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Low Code Ninjas

Low Code Ninjas

By John Koetsier & Peggy Anne Salz
Building chart-topping mobile apps with rich functionality via low-code tools.
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The state of Low Code (and No Code)
In this episode Peggy and John chat about Peggy's new report on the State of Low Code: what's coming, what she's seeing, and the different low and no code are making for both startups and established businesses ...
June 11, 2021
Low Code Legends: 5 minutes with Lee Launches & Edmund Amoye of MyLaunchStash
This is Low Code Legends: quick hits with top people in low and no code. Today: Edmund Amoye and Lee Launches. Edmund is chief of community at TheOrbit; Lee is a freelance motion designer. Together, they have built MyLaunchStash, a platform for creators to share affiliate links. In other words, a platform that is built with low code and no code tools, for the low code and no code community. Very meta, but also very cool. They are both passionate and committed members of the low/no code community, and explain powerfully and emotionally how they've learned and grown as a result of the community, and how they want to give back.
May 28, 2021
Low Code Legends: 5 minutes with Dan Parry, Head Of Product at Tectonic
This is Low Code Legends: quick hits with top people in low and no code. Today: Dan Parry. Dan is one of the co-founders of a customer research company he founded along with his brother. He's had a varied career starting off by doing IT Support, moved in copywriting at advertising companies, then started a music tech company and a development company to bootstrap the music tech business. While being Head of Product at Tectonic, Dan is also the founder of Wellos – a platform to help creative wellbeing professionals monetize their audience, and CNTO of Evermind – a platform to help people get affordable mental health services from therapists around the world.
May 10, 2021
Low Code Legends: 5 minutes with Oleg Oksyuk, CEO of
This is Low Code Legends: quick hits with top people in low and no code. Today: Oleg Oksyuk. While working in startups on the engineering side I created cool things like Adobe Flash Player for Embedded Linux and MPEG/H264 Video Streaming with Fast Forward and Rewind without bitrate increase (according to Apple engineers that was impossible). Then I started to found startups and switched to the business side with many ideas that failed after fast trials of 2-6 months (including Ethereal Lite - Create art with your bare fingers in the air) and modest success in LiveExpert (an expert advice marketplace). I've been working on AllRight, an online English School for kids for the last 4 years, where I've built the team to 80 people ... not counting 700 teachers.
April 13, 2021
Low Code Legends: 5 minutes with Madhuri Maram, co-founder of Xperian & Nocoloco
This is Low Code Legends: quick hits with top people in low and no code. Today: Madhuri Maram. Madhuri is a a co-founder at Xperian, an ecosystem for makers. She has 8 years of experience in design and started out as a UI Designer. She slowly fell in love with HCI, exploring the UI side first. Then she graduated to handle UX and Product Design and finally Product Management. Now she is choosing her "second innings," to be fully dedicated to no-code solutions. Madhuri loves problem solving, putting together a solution quickly. She describers herself as "lazy," and hence looks for ingenious ways of solving problems. She loves to tinker. She has a zillion ideas in her head at all times and is also a fan of the startup world. So, putting together ideas + tinkering and trends is something she genuinely loves.
April 9, 2021
Low Code Legends: 5 minutes with Mike Kotlov, founder of IntellectoKids
This is Low Code Legends: quick hits with top people in low and no code. Today: Mike Kotlov. Mike Kotlov is the CEO of IntellectoKids, a developer of educational apps and games for kids aged 3-7, which he founded in 2017. He previously founded Camopulse, a social networking app for teenagers, in 2013, and prior to that, had a background in investment banking.
April 5, 2021
Low Code Legends: 5 minutes with Ben Tossell, founder of MakerPad
This is Low Code Legends: quick hits with top people in low and no code. Today: Ben Tossell. Ben Tossell is the founder of MakerPad, a two-year-old no-code education and networking platform with more than 2,500 members. He's also an investor in early stage low- and no-code tools through the rolling MakerPad Fund, which he launched last year. Previously, he was head of platform at Earnest Capital, a provider of early-stage funding to internet entrepreneurs. MakerPad was recently acquired by Zapier.
April 5, 2021
Unlocking innovation in IoT via low code with Xerox's Momin Mirza
Can low code help you build tools out of molten metal? Today, we’re chatting with an amazing leader from an amazing company ... one with literally 115 years of history inventing some of the most critical technologies we use today. The company is Xerox ... one of the few whose name became a verb. Xerox literally invented modern computing -- think the mouse, or WYSIWYG --  and now they’re re-inventing manufacturing, among other things. And guess what: low code and no code are helping. In this episode of Low Code Ninjas, Peggy Anne Salz and John Koetsier talk to the head of innovation marketing at Xerox, Momin Mirza, and Riad Lemhachheche, VP of business development at FollowAnalytics.
March 31, 2021
Low Code Legends: 5 minutes with Lacey Kesler, head of education at Adalo and founder of Women in No Code
Low Code Legends is our "5 minutes with" segment at Low Code Ninjas, highlighting the best and brightest in low and no code. Today, Lacey Kesler! Lacey Kesler is currently head of education at Adalo, a provider of no-code app building software. She's also the founder of Women in No Code, a collective providing resources, education and networking for women in visual development, and a co-founder of Visual Dev School a no-code education/training platform, where she is an instructor and co-hosts the Visual Developers Podcast.
March 26, 2021
Low Code Legends: 5 minutes with Sandro Munda, CEO of Forest Admin
Low Code Legends is a series of Low Code Ninja shorts: 5-minute episodes featuring legends in the low and no-code industry. In this episode we feature Sandro Munda. Munda is the CEO of Forest Admin, a SaaS provider of low code, stack agnostic admin panels for web apps, which he founded in 2015. Previously, he was a software engineer for several tech startups, most recently eFounders, and has an extensive background as a freelance developer
March 12, 2021
Low Code Ninjas LEGENDS: 5 minutes with OnDeck's KP (Karthik Puvvada)
Low Code Ninjas is about low and no code projects, ideas, technologies, and successes. With LCN LEGENDS, we're highlighting top thought leaders and influencers in low code, starting with Karthik Puvvada -- known as KP -- from OnDeck. KP's goal: helping 10x the number of ambitious no-code builders in the world. Links:
March 2, 2021
Inside a no-code retail project: building an e-commerce mobile app with FollowAnalytics CPO Antony Gardez
What is it like to build a no-code retail mobile app? What are the steps, and what can you expect from a top-nothing no-code retail app development platform. In this episode of Low Code Ninjas, we go behind the scenes with FollowAnalytics' chief product officer Antony Gardez to under the steps and stages of building your next mobile retail experience.
February 22, 2021
Google and low code: chatting with Amit Zavery, VP/GM and Head of Platform, Google Cloud
Google's not just self-driving cars, AI assistants, internet search, and email. It's much, much more ... including low code in the enterprise. We're talking healthcare, automotive, and many other verticals. We dive into the era of low code and what it's unlocking with Google's VP/GM and Head of Platform for Google Cloud, Amit Zavery. Topics include AI, enterprise, consumer, citizen developers, Google Cloud, low code (of course!), no code, and much, much more ...
January 13, 2021
Unlocking fun for the next billion gamers - via low code
How do we unlock fun for a billion underserved gamers? In this edition of Low Code Ninjas, Peggy Anne Salz and John Koetsier talk to Jason Chapman, Managing Partner of Konvoy Ventures, about unlocking creativity for the next billion gamers ... and the millions who will make their games with low code or no code platforms.  People in major existing global markets have plenty of gaming options, Chapman says. But not everyone all over the world. So … if we need millions of new games, we also need something else ... millions of new game developers.
January 11, 2021
Low Code Explosion: 74% of the top 50 retail apps in America are hybrid
Why are 74% of the top 50 retail apps hybrid? Giant retailers like Amazon, Walmart, and Target offer hybrid apps. Tech companies like Etsy and Groupon publish hybrid apps. And so do brands like Nike. But why?  In this special edition of Low Code Ninjas, Peggy and John chat about a report they just released: Low Code Explosion. We chat about what we learned, why companies are going hybrid (and low code!) and what the benefits are. Looking for the full report? Get it here:
December 11, 2020
500 million new apps: accelerating digital transformation and winning the talent wars
VC, CEO, and Silicon Valley insider Joe Hurd unveils the secret weapon in digital transformation: low code development. Digital transformation is hard enough in ordinary times. Now we have COVID. And we don't have enough developers. Low code, however, can help ... and it's fueling a massive shift in how enterprise and retail companies are mobilizing for new customer needs and habits.
November 9, 2020
Once you go low, you can't go slow: DoTERRA VP of Innovation Seth Winters
Native can be great. But low code offers a compelling combination of speed and power that can sometimes convert the most die-hard native fan and make him or her a low code evangelist. Seth Winters, VP of Innovation for DoTERRA, still likes native and mixes some native code into his low code projects. But low code saved him literally years worth of development. And going hybrid between low code and native turned out to be the best possible solution ... with huge speed improvements over his other options.
October 30, 2020
Santa loves low code: why this holiday is make-it-or-break-it time for retailers
Every year, Christmas is critical for retailers. But maybe more than ever before … this year, it’s literally life or death. This year’s holiday shopping season is literally off the charts. We’ve had 5 years of e-commerce growth in just months of COVID-19, and consumer behavior has shifted from in-store to digital. That consumer behavior shift means that retailers need to be digital first. That’s e-commerce, sure, but it’s especially mobile commerce. And it means brands need to get ready quickly, which only low-code development can enable. To dive in, we're joined by Sunil Rao, who is the Global Head, Consumer Goods Go-To-Market at Salesforce.
October 21, 2020
FITNESS SF: from locked-down gyms to a sophisticated, personalized, video-based fitness app and a whole new business
How do you build 37,000 personalized gyms for 37,000 different people when Covid-19 hits ... and your San Francisco gyms are completely locked down? In this episode of Low Code Ninjas, John Koetsier and Peggy Anne Salz chat with FITNESS SF president Don Dickerson, whose gyms were completely shut down for six months. For 3 years, Dickerson had been trying to build a FITNESS SF mobile app. During COVID, he built one in 2 months, with personalized video, diet and wellness functionality, hooks into HealthKit and data from wearables, and much, much more, that will soon be a paid subscription-based app. All of this ... with low code development on the FollowAnalytics platform.
October 7, 2020
Low code in the enterprise: How Bain makes full-featured internal apps for enterprise sales in weeks
Does low-code enable the impossible in enterprise? In this episode of Low Code Ninjas we chat with Greg Callahan, a partner at Bain. Via its account-management division Coro, Bain builds pixel-perfect apps for massive enterprise companies in weeks using a low-code platform, enabling what was impossible or just very expensive and very slow before. The result: massive increases in sales of 20-40%. And, as Greg explains, in a startup, you might be gunning for 100% growth. For the Disneys and Walmarts of the world, 20% growth is amazing. We chat about: - what mobile offers the enterprise - how low-code fits in - the difference between high-growth and low-growth companies - what Bain is able to do for enterprise-level clients  - how quickly they can build massive mobile apps - what features are most critical Links relevant to this show:  - Coro (Bain's account management tool):  - FollowAnalytics (the tool that Bain uses):
September 18, 2020
Low Code Ninjas: full-featured e-commerce app for top global brands in just weeks?
This is the debut episode of Low Code Ninjas, where Peggy Anne Salz and John Koetsier explore the world of low code and no code app development. Our first guest: the founder of FollowAnalytics, Samir Addamine, who talks about low-code apps he's built for global brands include Jessica Alba's The Honest Company, Sephora, and the Hudson's Bay Company.  Samir talks about the 3Fs of mobile commerce, the costs (and time factor) of building from scratch, and the top features the leading 100 retail apps on the App Store and Google Play share.
September 9, 2020