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Every human needs love and acceptance to survive, yet we all seem to have a different definition of what love actually is. This podcast seeks to explore various definitions of love through storytelling and conversations with visionary thinkers, artists, activists, leaders and explorers. We will investigate love through 3 frames: love of self, love in partnership and love in the collective and these episodes will seek to uncover important nuggets of love that will spread into the radio waves and beyond.
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SEASON 2 FINALE - Poet, Writer and Musician Shira Erlichman Interviews Ethan Lipsitz
Ethan and Shira are old high school friends who have remained close throughout the years.  In this final episode of Season 2 Shira flipped the mic on Ethan and interviews him with some challenging questions that dig into his perspectives on love, living with chronic disease and his outlook on life as an artist and love extremist.   Find Shira at Find Ethan on Instagram at and check out his art at Learn more about being a Love Extremist at
September 21, 2020
Matt Chandler - Unpacking Extremism From the Department of Homeland Security
Ethan first encountered the topic of Love Extremism when attending a talk between Matt Chandler and Christian Piccolini about addressing violent extremism in our culture and through the resources of the US Government.  Though they didn't get to connect much during the talk, Matt and Ethan recently reconnected to discuss the evolving nature of extremism in America since 2015 and how we can begin to engage love in our institutions to shift people towards more unification and connection.   Matt's history in politics, military and national security offer a comprehensive perspective on the threats we face as a nation and how we can begin to address them effectively. Find Matt on Twitter at Learn more about being a Love Extremist at  Find Ethan on Instagram at Special thanks to Kiran Gandhi and Sara Fina for the 'See Me Through' Remix used as our intro and outro music.
September 14, 2020
My Love Michelle Pellizzon Part 4 - Celebrations and Debates
Ethan and Michelle have been podcasting about their ongoing relationship since the beginning of Love Extremist Radio in 2018.  In this episode as an engaged couple, they debate their differing perspectives on the ethos and importance of love and how it's perceived in American society.   They also discuss how they continue to grow together and independently and what keeps their love strong. Find Michelle on Instagram at and Holisticism where she is the Head Witch In Charge Learn more about what it means to be a Love Extremist at and find Ethan on Instagram at Special thanks to Madame Gandhi and Sara Fina for the Intro and Outro music from their 'See Me Through' remix
September 7, 2020
D Watkins - The NYT Best Selling Author From The Streets of East Baltimore
If you like this podcast, please subscribe and leave a written review on Itunes. - - - In this far reaching conversation Ethan and D discuss growing up in East Baltimore selling drugs and discovering a love for reading, storytelling and eventually writing.  D shares his experiences with love through vulnerable moments with his father as well as times of violence and protection and expresses how love has evolved through his current relationship and experience being a new father.  D also serves as a mentor and teacher for up and coming artists and creators across the city.    Find D's work in  Aeon: Salon: New York Times Magazine: Huffington Post: And his books and other info on his official website: -- //
August 31, 2020
Scott Shigeoka - Building Bridges Across Belief Systems
Can love exist when two people have completely opposing beliefs and views? Scott Keoni Shigeoka spent a year on the road meeting people with different perspectives. He went to Trump rallies (he's a Democrat), lived in rural Appalachia (he lives in the San Francisco Bay Area), and conversed with religious leaders (he's queer). Through his journey, surprising and illuminating conversations and relationships emerged. His takeaway? Even in a time of immense division, we can tap into the learnable skill of curiosity. From higher education campuses to elected officials, Scott works with communities across the country to harness the power of curiosity to heal our wounds, strengthen relationships and reunite the country.   In this episode Ethan and Scott discuss some of the ways to build bridges across different groups depending on how big the bridges may be.  They explore some of the shadow elements of love and how to remain authentic while using curiosity to build connections and strengthen trusting relationships. Find Scott at and on Instagram at Learn more about being a Love Extremist at and find Ethan on Instagram at
August 24, 2020
John Matthew Borders IV - Kindergarten Friends Re-Unite After 30 Years
John (who Ethan knows as Matthew) grew up going to schools around the Boston area.  From Kindergarten to 2nd grade Ethan and John were best friends as John was bussed into the suburban Brookline school district as part of the METCO program that brought inner city kids into suburban schools.  John welcomed Ethan into his family church and gospel choir at Morning Star Baptist Church, which continues to be a center of social justice and civil rights in the Boston area.  In this episode Ethan and John catch up on how they've learned to define love, connect across social and cultural differences, deepen their faith and re-define Patriarchy, gender and sexual norms. Find John at bordersIV(at)gmail(dot)com and on all social platforms @bordersIV Learn more about becoming a Love Extremist at Find and follow Ethan on Instagram at Shout outs to Madame Gandhi and Sara Fina for composing the intro and outro from their remix of 'See Me Through'
August 17, 2020
Tim Phillips - A World Beyond Conflict
Tim Phillips has been involved in conflict resolution on an international scale since the 80s when he began organizing trips for media to El Salvador.  In this episode Tim talks about his learnings from working alongside Nelson Mandela and other leaders in South Africa, the experience of physical and religious divisions in Northern Ireland and how his global experience translates to the current conflicts we see in deeply partisan and white supremacist America.  Tim's insights on how we're more similar than we are led to believe and his perspective on healing with our emotional first and mental intelligence second provide powerful frameworks for how we progress conflict to resolution. Find Tim and Beyond Conflict at Check out the Books referenced in this episode: Beyond Conflict, Tim Phillips Dignity, Donna Hicks The Soft Vengence of a Freedom Fighter, Albie Sachs Learn more about being a Love Extremist at and find Ethan on Instagram at Episode theme music from 'See Me Through' by Madame Gandhi and Remixed by Sara Fina
August 10, 2020
Haneef Hardy - The Power of Mentorship
Haneef has lived a life guided by people who have loved and believed in him.  These mentors, often teachers, parents and sometimes peers have supported his belief in himself and ability to get through college and recently receive his masters in Sociology.  In this episode Ethan and Haneef discuss his journey growing up in Philadelphia and having to fend for himself as an adolescent until he was adopted by a new family in high school.  Haneef mentors and lifts up young people who he sees in similar circumstances to his history and shares his love for living with purpose, supporting others and finding gratitude. Find Haneef on Instagram at Learn more about being a Love Extremist at and follow us on Instagram at Find Ethan on Instagram at Special thanks to Madame Gandhi and Sara Fina for the 'See me Through' remix adaptation for our Intro and Outro jam.
August 3, 2020
Paul Kivel - White Men Standing Up For Collective Liberation
Paul Kivel is an activist, educator and author who had been working for social justice for over 45 years.  In this episode Ethan and Paul discuss the Oneness of Love and our need to move from an individualist to a collectivist culture in order to thrive.  They dig into the challenges of participating in economic and racial systems that put individuals before the collective and how to exist in these systems while advocating for change.  They also get into the role of white people with privilege in taking action for social justice and dismantling white supremacy and the toxic effects of Patriarchal, individualistic capitalism.   Find Paul at and via email Learn about Showing Up For Racial Justice (SURJ) And find Organizing White Men for Collective Liberation at Learn about being a Love Extremist at Find Ethan on Instagram at If you like this podcast please leave a review on Itunes here!
July 27, 2020
Kara Hoppe - Using Psychotherapy to Heal Ourselves, Our Relationships and The Planet
Kara Hoppe MA, MFT is a therapist and author, currently writing her first book 'Baby Bomb' about maintaining a healthy relationship while building a family.  In this episode Ethan and Kara talk about some of the challenges coming up for folks during the Covid-19 Pandemic, how to ensure you're taking care of yourself and your relationships and confronting fear of death as a pathway to living a more loving life.   Find Kara at and on Instagram at Learn more about Love Extremist at Find Ethan on Instagram at If you like this podcast please leave a written review on ITunes! Special thanks to Madame Gandhi for the intro and outro from the Sara Fina remix of 'See Me Through'
July 20, 2020
RJ Khalaf - On Making Familial Sacrifices and Being A Muslim Advocate for Love
RJ is a recent NYU graduate who moved back to his hometown of Las Vegas to support the health of his family and their rare gem and fossil business.  Ethan and RJ dive into a conversation about his Muslim faith and community leadership, his work supporting refugees in Palestine and what it means to be a loving friend.   Find RJ on Twitter @RJKhalaf and Instagram at Learn more about being a Love Extremist at Find Ethan on Instagram at If you like this podcast please leave a written review on Itunes! Special thanks to Madame Gandhi and Sara Fina for the Intro and Outro edit of their 'See Me Through' Remix
July 13, 2020
LA Assemblywoman Wendy Carrillo - Finding Love in State Politics
Join us for our next intimate community salon in The Love Extremist Living Room at Assemblywoman Wendy Carrillo has an incredible story, coming to the US from El Salvador as a young girl, gaining residency and then citizenship, being the first in her family to go to college and becoming a successful radio personality before running for office.  In this episode Ethan and Wendy discuss how the State of California continues to legislate during Covid-19, her priorities for supporting immigrant families, homeless folks, people out of work and the environment as LA begins to re-open its economy.  Wendy and Ethan also address the importance of citizens getting involved in local elections and connecting to their local leaders to advocate for their needs.   Find Wendy at the LA District 51 website on twitter @wendycarrillo & @asmcarrillo Find a full guide of resources for Covid-19 for landlords, tenants and residents in District 51 here Learn more about being a Love Extremist at and find Ethan on Instagram at
July 6, 2020
Jacob Patterson - Elevating Artists and Challenging Norms
Join us in the next Love Extremist Living Room and be a part of the conversation: Jacob Patterson runs Think Tank Gallery in LA, one of the most successful and widely shared art spaces in the world.  In this episode Ethan and Jacob discuss how the Pandemic is shifting how we engage with art and artists, the importance of white men standing up against white supremacy, the beauty and difficulty of having a gallery in Downtown LA on Skid Row and how Jacob engages all people in his community with unconditional love and intentional attention. Find Jacob on his Podcast Artist Real Talk and at Learn more about being a Love Extremist at and find Ethan on Instagram at Episode theme music from 'See Me Through' by Madame Gandhi and Remixed by Sara Fina
June 29, 2020
Chelsea Rose Snyder - Reclaiming Our Bodies And Loving Ourselves in Public
Chelsea is a Jewish community leader and body positive activist and model who has dedicated her life to embracing her beauty and using her body as a platform to spread light and love.  In this episode Ethan and Chelsea discuss her evolution in coming to self-love and how it directly relates to her experience as an activist and supporter of others.  They discuss the challenging relationships we all have with our bodies in some form and how we can become liberated as beacons of light and love when we release the chains of social expectation.  They also talk about reclaiming the language used to oppress us, specifically the word 'fat' as it relates to body positivity.   Find Chelsea on Instagram at Intro quotes from Learn more about becoming a Love Extremist at and find Ethan on Instagram at Episode theme music from 'See Me Through' by Madame Gandhi and Remixed by Sara Fina
June 22, 2020
Bonus Episode: Faith, Religion and Soul Salon with Erica Williams Simon and Dr. Maytha Alhassen
This live recording from The Love Extremist Living Room salon captures a conversation hosted by Erica Williams Simon and Dr. Maytha Alhassen on Faith, Religion and Soul on 6/18/20 in this historic moment of uprising and pandemic.   Learn more about The Love Extremist Living Room and join in a future salon at Find Erica at and on Instagram at Find Maytha at and on Instagram at Learn more about being a Love Extremist at Episode theme music from 'See Me Through' by Madame Gandhi and Remixed by Sara Fina
June 19, 2020
Sarah Jacobus - Helping Elders Re-Awaken Their Creative Genius
Join us for our next community salon to discuss how we engage with Faith in the Love Extremist Living Room on Thursday at 5pm PST with Erica Williams Simon and Dr. Maytha Alhassen - sign up by securing a donation based ticket at - - -  Sarah Jacobus is an activist and social worker who engages elders, especially those experiencing memory loss, to activate their imagination to create stories and poetry.  In this episode Ethan and Sarah talk about her work empowering creativity in herself and others, her current experience facing a cancer diagnosis and how she shows up as an ally and activist in support of the American Muslim community as part of #VigilantLOVE as well as a member of Jewish Voice for Peace-LA. Find Sarah on Instagram at at and email her at Learn more about Love Extremist at and find Ethan on Instagram at
June 15, 2020
Michael Novick - A Long Life Dedicated to Justice, Liberation and Solidarity
Join us on Thursday in the Love Extremist Living Room for a virtual salon conversation on this historic moment in time and how it's affecting us all in different ways - sign up at: Michael Novick has been an activist all his life.  Growing up a working class Orthodox Jew facing personal questions about sexuality and justice in New York, he became an advocate for human rights as a student at Brooklyn College where he joined the fight to admit students of Black and Puerto Rican descent in the 1960s.  This advocacy hasn't stopped as Michael has been a strong voice in the movement for gay rights, finding solidarity with union workers and Chicanos, standing in support with Black Lives Matter and pushing against overt and covert white supremacy in police and groups across the country.  Michael has been the publisher of Turning The Tide, a newsletter fighting fascism, colonialism and white supremacy as part of Anti-Racist Action-LA and People Against Racist Terror.  This conversation explores Michael's long life in activism and the lessons he's learned grappling with self-criticism, class struggle, sexuality, settler colonialism, bioregionalism and ultimately love. Find Michael's work at and contact him via email here If you're interested in learning more about being a Love Extremist, check us out at and at Find Ethan at
June 8, 2020
Dahlia Ferlito - Co-Founder of White People For Black Lives
Join us in the Love Extremist Living Room for an upcoming community salon - sign up at Dahlia Ferlito is a white, queer, non-binary anti-racist organizer and co-founder of White People for Black Lives.  In this episode Dahlia shares how they entered into this work via the campaign for marriage equality in California and how white people can show up to advocate for all people.  The conversation explores the impact of the Covid-19 Pandemic on organizing, the heightened awareness that white folks are having around racial and systemic injustice and oppression and the role of cis white men, like Ethan, to engage in these movements in an effective way.   For those white listeners and others interested in joining the effort for justice that Dahlia shares, please explore the following resources: Alliance of White Anti-Racists Everywhere - Los Angeles Showing Up For Racial Justice - White People For Black Lives - #Blacklivesmatter Los Angeles - JusticeLA - Closing down jails and funding alternatives - - - - To learn more about being a Love Extremist check out Find Ethan on Instagram at
June 1, 2020
Simeon 'Real' Dill - Finding Vulnerability in The Barber's Chair
Join us in The Love Extremist Living Room, a space for community conversation on topics that matter.   See the lineup and sign up at Simeon Dill is a Chicago based barber and detail specialist who is also a master of holding space for community in what he calls 'shop talks'.  In this episode Ethan and Simeon discuss how he finds men most vulnerable in the barber chair, holding space for Important communal conversations in the barber shop, being someone who can move between various communities and how he has the capacity to make folks feel comfortable regardless of where they're coming from. Find Simeon on Instagram at Find The Simple Good on Instagram at Find Breakout on Instagram at Learn more about being a Love Extremist at Find Ethan on
May 25, 2020
Donna Smith - From Declaring Medical Bankruptcy to Healthcare for All
Join us this week in the Love Extremist Living Room for a conversation on confronting and overcoming fear with Nai Vasha Thomas, athlete and co-founder of UNDOlabs.  Sign up at Donna Smith has always been an activist and someone who believes in justice and fair treatment for all people and planet.  In this episode she shares her childhood memories with faith and doing marathon length hunger hikes to raise money for those without food at age 11.  Donna digs into her experiences as a mother and wife struggling with the US medical system, overcoming cancer three times and getting through medical bankruptcy to overcome the immense debt she and her husband faced due to his health challenges.  After being a part of Michael Moore's 2007 documentary film 'Sicko' she dedicated her life to advocating for universal health care and supporting nurses.  Donna's life story is incredibly powerful and her experiences with love and healing are profound and illuminating.   Find Donna via googling 'Donna Sicko' and via email at  Learn more about being a Love Extremist at Find Ethan on Instagram at
May 18, 2020
Michael O'Bryan - The Paradox of Oppression and Liberation
In this episode Ethan goes deep with Michael O'Bryan about his work as a facilitator supporting groups and organizations with how they address conscious and unconscious bias, power dynamics and relationships.   The conversation explores systemic oppression through an intersectional lens, it's relation to trauma and love and gets into topics of abolition, patriarchy and personal vs collective liberation.   Find Michael on Facebook at LinkedIn at and via email at Find Ethan on Instagram at and at
May 11, 2020
Def Sound - Un-Worlding Art To Re-World Ourselves
Join us tomorrow in our first Love Extremist Living Room Salon - Sign up at Def Sound is a multidisciplinary musician, activist and community leader who's work defies the boundaries of art and expression.  In this episode Ethan and Def explore concepts of Afro-Presentism, Power, James Baldwin, New Definitions of Love, Art, Religion and Community through Def's poetic words and his life story.  Def is a truly unique individual and his perspective on love is one of the most simple and beautiful Ethan has heard in 70+ episodes of Love Extremist Radio. Find Def's work on Bandcamp at and Instagram at Water Def Sound’s art and growth directly via Find Ethan at and on Instagram at
May 4, 2020
Madame Gandhi - Celebrating Creative Accomplishment
*** Sign up to reserve your free spot at the first Love Extremist Living Room salon on 5/5 at *** It's been a year and a half since Madame Gandhi (Kiran) and Ethan first spoke as one of the first guests on Love Extremist Radio.  In this episode they catch up on her work as a musician,  what she learned touring with Oprah, releasing music with an all female and gender nonconforming team and how her life as a Harvard MBA informs and supports her work as an artist and activist. Find Madame Gandhi at and on Instagram at Find more about being a Love Extremist at and find Ethan on Instagram at
April 27, 2020
Conversations With Creativity - Phil America and Simon Jung Krestesen
Simon Jung Krestesen is an extremely successful fashion film director who has worked with everyone from Hailey Beiber to me (Phil America).  He was formerly a graphic designer which informs a lot of his work and is founder and chief of the 4608 Brand.  Like myself, Simon also has a background in graffiti as well. Find Simon on Instagram at Find Phil America on Instagram at Learn more about becoming a Love Extremist at and find us on Instagram at
April 25, 2020
What The World Needs Now... Vol. 1
'Look at us, one race, existing together in this new space; a new space between stillness, uncertainty, patience and our imagination; a new space where the possibilities are infinite. It's now our great opportunity to create the world we want see. It's now our great opportunity to look after, honor and support each other. It is now our great opportunity to celebrate and honor the divine feminine. When I speak of the divine feminine, what I'm referring to is a state of being, more than a “sex” or “gender”. It's a quality that bypasses the intellect. I refer to feminine voice as an energy which is soft, yielding, nurturing and nourishing. So let's step outside of our need for knowing and embrace this new space. Let us embrace the essence of less is more and slow is best. Embrace your feminine voice. The voice of harmony, the voice of creation. What the world needs now is Love. Sweet Love. Also, feel free to enjoy this four hour live set coupled best with four hours of responsible Love making.' - DJFM Learn more about what it means to be a Love Extremist at
April 23, 2020
Colin O'Brady - Tackling Impossible Dreams
Colin O'Brady is a multi-world record winning extreme outdoor athlete with an incredible life story.  After almost losing complete function in his legs from a burn incident, he recovered to compete in and eventually win his first triathlon.  Since then he's been setting impossible dreams and achieving them with his partner and family support.  In this episode Ethan and Colin discuss setting dreams, acknowledging the challenges that set us back systemically and personally and lifting up the small wins and individual stories that empower determination, commitment and passion.  They also shout out The Mirnavator - - and her work celebrating all people getting outside to experience active nature. Find Colin at and buy his new New York Times best selling book 'The Impossible First' wherever you buy books Find Ethan at and on Instagram at
April 20, 2020
Conversations With Creativity - Phil America and Ginger Gonzaga
Conversations With Creativity’ is a podcast hosted by artist Phil America featuring conversations with creatives from all different ends of the spectrum. In each episode Phil explores his guest's creative process, biggest successes and advice for creatives in all different fields.   Episode 3 features Ginger Gonzaga. Gonzaga is known for her roles on Showtime’s Kidding, directed by Michael Gondry, I’m Dying Up Here and the Duplass brothers’ HBO series Togetherness and Room 104, opposite Bryan Tyree Henry. She was a series regular on ABC’s Mixology and TBS’s Wrecked, and was the host of Hulu’s comedic daily pop culture recap show The Morning After, for which she also wrote. Find Ginger on Instagram at Find Phil on Instagram at Learn more about being a Love Extremist at
April 18, 2020
Ben Nemtin - On Living 'The Buried Life' - Keeping a Bucket List of Dreams to Fulfill
Ben Nemtin created 'The Buried Life' with three of his friends as a way to realize the top 100 dreams on their bucket list.  In the process they helped countless others achieve their dreams.  Ben now travels the world motivating groups to live on and in purpose.  In this episode Ethan and Ben discuss the power of love as self-acceptance and the importance of keeping a list of dreams and orienting your life towards them on a regular if not constant basis.   Find Ben on Instagram at Learn more about the Love Extremist movement at and more about Ethan on Instagram at
April 13, 2020
Conversations With Creativity - Phil America and Songwriter Eren Cannata
Conversations With Creativity’ is a podcast with host Phil America featuring conversations with creatives from all different ends of the spectrum. In it he explores their creative process, biggest successes and advice for creatives in all different fields.    Episode 2 features Eren Cannata, an Emmy award-winning songwriter, producer, musician and co-owner of Cove City Sound Studios.  Eren recently signed to Warner Chappell / Facet House. We crack into his youth, growing up with a father who played and toured with Billy Joel and The Beach Boys, and later into his work with artists such as Demi Levado, Paul Simon, Timbaland and more. Find Eren on Instagram at @erencannata Find Phil on Instagram at @philamerica Learn more about becoming a Love Extremist at
April 9, 2020
Courtney and Yann Rey - Married and Living in Long Distance Love
Courtney and Yann met on a dance floor in Berlin, fell in love and maintained a long distance relationship between New York and South Africa for 5 years before getting married.  In this episode Ethan interviews the couple about their experience maintaining long distance love even in marriage and how they support each other's personal passions and businesses while cultivating the relationship.  This is a must listen for anyone who has done or is in a long distance relationship!   Find Courtney at and on Instagram at Find Yann at Find Love Extremist at and on Instagram at
April 6, 2020
DJ Francesca Harding Uptempo Mix for Love Extremist Radio - Bonus Episode
'Here are some uptempo jams -- some older, some newer -- that I've had on repeat as of late to get me through the day. The mix begins with Gypsy Brown's "Life is a Trip", and includes tracks from some of my favorite artists (Salif Keita, James BKS, and Novalima to name a few).' - Francesca - - - Francesca is an LA based international Dj.  She has spun for crowds in the UK, Mexico City, Colombia, the Bahamas and South Korea, and has played opening sets for artists such as The Weeknd and Ariana Grande. Find her on Instagram at Find Love Extremist at and on Instagram at
April 1, 2020
A Shift in Culture Discussed with Love Extremist, Freddy Mac.
Fred McNeill Jr. casually known as ‘Freddy Mac’ is here to aid, organize and empower artists and the artist community of our time. As co-founder, Queens of the New Age ( an educational music arts festival, summer camp, artist platform centering women of color in Los Angeles; he and his team are doing just that. In this episode Ethan and Freddy discuss love as it exists in spiritual community, art and family dynamics contextualized by some of the role models and artists who have inspired Freddy through the years. 2 cis-hetero-males explore masculinity, love and the evolution of roles & responsibilities in a post-ally society. Find Freddy and crew @queensofthenewage and Find Love Extremist at Find Ethan at
March 30, 2020
Conversations With Creativity - Phil America and Photographer MK Sadler
During these unprecedented times Love Extremist Radio is opening up to the community to support new and popular voices who are part of the Love Extremist family.   - - -  ‘Conversations With Creativity’ is a podcast hosted by the artist Phil America featuring conversations with creatives from all different ends of the spectrum.  In the podcast Phil explores his guest's creative process, biggest successes and advice for creatives in all fields. This first episode features MK Sadler, an LA based photographer who uses her background in design and studio art to influence her photographic process. Her work ranges from fashion to commercial to self portraiture.  Getting her start by photographing weddings, she grew in the field landing on the Harper's Bazaar list of Best Wedding Photographers in the World.  She's had images in Harper's, Vogue, Conde Nast Traveler, Domino, and a myriad of other publications as well as an upcoming book with Artisan Publishing and Studio Mondine called Ikebana Unbound. Find MK at Find Phil at
March 27, 2020
Indigo Mateo - Singing and Dancing in The Streets
In the face of violence and major life challenges, Indigo Mateo persists as a leader and expert facilitator.  With grace and somehow a vibrant joy, she engages groups and fans of her music in re-thinking how they perpetuate sexual violence and rape culture.  This playful conversation explores aspects of Indigo's life, her thoughts on what makes a great leader and what she's up to next.   Find Indigo at and on Instagram at Find Love Extremist Radio at and on Instagram at Find Ethan on Instagram at
March 23, 2020
Darnell Moore - Redefining The Box of Masculinity and Cultivating Inclusivity at Netflix and Beyond
In this episode Ethan sits down with Darnell Moore who was recently named the Director of Inclusion Strategy for Content and Marketing at Netflix. He is also the award winning author of 'No Ashes in the Fire: Coming of Age Black and Free in America' and the upcoming book tentatively titled 'Unbecoming: Visions Beyond the Limits of Manhood'.   The conversation touches on Darnell's experiences growing up in Camden New Jersey, how he hacked his way into high school, his life as a writer and recent move from New York to Los Angeles.  They also dive into issues around privilege, access, agency, gender, sexuality and race and how Darnell's role at Netflix is bringing these issues front and center for both employees and their audience.   Find Darnell at on Instagram at and on Twitter at Find out more about Love Extremism at and find more about Ethan on Instagram at 
March 16, 2020
Tatum Hawkins - South LA Contemporary; Opening The Gallery To and For The Community
Join the Love Extremist Liberation Challenge! Tatum is Director of South LA Contemporary, one of the very few nonprofit, contemporary art galleries in South Los Angeles, the mecca of black LA. In this episode Ethan and Tatum discuss how the gallery supports and engages with the local community.  This engagement is especially challenging and exciting in an area that may be wary of the white elitism and gentrification that art galleries often represent. Check out Sola Contemporary at and on Instagram at find Tatum at Find The Love Extremist Movement at and Ethan on Instagram at
March 9, 2020
Jeff Rosenthal - Celebrating Innovators and Building The Summit Series Community
In this episode Jeff and Ethan discuss the origins and evolution of Summit Series, a community of entrepreneurs, artists and activists that Jeff co-founded. Summit has become a physical community in Utah at Summit Powder Mountain as well as an evolving international events series unifying leaders from across disciplines and industries.  This conversation explores love and extremism from the micro lens of families and friendships into the macro perspective of making systemic and global change to solve the most important issues of our time.   Find Jeff at and look out for his upcoming book 'Make No Small Plans' Find Ethan at and on Instagram at
March 2, 2020
Tre Borden - From Business School to Disrupting The Art World
In this episode of Love Extremist Radio Tre Borden shares how he found inspiration from his mother, after graduating from Yale and UC Davis Business School, to work in the arts, finding corporate and foundational support for artists to create projects that make a difference.  Ethan and Tre discuss the role of art as a platform to identify and address sites of oppression without the constraints of many other industries.  They also dive into the relationship between history, the present and future as it relates to reckoning with personal and collective trauma and moving towards love.   Find Tre at and on Instagram at Find Ethan at and on Instagram at
February 24, 2020
Ashley Byrne - PETA, Animal Liberation and The Case For Plant Based Life
Sign up for the Love Extremist Liberation Challenge Today! - Ashley Byrne has been on the front lines of many provocative and highly effective animal rights campaigns as a communications director at PETA (People For The Ethical Treatment of Animals).  In this episode Ethan and Ashely discuss how she became an activist and some of the challenges she has faced and overcome.  PETA takes what many would call an 'extremist' approach to Animal Rights and Ashely explains the framework and basis for their important work.   Learn more about PETA at and Find Ashley on Instagram at and Twitter at Find Ethan at and on Instagram at
February 17, 2020
Justin Michael Williams - Staying Woke in 2020
Join the Love Extremist Liberation Challenge at Justin Michael Williams is an author, speaker and recording artist who is bringing meditation and mindfulness to underserved communities across the country.  This episode delves into Justin's discovery and study of meditation as a path for personal and collective transformation.  The discussion goes into unpacking the propaganda around mindfulness, meditation and how to awaken to life purpose and uncovering your inner guru by discovering what you truly need. Follow Justin and order his new book Stay Woke at and on Instagram at Find Ethan at and on Instagram at
February 10, 2020
Michelle Pellizzon Part 3 - Cultivating a Healthy Relationship and Committing to the Future
Take the Love Extremist Liberation Challenge at Ethan and Michelle have been together since the beginning of Love Extremist Radio.  In this third recorded conversation the couple talk about their commitment to life long partnership, exploring where to plant roots and some of the challenges and revelations that have come up over the previous months.  This simple practice of recorded relationship check-ins has been an instrumental part of Ethan and Michelle's love story and we're happy to share it with you.   Find Michelle at and on Instagram at Find Ethan at and on Instagram at
February 3, 2020
Ginger Q - Making Art That Confronts Gender and LatinX Identity
Ginger Q is a multi-disciplinary artist who's work challenges societal norms.  She uses a range of materials and mediums including neon and performance to express messages that relate to body image, immigration, sexuality, gender and politics.  In this episode Ethan and Ginger explore her work as it relates to her personal life experience as an immigrant and woman in Los Angeles.   Find Ginger at and on Instagram at Find Ethan at and on Instagram at
January 27, 2020
Jim George - On Living A Life of Stillness
Jim George is a Stillness coach and practitioner who supports individuals in finding peace and ultimately love by dropping their personal story and becoming present.  In this episode Jim takes Ethan through a powerful stillness practice and they explore the effects and challenges of bringing stillness to all people.   Find Jim at Find Ethan at and on Instagram at
January 20, 2020
Erica Williams Simon - Continually Finding a New, Purposeful Life
In this episode Erica and Ethan delve into an expansive conversation on Erica's life growing up in Church, getting into politics and Democratic advocacy, working in journalism and media, running a creator studio at Snapchat and now returning to a life dedicated to spiritual growth and leadership.  Erica's unique story, confronting her father's death at an early age, and stepping into leadership as an activist, host, founder and writer has shaped her unique worldview on love, spirituality and the power of media and attention to incite change.   Find Erica at on Instagram at and on Twitter at Find Ethan at and on Instagram at
January 13, 2020
Josh Hurand - Facing a Cancer Prognosis and Choosing To Thrive
In this episode Ethan and Josh met in a mall parking lot in Orange County to talk about Josh's dis-ease process with Metastatic Prostate Cancer, how he's living through it and the projects that he is bringing to life as a therapist and poet.  Confronting a challenging prognosis comes with a series of unexpected emotions and experiences which both Ethan and Josh know and explore in this intimate conversation on family, living and loving with more depth in the face of unexpected challenges.   Find Josh at and on Instagram at Find Ethan at and on Instagram at
January 6, 2020
Maryam Ajayi - From Republican Lobbying to Decolonizing Wellness
In this episode Ethan and Maryam talk about how her life has evolved from conservative politics to tech startups and now wellness and social justice.  The conversation dives into the affects of Patriarchy and Racism on our organizational leadership structures regardless of gender or race and how we can begin to dismantle these oppressive structures from the inside and out.  Ultimately we come back to wellness practices like reiki and breath as a way to re-center ourselves individually and connect with our collective humanity. Find Maryam at and on instagram at and Find Ethan at and on instagram at   
December 30, 2019
Phil America - Destroying Borders With Art Outside The 'Gallery'
Phil is a performance artist, activist, teacher and documentarian who's work challenges the concept of borders and boundaries - inviting communities to engage with experiences beyond their own and pushing them to ask difficult questions about belonging and control.  In this episode Ethan and Phil discuss his Unauthorized Gallery series as a series of investigations and learnings from living amongst Transit Graffiti Artists, in Thai and Burmese slums, being incarcerated, living with houseless populations in California and with Berber Nomads in North Africa.  Phil has a breadth of perspectives on love, art and activism that he shares from his life abroad, immersed in cultures beyond his origin and close to home.    Find Phil at and on Instagram at Find Ethan at and on Instagram at
December 23, 2019
Julie Pilat - The Power of Recognizing and Giving Our Gifts
Julie is a music executive, community leader and host of the podcast 'The Idea Fountain'.  In this episode she speaks to Ethan about her history in music as a hip hop DJ in Seattle in the 90s, the importance of giving time instead of just money and how she dedicates her energy to mentorship and giving back.   Find Julie at The Idea Fountain on your favorite podcast network Find Ethan at and on Instagram at
December 16, 2019
Serge Bandura - Rebellion and Yoga
Serge is a multi - disciplinary artist and yoga practitioner who is committed to community building with music, movement and mindfulness practices.  In this episode Ethan and Serge discuss their shared hometown experiences skateboarding and making art around Boston and how Serge's move to the West coast created a dynamic relationship with 'hippie' culture, activism and new age spirituality.  Serge has become a powerful leader in Southern California as a yoga instructor, artist and aspiring white male ally and his perspectives on love, activism, appropriation and inclusion are profound.   Find Serge on Instagram at where you'll see links to all his musical, yogic and communal projects which include Earthtones Music, Light + Space Yoga Studio in Ojai and Shivakali Yoga School. Find Ethan at and on Instagram at
December 9, 2019
Robi Smiles - Traveling The World Collecting Smiles
Robi Smiles is a photographer who has built a movement called 'Collecting Smiles', traveling the world photographing people holding his hand made 'Robi' doll and smiling.  In this episode Ethan and Robi talk about how he began his mission and found his purpose exploring love and human connection through the simple generosity of a smile, one of the most universal symbols of connection.   Find Robi on Instagram at and Find Ethan on Instagram at and
December 2, 2019
Shira Erlichman - Ode-ing the Unodeable: a Poet’s Journey Through Mental Illness
Shira Erlichman is a multi-disciplinary artist and teacher who recently released her latest book of poems 'Odes to Lithium' about her experience living with Bipolar Disorder.  She is also a long time childhood friend of Ethan's having met at the same alternative public high school in Brookline, Massachusetts.  In this episode Ethan and Shira discuss her experiences with Bipolar, her journey as a multi-disciplinary artist and how she engages with love through her work and in her daily life in New York. Find Shira at on Instagram at and on Twitter at Find Ethan at and on Instagram at   
November 25, 2019
Lyonzo Vargas - Philly's Glbl Vllg Built on Love and Community
Lyonzo Vargas is a co-founder of GLBL VLLG, a community that celebrates co-creativity with monthly Jams - "the only concert where the audience is the headliner”.  Lyonzo and his team are focused on bringing wellness and wellbeing to communities of color around the world.   In this episode Ethan and Lyonzo explore how love has shown up for him in his life and how he came to build a massive co-creative project rooted in community empowerment and art.   Find Lyonzo on Instagram at and at Find Ethan on Instagram at and at
November 18, 2019
Chuck Ellis - On Making Music Collaboratively, Visual Art and Being Inspired by Robin Williams
In this episode Ethan and Chuck dive into the love shared in making music with other talented artists.  They dive into themes of loss, intimacy, the power of painting as a healing modality and  cultivating love in the everyday.  This is a wide ranging conversation with lots of interwoven themes and messages. Find Chuck on Instagram - Follow Chuck on Spotify - Find Ethan at www.Extremist.Love and on Instagram at
November 11, 2019
Caroline Rothstein - Trauma, Art and Divine, Soulful Love
Caroline is a poet, journalist and teacher who shares her powerful work on self-love, oppression, trauma and being in communication with our individual and collective divinity.   "When we are taking our pain and transforming it into art we are putting the world back together so that it can vibrate and exist as its truest form of love."   Join Ethan and Caroline in a profound exploration around how they confront 'darkness vs. light, separateness vs. wholeness'. Find Caroline on her website Twitter - Instagram - Find Ethan at Instagram at #2 IG  
November 4, 2019
Amberella - Loving Yourself Through Public Art
Amberella is a mixed media and street artist known for her wheat pasted messages of love and empowerment blasted across American cities.  In this episode Ethan and Amberella discuss how her work reflects personal challenges and lessons she's going through and how her life can become inspiration for others.  From self-love to the collective, Amberella's ability to take hugely personal messages and share them out in the world is truly unique.   Find Amberella online and on Instagram Find Ethan at Extremist.Love and on Instagram
October 28, 2019
Teri and Matthew Pohlson Part 2 - A Mother's Love Through Her Son's Near Death
In our second conversation, Matt Pohlson (CEO and Co-Founder of Omaze) invites his mother Teri to share her experience as a mother supporting him and her entire family as Matt navigated a near death surgery, coma and proceeding hospitalization.   Teri's perspective on love, humor and the value of community shines through in this intimate conversation.   Find Matt at and at Find Ethan at http://www.Extremist.Love and at
October 21, 2019
Matthew Pohlson Part 1 - Dying and Coming Back With Love
In this episode Ethan speaks with Matthew Pohlson, co-founder and CEO of Omaze, as he shares his incredible story getting so sick in the hospital that he lost his heartbeat for 4 minutes and went into a coma.  His miraculous story of recovery and health can only be articulated as acts of extreme love through his family and community as he battled for his life.  Hear this incredible story and learn about the lessons Matthew gained through his journey. Find Matthew at Omaze and on Instagram Find Ethan at Extremist.Love and on Instagram
October 14, 2019
Amy Tai - The Path to Human Liberation is Avoiding Climate Catastrophe
Amy Tai is a single mom, Suzuki violin teacher, climate activist, peer counseling teacher, settler on Indigenous lands and immigrant to this country. She is fiercely passionate about and committed to human liberation and doing everything possible to avoid climate catastrophe, which she sees as totally interconnected.  Ethan and Amy had a deep conversation about how she shows up in the world and her perspectives on love as a mother, activist, counselor and teacher.   Contact Amy via Ethan Find Ethan at and on Instagram
October 7, 2019
Jesse Israel - Remembering The Love That is Always Here
Jesse Israel, founder of The Big Quiet, leads mass meditations throughout the country.  In his quest to bring meditation to more people, Jesse shares his many perspectives on love, leadership and compassion as it relates to the self, relationships and communities.  Jesse reminds us that Love is something we need to keep remembering as it's always here and too easy to forget.  The discussion goes into negativity bias, the interconnectedness of humanity and the power of storytelling to move people.   Find Jesse at The Big Quiet on Tour in October throughout the USA and on Instagram Find Ethan at Extremist.Love and on Instagram If you like this podcast please leave a review and comment on Apple Podcasts.  
September 30, 2019
Cassandra Lopez - On Young Love, Growing Up and Leaving Home
Cassandra Lopez is an 18 year old student at Temple University in Philadelphia.  Ethan and Cassandra met in the summer before her Freshman year and she asked him a series of insightful questions about love, relationships and the shift from family love into adulthood.  Her youthful perspective sheds light on what interests her about love and where she's growing and learning.  The conversation also highlights where Ethan is still studying and exploring how we engage with love in partnership and beyond. Find Cassandra on Instagram and Listen to Her Podcast It Be Like That Find Ethan at Extremist.Love and on Instagram
September 23, 2019
Alex Cook - The Power of Murals and Visual Art that Unites Community
Alex Cook is a Boston based musician, painter and muralist who has painted over 180 murals around the world using uplifting language like 'You Are Loved' and 'You Can Do It'.  In this episode Ethan and Alex talk about his background as an artist, how he discovered the power of murals to spread important messages and the expansive effects of the 'You Are Loved' series.   Find Alex online on his artist website See his murals at Listen to his music at Find Ethan at and on instagram
September 16, 2019
Dr. Sara Nasserzardeh - What Does a Healthy Relationship Actually Look Like?
Love in partnership is an enigma for so many people on the planet.  Dr. Sara Nasserzardeh has made relational love her life's work, studying how couples engage across cultures and countries and supporting couples as a therapist and major world institutions as an advisor.  In this conversation Ethan and Dr. Sara discuss the ingredients of healthy relationships and how couples thrive in loving partnership.  Take the Relationship Panoramic Test Find Dr. Nasserzardeh on her website, Twitter and Instagram Find Ethan at and on Instagram
September 9, 2019
Season 2 Introduction - Brittany Zion Estrada - Can We Take Love Seriously?
In the first episode of Season Two of Love Extremist Radio, Ethan speaks with his friend and fellow Love Extremist Brittany Zion Estrada about the challenges and opportunities to take love seriously when it is so often informed by our traumas.  As an artist, teacher, producer and cultural commentator, Estrada offers her optimism alongside critiques of how love is expressed or avoided in our society and ourselves.   Listen to her sad love song, Please Be Mine by Molly Burch here Read her recommendations: Conscious Loving - Gay Hendricks PhD & Kathlyn Hendricks PhD Pleasure Activism - Adrienne Maree Brown All About Love - Bell Hooks Homegoing - Yaa Gyasi This critical perspective will be an important theme in Season Two as we dive deeper into what gets in the way of love in our personal and collective experience. Find Brittany at and on Instagram Find Ethan at Extremist.Love and on Instagram
September 3, 2019
Season 1 Finale with Louise Lipsitz, Ethan's Mom
After 33 episodes, season 1 of Love Extremist Radio comes to a close.  Ethan and his mom Louise talk about the genesis of the podcast, lessons learned and how Ethan is spreading love in his life beyond this show.  Thanks to all who have shared, commented and rated this podcast.  Please continue to spread the word and the love amongst your communities!   Find Ethan on Instagram @ethanlipsitz  Order Pins, Learn More and Sign Up for Email Updates at Learn more about The Outernet at and on Instagram
July 1, 2019
Dan Doty - On Men Loving Men with Evryman
In this episode Ethan connects with Dan Doty, Co-Founder and visionary of Evryman, a platform that connects men to their loved ones, their life's work and themselves.  Dan and Ethan discuss how many men desire connection and deep, platonic love amongst other men and this practice can lead to immense healing of themselves and the planet.  They also explore how Dan's relationships with his father, his kids and his wife have evolved as he's gone deeper into working with other men and facilitating mens groups.   Find Dan at Evryman and on Instagram Find Ethan at and on Instagram 
June 24, 2019
Michelle Pellizzon - The Love of My Life
Michelle and Ethan have been partners for almost a year, as a follow up episode from 2018, the duo explores their challenges, fears and practices around cultivating a loving relationship and stepping into a new phase of life in sharing a house together.  Michelle imparts her wisdom around open communication, especially as it relates to what's most important and how she trusts her intuition as a partner and in loving herself.  Ethan shares his perspective on living a long life with brain cancer and facing new obstacles as he steps into interdependency. with Michelle.   Find Michelle at Holisticism and on Instagram Find Ethan at Extremist.Love and on Instagram
June 17, 2019
Maceo Paisley - On Violence, Time and Living A Creative Life
In this episode Ethan speaks to friend and co-conspirator Maceo Paisley about his work as an artist and performer, the relationship between human potential and planetary love, fluidity of gender roles and perspectives and how his perspective on violence shifted after going to war.  Maceo's is a renaissance man with a diverse background and broad range of interests.  He's currently on tour promoting his new book Tao of Maceo alongside a performance piece titled 'Dynamite'.  Find Maceo Online and on Instagram Find Ethan at Extremist.Love and on Instagram 
June 10, 2019
Alex Rosenberg - Loving the Planet Through Traumatic Injury
Alex Rosenberg is an environmental activist, father and world explorer who recently became quadriplegic after suffering a traumatic spinal injury.  In this episode Ethan and Alex discuss his life experiences with circular, regenerative economic and permaculture systems, the climate crisis, alternative community and how he experiences love through disability.   Find Alex on Instagram  Find Ethan at and on Instagram
June 3, 2019
August McLaughlin - Sex Heals
Ethan speaks with Girl Boner Radio and Publication writer August McLaughlin about her exploration of sex and body positivity influenced by purity culture and how she healed past trauma by exploring her sexuality.  The conversation dives into sex as a lens through which love can be explored in setting and pushing boundaries, personal empowerment and physical healing.   Find August at and on Instagram Find Ethan at and on Instagram
May 27, 2019
Alejandra Campoverdi - Self-Loving Through a Preventative Mastectomy
Alejandra Campoverdi underwent a preventative mastectomy after taking a genetic test and getting a positive result for the BRCA2 gene mutation.  She later learned cancer was already growing in her breasts before they were removed.  Ethan and Alejandra talk about their experiences with disease, self advocacy and healing through trauma as well as her work bringing genetic testing to people of color and underserved communities.  This conversation explores how our relationship to love evolves as we face our own mortality.   Find Alejandra at and on Instagram Find Ethan at and on Instagram
May 20, 2019
Mandana Shirazi - Human Energy Healing
Mandana Shirazi was born as the last successor to an old lineage of energy healers.  Ethan has been working with her remotely to eradicate all traces of cancer from his body.  In this episode Ethan and Mandana meet face to face for the first time to discuss the power of love and our life force energy to heal our bodies and our planet of dis-ease and disease. Find Mandana at   Find Ethan at and on Instagram
May 13, 2019
Kyle Sawyer - Dismantling Our Binary Worldview
In this profound conversation about privilege, allyship and love, Ethan (he/him) speaks to Kyle Sawyer (they/them) about how we can shift our binary worldview into something more open, fluid and accessible to all people.  They discuss The Active-Ally Model that Kyle teaches in workshops throughout the country, the fear of death as a baseline for love and scarcity amongst those in power and how those with power and privilege can dismantle the walls they've built to create a more loving, equitable world.   Please listen, share, comment and review! Find Kyle at & Or on Facebook / Instagram / Twitter Find Ethan at and on Instagram
May 6, 2019
Jamila Dawson - Living the Erotic
Jamila Dawson, MA, LMFT is a sex therapist, pleasure activist, and speaker.  She focuses on breaking down sexual stigma in order to design relationships that center imagination, connection, and liberation.  In this episode Ethan and Jamila explore how the erotic, sensual nature of life can stimulate love in individuals, partnerships and communities and how we can learn from sex positivity to change culture for the better. Find Jamila on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Jamila Find Ethan at Extremist.Love and on Instagram   
April 29, 2019
Perry Shai - Poetry as a Path to Extroversion
Perry Shai is a 27 year old poet, artist and community leader.  Her work explores love, intimacy, being a queer woman of color and her life in LA which can be seen on YouTube, Instagram and throughout Los Angeles.  In this episode Ethan and Perry discuss love as a catalyst for creating art, her family as inspiration and her process of moving from being an introvert to extrovert.   Find Perry on Instagram and Youtube Find Ethan at Extremist.Love and on Instagram
April 22, 2019
Poetic Love as Activism with In-Q
In-Q is a world renown spoken word artist and lyricist from Santa Monica, CA.  He uses poetry and language to tell personal and universal stories.  In this episode Ethan speaks to In-Q about the intersection of Art, Romance and Activism (both personal and public).  They also dig into self-love practice and healing through meditation and working with alternative practitioners. Find In-Q at and on Instagram Find Ethan at Extremist.Love and on Instagram
April 15, 2019
Confronting Hate With Art - Genesis Be
Genesis Be is an activist and artist who uses poetry, painting and media to confront tribal identity, tradition and political issues.  She's been a vocal advocate for taking the confederate symbol off the state flag of Mississippi.  In this episode Ethan and Genesis Be discuss cultural tradition, local identity and confronting hate with art.   Find Genesis Be at and on Instagram Find Ethan at Extremist.Love and on Instagram
April 8, 2019
Friends Standing Up For A Better World - Mike De La Rocha & Mark Gonzales
Mike and Mark are vocal LatinX activists, organizers, writers and artists driving cultural and political movements forward with their powerful work from Prison Policy Reform to Poetry.  They are also best friends and have supported each other as friends and collaborators for almost 20 years.  In this episode Ethan, Mike and Mark talk about unifying disparate groups, the importance of cultural identity and generational wisdom and their perspective on the changing role of men in positions of leadership. Find Mike at Revolve Impact and on Instagram Find Mark at Garden of the Beloved and Wage Beauty Find Ethan at Extremist.Love and on Instagram
April 1, 2019
Lenéa Sims - Inner Play Making Personal Work Fun
Lenéa Sims is an energy expert, artist, healer, self-proclaimed Queen of Doodads, and the founder of Inner Play.  In this episode Ethan and Lenéa speak about how to not take personal development so seriously and her personal love story that has informed how she views love beyond partnership.   Find Lenéa at and on instagram Find Ethan at and on instagram
March 25, 2019
Brian Donovan - Overcoming Co-Dependence and Supporting Dreams
Brian is an accomplished Actor, Executive Director of the Los Angeles Repertory Theatre and the Writer/Director of Kelly's Hollywood, a film about his quest to fulfill his disabled sister’s Hollywood dreams.  On this episode Ethan and Brian discuss life living the Hollywood dream from the 90s until today, the joys and challenges of being someone's hero and the incredible love lessons and stories he's experienced through his sister, family and community.   Find Brian on Instagram Watch Kelly’s Hollywood And follow along on Facebook and Twitter Find Ethan on Instagram Follow Extremist Love Learn more at 
March 18, 2019
Soren Eilertsen - Finding Love in American Business
Soren Eilertsen, Ph.D., is a teacher, executive leader and coach who helps build successful and enduring businesses that make our world a better place.  In this episode of Love Extremist Radio Ethan interviews Soren about businesses and practices that engage loving principles to serve the planet, serve their employees and serve shareholders.   Find Soren at Find Ethan at and on instagram If you like this podcast please share, comment and rate us on whatever platform you use.   #loveextremist
March 11, 2019
Best Friends From High School - Grant Cavanaugh Interviews Ethan Lipsitz
Grant is Ethan's best high school friend.  He came to Los Angeles to interview Ethan about how he became a love extremist, his experiences with brain cancer and the backstory of their friendship.  This episode offers a rare glimpse into the perspectives of two long-time friends who don't often speak about the deep stuff.   Find Grant on LinkedIn Find Ethan at Extremist Love and Instagram
March 4, 2019
Richie Reseda - Dismantling Patriarchy from Jail
Richie is an activist, artist and organizer who co-founded Initiate Justice to change political policy on behalf of incarcerated individuals and their families.  Richie also founded Question Culture as a platform to shift our relationship with toxic masculinity and patriarchy.  Richie brought this important work to fellow inmates while in prison which caught the attention of CNN with The Feminist on Cell Block Y. In this episode Ethan and Richie discuss the oppression of patriarchy, the omnipresent power of love even in the most challenging spaces like prison and the important work of Initiate Justice. Find Richie at, and on instagram Find Ethan at and on instagram
February 25, 2019
Tia Oso
Tia Oso is an L.A. based transformational speaker, trainer and strategist with over 10 years of experience leading social justice campaigns.  Tia brought #BlackLivesMatter to the forefront of the 2016 U.S. Presidential race when she led the historic #SayHerName action disrupting the Netroots Nation Presidential Town Hall.   In this episode Ethan and Tia discuss her experience of love in community growing up in Unincorporated Mesa, Arizona and the intersection of social media and call out culture as it relates to love and activism.   Find Tia at, on Twitter and on Instagram Find Ethan at Extremist.Love and on Instagram  
February 18, 2019
Brother Cidkyee Williams
Brother Cidkyee Williams is a spiritual teacher, a healer, a father, a founder and a Veteran.  He shares his story growing up in South Chicago, going to war and learning to love as a partner and a teacher from a very young age. Find Cid at Find Ethan on Instagram and at Extremist Love
February 11, 2019
Julie Hovsepian
Julie is a master teacher with guided light healing with years of experience in energetic healings and intuitive guidance.  In this episode Julie speaks to Ethan about her path to leaving the music industry to pursue her calling as an intuitive guide.  They discuss self-love practice and various approaches to healing oneself and the world.   Find Julie at and Find Ethan at and
February 4, 2019
Ryan Miller
Ryan Miller is the lead singer of the band Guster, host of Vermont PBS’ “Makin’ Friends With Ryan Miller” and “Bardo", composer on a slew of rad films (Safety Not Guaranteed, In A World, Kings Of Summer, Tig, Fundamentals Of Caring), bon vivant and Xiao Long Boa aficionado.  He is also handsome in low light.  Ethan and Ryan get into the love that comes with a cult following, being a father and growing up with one foot on either side of the internet.
January 28, 2019
Alua Arthur
Alua Arthur is a death doula, attorney, and the founder of Going with Grace, an end of life planning organization that exists to support people as they answer the question 'What must I do to be at peace with myself so that I may live presently and die peacefully?'  This episode dives into the many ways that confronting our mortality can deepen our connection to love and living while we're alive.   Find Alua at: Find Ethan at:
January 21, 2019
Janice Griffith
Janice Griffith is an adult film performer, writer, and activist. Her work focuses on the sex positivity, self-love, and the destigmatization of sex work through an emphasis on healthy sexuality, communication, and intersectional feminism. She loves to love.  In this episode of Love Extremist Radio Ethan and Janice discuss how love shows up in the adult film industry and in her personal experiences beyond her profession.   Follow Janice on Instagram at Follow Ethan at and learn more about being a Love Extremist at
January 14, 2019
Ryland Engelhart
Ryland Engelhart is the Mission Fulfillment Officer and co-owner of Cafe Gratitude and Gracias Madre. He is a co-founder of Kiss The Ground, a non-profit that educates and advocates about the connection between soil, human, and planetary health. He is also a co-creator of the award-winning, transformational documentary film, “May I Be Frank.” He is an entrepreneur and activist, using his restaurants as a platform to inspire more "gratitude" into our culture. He speaks on sacred commerce, tools for building community, and regeneration. Ethan and Ryland discuss how intentional loving practices and principles can support the workplace and our planet. Find Ryland at
January 7, 2019
Susan Goldberg
Ethan speaks to Rabbi Susan Goldberg about her experiences with love as a religious leader, activist, mother and fellow human going through her own healing journey.  Her insights on love in community through the lens of religion and activism and her own personal experience with healing and family are profound and provide powerful examples for how we approach love in our lives. Find Rabbi Susan at Wilshire Blvd Temple in Los Angeles and her bi-monthly Nefesh service:
December 31, 2018
Cooper Bates
In this episode Ethan speaks with Cooper Bates, Performer, Playwright, Director and Hint Mint Co-Founder about his perspectives on love.  Cooper shares his varied experiences as a community leader, artist, parent and a young African American growing up in Kansas. Find Cooper at and
December 24, 2018
Michelle Pellizzon
Michelle is an LA based entrepreneur, visionary leader and founder of, she is also exploring a loving partnership with Ethan, the host of Love Extremist Radio. In this episode Michelle and Ethan interview each other about their story, their beliefs about partnership and love and how they want to express their budding romance. Find Michelle on Instagram at: and Find Ethan on Instagram at: and at
December 17, 2018
Robert Egger
Robert Egger is a non profit innovator and national leader changing the way we source, make and serve food for those in need. In this conversation Ethan and Robert discuss Robert's start in the non-profit world, his relationship with music and art as a former nightclub entrepreneur and where he finds love throughout the world and in Los Angeles. Find Robert at and on instagram @robertegger
December 10, 2018
Madame Gandhi
Madame (Kiran) Gandhi is a musician, activist, speaker and 4th Wave Feminist leader. She speaks with Ethan about self love, her upbringing, 4th Wave Feminism, new relationships and the loving connection between her life as an artist and her community. You can find her at and on instagram @madamegandhi Join the Love Extremist movement, follow, comment on and share this podcast! #loveextremist @ethanlipsitz
December 3, 2018
Dr. Maytha Alhassen
Dr. Maytha Alhassen is a Syrian-American artist, scholar, activist, journalist and healer who shares her journey to self-love and how she finds and nurtures collective love in and through her work. You can find her at and on instagram @maythaalhassen Join the Love Extremist movement, follow, comment on and share this podcast! #loveextremist @ethanlipsitz
November 26, 2018
Mom and Ethan's Introduction: Love Extremist Radio
In this introductory episode Louise Lipsitz interviews her son Ethan, host of Love Extremist Radio, about his story, how he defines love and why he's doing this podcast. Find Ethan at and Outro: Stevie Wonder - I Believe (When I Fall In Love)
November 19, 2018