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Love Strings Podcast

Love Strings Podcast

By Dreams Journal💭

Love Strings is a podcast that will cover all things “Relationship.” YES! That means we will discuss The Good, The Bad AND The Ugly!
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Intellectual Conversation
Intellectual Conversation
Intellectual conversation can and will increase the love you have for one another through allowing yourselves to feed each others minds! I hope you enjoy this segment!
May 25, 2020
How To Save With Your Spouse! FT #YesSheSpeaks Podcast
How To Save With Your Spouse! FT #YesSheSpeaks Podcast
Love Strings discusses 4 ways to increase your savings fund with the help of your spouse. Love Strings is joined by #YesSheSpeaks Podcast to give advice on apps, banks and investments to help you grow your savings! Don’t have a spouse? Thats fine! You can use these methods for yourself or to save with a friend/family member!
May 01, 2020
Let Your Past Be A Benefit!
Let Your Past Be A Benefit!
In this Podcast we will discuss what we have learned from our past relationships and the reason we people couples grow apart. We chose this title because we feel that the things that you learn from one relationship contribute to how your next relationship will turn out! We hope you enjoy!!
April 22, 2020
Know Your Boundaries!
Know Your Boundaries!
This episode of love strings will discuss a few types of boundaries that you can set for your relationship! Boundaries are essential and ensure that you and your spouse are on the same page for the most important parts of your relationship like if your Social Media Presence ... and SO MUCH MORE!
April 15, 2020
The Love Hunt
The Love Hunt
In the Love hunt we discuss four topics that our viewers requested our opinions on. Our advice is solely based on our experience and what may or may not have worked for us when finding love! We hope you all enjoy!! Please feel free to submit topic ideas to Dream_Chyld on instagram ❤️
April 07, 2020
15 Questions To Discuss Before Marriage!
15 Questions To Discuss Before Marriage!
50% of marriages (or serious relationships) fail due to unrealistic expectations! We believe that percentage could be lowered if couples better communicate their expectations before committing to a serious relationship!
March 31, 2020