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Heart to Heart Podcast

Heart to Heart Podcast

By Love Now Media
Heart to Heart is a youth produced podcast, hosted and produced by teen Journey Moses, and co-hosted by Jos Duncan which features intergenerational conversations about pressing topics in pop culture, social justice advocacy, and entertainment. Through exchanging knowledge about and between generations, they hope to keep often divided generations informed and connected.
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Beauty Standards, Bonnets for the Culture, Woke is Wack & Trigger Warnings

Heart to Heart Podcast

Gender, Pronouns, and Confusion
Teens Journey and Estee share their experiences with exploring pronouns while Jos navigates her changing perspectives.
September 23, 2021
Does Social Media Equal Social Status
Journey and Jos are joined by 15 year old Mason Skennoto who has over 30,000 followers on TikTok and his mom April Harley who runs a new popular wellness studio in Philly.
August 03, 2021
Music across generations; how and why it has changed
Journey and Jos discuss music and its influences in both their generations. Producer, Nebia, chimes in with an additional Gen Z perspective.
August 03, 2021
Fashion Across Generations aka Grandmom's Closet
Radeen Adams (Journey's Grandmom) joins the podcast to talk about fashion in the 60's. Journey and Jos talk about fashion in their generations, trending looks, and their favorites. 
July 10, 2021
Beauty Standards, Bonnets for the Culture, Woke is Wack & Trigger Warnings
In this episode, Journey and Jos discuss beauty standards across the generations and share stories about judging and being judged about their hairstyles, the bonnet debate, dying "wokeness" and who's really responsible for "triggers."
June 19, 2021
Who are the hosts and what's this podcast about?
Meet your host, 14-year old Journey Moses and her co-host 40-something year old Jos Duncan. In this pre-launch, first recording of the podcast, they introduce themselves, the hot topics between their generations and what to expect in future episodes of Heart to Heart. 
June 19, 2021