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All things chopper
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Tank Babies with Babes Bikes & Beards

Lowlife Chopper Podcast

Tank Babies with Babes Bikes & Beards

Lowlife Chopper Podcast

Backroad BBQ Run Recap
This week we recap the trip down to North Carolina for the Backroad BBQ Run. Enjoy!
May 14, 2021
Talkin' Tool Rolls
This week we're talking all things tool roll-related. What we keep in ours to make sure we get where we gotta go, why we bring the things we do and a few suggestions from our lowlife listeners. Enjoy!
May 7, 2021
Chopper Camping Gear Revisited
This week we break down all things related to chopper camping. What we pack, why we pack it, how we pack it and a range of options for each item to accommodate all budgets whether you're looking to buy it for life or buy it for the weekend. Enjoy!
April 29, 2021
Gettin Ready for the Season
This week we give you guys some updates on the shop projects, run through a checklist of what you need to check to make sure your bike is ready for the riding season, and we give you new welders a few tech tips on some cool new stuff we're using. Enjoy! PS: In the episode I mention a hand amperage controller that I said I'd include a link to in these show notes, you can find that here
April 23, 2021
BackROAD BBQ Run w/ @Turdfergasin & @Ronniw666
This week we're joined by the masterminds behind the @Backroad_BBQ_Run to talk about how the show got started, how it's grown over the last three years and what kind of craziness to expect on year 4. Event is May 7-9 so mark those calendars, grab a few brews and enjoy!
April 15, 2021
Slingin Paint w/ @Frontiersmen_Studio
This week we chop it up with the homie Frontiersmen Studio about how he got started in paint, techniques he picked up along the way and some exciting news he's got to share with us. Enjoy!
April 9, 2021
Top Tier Turbidity w/ @Ryno_Dick
This week we chop it up with the long time homie @Ryno_Dick about his introduction into bikes, his current fleet and of course his vapor honing business that's been churning out some of the cleanest parts we've seen in the Northeast (and across the country). Enjoy!
April 2, 2021
Chasin Dreams
This week we get into how we've worked to narrow down our side hustles to the type of work that we each enjoy the most, recap some more all-american tools you might consider springing for, and much more. Enjoy!
March 25, 2021
Living the Lifestyle w/ @Eightwelveinc
This week we chop it up with the long time homie, you know him as MUTHAFUCKIN JERRY! Jerry of 812 talks about the shop, his projects, business ventures and all things chopper lifestyle. Enjoy!
March 19, 2021
New Vehicles & Build Updates
This week we talk about a few updates including a new vehicle at the ranch, progress on the softail and the checklist that remains. 
March 12, 2021
Broken Bones & Open Roads w/ @WhiskyEye
This week we're joined by the homie @Whiskyeye as she continues her travels across the USA. We chop it up about her breaking her first bone, wild ER stories with cut rate doctors, nomad lifestyle events and much more. Enjoy!
March 5, 2021
Gettin Ready for Summer
This week we talk about some of the things we've been up to over the past week, checklists for this weekend's bike work, what we keep in our tool bags and more...enjoy!
February 25, 2021
Shovel Builds & Worldwide Adventures w/ @Fatman_Custom_Motors & @EmmaNotGoldman
This week we chop it up with the homies @Fatman_Custom_Motors and @EmmaNotGoldman about their shovelhead and XS builds, worldwide travels and life on the road and much more. Enjoy!
February 18, 2021
How To Get Started: Blacksmithing w/ @SteelCityBlacksmithing
This week we give you lowlifes a crash course in how to get started in Blacksmithing with our good friend Josh (@SteelCityBlacksmithing) to help take us through everything you need to know. Enjoy!
February 12, 2021
Paint, Facebook & Alcohol w/ @Rick_Pierce of #StitchsGarage
This week we chop it up with the homie @Rick_Pierce of Stitch's Garage. Stitch is one talented pinstriper and in this episode we talk all about what it takes to learn the trade, how to build a business off it and how to get started if pinstriping is something you've always wanted to add to your list of skills. Enjoy!
February 5, 2021
Our First Fully Live Show!
This week we come to you with a special episode where some of you Lowlifes joined us LIVE as we broadcast the episode in real time so that we could get a little more interactive than just the comments section. We go over a few build plans and updates as well and clear the air on a few recent events. Enjoy!
January 29, 2021
Our Brother from Down Under w/ @HypnicJerkCustoms
This week we chop it up with the Aussie Legend Cam aka @HypnicJerkCustoms to talk about the tons of new products he's been rolling out and his transition to FULL TIME from a side hustle. Enjoy!
January 21, 2021
2021 Updates + Q&A
This week we catch you guys up on what's been going on in our lives to kick off the new year as well as dip into the Q&A segment to answer your most burning questions. Enjoy!
January 14, 2021
The World's Fastest Indian w/ @Wigwam_Motors
This week we get deep into the weeds with the homie Connor aka @Wigwam_Motors about his incredible collection of vintage Indian (and Harley) motorcycles as well as a bunch of other topics along the way so crank up those headphones and enjoy!
January 8, 2021
Young Buck Livin' w/ @White_Trash_White_Rice
This week we chop it up with Clay (@White_Trash_White_Rice) a 21 year kid who is crushing the chopper, van and truck games all at the same time. You'll hear about his Ironhead and Shovelhead builds as well as a dope vintage Dodge van and a Powerstroke diesel. Enjoy!
December 24, 2020
By Any Means Necessary w/ @Dixiana_Co
This week we chop it up with Steve Bate (@Dixiana_Co) about the experience of building for the Biltwell People's Champ, as well as being selected as a Born Free 12 Invited Builder! Enjoy
December 17, 2020
Silver & Gold w/ @VintageTechnologies
This week we chop it up with the legendary Hawke Lawshe (@VintageTechnologies) about his latest build, the opening of his new shop and a raffle you won't want to miss...enjoy!
December 11, 2020
Road to the War Turkey w/ @FishtankWhisky
This week we're joined by the homie @FishtankWhisky to talk about his latest build dubbed the "War Turkey". Tune in to hear how he manages to knock out build after build without slowing down
December 4, 2020
Small Business Saturday w/ @DirtyBuilds
Happy Thanksgiving to all you lowlifes who tune in week after week, we appreciate you! Reminder to shop small this Saturday, support your local builders. This week we have @DirtyBuilds join us to talk about some updates they've made to the shop, new equipment they've brought in and a crazy sale on their new frame jigs to set you up to knock out that build this winter. 
November 26, 2020
War Run 5 Recap w/ @Chicken_Fried_Choppers & @ChopperFisher
This week we're joined by the homies @Chicken_Fried_Choppers and @ChopperFisher to recap their experience at the War Run 5, the biggest minibike race on earth!
November 19, 2020
The Final Greasy Dozen Recap ft. @Loctites_Chop_Shop
This week I interview Loctite, our final Greasy Dozen builder feature, all about his build and the inspiration behind each part of it. 
November 13, 2020
Ride Something Slow, Real Fast w/ @GarageGnome & @Spetzo
This week we continue on with our Greasy Dozen features with Ron (@GarageGnome) and Spero (@Spetzo) who have built some seriously cool bikes for the Greasy Dozen that you'll be able to catch the digital features on in just a week. Enjoy!
November 6, 2020
Live From the Hunting Cabin! CROSSOVER w/ @TheCrazyGentleman Podcast
This week we're on the road, coming to you from deer camp in an undisclosed location in the wild woods of NY. We're sitting in a cabin by a toasty fire with our friends Rob (@TheCrazyGentleman) and Amy (@Whiskeye) after 2 days of hunting. The drinks are cold, the stories are flowing and you're along for the ride... This week is a special crossover episode between our show and The Crazy Gentleman Podcast. To hear the second half of the episode you'll have to head over to Rob's show where it's available to play right now. Give him a follow and stay tuned to his show for more great content as well.  Enjoy!
October 30, 2020
Life Updates and NY Hunting Trip Pregame
This week it's me and Loctite rolling solo while we take you guys through some build updates, life updates as well as a full breakdown of the hunting trip we're taking to NY this weekend. Enjoy!
October 22, 2020
Keepin it Greasy w/ @Roastworthy_Cycles & @NotDJsnyder
This week we continue down the line of outstanding Greasy Dozen builders, chopping it up with @Roastworthy_Cycles & @NotDJsnyder. Enjoy!
October 16, 2020
Greasy Dozen Builder Feature: @A.K.Cycles & @NigelMadeThis
This week we chat with Alex (@A.K.Cycles) and Nigel (@NigelMadeThis), two outstanding builders involved in the 2020 Greasy Dozen class to go over their builds, what they learned, and what they've been up to since. Enjoy
October 9, 2020
Greasy Dozen Builder Feature: @Dan.Glennzig and @LongJohnChopperCo
This week we chat with Dan Glennzig and John Moorehead about their Greasy Dozen builds and overall show experience, enjoy!
October 2, 2020
The History of the Greasy Dozen
This week we chop it up with Bear and Zane who put on one of the dopest shows in the motorcycle community, The Greasy Dozen. We talk about how the show got started, how it grew, and plans for the future of the show. Enjoy
September 24, 2020
Living the Hustle with @QualityHandmade
This week we're joined by Bren of @QualityHandmade to talk about his venture into pinstriping, painting, leatherworking, welding, bike building and more. Enjoy!
September 17, 2020
Memphis to Maine: A Deadbeat Journey
This week we chop it up with Jeremy aka "Memphis" (@SemenEye94) to hear about his journey from (not actually) Memphis to Maine for the Deadbeat Retreat!
September 10, 2020
The Never Ending Party: Deadbeat Retreat 2020
This week we let you lowlifes know what went down at the ONLY event of the season here in the Northeast, the Deadbeat Retreat 2020! Enjoy
September 3, 2020
Heading to Deadbeat, this could be goodbye
This week we talk over our upcoming trip to deadbeat and take bets on whether or not we will make it back
August 28, 2020
Get to Know Your Hosts: Loctite
This week we take a trip into the life of Loctite, and we get into some wild stories right from the get-go so this is one you won't want to miss! Hear about how he grew up, how motorcycles came into his life and a whole lot more. 
August 21, 2020
Get to Know Your Hosts: Grease
This week on the podcast we take on a topic we've neglected to talk about for the last two years...your hosts! Loctite does the question asking this week as we do a deep dive into my backstory, musical career, bikes, business and career advice and so much more. Enjoy!
August 13, 2020
The Lowlife "What Do I Pack" Podcast
This week, we chop up EVERYTHING you need to throw into that camp bag to make sure you have a pleasant time dying at the deadbeat retreat this year. Enjoy!
August 6, 2020
You Can't Cancel the Party Forever
This week, we let you lowlifes know that we're not gonna sit around doing nothing all season. Deadbeat is gonna be lit but we've got another party in the mix as well. We also give you some updates on the builds and what we've got planned to take care of this weekend. Enjoy
July 31, 2020
2 Years of Lowlife Chopper!
This week we kick back on the ranch with some stogies and brews to celebrate TWO YEARS of Lowlife Fridays while taking questions from you, our faithful listeners. Enjoy
July 23, 2020
Chopper Trippin' & Mini Bike Rippin' w/ @Chicken_Fried_Choppers
This week we're joined by the legendary Chicken Rick to talk about his latest chopper excursion, his upcoming trip and of course the mini bike he's cooking up for the War Run!
July 17, 2020
The "US" Tour 2.0!
This week we're joined by the longtime homies @Whiskeye of @BabesBikesBeards and Rob @TheCrazyGentleman to talk about their wild three week trip across the country at a time when every town was a ghost town. You won't wanna miss this one. 
July 10, 2020
Bitchin Stitchin w/ @RBC_Leather_Design
This week we chop it up with Nick Toledo aka @RBC_Leather_Design and take a deep dive into the world of leatherworking and motorcycles. Enjoy
June 26, 2020
100th Episode Giveaway & Show Recap
This week we celebrate our biggest milestone, 100 episodes of Lowlife Chopper! Come with us on a journey through how we began and find out who won an all expenses paid trip to party with us at Deadbeat Retreat!
June 19, 2020
Lowlife Travelin' Podcast
This week we're comin to you from the TACOMA as we make our way back from rescuing my first Harley from CT. We chop up the new bike, some updates on the shop projects, plans for what portion of the summer Corona hasn't destroyed and much more. Enjoy -Grease
June 11, 2020
Shop Rebuild w/ @DirtyBuilds
This week we chop it up with the homies from CT, @DirtyBuilds. We talk about their new CNC Plasma setup, a few builds they've got in the works, getting the most out of your shop space and more. Enjoy!
June 5, 2020
Build Updates and BIG Giveaway Announcement
This week we're back in the studio with the levels PEAKED to bring you guys some big new about our 100th episode giveaway as well as some updates on what's been going on with the Shovel and the Road Star. Enjoy
May 29, 2020
Hard in the Paint w/ @VintageGroovePaint
This week we're BACK IN THE STUDIO risking our lives to bring better quality audio to the discerning ears of our lovely lowlife listeners! We also chop it up with the super talented @VintageGroovePaint to bring you some of those golden nuggets you'll need to keep your next paint from landing you in the kicks in the taint. Enjoy!
May 22, 2020
#LowlifeGarageTour: Solid Flake Ghost Wiener Paint Jobs w/ @Fauxsmobile
This week we take this show on the road to the garage of @Fauxsmobile where we finally got to see what the paint job for Loctites shovel is looking like, and it doesn't disappoint. Hear more about painting tips and general shenanigans as we bring you the next installment of the #LowlifeGarageTour. 
May 15, 2020
Life in the Steel City w/ @SteelCityBlacksmithing
This week we chop it up with the long time homie @SteelCityBlacksmithing about how he got his start, some of the projects he's been working on in the meantime and some advice for those looking to get started. Enjoy!
May 7, 2020
Choppin and Slicin w/ KO Defendant
This week we chop it up with a man who's no stranger to chopping, dabbling in the chop game and the knifemaking scene. We also give a few build updates of our own. We also tell the story of an unfortunate motorcycle accident that left a good friend of the show in a very difficult spot and fighting for his life. We ask that you PLEASE take a moment to visit the link below and donate to help keep his family above water as they fight to get their son the treatment he needs.  Thank you
April 30, 2020
2 Greasy 2 Dozen w/ @LongJohnChopperCo
This week we switch things up a bit and try out a new style where our guest joins us as less of an interview and more of a co host. In this week's show we recap the news about the Greasy Dozen, talk about the builds the guys have been working on for the show and shoot the shit. Enjoy!
April 24, 2020
In a Time of Uncertainty, We Have Answers
This week on the show you guys came in HOT with the questions so we're hear to provide answers that are certified to improve your life or your money back. We also give a few updates on the builds we're working on. Enjoy!
April 17, 2020
Quarantine, Build Updates & Prepping Your Pack for Summer
This week we bring you our first remote podcast in keeping with the quarantine so bear with us on the sound. We also give you some updates on our builds and give a list of items to make sure you've got ready in your pack for when this all blows over and we get back on the road. 
April 10, 2020
Motor Magic w/ Christian Newman
This week we're joined by the talented Christian Newman to discuss his 1939 Born Free build and all the amazing features he's managed to pack into it. We also spend some time talking about shop layout and organization for those of you out there looking to tweak your workspaces. Enjoy!
March 27, 2020
Early Mornin Hustle w/ @LongJohnChopperCo
This week we come to you in the middle of a pandemic to bring you the news on what's going on in the chop community. We also had the pleasure of getting the scoop from fellow Greasy Dozen invited builder @LongJohnChopperCo on what he's bringing to the show this year. Enjoy!
March 19, 2020
A Tale of Two Big Twins w/ @DerekSavage
This week we chop it up with the Haverhill homie @DerekSavage about two kickass builds he's got. A kickstart big twin evo hardtail and a slabside shovel. Enjoy!
March 12, 2020
The Garage Session Show, Weldin' on the Go
This week, we knock out some checklist items on Loctite's Greasy Dozen build and take you through the muthafuckin highlights. Also, we ask you guys a very important question about the upcoming Lowlife party so tune the fuck in and give us your thoughts on it!
March 6, 2020
You Got Questions, We Got Answers
This week we take questions from the Lowlifes out there and provide our certified accurate, guaranteed to change your life answers. Enjoy!
February 28, 2020
Winter Moto Expo Pre-Show
This week we chop it up with a few of the homies who've got bikes in the Moto Expo and put them on the spot with some tough questions. 
February 21, 2020
The Chicken Rick Road Trip
This week we chop it up with the plug for your stickers, pins, patches, hoodies and muthafuckin goodies...Chicken Rick! Tune in to hear about his trip out to Ohio, the Harley Museum, Mama Tried and some Flat Out Friday plans. Also be sure to check out all the dope shit he's got on 
February 14, 2020
Cheap Thrills Recap
This week we chop up the weekend in Asbury Park at Cheap Thrills, and raffle off a custom helmet to one lucky lowlife!
February 7, 2020
Rollin' to Cheap Thrills
This week we keep things brief with some call ins from some of our favorite lowlifes, give some updates on our builds, and get ready to roll heavy down to NJ for Cheap Thrills!
January 30, 2020
Rather Be Fishin' w/ @ChopperFisher
This week on the #LowlifeFishingPodcast we chop it up with the homie Matty aka (@ChopperFisher) about his XS build, fishing and camping goodness, Greasy Dozen plans and much more. Enjoy
January 24, 2020
The Aussie Experience w/ @HypnicJerkCustoms
This week we connect with the long time homie from down under, Cam of @HypnicJerkCustoms. We get into the most outrageous sounding aussie slang, different rules and regulations they've got to contend with down under and of course how Hypnic Jerk Customs was born! Enjoy
January 9, 2020
Outside the Box w/ @Flyingt1t
This week we chop it up with Andrew (@Flyingt1t) who built one of the coolest, most outside-the-box chops we've ever come across on the show. Hear about the build and how it all works, as well as the stories it made on the road. 
January 3, 2020
Buell to the Bone w/ @NigelsCreations
This week we chop it up with one of this year's Greasy Dozen builders @NigelsCreations who's working on a killer Buell for this year's show. With a deep background in fabrication and an eye for detail, he takes us through the build process and some of the history behind this style of bike. 
December 27, 2019
One Year Wiser with @VuduVintage
This week we chop it up with Michael of @VuduVintage to discuss the one year anniversary of him taking over the company and what he's learned about running the business over that time. Enjoy
December 20, 2019
Listener Q&A 3
This week you lowlifes wrote in with your burning questions and we gave our feedback which is 100% guaranteed to change your chop for the better. We also dive into a few build updates on our own bikes as the winter building continues.  Enjoy!  -Grease
December 12, 2019
Koozy Kulture
This week we chop it up with Mark (@RogueWithinReasonParts) and Anthi (@KuntyKoozys) about how aggressive Koozys make for instant friends, how owning one bike can get your ready for owning better bikes and much more. If you want to snag one of the Koozys you heard about on the show, hit up @KuntyKoozys on the gram. 
December 6, 2019
Happy Chopsgiving 2.0
This week it's all about thank you's. To all of the people who listen to our show, and to all of the people who have taken the time to come on it, we thank you.  We take a look back through our catalog since last year's thanksgiving episode to remind you who has been on and what we remember most about our time talking with them. 
November 28, 2019
Shop Strategies w/ @NHChopperBob
This week we're joined by the one and only @NHChopperBob to talk about shop layout and how to get into the flow while working on a project. We also get into his Panhead project, some machining insights and more. Enjoy!
November 22, 2019
Back Trails and Burnouts w/ @Uuhhian
This week the new homie @Uuhhian joins us on the podcast to talk about building his shop with his grandfather, the dozens of bikes he's working on inside, blowing tires on burnouts in town and so much more. 
November 15, 2019
Long Story Short w/ @TheTravelingLarry
This week we chop it up with Larry (@TheTravelingLarry) about his 7 months of living on the road and how to do it in style. This is a story you will not want to miss so grab a beer, grab some friends and pay the fuck attention!
November 8, 2019
Shop Talk in the Chop Shop
This week we had to scramble at bit having lost a guest at the last minute, so instead we take you on an audio tour of the garage of Loctite and Fatman to go over some of the projects in the works, stories from the heart of Melrose and some other strange tales. The audio is a little rough on this one because of some interference with the recorder from our phones, bear with the sound and expect our usual quality on the next one. 
November 1, 2019
Everyone's Buzzin about the Greasy Dozen
This week on the show, we sit next to some iced coffees to talk over our plans for each of our Greasy Dozen entry builds and strategize on how to approach them, take some live kicks in the dick from you lowlifes and have a quick Q&A about a recent show in CT. 
October 24, 2019
Lowlife Listener Q&A
This week we take questions from you Lowlife listeners! Tune in to hear us give you all the answers you need in your life, and a few you didn't. 
October 18, 2019
The Us Tour, Chicken Fingers and More w/ @Whiskyeye
This week we chop up the crazy adventures of the one and only Whiskyeye who just returned from her 3 week tour across the United States. Want to know where to find a bar in the middle of a ghost town? Learn how to safely travel to the epicenter of a murder mystery podcast? Or maybe you want to know how to find the best chicken fingers in the US. No matter what you're after, you'll find it in this week's show. Enjoy!
October 11, 2019
Pre Winter Updates & Monthly Giveaway
This we're back at home, catching up on what projects we've got floating around in the shops, future tool (and welder) purchases and of course our monthly giveaway. It's Friday muthafuckas!
October 3, 2019
#LowlifeGarageTour: @FishtankWhisky
This week we travel to the garage of NH chopper builder @FishtankWhisky to hear about his 70's triumph chopper, 86 sporty and 02 sporty, all of which have some killer stuff going on. Kick back and enjoy the show!
September 26, 2019
Road Trippin w/ @TrueLoveSpeedShop
This week we're joined by Nick & Matt from True Love Speed Shop who stopped in during their Northeast tour to visit the Lowlife Chopper Studio here in New Hampshire. We talk about their killer Fuel Cleveland builds, previous projects, business ownership and even some hunting tips!
September 20, 2019
#LowlifeGarageTour: @BadfishKustoms
This week we chop it up with Brandon aka @BadfishKustoms as we take the garage tour to his shop to discuss his greasy dozen build, favorite tools and more.
September 5, 2019
Teeth Deep at Deadbeat Retreat
This week we chop up the recap of the legendary deadbeat retreat. So pull up those Dyna bro socks and get ready to go teeth deep!
August 29, 2019
#LowlifeGarageTour: @DeadbeatCustoms
This week we sit down with Steve, the man behind Deadbeat Customs in Tewksbury, MA. We talk about how the brand got started, what it’s like running a business at this scale and of course the DEADBEAT RETREAT. We better be seeing all you listeners there!
August 23, 2019
#LowlifeGarageTour: @Chopperfisher
This week we head to the garage of Matty aka @chopperfisher. We talk about his sweet setup, the XS650 he’s building and much more. Also, we tested out our new mobile recording device which will make chopper trips much easier than carrying the whole studio setup.
August 16, 2019
Queen City Pregame
This week we chop it up with Joel (@dogfood_lid) and Colin (@boiled_gatorade) about the upcoming Queen City Chopper Show, Aug 17th, in our neighboring town, Manchester, NH. Get your ass to the show! Outro music credits to Yellow Stitches “Queen City Eve”
August 9, 2019
Road Stories with Custom Destruction
This week we chop it up with the one and only Wes of Custom Destruction (and the Chop N Roll Podcast). Some great stories are on tap in this episode and you better stick around until the end to see which of you is going home with a custom helmet in this months giveaway!
August 2, 2019
#LowlifeGarageTour : @Feeneyfilms
Last week we celebrated our one year anniversary of starting the podcast, this week we kick off year 2 with the #LowlifeGarageTour where we’ll be traveling to the garages of local (and non local) builders all year long and recording our episodes on site. This week, we visited Chester, NH-based builder @Feeneyfilms for some shovels, steaks, brews and garage walkthrough. Welcome to year 2!
July 26, 2019
One Year of Lowlife Chopper 🤘🏼
This week we celebrate One Year of the Lowlife Chopper Podcast! Join us down memory lane as we recap our weekend at Hardtimes and some of the memories from the last year.
July 19, 2019
Chicken Fried Chats w/ Chicken Rick
This week we chop it up with CT legend and garage guru Chicken Rick aka Chicken Fried Rick about his latest build, recent trips, upcoming plans and much more
July 11, 2019
Worlds Collide w/ Fatman Custom Motors
This week we talk big news with Fatman Custom Motors and our own Loctite about some exciting changes for these two builders.
July 5, 2019
Side Hustle Shop Talk
This week we talk all things side hustle. What type of work should you do? How do you know when it’s time to go full time? What tools do you buy and when? We don’t know it all, but we will get into all this and more as we share our experiences.
June 28, 2019
Full Advance w/ Kiebler Kustoms & Lucky Horseshoe Customs
This week we bring you everything you need to know about wiring all in one kick ass episode with the talented duo Cody of @kieblerkustoms & Kevin of @horseshoe_customsllc. Also, we give some updates on what’s in our shops and more.
June 21, 2019
Bachelor Party Weekend
This week we chop up the bachelor party weekend, how it feels to ride peg to peg on handbuilt chops and updates on our shop projects.
June 14, 2019
50 Years Strong w/ Paughco
This week we chop it up with Glen & Kyle of Paughco, recap our weekend projects and prepare for a weekend of camping
June 7, 2019
Tooling Up with Old Man Motors
This week were joined by MA-based @Old_Man_Motors who talks about setting up his shop, the importance of investing in yourself, business lessons for small business owners and much more.
May 24, 2019
Listener Q&A
This week we’re joined by our good buddy @astroman1985 as we recap the kickass time we had at the wild rabbit show, field questions from you lovely lowlifes and give some updates on our shop endeavors.
May 17, 2019
Double Stack w/ Caleb Denton & Wild Rabbit
This week we’ve got a double stack episode for you Lowlife’s! First we talk with the super talented Caleb Denton about his People’s Champ build hitting the final 6 and then were joined by Jace of Madhouse Motors and Ryan of 815NH to talk all things Wild Rabbit Moto Show.
May 10, 2019
The Sultan of Seats w/ Counterbalance Cycles
This week were joined by Wes of counterbalance cycles in Rhode Island who most likely made the seat that’s on your chopper right now. We talk about how he got started making seats, when it was time to take it full time, how to make the coolest pool you’ve ever seen and much more!
May 2, 2019
Going Full Time w/ Fatman Custom Motors
This week we talk with Steve, owner of Fatman Custom Motors in Melrose, MA about the various customer bikes he has in his shop currently, how he knew it was time to take his side hustle full time and much more.
April 26, 2019
The Road to Born Free w/ Eazy Co
This week were joined again by people’s champ builder John Repetto of the Eazy Co in Worcester, MA and special guest Astroman1985 to talk about the bike John and Craig Kenyon are building for this years people’s champ. As always, we also get into the weeds on camping, hammocks and looting cranberry fields for vintage sprinter front ends.
April 18, 2019
Milwaukee Murderer w/ Lowbrow Customs
This week were joined by Tyler Malinky, Founder of Lowbrow Customs. We talk about how motorcycles became a part of his life, The build that secured his landspeed record at the Salt Flats, and even an exclusive announcement here on the Lowlife Chopper podcast that you’ll have to listen in to hear.
April 12, 2019
Queen City Kings
This week we talk with two local builders @Dogfood_Lid_ and @Fishtankwhisky out of Manchester NH aka “Queen City.” From badass seatless evo chops to vintage triumphs, this episode has a little something for all the garage builders out there.
April 5, 2019
Babes, Bugout Bikes & Beards
This week we sit down with Amy of Babes, Bikes & Beards to talk about her bugout bike build for the greasy dozen and all the skills it takes to build something truly unique. Enjoy!
March 29, 2019
Building the Legacy with Biltwell
This week were joined by Bill Bryant, Co Founder/Brand Manager of the iconic Biltwell brand to discuss how motorcycles became a part of his life, navigating the motorcycle landscape and saving the legendary People’s Champ competition we’ve all come to love.
March 22, 2019
Heirloom Quality Shit w/ Vintage Technologies
This week we talk with Born Free 10 and 11 builder Hawke of Vintage Technologies about his off the wall knuckle and shovelhead builds, how he got his start and what’s in store for him in the future. Enjoy!
March 15, 2019
E True Hollywood Story: The Eazy Company
This week, we sit down with Worcester’s finest bike building duo, the Eazy Company. We talk about their People’s Champ 7 build, how soaps and DC shoes ruled the early 2000’s, side of the road sagas and much more. Tune in to listen to the guys behind some of the most legit shows in the Northeast and how their story started. DO NOT FORGET to cast your vote for Eazy Company TODAY at
March 8, 2019
Mainely Choppers with MotocompoMag
This week we chop it up with Maine chopper builder, rider and editor/creator of the MotocompoMag zine. Catch everything from his pre unit collection to the beginnings of his northeastern based zine and what he likes to feature.
March 1, 2019
Frankenmotors with 4th Floor Chop Shop
This week we chop it up with Curt (@4th_floor_choppers) who takes us through his progression from your average American Ironhead owner to a 2nd time born free invited builder and where his journey all started. Some key highlights on this show include how he manages to pull parts from iron heads, shovelheads, panheads and more and mix them all into one single machine. You won’t wanna miss this one!
February 22, 2019
“Times Were Had” w/ Dirtybuilds
This week we sit down with the crew from @Dirtybuilds out of good ol CT. We talk powdercoating, wheel lacing, hilarious hack stories and more. Enjoy!
February 15, 2019
All Stainless Everything with Christian Newman
This week we chop it up with one of our all time favorite builders, Christian Newman. We talk about his born free winning stainless knucklehead, turbo shovelhead, favorite shop tools and how it all got started for him.
February 8, 2019
“Don’t Wait Til June” with Matty
This week were joined by Matty (@fauxsmobile) who gives us some golden nuggets on getting your tins ready before the riding season begins and much much more.
February 1, 2019
Backyard Dreams with Madhouse Motors
This week were joined by the talented @jshia, owner of @MadhouseMotors in the Alston area of Boston, MA and co worker (and owner of one hell of a Boston accent) @acewithaj. The pair talk about how the shop got started, some of their out of the box builds and more. Enjoy!
January 25, 2019
Metal Prep Ways & Garage Days
This week we talk metal prep, CP gives a savage update, Grease chops up some road star progress, the gang pretends to understand points and much more. Enjoy!
January 18, 2019
Diagnostic Tricks & TIG Tips
This week we go over where to start when your chop refuses to, what we’ve been up to on our bikes lately, some tips on what you need to start TIG welding today and more!
January 11, 2019
“One Piece at a Time” with Chopper Bob
This week we go over come upcoming event and sit down with Chopper Bob to talk tech on his race bike and pan builds so PAY ATTENTION!
January 4, 2019
Talkin’ Shop with Custom Destruction
This week was a big one! We talk about two previous podcast guests who got selected for the Greasy Dozen, a good friend who will be building a bike for the people’s champ section of born free and talk shop with Wes, host of the chop and roll podcast and previous host of Riders on the Norm!
December 28, 2018
Left Coast Dreams w/ LNSPLTBLVD
This week were joined by Son from LNSPLTBLVD to talk west coast Chopper scene, the creation and goals of the group, his kickass shovel build and how you can learn a new language by watching the Disney channel! For some killer footage of what these guys get up to, check out the following link
December 21, 2018
Chicken Rick & Winter Chop Luck
This week on the show we recap our winter chop luck sponsor shindig, and sit down with the man behind, Chicken Rick.
December 14, 2018
“Suck, Bang, Blow, Go” with Voodoo Vintage
This week were joined by Michael from Voodoo Vintage to discuss his path leading up to motorcycles, how he came to own Voodoo Vintage and where he plans to take the company in the future.
December 7, 2018
“It Won’t Fuckin Die” with Fatman Custom Motors
This week on the podcast we’re joined by new sponsor @Fatman_Custom_Motors who takes us through his career as a professional mechanic turned small business owner, along with some tips for improving your tool setup.
November 30, 2018
Happy Chopsgiving!
This week on the podcast we talk about our thanksgiving plans, how to properly hunt deer while eating chips, Harley and the Davidson's and more. As always thank you to our sponsors for making the show possible, and happy thanksgiving from all of us at Lowlife Chopper Podcast!
November 23, 2018
New Hotness & New Builds with Astroman1985
Long time listener and friend of the show (@Astroman1985) joins us to talk about what he's got in the garage and what's going to be keeping him busy this winter season. We also talk a little more about exclusivity in the community and what makes a chopper a chopper. Thank you to all of our sponsors for making this show possible -Krazy Kustoms -Famous for Nothing -Babes Bikes & Beards -Fatman Custom Motors
November 16, 2018
Carb Cleaning, Frame Jigs & Hell Yea
This week on the podcast we talk about how and why our bikes continue to remain not running and take calls from our new sponsor Famous for Nothing, and longtime listener 5814 SpeedCo joins us to talk about a frame jig he designed for the average joes out there looking to up their game on future builds. As always thank you to our sponsors and our supporters for making this show possible. Keep it sketchy!
November 9, 2018
Tank Babies with Babes Bikes & Beards
This week on the podcast we're joined by our longtime sponsors Amy & Chris of @BabesBikesBeards! We dive into topics like how to make bad decisions like riding a chopper, kickass events they've been putting on, travel tales and suitcases full of booze. Believe us when we tell you, you're not gonna want to miss this one... Thank you as always to our sponsors -Babes Bikes & Beards (B3) -Famous For Nothing -Krazy Kustoms And of course to our supporters for making the show possible -Tom's Cycle Barn -Dennis Ho -Steven Loiselle -Bryan Hathaway -Mandi -Patrick Spada -Sandra Bower -Albert Honaker -Dan Bliss -Randall Morin
November 1, 2018
Choppers Are All About Fitting In
This week on the podcast we're joined by Brandon (@BadFishKustoms) and Matty (@KrazyKustoms) and even a special guest call in as we take a few questions from our listeners including exclusivity in the chopper community, how to ditch your front brake, riding with a jockey shift setup and much more. This week was a long one so buckle up and let us help get you through your Friday! Thank you as always to our sponsors -Babes Bikes & Beards (B3) -Krazy Kustoms And of course to our supporters for making the show possible -Tom's Cycle Barn -Dennis Ho -Steven Loiselle -Bryan Hathaway -Mandi -Patrick Spada -Sandra Bower -Albert Honaker -Dan Bliss -Randall Morin
October 26, 2018
Winter Prep, Tool Kit Essentials & Brand Arguments
This week we chop up how to get your bike ready for the cold weather, what to put in your toolkit over the winter so you're ready to roll in the spring, and as always we shit on each other's bike brands. Huge thanks to our sponsors for making the show possible -Babes Bikes & Beards (aka B3) -Krazy Kustoms Thank you as well to our kickass supporters that help keep our show going -Dennis Ho -Steven Loiselle -Mandi -Albert Honaker -Randall Morin
October 18, 2018
Special Guests and Hard Opinions
On this week's episode, we're joined by 3 special who you've heard before and two who you've likely also heard, but never on our show. Listen in to find out who we had the pleasure of chopping it up with this week. As always, a huge thank you to our sponsors... Babes Bikes Beards Krazy Kustoms And to our generous supporters Steven L, Mandi, Patrick S, Albert H & Randall M. If you'd like to join them in supporting our show, you can do so at
October 11, 2018
Making the Trip with Nick Ferrero
This week on the podcast we are joined by Nick Ferrero, chopper builder and rider out of Manchester, NH who takes us through his trip out to the Catskill Mountain Thunder event in NY. If you enjoy the podcast and want to help us continue to bring it to you weekly, please consider supporting us at As always, thank you to our sponsors Krazy Kustoms, Babes Bikes Beards and our supporters Steven Loiselle, Albert Honaker and Amylynn Arrington.
October 4, 2018
The Gang Talks Nonsense
This week we get a little freeform and talk about everything from camping to guns to swap meet finds and more. As always, a huge thank you to our sponsors Krazy Kustoms (@KrazyKustoms) and Babes Bikes Beards (@BabesBikesBeards) as well as our donating supporters Albert Honaker, Steven Loiselle and Amylynn Arrington. For those of you enjoying that show that would like to join them in making a donation, you can do so at
September 28, 2018
Bike Buying Basics & Swap Scores
On this week's episode we give you the rundown on upcoming swap meets, what to look for when buying a bike private sale, updates on our builds, and more. If you'd like to support our podcast and help us continue to bring more episodes to you, you can make a donation at
September 20, 2018
"It's Alive" with Chopper Bob
Chopper Bob (@NHchopperbob) joins us in a two hour chopper talk extravaganza where we hit on build inspiration, vintage ironhead tips, the chopper community over the years and much much more. Plus a few XS build updates from Grease and some big news from Loctite! Also, if you're liking the show and want to help support us in bringing it to you each and every week, please consider becoming a sponsor at Any and all contributions are massively appreciated.
September 14, 2018
Studio & Garage Plans
This week we go over what we've been working on this week, our plans for the studio, the garage mahal, the chops and more. Also, our podcast is growing quickly and we're working hard to make the show the best it can be. If you'd like to help support us in that way, please consider making a donation at
September 6, 2018
Badfish Bromance
We recap Full Speed Ahead and some conversations we had with you guys at show; talk chops, builds and skills with Brandon Long (@BadFishKustoms) and Matty of (@KrazyKustoms); and riff on how choppers bring families together. Also, our podcast is growing quickly and we're working hard to make the show the best it can be. If you'd like to help support us in that way, please consider making a donation at
August 31, 2018
Listener Q&A Roundtable
This week we field questions from you, our listeners! We talk build basics, tool setups, carb cleaning and more. Thanks to everyone for jumping in with questions for us, see you lowlifes at Full Speed Ahead this weekend. Also, our podcast is growing quickly and we're working hard to make the show the best it can be. If you'd like to help support us in that way, please consider making a donation at
August 24, 2018
Live from the Garage Mahal
This week we chop up Loctite's work on CP's tins, my relocation to the new home, most frustrating aspects of a build, the podcast booth at Full Speed Ahead, our new #JustTheTip section and most importantly, ask some questions of YOU, the listeners. Also, our podcast is growing quickly and we're working hard to make the show the best it can be. If you'd like to help support us in that way, please consider making a donation at
August 17, 2018
Camping, Build Updates and Choppahead Show
This week we catch up on the things we missed from last week's feature on chopper camping, update you on our builds and the places they've taken us, plus we sit down with Truth from Choppahead in Fall River, MA to discuss the upcoming Full Speed Ahead show on 8/24-8/25. As always, stay tuned to the end for a special discount code exclusively for listeners of the #LowlifeChopperPodcast Also, our podcast is growing quickly and we're working hard to make the show the best it can be. If you'd like to help support us in that way, please consider making a donation at
August 10, 2018
From the graveyard to deadbeat
We recap our trip to the Deadbeat Retreat and chop it up with Matty (@Fauxsmobile) from Krazy Kustoms on how to get better results from your paint jobs. Also, our podcast is growing quickly and we're working hard to make the show the best it can be. If you'd like to help support us in that way, please consider making a donation at
August 2, 2018
This is where we're at 🤙⚡⚡🤘
DEADBEAT RETREAT Apologies for the background noise in part of the episode. Also, our podcast is growing quickly and we're working hard to make the show the best it can be. If you'd like to help support us in that way, please consider making a donation at
July 27, 2018