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By Jane Donovan and Rebecca Dettman
What happens when a relationships expert meets a spiritual coach? YOU learn how to clear your emotional blocks, break through fears, come into alignment with your true purpose and fast-track your success, love and personal power! As independently heard on FreshFM, Nova, PowerFM, ‘Love Doctor’ Jane Donovan and ‘Psychic in Stilettos’ Rebecca Dettman have come together for the first time as a dynamic duo with a power-packed show. Combining their thousands of hours of wisdom in two fields – LOVE and LIFE PURPOSE – Jane and Rebecca are here to help you achieve happiness for you heart and soul.
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The Great Awakening Love Wins
The Great Awakening Love Wins After a break of several years, never has there been a more important  time to have a reminder of the need to come from love and not fear.  During these chaotic times, sensitives, empaths, free thinkers and  wayseers are being extremely tested, yet now is the time to step up.  Humanity is in need and we are being called to be of service like never  before. Join Jane in this 250th episode to hear her take on what is really going on and why you were born for this time.
August 27, 2020
LL 249: Life Aha Moments With The Love Life Tribe
Angel Number 249 may indicate that a project or cycle is ending and you are asked to look to your achievements and successes, so today’s show we share the big AHA moments from some of the Love-Life Tribe members from over the past 5 years. Peter, Catherine, Ram, Linda and Jason share their biggest breakthrough moments, lessons and understandings achieved over this time including being highly sensitive, understand masculine energy, self love, self acceptance, compassion and empathy. Courses Coaching Private facebook group Angel numbers
November 07, 2017
LL 248: What Has Inspired Me This Past Week And The Power Of Intent
Today's episode I share what has deeply inspired me and made my heart sing this past week. Includes discussion around fear, anxiety, shared vulnerability, validation, setting of intent, results, the power of energy, leadership, going first, role modelling, influencing and...
October 24, 2017
LL 247: Vibrationally Healing The Past With Amber Petty
My guest today, a Love-Life favourite, Amber Petty is currently writing a book sharing emotional stories from her past. I called her to chat about the chapter she had been writing earlier in the day. Amber was still vibrationally entrenched...
October 17, 2017
LL 246: Taking Your Idea To The World
Have you got an idea you want to take to a global level? Most of you are ideas people. You have ideas for change and the show today gives you the chance for your idea to be heard on a...
October 10, 2017
LL 245: Manifestation For Heart Based Entrepreneurs
Does your heart deeply desire to make a difference in this world? Are you hiring the conscious to be a part of your service to the universe? Or have a burning idea you know will bring you joy? Today's guest...
October 03, 2017
LL 244: Cosmetic Surgery. Would You, Could You, Should You
Cosmetic surgery, should we, could we, would we? It's time to dive into the sometimes controversial conversation about cosmetic surgery. My guests today are two members of the Love-Life tribe, one who has worked in the beauty industry for 30...
September 26, 2017
LL 243: From Shy And Isolated To Socially Confident
Social isolation, social anxiety and lack of confidence is today's topic with my guest, Social Confidence Coach Myke Macapinlac. Myke specialises in helping people learn how to approach and talk to anybody without fear of being rejected. In today's conversation...
September 19, 2017
LL 242: You Gotta Have Faith, Faith, Faith
What is faith? Why have faith? And how to get faith? In today's episode I am joined by Love-Life show favourite Rebecca Brown where we discuss all things to do with faith including the age of Pisces over the past...
September 12, 2017
LL 241: The Maiden, The Mother And The Crone
What are these three energies of the feminine? Every maiden isn't young, every mother doesn't have a child and every crone isn't old. With many women uncomfortable with getting older and some feeling the veil of invisibility starting to occur,...
September 05, 2017
LL 240: Highly Sensitive People And Empaths
Today's discussion follows on from the recent episode Being an Empath where Rebecca Brown and I talked about what an empath is. The episode had many questions posted in the facebook group including some from NLP practitioner Peter Lennon. Peter...
August 29, 2017
LL 239: Facing Five Fears In Five Days
Are you ready to face your fears and tackle a perceived upper limit situation? Are your fears ones of genuine danger or rather fears lived more in the imagination? My guest today Sange Carter from the Myndshift Academy, conducted a...
August 22, 2017
LL 238: Being An Empath
Do you easily sense other people's emotions or thoughts? Or do you feel others pain easily. Then perhaps you too are an empath and today's episode is all about you. I am joined by fellow empath Rebecca Brown, where we...
August 15, 2017
LL 237: Rise As One With Mark Breadner
Today I am joined by Mark Breadner, who has launched the Rise As One Project to help the rise of the feminine by breaking the cycle of female poverty through education. His ability to actualise his dreams is inspiring as...
August 08, 2017
LL 236: The Journey Of Two Highly Sensitive Women And Mothers
What happens when I get to chat with another sensitivity coach from the other side of the world? You get two perspectives of living and thriving in the world as a highly sensitive person. Today I am joined by Mia...
August 01, 2017
LL 235: What's In A Song
We've all got that anthem, our anthem. That one song that takes us to our own unique special place. In today's episode I explore what's in a song and am also joined by award winning educator and researcher, Dr Anita...
July 25, 2017
LL 234: Healing Women's Sexuality With Diane McCann
'It's time to rewrite the history books for women and sexuality and stop blaming men'. In this dynamic episode with the gorgeous Diane McCann we discuss yoni/sacred spot healing and healers, reframing how we observe sexuality, tantra, orgasm, sex, pornography,...
July 18, 2017
LL 233: My Eat, Pray, Love Lesson In Bali On Happiness With Katut Suardana
Today's episode is with my special guest Katut Suardana who patiently shares Hindu wisdom with me around topics such as giving, the four beliefs of life, what is karma, the seven levels of truth, the three connections and reasons for...
July 11, 2017
LL 232: Stuck In A Rut, Remembering Magic
Are you stuck in a rut feeling trapped or lacking in options? Or are you tired from actioning the manifestation of your desires? Today's episode is bringing back the magic of life with stories from the Love-Life Tribe where I...
July 04, 2017
LL 231: The Shadow Of The Feminine
What does the shadow side relationship look like? Today's guest is Rosie Garner, a blogger who shares the story of a past relationship where both her partner and herself were operating from the shadow side of both masculine and feminine...
June 27, 2017
LL 230: Mirror And Shadow Work
Today's episode is all about understanding the shadow side. I step you through two processes to come to greater self-love, using the mirror effect to identify unowned, discarded and buried traits and qualities within us and then using the shadow...
June 20, 2017
LL 229: What I Love About Me
Can you celebrate the greatest of you? Today I have the Love-Life tribe joining me to answer the question, 'What I love about me'  We have stories of truth speaking that leads to a moment of self-actualisation, the power of...
June 13, 2017
LL 228: Homophobia And Being Gay In 2017 With Guest Matt Gilbertson
It's 20 years since Ellen came out as gay and in today's episode we explore how far we have come in the past 2 decades while looking at what needs to happen to continue moving forward. I am joined by...
June 06, 2017
LL 227: Neuro-Linguistic Programing With Peter Lennon
Make sure you listen to the end of the show where I have a very important announcement about the Love-Life show.  Today we discuss Neuro-linguistic programing with Love-Life Tribe member, Peter Lennon. Neuro refers to your neurology; Linguistic refers to...
May 30, 2017
LL 226: The Power Of Allowing, Holding The Space And Conscious Parenting With Nikki Heuskes
Are you able to sit in another's pain without judgement, taking it away or trying to fix it? And can you rise to today's challenge to be a 'soother'?  I am joined by Nikki Heuskes as we discuss conscious parenting,...
May 23, 2017
LL 225: Your Questions Answered
Today I'm answering four listeners emails from the Love-Life tribe which cover completely different situations, situations that I feel many of us have been in including: Someone who is stressed out, lost their mojo and feeling unhappy; The mum of...
May 16, 2017
LL 224: The Mindset Of A Champion With Kerri Pottharst
Who are you surrounding yourself with? And why is it so important to seek out teachers and coaches? After the recent goal setting and manifestation episode, to support you in creating the life you desire, today I am joined by...
May 09, 2017
LL 223: Jealousy, Feeling Insecure And Not Enough
Are you enough?   Many of you may feel a sting when I say this and possibly have a small shake of the head, a tear in the eye and a gentle answer that no you aren't enough. Well believe me,...
May 02, 2017
LL 222: A Bit Fed Up - It's Time To Manifest
Ep 222 A BIT FED UP - IT'S TIME TO MANIFEST Are you just a little bit fed up with your life? Are there areas in your life you wish were different? Then it's time to use this fed up...
April 25, 2017
LL 221: Paying It Forward With Life
We all love paying it forward however are you up for the ultimate paying it forward gift? My guests today are activists for encouraging people to give the ultimate gift, the gift of life through organ donation. Joining me on...
April 18, 2017
LL 220: Talking To Your Subsconscious Mind With Katrina Heuskes
Would you choose negative emotion? The answer is no. In today's episode, my special guest Katrina Heuskes helps us explore the sub-conscious mind and how to flick the switch on negative emotions fast! We discuss muscle reflex testing, when to...
April 11, 2017
Are you constantly apologising to everyone and everything? From the person who bumped into 'you' or the computer you typed on too hard? Do you use sorry to keep the peace, to interrupt someone, or for being you? Perhaps you...
April 04, 2017
LL 218: The Intuitive Changing Body
Jane has a new theory to share for those who are intuitive, highly sensitive, empaths or expanding their gifts of universal connection and has certified holistic and functional health practitioner and Love-Life Tribe member Jason Marinovich join in the discussion. ...
March 28, 2017
LL 217: The Five Agreements And The Love-Life Tribe Favourite Books
Do you have trouble speaking your truth? Are you feelings hurt easily? Would you rather guess than know and does this work for you? Are you hard on yourself with negative self-talk and abuse? Then today's show is for you...
March 21, 2017
LL 216: Triggers And Fears Be Gone
What are triggers and can fear really be our friend? Why did Jane give the bird to someone in another car today and do you have socially acceptable levels of insanity? This week's episode explores the fear vibration, recognising it,...
March 14, 2017
LL 215: Masculinity And Mens Mental Health
Boys and men are at huge risk with 400 Australian men thinking about taking their own life every day. These men are stuck in the patriarchal masculine and need acceptance and non judgement to help them move towards the divine...
March 07, 2017
LL 214: Cyber Bullying
My guest today was co-host of the nation's most popular night program "The Hot 30 Countdown" both on radio and television. It was on this program she became involved with the "Royal Hoax'' phone call that resulted in her being...
February 28, 2017
LL 213: Changing Beauty And The Body Positive Movement
Can you see the divinity within everyone? In today's episode I discuss the changing face of beauty, what beauty is to different people and how the body positive movement is changing our views and helping create greater self-love. I am...
February 21, 2017
LL 212: Changing Moments In Life
You are much more powerful than likely you realise. In this week's episode, Jane asks some of the Love-Life Tribe the question, 'who would you like to thank, and why'? These stories share life changing conversations, moments or events that...
February 14, 2017
LL 211: Your Questions Answered
This week Jane hits her overflowing in-box and answers four emails from listeners, coaching clients and members of her club Social 8. She delves into the battle of the sexes that's resulted in relationship resentment; looks at superstitions, intent and...
February 07, 2017
LL 210: Managing Anxiety With Special Guest Amber Petty
Do you or someone you love suffer from anxiety? With 18% of the western world experiencing anxiety and more than 40 million people in the US alone it's time to address this situation with a greater awareness of what anxiety...
January 31, 2017
LL 209: Manifesting, Karma And Jail Time
Suffering from anxiety and having a fear of being trapped at traffic lights my guest on today's show manifested the ultimate trapped situation, several years in jail after being arrested for allegedly embezzling money. Remaining anonymous, I chat with both...
January 24, 2017
LL 208: What Is Love?
This week's episode Jane explores what love is; how it feels, what it looks like and how to give and receive more love. The discussion includes primary love statements, love languages, hormones released, vibrational science, mindset shifts, healing and connection.
January 17, 2017
LL 207: Park Bench Conversations
Who would you invite to join you in a conversation on the park bench? It can be from the past, today or the future. And what would you ask them? Today's episode I am joined on a park bench by...
January 10, 2017
LL 206: Asking For Help
Are you someone who struggles to say yes to offers of help? This week Jane answers a listener's email who can't get it all done and feels like she is failing. The discussion includes how to say yes to assistance...
January 03, 2017
LL 205: Freedom, Love And Solutions With Ben Lee
Will you rise to the invitation from special guest, Ben Lee to be a part of creating an atmosphere of solution and begin to be problem solvers together from a space of happiness, enthusiasm and equilibrium? In this week's episode,...
December 27, 2016
LL 204: Favourite Mantras From Listeners
In this weeks episode, we are taking it to the Love-Life Tribe again to ask the question 'do you have a favourite go to mantra you regularly use and why'? We explore the power behind mantras, why they work and...
December 20, 2016
LL 203: Sex, Connection And Tantra With Guest Diane McCann
The healing between the masculine and the feminine is the next evolutionary stage in relationship transformation and so today we talk about what Tantra for couples really is ... and it's not Karma Sutra gymnastics! Diane McCann from Beyond the...
December 13, 2016
LL 202: Ordinary Is The Enemy With Guest Sputnik
Joining Jane on the Love-Life Show today is serial entrepreneur, creative and activist Sputnik who's catch cry is 'Ordinary is the Enemy' and 'Be Awesome'. The discussion includes being bolder in life, confidence, self-worth, setting intent, opening the mind and...
December 06, 2016
LL 201: What Are You Most Proud Of
Joining Jane on the show today are some of the loyal Love-Life Tribe listeners who share their inspirational stories by answering the question, 'What is it you are most proud of?'. Celebrating just how far we have all come, this...
November 29, 2016
LL 200: Breaking Spiritual Upper Limits
Recorded live at the Arts Centre Gold Coast to celebrate their landmark 200th episode, this very special half-hour focuses on our collective commitment to help each person to shine their light as boldly as they can. Centred around four main...
November 22, 2016
LL 199: Endings And Beginnings
This week, Jane and Rebecca have an important message to share with the loyal tribe concerning the show, it's life cycle and some very exciting plans for the future! Expect a heartfelt sharing of Rebecca (and Jane's) podcast show journey...
November 15, 2016
LL 198: Three Cosmic Questions
This week, Jane and Rebecca answer three fascinating listener's questions: 1) What is psychic surgery? 2) Do we only reincarnate as humans, or can we be animals, too? 3) Do men 'do' spirituality differently to women? Strap yourself in for...
November 08, 2016
LL 197: Self-Entitlement
Are you a nag in your relationship? Do you feel that your partner hasn't 'earned' your attention? Do you believe the world owes you something? Do you feel that men and patriarchy are to blame for many of society's problems?...
November 01, 2016
LL 196: Control And Perfectionism
In this indepth topic, Jane and Rebecca dissect the very similar fears that lead people to engage in controlling or perfectionist behaviours - and also provide some tips for those of you who have close relationships with control freaks and/or...
October 25, 2016
LL 195: Earth Angels
What is an earth angel? Are they real people who move among us, or mysterious beings who cross our paths from other realms? In this fascinating episode, Rebecca and Jane explore the mysterious ways in which the universe often delivers...
October 11, 2016
LL 194: Feeling What's Right For You
This week, Rebecca and Jane approach the age-old question 'How do I know if something is right for me?' Includes an exploration of what it looks and feels like to have a very honest conversation with your own soul -...
October 04, 2016
LL 193: The Law Of Unattachment
You've probably heard about the more common spiritual Laws of Attraction, Vibration and Abundance, but how well do you understand the magnetic effect the Law of Unattachment can hold over our lives? In this episode, Rebecca and Jane explore the...
September 27, 2016
LL 192: Challenging Whats Normal
Have you ever felt an expectation placed on you because of your age, or the stage of life you were in? Have you ever reacted to something, only to be told by others you'd shown the 'wrong' emotion? This week,...
September 20, 2016
LL 191: Family Dynamics
No human being escapes childhood without absorbing some of the beliefs, values and emotions of the caregivers around them. How we internalise and remain stuck or blocked in many of these 'invisible' patterns is the topic of this episode. From...
September 13, 2016
LL 190: Spiritual Death And Euthanasia
We know a little about spiritual birthing, but how often do people discuss spiritual dying? With euthanasia still illegal in Australia, the challenge to turn death away from the sterile, disempowered experience it is for so many elderly people into...
September 06, 2016
LL 189: Giving And Receiving Compassion
Compassion is a vibration that is rarely explored or understood to a true depth, and in today's episode, Jane and Rebecca analyse it from a number of different angles. Includes wisdom from the Dalai Lama and Mother Teresa, true personal...
August 30, 2016
LL 188: Introverts And Extroverts
In this episode, Rebecca and Jane challenge the notion that 'introvert' and 'extrovert' actually exist at all, explore the underlying reasons for such radical differences in social behaviour, and gently push the listeners to address their own blocks, shortcomings and...
August 23, 2016
LL 187: Understanding Addiction
In this special hour-long episode, Jane and Rebecca delve deeply into one of society's most prevalent and misunderstood issues - that of addiction, addictive tendencies and unhealthy behavioural patterns. Filled with new spiritual wisdom, real solutions and personal stories, this...
August 16, 2016
LL 186: Intuition Or Imagination
This week, Jane and Rebecca help to differentiate between 'Am I imagining that I'm going to be in a car crash' versus 'Am I sensing a premonition that I'm going to be in a car crash'? Includes discussion of basic...
August 09, 2016
This week, the amazing Inge Sarathulsingh joins the show to explain what is happening from a spiritual, emotional and physical perspective when a woman's body undergoes menopause. The founder of, Inge specialises in working with 50+ women and explains...
August 02, 2016
LL 184: Exploring The Fifth Dimension
This week, due to popular demand, Bec and Jane bring you crazy cosmic content! From better understanding what is meant by the interchangeable terms 'Ascension/New Earth/Fifth Dimension', to discussing the Illuminati/New World Order and a quick explanation of the Akashic...
July 26, 2016
LL 183: Improving Friendship
Friendships are a fundamental part of our lives, and the ability to manage them well and effectively is an imperative life skill. In this episode, Jane and Rebecca discuss some of the different scenarios that occur within friendships, how to...
July 19, 2016
LL 182: The Challenge Of Patience
Feeling stuck? Impatient for something to happen? Anxious about the future? In this episode, Rebecca and Jane explore why Westerners have so much trouble being patient, and provide a range of tips and techniques for calming back down into the...
July 12, 2016
LL 181: Handling Small Conflicts
In every day life, we often bump up against resistance - other people's words, opinions, behaviours or morals that we feel deep disagreement with. This episode deconstructs conflict to better understand why it occurs, how personal fears and communication breakdown...
July 05, 2016
LL 180: Suicide Prevention
In this most powerful episode, Rebecca and Jane tackle the serious topic of suicide, sharing poignant stories and discussing the deeper spiritual concept of 'entries and exists'. Includes warning signs, support advice, survivor guilt and the passionate importance of self-worth...
June 28, 2016
LL 179: Overcoming Rejection
Knock-backs are a part of life, but if they're stopping you from taking chances or experiencing new opportunities, then this show is for you. Analysing rejection and abandonment at three different levels, Rebecca and Jane provide tools, tips and resources...
June 21, 2016
LL 178: Spiritual Celebrities
With such a wide range of popular figures spouting their various belief systems, who can we trust? What should we take on board? Who is 'genuinely' spiritual, and who is simply using attention-getting concepts to promote their own media engine...
June 14, 2016
LL 177: What To Expect In A Healing
If you're relatively new to the healing path, and have perhaps not experienced any significant 'release' work with practitioners before, this episode is for you. Jane and Rebecca discuss common expectations, short-comings and side-effects of healings, as well as how...
June 07, 2016
LL 176: Gentle Home Cures
Cold? Flu? Migraine? Swollen glands? Dirty oven? Germy bathroom? In this episode, Jane and Rebecca encourage you to become your own 'kitchen witch', reaching for cheap yet powerful household products which can stop germs in their tracks and deliver non-toxic...
May 31, 2016
LL 175: Signs Of An Abuser
In this episode, Jane and Rebeca discuss the early warning signs of an abusive personality, whether a boss, parent, family member or lover. Includes energetically detecting people's dangerous shadow sides, what the classic 'red flags' of abuse are, understanding 'grooming'...
May 24, 2016
LL 174: The Dangers Of Extreme Wellbeing
In today's episode, Jane and Rebecca discuss why 'should' needs to be removed from the vocabulary - how constantly comparing and holding ourselves up to the impossible standards posed by many of today's wellbeing/spiritual leaders can actually contribute more, not...
May 17, 2016
LL 173: Cancer And Spirituality
Chances are if you haven't experienced cancer yourself, you've known someone who's been afflicted with the Disease of the 21st Century. In this important episode, Rebecca and Jane discuss society's culture of fear around cancer, the gifts they've learned from...
May 10, 2016
LL 172: How To Fill Your Love Tank
Are you more comfortable giving or receiving? Do you ever feel drained of life force and vitality? Are there things in your life you'd rather put off and avoid than deal with directly? In this episode, Jane and Rebecca discuss...
May 03, 2016
LL 171: Facets Of The Soul
In this spiritually mind-exploding episode, Jane and Rebecca look at the concept of 'soul' and its many different facets, in particular exploring what is meant by the concepts of inner self, higher self, oversoul, inner child, shadow self, etheric bodies...
April 26, 2016
LL 170: Limiting Spiritual Beliefs
After finding an article online that lists eight common (untrue) spiritual beliefs, Jane and Rebecca take great pleasure in debunking and dissecting all of them in what proves to be a funny and thought-provoking discussion. Includes a spiritual take on...
April 19, 2016
LL 169: Sexual Orientation And Gender
Following a reader's question, this week Jane and Rebecca provide a spiritual take on homosexuality and explore the importance of accepting oneself, and working to create a more accepting society. Includes some of Jane's personal stories from the past contrasted...
April 12, 2016
LL 168: Is Meditation Boring
We hope this episode brings you some laughs as well as some empowering information about the necessity of regularly meditating. As Jane plays Devil's Advocate to Rebecca's passionate belief in the ancient practice, the two discover a number of new...
April 05, 2016
LL 167: The New Sensitivity
Those of you who are interested in the Highly Sensitive Person research will be fascinated to hear Jane's latest theory about the awakening sensitivity in a large part of the population. 'Vulnerability' has been a buzz word for some time...
March 29, 2016
LL 166: The Importance Of Laziness
Does 'laziness' really exist? In this episode, Jane and Rebecca take a deeper look at the concept of doing 'nothing', self-nurturing, reflecting and spending quality time with oneself. Includes discussion around the natural feelings of shame, guilt, embarrassment and justification...
March 22, 2016
LL 165: The Divine Human With Special Guest Rebecca Brown
Amazing spiritual visionary, Rebecca Brown from SoultoSoul Dimensional Healing, joins us this episode for a full hour of deep channelling into many fascinating concepts. Includes what is 'Divine Masculine' and what 'new paradigm relationships' are, how empaths are paving the...
March 15, 2016
LL 164: Self-Sabotage
Do you find yourself not being able to further certain self-bettering activities, behaviours or positive thoughts because resistance always arises deep within you? How can you identify exactly what this resistance is, where it first began and how to stamp...
March 08, 2016
LL 163: The Missing Piece Of The Law Of Attraction
If you watched The Secret ten years ago and have been unsuccessful in applying its principles in your own life, this episode is for you! Jane and Rebecca break down common myths, misconceptions and where people 'go wrong' in attempting...
March 01, 2016
LL 162: What Women Want
In this exclusive episode recorded just for our male listeners (although ladies, it's your job to listen and then pass on to your partners!), Jane and Rebecca break down five of the simplest misnomers that occur in the male-female dynamic....
February 23, 2016
LL 161: Making Friends With Fear.
Do you find small, sneaky fears creeping into your everyday life and limiting your opportunities to expand? In this episode, Jane and Rebecca apply a solid dose of logic in facing, talking through and effectively dealing with the worries that...
February 16, 2016
LL 160: Vibrational Intent
In this episode, Jane and Rebecca share a vibrational technique for better controlling outcomes in life - how to set a protected, clear intention before entering into a charged, nerve-wracking or uncertain environment. Includes how to conjure and hold vibrational...
February 09, 2016
LL 159: Passive Aggression
In this longer-than-usual episode, Jane and Rebecca dissect the complex topic of passive aggression. Includes identifying examples of passive aggressive behaviour, providing steps and responses to handle specific situations, and a look at the deeper core issues underpinning where these...
February 02, 2016
LL 158: What Are Your Core Gifts
What are the emotions that you are naturally brilliant at - and just as naturally dismiss as being useless, common or unimportant? In this episode Jane and Rebecca help you to identify what your 'core gifts' are, what happens when...
January 26, 2016
LL 157: Old Fashioned Psychics
The New Age landscape has changed dramatically in the past 20 years. Here, Jane and Rebecca discuss the differences between the way psychic techniques used to be taught and understood, and the way time - and our expectations - have...
January 19, 2016
LL 156: How To Start A Business II
In part two of Jane and Rebecca's business coaching tutorials, a huge range of topics is covered - from growing a microbusiness or hobby to dealing at multinational levels with strong intention and streetsmart emotional savvy. Includes discussions around money,...
January 12, 2016
LL 155: How To Start A Business I
The New Year is a terrific time to launch new projects and ideas, and in this first episode of a two-part series, Jane shares her 31 years of business acumen - especially how to discover your passion and make money...
January 05, 2016
LL 154: New Years Eve: How To Let Go
As we cross the threshold from one year to the next, now is the time to introduce some serious ritual and awareness around what needs to be released in your life - and what needs to be created. Filled with...
December 29, 2015
LL 153: Christmas Gifts And Rituals
In this special seasonal episode, Rebecca and Jane discuss how to intuitively buy and make gifts that hold spiritual meaning, and how to create magic and sacredness in your home for yourself and your children. Includes ideas for imbuing cuisine,...
December 22, 2015
LL 152: What Are You Hating On?
Following on from last week's episode on terrorism, this week's topic explores how to handle any strong feelings of hate you may have towards a situation or person. The ability to shift one's vibration and soften strong negative emotions is...
December 15, 2015
LL 151: Bec And Jane On Terrorism
In the wake of the Paris and Beirut attacks, Rebecca and Jane provide an essential spiritual framework through which to view wanton violence. The world is a mirror of the battles we are all facing on the inside, and the...
December 08, 2015
LL 150: Birthday Celebration
To celebrate their 150th episode, Jane and Rebecca have brought in party sound-effects and are dishing up plenty of juicy behind-the-scenes goss about the Love-Life Show! Learn more about your favourite hosts, their private lives, how the show is produced...
December 01, 2015
LL 149: The Danger Of Gurus
What happens when the people we hold up on pedestals for being 'perfect' let us down? Or when someone we consider to be uber-spiritual reveals an unsettling amount of ego? In this episode, Jane and Rebecca explore the collapse of...
November 24, 2015
LL 148: Finding Patience And Peace
As a friend or healer, how do you handle the frustration of 'unevolved' people who won't accept help? How do you deal with long-running situations that won't resolve in your favour? How do you handle sitting in others' negative judgement...
November 17, 2015
LL 147: Social Media Boundaries
This week, a listener asks Jane and Rebecca to discuss 'how social media affects our lives and our spirituality'. From delving into the personal boundaries and 'mirroring' that occurs on Facebook and YouTube, to phone addiction and how to handle...
November 10, 2015
LL 146: Codependency
The opposite of emotional unavailability is co-dependency, or the inability to put oneself first in a relationship. Co-dependents are typically needy and riddled with fears and shame about stating their worth, usually due to behaviours learned in childhood. In this...
November 03, 2015
LL 145: Speaking Up: How And Why
Do you have a finely-honed sense of when it's appropriate to sit back, be polite and say nothing during a particularly controversial moment, versus when you should be defending your beliefs - and why it's vitally important to do so?...
October 27, 2015
Have you ever looked at menstruation as a sacred, wonderful event to be celebrated? After this episode you will! Jane and Rebecca richly explore body shaming, life and moon cycles, menopause, the triple-goddess and rites of passage in order to...
October 20, 2015
In this ground-breaking episode, international clinical hypnotherapist and trainer Craig Homonnay describes emotions and feelings like you've never heard them explained before. With his 15 years' experience in marrying science with spirituality, experimenting with hypnotic drugs and healing chronic diseases...
October 13, 2015
LL 142: Boosting Self-Discipline
Are you the kind of person who finds it hard to complete projects or commitments? Do you struggle to make decisions? Are you worried about people-pleasing and living the life other people want you to live, which is paralysing you...
October 06, 2015
LL 141: Overcoming Jealousy
What's going on when feelings of jealousy and insecurity rear their ugly head? Alternatively, how do you handle incidents in your life where others are jealous and spiteful of you? In this episode, Jane and Rebecca explore the deeper feelings...
September 29, 2015
LL 140: Creating The Dash
'If you worry about what might be, and wonder what might have been, you will ignore what is' - unknown. In this long-overdue episode on such an important topic, Rebecca and Jane discuss the Now Moment as they've never explored...
September 22, 2015
LL 139: Embarrassment And Guilt
In this episode, Rebecca and Jane explore the closely linked emotions of embarrassment and guilt. Where do they come from, why are they so insidious and how can we free ourselves from the heavy feelings attached to them? The answer...
September 15, 2015
LL 138: Politics And Spirituality
How does a spiritually aware, self-empowered person who takes responsibility for their own reality integrate the crazy circus that is politics? In this episode, Rebecca and Jane passionately explore problems and solutions with the world's existing hierarchies and systems, and...
September 08, 2015
LL 137: Bec And Jane's Emotional Masterclass
Stop what you're doing, grab a pen and paper and find a comfy place where you won't be disturbed, because Jane and Bec are ready to put you through your paces! In this episode first, you will be guided through...
September 01, 2015
LL 136: Exploring Depression
Depression is the leading cause of disability worldwide. Many people in today's society are currently on, or have been on, anti-depressants. In this episode, Jane and Rebecca are keen to share some alternative tools with which to hopefully free people...
August 25, 2015
LL 135: Is Medicine OK?
If you're a gung-ho wellness follower who abhors all kinds of medical treatment or intervention, what happens when you're faced with a serious health dilemma? In this episode Jane and Rebecca explore when it's "okay" and "not okay" to medicate...
August 18, 2015
LL 134: Eating Disorders
Most people either know someone who has suffered from an eating disorder or have experienced it themselves at some point in their lives. While it's now commonly understood that anorexia, bulimia, orthorexia, extreme body building/veganism and other conditions stem from...
August 11, 2015
LL 133: Being Open To Change
No matter how amazing a spiritual-emotional technique is - and even if it's worked for you in the past - it's important to never rely too much on a single 'answer' and put all your eggs in one basket. In...
August 04, 2015
LL 132: Supporting Those You Love
If you've been working on your spiritual and emotional self lately, you may have noticed that others have started gravitating towards your positivity and seeking your shoulder to lean on! This episode can assist you in how to help others...
July 28, 2015
LL 131: Angel Numbers And Symbols
If you've been noticing double or triple numbers (44, 444, 11:11 and so on), or images or words that keep repeating in your daily life, this episode will help you decipher and better understand how the universe is trying to...
July 21, 2015
LL 130: Analyse Your Dreams
If you've ever wondered what it means to have repetitive dreams, predictive dreams or visitations from deceased loved ones while asleep, this is the episode for you! Jane and Rebecca explore the different theories behind what dreams mean, why they...
July 14, 2015
LL 129: Conscious Power Dressing
In this fun episode, Jane and Rebecca explore how your fashion sense can reveal information on everything from your past lives to your horoscope, tribalism and self-worth. Includes an indepth cosmic analysis of how we use make-up, tattoos, piercing, jewellery...
July 07, 2015
LL 128: Understanding Narcissism
The world is unfortunately filled with adults whose emotions have been deliberately shut down - and when it comes to dealing with them, working for them, dating them or having them as family members, life can sometimes feel extremely difficult....
June 30, 2015
LL 127: Understanding Body Language
In this episode, we learn that it's what you don't say that says everything! Understanding non-verbal communication is an imperative tool to conducting better relationships in life, and requires you to be highly aware of your own energy and the...
June 23, 2015
LL 126: Changing Patterns And Habits
If you've carried a belief for 40+ years, how do you begin to refire your neural pathways to create a radically different paradigm for yourself? This episode focuses on the power of a 'pattern interrupt', including tools such as XY...
June 16, 2015
LL 125: Body, Medicine And Birth Part 2
Strong language warning! In this episode, Rebecca gets passionate about defending women's bodies, reproduction, natural birthing and political rights. Jane and Rebecca provide the history of birthing throughout the ages and show where the modern Western model gets it so...
June 09, 2015
LL 124: Body, Medicine And Birth Part 1
In the first of this two-part series on pregnancy, birth and women's bodies, Jane and Rebecca discuss the importance of taking a pro-active, 'self-doctoring' approach to your body's health and physical ailments. Includes useful books and apps, how to pay...
June 02, 2015
LL 123: Create Don't Compete
Highly competitive people and Type A personalities, this episode is for you! If you're constantly worried about other people copying your work, or find yourself battling others for perceived 'first place', it's time to analyse your beliefs around being good...
May 26, 2015
LL 122: Healthy Female Friendships
Did you have a mother who was toxic, manipulative or absent? Do you feel more comfortable in the presence of guys than girls? Are you needy, conditional and/or insecure with the other females in your life? This episode looks at...
May 19, 2015
LL 121: What Is A Witch?
In this myth-busting episode Jane and Rebecca discuss the definition of what it means to be a modern day witch, in both the loosest and most traditional senses of the word. Includes discussion about magic-making, rituals, the lost/returning Divine Feminine,...
May 12, 2015
LL 120: Balance Vs Extremism
Do you spend your days floating up in the clouds, or earthly and grounded? Are you spiritually 'off with the fairies' and isolating yourself in an ivory tower, or bogged down by the 'earth mud' of everyday life? This episode...
May 05, 2015
LL 119: Finding Your Gifts
Do you know what your natural strengths and gifts are? In this episode, Jane and Rebecca provide a number of tools for discovering your innate potential, dealing with any fears that may arise around your own greatness, and understanding the...
April 28, 2015
LL 118: Sex Myths And Self-Worth
In this myth-busting episode, Jane and Rebecca discuss common self-worth issues when it comes to sexual boundaries, bedroom communication and first time sex. Includes eye-opening discussions about the female anatomy, erogenous zones, G-spots, heart orgasms, tantra and much more.
April 21, 2015
LL 117: Managing Fear And Anxiety
If you've ever suffered from panic attacks, cold fear, social anxiety or any other kind of gut-churning, life-stopping emotion, this episode is filled with physical, emotional and spiritual advice to strengthen your mind, body and soul. Fears are actually amazing...
April 14, 2015
LL 116: Keeping Secrets
Have you ever found yourself the unwilling recipient of a dark secret, nasty gossip, Internet hacking or revealing information that has nothing to do with you? In this episode Jane and Rebecca discuss the difference between a secret and privacy,...
April 07, 2015
LL 115: Power Charge The Equinox
This Easter / Equinox, Jane and Rebecca encourage you to dig deeply into the cultural meanings and symbolism behind this ancient holiday and understand how it can bring you more magic and power. From discussing forgotten rituals, ceremonies and festivals,...
March 31, 2015
At long last, Jane and Rebecca have secured an audience with internationally renowned holistic physician, speaker, author, educator and developer of the LifeLine Technique, Dr Darren Weissman. In this special one-hour interview, the amazing and inspirational Dr Darren talks about...
March 24, 2015
LL 113: How To Recover From An Argument
In this important episode about dealing with conflict, Jane and Rebecca explain how the way you respond to an argument says a lot about how you handle relationships in your life - and also about who you are. Includes tools...
March 17, 2015
LL 112: The Feminine Masculine Energies
What does being 'feminine' mean? Are you comfortable with your Divine Feminine? Do you even know what it means to honour the goddess inside yourself? In an episode designed to help women soften into their Venus vibration, but also filled...
March 10, 2015
LL 111: Gaining And Giving Validation
Every person on earth just wants to be validated - but what does this actually mean, what does it look like, and why is it important? In this episode, Jane and Rebecca discuss the concept of 'holding space', the gift...
March 03, 2015
LL 110: The Challenge Of Self-Acceptance
Having now conquered self-worth and self-love episodes, and inspired by a listener's email, Jane and Rebecca turn their attention to analysing the concept of self-acceptance, and how/where it holds us back from stepping fully into our power.
February 24, 2015
LL 109: How To Fail Successfully
Need a motivational pep talk? If you feel a block, resistance or fear of failure around a certain area of your life, Jane and Rebecca are here to help! Sharing awesome examples of celebrities who've felt the fear and pushed...
February 17, 2015
LL 108: Fast Emotional Healing
Have you mastered the healing basics yet? Most of us can name the building-block tools of emotional work (gratitude, visualisation, positivity, inner child work, shadow work, mirroring, groundedness) but surprisingly few of us put them into practice on a powerful,...
February 10, 2015
LL 107: Science And Spirituality
If you've come from a heavily religious or scientific background, how do you integrate your growing spirituality with fears and beliefs you may be holding from your upbringing? In this episode Jane and Rebecca talk witchcraft, the universe, quantum physics,...
February 03, 2015
LL 106: Gaining Business Self Worth With Nicola Moras
Taking the leap of faith to follow your soul purpose in business is often fraught with self doubt and challenges your self belief. Business coach and mentor Nicolas Moras joins us as our special guest to help you see your...
January 27, 2015
LL 105: Coping With Grief, Loss And Death
If you are inconsolable over the unexpected loss of a person, job or possession, this episode brings the deep emotional advice you need to pass through this difficult time. Includes personal stories, techniques and comforting messages for those suffering loss,...
January 20, 2015
LL 104: Help My House Is Haunted
If you've ever wondered about ghosts, entities, negative spirits, exorcisms or haunted houses, this episode is for you! In this longer-than-usual episode, Jane and Rebecca share personal stories of hauntings and space clearings they've experienced over the years, coupled with...
January 13, 2015
LL 103: Achieving Goals In Small Steps
Have you ever looked at your untidy house, tax papers, fitness goals, single life, addictions and/or money and success blocks and felt too overwhelmed to begin? In this episode, Jane and Rebecca help listeners 'chunk it down' to achieve their...
January 06, 2015
LL 102: Your New Year's Emotional Report Card
When we were kids, we had report cards and parent-teacher meetings at regular intervals to mark our progress. Now that we are adults, who is checking in to see that we're 'doing the work' and sticking to our own self-directed...
December 30, 2014
LL 101: Overcoming Christmas Challenges
Merry Christmas! On this very special Christmas Eve, Jane and Rebecca urge their listeners to spend the next 12 hours coming from a place of love, not fear. Yes, there may be people who are going to push your buttons,...
December 23, 2014
LL 100: The Genius Zone With Special Guest Gay Hendricks
Author of 35+ books including the New York Times best-selling 'The Big Leap', Counselling Psychology Professor Gay Hendricks joins Jane and Rebecca for this very special 100th Love-Life episode. Exploring his theories around the four 'zones' you need to break...
December 16, 2014
LL 99: How To Achieve Self-Worth
In this important episode, Jane and Rebecca differentiate between what it means to have low self-love versus low self-worth, and how to address the later. Includes inner child work, the power of the '2 Min Meditation', and an overview of...
December 09, 2014
LL 98: Therapy That Works
If you're a person who's trotted off to many different holistic practitioners over the years and still feel that your blocks have not adequately been dealt with, perhaps it's time to take a deeper look at your attitude and the...
December 02, 2014
LL 97: Soul Journeys
This in-depth spiritual episode covers everything from what happens to a soul after miscarriage, suicide or murder through to soul contract 'blueprints', birth stargates and walk-ins. Includes insights on reincarnation, soul reviews and an ultimate theory of Oneness evolution.
November 25, 2014
LL 96: How To Extract Truth
In this episode, Jane and Rebecca discuss 'exit interviews' and why, if you refuse your chance to share your truth with others at the end of a relationship, you may miss out on a valuable learning curve. Includes excellent wording...
November 18, 2014
LL 95: Lack Vs Abundance
Have you ever had things stolen from you, be they physical possessions or creative ideas? In this episode, Jane and Rebecca examine poverty consciousness - the idea that we lack abundance in any area because of limiting beliefs we hold...
November 11, 2014
LL 94: Emotional Unavailability
Following a listener's email, this episode explores the concept of emotional unavailability, what it looks like, and how to free yourself from it. Includes tools and techniques for addressing your fears around opening your heart, how to clearly recognise shutdown...
November 04, 2014
LL 93: The Best Way To Give
Do you give money or time to charity? In this episode, Jane and Rebecca take a critical look at how the world's current charity systems (or lack of) often do more harm than help, and how we can better donate...
October 28, 2014
LL 92: The Funny Side Of Spirituality
In this departure from their usual content, Jane and Rebecca take a comedic view of some of the funnier practices, techniques, behaviours and movements that have arisen in the New Age scene. The ability to not take oneself too seriously...
October 21, 2014
LL 91: How To Channel Spirit
In this groundbreaking episode, Rebecca and Jane share their personal experiences with being able to 'channel' or act as a medium for higher vibrational energies. From dispelling common misconceptions and fears to explaining in great detail as to how, and...
October 14, 2014
LL 90: Embracing Your Magnificence
In a deeper follow-up to 'Facing the Firing Squad', Jane and Rebecca take a deeper look at how people hold themselves back from shining their true light to the world - and the most common fears surrounding personal greatness. Includes...
October 07, 2014
LL 89: Dealing With Anger
Do you carry a constantly burning feeling of anger deep inside you? Do you lash out with no warning, verbally or physically? Or are you someone who's found themselves side-stepping the angry people in your life, and are wondering how...
September 30, 2014
LL 88: Mysteries And Magic Of Earth
In this daring episode, Jane and Rebecca ask you to question everything you've ever been told by an authority figure or a history book. Here is an alternative history of earth: one that incorporates the spiritual theories behind Atlantis, Lemuria,...
September 23, 2014
LL 87: The Feeling Of Shame
Today's episode deals with the social emotion of shame - the disowned parts of ourselves that suffer from inadequacy and unworthiness. It's important to know that you're not the only person experiencing the secretive pain of shame and mortification, and...
September 16, 2014
LL 86: Unrequited Love
Have you ever felt a strong magnetic pull towards another person while you were in a relationship? Or perhaps the person you have a crush on is already married. In this episode, Jane and Rebecca talk about the truth behind...
September 09, 2014
LL 85: Conscious Spiritual Eating
Are you a vegan, vegetarian, raw foodist, paleo dieter or an intuitive eater? In this episode Jane and Rebecca discuss their beliefs around consuming meat, blessing food, industrial animal farming and the 'agreement' between human and animal souls. Includes the...
September 02, 2014
LL 84: Owning Your True Story
How comfortable are you with expressing your spiritual beliefs around friends, family and strangers? In this episode, Rebecca discusses her journey around accepting herself as a psychic and the various reactions she's entertained over the years, while Jane offers grounded...
August 26, 2014
LL 83: What Really Matters In Life
In this episode Jane and Rebecca dissect the famous poem 'The Invitation' by Oriah Mountain Dreamer, analysing the truisms contained therein line by line. Includes discussions around being true to yourself, making decisions in alignment with what's best for your...
August 19, 2014
LL 82: How To Make A Decision
Inspired by a listener who has difficulty making decisions in her life, Jane and Rebecca explore the common fear of being wrong and suffering as a result of your choices. Includes tips for better knowing yourself, making decisions quickly and...
August 12, 2014
LL 81: Coping With WorldTragedies
With the recent Malaysian Airline disasters in mind, plus a greater look at world tragedies in general, Jane and Rebecca thought it timely to analyse how our society reacts to fear-based news. This episode contains grounded, calming advice for how...
August 05, 2014
LL 80: Conscious Sex And Hook Ups
Have you ever found yourself feeling used and disappointed after a one-night stand? Do you struggle to follow the cues about whether someone wants a long-term relationship or not? In this episode, Jane and Rebecca unearth fascinating insights in oxytocin...
July 29, 2014
LL 79: Surviving The World As A Sensitive Person
Jane and Rebecca's most popular episode ever, The HSP Person (No. #23), now has an hour-long Part 2 follow-up due to popular demand! Filled with tips on how to calm the senses and navigate situations and relationships in a highly-sensitive...
July 22, 2014
LL 78: How To Gain Personal Power
Have you ever sat down and analysed the ways in which you self-sabotage yourself from jumping into greater opportunities and experiences? It's time to look at the fears (usually stemming from danger, lack and safety) which hold us back from...
July 15, 2014
LL 77: What Is Beauty Pt 2 How To Love The Imperfect
Following on from last week's analysis of the modelling world and Photoshopping epidemic, Jane and Rebecca dig deep to ask the question, Are women naturally hardwired to see a distorted physical version of themselves? And if so, what can we...
July 08, 2014
LL 76: What Is Beauty Pt 1
In this special hour-long episode, booking agent / owner of internationally renowned Finesse Models, Brigette Mitchell, gives a behind-the-scenes expose of the modelling world. Discussing everything from inner beauty and stage mothers to Facebook and Photoshopping, she provides a fascinating...
July 01, 2014
LL 75: Finding Calm In The Storm
In this episode, Jane and Rebecca share tips for accessing instant inner peace during those times when life gets overwhelming and stressful. Filled with tiny bitesize pieces of wisdom, you'll learn excellent tips and tricks to effectively cut through your...
June 24, 2014
LL 74: Do You Always Have To Be Right?
Some people in life always have to be right. Maybe you're one of them! In this episode, Rebecca and Jane discuss what lies beneath self-righteous behaviour, arrogance and ego-battling: a lack of self-love and internal validation, combined with insecurity and...
June 17, 2014
LL 73: The Social Mirror
What are the 'rules' when in the stages of early dating, or for that matter in the early stages of any new social friendship? What does it mean about your own unexamined issues when someone 'pushes your buttons'? In this...
June 10, 2014
LL 72: Using Nature As Medicine
In this passionate episode, Jane and Rebecca ask the question: why are we so trusting of a manufactured pill, and yet we're scared to embrace folk knowledge and home remedies when it comes to healing our own bodies? How do...
June 03, 2014
LL 71: Do You Accept Or Reject The Bearded Lady
Does being in the presence of a gay, bisexual, transgender or queer personality make you feel engaged or uncomfortable? Using Eurovision's 2014 winner Conchita Wurst as a provocative example, Jane and Rebecca explore the importance of accepting minority groups in...
May 27, 2014
LL 70: How To Forgive
Are you ready to undergo a process that can radically heal your life, change all your relationships, and imbue yourself with a level of self-love previously unknown? In this powerful episode, Jane and Rebecca unveil an indepth 16 step exercise...
May 20, 2014
LL 69: The Religion Battle
What happens when your family and your partner honour different religions - and no truce can be made regarding how to integrate the two, let alone how to raise the (grand)children? In this episode Jane and Rebecca take an indepth...
May 13, 2014
LL 68: Moon Wisdom
Did you know that you can vastly enhance your everyday energies and emotional processes by aligning them with the powers of the moon? Jane and Rebecca explore many ancient rituals, calendars, lunar goddesses, folklore and astrology in this highly magical...
May 06, 2014
LL 67: Talk To The Animals
What are animals here to teach us? How can you use telepathy to better understand your pets and heal their emotional wounds? In this episode Jane and Rebecca share inspiring stories about animals both domestically and in the wild, discuss...
April 29, 2014
LL 66: Conscious Time Awareness
How is your time and energy management currently working for you? If you feel stressed, anxious and out of balance much of the time, then the 'tail is wagging the dog' and you need to implement some loving but firm...
April 22, 2014
LL 65: Head Versus Heart
In this episode Rebecca shares her latest theory: 'Above the neck, below the neck'. Rebecca and Jane discuss how all the answers you are looking for in life are hidden in your body, not the buzzing mental brain. This podcast...
April 15, 2014
LL 64: The Goddess Within With Specail Guest Dianne McCann
In their second ever guest interview, Jane and Rebecca welcome the awe-inspiring Diane McCann, who has taught self-development, goddess empowerment, men's inner journey and tantra for couples for over a quarter of a century. In this episode she shares her...
April 08, 2014
LL 63: The Power Of Words
Our brains process 60-90,000 thoughts per day, so what are you telling yourself or talking yourself into... for the good or the bad? This week, Jane and Rebecca discuss the power of words and how they language and create our...
April 01, 2014
LL 62: Top Thought-Changing Gurus
Due to popular demand, this 60minute episode sees Jane and Rebecca listing some of their favourite and most inspirational books, videos and websites, plus the thought leaders who have influenced their lives. From sexuality, spirituality and childbirth to men's journeys,...
March 25, 2014
LL 61: Facing The Firing Squad
If you're listening to this show, it's likely you hold a couple of beliefs that are considered 'controversial' by mainstream society. When and how do you choose to trot out your innermost passionate feelings in public settings? And what if...
March 18, 2014
LL 60: What's Best For My Soul?
How well do you know yourself? Here, two listeners' questions covering similar topics are answered in depth: 1) 'When is a situation mirroring my own 'stuff' to be worked on, and when is it a toxic situation and I should...
March 11, 2014
LL 59: How To Get The Date
In their second-ever hour length episode, Jane and Rebecca delve deeply into the world of singles: how soon is too soon to move on after a long-term relationship, what the definition of a date is, how to put your best...
March 04, 2014
LL 58: The Four Rhythms
For the first time in over a year, Love-Life welcomes an amazing interviewee to the couch: global trend forecaster Kristina Dryza, whose research into rhythms and cycles will blow your mind and forever change the way you view your reality....
February 25, 2014
LL 57: How To Handle Criticism
This week, Jane and Rebecca respond to a reader's email about how to handle and identify 'legitimate' criticism. Covers passive aggression, triggers, filters, psychic attack, verbal comebacks, boundaries and the lessons and gifts that every uncomfortable exchange brings us
February 18, 2014
LL 56: The Celebration Of Love
Jane and Rebecca want to help you experience this Festival of Love in a way you've never thought about it before! Packed with ideas for creatively expressing love to your most intimate partner, children and family, and/or your friends and...
February 12, 2014
LL 55: Wisdom For Your Children
In this episode, Jane and Rebecca look at the best advice you could ever pass on to the young people in your life... or, indeed, your inner child. Includes self-love, healthy body image, encouraging spirituality and showing emotions, and providing...
February 04, 2014
LL 54: Past Lives And Soul Families
For those who are ready for a more advanced spiritual session, this episode goes into great depth exploring soul contracts, divine blueprints, reincarnation and how our multi-faceted selves exist in many different dimensions. Jane and Rebecca share personal experiences, useful...
January 28, 2014
LL 53: Ten Ways To Say No
In this episode Jane and Rebecca explore a diverse range of scenarios in which you may find yourself required to say no, and a variety of tips and techniques for getting the right words out! Includes discussion of personal power...
January 21, 2014
LL 52: Is 'Unique' Working For You
Do you consider yourself to be part of a 'minority'? If you think you're different to other people because of your background, weight, looks, habits, religion etc, are you currently owning your uniqueness, or letting it become your victim story?...
January 14, 2014
LL 51: Reconnect With Your Inner Child
In this important episode Rebecca and Jane encourage adults to recognise their destructive, toxic, shut-down and/or self-sabotaging behaviours and understand where they stem from: specific incidents of childhood trauma or emotional upset. What then follows is a series of exercises...
January 07, 2014
LL 50: New Years With A Difference
Happy 2014! Jane and Rebecca want to help you bring in the New Year with a bang, with advice about why resolutions often fail, how to use accountability to your advantage, working with intention and manifestation, and how to make...
December 31, 2013
LL 49: The Art Of Giving And Receiving
Are you able to receive compliments and give gifts to yourself, or does the idea make you squirm? Have you ever paid anonymously for a stranger's coffee? Do you feel constantly exhausted and don't realise it's because your energy is...
December 24, 2013
LL 48: From Negativity To Positivity
This episode concentrates solely on the concept of positivity - what is it, what does it look like, what does it feel like, how to get it and what are the rewards. Includes techniques such as EFT, pattern interrupts, the...
December 17, 2013
LL 47: Recharge Your Space
In this episode Jane and Rebecca explore the concept of space-clearing using music, colour, smoke and objects, 'charging' spaces with good intention and blessings, and de-cluttering externally to promote harmony internally. Also includes tips on feng-shui, how to lighten an...
December 10, 2013
LL 46: Your Questions Answered
This week Jane and Rebecca discuss three listener's questions on diverse topics. Includes a woman's query about how to heal a bad sexual experience, a lengthy chat (with a spiritual take) on gay and lesbianism, and understanding why we sometimes...
December 03, 2013
LL 45: How To Live A Spiritual Life
Do you identify with the term 'spiritual'? What does 'being spiritual' mean to you, and what form does/should it take in everyday life? Jane and Rebecca reveal their stories of discovering their 'empath' and psychic abilities, the ways in which...
November 26, 2013
LL 44: The Power Of Yes
In this episode Jane and Rebecca provide the tools to saying YES to new opportunities - and teach you how to exit situations graciously without fear. A fantastic show for anyone undergoing a beginning or ending in their life, and...
November 19, 2013
LL 43: The Rules Of Partying
As Christmas season heats up, you may find yourself in a variety of awkward, compromising or potentially professionally damaging situations after one too many drinks at your office party. In this episode, Jane and Rebecca troubleshoot a range of scenarios...
November 12, 2013
LL 42: Overcoming Trauma
Have you experienced pain at some time in your life which you are still holding on to in unhealthy ways? In this episode Jane and Rebecca explore a number of techniques for easing smoothly through traumatic times, how to reframe...
November 05, 2013
LL 41: Why People Fight
Whether you're the kind of person who thrives on a good argument, or you'd rather avoid confrontation at all costs, this episode contains many gems of wisdom on how to break fighting patterns with people who seem to be deliberately...
October 29, 2013
LL 40: Where Women Go Wrong
In today's society women often find themselves pitted against one another, hindering rather than helping each other's emotional journeys. In this episode Jane and Rebecca aim to help women and men understand how the breakdown of community support, rites of...
October 22, 2013
LL 39: Victim To Victor
Do you have an 'old story' churning around in your head that is long past its use-by date and is holding you back in life? Jane and Rebecca want to help you recraft your identity, rewrite a new story and...
October 15, 2013
LL 38: Dealing With Anxiety
Are your thoughts racing, is your stomach churning and is your entire body feeling tense and anxious? If you're feeling like that now, or are easily triggered into this behaviour, this episode offers a range of tools and techniques for...
October 08, 2013
LL 37: How To Find Your Joy
In this episode Jane and Rebecca take a good, long look at joy vibration - what it means, how to exist permanently within it and what happens when you're out of alignment with your joy and purpose. Includes techniques such...
October 01, 2013
LL 36: Healing Your Blockages
This week Jane and Rebecca answer a reader's email about exploring different holistic modalities to find which one is right for you, and to heal deeper emotional blockages. From NET, EFT and NLP through to inner child work, past life...
September 24, 2013
LL 35: Experiencing Loneliness
From widowers to celebrities, married couples to those who live quiet, isolated lives, loneliness is experienced by people from all walks of life. Modern society and the breakdown of families and communities can perpetuate the problem. This episode is loaded...
September 17, 2013
LL 34: The Daily Check-in
As our busy lives hurtle along like a steam train, weeks and months can often fly by without us feeling the beauty of a spiritual connection. In this episode, Jane and Rebecca describe super-fast ways - no longer than two...
September 10, 2013
LL 33: Living By Universal Laws
There are up to twelve different spiritual laws and in this episode Jane and Rebecca focus on three of the best-known and most powerful: the Laws of Attraction, Vibration, Unattachment (and where the movie The Secret got it wrong!) There's...
September 03, 2013
LL 32: Get To Know Your Dark Side
'Shadow work' is an important area of self-development used for digging out the unlikeable qualities in yourself that you've kept deeply hidden. Only by having the courage to 'own' those aspects of yourself that feel unpleasant and uncomfortable can radical...
August 27, 2013
LL 31: Embracing Vulnerability
Vulnerability is a huge buzz word in the Western world today, as people formerly operating in life's power-hungry rat race begin to reconsider more 'transparent' ways to exercise their true personal power for win-win results. Topics covered include how to...
August 20, 2013
LL 30: Staying Positive And Focused With Life Goals
When you're surrounded by naysayers, feeling flat and uninspired or are starting to doubt yourself, here are some invaluable tools and tips to bring back your fire! From mentors, exercise, journalling and 'pattern interrupts' to Me Time and motivational videos,...
August 13, 2013
LL 29: Understanding Karma
Is karma really the literal 'eye for an eye' concept that Hollywood would have us believe, or is it a far more complex concept that involves forgiveness, self-awareness, soul lessons and inner peace? Jane and Rebecca explore the latter in...
August 06, 2013
LL 28: Dealing With Ex-partners
In this episode, Jane and Rebecca respond to a reader's question about how to handle an ex-husband. The discussion includes how to better develop your personal power and build repoire with toxic people, recognise what pushes your buttons, taking the...
July 30, 2013
LL 27: The Art Of Communication
Are you comfortable in speaking your truth in your relationships, both personal and professional? Do you know the secrets of building good repoire? In this episode Jane and Rebecca share Neuro Linguistic Programming techniques, love letter tips and 'the sandwich...
July 23, 2013
LL 26: What's Your Life Purpose
Are you following your life mission? Do you know what your higher truth is? In this life-changing chat, Jane and Rebecca reveal how to come better in alignment with your true self, listen to and honour your intuition, take practical...
July 16, 2013
LL 25: How To Talk To The Universe
Rebecca and Jane delve into heavy psychic-spiritual territory with this look at life, death, reincarnation, soul contracts, life purpose and spirit guides. Discussions include how to talk to the universe (and why it's so important that you do so), and...
July 09, 2013
LL 24: Toxic People
We all have people in our life who push our buttons, behave passive-aggressively or are downright bullies. How should we handle such personality types - especially if they're members of our family? In this episode, Rebecca and Jane explore how...
July 02, 2013
LL 23: The Highly Sensitive Person
As a child did you cry easily? Find yourself bullied? Get told often to 'toughen up' and 'stop getting attention'? You may be part of the scientifically studied phenomenon known as HSP and HSS, of which 3% exhibit highly extroverted...
June 25, 2013
LL 22: Alpha-Beta Relationships
Are you equally in touch with both your masculine and feminine sides? This episode explores the polar opposite energies of alpha and beta, Mars and Venus, yin and yang, and how you can consciously swing from one to another in...
June 18, 2013
LL 21: The Extreme Art Of Self-Love
In Jane and Rebecca's first hour-long episode, they tackle the biggest foundation of all their teachings: the importance of loving yourself. Far easier said than done, this hour show is packed with ways to escape self-hatred, self-harm and negative self-talk...
June 11, 2013
LL 20: How To Be A Spiritual Millionaire
What are your beliefs around money? Where did you learn them? Are they holding you back? Jane and Rebecca delve into some of the most controversial ways our paradigms around money teach us lessons as individuals, families and nations -...
June 04, 2013
LL 19: Sex, Sex And More Sex
Bringing a fascinating history of sex magic, tantra and kundalini from the ancient world combined with advice for the modern couple, this episode explores everything from frigidity and pornography to goddess energy, childhood masturbation and heart connection in love making.
May 28, 2013
LL 18: Taking Your Relationships To The Next Level
For those of you navigating the bumps, twists and turns of a long-term partnership, this episode is packed with tools and techniques for keeping the magic alive. Jane and Rebecca discuss the importance of communication, love languages, love buckets, tantra,...
May 21, 2013
LL 17: (Missing Audio) What's Your Life Purpose?
Are you following your life mission? Do you know what your higher truth is? In this life-changing chat, Jane and Rebecca reveal how to come better in alignment with your true self, listen to and honour your intuition, take practical...
May 14, 2013
LL 16: Women Who Love Too Much
A fascinating look at the world of female groupies in the sports and entertainment industries, and the men who encourage these unhealthy behaviours to flourish off-field. This theme is tied in with a discussion around Robin Norwood's classic best-seller Women...
May 07, 2013
LL 15: Do You Make Your Own Luck?
In this episode Jane and Rebecca discuss what it means to go through life with a 'lucky mentality'. Are you a victim who allows fate to dictate your story, always feeling depressed by other people's actions and perpetually waiting to...
April 30, 2013
LL 14: Penis Does The Picking
Are you a perpetrator or victim of the scenario 'Penis does the picking' or 'Leading with the vagina'? That is, people who barge into the dating world looking to jump into bed with somebody without a crucial period of dating,...
April 23, 2013
LL 13: Manifest Your Perfect Life
Loaded with tools and techniques for bringing your dreams to reality, this episode requires you to get consciously aware, get real and get busy making the changes you need to make right now in order to come more fully into...
April 16, 2013
LL 12: Is Your Heart In Your Business?
Do you hate your job? Are you getting up each morning and just going through the motions? Are you grappling with employee dramas? In this episode Jane and Rebecca talk about how to bring more heart and soul to everything...
April 09, 2013
LL 11: The Least Important Qualities When Looking For Love
Jane rips apart a recent report that contains a highly contoversial list of qualities that over 700,000 people claimed they didn't care about in a potential part. In this episode we discuss truly important 'non-negotiables', the things that are OK...
April 02, 2013
LL 10: Are You Having An Affair
If you're currently tempted or are in the act of having an affair, this is must-hear material. Jane and Rebecca explain how to know when your marriage is truly over, how to know when you haven't really given it a...
March 26, 2013
LL 09: White Knight Syndrome
The 'I need to be a rescuer' / 'I want to be rescued' set-up is a common dynamic in many relationships. In this episode we take a closer look at popular cultural phenomena such as Twilight and Fifty Shades of...
March 19, 2013
LL 08: Guilt-Free Boundaries
In a perfect follow-on from last week's topic, this episode looks at how and where energy is being drained in your life. Where are your personal boundaries? What do they say about your self-esteem? Are you comfortable saying no, or...
March 12, 2013
LL 07: Do You Attract DRAMA?
Are you an attention-getting drama queen? Do you have toxic friends? It's time to look at how and why gossipy and bitchy behaviours are serving you, where you need to strengthen your self-love and personal boundaries, and how to organise...
March 05, 2013
LL 06: The Four Stages Of A Relationship
There are four stages that every couple pass through if they're going to make it long-term. Skipping or jumping one of them is not an option! In this episode, Rebecca and Jane hold a detailed discussion about these classic 'stages'...
February 26, 2013
LL 05: Masculine Aggression
UNDERSTANDING MALE AGGRESSION One in three women in our society are victims of abuse, and a large number of male victims also go unreported each year. How can today's men better channel their natural power and energy in positive ways?...
February 19, 2013
LL 04: Do You Want Sex Or Love This Valentine's Day?
Do people really want endless amounts of hot sex... or, deep down, are we actually craving something more deep and meaningful? As we approach the biggest love date on the calendar, Jane Donovan and Rebecca Dettman look at how 'sex'...
February 12, 2013
LL 03: Are You Undateable?
List-makers beware! Is your tendency to organise people, times and places, schedule your life to the nano-second and be a control freak severely limiting your chances to find your dream partner? 'Love doctor' Jane Donovan and intuitive counsellor Rebecca Dettman...
February 05, 2013
LL 02: How To Survive A Break-Up
It happens to all of us: sometimes the most loving relationships in the world come to an end. Here, Jane Donovan and Rebecca Dettman share their advice about how to recover post-separation by conducting a 'dating detox', rebuilding your self-confidence...
January 29, 2013
LL 01: What Fear Is Stopping You?
In this 30 minute segment, love coach Jane Donovan and intuitive expert Rebecca Dettman talk about the common fears and emotional blocks we all carry: where they originate, how to identify them, and how to ultimately let them go for...
January 22, 2013