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Love the Problem by Startup42 Media

Love the Problem by Startup42 Media

By Startup 42 Media
Weekly in-depth discussion with entrepreneurs from around the world about why they love solving the problem they have, and sharing advice about what they are doing to become the best version of themselves in both business and in personal life.
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#17 - Tech Festival [2019 Event Special Edition]

Love the Problem by Startup42 Media

#19 - Thomas Mulhern and the difficult process of Glocalizing
In this episode we sit down with Thomas Mulhern of Globally Local. Based on the challenges that he faced integrating into Denmark Thomas created Globally Local to help other expats integrate into Danish society.  Over the course of the episode Thomas and James and Alex 'expats-plain' many things about Danish society from how Danes are love vikings to is “hygge” for everyone to what Danish Cuisine is good.  In the end, the term Glocalization is explained to show how it is the best way to integrate into any society.
October 28, 2019
#18 - TechBBQ Live from the Podcast Stage [2019 Event Special Episode]
Another event special, this time we go to TechBBQ in Copenhagen. This was extra special as we were running a live podcasting stage at the event. Overall we did 15 hours of recordings out of a camper van and got an abundance of content gems. We decided to showcase Saba Khalid of Aurat Raaj, Daniel Korski of Public (with special surprise drop-in Michael Felman), and Lina Chen of Nix Hydra for Love the Problem as they are trying to tackle big issues with their respective organizations. With Sabal we discussed how to teach sexual education to women in countries where the topic is taboo; With Daniel we talked about how we can use technology to make public services more user friendly for citizens ; and with Lina we talked about how to make games for female gamers and how people can use colours to get what they want out of life.
October 21, 2019
#17 - Tech Festival [2019 Event Special Edition]
Another event special, this time we go to Tech Festival in Copenhagen. We went to the festival last minute and hustled some great guests on short notice. Was an absolute pleasure to sit down with Payal Arora, Clive Thompson and Chris Messina. With Payal we discussed how the next billion users that are coming onto the internet use it and how people in countries where sex is taboo learn about sex from porn hub; With Clive we talked about how a love of technology led to him being a technology journalist and author; and with Chris we talked about how his desire to create and keep an open and free internet led to him working on Mozilla, create the Hashtag and be involved with various open-source projects.
October 14, 2019
#16 - Morten Lauridsen and how to use data to be your best self
In this episode, we sat down with Morten Lauridsen of Manpremo, and follow his journey as he switches back and forth from being a technical person and a businessman, working as an entrepreneur and as a corporate, and helping a few people and helping many.  Along the way, we discuss what it was like to work at Microsoft during the height of the Anti-Trust Lawsuits against them and how we are seeing that play out again today with some of the big tech companies. We end up discussing his new project, Manpremo, that uses data to help people be their best selves at work.
October 7, 2019
#15 - Taylor Ryan and barreling towards growth marketing
On this week's episode of Love The Problem, we got the chance to sit down with Taylor Ryan, partner at Klint Marketing, and he shares with us his journey into growth hacking, from taking dead end jobs after his degree to even being turned down by a car rental company for not having enough experience through finding his feet in growing startup companies.   The session was raw and unfiltered, where we gave Taylor the chance to say what he really thinks about some rather poignant topics - so you should maybe expect a few explicit and colourful phrases through this episode!
September 30, 2019
#14 - Herman Kudlich and the toys that inspired us
On this episode of Love the Problem we sit down with Herman Kudlich and he shares with us the toys that inspired him.  From memorable Christmas presents that shaped his life, to designing digital experiences within Lego for the better part of the last 2 decades and giving us insight into the life of a being a pixel in a world of bricks.
September 23, 2019
#13 - Mark Turrell and the 25 Year Plan to Save the World
On this special on-location* episode of Love the Problem we sit down with Mark Turrell as he talks about his 25 Year Plan to save everyone on the planet all at the same time.  This episode really dives into why if you are going to solve problems on scale you cannot do it through linear means. You need exponential solutions. We take a long winding journey to learn about how this plan will look in action before finally arriving on how important education is to make everything work. Really interesting episode that touches on more topics than can be named. *It gets a bit windy in points during this episode! About Mark: Mark Turrell is a World Economic Forum Young Global Leader (2010) and Technology Pioneer (2008). He pioneered the development of crowdsourcing and collective intelligence as founder of Imaginatik plc (, focused on innovation and collaborative problem solving. During this time he consulted to hundreds of companies and business units, spanning a wide range of industries including healthcare, technology, chemicals, industrial, telecommunications and government. In 2010 he founded Orcasci ( a strategy company developing the Science of Spread and applying the approach to developing growth programs and go-to-market strategies for technology and science companies. He has worked as a mentor to many start-ups across Europe and the US, helping develop strategies, and tapping into his extensive network. Mark is also a strategist helping NGOs develop plans to scale and spread their good works. He is an Associate Professor at Hult International Business School lecturing on marketing, innovation and entrepreneurship and is a visting lecturer at WHU in Valldemar, Germany.
September 9, 2019
#12 - Kamila Kunrath and How Waste Management can create a Wealth 2.0 Society
In this episode we follow Kamila Kunrath, founder of Blue Benu, through her journey growing up in Brazil and eventually moving to Denmark to start a company. We explore how her Brazilian roots made her passionate about waste and waste management, examine how current systems to clean up pollution are falling short and explain the need to create a new definition of wealth so that we can save the planet.
September 2, 2019
#11 - Will Wright And How To Foster Science Based Innovation
On this episode, we sit down with Will Wright from the iGEM foundation and discuss the challenges that prevent deep science from becoming products and services that help the world. Additionally, we take a look at what iGEM is doing to try and solve this problem. Along the way, we take detours to such topics as terraforming Mars, space law, and the SDG’s.
August 26, 2019
#10 - Jacob Vahr Svenningsen and perpetually shoveling climate shit
In this weeks episode, we get to sit down with Jacob Vahr Svenningsen, the founder at and get to hear his story from the highs of winning with the school football team and dropping out, to finding his path in using his talents to make his mark on the climate change reversal.
August 19, 2019
#9 - Raju Gurung and finding your personal ikigai
In this episode we catch up with Raju Gurung, the CEO of Planet Local. He shares with us his story from a mountain village in Nepal, through Europe to now settling in Copenhagen, Denmark.  His fascinating journey takes us through the opportunities and experiences that made him find his personal ikigai - stemming from the Japanese concept that directly translates into "reason for being" or "the reason for which you wake in the morning", and shares with us how easy it is for you to also start your path towards your own personal ikigai.  
August 12, 2019
#8 - Keenan Pinto and reverse engineering Cannabis testing strips purchased via Amazon
This episode we get the chance to sit down with Keenan Pinto, the founder of Nordetect - a portable nutrient analyzer that can instantly tell farmers that current state of soil, and in real time provide analytics and information to those that need it most - on the ground. He shares his story of the hacks that he made from his personal journey to Denmark through to product inspiration from a Cannabis urine test strips he purchased online at Amazon. 
August 5, 2019
#7 - Alina and Suvi and what it's like to be a Horse Nerd in the 21st Century
This week our host Alex Felman grabs an exclusive catch-up with the founders from Hooves - a circular economy platform for Horses.  They share their passion for what they love doing as self professed Horse Nerds and what it means to be a leader in the digitalisation of a traditional business.
July 29, 2019
#6 - Startup Extreme [2019 Event Special Edition]
This edition sees Alex Felman meet a host of fantastic speakers and attendees from Startup Extreme 2019, in Voss Norway. The special edition includes multiple guests: Sangbreeta Moitra, Xandria Ooi, along with Andri and Tanit - all sharing their in their different ways of how they are working to provide a way of developing "your best self". An underlying theme from all our guests in this episode is that each of them created their own company to help people become their best selves, while taking very different approaches on how you can do that. If you are looking to find a way to be your personal best there is a lot of great advice in this special episode!
July 22, 2019
#5 - Michael and Tim and how to change your habits one tap at a time
We catch up with Tim and Michael, the founders at TIBA LIFE and get to understand what it means about being in the moment and why it's more important than you think...
July 15, 2019
#4 - Casey Fenton and how to hack your Ego
We got a chance to sit down with Casey Fenton. Followed his journey from founding to Upstock and then Ego Hacking. Over the course of this journey explored such topics as how to build trust systems, incentive systems in companies, the sharing economy and how you can change the identity you have in the world.
July 8, 2019
#3 - Arctic15 [2019 Event Special Edition]
This edition sees Alex Felman meet a host of fantastic speakers and attendees from Arctic15 2019 in Helsinki, Finland.  Guests include: Marija Rucevska from Quro.Io, Hannah Brocke from Planet Blue, Dr Pasi Vainikka from Solar Foods and Gemma Milne from Disrupt. As with the theme of the moment, our guests discuss what they are doing for the problem they love to solve - all with varying takes on what it takes to be a successful impact startup in 2019.
July 1, 2019
#2 - James Digby and how impact investing is not doing enough to meet the SDGs
This episode we sit down with James Digby, who shares why impact is important to him, and what can be done to change the lives of the next 3 billion for the better.
June 17, 2019
#1 - Alex Felman and why the 3rd generational wealth is nearly impossible to keep
Alex Felman discusses what it's like to work with family funds from around the world to break the cycle of the 3rd generational demise.  Going into why he loves the problem, and what the Felman office are doing to change the way investors work smarter and how they can also give back and do better for the world. 
June 3, 2019