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360 Performance

360 Performance

By Dr. Lowell Wightman
Insights and interviews about mental performance coaching methods and strategies.
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"Banana Man" Scott Rawles, Freestyle Mogul Skiing
Coach Scott Rawles talks about training evironments that support World Cup Freestyle Mogul skiers.  Scott emphasizes how important training 12 months a year is essential and to do this you must follow the snow.  Summer time you find southern hemishpere snow and in the fall you look North.  Coach Rawles points out that environment's influence on skiing is unlike any other sport.  "Athletes must have an attitude the promotes no excuses and no regrets.  Point yourself downhill and ski your race, own it!"
February 21, 2021
Black History Celebration, Virtual Reference to Van Jones and Misty Copeland
Dr. Wightman shares the love while celebrating Black History month.  Referring to the experience and character of today's history makers Van Jones, Misty Copeland, Curtis Granderson, and others who stand on the shoulders of notable historical black figures.  This episode challenges each listener to participate creating their history with a mision for building bridges, speaking truth to leadership whil they right the wrongs of past historical events.
February 13, 2021
Eliminate Violence Toward Women
Keri Potts, Founder of "A fight back women" advocacy group joins Dr. Wightman discussing strategies and methods women may use to eliminate violence in our collective cultures while performing in ways the are positive exemplars for all women and girls.  Keri shares performance insights from her experience at NCAA, Nike, and ESPN.  These experiences share insights from intern to senior executive.  Keri is worthy teammate for all women girls to get to know.
February 13, 2021
Welcome to 360 Performance
Finding the intersections between your thoughts and perscribed actions for excellence is what 360 Performance and Dr. Lowell Wightman offer each podcast listener.  Bringing his more than 30 years of mental performance coaching is enriched from the interviews with global leaders, elite athletes and corporate executives.  It could be an interview with a World Cup snow sport athlete or a philanthropist who removes harmful plastics from our ocean, each interview and show focuses on optimizing human performance through methods that emphasize flow and connect neuropathology to self-defined excellence.
February 13, 2021
How the Pandemic Influences a Division One Athletic Program
Athletic Director Joe Parker joins Dr. Wightman, Coach, discussing how a Division One athletic program adapts and adjusts to the health and wellness concerns a global pandemic presents student athletes and their coaches.  Colorado State University, at all department levels, have courageously created strategies to maintain a quality delivery of education and activities.
February 13, 2021
National Western Stock Show Adapting and Adjusting
Ron Williams, Citizen of the West winner shares his thoughts along with Paul Andrews, CEO of National Western about how managing the COVID pandemic galvanized their resolve for a dynamic and historically significant 2022.  Dr. Wightman, Coach, discovered the educational and social influence derived from National Western stretches globally.
January 31, 2021
Mandy Harvey- Music is a Feeling
Mandy Harvey, Americas Got Talent Golden Ticket winner shares insights on what it takes to be a gifted musician given limited hearing capability.  She also shares how a quality life outlook helps her manage frustration and the limitations that challenge her.
January 25, 2021
Us vs Them Attitude, How does team competition influence performance?
Dr. Wightman, Coach, speaks with two generations of of athletes.  Austin Dustin, host and creator of podcast Common Fan joins Grigs Crawford, author of Gringo, discussing teammates can influence player performance that does not support optimizing team performance outcomes.  What do you do when challenges and competition from your teammates distracts you from being your best.  
January 22, 2021
World Class Performers Preparation
Dr. Wightman "Coach",  talks with World Cup athletes Leah Emaus and Langely McNeal about methods and strategies World Class athlete use to prepare for competition.  Our conversation will look at starting each day in a world class way and continues into gender equity and being socially aware.  Arriving at the highest level of personal performance readiness is not a part time venture so send your question to this link  
January 11, 2021