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The LowCode Podcast

The LowCode Podcast

By Jesus Vargas
The LowCode Podcast is all about launching your MVP, getting clients, growing your side business and automating stuff.
Listen to learn more about other founders and business owners like you, how are they coming up with ideas, how do they validate their products, and how to launch and grow a business.
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LowCode Podcast Episode 15: A multi-million dollar business without coding

The LowCode Podcast

LowCode Podcast Episode 15: A multi-million dollar business without coding
Chad has done it all. Code, no code, low code. After building a successful tech business while being reliant on developers and hard-to-understand pricing of cloud licenses, he found no code and decided to rebuild his application, and thus his whole business, using the leading no-code tools available in the market. Chad has some unique and outstanding advice for founders and entrepreneurs in this episode.
August 05, 2022
LowCode Podcast Episode 14: Starting in the health-tech world with no code
Jean and Jim are two amazing founders who have found product-market fit. How did they find it? By leveraging no code to build the first versions of their app, get it into users’ hands, and iterating fast and cheap. Don’t miss this great episode with some amazing insights by Jean Ross, co-founder of Primary Record
July 22, 2022
LowCode Podcast Episode 13: The most niche no code app ever
Poobah is a very successful businessman, and a real expert in numismatics, the art of collecting coins. In this episode, we discuss how he came up with the idea to build an app for coin collectors that allows them to keep track of their inventory, how does the grading process work, and how to grow a niche app.
July 08, 2022
LowCode Podcast Episode 12: How a SMB uses no-code
James runs his own business. He has been a no-code app user even before the term existed. In this episode, we cover how businesses can leverage no-code tools, and how they can help run businesses more efficiently.
June 24, 2022
LowCode Podcast Episode 11: Mental health app and how to sell to government
Ogo runs a successful consultancy where she advises government entities. While the idea for this episode was to talk about how she came up with the idea for her app, we ended up talking about a little known secret: How can entrepreneurs and founders sell to the government and make bank.
June 03, 2022
LowCode Podcast Episode 10: How to start a no-code agency
Erik runs THE Adalo agency. From “scratching his own itch” to building an agency during lockdown while in Asia, we not only talk about how to get started in the industry, the opportunities in the no-code and low-code space, what makes a good idea a good app, and more.
May 20, 2022
LowCode Podcast Episode 9: Finding a niche in the weddings and events industry
Effie wanted a traditional African wedding. She has a hard time finding vendors from the African diaspora that could cater her wedding, and that’s when the idea hit her. She wanted to make it easy for  people to find the right vendors for weddings and events, without having to comb hundreds or even thousands of profiles in platforms like Yelp or TheKnot. We talk about how she came up with the idea and the challenges or starting a side hustle.
May 06, 2022
LowCode Podcast Episode 8: The legaltech opportunity
Hayley is an amazing founder. She has found a great niche market in the legal industry (listen to learn more!) and developed an app that, literally, saves her hundreds of hours and allowed her to scale her operations. Listen to learn more about a true entrepreneurial journey and how #nocode and #lowcode are creating unique opportunities for founders!
April 22, 2022
LowCode Podcast Episode 7: How every business should be a content machine
Marti is an expert in PR. But not in the traditional, old-fashioned way of paying a few thousand bucks to get featured on the 30 under 30 list of Forbes.  Marti runs Influence Podium, a company that helps busy CEOs to become industry leaders by creating content and strengthening their personal brand.  One of the reasons I started this podcast is Marti’s passion about this topic, so make sure to listen, there are quite a few golden nuggets!
April 06, 2022
LowCode Podcast Episode 6: From MVP to exit; how to build a sellable business.
Eddy started a software development agency in Venezuela. After a few years, he decided to start creating his own products and discovered a niche in word games. To put it shortly, he had a fantastic exit (sold his business). Eddy takes us through the steps of starting a business, expanding it, gaining users, scaling it, and finally selling it. We asked him about the business potential today by using no and low code tools, as he is now into no and low code, and he has some great advice.
March 17, 2022
LowCode Podcast Episode 5: You need a content strategy
Arrigo is a true content maestro. We had the opportunity to collaborate with him at LowCode after he established and sold a business in the field. He has a great understanding of content and content strategies. How can I get to the top of Google's first page? What is keyword research and why is it important? What's the best way for folks to find me on search engines? What are the advantages of keyword research for your company? What are the advantages of keyword research for your company? I had a lot of questions for Arrigo, and he answered them all. This is a must-see (or listen) episode!
March 07, 2022
LowCode Podcast Episode 4: Automate and streamline your business
Ryan is the owner and founder of 12five capital, a financial company that loans money to growing businesses.  Their recipe for success is based on leveraging technology and software in a pen-and-paper industry.  Ryan is a true expert in automation, and we take a deep dive into how can someone start streamlining their business with tools like Zapier, Glideapps and Integromat.   Find out more about Ryan at
February 17, 2022
LowCode Podcast Episode 3: From prison to an app, how incarceration helped a founder find product-market fit
Romeatrius ended up in prison after a career in the armed forces. When she got out, she found that the process to keep in touch with her case manager, and ask for simple permissions to go out with her children or to the super market, was extremely cumbersome. That’s when the idea to build an app came to light, and in this episode we learn more about her idea and journey from idea to product. Find out more about this app at
February 02, 2022
LowCode Podcast Episode 2: Helping restaurants make more money and feel good
From NASA employee to founder, Christina Reid came up with a unique idea for restaurants to donate food to non profits, or allow them to NOT throw food away, but rather make some money by selling it via an app. In this episode, we discuss automation, how she came up with an idea, how she navigated different Glideapps developers, and how she ended with LowCode to build her app and launch it in the tri-state area. Check out her app at
January 26, 2022
LowCode Podcast Episode 1: How to grow your sales
Harris Kenny is an expert in sales.  He runs IntroCRM, helping companies manage their sales process by outsourcing it to them. His expertise in launching a business and finding product-market-fit is very unique, and there are a ton of lessons for entrepreneurs in this podcast! Find out more about Harris in his website:
January 07, 2022