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'The Lost Art of Thinking for Yourself'

'The Lost Art of Thinking for Yourself'

By Love Infusion©️
A different, more creative take on mainstream things. Encouraging folks to awaken from their slumber, think for themselves & do their own research, the good, the bad, AND the ugly. Only with ALL info on a certain subject can one make the most informed, intelligent decisions. The truth IS out there; first we have to navigate our way through a fog of disinformation, propaganda & controlled opposition in place to mislead us. #NoCensorship Think Critically, Creatively; Stay neutral, objective - leave no stone unturned. Agree to disagree :) Only weak minds resort to violence! Be Strong!
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The 'Corruption in America' case

'The Lost Art of Thinking for Yourself'

The 'Corruption in America' case

'The Lost Art of Thinking for Yourself'

Politi-NON-Fact: "Fact-Checkers" are NOT Here To Help You
Your main job on this planet is to Figure Shit Out For Yourself, to Learn, Grow, & Evolve, to be Awake, Aware, Conscious, & connected to Love. So what in God's name are you doing going to a Questionable third party to tell you what's true & what's real in our world?? Can't you see how that leaves you open for manipulation ⁉️ Cuz they sure as hell do. C'mon really, you can't figure it out for yourself? Of course you can, you just have to start by turning off your TELL-A-VISION & doing some research💥Awaken your intuition!
July 29, 2020
Rainbow Tones
How to be happy? It's easy, connect to your heart. When you're connected to your heart you're connected to love, & there's no room for fear or hate. "Rainbow Tones" - The Fiery Heart ❤️ If you are struggling at the moment, feel sad or are afraid, you simply aren't connected to your heart. Fear not dear one, for the remedy is but a heartbeat away ❤️
June 30, 2020
A Full Quiver✨
You already have everything you need. Look inside your heart & you will see, you're everything you've hoped for, so go be who you were meant to be ♥️ Don't go through life living in your head, "Think Think Think!" Move it on down - the *You,* your Soul, your Energy✨Choose to live life through your heart, & you'll radiate love. You'll discover the endless well hidden there & it's always accessible 24/7. One - the Heart - is feeling, is sensing. The other, is thinking, is analyzing. The latter weighs you down, the former set you free✨
June 22, 2020
G@@gle Exposed
Google lied. Again. They spied. Again. Will it cost them $5 billion, or hopefully more? Stay tuned🍿 Here I share the scathing letter to Google from ex Google employee Scott - one of the many with lawsuits against them. Isn't it odd how the mainstream media is silent on this??
June 16, 2020
Dear Seth Rogen & Hollywood: No, F*ck *You*
This week Seth Rogen, on ET Canada, said 'F*ck you to the world, to the people with common sense who have a problem with Hollywood bailing out terrorists. Hollywood celebrities pick & choose which black lives matter, & think they're going to gaslight us into believing that the riots we see across our screens are nothing but peaceful protests. Celebrities - people like Seth Rogen, Steve Carell, Justin Timberlake, Patton Oswalt, Chrissy Teigen, Nick Kroll, Cynthia Nixon, & the list goes on - are bailing antifa out of jail, yet blaming the riots on far-right radicals .. so what are you saying, now you're bailing far-right radicals?? Boy they're just all over the place with their extracurricular activities.. Are there any bigger hypocrites on the planet?? GTFOH We're only 150 days into 2020 & ALREADY there's been over 18 million babies murdered through abortion - I wonder how many were black. But please go on, tell us how much you care about black lives.
June 16, 2020
Trust Your Heart
"The Teaching of the Heart." Tune into Yourself. Why is it so easy for one to hate? Because they have turned away from their own Heart; they have turned away from Love♥️ If you're standing in front of a business with a brick in your hand & about to throw it through their window - the problem isn't the system, The Problem Is You. But, this is what happens when you don't heal yourself, when you turn away from Love, away from God, away from Source. They're looking at the world through the Eyes of Fear. Hate is not the opposite of Love, Fear is. Hate is an emotion that stems from Fear. You're either looking at the world through the Eyes of Love, or the Eyes of Fear. All other emotions trickle down from those two. Choose #Love ♥️
June 10, 2020
The Rockfall Phenomenon💥
"There is a special category of punishment for those who have served the darkness." How well do you know yourself?? Do you understand the importance of meditation & going within? The importance of self-awareness & self-reflection?? If you want true happiness in life you have to realize that there is nothing "out there" you can control. Just stop it's futile. The only thing you can control is yourself. Constantly trying to control a situation or other people will cause you to continuously spin your wheels in mud, circling the drain. Stop projecting onto others what you think they are. You're missing what's already there. Respond don't react. Don't project the carnival in your head onto others - with a lack of self-awareness you'll think that the carnival in your head is "out there."
June 8, 2020
The Importance Of Understanding Frequencies
The Secrets of the Universe are hidden in the frequencies. Do you know the basics? Energy .. Frequency .. Vibration. I cannot emphasize enough the importance of meditation - learn about the frequencies & use them to heal. This, thermodynamics .. Tesla knew so much. A very wise man indeed; a visionary. He knew all about free energy, but had been told "if they couldn't put a meter on it" they didn't want it. Cuz money money money. This greatly upset Tesla - he wanted to give it to the world for free - but he was up against the #ProfitOverPeople people. Any ideas as to why they keep this information from us? What do you think the many hidden energies - if revealed - would do to industries like oil, coal, gas .. ?? Tesla was right about so much, including his statement about science & spirituality - how when they merge we will advance formidably. For they are two halves of the same whole 😉
May 30, 2020
Don't Feed the Beast
We can't control what others DO - but we can control HOW WE RESPOND. Trying to control anything in the outside world or any other person other than yourself is futile. You'll be doing yourself a tremendous favour if you stop; instead turn your focus inward & become the master of your domain✨Only unless / until we develop our self-awareness & self-reflect, will we realize how much of the stuff that happens in our lives is created by none other than ourselves. Excerpt from "Mindfulness" by Evan Kim.
May 25, 2020
Understanding Mirrors
Everyone is a mirror. Some people know it. Most people don't. Without awareness, people think what they see in the world & in others is really there. Sometimes it is - many times it's not. One must understand that we can only see & understand things at the level of awareness we are at. Projection, which is almost like a stamp so-to-speak, in the sense that 'you're stamping someone else with your belief.' Take for example when you go into a situation to meet a good friend's new partner. Maybe the things you've heard so far from mutual friends are not good, so you go into it thinking 'they're rotten.' So as the evening ensues .. is the person really "rotten" or did you stamp them with that before ever meeting them? Cuz if you did then you did not see them the way they really are, you only saw them the way you thought they were. Get it? That little sentence is responsible for so many of the misunderstandings in our world, big & small. We must learn to mind our mind. Positive self-talk is crucial. Being aware of your self-talk is even more crucial. Excerpt from "Mindfulness" by Evan Kim.
May 22, 2020
Why Do You Need to Protect Your Energy?
Today's topic in this month of Mindfulness & Meditation is about why you need to protect your energy, an excerpt from "Mindfulness" by Evan Kim. It's incredibly important to understand energy, & quite frankly it's nothing short of magic when you do!
May 2, 2020
How to Use Mindfulness to Combat Anxiety
An excerpt from "Mindfulness" [How to use Meditation, Minimalism & Emotional Intelligence to Create a Calmer Mind & More Peaceful Life] by Evan Kim 👊 You don't need medication to combat anxiety. You need Peace. And the only one who can give that to you is you. Mindfulness & Meditation will teach you how to operate from & only from the present moment. Depression is worrying about the past, anxiety is worrying about the future - none of which are in the present moment. There is an endless well for you to tap into, you just have to go inside 😁🤙♥️
May 1, 2020
The Cosmos
# 386 in "The Teaching Of The Heart." Book 6, The Fiery Heart. Intro music by the one & only #StickFigure ♥️
April 29, 2020
James O'Keefe: Hero or Villain?
We can clear that one up real fast. James O'Keefe & his team at Project Veritas are exposing corruption every single day. If you're against that you might be clueless, but more likely than not you have something to hide. Being authentic with integrity, character & honour means you do the right thing ESPECIALLY when no one is looking. If people had any idea of the extent of their corruption there'd be a revolution in the streets tomorrow.
April 26, 2020
Ode to the Eternally Offended
Time to be "Strong Like Bull!" Of all the things in our society that are deteriorating before our very eyes it's 'Communication' - or the lack thereof - that is at the root of them all. If the very thing that helps us resolve our issues & conflicts is obliterated, so are finding solutions to our problems. "Communication is Key." Communication IS Key." I've said that for 25 years. Half a century on this planet .. we had made a lot of progress, but never in a million years could I have guessed we'd be in the pathetic state we are today. What took decades & decades to establish seemed to be demolished overnight. We aren't moving forward, we're moving backward. When I was in college 30 years ago my favourite thing was "The Debate." I loved being able to present new info I'd learned & share it with others, & got excited by the prospect of learning something new I had never thought of before 🤯 But that was long before schools became Houses of Indoctrination. That shit is gone, it now sits in the back of an abandoned storage locker next to the rotary phone. They don't teach kids the value of a good debate anymore, they do just the opposite. Well they don't TEACH kids at all anymore .. but I digress! 😉
April 23, 2020
A $675 Million Dollar Paper Bag
Are you fed up of cleaning, de-cluttering, & reorganizing your home yet cuz I know I am. It's time to end this ridiculous shut down. Like everything else in our society they have politicized & weaponized the Coronavirus. You have no idea how much they've been manipulating us & for how long. Once you see it you can't unsee it. It's almost like overnight in one fell swoop the New World Order Cabal had complete control of our lives. We are now in a full-on Police State while there are STILL idiots calling it a conspiracy theory🤦 Time & time again the government keeps proving they're not only incapable, but corrupt. What's it gonna take for you to wake up & see the illusion❓What we need is LESS government, NOT more.
April 17, 2020
Canada's Not-So-Rapid Response
Although the "Rapid Response" test has been approved in both the United States AND the EU - Health Canada / Justin Trudeau refused it. First reported by #RebelNews
April 11, 2020
Corona vs Aborted Babies
Do you think shutting down the entire world over 82,000 deaths - our eldest & those with pre-existing conditions - sounds legit (not to mention the fact that pneumonia, strokes, & heart disease deaths have fallen off a cliff cuz they're logging every single death that happens now under Coronavirus) when we've had 11.4 million abortions so far in 2020, you just might be a few beers short of a six-pack 🙊
April 8, 2020
"True Colors"
#403 from #TheTeachingOfTheHeart
April 2, 2020
"Word War 1"
"Words can now literally be defined with their antonym. We are a hair’s width & an ounce of stupidity away from ‘war is peace, freedom is slavery.’ It's Disinformation, it's Propaganda, it's Controlled Opposition, it's Merchants of Doubt - those who work behind the scenes to control what you think go by many names; but their tactics all fall under the umbrella of Psychological Warfare, & their intention is Behaviour Modification. YOURS. The CIA is famous for saying "We'll know our disinformation program is complete when everything the American people believe is false." Well Ta Da💡
February 16, 2020
Three True 'Conspiracy Theories'
For years & years & years they told us we were crazy to believe these three stories - yet every single one of them wound up being true. Are you seeing the pattern yet?? Chances are when the powers-that-be & their buddies the media are bending over backwards to ridicule something - it's not so ridiculous after all. Operation Paperclip, Operation Northwoods, & MKUltra.
February 6, 2020
The Importance of Thinking For Yourself
Encourage individuality!! Don't be afraid to be who you are, the world will try to change you - don't let it✨
February 2, 2020
Your Mind: Helping or Hurting You?
Fear is imagined, it's created in your head. So how much of what you see in the world 'out there' is real & how much of it is just a projection of your mind's idea about it⁉️It's an incredibly important distinction that needs to be made, which I believe many don't realize.
January 31, 2020
Human Behaviour: Smearing #QAnon
If those who smear #QAnon were aware of what doing so reveals about THEM they'd stop doing it faster than they can yell 'But Russia..'😂 They're too asleep to realize their secrets get revealed to us through THEIR complete lack of anything even remotely resembling self-awareness. Misguided, toxic sheeple - aka the 'woke' *erroneously (en)titled* crowd (pay attention to "The Opposite") .. like a lot of stuff in our world, the self-proclaimed *woke crowd* are quite the opposite🤦Emotionally stunted lost souls. Try silencing them by pointing out what the human behaviour behind their actions reveals - cuz they do NOT like to be embarrassed. They haven't evolved past that yet & are still in that mindset cuz they operate from the EGO .. so still wasting their lives worrying about what others think🤦 And egos only care about one thing: IMAGE; they have no desire to BE a good person, they just want it to APPEAR as though they are🤦Zero authenticity, zero awareness .. & 100% Unpleasant. The difference between us: My choice is simply change the channel & never think of them again = I am Free✨🥳✨ Their choice - 1) a refusal to just change the channel, therefore creating their own drama (but will blame someone else of course - cuz they just don't realize what they're doing🤦2) Inability to let things go, unable to 'Don't sweat the small stuff!' 'Don't cry over spilled milk.' 3) Unbalanced, ungrounded, unstable .. & Un-Recommended. They are creating their own hell. "You don't have to wait till you die to go to Heaven or hell - it's right here on Earth by the choices you make & the things you create."
January 17, 2020
The Harvey / #metoo / Globes Hypocrisy
Ricky Gervais was certainly the hero of last night's Golden Globes. He deserves a big round of applause & a standing ovation. Today, watching the updates of first day of the #HarveyWeinstein case makes me wanna throw up. So many #hypocrites in the #metoo #movement MAYBE IF YOU WEREN'T SO FIXATED ON FAME & FORTUNE YOU WOULD'VE SPOKEN UP SOONER & SAVED COUNTLESS GIRLS & WOMEN THE SAME FATE💥The DAY AFTER I woke up with a rapist on top of me straddling me in my own bed in my own home, I was knocking on every door telling everyone & making flyers for houses & businesses & lampposts. That shit happens you immediately stop it from happening to anybody else💥 #HollywoodHypocrites
January 7, 2020
ANOTHER Corrupt Democrat Indicted
HOW DO YOU GET A SEAT IN THE HOUSE WITH A CRIMINAL RECORD?? This corrupt lying [muslim] woman has a previous 2014 conviction. THEY'RE ALL CORRUPT! WE'VE BEEN DUPED BY POLITICS & POLITICIANS FOR DECADES. How corrupt is #Philadelphia - 60 officials were arrested since 2017. SIXTY. They dip into coffers & pay personal bills, vacations & fur coats - even hiring prostitutes to visit them while on the job. Movita Johnson-Harrell replaced previous corrupt Democrat Vanessa who was convicted on bribery charges. "These days nobody runs for office unless they intend to do crimes." #WakeUp #WakeUpAmerica
January 3, 2020
The Faux-Peachment
No Oscars will be on their mantles anytime soon. As usual, Democrat Debauchery has #Backfired as their Faux-Peachment pissed so many off that the RNC donations just came in at an all-time high🤣But that's what happens when you aren't self-aware - you don't learn a damn thing🤦We're watching literal madness, 'Insanity is doing the same thing over & over again expecting different results.' They really throw a crappy BBQ, all they been serving are big ol' nothing burgers. #WheresTheBeef #WatchingTheatre #PeopleAreStarving
December 20, 2019
Change Your Life & Say Yes to the Next Opportunity
Yes Theory helped wake me up enough to realize how rarely I say yes to a new opportunity. The amount of times I just don't bother showing me I've been saying no to life. You never know who you could meet or where your adventure to bring you ;)
December 3, 2019
"Dinner with 8 Millionaires"
A blog from Matt @YesTheory #Wisdom
December 2, 2019
Trans is NOT a Fad
If you don't know that should children really be in your care? No I don't think you should have access to them. How can a parent not be aware that under about 7 or 8 a child can't yet differentiate make believe from reality. And you think you're going to convince us a three-year-old chose to change sex. Un-huh. You're not too bright are you. Doctors have even admitted learning on the fly - these kids are guinea pigs & you're an oblivious pawns in their political warfare game.
December 2, 2019
The Opposite of "Woke."
Ooh ooh I know this one!!🙋I'll take "What is a "Social Justice Warrior" for $5,000 Alex!!" 🥳✨Nothing showcases your inability to get a grip in the real world where the grown-ups roam more than the neurotic need to cancel everything that you don't like (FYI which stems from *fear*) to be able to operate in said world. It's COWARDICE. Translation: IMAGINE BEING SO CHILDISH & IDIOTIC THAT YOU EXPECT THE WORLD TO EXIST *ONLY* IF IT CONTAINS JUST THE THINGS THAT *YOU* LIKE.🤦 Stealthy-No-More. Who better to examine than the loony 'left' when it comes to human behaviour, or more specifically the manipulation of. Conversation is nearing impossible as we watch them use everything they can to shut it down, & we become more & more divided. Sounds like all is going according to the nefarious plan ..
December 2, 2019
What Do YOU Think You See
You've gotten yourself stuck in the whirlpool of meaningless static. Just let it all go & float on above it. Life is too beautiful to miss✨🥳✨ You're already equipped with all the tools you need. It's time to start using them✨
December 2, 2019
Say Yes to 'Yes Theory!'
A group of 4 very - wise-beyond-their-years - incredible guys, who met in my hometown of Montreal in 2015, decided to make vids challenging themselves to get out of their comfort zones. To overcome their fears. And to get others to do the same; so unlike other creators, they don't just make vids for people to watch that entertain - but to actively participate by getting out of their comfort zones, as well as pay it forward with random acts of kindness. These guys have definitely figured "it" out ;)
November 14, 2019
Rise Of The Political Psychopath
Do you know who your politicians really are? If you did I guarantee you wouldn't be so attached to politics: 20 years ago a newspaper headline asked the question, "What's the difference between a politician & a psychopath?" The answer - then AND now - remains the same: None. There is no difference between psychopaths & politicians. Clinical psychologist & former instructor at Harvard Medical School, Dr. Martha Stout, stated "that a small minority of human beings exist that literally have no conscience, was & is a bitter pill for our society to swallow, but it does explain a great many things - shamelessly deceitful political behavior being one."
November 11, 2019
#CNNExposed .... that they're Biased, Corrupt & Cheat
The mainstream media exists for one reason & one reason only - TO CONTROL US. They knew, that "one who had control of Hollywood could get the world to believe just about anything." 👉 Why In The World Would You Look To A Corporation To Tell You What Is Real, What Is True⁉️It's a question you might want to ask yourself 😉 And it's not just the MSM - everything from Social Media & Big Tech to the movie / music / Hollywood industry & almost everything in between - has been hijacked. Hijacked & turned into Weapons of Mass Manipulation - all under the guise of "fun & entertainment" of course!🔥Little did most know they were robbing us blind, destroying us from within, & laughing their asses off at us behind closed doors🔥
November 6, 2019
Cancel This
Ask any life coach, therapist, spiritual speaker or 'Guru' what it means to truly be free, & one thing they'll tell you is it's by being able to find & keep your inner peace amidst all the chaos: The key is to find - and keep - YOUR inner peace amidst all the chaos. "Mastery of Self." IF THINGS FROM THE OUTSIDE WORLD EASILY GET TO YOU IT'S NOT CUZ OF THE OUTSIDE WORLD - IT'S CUZ YOU'RE OFF-BALANCE WITH YOURSELF! ✨🧚✨
October 31, 2019
Censorship is Cowardice
When you have to go as far as completely silencing someone with a different point of view, then you're admitting you're trying to pull the wool over our eyes. Google's political bias has equated "the freedom from offense" with psychological safety. But "shaming into silence" is the antithesis of psychological safety. If the only way you can play is by cheating - then you are NOT to be trusted.
October 7, 2019
QAnon vs Antifa
You Must Smear Q Because You Fear Q. Cuz Smearing Q is absolutely pointless, ridiculous, for any regular joe. I mean at the very least Q has reminded us of the importance of critical thinking, of fact-checking - now I mean actual, authentic fact-checking not the establishment's propaganda pushing weaponized tools of control, censorship & "Behavior Modification," disguised as fact-checkers. Maybe you just don't understand it .. or maybe you're complicit? Because c'mon who in their right mind would expect anyone - let alone the world - to believe an ANONYMOUS ONLINE POSTER who ENCOURAGES US TO RESEARCH & THINK is more dangerous to 'We the People' than a bunch of masked thugs, aggressive bullies wreaking havoc with extreme violence in the streets, LITERALLY EVERY SINGLE TIME THEY'RE IN THE STREETS .. ? Besides, to make the most informed, intelligent decision you need to gather info from as many sources as possible. What those sources are are nobody's damn business. "Don't worry about what I'm doing - worry about WHY you're worried about what I'm doing."
October 3, 2019
Cancel Culture
By giving in to this nonsense you are helping create a very very bad precedent that our world really could do without. Cancel Culture is cowardice, it's fear. It was brought about by some seriously emotionally-stunted people who think that the world should bend to please them - but it just doesn't work that way. It's not up to 7.7 billion to accommodate you & your neuroses - it's up to you to learn how to be a grown-up & stop being offended by everything, instead of creating drama everywhere you go. Wise grown-ups ignore stuff they don't like & don't make a federal case out of everything, they just gravitate towards the things they do like. You have absolutely no right - and seriously I don't know who the hell you think you are - to go on a mission to shut down somebody's business or dream just because you can't get a grip. Looks like it's up to us to teach these people what their parents clearly didn't.
October 2, 2019
The Big Tech Spygame
USA Today put out this story this week, about the listening capabilities of our apps, phones & gadgets. How much do we really know⁉️
September 19, 2019
Another Royal Scandal🙊
Yes, it's yet another Royal scandal for the Royal Family - but this is one scandal that's won't be able to be swept under the Royal rug.
September 19, 2019
How to Change the World
It took almost dying to finally wake me up. Three times, a SIX year span - definitely the roughest section of my life so far .. Six years, trauma after trauma after trauma - and a whole lot of WTF's in between. Living right in the eye of a vicious tornado, who without so much as an introduction🌪️scooped me up🌪️shook me up🌪️messed me up🌪️then spat me out🌀Ran me over on its' way out too, cuz when it rains it pours🌺 Three very different attacks, by 3 very different men, in 3 very different places. ALL brutal to varying degrees; but that last one - the most brutal; I couldn't sleep for an entire year. How to get over that is by changing the way you look at things 😉
August 28, 2019
Anatomy of a Media Spin
I can remember a time when the mainstream media wasn't infiltrated by bought-&-paid for political operatives masquerading as journalists. Ahh the good ol' days! Nowadays, if it wasn't for independent researchers - would we EVER know the truth?🎯
August 15, 2019
Good Intentions
How do you know whether or not someone has a good intentions⁉️ Well you can start by studying human behavior - in this world of constant disinformation & propaganda it is imperative you know how to read between the lines. The #Wikileaks email that busted Ellen DeGeneres💣& the blog I wrote about it last year, "Censored."
August 10, 2019
Isn't that odd⁉️
Questions you have to ask yourself 🤔
August 7, 2019
Narrative Engines
Search engines no more .. they are now Narrative Engines. Because "Be gone, thinking for myself! I want a big corporation to think for me!" Said no one ever. We want options - give everyone access to everything & don't worry we'll figure it out. No more narratives please. True objective journalism should leave you NOT knowing what political side the author/anchor is on. So you know - the opposite of mainstream media - or rather, the Narrative Factory.
July 18, 2019
The Fix Is In
Oh it's in all right! And I plan to blow every nefarious agenda out there right outta the water - specifically the ulterior motives behind them that reveal their real intentions. And their #1 'Way to Cheat' is called gagagoogle. They must be Exposed. Who's up for a debate⁉️ You know, a 'Debate' - that's where people who think differently come together & share ideas & other points of view we may not have considered. It's only one of the ways we can learn, therefore, grow therefore evolve. Don't choose to create 'safe spaces' where you're never challenged or criticized - cuz that ain't no Hero - that's a Coward. The most important lessons I've learned so far, that brought me the most Inner Peace, is the Ancient Wisdom of the Toltec✨
July 18, 2019
CBC's "Drag Kids"
Why is a CBC promoting drag kid culture which is especially pleasing to pedophiles⁉️
July 15, 2019
Whistleblower vs Leaker, What's the Diff??
One just so happens to be a legally protected right. Now why on Earth would they want to keep that from you??
July 6, 2019
The 'Corruption in America' case
You CAN help end Corruption. IF YOU ARE NOT EXTREMELY CONCERNED - YOU ARE NOT PAYING ATTENTION. Because it's even WORSE than you think.
July 5, 2019
Why You Should Never Trust a Politician Ever Again
EXPOSED: Corruption! Corruption, Corruption! You are NOT going to believe what they have been up to - but you need to know. This is an incredibly important message for America from Technology Alliance, Citizens Forensics - and you're going to want to hear this! Big Tech - with their 'God Complex' - have destroyed more than you can possibly imagine & they absolutely must be held accountable. And they are - there are current lawsuits & current investigations as well. But it still goes on to this day; to think it could be anywhere near totally eradicated would be a tad naive ;) We need more people to stand up & speak out - whistleblowing is completely legal - it's within your rights, you're protected by The Whistleblower Act! For more info visit: & ✨
July 4, 2019
There's Enough Room for All of Us
When you're unattached to outcomes & take a step back, & see the bigger picture, staying unattached to any sides or labels, objective, calm & neutral: You're pretty darn close to some great Personal Freedom. It also helps to not give a damn about what anyone else thinks, & just be Yourself❣So why do so many of the bizarre agendas in politics & media seem to be pushing for the exact opposite? Could it be they don't really want us to be free? We always see them say one thing but do another - & when those two don't match what you're lacking is Authenticity. And that makes them untrustworthy. We don't all have to be the same, there's enough room for all of us💕
June 27, 2019
'The Liberal Way or the Highway'
Ultimatum? Nahh - how about 'There's enough room for all of us.' We cannot - we must not destroy those who aren't carbon copies of who we are. Yes, we can all get along; you do your thing, I'll do mine. Grown-ups know they don't have to get their way all the time; they have the awareness to realize there are other people here who want things too. Win some, lose some, life goes on. One cannot expect the world to bend to please them, it doesn't work that way. Grown-ups don't throw tantrums, they respect others; & they don't discard their conscience, integrity, character or honor just to sneakily cheat & buy the win, while crushing all in their path. They know there's no glory in winning by cheating. They know that all things can't please all people at all times - but there is enough for everyone; so when grown-ups don't like something they just change the channel, they would never dream of stopping the whole world from seeing something just because they don't like it.
June 27, 2019
"Deliverance" Nothing to Find .. but Don't Want Us To Look?
"Nahh, nothing to see here .. but please don't look!!" Un huh .. A plea to mainstream journalists to search their hearts & search their souls & do the right thing. We need a 'deliverance' from the world's 'Open Secret.'
June 22, 2019
Oh So You're "Woke?" Yeahhh I Don't Think So ..
People claiming they're "Woke" like it's a one-time thing is making my sides hurt 🤣😂🤣
June 18, 2019
'An Invisible War' Censorship & Cowardice
How did Google become the internet's censor & master manipulator blocking access to millions of websites? A random company to tell me what is real, what is not, & what is true, & what is false? Thanks, but I don't need a third party to think for me, that's MY job. Do you? Next self-proclaimed "fact-checkers" popped up. Why? To stop people - not just from thinking for themselves - but now from even researching, by saying, 'Hey, don't worry .. We got this!' *wink wink* Mainstream media killed journalism .. true objective reporting should leave you not knowing their political side.  Political operatives masquerading as journalists push secret agendas for the big bucks$ Now with censorship, they eliminate different points of view/opinions/theories altogether. Essentially telling the world we're stupid & can't figure it out for ourselves.  It takes an incredible lack of integrity & character to not keep it a level playing field; but that's what happens when one has nothing to bring to the table - gotta cheat to try to win. Showcases a serious lack of game, a lack of balls, & quite frankly reveals them to be nothing more than a bunch of cowards. 
June 13, 2019
Are You Vibrating at the Frequency of Hate
There's way too much hate. People have unpacked & now they live there. Have the awareness & maturity to recognize that in yourself & choose to be more loving. Move into Love❣️If you see something you hate - just move along. Shift your focus. Don't keep the hate with you, let that go; or else the problem is not with the object of your hate - it's with you & the choice YOU made to become a beacon of hatred. To stop it it's up to each individual to take a deep deep breath, & a step back - don't miss the beautiful, magical, & mysterious forest while you stand there arguing with the trees. We all need to take a good long look in the mirror, do some soul searching as we self-reflect. Choose to vibrate at the frequency of love❣️
April 22, 2019
The 'Fact-Checker' Myth
Snopes..for starters. But quite frankly once you look into them you realize it's ALL of them. Are we really that stupid that we need some random unqualified site to tell us what to think⁉️Nope
January 4, 2019
Personal Freedom
Give yourself permission to be yourself. Don't look to others to tell you how to be - only you know that. It's time to turn your focus from outward to inward - it's the greatest gift you'll ever give yourself.
January 4, 2019
Spygate🔎 The Real Story
A look into this explosive new book by ex Secret Service & NYPD officer Dan Bongino, about the very real plot to overthrow Donald Trump. This ladies & gentlemen, is your real collusion story. Once you learn about projection, gaslighting, psyops, & cointelpro, you will start to see what really happened here. If the truth is what you're after, it is imperative that you research, investigate, & come to your own conclusions.
December 5, 2018
QAnon - Too Legit to Quit
The media's intense smear campaign against Q Anon does one thing & one thing only - it absolutely confirms Q's legitimacy. If Q wasn't real they would never waste all that money, time & energy. Thanks for the auto-confirm guys! .. not that I needed it though - I do my own research & think for myself .. & you really should too ;)
October 26, 2018
Where 'Thinking is Stupid:' Welcome to ''Planet of the Clones"
Ranting & Raving: Ever stopped for a second & thought - ever actually imagined - what it'd be like in a world with just one dude replicated over, & over, & over, & over? How excruciatingly boring that would be?? What could we learn from each other? Nothing! Well that's where we're headed if people don't start thinking for themselves, & stop echoing their blatantly obvious & pathetically transparent narratives. Throw in a pinch of projection & a dash of gaslighting & there you have it: their 1 play in their unconscious playbook.
October 2, 2018
I like Q. Here's Why
Get your info from a variety of sources, do your own digging, & come to your own informed conclusions. Yeah I like Q - he doesn't tell me what to think & that's rare AF these days. Anyways, it's really none of your damn business MSM where I choose to get my information from. "These people are stupid," well, slightly - they're clueless that we watched them all band together in their coordinated synchronized smear attack, thinking it'd make us believe Q shouldn't be trusted. Um, no. Oopsie. It did the exact opposite. No one would waste all that time & energy discrediting something that can't hurt them. DOESN'T HAPPEN. If you called me a purple unicorn, would I attack & try to destroy you? No, of course not, why would I? I wouldn't - cuz I'm not secretly a purple unicorn.🦄 Catchin' my drift? No one does what they're doing unless what their target has been saying, is in fact authentic ;) It's Human Behavior 101. Peace🎶🧘‍♀️🎶
August 20, 2018
The Pedophilia Problem
Pedophiles love to throw the 'but it's a sexual orientation' thing at us don't they - but if that were true why haven't we seen even one memoir from a child-who's-now-a-grown-up recounting the beautiful experience⁉️Where are all the thank you so very much's to the pedophiles?? Exactly there aren't any. The global epidemic of pedophilia; yup - global, & yup - an epidemic. Enough is enough. The nefarious goings on of these sinister people must be stopped. Snippet from my blog 'Deliverance.'
July 29, 2018
Weapons of Mass Confusion: Drunk on Propaganda
Navigating our way through all the disinformation, controlled opposition & merchants of doubt. I hope you know - it's important - every single media outlet is owned & operated by the same small handful of elitists. You're more likely to find truth in a tabloid rag then in the current mainstream media. Are you aware of Mockingbirds & Paperclips? If we don't stand up, speak out .. it's just going to get worse. 'All people should have access to all info all the time.' A fair & square, level playing ground. Not to mention - it is only with ALL information about a subject - the good, the bad, & the ugly - that one is able to make the most informed, intelligent assessment of a situation.
July 19, 2018
"The Lost Art of Thinking for Yourself" Intro Podcast
Welcome to 'The Lost Art of Thinking for Yourself,' where we say Nay Nay to Disinformation! Offering a different point of view than the mainstream bandwagon - cuz thinking is good for your Soul; & I'm not a clone. (Not to mention your individuality, authenticity & character!) It's in how you treat others that all about you is revealed. 👯‍♀️Free Thinker🕵️‍♀️ Personal Freedom💃💘🇨🇦
July 16, 2018