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Love, Locs & Vibes

Love, Locs & Vibes

By Love Locs Vibes
Love, Locs & Vibes is a weekly lifestyle podcast that focuses on issues that are important to Black women. Each week, Brooke and Sequoia will share details on how they survived their week, discuss dating, and tackle a hot discussion topic.
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From Queens On Their Thrones to The Friend Zone
This is a bonus episode that was recorded on July 26th We answer questions from the audience.  What have you done to get out of the Friend Zone?  Rate, Review, Subscribe Follow us on social!  IG: @lovelocsvibes Twitter: @lovelocsvibes Facebook: Love, Locs, & Vibes
September 18, 2021
Under His Eye
Sequoia doesn't want to spill the beans about her new bae because she thinks it's bad luck.  Brooke is acting like a wet sock and is mean as always.  How do you feel about Texas' new abortion law?  Follow us on social:  IG: @lovelocsvibes Twitter: @lovelocsvibes Facebook: Love, Locs & Vibes
September 14, 2021
We're Back! We Still Black and We Still Got Locs!
 Thank you for hanging in there with us during this time!  Sequoia is flourishing! She is practicing self-care, going to auditions, and making that money!  Brooke talks about grieving the loss of her uncle while being overworked!  You can find out more about Better Help at Casting networks mentioned in the episode: Actor Access LA Casting Casting Frontier Please rate, review, and subscribe!  Follow us on social:  IG: @lovelocsvibes Twitter: @lovelocsvibes Facebook: Love, Locs, & Vibes  
September 03, 2021
Sequoia talks about getting it the gym.  Brooke is complaining and not open to all of her options.  How many times have you started over?  Follow us on social IG: @lovelocsvibes Twitter: @lovelocsvibes Facebook: Love, Locs & Vibes  Email us at
July 27, 2021
We're Just Kidding Like Jason, Unless You Gon Do It
Sequoia is overwhelmed and sacrificing her locs.  Brooke thinks she's Toni Braxton.  When is the last time you heard the words "I Love You"? Follow us on social:  IG: @lovelocsvibes Twitter: @lovelocsvibes Facebook: Love, Locs & Vibes Email us:
July 16, 2021
We Know What's Best For You
Sequoia updates us on her birthday excursion.  Brooke updates us on her LA trip.  Does your partner know what's best for you? Follow us on social:  IG: @lovelocsvibes Twitter: @lovelocsvibes Facebook: Love, Locs & Vibes  Email us at
July 02, 2021
The One That Stayed And The One That Got Away
Sequoia discusses her birthday plans!  Brooke talks about complications post COVID.  Do you believe in the one that got away?  Donate to Maroon Arts & Culture for Juneteenth & Sequoia's birthday!  Visit Follow us on social and send Sequoia Bday wishes!  IG: @lovelocsvibes Twitter: @lovelocsvibes FB: Love, Locs & Vibes Email us at
June 18, 2021
Aye Lil Mama, You Look Too Good To Be Frowning
Brooke talks about being appreciated.  Sequoia talks about spending quality time.  We talk catcalling!  Have you ever been approached by swingers? Follow us on social:  IG: @lovelocsvibes Twitter: @lovelocsvibes Facebook: Love, Locs & Vibes Email us at
June 12, 2021
Tell Your Friends To Get With My Friends, And We Can Be Friends
Sequoia is doing grown woman things!  Brooke is going to LA! How do you feel about your significant other's friends? Society is a mess! Follow Us On Social:  IG: @lovelocsvibes Twitter: @lovelocsvibes Facebook: Love, Locs, & Vibes Email us at
June 05, 2021
Age Ain't Nothing But A Number?
Only you can prevent forest fires! Sequoia discusses long-distance dating and auditions.  Brooke feeling left out How old is too old when your parents are young? Check out WholeHearted Coaching! Follow us on social: IG: @lovelocsvibes Twitter: @lovelocsvibes Facebook: Love, Locs & Vibes Email us at  
May 29, 2021
Enchanted Forest Dreams
Sequoia gushes about her upcoming trip.  Brooke rants about vegan food in the airport.  Let your kids listen to the podcast! Are faux locs the gateway drug to permanent locs? Follow us on social!  IG @lovelocsvibes Twitter @lovelocsvibes Facebook: Love, Locs, & Vibes Email us at
May 21, 2021
Is it Myers-Briggs or is it Polyamory? w/ Special Guest
This week we have a special guest on the show to discuss polyamory.  Brooke discusses not wanting to be a leader. It goes down in Sequoia's DMs.  Pets can be clumsy.  Is dating around and poly the same thing? We share another letter from a listener. Follow us on social IG: @lovelocsvibes Twitter: @lovelocsvibes Facebook: Love, Locs, & Vibes Email us at
May 15, 2021
Our DMs Are Open, Like The Church!
Sequoia finds a new way to meet eligible bachelors. Brooke talks transitions from dating to exclusively dating. Romantic relationships are also friendships! When is a good time to bring up finances? Does your female boss need to be sexually attractive? Follow us on social:  IG: @lovelocsvibes Twitter: @lovelocsvibes Facebook: Love, Locs, & Vibes Email us:
May 07, 2021
When A Bae Listens To Your Podcast
This week we’re sitting on the podcast like Queens whose shit don’t stink 👸🏾👸🏾  Sequoia gets disappointed by Nike and is done with their shenanigans.  Brooke talks civil duty and community service.  Why must men continue to comment on women wearing makeup and wigs? Follow Us On Social Media IG: @lovelocsvibes Twitter: @lovelocsvibes Facebook: Love, Locs, & Vibes Email:
April 30, 2021
Gotta Make The Pod Cry
Sequoia gets hired by one of her baes.  Brooke updates us on getting to know her father’s side of the family. We talk about men putting sexual pressure on women.  Do you lick your fingers to separate papers? Men shall have nicknames until they’re a fiancé. Do you care what your friends and family think about who you’re dating? Rate, review, subscribe!  Follow Us On Social Media  IG: @lovelocsvibes Twitter: @lovelocsvibes Facebook: Love, Locs & Vibes Email:
April 23, 2021
Are You Embarrassed Because We Are
Brooke talks tarot card readings and other witchy things. Sequoia gets proposed to and talks disappointing acts. How many people is too many people to date? Whoever smelt it dealt it! Rate, Review, Subscribe! Follow Us On Social Media IG: @lovelocsvibes Twitter: @lovelocsvibes Facebook: Love, Locs & Vibes Email:
April 14, 2021
Athletes, Don’t Come For Me!
Sequoia is finally back in LA and has a flourishing dating life. Brooke seems unsure! We talk about about living alone and how me maintain our locs. What is a relationship coach, really? Do you think women are property?  Follow us on social media  IG: @lovelocsvibes  Twitter: @lovelocsvibes  Facebook: Love, Locs, & Vibes  Email us at
April 09, 2021
Please Respect Our Privacy At This Time
Sequoia talks about men’s words being as important as their actions. Brooke gives us the scoop on her romantic rendezvous. Do you know when it’s time to say goodbye? Brooke has had too much to drink and Sequoia has the patience of a saint. Talk to us nice! Rate, Review, Subscribe!  Follow us on social media  IG: @lovelocsvibes Twitter: @lovelocsvibes Facebook: Love, Locs, & Vibes Email Us:
March 31, 2021
Restraining What You Feel Doesn't Serve Anybody
Sequoia updates us on her cross-country move. Brooke gets a new mic and updates us on some self-care. Do you steal supplies from your parent's house because they buy in bulk? We talk biological clocks and how men have an unfair advantage. How long should you wait before having sex? Is there anything wrong with settling or being content? Checkout Sequoia on the JB Vs Everybody Podcast, Season 2 Episode 3 Give us feedback in a loving way. Rate, Review, Subscribe! Follow Us On Social Media  IG: @lovelocsvibes Twitter: @lovelocsvibes Facebook: Love Locs & Vibes Email us at
March 28, 2021
My Cake Is Amazing, I Don’t Need Any Raggedy Frosting
Sequoia updates us on nameless bae. Brooke discusses DNA tests and intimacy.  Why don't men in LA approach women? Sequoia talks about not prioritizing black men when dating anymore. We discuss what makes someone "marriage material" and proposals. Are you trying to hitch your train to someone’s wagon? Rate, Review, Subscribe! Follow us on Social Media IG @lovelocsvibes Twitter @lovelocsvibes Facebook Love Locs & Vibes Email Us
March 19, 2021
Compliment Me Like A Spoken Word Poet
Sequoia is a smitten kitten and dishes on a possible new nameless bae.  We give the audience an opportunity to give him a nickname on the Love Locs & Vibes IG.  Brooke talks boobs and letting bae use her computer without worrying about snooping. When is too soon to loc your child's hair? Does chicken have a natural flavor without seasoning? Men are lazy with compliments and we're sick of it!  Read The Mastery of Love RATE, REVIEW, SUBSCRIBE Connect With Us!  IG: @lovelocsvibes Twitter: @lovelocsvibes Facebook: Love Locs & Vibes Email: RIP Rage Almighty
March 11, 2021
I Want Someone Who Is HELL YES About Me!
 This is our Valentine's Day episode! In this week's episode; Sequoia shares her grocery store fantasy, Brooke shares her flight fantasy, and we share our dating bios. What does it take for a man to get your number? Brooke keeps making excuses for bae. Sequoia gives Brooke a reality check. Join The Conversation On Social Media IG @lovelocsvibes Twitter @lovelocsvibes Email Us Your Thoughts and Questions
March 05, 2021
Old Bae & Old Bay
This week we give you an update about the pod, share when you can expect some bonus content, and celebrate our loc goals.  Brooke is trying to learn how to date and isn't doing that great of a job. Sequoia shares personal news and a huge self-care update!  The "Buss It" challenge is for my friends, not for you.  Don't come for us DMV!  Rate, Review Subscribe Follow us on all social media  IG: @lovelocsvibes Twitter: @lovelocsvibes Email:
February 25, 2021
We're Not Ashamed To Be Looking For Bae
In this week’s episode, we introduce ourselves, discuss our dating lives, career ambitions, and share what inspired us to begin this podcast. This episode was recorded November 2020. Upcoming episodes will have juicy details about the release delay.  Be sure to rate review subscribe and follow us on social media. You can email any questions or suggestions to
February 17, 2021