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Luciana Couto

Luciana Couto

By Luciana Couto
Hi, I’m Luciana Couto, a lifestyle blogger and entrepreneur who loves to create content. This podcast is part of my blog, where I like to share inspiration for a more colourful and fulfilled life.
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Find joy in the ordinary | Monday Talk
I ended 2020 with a post about my favourite photos of the year. In that post I mentioned that my photos are my "happiness thermometer". If I have a lot of photos I love from the previous week, it means I enjoyed that week. So I think the best way to kick off 2021 on my blog is by inspiring others to try a similar approach, which is a little deeper than only taking photos like crazy. Actualy, it's about finding joy in our everyday life. Then, document it. Visit my blog for more content.
January 04, 2021
Social Media is killing us. Literally | MONDAY TALK
Let's talk about The Social Dilemma, a Netflix documentary about how big tech companies are making us addicted to social media and why we should be worried about it. Podcast website: Author Personal Blog: *** TRANSCRIPTION ***
October 05, 2020