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Loungetown Podcast

Loungetown Podcast

By loungetown
Loungetown Podcast was born 10 years ago in a flop house at the dawn of podcasts. We are opening up a time capsule of podcasts from 10 years ago to see just what has changed. Much like Jumanji, what we discover might be annoying but will also reveal a greater truth about what life in 2012 was like.
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Prequels, Sequels, Treequels Ep.3(2022)Ep.5/6(2012) -@deliphone

Loungetown Podcast

Loungetown Presents: Storm-Chasers
I can't tell if this is from 2012 or 2022 anymore ... power died but we could still record...mccrae straps a light to the top of his head...extra madness episode  The passage of time Is flicking dimly up on the screen I can't see the lines I used to think i could read between Perhaps my brains have turned to san Oh me oh my I think it's been an eternity You'd be surprised At my degree of uncertainty How can moments go so slow. Several times I've seen the evening slide away Watching the signs Taking over from the fading day Perhaps my brains are old and scrambled. Several times I've seen the evening slide away Watching the signs Taking over from the fading day Changing water into wine. Several times I've seen the evening slide away Watching the signs Taking over from the fading day Putting the grapes back on the vine.
May 25, 2022
Prequels, Sequels, Treequels Ep.3(2022)Ep.5/6(2012) -@deliphone
intro from 2012, then back to 2022, then back to 2012, and then one week later in 2012. Slowly losing my sanity. whats the date today? Danny's insta = , @bigcoffeeboy loungetown ep5/6 guest deliphone jesse, raltboner, thick dick johnson, tom korsinowski, eric the bike man,jimmy. bill paxton bill pullman 2012 will smith jaden smith jeff goldblum jeff daniels, carl weathers and carl winslow, teddy gust whenever you are listening to this joke about having a live feed triplets with eddie murphy rocky resurgence passion of the christ 2 twotanic mario brothers movie sequel adventure time dmt joe rogan me saying to watch adventure time and regular show john K. nickelodeon game 26:00 dodgeball talk lotta will smith talk rodgerdodger into social network back to piracy apocalpyse later jeffs and carls pearl jam 20 10cc 5cc teddy  father stu dum and dumber 2 john carter wet hot  seen shawshank favorite movies 21 jump street gets a sequel netflix buys wet hot pt2 challenges
April 27, 2022
Ep.2(2022)Ep.4(2012)How we would spend the megamillions in 2012
stevo-mc-ral-pheltzo-alex here i am johnson. thick johnson... alan thick johnson, thick the dick, harry trout, flush studios v   robbie spit take megamillions. 600 mill 384 mil estimated cash value mc would become batman. 100 something mill 120 mill  5 mill for car, 2.4 mil for a bugati great sound effects batman guy died in a car accident steve tryna business batman gas nipples half mansion duplex bribe money alex is under utilized mc turn to super villian stevo fuck 12 trayvon?? mc relating batman to real world... very healthy listening to conservative talk radio alex chiming in... good to hear oof harry trout commercial 26:37 lottery ticket the movie lottery idea seinfleld stevos castle website i broke the website danny bailed done wiht kickstarter simpsons is dead like luda fat shit rick advertisment eggs chiccken chicken eggs
April 19, 2022
Ep.1(2022)Ep.3(2012)Best Driving Song
in the 2012 episode we talk about the best driving song. We talk about a bunch of people and here are my quick notes of the people we talk about and my notes on the episode from 2022  mc steve ral, jesse, dwight john flemming, dan hilliar, kt bugella , jace aoi, zach timothy boelter , ak knowledge, deliphone, brandonroster, jimmy sweeney, tom korsinowski, jorden ghallager  still hate my voice, great steve segue  soundcloud dead looking for website the beginning of kickstarter kony2012 og colectrolytes fortelling bb KISS and beth deliphone commercial steve a capatalist save by the bell belding and zach horse shooting live streaming/twitch tale of tim kevin mcleod
April 06, 2022
Loungetown2022 Ep. 0 (2012 Ep. 2)
steven and mccrae talk about why they've been out of the podcast game and the reasons might surprise you. also we dont remember much from the first time we recorded a loungetown episode but we will be talking to the people who do in the future. whats changed since 2012? 
March 30, 2022