!
Hey Sports Fans! Welcome back to the 22nd episode of Loud Sports! We talk all things sports today, we wrap up the college season and talk Conference Championship! Hit that share and Like button Don't forget to subscribe! 
January 16, 2020
Episode 21: Wild Card Wrap Up & More!
Join us for our 21st episode as we talk all things sports! We even touch on a little NBA to lead off the show! Please take a listen and hit the like and share button! 
January 10, 2020
Episode 20: New Years Day Show!!
Happy new years Sports fans!!! We bring in the new year with a show on New Years day! We hit on all things NFL and College Football! We update our brackets where David has a huge lead on me! So join the show and hit that like and share button! 
January 2, 2020
Episode 19: Holiday Special!!
Join us this week on LoudSports! We talk all things sports including the NFL Playoff push and the NCAAM basketball season! Its our Holiday Special and its a fun one so join us and enjoy!! Let us know what you think! Disclosure: All Music rights are owned by Loud Sports. 
December 24, 2019
Episode 18: NFL Weekly Wrap up and A little Weed history!
Join us this week as we wrap up week 15 of the NFL and also dig into some medical Cannabis history!! Hit like and share! 
December 19, 2019
Episode 17: Holiday Wrap up & College Basektball Intro
Hey Sports Fans! Join us this week in our first College basketball segment along with the Holiday Wrap up from around the sports world. We talk NFL playoff race and more! 
December 4, 2019
Episode 16: Holiday Special
Hey sports Fans! Join us for our Holiday Special! its a long show!! But a great show, Join us and enjoy it! Grab your blunts and bongs! 
November 26, 2019
Episode 15: NFL 100 Presents:Garrett Vs Rudolph
Join us this week as we switch it up a little and talk all things on Tuesday! We wrap up the busy weekend in sports with David in the house! 
November 20, 2019
Episode 14: NFL Week 10 Wrap Up
Hey Guys join us this week in a fun show with some pretty big announcements at the end! 
November 13, 2019
Episode 13:2 Parts For Double The Fun!!
Hey Sports fans! Join us today in a special show! It was so special we had to break it down into two parts. We have David join us in the first and Ryan comes in later! So give it a listen and hit that like button! 
November 9, 2019
Episode 12 NFL Week 9 Wrap up and More
Hey all you sports fans! Join us in our 12th episode as we talk all NFL and a little bit more! We wrap up the games from over the weekend and even talk a little weed! 
November 6, 2019
Episode 11:Quick but Thoughtful
Hey sports fans,Join me in a condensed episode as we touch on some subjects quickly! 
November 2, 2019
Episode 10:NFL Week 8 Wrap up and Trade Deadline
Hey sports fans!! Welcome back to another episode of Loud Sports where we "Talk sports and Smoke a little Loud Baby" Join us this week as we wrap up week 8 in the NFL we are halfway through the season and have tons to talk about. So grab your joints, bongs, and Blunts and enjoy the show! 
October 29, 2019
Episode 9: NFL Week 7 Wrap Up!
Hey Sports fans! Join us today as we wrap up week 7 in the NFL with some Podcast fun! We announce our winner of our contest and also we talk some trades!! So hit the like and share button and enjoy! 
October 22, 2019
Episode 8: Crunch Time!
Join us this week as our Friday show got moved to Saturday!! We talk everything, Including College football and MLB. We touch on some good topics and finish off with a little NFL of course! So hit the like and share button guys and enjoy the show! 
October 20, 2019
Episode 7: NFL Week 6 Wrap up,Whats up with the Refs??
Today we talk all NFL like always on Tuesdays!! We have fun and talk the bad calls so far this year! This is a good listen this week we break down what the hell is going on in the NFL!!! 
October 15, 2019
Episode 6.5: What you missed!
Hey guys this is the filler episode to make up for the end of Episode 6! I apologize to everyone again we don't know what happened between editing and being brought to the platform but hopefully this makes up for it guys!!! 
October 12, 2019
Episode 6: Weekend Look Ahead!!!
Join us in our 6th Episode!! We talk a little bit of everything and finally get our college guy on the show!! So hit that like button sit back and enjoy!!
October 11, 2019
Episode 5: Week 5 Weekend Wrap up!! With a Twist!!
Welcome back sports fans!!! You Know what we do here at Loud Sports!!! WE TALK A LITTLE SPORTS AND SMOKE A LITTLE WEED BABY!!! Join me as we wrap up week 5 in the NFL and talk some other things as well and I have special guest join the show!! We also do the new segment and announce our live release date!!!!
October 8, 2019
Episode 4:Weekly Wrap up with Special Guest!!!
Join us in a great show this week as we wrap it all up and talk sports!!! We have a special guest join us and also this is a Test episode for future live episodes so do beware some of the new equipment is still being tinkered with so we are working on that! 
October 4, 2019
Episode 3: NFL Week 4 Wrap up
Join me as we talk all NFL football! We wrap up week 4 and touch on some other subjects! So sit back and relax and enjoy the show!!! 
October 1, 2019
Episode 2 Whats next?
We talk the return of Melvin Gordon we talk NCAA and MLB and as usual we smoke a little loud!! Please enjoy as this episode really digs deep at some great topics! 
September 27, 2019
Episode 1 intro to Football And Loud
Listen along to a Podcast featuring myself! We talk NFL news, stats, scores, and other relatable topics! Explicit language and 420 friendly as well! Its in the Name! 
September 24, 2019