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Love's Outer Limits

Love's Outer Limits

By Amy Marsh
Sexologist and writer Dr. Amy Marsh (ze, zir) meets erotica writer M. Christian (he, him) for conversations about sexual culture and quandries, intimacy and more.
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Trick or Treat with Love's Outer Limits (Get Out and Vote!)
What do Dame Edith Sitwell, the Hellfire Club, Goetic demons, the 2020 election, and a review of Disasterina and Ave Rose's performance at The Satanic Temple Virtual Mansion all have in common? Why, they're part of our show! Join us for a quirky take on the Halloween/Samhain season as we trick or treat through a very unusual neighborhood! And if you want to catch Disasterina and Ave Rose's second TST performance on Thurs., Oct. 29, buy tickets here. Only $6.66. Show is at 6 PM PSDT.  Halloween interlude music. Seventh Seal by Kevin MacLeod. Link: License: Image: Colour-shift deliberately applied on the image of a burning candle in order to enhance the visibility of the colour-zones. Picture taken (on 25 Feb 2006), processed, and uploaded by Roger McLassus.Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported license.
October 29, 2020
M. Christian Erotica and Science Fiction
Love's Outer Limits co-host M. Christian (aka Chris) opens up about his long career as a writer of erotica, science fiction, horror, and so much more! He reads from two stories, "How Much?" and "Koi No Yokan," the tender story of two AI falling in love. Links to his most recent books, Horrorsexual, Hard Drive, and an anthology, Nine to Eternity, may be found on his website or via his twitter feed @MChristianzobop.  Listeners will want a reminder that our Episode 3 guests, Disasterina and Ave Rose, are presenting some of their new art at The Satanic Temple virtual event on Oct. 28th and 29th. Day tickets are only $6.66 each. Please support these amazing artists and performers!
October 23, 2020
The Guild of Ornamental Hermits: A Queer & Magic-Saturated Fantasy Series
Co-host M. Christian graciously interviews co-host Dr. Amy about her Guild of Ornamental Hermits novels, a fantasy series focused on the magical adventures of "the Hermits," aging denizens of funky Hermitville, a farm and arts collective located in the Puna district of Hawai'i Island. The books feature clown-obsessed Elves, wicked real estate speculators, supernatural bad guys, a determined documentary film crew, and a dimension-hopping giant salamander, among other things. A majority of the characters are LGBTQIA and not everyone is white. The books are called (1) The Dire Deeds of the Guild of Ornamental Hermits, (2) The Witching Work of the Guild of Ornamental Hermits, (3) The Queerest Quest of the Guild of Ornamental Hermits, and (4) The Perilous Past of the Guild of Ornamental Hermits. The third book is nearing completion and the fourth is in planning stages.. Dr. Amy read excerpts from Chapters Eight and Nine of The Dire Deeds during the show (ze got the chapter numbers wrong in the podcast). A recording of Dr. Amy reading the first chapter of Dire Deeds may be found here: The Dire Deeds is due to be published in the near future by  Correction: The Tolkien elf language is "Quenya," not "Quenta." 
October 13, 2020
Interview: Disasterina Dragkwene & Ave Rose
Disasterina--"LA's most Disasterous Dragkwene"--and Ave Rose--artist, writer, designer, singer, and performer extraordinaire--share a bit of their lives, love, activism, and art with us in this interview recorded Oct. 5, 2020. Disasterina is known to fans as a "final five" star of Dragula Season 2, with a cameo in Season 3. In addition to alternative drag, Disasterina is a musician, writer, visual artist, and probably "all kinds of other things" as we like to say here on Love's Outer Limits.  We enjoyed conversing with this multi-talented duo as their disembodied voices reached us from their bedroom in Culver City. Disasterina and Ave's most spectacular co-creation to date is SadoPsychiatrist, a witty and wacky horror comedy show found on Amazon Prime. Disasterina plays Dr. Sado, a thrill-killing therapist with more than an axe to grind. Ave Rose plays a variety of roles, including her dueling drag king persona, Sleazy Mancini. SadoPsychiatrist also features several other Dragula stars, including Biqtch Puddin', Foxie Adjuia, Felony Dodger, Abhora, Xochi Mochi, and Meatball.  You can find Disasterina and Ave Rose on YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. (Check out the Cybernetic Circus with Disasterina as a whip-smart Ringmistress!). And don't miss their Oct. 28th and 29th appearances, showing demon sculptures and reading demon stories, at The Satanic Estate virtual openhouse [Oct.9th-31st] on (daily tickets, a monthly pass, and gala Halloween tickets available here). Love's Outer Limits was deeply honored and pleased to have this time with Disasterina and Ave and we look forward to more! 
October 6, 2020
Lonely for Touch
In this episode, Dr. Amy Marsh and M. Christian address the damaging experiences of loneliness and touch deprivation, especially during this pandemic. This episode features a 12-minute Hypnosis for Touch Nourishment recording at the end of the show. Please don't drive while listening to the hypnotic portion.  Show Notes: M. Christian's Future of Sex article on Lonely Lovers Turning to Sex Dolls.   Loneliness Resources:  Senior Friendship Line (800)971-0016 SAGE National LGBT Elder Hotline (877)360-5428 The Unlonely Project All the Lonely People - documentary film in progress Touch Resources: For weighted blankets and other touch stimulus products:
September 18, 2020
What We Did on Our Summer Vacation
In the first episode of LOL Season 2, Dr. Amy Marsh and M. Christian share details about their busy but isolated creative lives, diss catastrophic gender reveal parties, and discuss comfort measures and self-care in these trying times. CW: foul language mixed with dry wit. Follow us on social media: @AmyMarshSexDr @MChristianzobop
September 7, 2020
Love's Outer Limits - Announcing Season Two!
Sexologist Dr. Amy Marsh (ze, zir) and sex writer and futurist M. Christian (he, him) share some of their thrilling plans for the Season Two of Love's Outer Limits, now on Anchor.FM.  The first full episode will be posted on Saturday, September 12th!  Keep current with us on Twitter through @AmyMarshSexDr and @MChristianzobop.
September 4, 2020