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Learning Architects Unite! with Dr. Lissa Pijanowski

Learning Architects Unite! with Dr. Lissa Pijanowski

By Lissa Pijanowski
Designing learning experiences that matter to students is key to engagement and academic success. This podcast explores all aspects of teaching, learning, and leading as a Learning Architect. We must unite in building a future for all students using innovative, out-of-the-box ideas powered by passion and a drive to serve the whole child! Dr. Lissa Pijanowski is the author of Architects of Deeper Learning and the Chief Learning Officer for Innovate 2 Educate. She is a speaker, consultant, and coach serving K-12 educators around the world. Visit for podcast resources.
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Episode 1: Back-to-School - A 2020 Restart

Learning Architects Unite! with Dr. Lissa Pijanowski

Behind the Mask
In this episode I will focus on the educators behind the mask - the teachers, leaders, and staff that have not only come to work, but those that have returned with an overwhelming commitment to making the reopening of America’s schools a story to be retold.  Specifically, we will explore the stress and anxiety teachers are feeling as they navigate teaching during a pandemic.  And how they have truly stepped up in BIG ways to deliver amazing learning experiences, no matter what the model f2f, remote, hybrid, or virtual.
September 23, 2020
Episode 2: The First 20 Days of 2020
In this episode I will focus on things we should consider when opening school in unprecedented times. Specifically, we will explore what the first 20 days should look like in order to accelerate learning forward.  
August 3, 2020
Episode 1: Back-to-School - A 2020 Restart
In this episode I will provide an introduction to this new podcast - Learning Architects UNITE! and discuss considerations for reopening schools this fall.   You can voice message me HERE.  Send in your comments, questions, or ideas and they will be explored for future episodes.  We are creating a community of Learning Architects and I want to hear from you!  Thanks for listening and joining me for this new adventure!
July 11, 2020