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Inspiring Calm

Inspiring Calm

By Louise Hopkin
Hi I'm Louise and I'm the creator of the 3 Step Clutter-free Home Method that is different from what you have seen before. I help with the thought process behind the reason we collect clutter and that one size doesn't fit all when it comes to decluttering and organizing. Diving a little deeper into these ideas will help you stop collecting clutter permanently!

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What are your beliefs around clutter?
What are you beliefs around your clutter? Have you ever stopped and thought about this before? Check out this episode where I share what this might look like for you and how it is effecting you. I also share how you can move through your day with more peace and how being proactive rather than reactive is how you are going to go from chaos to calm! Join me here for my Reclaim Your Space Program
July 5, 2021
The Gentle Art of Swedish Death Cleaning
I read the book The Gentle Art of Swedish Death Cleaning and it was such an insight into how to help us let go of our parents who have been in their home for perhaps 35+ years.  I share the tips that Margareta Magnusson about the Throw Away Box as well as some ideas that I have come up with and that my clients and tried and loved!  Now is the time to start the conversation with our loved ones about what we want to happen with our stuff and to start decluttering now! Don't leave it for those who are left behind to deal with! Here is the link to the book as promised:  And if you make the choice to let go of your clutter and create freedom in your life -  join my program Reclaim Your Space I have created this program so everyone can afford it and can achieve amazing results!
May 26, 2021
How you can learn to detach from “stuff” and create an organized life in just a few weeks!
This chat was so much fun with Dawnelda who I have really gotten to know over the past three months. Dawnelda shares her amazing transformation after joining me in our Reclaim Your Space program. Dawnelda shares her struggles that she had as a single working mom and how she set her mind to create much needed change in her life. The amazing success she has had and been able to turn her life around for the better!  For my free webinar training How to end the cycle of clutter for good without the constant procrastination grab your seat here:
April 30, 2021
The 3 P's that are holding you back from decluttering and getting organized
In this episode I chat about the 3 P's that I find holds so many of us back from getting rid of our clutter and really getting organized. It really is time to learn to release the hold that clutter has on us and lift the weight so we can create a calm home. This leads to so much more coming into your life, whether that is a change in career, starting your own business or simply being able to focus on you and your family. If you are feeling inspired and motived check out my FREE training here How to Create a Clutter-free Home That is Easy to Maintain Without Nagging the Family Or join my private Facebook group Who Loves to Organize
April 18, 2021
Picky eaters in da house? Grab tips and strategies on how to cope with this.
Have picky eaters at home??? Join me as I chat with Jen House from First Step Nutrition. Jen's a trusted source for pediatric nutrition and has authored "The Parents' Guide to Baby-led Weaning" and "Baby food in an Instant Pot". She also specializes in picky eating and is the creator to the online "End Picky Eating" method for parents and co-founder of the  "International Picky Eating Network for Health Professionals." An active media contributor, Jen appears regularly in local & national media. Jen shares amazing tips and strategies on how to get those picky eaters eating good foods and even to try something new at each meal time. Jen House Lunchbox Card  Facebook group:  Instagram:  Website:   Sign up for Jen's free class: How to teach kids to try new foods without struggles at dinnertime happening March 25 @ 11:00am
March 18, 2021
Ever thought of going Tiny? Megan Moore shares her story about doing just this!
Megan and I have known each other for over 5yrs and I have watched her through her amazing journey as she transitioned from a large home to a tiny home!  Megan shares with us her tips if you are thinking of going tiny and what her fav and not so fav thing are about going tiny. If you have ever thought about it or even just curious check out this episode as Megan shares all! You can follow Megan here: IG:  The Tiny Rose Hip  Website:  The Tinyrosehip
March 12, 2021
One size doesn't fit all when decluttering & organizing
So what do I mean by one size doesn't fit all when it comes to decluttering and organizing? Join me as I chat about how you are YOU and you may be trying to declutter or organize or both! against your strengths. Which then causes you to become frustrated, angry and to just give up! Want to find out more about my 3 Step Clutter-Free Home Method,  grab my FREE training here: How to create a clutter-free home that is easy to maintain without nagging the family  Join my Private facebook group: Who Loves to Organize Reach me at: Website Email:
February 10, 2021
How to let go of dieting and embrace intuitive eating
Kim Erin helps women who struggle with emotional eating and body issues and help them get their vitality back!  Kim shares with us her story how her anxiety took her by surprise and how she had to do the research to figure out how to get it under control and found that food was a lot to do with! We talk about her intuitive eating program which I found fascinating as I had not heard of this style of eating.  She shares her quick detox tips and how to get started on the right path to intuitive eating. Such a great episode - let us know what really stands out for you! Here's how to get in touch with Kim Instagram: FREE GIFTS: :  Mindful Eating Guide: Granola Recipe and don’t forget to check out my free training How to Create A Clutter-free Home That’s Easy To Maintain Without Nagging The Family
February 1, 2021
Clear your mind clutter with a spiritual spring cleaning
Lisa Stuart is an international life coach and love mentor who empowers you to clear the mind chatter of what holds you back so you can make space for what you desire to attract.  We chat about choosing love over fear and how to be our authentic self with self love so we can attract love into our lives. (that's a lot of loves I know! so good..) Lisa shares with us her amazing techniques on how to let go of the past, not to look too far into the future but be present with her mini moments. Lisa also chats about future tripping and gives us her top tips on how to clear the brain clutter. Such a great episode and really excited to share....let me know in the comments what came up for you and if you are enjoying the show please leave a review! Heres how you can get in touch with Lisa: Instagram: Facebook: Email:  Website is under construction but you can find more info here Lisa in Clubhouse: @lisastuart and we will be hosting rooms together so make sure to follow!  Louise in Clubhouse: @spacereclaimers Grab my FREE training How to Create A Clutter-free Home That's Easy To Maintain Without Nagging The Family 
January 25, 2021
My Husband Is More Organized Than Me - Truth!
This is a raw, uncut episode where I just felt like I had to share some truth's about me and how I am ready to be the organizer I am meant to be and help you create a life you love and oh yes true fact - my husband is way more organized then me :) Watch my free training How to Create A Clutter-Free Home That Is Easy to Maintain Without Nagging The Family: Facebook Group - Who Loves to Organize Website -
January 6, 2021
Love Luck Wealth - How we can create this in our lives NOW!
Let’s talk about money.  It’s easier than you think. Julia know's this because she is a certified expert in Money Mindset and has been a Chartered Accountant for 20 years. Julia integrates intuitive and financial tools to teach women how to open their mind to success while managing their money with ease, style, and grace. Money Mindset and Feng Shui have changed her approach to money and that, coupled with her divorce (which is quite a story!), is why Julia started Love Luck Wealth. Money is not just about finance, there’s an energy attached to it. It’s emotional. It keeps us up at night. Money stress affects all areas of our life and if you can eliminate that stress, life becomes SO much easier. Julia also shares with us how we can make $1K NOW so make sure to listen. You can connect with Julia by: Discover your money personality (and other free resources including Free Chats) Book a Money Transformation Package to kick start 2021 (with Fast Action Bonuses available until 10th Jan 2021) Home page
December 23, 2020
How to increase your productivity without burnout
You don't want to miss this episode, it is packed full of amazing content where if you are feeling overwhelmed with work, being a mom and life then this is going to help you! My special guest today is Cara Harvey from Purpose Driven Mom. Cara works as a mom empowerment coach and her mission is to provide women with the tools, resources, and community to reach their goals, empower themselves, find their happiness, and live a life by design. She does this via her blog, podcast, virtual community groups, and e-courses that help women learn to balance their lives, finances, schedules, health, and themselves! Cara talks about habit stacking, thought catching and mini 12 week planning.  You can get in touch with Cara here: FaceBook Group: Instagram: Youtube: Freebie:
December 10, 2020
What does minimalism actually look like?
Today's episode is about what does minimalism actually look like to you....  I am creating a program that will help create that life that you desire and I really wanted to involve you so I would know what you are struggling with. I created a survey and there was a lot of answers around minimizing so this inspired today's podcast. I feel that the word minimalism is very intimidating and we are getting confused about what it means for me when I think of it, I like to think of it as fine tuning your life.  You can still have stuff, have hobbies etc. Its about what our desires are and there is a grey line and we start collecting things to substitute what we are feeling. We are missing something in our lives and we replace that with stuff.   A great way to create a minimalist life is to have rules and guidelines that will help guide us through the tough decisions on when to buy items and when we need it or is it just a want.  I chat about how to shift your mindset to create a minimalist lifestyle. How trauma can be a huge part of why we collect clutter and have such an attachment to stuff, with my trauma it made me feel the opposite that I was not good enough and did not deserve stuff.  How to reach me:  Email:  Instagram:  Facebook: Your Real Life Almost Perfectly Organized Program:
October 13, 2020
Quick & Simple ideas on how to address brain clutter
Today on the Inspiring Calm podcast, Louise Hopkin gives us a primer on brain clutter. As an organizer, Louise wants nothing more than to “help people release themselves from their stuff.” To her, decluttering isn’t just about making the home look prettier, but for the homeowner to reflect deeply on why they accumulate things. Becoming aware of this makes it easier for them to part from the items that they struggle to let go of, whether they be antiques, heirlooms, and other pieces that have been in their family for years that have been collecting dust. Most people think that getting rid of excess in the home will help them to focus better. While this is true, Louise recommends first addressing the clutter in your brain before moving on to the physical clutter around you. Comprising this brain clutter can be anything from unfinished work-related tasks to financial stresses. Removing clutter, from the brain or from the home, is a process, and it’s not easy. In fact, getting to the point where tranquility is quickly reached after a sweep requires a worldview change. Louise, for example, talks about the need for specificity whenever one goes out to shop, instead of allowing oneself to become distracted and even overwhelmed whenever they go out to the mall or wherever there is a wide selection of stores. The key to ridding yourself of brain clutter is to keep things simple. The easiest way to simplify your life is to note down your to-dos in a diary or on a calendar. Through the physical action of writing things down, and by forcing yourself to stick to a schedule, you allow yourself to settle into a routine alongside forming new good habits. It will help to keep your to-do lists for each day short. Again, the point is to avoid overwhelm, so by making yourself focus on the main tasks of the day, your thinking will naturally be able to remain organized and calm. There’s nothing wrong with taking some downtime. When you’ve completed those important tasks or have some time before the next one, don’t be afraid to take a break. Spend some time with your family, watch a movie, or read a book. Allow yourself to slow down. It’s also a good idea to get rid of digital clutter. Social media can take up so much of our time throughout the day, often for unproductive reasons. Louise suggests spending half an hour unfollowing people and groups on Facebook and Instagram that you know you can live without. Likewise, unsubscribe from all email contacts whose content you barely or don’t even read. On the other hand, helpful digital practices include taking important physical documents like bills and making digital copies of them so that paper clutter doesn't pile up around your home. Set up automatic payments as well to free up your mind from these mundane tasks. In this episode, we discuss: What comprises brain clutter? How to simplify your everyday life Why it helps to become aware of how you feel whenever you enter a room The power of writing down your tasks Embracing downtime Eliminating digital clutter I am hosting my FREE Masterclass 3 Steps to Clearing the Clutter & Reclaiming Your Space - grab your seat here Follow Louise on: Facebook: Instagram:
September 16, 2020
Taking Back Control
On this episode of Inspiring Calm, I begin by talking a bit about where on Earth I’ve called home throughout my life and where I’ve begun to finally settle down. Staying in one place for a while may cause you to collect more stuff, so I talk about balancing the decisions you make on what to keep when trying to minimize your belongings. Uncovering the emotion(s) behind why you’re keeping sentimental items, including items related to traumatic times in your life, is a great practice to have. There’s never a perfect time to face situations like this, but having support and encouragement throughout this journey is very helpful. Getting to the root of why you have clutter and moving through the emotions you feel when looking at certain items is the key to finding freedom in your space. I talk about my 3 Steps to Reclaiming Your Space training and why it could be helpful for you. Remember, you don’t have to do this alone! There are people out there who are willing to be by your side through it all and I am one of them. I invite you to send me a DM on Instagram @thespacereclaimers about what you would like to change about your life right now! Is there something so disorganized and out of control that you just want it fixed? I am here to help and would love to connect with you. Join my Facebook group Who Loves To Organize: Follow me on Instagram: Join my 3 Steps to Reclaiming Your Space Masterclass HERE! Episode Timeline: [00:00] – Intro [00:38] – Where I call home + finally settling down [02:12] – Minimizing your stuff [04:11] – Keeping sentimental items [07:04] – Moving through emotions effects our health and our environment [09:13] – Incorporating connection to others in my daily life [10:18] – What is the Reclaiming Your Space training? [11:33] – You don’t have to do this alone! [14:24] – Outro
August 11, 2020
Tips on how to decorate your home with style and on a budget
Join me as I chat with Lea Faso of Lea Faso Interiors as she gives us insight into the home design process and gives great tips on how you can still style your home while renting. You can find Lea at or Instagram and Lea is always happy to help you create a space that you love!
July 22, 2020
Find out the reason why you didn't get organized during quarantine...
So many of us probably thought we would be able to get those minimizing and organizing projects done during quarantine but it didn't happen. Listen in and find out what was stopping you and why. Enjoy! Please send me a DM to my instagram if you have an area you are struggling with getting organized or if you have a topic you would love me to talk about!
June 24, 2020
The Un-Scripted Life
Discover how you can find connection and leave behind stress with Alison Lapczuk and her documentary approach to photographing families.  We also are opening up our MASSIVE $3K GIVEAWAY - Enter here: #revitalizeyouyyc  Here's how you can connect with Alison - or Facebook
June 9, 2020
Part 3 or our 3 Part Series WHY do you collect clutter
This is the third and final episode in our series WHY do you collect clutter. In this episode we will be talking about O & N. O - overwhelm and N - No, can't say it. I would love for you to join my in my FREE live webinar happening May 27th, 2020 here is the link
May 21, 2020
Part 2 of our 3 Part Series WHY do you collect clutter
This is part 2 of our 3 part series where we are covering the top 6 reasons of WHY you collect clutter. Today we go over A & S is A - Assign time, S - Sentimental. I would love for you to join my in my FREE live webinar happening May 27th, 2020 here is the link
May 21, 2020
Part 1 of our 3 Part Series WHY do you collect clutter
On this very first episode of Inspiring Calm, I introduce my intentions for the podcast and give you a bit of insight into why it’s important to calm the mind and make your home a sanctuary. As a professional home organizer, I love sharing my knowledge on why being organized matters and how it’s connected to our health and well-being. From finances, to anxiety, to not being able to find certain items you know you have, only to go out and buy another, organization and decluttering has the potential to impact your well-being in numerous ways. I introduce the acronym R.E.A.S.O.N., which I created to represent the top 6 reasons why we collect clutter. In this episode, I talk about the first two letters, which stand for Retail therapy and Emotions, and how we can keep ourselves accountable and ease decision making in these areas. It’s important to be realistic during a journey towards releasing yourself from your stuff… and I’m here to inspire you and support you on your incredible journey to freedom. Tune in, connect with me, and follow along to learn more! Join my Facebook group Who Loves To Organize: Follow me on Instagram: Join my 3 Steps to Reclaiming Your Space Masterclass HERE! Episode Timeline: [00:00] – Intro [00:39] – Intentions for Inspiring Calm [02:36] – Calming our mind, disconnecting from the world, and connecting at home [03:20] – Why does being organized matter? [06:38] – R.E.A.S.O.N. – The top 6 reasons why we collect clutter [08:27] – Retail therapy [12:19] – Emotions [15:14] – We have to be realistic! [16:28] - Outro
May 21, 2020