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Low Fidelity: Unleash yourself!

Low Fidelity: Unleash yourself!

By Rizwan Javaid
Our inner challenges such as impostor syndrome, self-doubt, fear, and the inner-critic can hold us back from our goals. I’m on a mission to help creatives overcome their inner obstacles by helping them develop a strong and resilient mindset so they can reach their true creative potential.

Please join me as I have conversations with guests to learn how they overcame their challenges and the frameworks and strategies they use so we can become resilient as we reach for our goals.

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8. Finding your path to awakening and personal development with Chris Tomasso
In this episode, I have a conversation with Chris Tomasso, a gamification consultant, and podcast host.  We talk about creativity, personal development, self-awareness, and the path to awakening. This was one of those conversations where we could have kept talking because as you will hear we are both passionate about the topic of awakening.   A few highlights from our conversation: Use data cautiously. Use multiple data points to begin to identify trends in what you create to see how audiences are connecting with your message. We talked about the qualities of good and bad gamification and how gamification is now part of the fabric of our reality. Learn how self-awareness can bring more freedom and joy into our lives. There are no boundaries in our life and work so unblocking ourselves in one area in our lives will help all parts equally. Learn why the parts we hide about ourselves are the parts that are essential to who we are. If you're stuck then moving your body, whether it is through dance, running, or biking can help release the negative energy stuck within you. Enjoy! Episode show notes and transcript
April 15, 2022
7. Stopping procrastination in its tracks by using the Spark To Action framework with Patricia Leveque
In this episode, I have a wonderful conversation with Patricia Leveque, a writer, educator, and procrastination coach. I first met Patricia in the Ship 30-for-30 program, a writing program to help you build a consistent writing habit. Her wonderful essays about creativity and joy in ordinary moments helped me be more grateful and appreciate the time I spend with my family. She also helped me understand how to be more focused and procrastinate less with her SPARK To Action framework which she explained in detail.  A few highlights from our conversation:  Change takes time and an important part of change is accomodating your needs by becoming more self-aware We need to be mindful and make the choices that actually move us forward toward our goals Reduce your to-do list to help you reduce your mental clutter to gain clarity The Spark To Action Framework can help to make sure you are working on the tasks that align with your values and goals Focus on growth over perfection  You can find Patricia on Twitter at Episode transcript
April 02, 2022
6. Get unstuck in your career and stand up to impostor syndrome by taking action with Samanta Aquino
In this episode, I have a fun conversation with Samanta Aquino, a product designer, creator, and mentor based in Stockholm. Samanta is a Latina product designer who is passionate about web accessibility and helping designers overcome their career struggles.  Episode Webpage Episode Transcript A few highlights from our conversation: If you feel stuck then take action towards what inspires you. Instead of overthinking, take action, learn and adjust along the way. Learn how Samanta stood up to her impostor syndrome by taking charge taking action. Why it helps to come clean about our negative thoughts with someone we trust and how they can put things in perspective for us and help get those negative thoughts out of our head. How Samanta uses affirmations to help her quiet the inner voice and change the dialogue. How mentoring can help you practice the skills needed to reach the next level. Why changing jobs will not always solve the problems we face within and around us. We have to take charge and action where we are. Why setting boundaries is crucial for a designer's mental health and well-being and learn strategies you can use to begin taking your power back at work so you don't become a victim of unrealistic expectations and prevent burnout. Why you should take time off before you burn out and have no choice to take it. Learn more about Samanta Aquino: Website - Instagram -  YouTube - Mentoring -  Free Mentoring (Limited) ADP List I Am (App store) --- Have feedback? Great! Please take a moment to fill out the podcast listener feedback survey
February 21, 2022
5. You were born to create! Discover your creative path one small step at a time with William Willis
In this episode, I have a wonderful conversation with William Willis (@william3willis) - The Prolific Creator. William is the co-founder of the brand new Co-Create Community where creators can encourage and inspire each other to unlock their full potential. Read full episode transcript Episode Webpage A few highlights from our conversation: Is our niche discovered or should we know exactly what we need to be known for before we start our creative work How creating can help us find meaning Why you should give yourself the freedom and room to create without putting pressure on yourself The challenges we face in our creative work Why sharing and getting feedback are critical parts of our creative work Developing our creativity and craft takes time Learn more about William Willis: Twitter: @william3willis LinkedIn: Co-Create Community: --- Have feedback? Great! Please take a moment to fill out the podcast listener feedback survey
January 30, 2022
4. Taking action to make opportunities for yourself with Candice Yee
In this episode, I have a conversation with Candice Yee, a product designer in Toronto. Candice has traveled to Melbourne and Kuala Lumpur to work as a UX designer to learn how design is done abroad. She took action to make opportunities for her instead of waiting around. She started a meetup group in Kuala Lumpur to meet other UX people which helped her grow as a designer and build her network. In today's episode, Candice has a challenge for us all, what could it be? I won't spoil it for you, you have to listen. :) Enjoy! --- Have feedback? Great! Please take a moment to fill out the podcast listener feedback survey
January 07, 2022
3. Helping designers from underrepresented groups focus on the craft of design with Shujaat Syed
In this episode, I have a conversation with Shujaat Syed a designer based in Toronto. Shujaat noticed very few opportunities to help out the designers from underrepresented groups so he created a mentorship program to help them level up their skills so they can be successful in their careers. It’s a great story with lots of lessons for us all. --- Have feedback? Great! Please take a moment to fill out the podcast listener feedback survey
December 19, 2021
2. Progress over Perfection
Lately, there has been a familiar voice that has appeared back in my head. As I work to get the Low Fidelity podcast up and running, the voice constantly reminds me that the podcast should be perfect right from the start, or it's not worth putting out there. The cover, the interview, the guests, the sound, the speed at which I work, they all need to be perfect. This voice is very opinionated and is a constant reminder that what I am doing is not up to par with the expectations of a great podcast.  Maybe you have a similar voice in your head that pops up as soon as you are taking steps towards your goals? In this episode, I share a simple but effective way I overcome the nagging voice of perfection when it appears.  I recently wrote about the idea of progress over perfection on my website. --- Need help overcoming your inner obstacles? Reach out and let's talk. --- Have feedback? Great! Please take a moment to fill out the podcast listener feedback survey
November 26, 2021
1. The Mindset Needed to Overcome Challenges and to Connect with a Higher Purpose with Louis Salguero
In this episode, I have a conversation with Louis Salguero, a learning experience designer based in Melbourne. Louis gives us a peek into what a learning experience designer tackles on a daily basis and he shares solid advice on how to grow as a resilient designer.  --- Have feedback? Great! Please take a moment to fill out the podcast listener feedback survey
November 20, 2021
Welcome to the Low Fidelity Podcast
Low Fidelity with Rizwan Javaid is a podcast about doing our best work within the chaos of design. Come along as I explore ways to overcome the inner obstacles and the challenges we face in our work, become resilient, gain creative freedom, and reach our true creative potential.  Subscribe to the Low Fidelity newsletter at Find me at Twitter: @rizwanjavaid | Instagram: @rizwanjavaid --- Have feedback? Great! Please take a moment to fill out the podcast listener feedback survey
November 14, 2021