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Love Letter Notes by Sangeeta

Love Letter Notes by Sangeeta

By Sangeeta D
Welcome to my Love Letters - Podcast Edition! Recorded with you in mind, with the purpose to get you excited about waking up with a newfound zest, hope for life, and to help nurture healthy minds, bodies and souls; all a part of my 365 Reasons to Wake Up Every Day Movement. You will find Affirmations, Meditations, Today’s Reason for Waking Up, along with the Topic of the Week and my best Tips on how to thrive through life. Tune in now! You can also Sign Up for a weekly Love Letter and access this podcast in your email inbox by visiting: Love & Light, Sangeeta 🙏🏼💕 xo
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Love Letter Note 14 - How to Find the Strength to Keep Going
Hello 365 Family, I’m back with a Brand New Love Letter! This week’s is about Finding the Strength to Keep Going. I hope this podcast episode inspires you to remember it's okay to not be in your best performance mode at all times. I hope this will  re-energize you and remind you it’s okay to take time for yourself using self care and self compassion. REMINDER: You are human, NOT superhuman. Receive your Love Letter here: Love & Light, Sangeeta 🙏🏼💕 do
July 07, 2022
Love Letter 13 (going on 32): Self Belief. Overcoming Challenges & Achieving the Impossible
Hello my 365 Fam, I’m back with a Brand New Love Letter Note, and this time it‘a all about self belief, how to overcome challenges and come out as a winner. Tune in now! Sign up for your weekly Love Letter and get instant access to newly uploaded Podcast Episodes by visiting: I look forward to welcoming you on board our family. Love & Light, Sangeeta 🙏🏼💕 xo
April 12, 2022
Love Letter Note 12: Mother’s Day Special & Inner Wisdom and Self Trust
I’m back with a Brand New Love Letter Note and this week’s all about celebrating our amazing Mama’s, and growing our inner wisdom and self trust. Tune in now for feel-good affirmations, meditations, positivity and a whole lot of love! Love & Light, Sangeeta 🙏🏼💕 xo P.S Join my 365 Reasons to Wake Up Every Day Movement and receive a weekly Love Letter, with a link to these Podcasts that go hand in hand with them! Go to 
April 06, 2022
Love Letter Note 11: Self Empowerment and Reclaiming your Power!
I'm back with a Brand New Podcast (Love Note!) Where are all my fellow Queens and Kings at? Today I speak about how to claim back your power, your crown and empower yourself! This was powerful! Are you ready to claim back who you are and stand confident in yourself? Listen Now and get inspired. **Warning**: Beautiful, peaceful oriental sounds await you in this audio track!! Side effects include: feeling zen, positivity, the sensation that you're sitting in a beautiful Japanese garden surrounded by blossom trees. You're welcome ;) Love & Light, Sangeeta xo
May 03, 2021
Love Letter Note 10: Daring to Be Different and Embracing Your Gifts
I'm back with a Brand New Love Note! This week it gets extra juicy with extra affirmations and lots of goodies, including how to stand out, be uniquely you, be different and embrace your gifts. Listen now :) As always, you can receive access to this Podcast and Love Letter Note in your inbox directly each week by signing up at You will be supporting my 365 Reasons to Wake Up Every Day Movement, and also receive a Weekly Love Letter that goes hand in hand with each corresponding Love Note. I can't wait to invite you into the 365 RTWUED Fam! Love & Light, Sangeeta xo
April 25, 2021
Love Letter Note 09: How to Be a Mirror of Love
I'm back with a juicy topic for this week's reason to wake up. Ladies, Gentlemen - this one affects us all. Put your earbuds in and listen now. Hope it inspires you to have an empowering day and week ahead! Love & Light, Sangeeta xo
April 19, 2021
Love Letter Note 08: Remaining Open Minded
I am back with a Brand New Love Note to make up for me being busy with school last week. Refer to last week's Love Letter (April 12th) and listen along, or just sit back and relax. This week's topic is all about being open minded :)  Sign up for my Love Letters and Love Notes that will arrive directly in your inbox at Love & Light, Sangeeta xo
April 13, 2021
Love Letter Note 07: Easter, My Birthday Special & Patience
Hello again! Happy Easter! This week I celebrate my Birthday (April 2nd) and also talk about a very important virtue and how to invite more of it into your day. Tune in now. Don't forget, Sign Up for my Love Letters and get access to this podcast in the form of Love Notes in your inbox weekly at Love & Light, Sangeeta xo 
April 05, 2021
Love Letter Note 06: Elevate the Love
In this week's Podcast, I share my best tips on how to Elevate the Love! a.k.a how to increase the love in your life and invite more of it! Who doesn't want that?!! :) Listen now! & Don't forget: Sign Up for my Love Notes @ to receive this podcast/Love Notes weekly in your inbox along with an accompanying Love Letter! Love & light, Sangeeta xo
March 29, 2021
Love Letter Note 05: How to Invite More Magic in Your Life
Do you believe in "Magic"? I get nostalgic in this week's Love Note and I can't wait for you to take a little trip down memory lane with me as I share my St. Paddy's Day celebrations. I hope you're feeling lucky, and if not, you will after hearing this! To receive these Love Notes as part of my "Love Letter Notes" Podcast and "365 Reasons to Wake Up Every Day Movement" in your inbox weekly complete with a Love Letter to accompany them, simply go to I can't wait to welcome you on board!  Love & Light, Sangeeta xo
March 21, 2021
Love Letter Note 04: Celebration of Music, Shreya Ghoshal’s Birthday and Raising Our Vibration
Guess who's back... back again :) This week, I get a little more upbeat as I welcome you into a brand new Monday, motivating you to make the best of it. Tune in now and read along with my Love Letters in your inbox, or just press play, close your eyes, and relax to the sound of positivity and hope for the day and week ahead. Love & Light, Sangeeta xo P.S Sign Up for my Love Letters so you can receive them weekly in your inbox, along with each week's updated Love Letter Notes (Podcast). Go to
March 15, 2021
Love Letter Note 03: International Women’s Day
Happy International Women's Day! Here's this week's Love Letter Note - enjoy and leave me a message to let me know how you resonated with it. Love & Light, Sangeeta xo
March 08, 2021
Love Letter Note 02: Connection and Colour of Pink
In this week's episode, I talk about Pink - and my connection to it, complete with lovey-dovey whisper of sweet somethings, affirmations and more. Tune in now. Love & Light, Sangeeta xo 
March 08, 2021
Love Letter Note 01: The Launch: 365 Reasons to Wake Up Every Day with Love Letters and Love Letter Notes is LIVE and Embracing The Sun’s Energy
Welcome to my new Podcast - Love Letters - Audio Edition in the form of what I like to call "Love (Letter) Notes". The perfect way to start your Monday mornings on a brighter note with some positivity, a reminder of how awesome you are and with a whole lot of love to see you through your day and week ahead. Sign up to receive yours in your inbox along with an email love letter from me at  Love & Light, Sangeeta xo
March 08, 2021