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Safe or Brave

Safe or Brave

By Lubo Smid
Safe or Brave is a podcast focused on challenging the comfort zone in professional and personal life hosted by Lubo Smid who often describes his lifestyle as living on the edge.

Are you brave to get most of all the opportunities or you rather stay safe without risking much?

Various inspiring guests discuss their journey and point of view when it comes to technology, business and lifestyle.
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#5 Rasty Turek - Building A Company Processing 4x The Amount Of Data On All YouTube

Safe or Brave

#11 Pavel Kacerle - From Parents Basement VFX Studio To Working For Lucasfilm & Marvel
In this episode of Safe or Brave podcast, I have met in Prague with Pavel Kacerle, a founder of soccer live streaming game called Live Penalty and a world-renowned VFX artist. Pavel was featured in Czech Forbes 30-under-30, have worked with companies like Disney, Lucasfilm and Marvel and now is building his own mobile game. We are talking about how Pavel one day decided to change his life around, travelled to NYC to attend Film School and how he basically managed to get noticed by big names in VFX industry, which landed him jobs on movies like Avengers: Age of Ultron, Iron Man 3, Jurassic World or Thor: Dark World. Check out this all new episode and more! Pavel Kacerle on Instagram  Pavel Kacerle on LinkedIn:  Pavel Kacerle's Website:   Website  Instagram   Apple Podcasts  Spotify  YouTube
January 22, 2020
#10 Richard Valtr - Overhauling The Hospitality Tech Space With Over $30M In Investments
With this episode of Safe or Brave podcast, we are coming back to the New York City to meet with Richard Valtr, the founder of Mews Systems. A company that is overhauling the hospitality tech space and bringing the property management software market into the 21st century. Richard’s company has raised over 30M dollars basically in no time and they’re determined to change the industry. What is to experience such a growth and scaling? Check out this all new episode with Richard to see his perspective!   Richard Valtr on LinkedIn:   Website  Instagram   Apple Podcasts  Spotify  YouTube
January 15, 2020
#9 David Siegel - What It Takes To Quit Microsoft And Start Your Own Business
Next up in Safe or Brave podcast I have travelled to San Francisco to meet with David Siegel, a founder and CEO of Glide. An app that helps you create a simple mobile app, in no time, just from the spreadsheet. We  have talked about how David drawn upon from his experience of being Head of Design of Xamarin as well as Microsoft. What was his experience with Y Combinator? And why David decided to leave his job at Microsoft to start his own venture in Silicon Valley? Check out this all new episode to find out!  David Siegel on LinkedIn:   Website Instagram https://   Apple Podcasts  Spotify  YouTube
January 09, 2020
#8 Keoni Hudoba - Life Journey Of The Toughest Barry's Bootcamp Trainer I Met
In this episode of our Safe or Brave podcast, I flew to New York City to chat with my good friend, Keoni Hudoba. Keoni's life journey and transformation is a crazy one - it took him from an overweight kid Disney singer from Hawaii to becoming a successful fitness entrepreneur in NYC. He’s worked with brands like Under Armour while traveling the world as a photo model, he launched his own cycling studio, CycFitness, and he helped open the first Barry's Bootcamp studio in New York. That’s just a snippet of what we cover in today's episode. Check it out! Keoni Hudoba on Instagram     Website  Instagram     Apple Podcasts    Spotify   YouTube
January 03, 2020
#7 Ryan Ogle - Building Tech Of The Worlds Biggest Dating App Tinder And More
In this episode of Save or Brave podcast, I'm chatting with the former CTO of Tinder and founder & CEO of Arimus, a startup put together by former Tinder colleagues to launch new exciting mobile products to the market. How has swiping affected the entire generation of apps that came after Tinder? Does a perfect match really exist? And why does Ryan think that ML is the future? Check out this all new episode and find out! Ryan Ogle on LinkedIn Website Instagram Apple Podcasts Spotify YouTube
December 18, 2019
#6 Kemar Newell - How Building A Sneaker Marketplace Answered A Billion $ Question
A thousand ’no’s can be the perfect road to a ‘yes.’ A longtime friend and partner, Flip’s CEO and I sat down to discuss how Y Combinator and Planet of the Apps helped him get his pitch just right, and how he leveraged his tech skills to become a key player of a now $6 billion market. We also chat about his history at Apple and Google, how he hit it off with Jessica Alba and why he’s got “sneaker butlers” smelling $20k kicks.  Kemar Newell on LinkedIn Kemar Newell on Instagram Website Instagram Apple Podcasts Spotify YouTube
December 11, 2019
#5 Rasty Turek - Building A Company Processing 4x The Amount Of Data On All YouTube
Rasty’s on track to changing the world. In this episode, Pex’s CEO tells us how the company became a legit market maker in data by identifying audiovisual content better and faster than Shazam. Going from almost closing down to 4 million in revenue in just 5 months, Pex’s typical customers are multi-billion dollar corporations, and an average contract takes 19 months. How does the Slovakian former Google employee handle it? And why does he see Taylor Swift as a “small client”? Find out! Rasty Turek on LinkedIn Rasty Turek on Instagram Website Instagram Apple Podcasts Spotify YouTube
November 27, 2019
#4 Jan Sladecko - Why It Took Leaving His Job At The Mill To Rediscover The Joy Of Motion Design
Super excited about this episode, where I got to chat with Jan Sladecko, an LA-based motion designer at the top of his game and a good friend. Jan gets into how he scored a job at The Mill early on in his career, getting invited to present at SIGGRAPH and what he values most about the motion design community. We also get into topics like the creepy future of deepfakes, the inspiration behind his passion projects and why he can’t stop traveling. Jan Sladecko on LinkedIn Jan Sladecko on Instagram Website Instagram Apple Podcasts Spotify YouTube
November 21, 2019
#3 Marcel Krajca - How Can 100 Euro In Your Pocket Get You An Executive Job In One Of The Biggest Banks In The UK
Next up in Safe or Brave podcast we have the Marcel Krajca, Vice President at Barclays focused on digital innovation. Sound like talking to a high profile executive in one of the biggest banks in the UK, right? Well, it was not a straight path for Marcel to get there and his story is pretty incredible. Tune in to find out how college dropout with 100 euros in his pocket embarks on a journey to Mallorca to sing with a band and ends up teaching tech at a university while holding an executive position at one of the most respected banks in the UK. Clearly some brave moves there. Marcel Krajca on LinkedIn Marcel Krajca on Instagram Website Instagram Apple Podcasts Spotify YouTube
October 02, 2019
#2 Martin Plasek - Solving Your Own Problems Makes The Best Business Idea
With this episode of Safe or Brave podcast, we are flying into the UK to meet with Martin Plasek, a London-based photographer and co-founder of HAPACA Studio. In the podcast, Martin shares his story of visiting London for a couple of months that turned to be a 15-year long journey as well as starting a business, and now turning his life into a nomadic lifestyle and leaving most of the material things behind. Martin Plasek on LinkedIn Martin Plasek on Instagram HAPACA Studio on Instagram Website Instagram Apple Podcasts Spotify YouTube
September 19, 2019
#1 Wim Stocks - The Guy That Is Turning Gamers Into Millionaires
In this episode I had a chance to talk to the general manager and CEO at WorldGaming & Collegiate StarLeague Wim Stocks. He is among the people that are shaping the e-sports industry and even help turning some gamers into millionaires. You can follow Wim on LinkedIn. Reach me out through my website or Instagram. Wim Stocks on LinekdIn: Website Instagram Apple Podcasts Spotify YouTube
September 01, 2019
#0 Safe or Brave Pilot
Welcome to the Safe or Brave podcast. This is a pilot episode with a brief intro of the theme and me as the host. Reach me out at or @lubosmid on Instagram. Apple Podcasts Spotify YouTube Website Instagram
September 01, 2019