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Creating A Universe

Creating A Universe

By Love Anarchy
A podcast about the journey of creatives, artists & entrepreneurs in the ever evolving landscape of today's industry. Featuring an insight into both Love Anarchy & the LovAnaverse music universe, as well as the individual projects & stories of each of our guests, from the music industry and beyond. So whether you're a budding creative, or simply interested in what goes on behind the scenes... This is the podcast for you. ❤ For all our links; including socials, music, blog, services & more: ❤
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E7: Urania Fantasia With Pete Rawcliffe │ Sopranista Vocalist Extraordinaire
In this episode of Creating A Universe, I chat to Sopranista Pete Rawcliffe about our brand new release together, Urania Fantasia - The Arcane Muse. We discuss some of the process behind creating the character and song for the latest artist from the LovAnaverse Music Universe, as well as chatting about Pete's personal trajectory as an artist and singer. We got into some great topics, as well as some deeper, personal stories from Pete that I found very moving. Overall I thoroughly enjoyed this conversation and hope you do as much when listening to it!    Be sure to check out our latest release together. All links related to Urania Fantasia & The Arcane Muse can be found here:   Follow Pete and checkout all of his links here:   For all Love Anarchy links including socials, music, blog & services:   Timestamps:   00:33 Introduction & Synopsis 01:30 How we met & started Urania Fantasia  06:46 Overview of Pete's story & the projects he's involved in  10:36 Pete's strategy - singing on Instagram & networking  17:06 Community, championing other artists & what it takes to make it  23:09 Pete's unique vocal profile as a male soprano  30:48 Writing 'The Arcane Muse' for Pete's voice & the dynamics involved  34:17 The deeper meaning behind Pete's debut single 'Locked Away'  41:34 Creating the concept & lyrics for 'The Arcane Muse' and the organic emotion involved  48:40 The powerful meaning of stories & it's place in the field of music  52:46 Inspiration from 'The Queen of The Night' / opera & classical music  01:08:48 Segue into comparing classical with metal / the philosophy of 'progressive' music  01:14:31 Final thoughts & wrapping up the episode
August 02, 2022
E6: A New Era Of LovAnaverse │ Personal Life Updates
On this episode of Creating A Universe, I'm back with another solo episode to provide with you some very exciting updates regarding the LovAnaverse Music Universe. As well as getting into all of the new things we have coming during the first half of this episode, I also give some updates from my personal life, including sharing some of the things that are working for me at the moment - which hopefully you will be able to benefit from. We'll be back in two weeks with a very special guest, but in the meantime, I hope you enjoy this solo episode!   For all Love Anarchy links including socials, music, blog & services:   Timestamps 00:33 Introduction & Synopsis  00:45 Overview of LovAnaverse  01:22 What we've done so far (Yarimā & Flavour Nurse)  02:38 The teased & upcoming project Black Tongue Bile  03:27 BIG UPDATE 1: News about a brand new artist  04:32 The new era of LovAnaverse  05:30 BIG UPDATE 2: Re-branding LovAnaverse with a new look 06:11 Working with Lindsay Schoolcraft as a mentor 08:30 The evolution of our character design and move into illustrated art  10:01 Hiring a visual artist for LovAnaverse  11:24 BIG UPDATE 3: A new video series that will provide a far more immersive experience  16:00 Behind the scenes content coming from Love Anarchy  17:19 The Love Anarchy / LovAnaverse community  19:10 Personal life updates, progress on mindset & daily living  19:59 The compound effect of positive behaviors / habits  21:27 My morning routine 23:43 Balancing work & family as a father  25:12 Reading lots of books / listening to audio-books  28:30 Information diet - education to entertainment ratio  30:16 Smoking a tobacco pipe & the rest of my day  32:17 A summary of the personal topics discussed  33:58 Closing sentiments for the episode  Love Anarchy Links:
July 19, 2022
E5: Ardenite │ Cyber Pop Rock Duo
On this episode I'm joined by Wana White, lead singer of the Cyber Pop Rock duo 'Ardenite'. The Austrian band from Vienna have been making strides recently, releasing regular singles & music videos whilst building a tight knit community on social media. It was there, on Instagram, that Wana and I got talking - it was clear we had a lot in common and I became very curious about the band's story and all that they have going on. Naturally, I had to get Wana on the podcast to talk about it - and I'm so glad that I did! We chatted about lots of things and there are certainly some important lessons and takeaways here for anyone looking to follow a similar path. I thoroughly enjoyed this conversation and hope that you enjoy listening to it! Check out the bands website to find and follow them on social media: Timestamps: 00:33 Introduction & Synopsis 01:00 Wana's story & forming Ardenite 04:20 Ardenite's style and how it all came to be 07:50 The band's first single/demo 'Love Drug Addict' 08:40 Soul searching, becoming a duo & finding their sound 11:38 Being authentic as an artist 14:18 Embracing all aspects of art & business 19:00 Elaborating on how Ardenite found their sound 24:50 The division of roles between the duo and their creative/production process 32:12 Social media and overcoming insecurities, how Wana challenged herself to do a daily Vlog 38:20 Creating community online, making meaningful connections and supporting other artists 49:13 Music marketing, strategy & helpful resources 56:17 Mindset, perfectionism & seeing the bigger picture 01:06:41 The power of catalogue as an artist 01:15:09 Engaging with the community & the magic of the internet 01:18:49 Ardenite's live performance situation 01:23:08 How the band make their music videos 01:24:34 Where to find Ardenite, their music & merchandise 01:27:27 Wrapping up & closing sentiments
July 05, 2022
E4: Arron Sans │ Electro Pop Rock Singer Songwriter
On this episode I'm joined by my good friend, Electro Pop Rock Singer Songwriter Arron Sans. Arron and I go way back, as we used to gig together with our bands back in the day - but Arron's story goes far beyond the times we shared together. Making a name for himself as a rock frontman throughout his youth, Arron already had a wealth of experience by the time we had met. Since then he's stripped things back and taken a more DIY approach as a singer songwriter, creating introspective songs as rich in depth as they are upbeat, catchy & accessible. We find Arron at a very exciting point in his trajectory, as he's just about to release his debut solo album 'Print On Demand' via Love Anarchy Records. We talk about the album, as well as all of Arron's story up until this point so far. It's a great adventure and I hope you enjoy listening to it!   Check out Arron's links, website and follow him on social media:   For all other Love Anarchy links including socials, music, blog & services:   Timstamps   00:33 Introduction & Synopsis  01:15 Arron's Overview of who he is and what he's doing  05:20 Arron's live show  09:00 The beginning of Arron's musical journey as a child  11:14 Joining his first band (The Adored) at university  17:45 Run in with Virgin Records  21:30 Re-branding as 'Freedom High' and moving to London  26:00 Gorilla street gigs and hustling in the big city  28:30 Dancing on the edge of success and the inevitable turmoil  34:03 Transitioning the band into 'Call Me Animal'  37:05 Reaching new highs & the straw that broke the camels back  39:27 Clarifying the evolution of Freedom High to Call Me Animal  43:35 Meeting Vinnie Minotto and forming Panic Island  47:30 Meeting Producer Paul Tipler and recording the first Panic Island EP  54:05 Parting ways with bassist Terry, who had been with Arron through all 4 bands  58:38 The big push with Panic Island, it's peaks and it's troughs  01:08:10 Us meeting and my take on Panic Island  01:14:09 Panic Island music videos  01:17:50 Character, egos and the early Love Anarchy community  01:29:24 Arron's transition to going solo  01:33:35 The downfall of band-life and re-evaluation of our ways  01:40:36 Harnessing creativity / collaborating with Belenchuk  01:44:26 Narrative, meaning & the depth within Arron's otherwise 'light' music  01:51:11 Growth, mindset & evolution  01:52:40 Recording 'Print On Demand' with Paul Tipler (Arron's debut album)  01:55:09 Looping back to growth, mindset & evolution  02:00:07 Working together - releasing the debut album on Love Anarchy Records  02:04:15 Reflecting on the journey / Arron meeting his wife Polina Belenchuk  02:09:36 Closing sentiments, where to find Arron and the 'Print on Demand' album release   Love Anarchy Links:
June 21, 2022
E3: LEONTAS │ London's Loudest Rock Duo
On this episode, I am joined by my good friends Alex & Scott of the London Rock duo LEONTAS. We go way back and used to gig together all the time with Flavour Nurse, they're really great guys full of talent, releasing a lot of fantastic music alongside their highly entertaining live shows. We discuss the band's story from the very beginning up until the present day, breaking down their production process and getting a look into the meanings behind their songs - as well as addressing the challenges and virtues of making music as a two piece.   Check out the bands website to find and follow them on social media:  For all other Love Anarchy links including socials, music, blog & services: Timstamps   00:33 Introduction & Synopsis  01:58 Overview of the LEONTAS story & how they got together  04:19 Alex’s unique guitar sound / the challenges of being a two piece / the bands style and approach  12:05 The bands high energy live show & instinctual bond  15:45 Making their first EP / Demo  24:03 When we met on the London gig scene / the early Love Anarchy community  30:23 Leveling up the bands music production with Stand Out & Now  34:52 Releasing Rhythm & Blues / Me meeting my wife at the release show  37:37 Scott’s multi-instrumental stage setup  40:25 Getting experimental on ‘Pick Me Up’ / the bands favourite live sound guy  44:00 ‘Alive’ and working with a producer on this run of tracks  45:13 ‘Darkened Heart’ / How the band had to change & adapt during lockdown  49:29 Alex becoming a producer / ‘Black Magic’ & taking a more DIY approach  53:51 What it takes to be an independent artist now  57:15 The next run of songs, self produced and mixed externally  01:01:02 Cobzar - the story of the bands most emotional song  01:08:45 The unplugged session - showing a different side with a jazz pianist  01:14:03 ‘925’ and the upcoming EP  01:16:35 The bands ‘Phase 1’ CD, website & merch  01:18:30 Where to find the band, upcoming gigs and what’s next for LEONTAS  Love Anarchy Links:
June 07, 2022
E2: Flavour Nurse with Toby Cozens │ The Seed That Started It All
In this second episode of the podcast, I talk to my good friend and long time collaborator Toby Cozens about our journey as a band with Flavour Nurse. Topics and timestamps can be found below.   Discover Flavour Nurse here:  For all other Love Anarchy links including socials, music, blog & services:  00:33 Introduction & Synopsis  01:39 How Flavour Nurse began  04:19 Toby's first bass  06:22 Writing our first songs  08:21 The 2015 era - partying in the slums  10:43 Recording our first demos  13:16 Searching for members / Not wanting to sing  18:03 The 2016 era - living together & focusing on music  19:03 Our crude home recording setup  19:57 Starting to produce our own music  23:32 Getting our first full lineup together  25:23 Our first rehearsals  27:00 Our first gig  29:06 Early concept development  32:42 The 2017 era - new place, non stop party & gigging momentum  35:28 Solidifying the lineup 39:18 Oscars drum audition tape  41:30 Oscars insane style & destructive force  45:55 Lots of gigging  46:35 Founding Love Anarchy  50:00 Grundle Bumfist  52:20 Creating LovAnaverse  53:30 Flavour Nurse look & show  57:12 The 2018 era - refining & recording our first single  58:47 Anthony’s production skills and impact on the band  01:04:29 Starting to record an album with Bogdan  01:07:35 How the band began to unravel  01:13:13 Toby’s advice for bands playing gigs on the local scene  01:16:51 Changing direction for Flavour Nurse  01:20:26 Realising I needed to become a producer  01:24:34 Flavour Nurse retiring from stage & entering hiatus  01:27:45 Finishing the Flavour Nurse album  01:29:50 Making the Majesty music video  01:32:52 Finally releasing our work in 2021  01:34:00 Reflecting on the journey & Closing sentiments    Love Anarchy Links:
May 24, 2022
E1: Introduction to the Podcast, Love Anarchy & William J. Rogers
In this first episode of Creating A Universe, I give you an introduction to the Podcast, setting the precedent for what's to be expected on the show. Whilst we will usually be having guests on, I thought to kick things off with a solo episode that will give you more context about who I am and what we do at Love Anarchy. Mostly I am just telling you about my personal story & journey so far. If you're interested, there's a blog post on our website that takes this topic into further depth. You can check it out here: For all other Love Anarchy links including socials, music, blog & services: Timestamps: 00:33 Introduction & Synopsis 00:55 What this podcast is about 04:07 Love Anarchy & the LovAnaverse 05:55 How I got into music 07:28 Touching on influences 08:35 Personal issues & struggles in life 09:50 The ultimatum I was faced with 10:20 Flavour Nurse - my main band 12:03 Realising the importance of business as a musician 13:20 Founding Love Anarchy 14:15 Networking at gigs 15:08 Becoming Gaius Black 17:25 Love Anarchy movement & community 18:57 Obstacles & re-evaluations 20:24 Taking charge & moving forwards 21:23 Early LovAnaverse + Grundle Bumfist 24:10 Burning out, resetting myself & rekindling inspiration 26:03 Going all in on LovAnaverse 28:45 Retiring from the stage 29:10 Meeting my wife, Maria 30:28 Becoming a producer 31:00 Supporting other bands & providing services 32:40 Lockdown & going full time on Love Anarchy 35:06 Recording & releasing the first LovAnaverse albums 36:50 What we’re able to do and who we’re looking to work with 40:04 The Death Metal Space Opera of Black Tongue Bile 41:23 What else can you expect + plans for the podcast 43:18 Closing sentiments
May 10, 2022