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By Lindsay McClelland
Conversations about finding success and joy through fitness. Listen in on stories about reaching personal and professional goals and how sports and fitness played a role in the journey.
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6 | Vanessa Goes from Fat to Fit
How did Vanessa Wallace go from weighing 264.2 pounds to 26.2 miles (and currently training for an ultra)? In today's episode, I chat with the creator of the blog, Vanessa Goes from Fat to Fit, about her weight loss journey and how running plays a role in her life. We talk about confidence, training, and the struggles that come with doing hard things like training for a marathon. You'll definitely want to follow Vanessa's journey as it's one that inspires me everyday! Follow Vanessa on Instagram Follow Vanessa Goes from Fat to Fit on Facebook If you want to join us at CIM this year, use code YOGARUNNER for 10% off your registration!
June 6, 2019
5 | Sara Hudgens: Houston Runner, Community Builder, & Strava Marketing Associate
When I first decided to create this podcast, Sara was one of the first people who came to mind as a future guest! So I was super excited to have her join me and share the journey of switching careers from educator to Strava Marketing Associate. In this episode, we talk about Sara's running history, the decision to make such a bold career change, and some of the exciting things she's up to personally and professionally. If you live in Houston, you MUST go check out Global Running Day in Memorial Park on June 5. Sara's partnered with some great folks in the Houston running community to make this event a really special one! Follow Sara on Strava...she will give you all the kudos! (and join Strava if you haven't already!)
May 30, 2019
4 | OTQ’er Allie Schaich
On today's episode I had a conversation with a speedy Houston (soon to be Atlanta) runner, Allie Schaich. The former Rice Owl recently qualified for the Olympic Trials in the marathon so we chat about her journey to get there and how she balances it all!  Follow Allie on Strava  Follow Allie on Instagram
May 23, 2019
3 | Starla Garcia & Lauren Ross, Co-Founders of the Feed Your Buns Movement
In this episode, you'll meet two speedsters: Starla Garcia & Lauren Ross. Both sub 3-hour marathoners, registered dietitians, and wearers of buns (a.k.a running briefs or runderwear). We chat about their brand new movement Feed Your Buns, what inspired them to create it, and what their goals in running and life are. While I haven't bought my first pair of buns yet, these two definitely have me thinking about it!  Follow Feed Your Buns Follow Starla Follow Lauren   The sponsor of today's podcast was Anchor! Anchor has made it possible for me to create this podcast, if you want to start your own, click here. 
May 16, 2019
2 | Liz Lowe - Founder & Owner of Scorch Fitness
In this episode, I chat with my strength and conditioning coach, Liz Lowe. Liz is a former D1 athlete and the owner and founder of Scorch Fitness in Sarasota, Florida. We dive into the difference between fitness and training and talk big scary goals! You should definitely give Liz and her gym a follow because she's up to some big things and has so much knowledge that can make us all better athletes. Follow Liz on Instagram Visit the Scorch Website Follow Scorch on Instagram
May 9, 2019
1 | Carissa Barcus - Mother, Yogi & Co-Founder of Move Yoga
In the first episode of the Loving Life on the Run podcast, I had an opportunity to connect with my good friend Carissa! This mother, yogi, and studio owner shares her story about how she created a 5 year vision and (spoiler alert) made it come to life way sooner. Give it a listen, then go connect with Carissa and her studio Move Yoga! Connect with Carissa on Instagram Follow Move Yoga on Instagram Visit Move Yoga's Website
May 2, 2019
Welcome to Loving Life on the Run!
Hi there! I’m Lindsay, a podcast lover and your host of this new show. Join me as I interview people who inspire me and learn how fitness, wellness and of course running has played a role in helping them reach their goals.
March 8, 2019
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