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7-15-2019 Beth Anne

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By Bryan Hyde
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8-23-2019 Liberty Round Table with Sam Bushman & Curt Crosby hr2
Liberty Roundtable Radio Show Hour 2 – 8/23/2019 * A witness has come forward to back up a sexual assault allegation against CNN far-left pundit/anchor Don Lemon, reports Fox News. * Tucker Carlson Examines Sen. Mike Lee’s Evolution on Google — ‘Maybe It’s Every Bit as Corrupt as It Seems’. According to “Tucker Carlson Lee was once a staunch critic of the tech giant. However, in recent years, he has changed his attitude toward Google. Fast forward: Today, Mike Lee is one of Google’s chief allies in Congress — maybe its biggest ally in the Republican Party. * Greenland New Deal: Trump Promises No High-rise Tower in the Arctic. *