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360 Performance

360 Performance

By Dr. Lowell Wightman
Insights and interviews about mental performance coaching methods and strategies. 360 Performance looks at mental performance issues from anxiety to lockerroom racism, but always with a focus on performance outcomes. Even when the outcomes are not expected. A goal of each show is to create a performance flow that challenges you to go beyond your potential.
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GIVING!, Have you answered your Why?
Tis the season for giving, but when you consider giving to others have considered why you are giving?  Have you considered who you are giving to as a basis for answering the question, Why am I giving?  Dr. Wightman continues with his questions by asking is giving only about things.  Could we give intangibles with equal or greater impact then an object wrapped and tied with a bow?  When Dr. Wightman shares examples to answering his questions he questions gender parity with courageous female leaders such as Keri Potts, @MsPotts_ATL, Jennie Beranczyk, @SoonersCoachJB, and Colorado State Head Softball Coach Jen Fisher, @Coach_Fisher.  When these coaches give to others who wraps the package for them? Coach Wightman continues his coaching message on giving with a focus on Deion Sanders, @deionsanders, and his alma mater Jackson State football team.  What has Coach Prime given back to his alma mater that prepared him to be a two sport professional athlete?  Coach Wightman has some thoughts about how Coach Sanders wraps the presents he gives to others. Dr. Wightman showcases his giving message by recommending foundational charitable organizations that are legit and inclusive in their giving to community.  Chris Dickerson, @CDickerson_PFTP, Players for the Planet founder, Curtis Granderson, @Cgrand3 and @PlayersAlliance, founding member and President as Dr. Wightman wraps up with Women's Sports Foundation, @WomensSportsFdn, as the example for supporting all ages throughout all social economic communities.  
December 26, 2021
Discover Mental Performance Coaching
"Mental health is a priority for me, and I make it my mission to support the mental health of others personnaly and professionally.", says Dr. Wightman founder of 360 Mindset and creator and host of the podcast 360 Performance.  Reach out to Dr. Wightman through his website and review how he and 360 Performance support your Mental Wellness.  Dr. Wightman is not your therapist he is your mental performance coach connecting what you think to specific actions delivering what you perscribe.
December 16, 2021
NHRA 2022 "SARGE" Tony Schumacher is Full Season Ready
Dr. Wightman or "Coach" chats with Tony Schumacher after the announcement that he has a top fuel ride for the NHRA 2022 Season.  Tony shares with Coach his views on organizing a new team and how he uses experience from past successes to organize and motivate the soon to be selected 2022 team.  Crew chief Todd Okuhara will join Tony for the 2022 season adding to the winning mindset.   Sarge's 8 championship while with his Army sponsor created a history of winning that provided insights from Tony about leadership, motivating young minds, whiling offering strategies for being resilient.  Tony credits his gift for being a champion driver to facing both failure and success while sitting behind 6 G's of force.  Catch up with Coach and the Sarge as they launch into stories about starting a new dragster team confident that 2022 will create many new memorable moments.
November 27, 2021
Believe in Yourself and Deliver Your Full Capacity
Dr. Wightman shares his thoughts on being true to yourself first so that you may deliver all that you have to offer without hesitation.  Dr. Wightman draws upon examples of notable personalities to offer you insights to motivate you while acheiving your best performance.  Examples such as Misty Copeland or Kelly Clarkson whose behaviors provide examples of how to stay true to yourself.  During this episode Coach shares quotes from  Venus Williams or Jennifer Lopez who through their sport and art provide real time examples of believing #MarryMeMovie.   Dr. Wightman gives you a learning experience by sharing examples of how not to be distracted or fall off your path to delivering your best.  He shares Aarron Rodgers decision to lie to the public about his beign vaccinated.  If you believe in yourself you will not hesitate sharing your beliefs.  Aarron Rodgers hesitated shareing his belief about covid vaccination.  Coach speaks about honesty and truth as essential characteristics for you to stay true to yourself and not loose sight of your best self.
November 21, 2021
When is a concussion not a concussion? Let's Talk TBI!
When you bump your head do you know if you have a concussion or a traumatic brain injury?  Dr. Wightman discusses the definition for concussion and shares insights from Dr. Robert Cantu who is the director of clinical research at Emerson Hsp in Concord, Massachusetts.  A bump on the head may not be severe but if you show the signs that Dr. Cantu describes in his book you can have a concussion that will heal with rest and care and without care could develop into a traumatic brain injury.   It is very common with NFL players to disregard the signals that indicate they may be struggling with traumatic brain injury symptoms.  Dr. Wightman shares insights about how competitor's attitudes influence them to ingnore signs of injury in favor of continuing to play a game that disable them and possibly kill them if they are not aware of symptoms that indicate a requiring brain injury.
October 31, 2021
Mental Performance Coaching
Brain Body Connection is essential for anyone to strive for performance execllence.  Dr. Wightman defines mental performance coaching and offers what organization are best for promoting and developing mental performance coaching goals for success.  If you are a Dodgers fan you will appreciate Coach Wightman's references to Curtis Granderson and Chris Taylor.  With examples like this how can you not want to have a mental performance coach.  If you you have thoughts and insights for Dr. Wightman go to his web site.
October 25, 2021
Connect with your Feminine Side
At a cellular level every human has a degree of chemistry that defines their feminine and masculine influences on their performance behavior.  Dr. Wightman presents examples of elite performers that draw upon feminine and masculine behavior as competitive challenges present themselves.  He uses Flow State of mind as another example for how extreme sport performers will shift back and forth from feminine to masculine thought process as they adjust to any and all influences on their performance execusion.  Striving for and sustaining a Flow State of Mind requires immersion of self and full commitment to deliver elite performance outcomes and to get their connecting to your feminine side of your mindfulness is essential.  As you listen to Dr. Wightman's insights said your comments and questions to him at his web site.
October 17, 2021
Twisties- Athelete Mental Health
Do you know the signs an athlete displays when they are struggling with their mental health?  What are the triggers that diminish their ability to delvier their best?  Who or whom should be responsible for stepping in when they see athletes struggling.  For Naomi Osaka her support group and tennis event sport management were slow to respond.  At the 2020 Olympic gymnastic competition both teammates and coaches circled and protected Simone Biles struggle with twisties.  Regretfully the press and the public began to promote story lines that were not truthful accurate or supportive of the elite athlete Simone Biles is.  Dr. Wightman shares strategy and methods focused on managing mental health proactively while honoring the needs of the athlete.
October 16, 2021
Power of Movie- Denver Film Festival 44
The 44th film festival begins on November 3rd prepared to tell you stories while you cry and laugh as each story unfolds on the screen in front of you.  James Mejia, CEO of Denver Film shares his thoughts about why this years festival is so relevant and important for Denver and the film industry.  Dr. Wightman asks James why movies can be so powerful as sources of insight.  James then shares how essential going to the movies can be after a pandemic. Join Dr. Wightman and James Mejia discuss how performance on screen influences your performance.
October 11, 2021
NCAA Transfer Portal, are the games better because of it?
Dr. Wightman advocates for any system or process that enagage athletes to do their best.  That being said, the Transfer Portal and its impact on sports performance is being evaluated.  For players they now have more control over their college athletic career as the transfer portal process gives them opportunity to find a "Best Fit" team scenario.  As you look at the top 25 NCAA football teams do you see teams on this list that have improved their line up from trasfer portal player acquisition?  Another questions asked during this episode is how will coach's recruiting methods change.  Will enrolled student athletes be getting calls from coaches during open recruiting times?   Razorback Dave and Austin Duston host of the Common Fan on instagram join Coach (Dr. Wightman) sharing their insights on questions such as, "Are games improved by the transfer portal recruiting opportunity?", "Is performance parity improving team to team and across conferences?".  These and many questions are asked and answered regarding influences from the transfer portal on college sports.
October 02, 2021
Olympian Mindset
Some may argue that the Olympic athletic experience is the greatest of performance challenges.  Dr. Wightman is joined by Fabienne Raphael and retired Olympian from the Canadian Olympic Handball Team.  Fabienne shares her insights about the Olympian Mindset and how any elite athlete transitioning to a business career is challenged.  Challenged because their intensity is not readily accpeted, or that they are not experienced enough to seamlessly enter into the corporate board room.  So, Fabienne shares her insights on make that transition from a personal and professiional perspective. Dr. Wightman asks questions about required resilience, tenacity and the courage required to begin such a transition while continuing on a journey that is new and may not have the same level of success one's athletic career provided.  As you listen to this episode consider what would you do if faced with such a transition?  What resources and skills would you need to acquire in order to assure your future success.
October 01, 2021
Faith Locker Rooms- Sharing your faith
I have faith. My faith is strongest in those thoughts and actions I have created for myself. So, as an elite performer when do I call upon my faith? Where shall I demonstrate my faith? May any faith demonstrate their resolve and confidence whenever and wherever they see fit to call upon it? Dr. Wightman is joined by Hosea Cannon, Jr., and Andy McClure; both are faith leaders for any who desire guidance and affirmation for their faith. Both have been athletes; both share their faith without hesitation in any environment. Hosea provides insights from his experience with criminal justice and Andy shares his observations as an Olympic and high school sports announcer. This 360 Performance episode is about Faith Locker Rooms. Where and how do you demonstrate your faith?
September 16, 2021
Post Pandemic Back to School Preparation
Since the first of 2021 there have been a great many firsts. First such as vaccines and the FDA vaccine approvals. As each day goes by there is the hope that another first will return to our daily lives. In this 360 Performance episode Dr. Wightman will be talking about starting back to school. Yes, butts in seats back to school. This seems like a first since the pandemic relegated students to virtual learning methods that kept students at home. So, who better to join Dr. Wightman then Family Nurse Practitioner Aimee Morin. Aimee will not only share her health of insights for starting back to school but will also give us her perspective as a mom. Dr. Wightman will say goodbye to Aimee as she is on call to help her sister welcome her first baby into our world. At this time Dr. Wightman becomes Coach and talks about fans in the stands to start the NCAA and NFL football seasons. 360 Performance sharing performance insight firsts.
September 15, 2021
The Flow of Mental Health
Mental Health has two extremes mental wellness to mental illness! How do you know when your mental health is being challenged and drawing you toward therapeutic intervention? Are there mental performance signals that provide you warning signs? Did Simone Biles receive signals that she was struggling? How important was it for Naomi Osaka to have a vigilant trusting network team around her supporting her mental health? Dr. Wightman or Coach shares how important it is for anyone, but especially high performance athletes to have a trusted team to watch out for their mental wellness.  Dr. Wightman speaks with Dr. Leslie Rogers about raising your awareness as you are being mindful of conditions and people who may influence your mental health.
September 14, 2021
Pandemic Influence on Elite Sport Performance
Dr. Wightman speaks with Angus Mugford, Director of High Performance for the Toronto Blue Jays about how the pandemic has influence player and team culture performance.  Change is a constant, but the pandemic is change that alters what you can control as well as the behavior that represents your methods for excellence.  How you practice has been altered; the conditions you face during pre-game are familiar nor do they allow for individualized consideration for how you prepare.  What will players and teams do differently and yet not sacrifice the quality of their performacne outcomes.  Will injury levels increase?  Will I/we be emotionally prepared to meet all competitors?  Do pandemic changes take control out of my hands and thereby diminish my capability for historic performance excellence?
May 10, 2021
Mask or No Mask, Being a Science Mom
Science mom of the summer!?  If covid vaccines are effective will our families interact with a mask on or a mask off?  Family nurse practionner Aimee Morin shares insights and caution that will help you make an informed decision.  Dr. Wightman implies human performance is challenged when facts and science are not genuinely applied.  How much is your participation and performance diminished because you hesitate making decisions?  
May 05, 2021
How does nutrition influence healing injuries with Nikki Burnett
Injury recovery can be very scientific and complicated.  So, simplified recommendations are easily acquired at your local food store or garden when you have nutritional facts that create a plan.  Discover foods that offer vitamins, minerals and amino acids that promote injury healing with helpd from functional nutrtitionist Nikki Burnett, Taste Life Nutrition.  This show offers methods for promoting healing blood flow and the foods that deliver the minerals and vitamins for injury recovery.
April 25, 2021
Managing the Beat with The Young Fables
360 Performance and Dr. Wightman proudly welcome Laurel Wright and Wes Lunsferd share their stories for managing their beat.  They perform two songs from their soon to be released album as they talk about mental health, creating a positive mindset and staying true to themselves.  These two geniune authentic professionals openly share their personal thought about performance obstacles and what they recommend for anyone to try for overcoming anyone or anything that holds them back.
April 17, 2021
Rhythm and Pace- Select music that will enhance your performance outcomes!
How can music provide a rhythm that will deliver a elite performance Pace?  Dr. Wightman believes tasks and challenges have a rhythm and pace that you can use music to prepare for. When you select a play list that aligns its rhythm with the tone of the next challenge you will preform at a pace that will deliver outcomes beyond your expectations.
April 04, 2021
A Rehab Mindset, Deliver Prescribed Outcomes
Dr. Wightman, Coach, looks internally to his recent shoulder surgery for insights to create a Rehab Mindset.  He stretches his reality as a metaphor for lessons on community awareness, taking deliberate actions, and intersecting your capabilities with a personal flow that supports recovery from injury.  Coach reminds us, if you want expected outcomes consider  Take your time Do what the doctors and therapists tell you Find activities that distract you and keep you focused on healing.  Puzzles are a great distractions. Take a moment to honor the memory and spirits of those 10 lives lost in Boulder, CO., for individuals who shared community favor and love from family and friends.  Be aware of those hurting in your community so we may assist those troubled before they use violent actions to reconcile their discomfort.
March 27, 2021
LockerRoom Racist, A Metaphor for Initiating Social Change
Dr. Wightman "Coach" and Jeffrey Cambell look at sport lockerRooms as centers for educating athletes about appreciationg differences without ignoring social realities that are found outside the lockerRoom.  A look at statements from Richard Sherman, NFL player and Denver Broncos' head coach Vic Fangio, illustrate subtle but meaningful differences in when and where racism is recognized in the lockerRoom.  Discovering how to create safe space outside of the lockerRoom and why communities resist recognize behavioral bias regarding racism.
March 26, 2021
Renew and Recover, Mindful Consideration for How Your Past Influences Future Plans
Consideration for how and when you renew and recover should be a constant and is not initiated from injury or failure.  Without constant consideration for how you renew and recover you may discover more injury and error than you will tolerate.  Coach Wightman shares stories from elite preformers that offer strategic insights into methods for structuring your renewal and recovery plans.  One of your take aways should be that those people and things that provide you with trustworthy support are essential for you to have agile renewal and recovery plans. 
March 13, 2021
Plan Health or a Healthy Plan
Dr. Wightman talks about his upcoming rotater cuff surgery and how planning your health creates priorities that are better aligned with personal goals versus just having a healthy plan.  Having a health network that provides on going health support should also be prepared to support you in an emergency; like dropping a 360 snowboarding and then loosing the landing to a torn rotater cuff.  Oh well, it was a hell of a good run.  Good recovery means back on the golf course sooner.
February 28, 2021
"Banana Man" Scott Rawles, Freestyle Mogul Skiing
Coach Scott Rawles talks about training evironments that support World Cup Freestyle Mogul skiers.  Scott emphasizes how important training 12 months a year is essential and to do this you must follow the snow.  Summer time you find southern hemishpere snow and in the fall you look North.  Coach Rawles points out that environment's influence on skiing is unlike any other sport.  "Athletes must have an attitude the promotes no excuses and no regrets.  Point yourself downhill and ski your race, own it!"
February 21, 2021
Black History Celebration, Virtual Reference to Van Jones and Misty Copeland
Dr. Wightman shares the love while celebrating Black History month.  Referring to the experience and character of today's history makers Van Jones, Misty Copeland, Curtis Granderson, and others who stand on the shoulders of notable historical black figures.  This episode challenges each listener to participate creating their history with a mision for building bridges, speaking truth to leadership whil they right the wrongs of past historical events.
February 13, 2021
Eliminate Violence Toward Women
Keri Potts, Founder of "A fight back women" advocacy group joins Dr. Wightman discussing strategies and methods women may use to eliminate violence in our collective cultures while performing in ways the are positive exemplars for all women and girls.  Keri shares performance insights from her experience at NCAA, Nike, and ESPN.  These experiences share insights from intern to senior executive.  Keri is worthy teammate for all women girls to get to know.
February 13, 2021
Welcome to 360 Performance
Finding the intersections between your thoughts and perscribed actions for excellence is what 360 Performance and Dr. Lowell Wightman offer each podcast listener.  Bringing his more than 30 years of mental performance coaching is enriched from the interviews with global leaders, elite athletes and corporate executives.  It could be an interview with a World Cup snow sport athlete or a philanthropist who removes harmful plastics from our ocean, each interview and show focuses on optimizing human performance through methods that emphasize flow and connect neuropathology to self-defined excellence.
February 13, 2021
How the Pandemic Influences a Division One Athletic Program
Athletic Director Joe Parker joins Dr. Wightman, Coach, discussing how a Division One athletic program adapts and adjusts to the health and wellness concerns a global pandemic presents student athletes and their coaches.  Colorado State University, at all department levels, have courageously created strategies to maintain a quality delivery of education and activities.
February 13, 2021
National Western Stock Show Adapting and Adjusting
Ron Williams, Citizen of the West winner shares his thoughts along with Paul Andrews, CEO of National Western about how managing the COVID pandemic galvanized their resolve for a dynamic and historically significant 2022.  Dr. Wightman, Coach, discovered the educational and social influence derived from National Western stretches globally.
January 31, 2021
Mandy Harvey- Music is a Feeling
Mandy Harvey, Americas Got Talent Golden Ticket winner shares insights on what it takes to be a gifted musician given limited hearing capability.  She also shares how a quality life outlook helps her manage frustration and the limitations that challenge her.
January 25, 2021
Us vs Them Attitude, How does team competition influence performance?
Dr. Wightman, Coach, speaks with two generations of of athletes.  Austin Dustin, host and creator of podcast Common Fan joins Grigs Crawford, author of Gringo, discussing teammates can influence player performance that does not support optimizing team performance outcomes.  What do you do when challenges and competition from your teammates distracts you from being your best.  
January 22, 2021
World Class Performers Preparation
Dr. Wightman "Coach",  talks with World Cup athletes Leah Emaus and Langely McNeal about methods and strategies World Class athlete use to prepare for competition.  Our conversation will look at starting each day in a world class way and continues into gender equity and being socially aware.  Arriving at the highest level of personal performance readiness is not a part time venture so send your question to this link  
January 11, 2021