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Truth Carpet

Truth Carpet

By LoveLoudd
Truth Carpet is a podcast hosted by your favorite East Coast- West Coast best friend duo, LoveLoudd LLC. Each episode will dive into college memories, poetry, and a hot topic of the day. Grab your favorite drink, chill with us, and enjoy.

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Shawty Swing My Way
In this last episode of “Truth Carpet” season 1, Yaya & Monie discuss the several types of relationships that exist such as Polygamy, Open relationships, and Swingers. As Americans, Monogamy is seen as the norm but is Monogamy really normal? Is Polygamy the way to go? Tune in to hear our thoughts. What are your thoughts?  During their Suite 223 segment, Yaya & Monie recite "Untitled", a poem describing what it's like to be in a situationship, and the dorm story segment is spicy. Let's just say ménage a tríos! Warning to our parents, proceed with caution. Love ya!
December 11, 2020
Schmoney Talk
Black Friday is upon us! What better time than now to have Wajihah of Pretty Girls Plan join us to talk all things money! Get your ears ready to dissect pointers regarding smart spending & budgeting. Of course our episode includes our dorm story segment where Yaya and Monie chat about what they wish they knew when they were in college. During their Suite 223 segment, Yaya recites “Heartbreak of a Broken Mind”. We hope you’ll enjoy this episode. Shout out to all the Black Business Owners out there. Let’s continue to support one another. Be sure to follow Jia on IG @_prettygirlsplan 💕.
November 27, 2020
R&R: Relationships and Religion
Religion & Relationships don't always go hand in hand, and it's not a duo that people tend to discuss. Are you for or against dating someone who has a different religious or spiritual stance than you? What would your family think? We weren't afraid to dive into this topic. Tune in to this episode with our special guest, Katrina Pettiford (@dimedivatrina), as we share our perspectives and ideals, despite the fact that we all have our different views.
November 13, 2020
"Find A Way or Make One" isn't just CAU's motto, it's our way of life. Rona thought she could bring us down but we said nah! During this episode of Truth Carpet, Yaya & Monie are joined by a special guest, their good girl friend from the Illustrious Clark Atlanta University, Courtney Rae (@its_CourtneyRae). They discuss Homecoming and their experiences with attending an HBCU. Each lady share their favorite homecoming experiences and Courtney delves deep expressing how much her HBCU experience means to her. Also, per usual, Monie and Yaya partake in a dorm story sharing which campus orgs they were apart of. During Suite 223, Yaya recites an original poem, "Wanna Be". Enjoy!
October 30, 2020
I Can't Work Like This
Have you ever worked in a hostile environment or someplace where you felt undervalued? Unfortunately, we have. Join us in this episode as we discuss whether or not we had jobs while in undergrad and some hostile environments we once were employed at. During our Suite 223 segment, Simoné shares an original piece, “Poetically Imperfect”. Enjoy!
October 16, 2020
Do Men Get Asked These Questions???
Episode 11 is dedicated to everyone asking those annoying questions! We know we aren’t the only ones tired of being asked when we’re having kids and/ or getting married. Tune into this episode to learn our reactions and thoughts. Also, enjoy an original poem, “Estranged”, by Yanique, and hear what both Yanique and Simoné wish they would have done differently while in undergrad.
October 2, 2020
Susan by the Seashore
On this episode of Truth Carpet, Yanique and Simoné reveal what was revealed to them when they met Susan down at the Seashore. They received psychic readings and were so stunned by what they learned, they couldn't wait to share it with you. Also on this episode, you'll enjoy an original poem, Addle Amity, by Simoné. During their Dorm Stories, Yanique and Simoné briefly discuss by which age they thought they'd be married with children.
September 18, 2020
What Are We?
It's levels to this ish! “What are we” is a question that gets flung around more often than not and to be frank, when it’s not said verbally, it’s definitely a question at the back of someone’s mind. Before getting into the nitty gritty bka Hot Topics, Yanique & Simoné discuss difficult courses they took while at CAU. Afterwards, Yanique recites an original poem, “Pursuant”, which goes hand in hand with their Hot Topic, Dating Stages. Enjoy
September 4, 2020
How May I Help You?
How May I Help You? During this episode, Yanique and Simoné discuss difficulties and positive highlights with being miles away from home while attending school in Atlanta. Simoné recites a beautiful original poem, “Diluted Exterior”. For their Hot Topic, these ladies discuss Mental Health, their encounters with it, and their perceptions as a result of what they witness. Please note that this is technically episode 8 as we started our journey on IGLive. Okay, now that that’s been said..... Turn up your volume & enjoy!
August 21, 2020
Love Languages
This episode is all about L.O.V.E ya’ll. That’s right! Yanique and Simoné discuss their experiences of having relationships during college and share their understanding of their top 3 Love Languages based on Gary Chapman’s ideology. During Suite 223, their poetic segment, Yanique recites “Insight” and shares her inspiration for that piece.
August 7, 2020
Does Size Matter?
Does Size Matter? Maybe it does. On this episode of Truth Carpet, Yanique and Simoné reminisce about the good and not so good eats they had as college students in Atlanta. They then discuss if size really matters when thinking of body size and weight. Have these ladies been shamed or shamed others because of their body sizes? Tune in to find out.
July 24, 2020
Don't Miss the Shuttle!
LoveLoudd transitions from IG Live to their very first podcast. They discuss college parties and club experiences, read a poem from their second poetry book, and dive into dating shows. Will they ever be on a dating show? What do they like and dislike about them? Listen to find out. Don't forget to grab your favorite drink and enjoy!
July 10, 2020