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Loud Weed

Loud Weed

By Amanda Panda
Loud Women Elevate Educate Discuss
Live on KDIF 102.9 in South Phoenix every other Sunday!
• We are your 420 radio show for the cannabis community bringing you the culture, arts, festivities and people that surround us! We bring you guests from all over the Highly talented spectrum that is the marijuana circle!

Find all our outlets at and elevate with us!

Host: Panda
Co-Host: Adge
Potducer: Chris
Marijuanager: Sara
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First Guests

Loud Weed

First Guests

Loud Weed

💣 Gettin Stoned in The House 💣
We had the high-tastic opportunity to sit down with @officialpeezy, The Get High Rapper himself and find out about how he started! From Ct to Az we had a blast getting to know Peezy from beginning to fame ✨ A king-palm mishap starts the laughs 🤭 How the cannabis community works in CT, how it played a role in his life his senior year and how it grew into a career in hip hop remixes, wrestling and tik-tok fame! Don’t miss the sesh and high-larious time! Thank you to our sponsors 💨 Get Loud with Us 💨
November 11, 2020
♻️ Resinate
Garret joins us to talk about his business Resinate, a cannabis plastic recycling company – “We make products that work for people - with a process that works for the planet.” We all know herb comes in a LOT of plastic packaging… what do you do with all those containers?! “Resinate is recycling it, turning it into new products, and building the circular economy at a local level. We help dispensaries and medical marijuana patients make small actions that create an incredible impact.” – Resinate Learn how to get involved, what you can recycle at the Resinate bins, where they’re at and more on this episode. CONGRATS TO OUR SPONSOR GIVEAWAY WINNER: @theherbalista Resinate: Website • IG • FB
September 29, 2020
👑 @terpy_tammy
@tomspalms is an organization that gives back to a community in need heavily supported by the #phxmmjcommunity. Tammy is teaching big heights and achieving major goals all while medicating with THC & CBD ✨ Tammy talks growing up in a environment where giving back was the thing to do. Her parents guided her in the path to who she is today! Find out all about her organization, plus how YOU can help! Shout out to our giveaway winner mistyrose_budz with the code word “MaryJane” to win a beloved rig and some swag!
September 14, 2020
It’s our Canna-versary!! ✨
We spent the day enjoying each other time, playing in the sun, smoking a hell of a lot, breakfast was 100mg muffins from @dabnbaker and beers with @jstrailmix chamoy and a paint party live on IG! @rolling_js suggested a cactus sunset alien vibe and we had so much fun creating and laughing together! Thank you to everyone that has helped, pushed, supported and showed love this last year! Cheers canna family!
August 31, 2020
Gravity bong hits anyone? This High-larious episode is a result of a weird morning mixed with laughs and a happy and weed filled show love at home! @sesheithsteph had a whole adventurous day from beginning to end! We ooh’d and awe’s over the @nugjewelz collection and spent a ton of time engaging with our IG live listeners! I think we are barely recovering from those gravity bong hits!! Plus 5 giveaways!! The funniest show yet! Don’t miss it ✨
August 27, 2020
The Smoke Circle
The Corona Files: How we are maintaining personally through the craziness of 2020! We started the show with The Higher Report & Mutha Facts sharing 5 facts about the up and coming elections in AZ for the smart and safe initiative. The Smoke Circle dives deep into our own routes, routines and personal space. Adge Panda and Sara discusses mental health, shared tidbits of their lives and then Chris brought the heat with the last segment. She brought light to a real problem in every community; human trafficking. Don’t miss this one!
August 8, 2020
👑 High Impact: Sean Baker & Lyrick
It would be easier to tell you what we didn’t talk about because we talked about everything! From cannabis to conspiracies to pure hustle and grind, Sean and Lyrick fill us with their thoughts and what motivates them to achieve their goals in life! We cover family and growing up, how and when these two started with marijuana and how it heals them today. Don’t miss a second, from Higher report to HotBox this show doesn’t stop!
July 21, 2020
Red White and Green Sesh with Nature’s Meds team Sheena, James and KishaKush
Our host Adge flies solo through the Higher Report and MuthhaFacts into the interview with the Nature’s Meds team. We got three aspects of the dispensary; Sheena from marketing, KishaKush is a patient service provider and James works in the grow! Get a sneak leak into 710 festivities at Nature’s Medicines, their newest location, free hand sanitizer and much more!
July 7, 2020
Fathers Day Sesh with SmokeeeJ, SmokeeeJr & “DabbinJesus”
Welcome to our Season 3! 🚨 Cannagar owner and family joined us to talk life as a canna dad, his venture from education to marijuana and how he lives combining them! We talk about our endocannabinoid system and how CBD helps tie everything together. Just in time for the new CBD cannagar drop! From The Higher Report to The HotBox don’t miss all the laughs and love from these amazing guests!
June 22, 2020
The Hootie Hoo drop in with Collective Art Tattoo and 90s Hip Hop classics
Our Season finale celebrates our first sponsors; Collective Art Tattoo with a “High-light” interview featuring Danny @faust_1, a local artist, and our logo creator. We dive into what the guys love to do and what drives them crazy in the tattoo world! We touched on fatherhood and cannabis and asked the guys what they hope for for Fathers Day! This whole episode is full of LOUD laughs and even a ghost story! Always starting off with The Higher Report and a new segment called MutthaFacts until the Hot Box where we played a guessing game and did a live giveaway on our Instagram! Our winner won a new glass piece, @pandasstash jar, and a free tattoo from Collective Art/IF tattoo shop live on air! All with some 90s hip hop Jam Loud pumping during breaks!
June 8, 2020
Jam Loud Qt Check in with Parisa and Luisa
Panda and Adge take on their guests individually with a remote and live call in interview! First jam to some 80s hits mixed with the Higher Report and info about @bakedbros.edibles stimulus special, plus find out about a give back opportunity coming up in June, follow @terpy_tammy to learn more! We also shared a moment of silence in honor of Mikel Weisser, a hero to the marijuana community. Please find his gofundme at “there will be marijuana in heaven” or get a memorial shirt from @thehippychronicals to help support The Weisser family. The two part interview by Adge with Parisa @damarijuanamama cover QT life for our season 1 guest. She tells us all about her virtual sesh hangouts plus news about 420 skincare and the Big Bad Ass line returning soon! Luisa gives us some insight into her life during these trying times and why it’s so important to protect ourselves to protect others. Panda and Luisa also talk over our own responsibilities to ourselves. This episode is full of love light and happy vibes! Come join the Jam Loud Sesh 80s style!
May 27, 2020
Yo Mommas Jam Loud
Our Mothers Day Special we asked all our followers and friends for the ultimate mom playlist! Panda Adge and our Pot-ducer Chris and Marijuanager Sara all sit down together for a live show to talk about being a mom, our own mothers and the ones around us!
May 11, 2020
Soul Rockin w Kori
Jam Loud Sesh with Kori! We jam out to our favorite soul rock classics and listen to @thekoristory and Adge talk about being a mom, small business owner, a player in the industry up to PTSD and how cannabis plays a part in all of it! Panda takes requests and plays songs like “Mustang Sally”, a nod to her dad and don’t miss The Higher Report, all this in one jam packed sesh!
April 28, 2020
CannaMoms on lockdown!
Our covid-19 at home special with Adge and Sarafina, blogger and small business owner. Join us as we talk about activities, starting your own business and remembering to take care of yourself too!
April 12, 2020
💨 Higher Influence and Social Distancing
Spreading love, joy, and crossing state lines into New Mex with @nm_bearded_man! Catch his interview with Adge after The Higher Report! We worked remotely due to #socialdistancing to bring you this 2 part episode.
March 29, 2020
🩺Medicated Mission🩺 @marleybob710
Zach joined us to talk about his mission, how cannabis helps him daily and has worked with his pain management. We talked about the community, our fave events, his inspirations and hopes for the future of his YouTube! Find him on IG and YouTube “Marleys Medicated Mission”
March 17, 2020
💸 Buds and Budgets 📋
Did you know you can claim your cannabis medical expenses on your taxes?! Find out how with @hashleystoner as she guides us through finding a “Financial Life Strategy” and can also help with budgeting, debt settlement, 401k roll over, Life Insurance, long term care, and Annuities. Catch all this in this episode now!
March 3, 2020
Undoo Review with Sofa-King edibles
A two part interview! In the first half we are love at the studios at KDIF and then we move to a HIGH-LARIOUS product review of UNDOO and Sofa-King edibles! You don’t want to miss this interview! Join us while we get to know Sarara and Jimmys path to Undoo, Lauren’s reasons for believing in Undoo and Jordan with Sofa-King!
February 29, 2020
Just in time for Valentines Day, learn all about @hippieinaz and their CBD chocolates 🍫 and more!
Dr. Mike and Carmen joins us for this pre-Valentine special to tell us all about their chocolates, tinctures, creams and pet products! We dive into CBD; the how’s, who’s, when’s, and why’s and how their amazingly tasty treats are just starting! We laugh all the way through a love edition of HotBox! Catch us live; follow for more!
February 4, 2020
💥 Operation Mary 💥 @maryjanesmokewear @diamondcubepromo
Listen to @jrweise new single Elevated (Popped) ft. Doug Thee Savage before Zach and Jp speak on canna business, the Dopesquad, what its takes to make it and what it takes to push forward! The Higher Report talks about NEW and a purple haze over a marijuana farm in Az. We played a hilarious version of The Hot Box and check out the shout outs and dedications!
January 20, 2020
💛Manifesting positivity to Womb-ifesting intentention💛 @lisamarie_likepresley for 2020!
We start the episode Nipsey Hussle "Right hand 2 God" to set the intention and flow of our first episode of 2020! We begin with resolutions and the "Higher Report"; 2020 testing guidelines, raising the legal smoking age to 21, and banning flavoured vaping systems. Lisa talks about being a whole life wellness activator 💫and what that encompasses. Take a trip with us as we touch everything from vibrational medicine to astrology and finding the best version of ourselves in between. #barneystle #womb-ifesting
January 6, 2020
Christmas Special: Denisse and The Big Boy Room
The Higher Report:2019 Cannabis Political Highlights Join us for our Christmas special and last episode in 2019 as we talk with Denisse from @the_pink_reef. We talk about her one year anniversary, her ambition, and her advice for others and go over the Mary Jane Market student fundraiser where we gift the proceeds to the @bigboyroom students live on air.
December 22, 2019
Frequency 420: @jrweise!
We started off talking about the safe and smart initiative for 2020, but dived into getting to know Jake quickly! We discussed where it all started with his first rap, being labeled and the setbacks, his goals and aspirations. We shared a song written by Jake and performed by @deliadane and he freestyles with notorious in his ears! And dont miss the lyrical Hot Box! This whole episode is full of laughter and love!
December 9, 2019
Parisa Rad @damarijuanamomma of @mjmommaconsulting joins us to talk life, love and cannabis.
Join us as we learn more about Parisa from family and her love for the cannacommunity, women empowerment and balancing being a mother, wife and business woman!
November 26, 2019
Celebrating Veterans Day with @DiscreetTreatzAz and @captive_chaos
Join us as we learn about Steven's experience in the Army from bootcamp to MREs and "trashing" all the way to being discharged. CBD gets broken down for us "Barney Style"! We discussed Nano CBD and why you might pop up positive on tests and why it's so important to take away the stigma.
November 12, 2019
A fun filled episode with @Dabnbaker Carolyn who taught us some new tricks for treats!
Carolyn teaches us to use our reclaim, make some chocolates and talked with us about the benefits to eating cannabis, utilizing our medication to its full potential and growing up in Phoenix.
November 8, 2019
Giveaway winners!
Join us as we learn all about @gettinghighwitheli and @yourfavorite_bruja and pass some love around in our first off location interviews! We learn about what pushes Bruja and what motivates Eli and a special version of The Hotbox!
October 10, 2019
First Guests
We met up with @thecannaplanner, owner of @pinkkushnetwork and @bluedreambrides as well as @kronickween and @theherbalista to learn about them and their adventures in the cannabis and local Phoenix communities.
September 30, 2019