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LOVE-LIVE RUACH Remnant Reality Radio by REV ROCK YAHj 4 the WAY of YAHWEH YAHSHUA - LOVE, Inc.

LOVE-LIVE RUACH Remnant Reality Radio by REV ROCK YAHj 4 the WAY of YAHWEH YAHSHUA - LOVE, Inc.


Studying Sacred Scriptures Seriously

7:07am ET / 6:07am CT / 5:07am MT / 4:07am PT

PPDD is based on over 300+
Sacred Scriptures, that tell us to PRAISE
PPDD is based on over 700+ Scriptures, that reference PRAYER
PPDD is based on over many more Scriptures, that DECREE and DECLARE

1 Thess 5:16-18 (HRB) ~
(5:16) Rejoice always.
(5:17) Pray without ceasing.
(5:18) In everything give thanks, for this is the will of Elohim in Messiah YAHshua toward you.
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WHO's YOUR DADDY? - ABBA YAH or DUMB DEVIL?? Teshuvah (Repent) Revelation 2:16 Pergamum by REV ROCK REISS

LOVE-LIVE RUACH Remnant Reality Radio by REV ROCK YAHj 4 the WAY of YAHWEH YAHSHUA - LOVE, Inc.

08/16/2022_RIP 2.0_A Message of TESHUVAH from the Weeping Prophet Yiremeyahu! A BETTER CAPTIVITY!!
Aleph/Tav YHWH,  has been working to draw humanity back to Himself since Eve was first asked "Did YAH really say that?" We have pictures painted with words describing many major incidents requiring Israel to "RETURN" to it's Elohim, It's Creator, Humanities Creator. Any predisposition to discount HIS Version of the Story, regardless of the derision in which it is couched, in NO WAY removes HIS ACCURACY of the TELLING!! Humanity thinks it's CUTE when they come up with some pithy saying thinking they are being "ORIGINAL" as if they were the first to come up with a concept!!   How ARROGANT, we are!! One of those "PITHY" Sayings that comes to mind, can't be uttered in "Properly Churched Circles"(Talk about redundancy, don't worry, I won't say it again.) because if it's graphic nature is: "Talk Sh*t Get Hit!!"   Well, the causation of consequence, is nothing new, Corrupt Conversation, is going to result in the NEED for Correction and the punished doesn't usually get to determine the chastisement if the parent is serious about lasting correction or change! Yiremeyahu's Prophecy, became reality in Daniel's time, the Course correction or repentance, was deemed complete after 70's of oppression, Israel had a way of upsetting their Creator, perhaps Nationally we should learn from that, before the need to experience it is deemed necessary!! There is so much more that could be said on this issue, but YOU should desire to study it for yourself!!
August 17, 2022
8/16/22 PPDD Wealth of Wisdom: Encouraging YOU to start your day the BEST POSSIBLE WAY!! Proverbs 18:17-21
What is WISDOM? How do we know when we are acting in it? While not directly connected to this morning's teaching Incredible lessons on the attitudes we should have towards it, are included below! Job 28:12-28 Eccl 8:1-5 The reading is only too long if you are looking for a reason to get out it.  That being said, I am convicted in my heart about being MORE DETAILED in this Description!! SHALOM
August 16, 2022
8/15/22 RIP 2.0 What can we learn from Simon the Magician Acts 8:22
Being a REMNANT BELIEVER doesn't allow for a Spectator's Attitude!! Trying to buy the Gifts of the Ruach is not a good idea!
August 16, 2022
8/15/22 PPDD Overcoming the Flesh by the POWER of the TONGUE Shaliah YAHme~~Proverbs 18:10-16
Pride seeks to obscure shameful confessions, and humility encourages & bolsters the spirit of a man, thereby strengthening the MOST IMPORTANT PART OF EACH OF Us, that which is UNSEEN.  PRIDE strives to show itself at ALL COSTS, regardless of the obviousness of the embarrassment. Taken individually, each proverb independent of the others contains multiple lessons on its own. When coupled or connected in series as it were, the TRUTH revealed through the POWER of SHAMAYIM is LIFE CHANGING!! Whether there is a direct connection to Salvation or not, the Authority of the Proverbs if applied has the innate ability to make one better, this should not be taken lightly.   
August 15, 2022
08/14/22_RIP_2.0_Ruach Reflections looks at KKS-7 from the perspective of Deuteronomy30:10-16
YAHUUAH'S Message never changes, it was about TESHUVAH in the OC, It's about TESHUVAH NOW!!  Deuteronomy 30:10-16 tells us that HIS Word is very near to Us!!  Why do we choose to make LIFE in HIM difficult?
August 15, 2022
8/13/22_RESTING in YAHUAH_Inviting the Mishpacha to FELLOWSHIP Virtually!! Making POSITIVE USE of SOCIAL MEDIA!!
Obedience to the Sacrifice of Praise is not BURDENSOME or RELIGIOUS in nature!!  It was NEVER intended to be troublesome, it was meant to be BERACHOT!! Come to HIM is YOLK is LIGHT!!
August 15, 2022
PPDD Discusses Understanding the Daniel Fast & Looks at Proverbs 18:5-9
In a world where people question the very existence of a Creator, there are segments of the society that implement principles of a certain Kitveh Kodesh Story for reasons other than Ruachal development. As Shaliah YAHme shares her personal readings, it becomes clear that these practices provide valid and potentially LIFE-CHANGING results. We suggest that you not take it from us, read it for yourself in Daniel 1 & if that doesn't provide you with enough evidence, consider checking out the documentary movie "THE GAME CHANGERS"! This morning we also looked at a scalding rebuke from The Wisest Man Who Ever Lived, King Solomon as we took a deep dive into Mishlei or Proverbs 18:5-9.  These "NUGGETS" are pure GOLD, in light of current events, for someone to suggest that the tone or tenor of the conversation is remotely religious, borders on the LUDACRIS!! The impact on the Author was not EASY, as each of these Proverbs can be/should be understood and appreciated at least 4 different ways & amazingly enough ALL 4 would be without ERROR!! It's time to see your measured NEXT to the Kodesh Writing's, as one of two things will happen, you will either see yourself coming up SHORT or you will determine to CORRECT so as NOT TO! scrYbe
August 12, 2022
8822_RIP 2.0_One_Man_One_FISH_One_FAITH & the TESHUVAH of a GREAT CITY!
The Breath of YAHUAH, symbolized by a DOVE, never questioned its message, unlike Jonah the Prophet! Yahonah which is Hebrew for DOVE, acted contrary to the instructions he was given, the events that transpired, led not only to Nineveh's Turning from it's EVIL WAYS, but also caused Jonah to repent of His Prideful Attitude. There is a lesson to be learned here; Running is NEVER a solution!!   To Repent or TESHUVAH is BETTER than becoming "FISH FOOD" even if only for three days!! If one reluctant minister can preach a message that causes a city 3 days in size to cross, how much more could be done if ALL who believe themselves to call on the Messiah were ECHAD(united) accomplish?
August 09, 2022
8/7/22 RIP 2.0 Ruach Reflections 2 Corinthians_7:8-10
Don't be offended by the messenger lending you to TESHUVAH, be humble to admit you didn't see it first and commit to changing those patterns of behavior. 
August 08, 2022
RIP 2.0 Step 7 We asked YAHUAH to remove our sins, strongholds & shortcomings: Romans 2:4-5
Are YOU abusing the FAVOR of YAH, by misusing the Gift of Repentance? I have been there, it isn't a place I want to remain.
August 05, 2022
A look at 2 Samuel 1 and Proverbs 17: 7 - 10, Lessons about taking care of what is HEARD & SPOKEN, goes beyond the walls of "CHURCH" but never beyond the ears of Elohim YAHUUAH!
In 2 Samuel 1 we hear of the death of Saul & his son Jonathon.   David's grief over the death of Saul may seem unusual to some, but the lesson here is to not let current challenges cause you to forget past pleasure.  Positive interaction with others is where YAHUUAH would prefer things to end, but that isn't always possible seeing as we are dealing with easily corruptible human hearts. Where YAHUUAH brings favor, AHBABAH(LOVE) often follows!!  The PURE of LOVE of Brotherhood, should transcend all barriers, David shows us that it is possible to forgive our enemies & overlook animosities!! Solomon, as always, shares chochmah.  Wanton, Wicked use of our ability to speak is a dangerous thing!!   Only through "Self"-paced, Ruach Directed education and an extreme WANT to live in Shalom & Right-Standing with YAHUUAH & Our Neighbor is proper control of that privilege attainable!!
August 04, 2022
Last nights RIP 2.0, discussed the NEED for UNCORRUPT COMMUNICATIONS in EVERYTHING we do!!
Just how important is CLEAN or PURE communication? Well, that all depends on what you want out of this LIFE EXPERIENCE.  Corrupted Communications started all the way back in the Garden of Eden. Let's just be honest, if there is any element of deception, disguise, obfuscation of, or diminishing of TRUTH, regardless of the SOURCE, it MUST be REJECTED with all MALICE!! YAHWEH, did not send YAHSHUA to sugar-coat, whitewash or dull any of HIS COMMANDS or Expectations on humanity.  The words HE spoke only fell victim to translators after HIS ASCENSION!! Ha Satan, the Deceiver gets way too much credit, all he is able to do is tempt, we choose from there.
August 02, 2022
Starting your YOM with the Creator & Learning to HEAR His Voice through the noise is a MUST!!! Growth & Maturity in HIM doesn't happen NATURALLY, it has to be sought after!!
Why are my prayers not being HEARD?  Is a question that could have a very simple, but unpleasant answer?   They may not be getting heard because HE may not feel like YOU are listening closely enough. If that sounds HARSH, its meant to, YAHSHUA YAHWEH is a really AWESOME MESSIYAH, but it's only HIS PRAYERS, Elohim YAHWEH has to answer, are we doing enough, paying HIM enough attention to warrant YAHSHUA praying for our needs? Learning to EMULATE YAHSHUA, is the MANDATE!!  YAHWEH did not hedge HIS BET when He Robed himself in FLESH and appeared as the MAN YAHSHUA, HE committed ALL to HUMANITY & REASONABLE expects HUMANITY to do the SAME if we TRULY DESIRE TO REIGN WITH HIM IN SHAMAYIM!!
August 01, 2022
72922_PPDD_"Ain't No Devil Gonna Tread on Me!"_ Step 7_1 Sam_Proverbs 17:1-3--Deeper into the LUV-COV!!
Build YOUR ALTER and save yourself 7 Years of agony;  SHALIACH ROCK delivers a testimony-inspired message that we can ALL benefit from! Why do we stall out in PRAYER?  How can we fix it? It all comes down to spending time correcting our communications with HIM & OTHERS. Judges 6 addresses the issue of YAHWEH'S Correction or judgment for BAD BEHAVIOR, these lessons are worth exploring!!
July 29, 2022
If all that has been holding you back, could be removed, why would you choose to hold on to it? Step 7 guides to Proverbs 8:13-14
Holding on to that which you can not let go of on your own, is the HIGHTE of PRIDE!!  Surrendering to Elohim YAHWEH, is the ONLY PATH to Success, first in the World to come, then in this one, but this one must be dealt with correctly on HIS TERMS!! Proverbs 8:13-14  The fear of YAHWEH is to hate evil; I hate pride and loftiness, and the evil way, and the perverse mouth.   Counsel and sound wisdom are mine; I am understanding; I have strength. This passage paints a very clear picture of where our allegiances ought to lie!!  Our position is cemented, our Foundation laid if our thinking, perceiving, and preferring aligns unwaveringly with HIS INSTRUCTIONS, anything else is PRIDE!!   Reread if necessary!!
July 29, 2022
7272022_RIP 2.0_Ruach Reflections Psalm 75:4-8 Intoxicated or "IN-YAHIXICATION"
When was the last time you got DRUNK on the NEW WINE?
July 28, 2022
Love4TRUTH, Encouraging YOU to SELL OUT, daily to a MORE PERFECT WAY!! Not because we say so, but because YAHUAH Created you for it!!
Elohim YAHUAH, did it at CREATION!!   ENOCH, Did it for his ENTIRE LIFE!!  NOAH Did it!! Avraham Did it!!  The List of FATHER'S of the FAITH who SOLD OUT to the INSTRUCTIONS of their CREATOR, sold out to a BETTER END!! From Shepherd Boy to KING, from OBSCURE to REKNOWN, one reality is consistent, YOU HAVE TO SELL OUT to what you BELIEVE IN!! YOU are allowed to doubt me, I am after all JUST A MAN, but PROVE WRONG the statement, the YAHUAH The Creator, DID NOT SELL OUT FOR YOU when HE CAME in the MAN YAHUSHA HA MASSIACH!! If that isn't EVIDENCE ENOUGH, what will be & WHO are YOU to expect more? Life & Death are in the power of the tongue, YOUR QUEST is to know WHO PLACED THE TONGUE!!
July 27, 2022
RIP 2.0 RUACH REFLECTIONS: Step 7 Understanding the Need to TESHUVAH!
ADDICTIONS are used to fill the holes in our lives we haven't surrendered to YAHSHUA yet!!
July 27, 2022
It really never was about ADDICTIONS or SOLUTIONS, but rather about THE SOLUTION!! There is only ONE CURE, the man YAHSHUA!!
Praise Prayer Decree & Declare, was a little late getting started this morning, that's on scrYbe.   Great messages all the way around, unfortunately, ROCK'S has to be a 2 part teaching!! THE SOLUTION, YAHSHUA is ALL that's NECESSARY!!  YAH Delivers, are we accepting or returning to Sender?
July 26, 2022
7.26.2022 RIP 2.0 Ruach Reflections: Tza'ad(Step) 7 isn't for the FAINT of HEART 2 Chronicles 7:13-18
Is our relationship with Elohim YAHWEH supposed to be One-Way Street? While this may be a strange way to open conversation on a topic as paramount to SALVATION as REPENTANCE or TESHUVAH is, the author can't help but believe MOST of us believe it is. That reality could be what is holding us back from truly knowing HIM and His Desire for our lives.  To understand Step 7 as asking "GOD" as we understand him to remove our "SHORTCOMINGS" kind of downplays the gravity of what caused our Messiah's Suffering.    I may be wrong, but that terminology waters down, filters if you will our SIN through a very fine cloth that leaves us with far less to deal with than the Kitvei Ha Kodesh actually suggests. I know many believe the Word to be open to personal interpretation, and that is not my intent here, in fact, I hope to discourage that understanding.  The Path to the Garden of Gethsemane or Place of the Oil Press crossed the Brook Kidron, it was shortly after that, MessiYAH was witnessed to have wept so hard that Blood and Tears flowed from HIM simultaneously.   To consider that mere "SHORTCOMINGS" could elicit that kind of PAINFUL EMOTION is almost insulting!  Only a handful of times is it recorded that Elohim YAHUAH "repented" of CREATING MAN; while the details of YAHUSHA's Prayers during this time are limited to "Father if it is Your Will, take this cup from me!" Could it be accurately considered that Elohim YAHUSHA actually requested or asked at that moment that very question? Thoughts to consider as we walk in our Master's footsteps, possibly knowing full well that the Brook will be still enough to see our reflections in.
July 26, 2022
Starting your YOM YAH'S WAY is an Art we all should seek to develop!! Try having "The LIVING WORD" for BREAKFAST as wait to see how HE fill you up!!
Praise Prayer Decree Declare is your OPEN INVITATION to have BREAKFAST with the CREATOR before anything OR anyone else has a chance to negatively impact your NEWEST GIFT from Elohim YAHWEH!! It can TRULY be the most important meal of the day if you choose to make it so!!  Avraham did it, YAHSHUA did it, what makes us think it isn't necessary!! Is the first thing you can count on a GOOD WORD from Shamayim or just the usual ongoing attack from a world that doesn't really know how to display LOVE?
July 25, 2022
PPDD Condensed Wealth of Wisdom Proverbs 15: 15-20 "On which side of the coma(,) do you exist?"
"On which side of the coma(,) do you exist?"  Starting your YOM/day, with YAHUAH comes down to a CONSCIOUS DECISION!!   LIFE simply asks what side of clause is preferable in your opinion? LOVE, should make it obvious, don't pause in the middle of the clause, or ponder in at the description of he or she who wandered!! Pause long in LOVE, make punctuation your friend, FREE WILL doesn't have to lead you down the wrong road or through life with disappointment!!
July 21, 2022
ROCK'S BEST Market-Place Ministry Motivation Training Or HOWEVER you want to arrange it, Just make sure YAHUAH is LEADING YOU!!
Getting out of BED is the 1st step, just remember, that strength didn't come from you!!  YAH give us the Power to create WEALTH to use as tool to accomplish HIS PURPOSES!! Everything we have is ON LOAN from Shamayim, that is a FACT we should not forget or take for granted!! ROCK, delivers one of the Morning Motivations for Personal Professional Mastery that I have heard him give!!  POWER & AUTHORITY on loan from YAHUAH flows easily from a HEART full of YAH's Compassion, Direction and Desire for us to walk in FAITH in Everything we do!! Take a listen, you won't regret it!! 
July 21, 2022
Associate with those who are HUMBLE!! What exactly is the the lesson to be learned here? Problem behavior isn't normally found residing with those of a contrite personality.
Is there anything more humbling or humility developing than being HUMBLED repeatedly in less than an hour by the technology you are attempting to use for ministry? I have restarted the description for this evenings program 3 TIMES only to have either the software glitch on me or to mis-hit a key & delete everything that seemed good at the time!! Frustrating!!!  Anyway, YAH will berachot the humble heart when they ask for DEFECTS & DEMONS to be removed, this is HIS HEART, this is TRANSFORMED Recovery!! This is Step 7, this is not a One-Off situation, Wise disciples with revisit this Step regularly because we can not fully know, what has attached itself unwittingly to us.  It is HERE we ask for identification & removal!!
July 19, 2022
7/13/22_RIP_2.0_RUACH REFLECTIONS James 4:10 Be Humbled before YAHUAH!!
It's far better to be HUMBLED(To humble oneself)before your Creator than it is to force HIM to humble YOU!! FREEDOM of CHOICE is Directed & Dictated by our ATTITUDES towards the TORAH of Our ELOHIM, The Elohim of CREATION!!
July 14, 2022
PPDD_71322_1_Sam_12 & Proverbs 14:8-14
Wisdom is a Two-Edged Scalpel that can either cut or heal depending on your ATTITUDE & APPRECIATION of it!
July 13, 2022
RIP 2.0 RUACH REFLECTIONS Considers Proverbs 11:2 in the context of Step 7!!
Why is HUMILITY necessary for the REMOVAL of DEFECTS? That answer is SIMPLE, we can't do anything about them independent of YAHUAH!!  In fact most of us won't even admit or address that DEFECTS other have to deal with from us aren't there at all!! PRIDE, is almost always in one way or another at the ROOT of all our issues!!  It was PRIDE that discouraged Eve from seeking Her husbands insights on the contents of her conversation with the Snake;  Still think PRIDE isn't an ISSUE, are you beginning to see why HUMILITY is required to bring us to the place or position of willingness to have IT removed?
July 13, 2022
What happens to a Nation that denies YAHUUAH, His Role as LEADER? Proverbs 14: 1-7, Wealth of Wisdom embraced to our GOOD, denied to Our Harm!!
Shaliah YAHme, walks us through events immediately after Israel gets a HUMAN King, didn't turn out to well for them!!  As a Blueprint for a GOOD Existence we ought get out of the THRONE and let YAHUUAH do what HE does BEST!!!  Nobody LOVES BETTER!! Proverbs 14: 1-7 reinforces the reality that a two-edged sword can also cut the one wielding it!!  NEVER deny the effectiveness of the Kodesh Writings to heavily, righteously impact the LIVES OF WILLING INDIVIDUALS!! 
July 12, 2022
RIP 2.0 RUACH REFLECTIONS Kit'veh Kodesh Step 7 Philippians 2: 1-4
We asked YAHUUH to REMOVE our DEFECTS!! Have you gotten to that place yet? What's holding you back?
July 12, 2022
WE'RE BACK!! PRAISE PRAYER DECREE & DECLARE, Looks at the what prompted Israel to ABANDON YAHUUAH as KING & seek a HUMAN RULER. We also look at Proverbs 13:15-25!!
Was ISRAEL justified in seeking a HUMAN DICTATOR to replace YAHUUAH as their Country's guide? Looking for Political Leadership among the Asses!! YAHUUAH'S CHOCKMAH, Serves PERFECTLY in BOTH Natural considerations & RUACHAL Growth, without YAH'S WISDOM and placing value upon it, the LOVE RELATIONSHIP between YAH & MAN(The Individual) will SUFFER!!
July 12, 2022
Pure, Righteous, Kodesh conversation BUILDS People, Families, and Friendships!!  Don't be confused, YAHUAH knows how to build things that LAST!! YAHUAH wanted RELATIONSHIP with Us to be perfect, uninhibited by SIN and RIGHTEOUS, but we know the story of the GARDEN, but that GARDEN can be REBUILT if we are willing!! We are what HE choose when the Malikim rebelled, they rejected HIM, HE wanted a LOVING RELATIONSHIP with us!!
July 05, 2022
PPDD: Independence Day/Freedom Day Special!! Nothing Comes to us with out a plan being carefully considered!!
July 4.2022 YAHme, Teaches on the BENEFITS of STUDYING to show ourselves approved, only the very NARROW MINDED would think that TRUTH can only apply to religious matters(Which I am still trying to figure out what "Religious Matters" are)!!   Elohim YAHUAH, is not regulated to only ONE aspect of the HUMAN experience. If you are under that misconception, well, we would like to help!!  YAHUAH is LIFE, He gave, He Gave His SON, He Expects us to LOVE/AHABAH HIM enough to see HIS Fingerprints in EVERYTHING we Think, Touch, Create, Gain or Find to do to IMPROVE our existence and the existence of our Neighbors!! If we aren't ABOUT that then we AREN'T YET with HIM!! Yeah, I know, STRONG CONVERSATION, but PURE & KODESH CONVERSATION!! And that is just the FIRST twenty minutes!!
July 05, 2022
PPDD_Proverbs_12_23-28 - ZephanYAH 3:9 A PURE LIP & PURE CONVERSATION? LOVE HATE Relationships Angels Good or Bad Entities? Is there a BETTER Word for them? Glamorizing TORAHLESSNESS??
To LOVE OR NOT TO LOVE(Hate/REJECT), TO SIN OR NOT TO SIN!!  That IS the ULTIMATE QUESTION!!     Are the 10 Commandments REALLY that UNREASONABLE? ABIDE IN or REJECT?  YAHUSHA does not "LORD" His supremacy over us, in fact HE took a KNEE in front of us. Lawlessness Glamorized? YOU CAN'T GET THE LUV_COV without THINKING ABOUT IT!!  Elohim YAHWEH didn't create us to be robots, we have the option of programing ourselves the way HE wants or the way WE want, BE SURE you choose the Upgrade!! Gives a decent commentary on the issue.
July 01, 2022
06/30/2022 O YAHWEH, set a guard to my mouth; keep watch on the door of my lips! I could not come up with a better title on my own, so I went to my Master, He's BETTER with the heavy lifting!!
Does your Tongue GIVE LIFE or TAKE IT AWAY? Did you wonder where your parents got the idea to tell you to watch your mouth? It seems like a physically impossible request for good reason, YOU CAN NOT WATCH YOUR MOUTH WITH YOUR PHYSICAL EYES!! You can, however, accomplish it with your "RUACH'AL EYE"!! We looked at Psalm 141; 3-4 tonight and for good reason, more often than not, it was our mouth or tongue that gets us in to the messes we find ourselves in!! The concept of Engaging your Mind before your Mouth is not NEW it has been around for thousands of years, yet so few are willing to display any application of the principle! One would presume the desired outcome would be the trouble we get & keep ourselves in. It doesn't have to be that way!!
July 01, 2022
LOV-COV Conversation From Above: Communications from a KODESH TONGUE, must be Correcting, Motivational & Pure!!
RIGHT conversation produces RIGHT behavior, which in turn produces more RIGHT CONVERSATION all of which should lead to Obedience Building Faithfulness & vice versa!  Don't expect this to be easy right out of the box, a lifetime of bad habits in conversation and behavior have to be removed but, we serve an Elohim that moves Mountains, Shuts the Mouth of Lions & Splits Seas so they can be crossed on foot!!
July 01, 2022
To HEAR or NOT to HEAR, Is a question we can only ask on an INDIVIDUAL LEVEL, even if the what needs to be HEARD is PRONOUNCED PUBLICLY!!
Romans 10: 15-18 and assorted other verses from the Prophets explain how important it is to have Preachers of YAH's Will In the area!!  Without a WILLINGNESS to HEAR the quality of the Oral Instruction won't matter. The Bearer of GOOD NEWS is preferable to one carrying BAD, unfortunately, the world when it comes to a message carrying something even close to righteous regardless of how well-intentioned will pick apart even the SMALLEST inconsistency in the Tellers Witness. We should use this to REFINE us instead of justifying our POOR ATTITUDES & BEHAVIORS!!
June 29, 2022
RIP 2.0 Psalm 119:28-40 King David, A Man after YAH'S OWN HEART Prays, Meditates & Commentary Through the ENTIRE Hebrew Alephbet!! PHENOMENAL INSIGHTS!!
These 12 verses can be TRANSFORMATIONAL if understand the WHY expressed in the King's desires!!  David's relationship with YAHWEH began long before he started writing His Psalms, but they stand as lessons of direction & determination for those wanting a closer, more exciting LIFE experience with their CREATOR!!
June 29, 2022
Strongholds caused by Corrupt Communications Only get REMOVED but CONVERTING CONVERSATION!!
How "HEALTHY" do you really want to be & do you where it starts? Most don't, Many would STOP paying attention at first mention of a deity, and that is to their detriment!! Self-Harm & Salvation both begin with the TONGUE!!! Kodesh conversation is essential all the way down the line!!  There can be NO VARIANCE to it, if your PRAYERS aren't pure, YOU SUFFER!!  If claim you don't hear voices in your head, you are in DENIAL, so it is BEST to ADJUST to something YOU WANT TO HEAR!! And Your Conversation with your Neighbor needs to be without CORRUPTION or EVIL Speaking EITHER!!  
June 28, 2022
What Corrupt Communication DOES NOT Look Like!! Pt 1
Ephesians 4:25-31 What is expected from a "New Believers" conversation and Why it MUST TRANSFORM, is looked at very closely in this and the PPDD following!! If we are TRULY Transforming into HIS IMAGE, it will be obvious as our CONVERSATION begins to EMULATE HIS Conduct, along with it, OUR CONDUCT should change as well!! PRACTICING What we PREACH, won't matter much if Our Language is UNBECOMING or remains TOO WORLDLY!!
June 28, 2022
RIP 2.0 Psalm 119:10-12 King David prayers through the Entire Hebrew Alephbet, and it is AWESOME!!
David recognizes his need for YAHWEH is no JOKE!!  For a KING to pray as David did wouldn't it be simple to see how it can help us!!  Take a listen to hear the HEART of TRANSFORMED RECOVERY!!
June 28, 2022
Kodesh Step 6, is all about PREPARING to have defects removed, this means staying in right relationship w/ ELOHIYM while unpleasant discoveries are brought to the surface!!
Tonight we looked at YAHUAH'S Chastening and how we should be glad it is happening even if it isn't comfortable.  KS06 is all about ALLOWING TORAH expose our defects so they can be dealt with!!   Refusing the RUACH access means we continue to did our pit, I mean if this isn't talking about "ROCK-BOTTOM REALITIES" I don't know what does!  
June 24, 2022
Hannah's Prayer & Mishlei 10: 27-32 If your heart isn't in it, you probably aren't going to get what from YAHWEH what you want!!
Even if you are completely misunderstood by the world around you, regardless of the accusations, YAHUAH will hear your prayers and answer them.  Don't get discouraged if it doesn't happen immediately, you may not be yet aware of what's standing in the way of the answer.  Stay OBEDIENT!!  TRUST Yahuah, HE KEEPS HIS PROMISES!! Mishlei 10: 27-32 What side of the equation are you on?  How does YAHUAH see you?  Is HE waiting to see if you will take the steps to change?  That is "SECRET" to TRANSFORMATION.   YAHUSHA will accomplish it, but not in a consistently rebellious or sinful vessel, that will require a break, so we at  TRANSFORMED Recovery suggest making it easy on yourself.    It is BETTER on the RIGHT than on the LEFT!!  Those really are the only two choices.  FREE WILL, is only beneficial if it leads us to TESHUVAH, that is YAHUAH'S Will but we are FREE to make our decision, we WILL however be held responsible for how we deal with the consequences GOOD or BAD!!
June 21, 2022
RIP 2.0 Looked at Psalm 4:4-5 last night to try to understand the best attitude to come at our addictions & defects with in order to remove them!!!!
Even at rest, reverence and trembling over our sinful nature prompts YAHWEH to work on us while we sleep.  It is all about attitude and perception.
June 21, 2022
PPDD: MIshlei 10:23-28 WISDOM or CHOCHMAH Looks different depending on your perspective of Elohiym YAHWEH, and how you engage with HIS TORAH!!
Shamayim' s CHOCHMAH(wisdom) is similar in appearance to Police Cars believe it or not!! It holds no threat of punitive consequences unless you are in regular practice of fracturing it's mandates. It's all about perspective, if you believe Elohiym doesn't exist and therefor disregard HIS INSTRUCTION for living a "GOOD" life odds are HIS CHOCHMAH is going to disturb you!! This is where "FREE WILL" comes in; As HIS Creation, we have "Free Will" or we are Free to do as we will, but that also means we have chosen to take on the consequences of our actions for not using the "Good Sense" we were given to live OBEDIENTLY, trusting in HIM. As much as we kick against the GOADS, the prodding sticks used to correct stubborn animals, the ONE holding the REIGNS is still in charge, but if we choose to run as most do once the reigns are off, then it is left up to us to come back, ON HIS TERMS. Mishlei or Proverbs will NEVER FAIL to provide perfectly the wisdom needed, the question lies in the receiving and applying said wisdom righteously.
June 21, 2022
Love4TRUTH's Weekly SHABBAT Celebration: LOVE Lunch/Brunch We share the Bread of Life(YAHUSHA) while breaking bread with the Mishpacha!!
The LOVE-COV thru the LOVE DOVE, Has to be first or HE ends up being last by nature!!  It's just the way it is, mankind will forget their Elohiym YAHUAH if we don't constrain ourselves to KEEP HIM FIRST AS HE ORDERS!! Are we MOEDIM? Are we KODESH? or Are we Deceiving ourselves into believing it isn't a "Hill Worth Dying On?" Shal'iach ROCK takes the 1st hour. Shal'iach scrYbe the 2nd.
June 20, 2022
Bird's of a Feather: A Revealing look at what TRULY divides society!! Mishlei 10: 8-14
I just spent a few minutes in vain trying to figure out how close a connection there was between the contractions and & but in Ancient Hebrew. Wasn't able to find it before the need/want to get this out!! The reason, the guess, is that in Hebrew many short words look very similar, so I was wonder over whether the Hebrew for the words "and & but"  are actually written close to the same and mistranslation was the norm from English to Hebrew. In every other verse, the contrast is obvious, but in Mishlei 10:10 He who winks the eye causes sorrow, but the foolish of lips shall be thrust away. it would seem as though there is a difficulty in contraction usage, and that the writer may have meant AND,  So we see that We Ourselves choose the crowd we keep!!   Are we WISE in HIS Estimation or do the "Ands buts & Ors" play a decisive roll in our proximity?
June 17, 2022
RIP 2.0 Perfect Love Casts out Fear!!! 1 Yahuchanon(John)4:28
As an individual looks into the perfect Law of AHABAH, it becomes clearer that Salvation & fear should not be able to dwell in the same HEART!! If a Believer has TRULY SURRENDERED his or her existence to the AHABAH of Elohiym YAHWEH, then it only makes sense to suggest that if YAHWEH is in return LOVED with "All Your Heart, Soul, Mind & Strength" then there would be NO ROOM in the "Inn" so to speak for anything else to reside there alongside YAHSHUA YAHWEH on the THRONE of the Believers Heart! Light & Darkness cannot occupy the same space!!! It could be suggested that FEAR is the REWARD of the DISOBEDIENT, as is clearly not just a suggestion in Deut 28:66. That consideration is not a comfortable one to ponder, but if pondered the believer will surely see how easy & necessary it is to begin the eviction process!! 1 Yahuchanon 4:18 There is no fear in love, but perfect love casts out fear, because fear has torment; and the one fearing has not been perfected in love. Deut 28:65 And among these nations you shall find no ease, nor shall the sole of your foot have rest. But YAHWEH shall give you there a trembling heart and failing of eyes, and sorrow of mind. 66 And your life shall be in doubt before you, and you shall fear day and night, and shall have no assurance of your life.8  *  67 In the morning you shall say, Oh that it were evening! And in the evening you shall say, Oh that it were morning! For the fear of your heart with which you fear, and for the sight of your eyes which you shall see. Phil 2:14 Do all things without murmuring and doubtful reasoning, 
June 17, 2022
Are there calls for NON-CONFORMITY & TRANSFORMATION throughout TORAH & the Kitveh HaKodesh?
TRANSFORMATION of Belief, Attitude & Thought is not solely a New Testament principle first observed in Romans 12:1-2.   YAHWEH expects it from the very onset of our Relationship with HIM, to NOT see it as a reality throughout scripture is concerning. Proverbs 10:1-7 alludes to the principles of transformation without coming right out & saying it, but it is there!!
June 16, 2022
You did not yet resist unto blood, striving against sin!!
As we take an honest look at our condition from the time we accepted the invitation to come to YAHSHUA to now, many of us may have been left with many faulty ideas, that remain to this day because somebody allowed us to misplace the EMPHASIS!! What am I talking about?   I wish I could ask this, belly to belly just to see the reaction and be able to continue the conversation.  When the Set-A-Part Texts speak of TRANSFORMATION, do you believe that to be an EASY process? 1 John 2:28-28 1 John3:1-3 Paint a little more stringent picture of what it means to be close to the adoption proceedings, especially when necessarily connected to Hebrews 12:4 as seen in the title!
June 16, 2022
What's With the Animosity towards the Big Toe & Thumbs? A Tail of Two Women?
This morning we took a look at Judge 1 & Yahudah's instructions concerning the Canaanites & the Perizzites. We see some rather interesting commands issued by Elohiym YAHWEH, that leave us asking WHY? Judges 1:1-9 Obedience is always better, Ancient Israel learned this fact the hard way, in fact modern Israel is still dealing with the defiance. Mishlei/Proverbs repeatedly describes two very different women, one bares with it a warning to avoid, the other the ENCOURAGEMENT to embrace, anybody want to guess what humanity does with this information? How does one justify drawing a permanent line of debarkation or separation from a natural woman created to produce but possessing free will to decide incorrectly what to do with her body & a spiritual organism bestowed with the ability/responsibility to produce offspring for the Kingdom, but made up of at least half of the previously mentioned? One Qodesh, One doing seemingly everything possible to avoid bearing that title.
June 15, 2022
My Delight is with the Sons of Men PPDD 6/13/22
ABBA YAHWEH speaks nothing in FOOLISHNESS, if HE UTTERED IT, IT WAS WISE!!  We can't understand the depth of that wisdom APART FROM HIM!! If we are incapable of understanding the contents of HIS CONFESSION apart from HIM; if HIS Promises to us are YES & AMEIN, how can we consider our positions(Thoughts, Attitudes, Behaviors) justifiable without first SEEKING access to WISDOM'S SOURCE? What other SOURCE speaks of LOVING your neighbor as yourself, not cheating on your spouse, not murdering, not stealing Etc, this world would be a lot nicer place to be if these simple instructions could be followed. Of Course, it goes much deeper than that!!  As Heart Soul & Mind, desires to be more like that from which it came, it will INCREASE in similarity to the source of the WISDOM it is investing itself to obtain.
June 14, 2022
CHOCHMAH'S 7 Pillars, YAHmie Testifies
ELOHIYM YAHWEH, is all the authority HE requires to conceal a matter until HE decides HE is going to reveal it!! WISDOM'S 7 Pillars may not have been known by NAME until the Revelation of YAHUSHA Ha Mashiach, but that doesn't mean the PRINICPLES behind them didn't exist until said REVELATION! A lot can be learned, but that learning only serves if BELIEF in the information exists, but a word to "WISE" individual belief doesn't apply to the efficacy of information being sown. A look through Mishlei 9:1-7, takes you on a journey to the first 3 chapters of the book, we suggest you start there. Revelation 1:16 & 2,  Zech 4:2, Revelation 2 & 3, are compelling.
June 14, 2022
Yaacob(James) 1:21 With meekness, receive the Word that is implanted in our nature, being able to SAVE your souls.
Set-a-part Scripture Step 6 is about coming to the point where we acknowledge that our defects have to go in order to truly live a TRANSFORMED LIFE!   That is the WHOLE IDEA behind the Salvation of HUMANITY!!  Where's the REWARD for YAHSHUA if HIS Sacrifice just allowed for the pollution of the New Shamayim & Eretz(New Heaven & Earth)!! We can't TAKE what weighs us down in this life in the NEXT!!
June 14, 2022
Is it not written in the Book of the Upright? YAHWEH listened to the voice of a man. For YAHWEH fought for Israel.
Elohiym YAHWEH ordains, Humanity Requests & CHOCHMAH SPEAKS and the SUN & MOON DON'T MOVE!! The FRUITS of WISDOM/CHOCHMAH are LOVE or AHABAH, chochmah ALWAYS leads back to its SOURCE!! Elohiym YAHWEH has ordained that GIVING is "WISE" & Getting back to the GIVE by GIVING, is a WISE ACTION TO TAKE!! What kind of impact did it make to have the sun & moon STOP in their tracks?  What did the earth experience in that time frame? What is the Book of the Upright!! Yahshua 10: 1-10 & Mishlei 8: 19-23  
June 10, 2022
RIP 2.0 Ruach Reflection Hebrews 6:11-12: Letters Written in Vain?
How should we react toward other people's expressed desires for us? Do we consider ourselves "gods" in our own right, or have we admitted we aren't islands and can't do it alone? Do we place more importance on INSTRUCTIONS & DESIRES expressed by others determined by the recency of the confession? Does it have to be in the same century, does it have to be a personally known individual or can we glean instruction from those that have gone before us, and how do make that determination? Most importantly how does that translate into the overall TRANSFORMATION process of a NEW BELIEVER or an addict seeking a powerful RECOVERY opportunity?!
June 10, 2022
FORGIVENESS - 1st TIME Testimonial from SPECIAL Guest SAPHIRA (BEAUTIFUL) 10yr old G-Daughter of G-PA REV ROCK Himself! PPDD 1st Yom (Day) 5/1/22
PPDD 1st Yom (Day) 5/1/22  POWER HOUR & Hebrews NEWS FORGIVENESS=RESTART=FORGIVENESS=Perfecting BROKEN LIVES by following the ONE EXAMPLE GIVEN - 1st TIME Testimony by SAPHIRA (BEAUTIFUL) 10yr old G-Daughter of G-PA REV ROCK Himself!  Regardless of what the individual goes through, YAH'S Choice is to ALWAYS be there for us, but we have to ACCEPT that invitation!! SAPHIRA has a BEAUTIFUL FUTURE In YAHSHUA ahead of her, it's not hard to hear what YAH is doing through her already!! AHABAH(LOVE), being given to & Learning to GIVE is a crucial element too LIVING through the EVIL, that HaSatan throws at us!!  The YOUNGER we LEARN that the YOUNGER we come to YAHSHUA YAHWEH the sooner we develop the Ruach'al Muscle to GIVE AWAY that which was GIVEN to YOU!! SHALOM scrYbe
June 09, 2022
PPDD: Counsel & Sound Wisdom reside together in ONE ENTITY!! Joshua 9 Obedience by ALL produces DESIRED results!!
It's been a challenge recalling this accurately when I have had a need for it, but I think it will stick now. Even though I have probably written it down somewhere, I can see; that “You have to believe before you can do, you have to do before you can be, you have to be before you can have.” is at the root of these six verses and it is founded on the principles of right knowing & knowing rightly & subsequently DOING RIGHTLY after the fact. Even if vs 15-16 raise the ire, when surrendering our modern government to them as if under a microscope, the previous statement is no less accurate, it just needs to be acted upon again and implemented. Anyone out of alignment with it doesn’t have the best interests of his neighbor in mind and will answer to YAHWEH for acting without implementing HIS CHOCHMAH in all things.  In the natural world, we don’t get to use the “I didn’t know!!” excuse! Well, we wouldn't even know of it if TORAH hadn’t already turned that reasoning into Swiss Cheese. Wisdom/CHOCHMAH Mishlei 8 13 The fear of YAHWEH is to hate evil; I hate pride and loftiness, and the evil way, and the perverse mouth. *  [Prov 16:6]; 14 Counsel and sound wisdom are mine; I am understanding; I have strength. 15 By me kings reign, and leaders decree righteousness. 16 Rulers and nobles rule by me, and all the judges of the earth. 17 I love those who love me, and those who seek me early find me. 18 Riches and honor are with me; enduring wealth and righteousness. [Prov 3:16];
June 09, 2022
Mishlei(Proverbs) 8:6-12 Chochmah's Message doesn't change, and you better HEAR IT, just ask Achan!
Elohiym YAHWEH, had us bouncing back & forth from Joshua to Proverbs to Deuteronomy in ways I wasn't expecting!!  Eye-opening realities from the Word aren't unusual, but sometimes they are startling!!   This one was, it's worth the LISTEN!!
June 08, 2022
6/6/22 RIP 2.0 Ruach Reflections: Ephesians 4:6-10 Do NOT be deceived by empty words, So as to continue walking as children of LIGHT!!
What we ALL were, what our HOPE is! It's essential that we avoid company with the children of disobedience, they can and will bring us down.  Walk as Children of Light as HE is LIGHT, we ought to be known for Goodness, Righteousness & Honesty(Truth) if we are TRULY HIS!!  Discerning what is GOOD & RIGHTEOUS in the Eyes of our MASTER is CRUCIAL to SSStep # 6!!   If it ISN'T THAT, it has to go!!
June 08, 2022
RIP 2.0 Looked at the letter to the Ephesians tonight Chapter 4 specifically & How it connects to SS06, the YAHmoval (Removal) Process!
I think it was Gandhi who once said "I like your Christ, but I don't like your Christians."  I wonder how much time he spent actually attempting to walk out with understanding, what is being taught by Messiah!! I have to admit, the longer I stay in HIS WORD, HIS TRUTH the less comfortable & confident I become that I am doing a good job of EMULATING YAHUSHA MESSIAH & the Shaliach's of OLD!!  Ephesians 4:17-24 mentions a list defects that most people can't even imagine agreeing to, even if there weren't a "RELIGIOUS" context applied. Vanity? "Are you CRAZY? I'm not VAIN!" Any Darkened Intellects out there?  What proof can you provide, that what you are seeing is LIGHT? Are YOU Soft-Hearted towards Elohiym our Creator or does that only happen twice a year and on your terms? Are YOU knowingly or ignorantly ALIENATING yourself from YAHWEH?   Would you be HUMBLE ENOUGH to admit it if you were?
June 07, 2022
Looking for & Finding CHOCHMAH in all the USUAL PLACES!! What are the THREE things we are COMMANDED to ASK?
What do "the tops of high places", waysides, the houses of the paths, gates & mouths of cities & doors have in common?  HINT: 8123 While a MINIMALIST LIST, what are 3 things we are supposed to ASK for in PRAYER?
June 06, 2022
RIP 2.0 Ruach Reflections Discusses Galatians 5:16-17. Are we allowing the RUACH to LIVE through us or are we continuing to give into NATURAL DESIRES?
A BETTER WAY or our Natural Inclinations, which is RULING YOU? Galatians 5:16-17 Are we allowing the RUACH to LIVE through us or are we continuing to give into NATURAL DESIRES? 
June 06, 2022
PPDD Discusses Avoiding the WEEDS w/an in-depth look at Mishlei 7:6-27 and Providing Hygiene AHABAH Kits for the HOMELESS!
Walking in the LIGHT means MORE than just carrying a "FLASHLIGHT" when you consider the fact that the light from a hand-held device shines on what YOU want it to!! YAHWEH, the LIGHT of the WORLD is NOT THAT!!  His LIGHT shines on the PATH HE KNOWS IS BEST!!  If it needs a light to SHINE but doesn't have Shamayim's Stamp of Righteous Approval, it probably isn't GOOD FOR US!! LOVE or AHABAH is a VERB, it's an ACTION, it isn't SEDITARTY!!   Are we engaged in the same type of LOVE that YAHSHUA was?
June 03, 2022
LOVE Inc. Relocates to TEXAS! YAHLY SORROW leads to REPENTANCE!!
Acknowledging our DEFECTS/SINS/SHORTCOMINGS is a PREREQUISITE to CHANGE!!  The SORROW that admission should produce, is only RIGHTEOUS if it produces TRUE CHANGE if you are only sorrowful because you have to give up WORLDLY PLEASURES then it probably won't be permanent. YAHLY SORROW will ENDURE as it will be FUELED by a WANT to live in accordance with TORAH!!
June 03, 2022
PPDD - HALF of YAHWEH'S Word is about OVERFLOW & PROSPERITY, so WHY are there so many poor in the WORLD today? WHO FAILED!?!?
If there is ONE THOUGHT that should consume us first thing in the MORNING; Why shouldn't it be KNOWING, that OUR ELOHIYM, the ONLY ELOHIYM YAHWEH, wants us to PROSPER EXCEEDINGLY in EVERY POSSIBLE WAY because it PLEASES HIM to do it for us & THROUGH US!! Don't think for a minute I am taking this out of context or taking the priority of focus OFF the EMET of MESSIAH!!  Nothing could be further from the EMET!!  YAH'S Instructions are YES & AMEIN to all who BELIEVE HIM capable of FULFILLING HIS WORD THROUGH US, just as HE DID for Abraham, Isaac & Yacoob!! At a MINIMUM half of YAH'S Word, speaks of prosperity, it should not be a "Dirty Word" or concept to the Believer!! Shaliach ROCK, gives a Jaw-Dropping Message on how we who claim to believe should approach WEALTH and YAHWEH'S Willingness to INCREASE US so we are better connected & EQUIPPED to do what needs to be done for others IN HIS MEMORY!! Like & Follow for more, but start with Devariym 8:18 but in TRUTH the Entire Chapter serves to cement YAH's Instructions on Wealth, if our understanding is worthy of application!!
June 02, 2022
RIP 2.0 Discusses the VALUE of the end result of letting the OLD THINGS pass away & What those "Old Things" are!!
2 Corinthians 5:17 So that if anyone is in Messiah, he is a new creation; the old things have passed away; behold, all things have become new! Set-A-Part Step 6, Where "WHO I WAS" surrenders to "WHO YAHWEH SEES ME TO BE" and preferring HIS Will & Nature over my Own Inclinations!!
June 02, 2022
PPDD 4 Letters that can change your LIFE, provided you understand what they mean!! Awake to RIGHTEOUSNESS & LIFE!!
This morning on Praise Prayer Decree & Declare, we shifted from CHOCKMAH from Mishlei(Proverbs) to the OTHER HALF of the Old Covenant Teachings!! Now, I know that will ruffle some feathers, but the fact of the matter is, I DON'T CARE if it OFFENDS, if that OFFENSE causes the changes YAHWEH Demands and YES, they are DEMANDS or COMMANDS! Shaliah Yahmie, started us off in Deuteronomy 34 with a teaching on the power practice of "Laying on of Hands" going back as far as Genesis, but also tied into a lesson on Righteousness, which connected NICELY to the two verses I taught on. When the "suggestion" is made that there are only 10 Commandments, I have to laugh!!  I mean talk about the unseen iceberg, if you aren't reading for TONE & TENOR of declarations made you are missing 90% of what the written word says, and you are displaying a willingness to only learn, know & understand what this world(and by default)the Adversary of the Word & Elohiym want you to get from HIS communication with us!! Now, I don't think I am some kind of "SUPER SAINT" or that my intellectual ability to grasp concepts is superior in any real way to anyone else's, but I do know that THIS is not solely from my mind, something FAR MORE RIGHTEOUS than my finite mind is at work as I write. Over 1050 separate commands can be found within the Brit haDahshah/ Renewed Covenant/New Testament, and I only covered two of them this morning.   Truth be told, these two in their own way are the most IMPORTANT verses in the ENTIRE TEXT because if one refuses to comprehend these, NOTHING ELSE opens up to a BELIEVER!! Awake to righteousness 1 COR 15:34 Awake to life EPH 5:14 TRUE & CALLED FOR IN BOTH OT & NT!!
June 02, 2022
A Look at how to take the Sting out of SIN!! 1 Corinthians 15:55 -57
1 Corinthians 15:5-7, Helps us understand what Torah is and does, and how proper adhesion to it can help us avoid the Sting of Sin!!
June 01, 2022
PPDD 5/31/2022 Keep My Words & Store Up My Commandments within YOU!!
If there was something you would want to make a priority in your LIFE, why wouldn't it be the INSTRUCTIONS of the LIFE GIVER? HOW does one live a "GOOD" LIFE?   How does one discern the DIFFERENCE between a "GOOD" life & an evil one? If those INSTRUCTIONS were written down somewhere would they be worth knowing and embracing regardless of the COST?! In YAHWEH our Elohiym, knowledge, and the necessary actions to LIVE that "GOOD LIFE" are available to ALL who are willing to have a SOLD-OUT RELATIONSHIP with HIM!! Don't be mislead, this World CAN'T show you that way, this Worlds False Religious System has got it ALL WRONG, though they try to preach it, it strays from HIS TRUTH, HIS UN-REVOKED TORAH, and HIS LIGHT
May 31, 2022
Do not be OVERCOME by EVIL, but OVERCOME EVIL with GOOD!! Romans 12:21
Ruach Reflections RIP 2.0 asks the TOUGH QUESTIONS, like are you willing to have ALL the evil removed so GOOD can replace it?
May 31, 2022
ABBA YAH, intended to RAISE up a PRIESTHOOD that when confronted with a challenge would find a way in HIM to solve it!! In fact, HE gave us Authority over other-worldly entities, to help us do just that!!   That privilege however comes at a PRICE & with GREAT CONFLICT!!  Leaders are expected to LEAD, Adam failed, Yahshua did not!!  "The Jew's" managed to fail though the occasional Hebrew would RISE UP and prove him or herself "WORTHY" of the task placed before them, because the RUACH of YAH was with & IN them having accomplished an AUTHENTIC TRANSFORMATION that can not be achieved with a purchased education! This Authentic TRANSFORMATION is often intensely and unrighteously scrutinized as the TRANSFORMED are moved into glass housing built by those who reject the prospect that they could be doing anything incorrectly!  YAHSHUA went through it & it KILLED HIM, those same emotions and experiences await all of us if we dare to be Gahlal Talmidim!! The shocking reality of it, a thorough reading of the "LAST BOOK" of the Original Covenant(Not like the one I gave it this morning) would probably reveal a whole lot more that I was given to provide this morning!!  It did however provide a STRONG, STERN, EMPHATIC rebuke to the teachers in Malachi's day that changed YAH'S Torah!! They REJECTED IT, HE rejected their TEACHING, yet somehow after 450 years, the same one that delivered so strong a correction, willingly allows it to be violated? Either YAHWEH, got is WRONG or CHRISTIANITY has it WRONG, that's what I heard in My Ruach this morning!!  
May 27, 2022
Transforming as to not to conform requires being ready & willing to have YAHWEH remove our defects!!  While that single word doesn't encompass ALL POSSIBLE MEANINGS or ENTANGLEMENTS for the SAKE of TIME, it will be limited to that!! Now, that we know that we have ISSUES we need to turn to the ONE who is able and willing to HELP us REMOVE THEM so they stop destroying our LIVES!!  We don't have live under Self-Oppression anymore, we don't have to accept it from our environment, from others or from the ADVERSARY of our SOULS, so WHY would we accept it from ourselves!! There is NO BETTER physiologist than the ONE who created US, BRAIN & BODY, and then the ONE BREATHED LIFE into us!! So Much more effective, is a bent knee, than a vinyl couch!!
May 27, 2022
"Rejected For Being Right?" "Does YAH HATE?" Is Obedience still the Currency of HIS REALM?
If you aren't willing to study to show yourself approved, you are going to STRUGGLE as a Disciple!   While YAH's Promises are "YES & Amein!" His Commandments REQUIRE the same from Us, any deviation will need to be CORRECTED ASAP or it will need to be understood that WE broke the Covenant, not HIM! His Lessons, while SIMPLE aren't always EZ, especially if we refuse to relinquish CONTROL!!
May 26, 2022
RIP 2.0 Ruach Reflections Romans 6:1-4 Dead to SIN
SIN, a NEGATIVE external reality that even though YAHSHUA MESSIAH may been SINLESS He still had to contend against!!  Not HIS Own, but the pervasive onslaught of the environment of SIN that we have to face EVERY DAY!! The ONLY WAY to be a decent human being is to see ourselves as DEAD to SIN as YAHSHUA was when they laid him in the tomb!! NEWNESS of Life means SIN could not effect HIM any more, NOT in this world or in the one he was going to!! 
May 26, 2022
HE is WORTHY of LOVE, PRAISE & RESPECT! Learning to Cooperate with each other & w/ YAHWEH!!
Realizing the Heart Break of Unforgiveness & Strife & Why YAH HATES IT!! YAHMIE, came in strong with a power lesson based on understanding YAH'S Consternation with Israel in the wilderness and what we can glean from it through a willing study of HIS TORAH or INSTRUCTIONS!! Shaliah Sand, was on early, it was certainly great to hear the insights she shared from her Gratitude List!! ROCK wanted the MIRACULOUS & GOT IT!!   
May 25, 2022
RIP 2.0 Making a MASTERS MESSAGE out of a MASSIVE MESS, is YAHSHUA Specialty!!
Coming to the understanding that Romans 12:2 is needful in EVERY LIFE, acting on that knowledge is anything but NEAT!! Romans 12: 2 And be not conformed to this age, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind, in order to prove by you what is the good and pleasing and perfect will of Elohim. Our natural eyes have spent their entire existence rejecting focusing on the two most important words in this passage, CONFORMED & TRANSFORMED, simply because of the words preceding both: not & be. The simplest way to put this, is something must be laid down, in order for the better to be picked up, but in order to pick something up, our hands must be emptied.   Tonight we examined ourselves in the light provided by Mattityahu 7:24-27, Yahushua's "House on the Rock" teaching.  Many messages could be preached from this passage, but as it touches on the issue of surrendering to YAHWEH to allow your DEFECTS & DEMONS to be removed. I can't help but recall the scene in Abraham the Movie, where Abraham is out walking in the wilderness seeking YAHWEH because of his current dissatisfaction with certain realities in his life.   Whether the flash flood scene was an actual occurrence or just creative license, I don't see it in scripture, but it discovered a TRUTH in me, you can't save yourself with Heart & Hands "occupied" with things beneath your station in life, whether you fully understand that station yet or not! Remember, "On Earth, as in HEAVEN"?  Once we listen to HIS CALLING, it can not unheard, we can not become unrecovered, in YAH's Heart once we hear and respond to HIS CALL,  it is VERY POSSIBLE that our life has been completed according to HIS WILL as it would be in HEAVEN, even before we are fully obedient!! There is ALWAYS a delay, regarding YAH's Manifest outcomes on Earth, but the reality is our EXPECTED PERFECT OBEDIENCE has already been accomplished in HEAVEN, YAH will countenance SIN in HIS PRESENCE, right? The Encouraging take-away in Matt 7, is that if we are in obedience TORAH(share root with RAIN), then our Foundation is sure & secure, but it starts with a necessitated willingness to LET GO if you find yourself being buffeted against the ROCK, that you have not yet believed to build on! scrYbe
May 25, 2022
Does YAHWEH express DISPLEASURE in that which HE CREATED in HIS Image? YES, but It doesn't have to be that way!!
When you know what you are looking for, defining the Brit'haDashah(RNC)not to be confused w/ Republican National Committee by the Kitveh'HaQodesh(Original Covenants), the 2nd question in the title can be answered with a "NO", but you have to know where to look!! YAHWAH's S.O.P. for HIS Chosen People hasn't changed!!   Deuteronomy 6 & Proverbs 6 make it VERY CLEAR what a Believer's Behavior, Attitude, and Disposition should look like. If it doesn't, then "Free Will" is being INCORRECTLY APPLIED because of an ERROR in the understanding of what REVERENCE actually means.
May 24, 2022
RIP 2.0 Ruach Reflections took a shot Mattityahu 5:3: Poor In Ruach(spirit) What does it mean!!
POOR in "SPIRIT" is one thing in YAH'S Eyes, Just don't besmirch HIS CREATION, not even something as seemingly LOWLY as the ANT!!
May 24, 2022
Self-Degrading thinking WILL keep you out of the PROMISED LAND!!
Praise Prayer Decree & Declare, was in good form today!!  YAHWEH's INSTRUCTIONS to the Israelites to go & TAKE the land was defied because of the LOWEST of "self-images"!! To compare YAH's CHOSEN to ANTS seems desperately disparaging, but to disparage any of YAH'S CREATION comes with a price!! We'd be FAR BETTER OFF just doing as instructed instead of using our capacities and capabilities to justify our UNWILLINGNESS to SERVE as HE Commands!! I find it AWE-INSPIRING to watch YAH's WORD come alive on a Daily basis, because we never know what TOOL in HIS CREATION He is going to use to teach us!! Sefer Mishlei 6:6-14 Shalom Aleichem Boker Tov, Baruchata HalleluYAH!!
May 23, 2022
RIP 2.0 Ruach Reflections Titus 2:11-14 Zealous of all GOOD WORKS!! SSSO6
Listen to instructions & Watch for HIS APPEARANCE!!
May 20, 2022
Stand Fast In Our Master!!
 The EFFORTS, VISITS & WORK of those who were CRUCIAL in leading you into RIGHTEOUSNESS should be a precious, cherished memory!!
May 19, 2022
RIP 2.0 RUACH Reflections: We BEG & EXHORT YOU to WALK as you OUGHT!!
Ruachal Lethargy or Walking lazily in the Breath of YAH CRIPPLES your Witness!! 
May 18, 2022
PPDD_5/16/22_Her Words are SWEET, Until they aren't, Son's Hear my Words!
This program doesn't contain the same level of negative excited as the previous one.  Anyone thinking walking in the LIGHT is easy, is clearly not walking in the light, unless they are Serving YAHWEH REALLY HARD!!
May 18, 2022
Recorded 5/16/22 RIP 2.0 Ruach Reflections_No Excuses, REAL Broken People getting WHOLE Again!!
Nothing to be proud of here, No show, no stage!!   Ship talks about the Inmate TRANSFORMED PROGRAM
May 18, 2022
Our Father in Shamayim equipped us with EVERYTHING we'd need for this Journey, PRIOR to YAHSHUA's Arrival in Human History!! If you think this inaccurate, Check out today's teaching YAHmie takes us on a trip through Number 34, that culminates with ABBA YAH, repeating the SAME MESSAGE through Solomon in Proverbs 4:20-27, with short a short stop in Proverbs 20v22 & a little longer one in Deuteronomy 30:15-20!! It should be exciting to discover the complete LACK of religiosity in ALL of these passages, but sadly some will get hung up there!!
May 13, 2022
TRANSFORMED Recovery: Leah's Testimony Following Demonic Attack & ROCKSAND's Trip to LINDA'S Love Land!!
Combating the Forces of Darkness with the MISHPACHA of YAH!!
May 13, 2022
What the purpose of DISCERNMENT?
Proverbs 4: 14 - 19 Discernment or Unrighteous Judgement At what point does a person get to call FOUL?
May 12, 2022
RIP 2.0 Ruach Reflections: What was learned from Step 5?
Shaliach ROCK, Took Shalia Sands suggestion that the topic for to nights program should be an independent evaluation of what each individual thought they learn over the last 40 days. It not an easy task boiling 40 days of learning to a what amounts amounts to a 5 - 7 minute sound bite, but the results were out very informative!!
May 12, 2022
CHOCKMAH directed courses from Numbers to NOW, but not everyone chose to hold to the TEACHING!!  That is FOOLISHNESS and is NOT REWARDED!! Check out the episode!!
May 11, 2022
Sound Advice From a GOOD FATHER!! Proverb 4:1-6
How does "Sound Advice from a GOOD FATHER" translate to religion?    I guess when that gets figured out we'll honestly start caring about what unsound advice from a bad father produces!! Unfortunately, most of humanity has experienced the poorer aspects of fatherly character simply because they regret the idea that there could be an IS a better example! We also touched on the ceremonial burning of the Red Heifer, and for those who may see this, that are already offended, I am going to suggest you are willing to replace it? No?  Didn't think so!  You want to be offended at reality past, but won't "demean" yourselves to explore why and what the action was taken for, that is the saddest part!!
May 10, 2022
RIP 2.0 Love Live Ruach Remnant Reality Transparency___Iron sharpens IRON, so Don't breed distrust in the Mishpacha!!
Uplift, Edify & Encourage, but don't conceal!!  Step up for the sake of MISHPACHA!!
May 10, 2022
MIRAIM'S TRANSGRESSION!! Could you make it a WEEK Cut-Off from Everything & Everyone?
Numbers 12 presented a very interesting CHALLENGE this morning!!   I don't know how I'd do, so implementing it could come back to BITE me!! As the World(Christianity included) questions YAHWEH's chesed(mercy in the Brit'Hadassah, Numbers causes us to take a deep dive into several doctrines! Do we REALLY want our sins major or minor to be immediately addressed as Miriam's were when she questioned YAHWEH's Chosen,(Her Blood Brother Moses)? If we answer that in the affirmative, could we do what was required of Miriam?   Would it be WRONG of the BODY to implement a practice of that sort(Shunned one caught in SIN from fellowship for a week)?  Why? Proverbs 3: 25 - 35 Introduced a very interesting connection to the Beatitudes in Matityahu 5: 1-12! YAHWEH'S Willingness to repeat Himself is definitely a sign of His Channon or Grace, don't let Ha Satan tell you otherwise!!    
May 09, 2022
Exploring the concept of FREE WILL on RIP 2.0 Proverbs 21: 2
WOW, Was starting to thing my computer had some how gained FREE WILL, Turns out I labeled the file need WRONG in the SAVING!! Take a listen, this one is PRETTY GOOD!!
May 09, 2022
Proper order is ESSENTIAL, Adherence to a JUST CHAIN OF COMMAND results in FORCE MULTIPLIED benefiting the BELIEVER!!
YAHmie, taught from Numbers on how YAHUAH ordered Moses to ORGANISE the Nation of Israel, each Tribe had a SPECIFIC PURPOSE, as we all do in the Body!  Get it a LISTEN, there are GREAT BENEFITS to be had! Eternal CHOCKMAH & YAH'S AHABAH wants to keep our FEET from being caught, as the FEET GO, SO GOES THE LIFE!!
May 06, 2022
Last night we considered Proverbs 16:18, Solomon informs us that negative pride always precedes destruction. Now, this isn't speaking of PRIDE in a job well done, it's speaking of an inordinate soul pride, the type that causes one to think far more of themselves than they ought to. 
May 06, 2022
By the NUMBERS, By the TREE YAH's EMET will set you FREE!!
Organizational Consciousness is essential to seeing any vision become reality!!   There is NO PLACE this is more evident than in the story that is Israel & the Mishpacha of YAHSHUA!! We looked at Mishlei 3:13-18 and found that YAHWEH wants us to be TREE HUGGERS!! YAHmie, started teaching her way through the book of Numbers-Bemidebar in Hebrew!  This is proof positive that YAH doesn't expect us to anything HE hasn't done to set the example.
May 05, 2022
B4 we R AFFLICTED, We Stray! We write the Ruachal ROAD MAPS for others to FOLLOW!!
The only element that could have made tonight's RUACH Reflection better, would have been an appearance by Mike the Spike!!  I pray YAHWEH brings him back to us SOON! On this podcast we looked at Psalm 119: 65-67;  the encouragement to consider whether SIN is the ACT or the THOUGHT, pales in comparison to the FAVOR of Our Elohim. If we confess dedication, we are granting HIM permission to use whatever means necessary to keep us on the path best created for us by HIM. Correction doesn't come until the PREFERRED, YAH-directed path is strayed from, If instructions are comprehended, obeyed for those of you in Loma Linda, then force is rarely necessary, but let's face facts, many of our hearts are as hard as concrete. What's the Authors point?  Our Hearts at the worst need to be resurfaced, if we are discussing foot traffic, at minimum a lot of water and intense tilling are in very short supply! 
May 05, 2022
Is there an expected offering? R U AWARE YOU ARE IT!! PPDD Discussion From Leviticus 27 to Proverbs 3!
WHAT IF,  the suggestion were made that the Body is the OFFERING that YAHUAH wants and that WE are it? Papa YAH, wants to INCREASE your ALLOWANCE, but are we restricting HIS ACCESS? Can we through ignorance or pride place limits on Our Elohym? Out of RESPECT force is not used, Out RESPECT, YAH gives us POWER over MALIKIM!!
May 04, 2022
Tehillot 69:5 Foolishness Guiltiness & Gratitude: Where are You most often?
We have ALL been FOOLISH and engaged in FOOLISHNESS and YAH knows that guilt to, question is are you working to overcome/conquer it in your life.  Do you understand the need for its defeat?
May 04, 2022
Vayiqera(Leviticus) 4 & Sefer Mishlei 3:6-7 On Todays PPDD, Outstanding looks into YAHWEH'S Standards for His Disciples
Proper & Somber Consideration of ones LIFE & PRACTICES is crucial.
May 03, 2022
Our Trustworthy Refuge!! RIP 2.0
Where do you put your TRUST?  Nature, Man, Things, or in the PERFECT WISDOM "BEHIND" IT ALL!! Behind, is in quotes, because Our Elohim exists beyond the concept of tense!  He is not PAST TENSE, Present Tense, or Future Tense, we exist IN HIM! From BEFORE Through THEN, Until WHEN, ALL submit to HIS CONSCIOUSNESS! HE is worthy of our TRUST, solely because, without HIM, there is NOTHING.  He is Our Strong Tower, Unshakeable Possessing Eternity, to forbid HIM that position, is an impossibility!!
April 29, 2022
Ruach Reflections RIP 2.0 Psalm 51:3-4 Does David's Consciousness of Repentance Surpass Our Own?
How we respond to our SINS is CRUCIAL to how we walk!!   Do we blow it off, or do we let CONVICTION do its necessary albeit unpleasant work! If diamonds could feel the jeweler's chisel, they would like it either! Voluntary Confinement & Refinement supersedes forced Refinement through confinement!
April 28, 2022
Have you found yourself in "HER HOUSE" or under the Shelter of HIS WING?
Humanity has always found a way to complicate the SIMPLEST of INSTRUCTIONS.  Whether its demonically inspired or fueled is only half the issue, what is important is what we do to correct it & then staying properly aligned to WHO causes that course change. Praise Prayer Decree & Declare, TRANSFORMED Recovery, RIP 2.0 RUACH REFLECTIONS aren't just for ADDICTIONS, it's for ANYONE truly seeking to UNDERSTAND WHO THERE COULD BE IN RELATIONSHIP TO THEIR CREATOR!!
April 27, 2022
This is an essential Praise Prayer Decree & Declare Job 22:28-29 Declare a thing!!  Is the LIGHT SHINING on your way by YOUR CONFESSION? Have you spoken DEATH on your LIFE? What about LACK?   Does your OWN TONGUE curse YOU? Well, who's in charge of it!!
April 26, 2022
Diseased Soul RIP 2.0 Ruach Reflections SSS05 Psalms 41:4
Promised Land By Tobymac Good Evening/Offering Introductions W/In The Light By DC Talk Opening Prayer Shine By Andrew Lizarraga Psalms 41:4 Ruach Reflections Heartbeat By Beckah Shae Daily Meditation/Whatever Prayer Good Night Burn The Ships By For King & Country
April 26, 2022
Communication: A Two Street providing Correct Direction for a One-Way Trip!!
Shal'iah YAHmie, Teaches on the IMPORTANCE of Proper Adhesion to Applied Covenant Commandments! Shaliach ScrYbe goes into a detailed description of  Proverbs 2:6-8 
April 25, 2022
1st YOM PPDD & Hebrew's News Kicked the WEEK of RIGHT!!
Listen in as we attempt to put a POSITIVE "Crossing from DEATH to LIFE" Narrative on World Events!!   Praise Prayer Decree & Declare for those no longer comfortable or content with "Just Sitting in the PEWS", just noticed that play on play on words; If all you do is sit a pew, you are like sponge that sits to long on the side of a sink never having time to Dry out and you start to stink, not just to the World, but in YAH'S Nostrils as well!
April 25, 2022
3 Pot Shabbat, A Unique Take On SHABBAT OBSERVANCE
LOVE LIVE RUACH REMNANT RADIO's 3 Part PUBLIC Celebration of Our Messiah's Commands to KEEP the Seventh Day Qodesh or Set A Part, adds a deeper level of Mishpacha to what's usually just a "Sit & Listen" experience!! Prayer & Meditation Food Fellowship With a SOMBER NOTE, but not SAD, in FACT, inspire & Invigorated by the RUACH ha Qodesh as means of community evangelism spreading the AHABAH of YAH to the Community!!
April 25, 2022
HEAVY RIP 2.0 Ruach Reflections SSS05 Psalm 40:11-13 MIKEdaSPIKE & Love Live Crew Welcomes New Caller Leanne(Lea) To The Line
Even The Devil Believes By Stryper Good Evening/Offering Introductions RIP Prayer Circle for New Caller Rock gives Welcome to New Caller/New Caller Q/A Good Fight By Unspoken Psalm 40:11-13 Ruach Reflections Not Alone By Red Daily Meditation/Whatever Prayer Good Night My Tomorrow By Andrew Lizarraga 
April 25, 2022
Stung by System & Scarred by Our Thinking~~Final Day of the Feast of Unleavened Bread
Shaliach ROCK beautifully connects the Feast of Unleavened Bread & thoughts discovered in Psalm 118: 10-14 to Personally experienced bias from a Two-Tiered Legal System.    ScrYbe, spoke on attitudes of RABID DISMISSAL of YAHUAH'S CHOCKMAH and the Repercussion of embracing that kind of thinking long term.
April 22, 2022
What do Psalm 118, Proverbs 1: 17-22 & The Feast of Unleavened Bread Have in COMMON?
The actual description may make this clearer than the recording, but if you are paying attention and striving to be a Galal Talmidim(Dedicated Disciple), it shouldn't be hard to see!! All have to do with the NECESSARILY MALICIOUS REMOVAL of PRIDE from our LIVES, OUR PERSONALITIES, and OUR CONVERSATION!!   Humility EXALTS, that's just the way things were CREATED!!   I don't always understand the intricate nature of this perfection, but I will choose to remain in a near enough relationship with it so as not to allow it to become FOREIGN to me(At least I won't do it again)!! The presence of PRIDE in Pharaoh created the need for the Death MALIK to visit Egypt. Presence of Pride in Israel would have exposed it to the SAME terrible fate! Pharoh, Ironically saw the net being spread in front of him.
April 20, 2022
RIP 2.0 Ruach Reflections: Calling HIM a LIAR? 1 Yahuchanon 1:8-9
DON'T DO THIS!!!  1 Yahuchanon 1:8-9 instructs against the dangers of believing we have not SINNED, and the possible inadvertent arrogant utterances it could lead to!! Join Us every night at 7:07 PST, 9:07 CST & 10:07 EST, if your struggling with your walk or not, TRANSFORMED Recovery is a GREAT WAY to go through LIFE!! Only One Number to Remember, Stay close to this 1, while avoiding the OTHER!! 727-731-3257 Absolutely NO Access Code Needed!! Boker Tov & Baruch YOU!!   scrYbe
April 20, 2022
This morning Praise Prayer Decree & Declare was cut short due to an unforeseen attack!  LOVE LIVE RUACH REMNANT REALITY RADIO, apologizes for any inconvenience to our listeners, but what was captured was GREAT & we will return tomorrow at the same time, BIGGER, STRONGER & More Determined than before!!
April 19, 2022
"Fear of YHWH" & Psalm 118 WHY HE should be in Our Hearts, On Our Minds, Being Spoken of Every Moment of the Day!!
Our PERFECT Example YAHUSHA ha Mashiach LIVE OUT, every verse PERFECTLY, as Shaliach ROCK taught from Psalm 118, it is easy to see YAHUSHA's LIFE & Theology come to life as though being lifted from the pages & played out like a movie before US!! So much is MISSED by refusing Ketuv'im instructions to study to show yourselves approved, because of prevailing modern-day attitudes to the GREATEST STORY ever told. Do we dare act surprised that the "Church" is in the condition it's in when we ignore other writings that RUN a superlative parallel to the Death, Burial, and Resurrection of Messiah? What about Psalm 22 & Psalm 118 While POTENT in their own right, any time of year, I'd bet against these passages even being touched on in any mainstream congregation!! It's SHAMEFUL how the BRIDE treats the GROOM, at this time of YEAR!!
April 18, 2022
Tender-Hearted YES, Weak NO!! TRANSFORMATION is ESSENTIAL!! You never know what PPDD is going be, but it will be YAHsome!!
YAHmie is praying us out of Egypt and into the Promised Land!!  We welcome her seniority, wisdom, and AHABAH, every MORNING!!!  She deserves her Crown!! Transformation is the Essential part of Conversion, which is all too often lost to the habit of tickling ears for money or huge congregations!! Shaliach ROCK gives his personal testimony about traveling evangelism!!  It truly was an awesome morning!!
April 14, 2022
Yesterday's Message 4.12.2022 as GOOD NOW, as when it was ORIGINALLY Severed up!!
Overcoming the issue of 3 little dots, and the Discovery of left to right slide features!!
April 13, 2022
Praise Prayer Decree Declare!! Teaching the World to start there Day with YHWH, in the BEST Way possible!!
Yes, I know the title contains some pretty LOFTY CLAIMS, but TORAH expects us to LIVE PRETTY LOFTY LIVES, In YAHUSHA!!  We understand the religious/church Game has to be OVER, so we teach WARFARE Through AHABAH, by setting FREE those that don't even know they are CAPTIVES!! TRANSFORMED Recovery, Is a MINISTRY like NONE OTHER, We take the S.A.R.S.(Search and Rescue ) Operations Directive from our Master very seriously, but not RELIGIOUSLY!!   For a FRESH APPROACH maybe it's time to get back to what has been perceived as STALE!! LIVE LIFE BOLDLY, LIVE LIFE AS THOUGH IT MAY BE YOUR LAST DAY!!! Shalom Aleichem!! scrYbe 
April 13, 2022
Evidence of PRAYER in Action!! Moses schools Pharaoh
This is a perfect lesson in "What Comes Goes Around Comes Around"  Or "Don't Do Unto Your Neighbors, What You Wouldn't Want Done Unto YOUI!!" Creator YHWH, is ALWAYS BIGGER, and is not POSITIONED to be corrected or OVERTHROWN, Just ask Gadre'el(Not Encouraging conversation with the Adversary!!) Solomon, Lines up with this PERFECTLY as he instructs on Attitudes and Habits applied to Neighborly Acquisition of Profits!!  Some Do's & Don'ts about Making a Living!!
April 12, 2022
Stumbling Blocks RIP 2.0 Ruach Reflections SSS05 Romans 14:12-13
Yahweh By Stryper Good Evening/Offering Introductions Opening Prayer  Till The Day I Die By Tobymac Romans 14:12-13 Ruach Reflections Love One Another By Newsboys United Daily Meditation/Whatever Prayer Good Night/See You Sunday Not Alone By Red
April 08, 2022
Confess Your Faults On RIP 2.0 Ruach Reflections SSS05 Acts 19:18
Salvation By Skillet Good Evening/Offering Introductions Opening Prayer Rattle By Elevation Worship Acts 19:18 Ruach Reflections Promise Of A Lifetime By Kutless Daily Meditation/Whatever Prayer Good Night Burn The Ships By For King & Country
April 07, 2022
When You feel Unworthy to be one of YAHs Children...Yah will give you worth-RIP 2.0 Ruach Reflections SSS05 Luke 15:17-20 MIKEdaSPIKE
Standing On The Rock By Golden Resurrection Good Evening/Offering Introductions Opening Prayer Made To Love By Tobymac Luke 15:17-20 Ruach Reflections Daylight By Remedy Drive Daily Meditation/Whatever Prayer Good Night Leave Your Pasts Behind By Andrew Lizarraga
April 06, 2022
The title may sound a little strange, but when understood in the context of YAHmie's teaching & scrYbes's it will begin to make sense!!   Throughout the Kitvei haKodesh, it's illustrated that those with little no self or YAH Control, often engage in behaviors that don't end well for them. As you'll see it was TRUE in Yahmie's teaching on Pharoah & Moses relationship or maybe better stated, Pharoh's unwillingness to acknowledge YHVH'S Sovereignty or in Solomon's Teaching in from the book of Mishlei, the results are often similar for BOTH!! Destruction something YAH ever wanted for HIS CREATION, but there is only ONE WAY to avoid that reality through faith in the Words & Actions of the YAH-Man YAHUSHA YAHUAH!!
April 04, 2022
Wow, it was an awesome time in studio this morning, YAHWEH moved in a big way.   Check it out, let us know!
April 01, 2022
Sick in SIN?!?!? YAHWEH is THE physician!!!! RIP 2.0 Ruach Reflections SSS05 Luke 5:31
Relate By For King & Country Good Evening/Offering Introductions Opening Prayer Yes He Can By Cain Luke 5:31 Ruach Reflections SSS05 Healing Rain By Michael W Smith Daily Meditation/Whatever Prayer Good Night!!! Beautiful Things By Gungor
April 01, 2022
3/31/2022 Praise Prayer Decree & Declare-Delayed Consequences
We don't know the consequences of our past sins, those realities may not manifest until years later and may last the rest our lives.  ROCKISM for the day Learn to FIGHT according to Ephesians 6! Yahmie, brought forth a powerful prayer study around YHWH's establishing an order of hierarchy, from the book of Exodus and ScrYbe taught from Proverbs/Sefer Mishlei on the ever watchful gaze of YAHUAH, from Shamayim(Heaven) to Earth(Eretz) to Hell & Back.  Sadness, Concern & Salvation it's all there!!!
March 31, 2022
Seeking a Teacher - Appreciate Grey Heads--Playing the Shame, Blame Game
As we pursue YAHUAH the need for teachers and the willingness to receive from them is crucial!! There are not a FEW issues that YAHWEH hasn't guided humanity through: whether it's the need for Salvation or simple communication, it ALL comes from YAH & leads us closer to HIM.   It should be obvious, the those that have spent many years on this planet, probably know a great many more things than the younger generations they have already passed through.   Those glorious Grey Heads deserve Greater Honor, messing with them leads to peril, as you are placing yourself in the hands of an Elohim that caused a bear to come from the woods and deal unpleasantly with some disrespectful youths. Respect, is Very Import on many levels! Sand brought the morning to a powerful with a very insightful teaching on YHWH desire to keep promises made to HIS CHILDREN. Definitely worth a listen!!
March 31, 2022
Even The Devil Believes Stryper intro-RIP 2.0 Ruach Reflections SSS05 2 Corinthians 10:3-5
Even The Devil Believes By Stryper Good Evening/Offering Introductions Opening Prayer Amen By For King & Country 2 Corinthians 10:3-5 Ruach Reflections Battle Belongs By Honor & Glory Daily Meditation/Whatever Prayer Good Night!!!  Speak To Me Remedy Drive
March 30, 2022
Righteous Kings & Queens
This morning on PPDD we looked at Sefer Mishlei 8: 15-18 and 1 Yochanan. The value of YAHLY  Wisdom in governmental leadership is essential to good governance, and that isn't going to by accident. It has got to be pursued with a steadfast heart to please our Elohyim and that is only going to happen if we stay in right relationship, through PRAYER.
March 29, 2022
This was a V-Twin or Vision Paired, Inspired move of the RUACH HaQodesh!!   Time for the Body of Messiah to take it to the Hi ways and By Ways and RECLAIM what the Adversary has stolen!!
March 23, 2022
Angry man Vs Humble Man RIP 2.0 SSS04 Proverbs 29:22-23 Do Unto Others By Stryper Intro
Do Unto Others By Stryper  Good Evening/Offering Introductions Opening Prayer Foreverandever Etc By David Crowder Band Proverbs 29:22-23 Ruach Reflections Fooling Yourself By Styx Daily Meditation/Whatever Prayer Anchor By Skillet
March 23, 2022
Well, this one deserve a GOOD LONG LISTENING TOO!!    There really is no reason to suggest anything is being overstated here.  If the listener has any kind of church background then they have all the knowledge need to know that DEMONS or SHADIM, in Hebrew are real, and that they don't like us! Thankfully, through Yahshua Messiah's impalement & resurrection we have authority over them, AND MORE!! Yet another YAHSOME MORNING of PRAISE PRAYER DECREE & DECLARE, which Shailach's & Shalia's ROCK, SAND, YAMIE & scrYBe!! Baruch ata & Boker Tov!!
March 22, 2022
Long Live The King By Narnia Intro RIP 2.0 SSS04 Romans 13:11-14
Long Live The King By Narnia Good Evening/Offering' Introductions Opening Prayer Miracles By Newsboys Romans 13:11-14 Ruach Reflections Awake By Beckah Shae Daily Meditation/Whatever Prayer Good Night!!!  My Tomorrow By Andrew Lizarraga
March 21, 2022
Enemy Vs Ruach RIP 2.0 RR SSS04 Proverbs 29:11
Graves Into Gardens By Elevation Worship Good Evening/Offering Introductions Opening Prayer Run Devil Run/Prove It By Crowder Proverbs 29:11 Ruach Reflections\ Rise Up (Lazerous) By Cain Daily Meditation/Whatever Prayer Let The Waters Rise By Mikeschair
March 21, 2022
Special RIP 2.0 With Andrew Lizarraga Artist Of Love Interview with 1 John 2:15-17
MIKEdaSPIKE had his good friend and brother in YAH and New love artist Andrew Lizarraga on RIP 2.0 Ruach Reflections with 1 John 2:15-17 Burn The Ships By For King & Country Good Evening/Offering Introductions Opening Prayer Thankful Things Andrew Lizarraga Talks about his song Shine and his faith in YAH Shine by Andrew Lizarraga Ruach Reflections with a LIVE performance of My Tomorrow By Andrew Lizarraga!! Your Love Never Fails By Newsboys  Daily Meditation/Whatever Prayer Good Night!!! Watch Over Me By Aaron Shust 
March 20, 2022
Stiff Neck? Go To The RUACH Chiropractor!!! RIP 2.0 SSS04 Proverbs 29:1 MIKEdaSPIKE
Still have that Stiff Neck? We are Reflecting on our Stiff Neck attitudes that only Our Ruach Chiropractor can fix. Proverbs 29:1 Back From The Dead By Skillet Good Evening/Offering Introductions Opening Prayer Shine By Andrew Lizarraga Proverbs 29:1 Ruach Reflections Keep The Commandments Hebrew Israilites  Daily Meditation/Whatever Prayer Good Night/See you on Sunday!!! Fear Is A Liar By Zach Williams
March 18, 2022
GIVE LOVE Learning to Live Love LIVE! Start Your Day w/YHWH, ARISE!
Learning to Live Love LIVE requires a touch from the RUACH or the Breath of YHWH!! Is our existence limited to what we experience in the FLESH or was MORE provided? Take a good long listen, to this morning's heartfelt offering of service, and discover for yourself HOW GOOD YAH IS!!
March 17, 2022
The Munsters Verse RIP 2.0 RR SSS04 Proverbs 13:13 MIKEdaSPIKE FIRED UP!!!!
This RIP 2.0 was very fun to do!!! We Reflect on if we despise YAH's word or if we FEAR/RESPECT YAH's word!!! Lions By Skillet Good Evening/Offering Introductions Opening Prayer Keep The Fire Burning By Audiovision Proverbs 13:13(Mockingbird lane)Ruach Reflections Keep The Commandments song Daily Meditation/Whatever Prayer Good Night!!! Wait For You By Andrew Lizarraga
March 17, 2022
Speak LIFE not Gossip!!!! RIP 2.0 SSS04 Proverbs 26:20-22 MIKEdaSPIKE
Speak LIFE NOT Gossip!!!! Tonight we reflected on how other peoples words can hurt and can be an impact on people, Have we SPOKEN life?!?!?! Or have we spoken yucky???  Run Devil Run By Crowder Good Evening/Annoucements/Offering Introductions Opening Prayer Miracles By Newsboys Proverbs 26:20-22 Ruach Reflections Speak Life By Tobymac Daily Meditation/Whatever Prayer Good Night!!! My Shepard By Andrew Lizarraga
March 17, 2022
YAHWEH By Stryper INTRO!!!! RIP 2.0 RR SSS03 1 Peter 1:3-5
YAHWEH By Stryper Good Evening/Announcements/Offering Opening Prayer Stay Strong By Newsboys Ruach Reflections Hope Lives By Beckah Shae Daily Meditation/Whatever Prayer Good night!!! Hope Is Rising By Downhere
March 16, 2022
REALIZING ROCKISMS & Recognizing Relationships
In this episode of Praise Prayer Decree & Declare, we discuss RELATIONSHIPS, the Good Ones, the Bad Ones and how to Identify the differences!! There is A LOT can be taken away from this morning interactions, I can't recommend strongly enough that you endeavor to enjoy & learn so, I will leave you to it!! Thank You YHWH, for Yahmie, ROCK & SAND, the insights, prayers and PROMISES concerning the Do's & Don't of SIMPLE WISDOM Application's are INSIGHTFUL & ENCOURAGING!
March 16, 2022
Tobymac Hits Deep Tour Review On RIP 2.0 SSS04 Proverbs 23:29-35
MIKEdaSPIKE gives his concert review on the Tobymac HITS DEEP tour on RIP 2.0 Ruach Reflections SSS04!!! Till The Day I Die By Tobymac] Good Evening/Offering Opening Prayer  Yes He Can By Cain Proverbs 23:29-35 Ruach Reflections Run Devil Run By Crowder Daily Meditation/Whatever Prayer Good Night!!! Burn The Ships By For King & Country
March 16, 2022
03/15/2022_N.S.S.R._ ROCKISM's The Only DRUG that won't KILL you is LOVE_ scrYbe_W.o.W_A.W.C.T.
Mishlei (Proverbs) 23:12-16  Bring Your Heart in till the Day you Die & BEYOND!! Who told us, humility couldn't be REWARDING?  Who Tells us, DEVOTION to a PURPOSE outside of ourselves SHOULDN'T be FUN!!   Today we learned that regardless of how DISMAL life may appear to the natural eye, we are allowed to see through another set!! Shalia Yahmie, prayed in the anointing!!  One could get comfortable with the FIRE she brings!! Shaliach ROCK's Ruachal equivocation(ROCKISM) contesting whether MONEY was a "drug" to which we could be addicted, but wouldn't kill, was spot on; The superior suggestion, that money following LOVE & Love being a DRUG with NO NEGATIVE SIDE EFFECTS, I believe is a FAR BETTER, FAR MORE RIGHTEOUS GLIMPSE into the Heart of YAHWEH!! Getting COMFORTABLE in front of a SOURCE of INSTRUCTION, is never a poor idea!!  Admitting to the idea that you & I don't possess all knowledge is a type of DEATH to SELF in and of itself, and should not be ran from, until the INSTRUCTOR gives leave to go apply what was received!! Shalia SAND closes us out with some POWERFUL POSITIVE THINKING on yet another PROMISE of YAH!!  What is said promise? Well, Psalm 27:23 speaks of the steps of a GOOD MAN are ORDERED by YAHWEH!!  Listen in for the FULLNESS!!
March 16, 2022
You're Not invisible By Disciple INTRO Shabbat RIP 2.0 RR SSS02_2 Corinthians 1:8-11
Invisible By Disciple Annoucements/Offering Introductions/Thankful things Opening Prayer Yeshua By Andrew Lizarraga Ruach Reflections Stay Strong By Newsboys Daily Meditation/Whatever Prayer Good night!!! Stars By Skillet
March 16, 2022
To HELL With The Devil - Stryper INTRO RIP2.0 SSS03 Romans 3:21-24
To HELL With The Devil - Stryper INTRO Annoucements/Offering Introductions/Thankful Things Word of Prayer Third Day Revelation Ruach Reflections  Kutless What Faith Can Do Daily meditation/Whatever Prayer Good Night!!!! For King And Country Burn The Ships
March 15, 2022
TRANSFORMED Recovery® RIP2.0 SSS03 Ephesians 1:3-14 ~ with YAHj 4 YAHway MIKEdaSPIKE - NOTE: UNCUT Virtual TR LOVE Fellowship Gathering Set-Apart Scripture Step
Ephesians 1:3-14 Hebraic Roots Bible (1:3) Blessed is the Elohim and Father of our Master Yahshua Messiah, who blessed us with every spiritual blessing in heaven through Messiah, (1:4) even as He elected us in Him before the foundation of the world, for us to be holy and without blemish before Him in love, (1:5) And He marked us with His love to be His from the beginning and adopted us to be sons through Yahshua Messiah, according to how it pleased His will, (1:6) to the praise of the glory of His grace in which He poured upon us by His beloved one, (1:7) in whom we have redemption through His blood, the remission of sins, according to the riches of His grace (1:8) which He caused to abound toward us in all wisdom and understanding, (1:9) making known to us the mystery of His will, according to His good pleasure which He purposed in Himself, (1:10) as a stewardship of the fullness of the times that all things might be made new, both in the heavens, and the things on the earth, through Messiah, (1:11) by whom we have been chosen as He marked us from the beginning so He wanted to carry out everything according to the good judgment of His will, (1:12) that we should become the first to trust in Messiah to His honor and glory; (1:13) in whom, you also have heard the Word of Truth, which is the good news of your salvation, in Him you have believed, so you were sealed with the Holy Spirit that was promised, (1:14) which is the pledge of our inheritance, to the redemption of the purchased possession, to the praise of His glory. Books of LOVE or AHABAH ( 𐤉𐤄𐤅𐤄 or יהוה ) YAHUUAH (YAHWEH) or I AM that I AM (ahYAH asher ahYAH)
March 11, 2022
TRANSFORMED Recovery® RIP2.0 SSS03 ~ 1 Corinthians 13:4-6 with YAHj 4 YAHway MIKEdaSPIKE - NOTE: UNCUT Virtual TR LOVE Fellowship Gathering Set-Apart Scripture Step Study
1 Corinthians 13:4-6 Hebraic Roots Bible (13:4) Love has patience, is kind; love is not envious; love does not make a vain display of itself, and does not boast; (13:5) it does not behave indecently, does not pursue its own things, is not easily provoked, thinks no evil; (13:6) does not rejoice in unrighteousness, but rejoices in the truth. Books of LOVE or AHABAH ( 𐤉𐤄𐤅𐤄 or יהוה ) YAHUUAH (YAHWEH) or I AM that I AM (ahYAH asher ahYAH)
March 11, 2022
TRANSFORMED Recovery® RIP2.0 SSS03 Romans 10:9-13 with YAHj 4 YAHway MIKEdaSPIKE - NOTE: UNCUT Virtual TR LOVE Fellowship Gathering Set-Apart Scripture Step Study
Romans 10:9-13 Hebraic Roots Bible (10:9) Because if you confess the Master Yahshua with your mouth, and believe in your heart that YAHWEH raised Him from the dead, you will be saved. (10:10) For the heart which believes in Him shall be declared righteous, and the mouth that confesses Him shall live. (10:11) For the Scripture says, "Everyone believing in Him will not be ashamed." (10:12) For there is no difference both of Jew and of non-Jew, for the same Master YAHWEH of all is rich toward all the ones calling on Him. (10:13) For everyone, "whoever may call on the name of YAHWEH will be saved." (Joel 2:32) Books of LOVE or AHABAH  ( 𐤉𐤄𐤅𐤄 or יהוה ) YAHUUAH (YAHWEH)  or I AM that I AM (ahYAH asher ahYAH) TRANSFORMED.LOVE
March 11, 2022
FILTHY RAGS... What Does It Mean? (Isaiah 64:6 & Romans 10) LOV-COV Kingdom Blueprints by Shaliock RuOCK REISS / WoW Proverbs 1:10-14 by Cesar Olaiz / PROMISE of Contentment Hebrews 13:5 by SAND REISS
IsraEL (YAHshraEL) MusicMESSAGE by James Block, opens the START YOUR DAY with YAHWEH Praise Prayer Decree Declare! TRANSFORMED Hearts from Filthy Rags FILTHY RAGS... What Does It Mean? (Isaiah 64:6 & Romans 10) LOV-COV Kingdom Blueprints by Shaliock RuOCK REISS  WoW Proverbs 1:10-14 by Cesar Olaiz  PROMISE of Contentment Hebrews 13:5 by SAND REISS
March 11, 2022
BE EXCELLENT Examples 1 Peter 5:3 by Shaliach scrYbe (Scott scrYbe Pratt) on LOVE-LIVE RUACH Remnant Reality Radio by LOVE, Inc. 04.22.21
1 Peter 5:1-4 [HRB2012]) (5:1) I, a fellow elder, exhort the elders among you, I being also witness of the sufferings of Messiah, and being sharer of the glory about to be revealed: (5:2) Feed the flock of Elohim which is entrusted to your care, and shepherd them spiritually, not by compulsion, but willingly; not for money sake, but with all your heart; (5:3) nor as exercising dominion over the ones allotted to you, but becoming examples of the flock. (5:4) And at the appearing of the Chief Shepherd, you will receive the never fading crown of glory. Books of LOVE or AHABAH  ( 𐤉𐤄𐤅𐤄 or יהוה ) YAHUUAH (YAHWEH)  or  I AM that I AM (ahYAH asher ahYAH) Scott scrYbe Pratt Shaliach (Overseer) of AHABAH http://GIVE.YAHWEH.LOVE +1 920-400-2565 1-866-727-LOVE - HOTLINE HELPLINE 1-866-777-YHWH - ADMIN MAILING ADDRESS LOVE, Inc. LOVE, Inc. PO Box 68138 Phoenix, AZ 85082 Home of Shalom (ROCKSAND) at South Mountain Village Phoenix Arizona 8840 S 16th Pl Phoenix AZ 85042 US HOW: House Of Worship (Scott scrYbe Pratt) EMULATORS at Sheboygan Wisconsin 1417 Erie Ave Sheboygan, WI 53081 US
March 10, 2022
Shabbat Shalom EX 20 "The Mighty Ones"
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Shabbat Shalom EX 20 "The Mighty Ones"
December 02, 2021
Marketplace Ministry presents POWER of LIGHT Series - ALL-NATURAL Stem Cell ACTIVATIONS a Major Medical Technology Breakthrough
Let the POWER of LIGHT  emPOWER your body to heal itself naturally...  NO DRUGS - NO Chemicals! Naturopathic.Network 
December 01, 2021
GO to Nineveh CHANGE YOUR Direction by REV ROCK & the Ministers of LOVE
GO to Nineveh CHANGE YOUR Direction by REV ROCK & the Ministers of LOVE  1.) REVELATION ROCK REISS Shaliach of AHABAH 2.) Daniel Cotton Shaliach of AHABAH 3.) Scott scrYbe Pratt Shaliach of AHABAH 4.) SAND REISS Shaliah of AHABAH 5.) YAHme (Jamie) Cook Shaliah of AHABAH This Shabbat Shalom LOVE Fellowship Gathering Group of MessiYAH MISFITS UNIFY in ONE-MIND to DELIVER a POWER-PACKED MASTERS MESSAGE of HOPE that you can CHANGE YOUR DIRECTION NOW and obediently listen to ABBA YAH find your WAY to YOUR CHOSEN Nineveh! 
June 12, 2021
Yeshua HaMashiach SPLITS 2nd Edit
Yeshua HaMashiach SPLITS 2nd Edit
June 12, 2021
Yeshua HaMashiach SPLITS 1st Edits
Yeshua HaMashiach SPLITS
June 12, 2021
Introduction to mâshâl (Parable - מָשָׁל ) of YAHshua #01 ( יאשוע ) YAHmentary by REV RuOCK ROCK REISS
A Mashal (Hebrew: משל) is a short parable with a moral lesson or religious allegory, called a nimshal. The Hebrew noun דבר (davar, Strong's #1697) is translated as "word." דבר (davar ◄ 3820. leb►HEART Strong's Concordance leb: inner man, mind, will, heart Original Word: לֵב Part of Speech: Noun Masculine Transliteration: leb Phonetic Spelling: (labe) Definition: inner man, mind, will, heart
June 02, 2021
CHOP... CHOP... CHOP that SOIL by REV ROCK REISS on a START YOUR DAY with YAHWEH Praise Prayer Decree Declare
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START YOUR DAY with YAHWEH Praise Prayer Decree Declare 
May 19, 2021
Smyrna Part 1 - Faced Severe Persecution (Revelation 2:8-11) by REV ROCK REISS
Man is YAHformed By not revealing what the 4 Adamah (4 SOILS - אֲדָמָה ) mâshâl (Parable - מָשָׁל ) was all about until its climactic conclusion YAHshua ( יאשוע ) actually draws HIS audience in, holds their attention, and teaches them to be good listeners, which is the value within this moral lesson of YAHshuaic TORAH (INSTRUCTION). LET HIM HEAR WHAT the RUACH says...  (Rev 2:8 [HRB2012]) And to the messenger of the congregation of Smyrna, write: These things says the First and the Last, Who became dead, and is alive: (Rev 2:9 [HRB2012]) I know your works, and the affliction, and the poverty; but you are rich. And I know the evil speaking of those saying themselves to be Jews, and they are not, but are of the synagogue of Satan. (Rev 2:10 [HRB2012]) Do not at all fear what you are about to suffer. Behold, the devil is about to throw you into prison, so that you may be tried; and you will have affliction ten days. Be faithful until death, and I will give you the crown of life. (Rev 2:11 [HRB2012]) The one who has an ear, hear what the Spirit says to the congregations. The one overcoming will not at all be hurt by the second death. Books of LOVE or AHABAH ( 𐤉𐤄𐤅𐤄 or יהוה ) YAHUUAH (YAHWEH) or I AM that I AM (ahYAH asher ahYAH) REV 2 - 7 Types of Congregations (PEOPLES-SOILS) Ephesus - Abandoned its 1st LOVE (Revelation 2:4) Smyrna - Faced severe persecution (Revelation 2:10) Pergamon - Needed to TURN-AWAY from SIN (Revelation 2:16) Thyatira - False Prophetess led people astray (Revelation 2:20) Sardis - WAKE-UP Sleeping Body (Revelation 3:2) Philadelphia - People who patiently persevere (Revelation 3:10) Laodicea - Lukewarm - DEAD - DRY-BONES (Revelation 3:16)
April 27, 2021
WAKE-UP! WAKE-UP!! ARISE oh SLEEPER ARISE!!! (Ephesians 5) Sardis the SLEEPER (Revelation 3:2)
WAKE-UP! WAKE-UP!! ARISE oh SLEEPER ARISE!!! (Ephesians 5) (Eph 5:1 ~ HRB-L4T) Then become imitators of Elohim, as beloved children, (Eph 5:2 ~ HRB-L4T) and walk in LOVE, even as MessiYAH also loved us and gave Himself for us, an offering and a sacrifice to YAHWEH for an odor of a sweet smell. (Eph 5:3 ~ HRB-L4T) But let not fornication, and all uncleanness, or greediness, be named among you, as is fitting for saints; (Eph 5:4 ~ HRB-L4T) also cursing, and foolish talking, or witty insults (none of which are necessary), but rather the giving of thanks. (Eph 5:5 ~ HRB-L4T) For you should know this, that any one guilty of fornication, or unclean person, or a covetous one, who is an idolater, has no inheritance in the kingdom of MessiYAH and of Elohim. (Eph 5:6 ~ HRB-L4T) Let no one deceive you with empty words, for through these things the wrath of YAHWEH comes on the sons of disobedience. (Eph 5:7 ~ HRB-L4T) Then do not become partakers with them; (Eph 5:8 ~ HRB-L4T) for you then were darkness, but are now LIGHT in the Master; walk as children of LIGHT. (Eph 5:9 ~ HRB-L4T) For the fruit of the RUACH is in all goodness and righteousness and truth, (Eph 5:10 ~ HRB-L4T) and you must discern what is acceptable before our Master. (Eph 5:11 ~ HRB-L4T) And have no fellowship with the unfruitful works of darkness, but rather condemn them. (Eph 5:12 ~ HRB-L4T) For it is shameful even to speak of the things being done by them in secret. (Eph 5:13 ~ HRB-L4T) But all things being condemned are exposed by the LIGHT and are clearly revealed, for everything having been revealed is light. (Eph 5:14 ~ HRB-L4T) Because of this, He says, ARISE, sleeping ones and rise from the dead ones, and MessiYAH will give you LIGHT. (Eph 5:15 ~ HRB-L4T) Then watch how carefully you walk, not as unwise, but as wise ones, (Eph 5:16 ~ HRB-L4T) redeeming the time, because the days are evil. (Eph 5:17 ~ HRB-L4T) For this reason, do not be foolish, but understanding what the will of Elohim is. (Eph 5:18 ~ HRB-L4T) And "do not be drunk with wine," in which is debauchery, but be filled by the RUACH, (Eph 5:19 ~ HRB-L4T) speaking to yourselves in psalms and hymns and RUACHal (spiritual) songs, singing and praising in your heart to YAHWEH, (Eph 5:20 ~ HRB-L4T) giving thanks at all times for all things to YAHWEH the Father in the name of our Master YAHshua MessiYAH.  (Eph 5:1-20 ~ HRB-L4T) Books of LOVE or AHABAH ( 𐤉𐤄𐤅𐤄 or יהוה ) YAHUUAH (YAHWEH) or I AM that I AM (ahYAH asher ahYAH) Sardis the SLEEPER (Revelation 3:2-6) (Rev 3:1 [HRB2012]) And to the messenger of the congregation in Sardis, write: These things says the One having the seven spirits of Elohim, and the seven stars: I know your works, that you have the name that you live, and are dead. (Rev 3:2 [HRB2012]) Be watching, and establish the things which remain, which are about to die. For I have not found your works being fulfilled before YAHWEH. (Rev 3:3 [HRB2012]) Then remember how you received and heard, and keep, and repent. If, then, you do not watch, I will come upon you like a thief and you will not at all know what hour I come upon you. (Rev 3:4 [HRB2012]) You also have a few names in Sardis which did not defile their robes, and they shall walk with Me in white because they are worthy. (Rev 3:5 [HRB2012]) The one overcoming, this one shall be clothed in white garments, and I will not at all blot his name out of the Book of Life; and I will acknowledge his name before My Father, and before His cherubs. (Rev 3:6 [HRB2012]) The one who has an ear, hear what the Spirit says to the congregations. Books of LOVE or AHABAH ( 𐤉𐤄𐤅𐤄 or יהוה ) YAHUUAH (YAHWEH) or I AM that I AM (ahYAH asher ahYAH)
April 19, 2021
Scripturally OBEDIENT GOOD SOIL Prophetess Women & Female Teachers - NOT like Jezebel of Thyatira the False Prophetess by REV ROCK REISS
“The additional error of the Thyatiran church (congregation) was not just that Jezebel was allowed to promote unbiblical concepts, but that she evidently held a position as a teacher over men.” REV 2 - 7 Types of Congregations (PEOPLES-SOILS) Ephesus - Abandoned its 1st LOVE (Revelation 2:4) Smyrna - Faced severe persecution (Revelation 2:10) Pergamon - Needed to TURN-AWAY from SIN (Revelation 2:16) Thyatira - False Prophetess led people astray (Revelation 2:20) Sardis - WAKE-UP Sleeping Body (Revelation 3:2) Philadelphia - People who patiently persevere (Revelation 3:10) Laodicea - Lukewarm - DEAD - DRY-BONES (Revelation 3:16)
April 17, 2021
JEZEBEL ( אִיזֶבֶל ) Thyatira: EVIL False Prophetess Leads the People Away from YAHWEH (Revelation 2:20) by REV ROCK REISS
◄ 348. Izebel ► Original Word: אִיזֶבֶל Part of Speech: Proper Name Feminine Transliteration: Izebel Phonetic Spelling: (ee-zeh'-bel) Definition: queen of Israel with King Ahab  Strong's Concordance Izebel: queen of Isr. with King Ahab (Rev 2:20 [HRB2012]) But I have a few things against you, that you allow the woman Jezebel to teach, she saying herself to be a prophetess, and to cause My servants to go astray, and to commit fornication, and to eat idol sacrifices. (Rev 2:21 [HRB2012]) And I gave time to her that she might repent of her fornication. And she did not repent. (Rev 2:22 [HRB2012]) Behold, I will cast her into a coffin, and those committing adultery with her into great affliction, unless they repent of their works. (Rev 2:23 [HRB2012]) And I will kill her children with death; and all the congregations will know that I am the One searching the inner parts and hearts. And I will give to each of you according to your works. (Rev 2:24 [HRB2012]) But I say to you and to the rest in Thyatira, as many as do not have this teaching, and who did not know the deep things of Satan, as they say: I am not casting another burden on you; (Rev 2:25 [HRB2012]) but what you have, hold until I shall come. (Rev 2:26 [HRB2012]) And the one overcoming, and the one keeping My works until the end, "I will give to him authority over the nations," (Rev 2:27 [HRB2012]) and "He will shepherd them with an iron staff" like the vessels of the potter they shall be shattered, as I also have received from My Father. (Rev 2:28 [HRB2012]) And I will give to him the Morning Star. (Rev 2:29 [HRB2012]) The one who has an ear, hear what the Spirit says to the congregations. Books of LOVE or AHABAH ( 𐤉𐤄𐤅𐤄 or יהוה ) YAHUUAH (YAHWEH) or I AM that I AM (ahYAH asher ahYAH)
April 15, 2021
WHO's YOUR DADDY? - ABBA YAH or DUMB DEVIL?? Teshuvah (Repent) Revelation 2:16 Pergamum by REV ROCK REISS
Everyone practicing SIN also practices LAWLESSNESS, and SIN is the breaking of the TORAH. 1 YAHuchanan 3:4 (1 John 3:4 HRB2012) Books of LOVE or AHABAH ( 𐤉𐤄𐤅𐤄 or יהוה ) YAHUUAH (YAHWEH) or I AM that I AM (ahYAH asher ahYAH)
April 13, 2021
GOOD SOIL (ADAMAH)... Philadelphia... and the Perfect ONE (ECHAD) YAHshua Body by REV ROCK REISS
4 Breakdowns: Scriptural Structure (1) mâshâl (Parable - מָשָׁל ) of the 4 Adamah (4 SOILS - אֲדָמָה ) by YAHshua ( יאשוע ) Lukas (Luke) 8:4-8 (2) Purpose of our Adonai using mâshâl (Parable - מָשָׁל ) by YAHshua ( יאשוע ) Lukas (Luke) 8:9-10 (3) Interpretation of the mâshâl (Parable - מָשָׁל ) of the 4 Adamah (4 SOILS - אֲדָמָה ) by YAHshua ( יאשוע ) Lukas (Luke) 8:11-15 (4) Implications and Applications of the mâshâl (Parable - מָשָׁל ) by YAHshua ( יאשוע ) Lukas (Luke) 8:16-21 REV 2 - 7 Types of Congregations (PEOPLES-SOILS) Ephesus - Abandoned its 1st LOVE (Revelation 2:4) Smyrna - Faced severe persecution (Revelation 2:10) Pergamon - Needed to TURN-AWAY from SIN (Revelation 2:16) Thyatira - False Prophetess led people astray (Revelation 2:20) Sardis - WAKE-UP Sleeping Body (Revelation 3:2) Philadelphia - People who patiently persevere (Revelation 3:10) Laodicea - Lukewarm - DEAD - DRY-BONES (Revelation 3:16) (Eph 4:1 [HRB2012]) Then I, the prisoner of our Master, exhort you to walk worthily of the calling in which you were called, (Eph 4:2 [HRB2012]) with all humility and meekness, with long-suffering, bearing with one another in love, (Eph 4:3 [HRB2012]) being eager to keep the unity of the Spirit in the bond of peace. (Eph 4:4 [HRB2012]) There is one body and one Spirit, even as you also were called in one hope of your calling; (Eph 4:5 [HRB2012]) one YAHWEH (family), one faith, one baptism, (Eph 4:6 [HRB2012]) one Elohim and Father of all, the One above all and through all and in you all. (Eph 4:7 [HRB2012]) But to each one of us was given grace according to the measure of the gift of Messiah. (Eph 4:8 [HRB2012]) Because of this, He says, "Having ascended on high, He led captivity captive," and gave gifts to men." (Eph 4:9 [HRB2012]) But that He went up, what is it except that He also first came down into the lower parts of the earth? (Eph 4:10 [HRB2012]) He that came down is the same who also went up above all the heavens, that He might fill all things. Books of LOVE or AHABAH ( 𐤉𐤄𐤅𐤄 or יהוה ) YAHUUAH (YAHWEH) or I AM that I AM (ahYAH asher ahYAH)
April 12, 2021
LOVE-LIVE Standard-Start
LOVE-LIVE Standard-Start
April 11, 2021
YAHshua's Blood of Everlasting Covenant by REVELATION RuOCK ROCK REISS
YAHshua's Blood of Everlasting Covenant
April 11, 2021
#01 - 4 Adamah (4 SOILS - אֲדָמָה ) mâshâl (Parable - מָשָׁל ) of YAHshua #01 ( יאשוע ) YAHmentary by REV RuOCK ROCK REISS
#01 - 4 Adamah (4 SOILS - אֲדָמָה ) mâshâl (Parable - מָשָׁל ) of YAHshua #01 ( יאשוע ) YAHmentary by REV RuOCK ROCK REISS The Parable of the Sower (sometimes called the Parable of the Soils) is a mâshâl (Parable - מָשָׁל ) of YAHshua ( יאשוע ) found in MattiYAHu (Matthew) 13:1–23, Markus (Mark) 4:1–20, Lukas (Luke) 8:4–15 and the GOOD NEWS of Thomas, logion 9. Parable: A simple story used to illustrate a moral lesson YAHshua ( יאשוע ) tells of a farmer (a Minister - שָׁרַת - sharath) one who serves or who sows SEED (WORD - דבר - davar) indiscriminately (in all directions or randomly). Some seed falls on the path (wayside) with no soil, some on rocky ground with little soil, some on soil which contains thorns, and some on good soil. In the first case, the seed is taken away; in the second and third soils, the seed fails to produce a crop; but when it falls on good soil, it grows and yields thirty-(30), sixty-(60), or a hundred-twenty-fold (120). YAHshua ( יאשוע ) later explains to his Galal Talmidim (Committed Disciples) that the seed represents the GOOD NEWS, the sower represents anyone who proclaims it, and the various soils represent people's responses to it.
April 11, 2021
BE ANGRY SIN NOT - DO's & DON'ts TORAH-TRUTH by Shaliach scrYbe (Scott Pratt)
(Eph 4:26 [HRB2012]) "Be angry but do not sin;" do not let the sun go down on your anger, (Eph 4:27 [HRB2012]) and do not give the Devil a chance. (Eph 4:28 [HRB2012]) The one stealing, let him steal no more, but rather let him labor, working what is good with the hands, that he may have something to give to the one who has need. Books of LOVE or AHABAH ( 𐤉𐤄𐤅𐤄 or יהוה ) YAHUUAH (YAHWEH) or I AM that I AM (ahYAH asher ahYAH)
April 10, 2021
BE GOOD SOIL Philadelphia! 7 Types of Congregations (PEOPLES-SOILS) 4 Adamah (4 SOILS - אֲדָמָה ) mâshâl (Parable - מָשָׁל ) by REVELATION ROCK REISS
Man is YAHformed By not revealing what the 4 Adamah (4 SOILS - אֲדָמָה ) mâshâl (Parable - מָשָׁל ) was all about until its climactic conclusion YAHshua ( יאשוע ) actually draws HIS audience in, holds their attention, and teaches them to be good listeners, which is the value within this moral lesson of YAHshuaic TORAH (INSTRUCTION). REV 2 - 7 Types of Congregations (PEOPLES-SOILS) Ephesus - Smyrna - Pergamon - Thyatira - Sardis - Philadelphia (modern Alaşehir) or Turkey - Laodicea - The seven Congregations are named according to their locations. The Book of Revelation reveals each description of each Congregation. Ephesus (Revelation 2:1-7): known as hard workers not weak, and separating themselves from the wicked; corrected for forsaking its first love (2:4) Smyrna (Revelation 2:8-11): admired for its tribulation and poverty; forecast to suffer persecution (2:10) Pergamum (Revelation 2:12-17): located where 'Satan's seat' is; needs to repent of allowing false teachers (2:16) Thyatira (Revelation 2:18-29): known for its charity, whose "latter works are greater than the former"; tolerates the teachings of a false prophetess (2:20) Sardis (Revelation 3:1-6): admonished for - in contrast to its good reputation - being dead; cautioned to fortify itself and return to YAHWEH through repentance (3:2-3) Philadelphia (Revelation 3:7-13): known as steadfast in faith, keeping YAHWEH's WORD and enduring patiently (3:10) Laodicea, near Denizli (see Laodicean Church) (Revelation 3:14-22): called lukewarm and insipid (3:16) Philadelphia (Revelation 3:7-13) (Rev 3:7 [HRB2012]) And to the messenger of the congregation in Philadelphia, write: These things says the Holy One, the True One, "The One having the key of David, the One opening, and no one shuts; and shuts, and no one opens:" (Rev 3:8 [HRB2012]) I know your works. Behold, I have given a door being opened before you, and no one is able to shut it, for you have a little strength and have kept My Word, and have not denied My name. (Rev 3:9 [HRB2012]) Behold, I give out of the synagogue of Satan those saying themselves to be Jews, and they are not, but they lie. Behold, I will make them come and bow down before your feet, and they shall know that I loved you. (Rev 3:10 [HRB2012]) Because you kept the Word of My patience, I also will keep you out of the hour of trial which is going to come upon all the world in order to try those dwelling on the earth. (Rev 3:11 [HRB2012]) Behold, I am coming quickly. Hold what you have that no one take your crown. (Rev 3:12 [HRB2012]) The one overcoming, I will make him a pillar in the sanctuary of My Elohim, and he shall not go out any more. And I will write the name of My Elohim on him, and the name of the city of My Elohim, the New Jerusalem which comes down out of Heaven from My Elohim, and My new name. (Rev 3:13 [HRB2012]) The one who has an ear, hear what the Spirit says to the congregations. Books of LOVE or AHABAH ( 𐤉𐤄𐤅𐤄 or יהוה ) YAHUUAH (YAHWEH) or I AM that I AM (ahYAH asher ahYAH)
April 08, 2021
7-Congregations ALL receive Wise Counsel as the RUACH speaks to and thru YAHuchanan the REVELATOR… by REVELATION RuOCK ROCK REISS
Man is YAHformed By not revealing what the 4 Adamah (4 SOILS - אֲדָמָה ) mâshâl (Parable - מָשָׁל ) was all about until its climactic conclusion YAHshua ( יאשוע ) actually draws HIS audience in, holds their attention, and teaches them to be good listeners, which is the value within this moral lesson of YAHshuaic TORAH (INSTRUCTION). REV 2 - 7 Types of Congregations (PEOPLES-SOILS) Ephesus - Smyrna - Pergamon - Thyatira - Sardis - Philadelphia (modern Alaşehir) or Turkey - Laodicea - The seven Congregations are named according to their locations. The Book of Revelation reveals each description of each Congregation. Ephesus (Revelation 2:1-7): known as hard workers not weak, and separating themselves from the wicked; corrected for forsaking its first love (2:4) Smyrna (Revelation 2:8-11): admired for its tribulation and poverty; forecast to suffer persecution (2:10) Pergamum (Revelation 2:12-17): located where 'Satan's seat' is; needs to repent of allowing false teachers (2:16) Thyatira (Revelation 2:18-29): known for its charity, whose "latter works are greater than the former"; tolerates the teachings of a false prophetess (2:20) Sardis (Revelation 3:1-6): admonished for - in contrast to its good reputation - being dead; cautioned to fortify itself and return to YAHWEH through repentance (3:2-3) Philadelphia (Revelation 3:7-13): known as steadfast in faith, keeping YAHWEH's WORD and enduring patiently (3:10) Laodicea, near Denizli (see Laodicean Church) (Revelation 3:14-22): called lukewarm and insipid (3:16) Seven messages The letters follow a common pattern. For example: YAHWEH first addresses each church and identifies Himself, [1] YAH defines things that He knows about each congregation in question. [2] YAH then reprimands [3] YAH then challenges [4]  YAH then promises [5] 7-Congregations ALL receive Wise Counsel as the RUACH speaks to and thru YAHuchanan the REVELATOR… sometimes the promise comes before the Wise Counsel of the RUACH and sometimes after. "He who has an ear, let him hear what the RUACH says to the Congregations" Although the letters differ in length in accord with the needs of each community, all conclude with an appeal to hold fast and to listen to what the RUACH is saying to the congregations. Each congregation is promised that everyone who conquers will be rewarded by YAHshua their KING of KINGS and FOUNDATION of FOUNDATIONS. Some historians typically interpret the 7-Congregations as representing seven different periods in the history of the Western Church from the time of Shaul (Paul) until the return of YAHshua HaMashiach. 7-Congregations message goes beyond local gatherings, and is in essence a preview of the prophetic purpose that discloses seven dispositions of spiritual history of the global congregations.
April 07, 2021
INTENSE REPENTANCE creates a ANTI-SIN Mindset! Replacing EVIL with GOOD or RIGHT-THINKING (Righteousness) is the WAY of YAHshua... and we NEED HIM in us, to accomplish it. WE NEED YAH's HELP we cannot DO anything, without the POWER of HIS RUACH HaKodesh!  2 Corinthians 7:10-11  /  John 8:11  /  Romans 7:23-25  OVERCOME SIN - DO NOT be OVERCOME by EVIL (Romans 12:21) DO IT MORE - KEEP SIN OUT: Annual Feast of Unleavened Bread (YAHshua the true “Bread of Life”) is a practical practice-time where we can concentrate on clothing ourselves with  YAHshua's (IzaiYAH 61:10) "Robe of Righteousness" over our lives (Galatians 2:20).  Rejoicing I will rejoice in YAHWEH. My soul shall exult in my Elohim. For He clothed me with the wedding garments of Y'shua*; He put on me the robe of righteousness, even as a bridegroom, adorned as a priest with his fancy attire, and as a bride wears her wedding dress. Books of LOVE or AHABAH ( 𐤉𐤄𐤅𐤄 or יהוה ) YAHUUAH (YAHWEH) or I AM that I AM (ahYAH asher ahYAH) 7 days we learn the RUACH lessons of eating unleavened bread (Exodus 12:14-20; 13:6-7; Leviticus 23:6), symbolic of living YAHshua's SIN-FREE LIFE... eating “the bread of life,” as YAHshuaic Covenant TORAH (instructed us) see YAHuchanan (John) 6:27-63. ON LOVE-LIVE RUACH Remnant Reality Radio
April 01, 2021
BAD-OUT ~ GOOD-IN the primary Feast of Unleavened Bread MASTERS MESSAGE: We are taught in the Sacred Scriptures to EVICT EVIL & replace it with GOOD (RUACH FRUIT GOODNESS). Symbolized by Unleavened Bread.  EVICT EVIL - INVITE RUACH (BREATH of YAH) Feast of Unleavened Bread 5782 (2021): Sign YOUR Lease on LIFE, Contract YOUR Temple with KING YAHshua by REV ROCK REISS EVICT EVIL Let LOVE IN  Lease YOUR Temple with RUACH of YAHshua by REVELATION RuOCK ROCK
March 31, 2021
SoS 3 - Falling in LOVE Intimately with YAH in a Committed Relationship - Song of Solomon 3 by REVELATION ROCK Shaliach of LOVE, Inc.
SoS 3 - Falling in LOVE Intimately with YAH in a Committed Relationship (Song 3:1 [HRB2012]) By night on my bed I sought Him (Aleph/Tav) whom my soul loves. I sought Him, but I did not find Him. (Song 3:2 [HRB2012]) I will rise now and go about in the city, in the streets and in the broad places. I will seek Him whom my soul loves. I sought Him, but I did not find Him. (Song 3:3 [HRB2012]) The one watching going about in the city found me. I said, Have you seen Him whom my soul loves? (Song 3:4 [HRB2012]) When I had passed on from them, it was a little while until I found Him whom my soul loves. I seized Him, and I did not let Him go until I had brought Him into my mother's house, and into the room of her who conceived me. (Song 3:5 [HRB2012]) O daughters of Jerusalem, swear the oath, swear it seven times, by the gazelles or by the does of the field, that you do not stir up, even that you not awaken (Aleph/Tav) the Beloved until it pleases. (Song 3:6 [HRB2012]) Who is this who comes up out of the wilderness like columns of smoke, sacrificing as incense myrrh and frankincense, from all powders of the merchant? (Ex 13:21-22) (Song 3:7 [HRB2012]) Behold his bed, Solomon's! Sixty mighty men are around it, of the mighty men of Israel. (Song 3:8 [HRB2012]) They all hold the sword, instructed in war; each man has his sword on his thigh from dread in the night. (Song 3:9 [HRB2012]) King Solomon made himself a litter bed of the trees of Lebanon. (Song 3:10 [HRB2012]) He made its poles of silver; its back of gold; its seat of purple; its middle was paved with love by the daughters of Jerusalem. (Song 3:11 [HRB2012]) Go forth, O daughters of Zion, and see The King of Peace with the crown with which his mother crowned him on his wedding day, even on the day of the gladness of his heart. http://YHWH.LOVE  LOVE, Inc. a registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. Copyright © 1981 - 2019 Kevin Lee Reiss (ROCK REISS) Author / Visionary / Overseer
April 03, 2020
SAND TRANSFORMED Recovery® Meeting-Reading
SAND TRANSFORMED Recovery® Meeting-Reading
March 23, 2020
LOVE-LIVE RUACH Remnant Reality Radio Media Ministry Broadcast Network by LOVE Inc REV RuOCK ROCK
We've been Broadcasting Media Ministry for decades and have accumulated upwards of 50,000hrs of both Audio & Video over the years!
March 22, 2020