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Future Ready Podcast with Chris Herndon

Future Ready Podcast with Chris Herndon

By lucidly™️
The Future Ready Podcast is hosted by lucidly™️ cofounder and work/life balance coach Chris Herndon. Join us for inspiring stories, big ideas and new perspectives for stewarding the modern workplace.

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The future of L&D and why you should care with Adriane Jones
Adriane is the Founder and Principal Learning Architect at Adriane E Jones LLC, a boutique Learning & Development consultancy that creates custom learning solutions that attract and grow talent so businesses can thrive. Adriane's background in human resources, product management, and business inform her innovative approach to L&D. She has over a decade of experience in L&D and has worked with over 20 different organizations to decrease turnover, meet business goals, and create better places to work.
June 02, 2022
Designing strategies that cultivate a healthy employee experience with Omar Ramirez
Omar Ramirez is the founder of Affordances, an experience consultancy that helps companies strategize and solve problems, all while staying focused on what matters most: the real people behind the scenes.
June 02, 2022
Why Branding is Key to Recruiting Intentionally with Addy Robinson
As Head of People Operations at Verusen, Addy Robinson leads all aspects of people and culture including diversity, equity, and inclusion, and oversees talent acquisition, onboarding, performance management, compensation, and benefits with a focus on the overall experience of Verusen employees. Addy brings over 5 years of progressive People Operations experience. She spent nearly a decade in people-focused roles with Atlanta-based MemberClicks LLC, a membership management SaaS company. At MemberClicks, Addy led efforts in Talent Recruitment, New Employee Onboarding, Performance Management, Benefits & Payroll Administration, Personal & Professional Development, Company Service & Community Involvement, and Employee Engagement. Personify Corp. acquired MemberClicks in December 2020, and Addy was named Director, People & Culture at Personify Corp. There, she championed projects and programming that fostered inclusivity and belonging and built processes to support teams working together.
June 02, 2022
3 Principles to Create High Performing Teams with Nikhil Paul
Nikhil Paul is a leadership team coach who founded We R Human to help senior executives & their teams strengthen their focus, culture and execution through engaging workshops and coaching programs. Including his previous career of running an employee engagement SaaS startup, Nikhil has a decade of experience in building teams and problem-solving employee morale issues with clients like Walmart, Airbnb & SalesForce, and is currently a member of the HubSpot Fellows faculty. Nikhil loves to find any excuse to laugh, is perpetually curious about people & systems, and is motivated by big challenges he can work on a little bit each day. With his background in emceeing & teaching dance, he enjoys getting people energized, playful & more connected with each other. We dive into Nikhil's framework on high performance teams & explore them with anecdotes & stories.
June 02, 2022
How to steward the future of work with Helen Kupp
Helen Kupp is a co-founder and Senior Director of Future Forum. She has led many of Slack’s largest cross-functional and growth initiatives, and is the creator of many of Future Forum’s playbooks, tapping Future Forum’s research and networks along with her experiences at Slack, Bain & Company, startups, and her MBA from Harvard Business School. She’s also the lucky mom of two wonderful children. She is the coauthor of How the Future Works: Leading Flexible Teams to Do the Best Work of Their Lives (Wiley; May 2022) with Brian Elliott and Sheela Subramanian.
June 02, 2022
The Power of Embedded Coaching with Alita Watson
Alita Watson is the Founder of Alma, a firm that recruits, trains and matches Embedded Coaches with startups to increase leadership capacity, improve cross functional collaboration and champion cultural development. Over the past five years she pioneered Embedded Coaching at Sonder, through fast-paced growth into Unicorn status and eventual IPO. She is one of few leaders in this field who truly understands how this role needs to be designed, communicated and implemented. Alita is inspired to be the bridge between today's world class coaches, and the leaders who are invested in creating cultures where everyone can thrive.
June 02, 2022
How building high quality relationships that transform the workplace with Dr. Laura Hees-Garcia
Dr. Laura Hees-Garcia is the Human Resources Business Partner for a large healthcare organization called Hospital Corporations of America. She currently services over 1000 employees at her hospital in Brownsville, Texas. She is also a small business owner at Card My Yard and has recently been asked to consult for a leadership development company. Her love of ongoing learning, constant evolving and servant leadership is the foundation of her outlook at work and in her personal life. She truly enjoys helping others grow their potential in all aspects of their lives. Connect with Laura: Questions answered during this topic: Why does this topic matter? How can it help me as an HR leader? What do you consider a high-quality relationships? What are the benefits of high-quality relationships? What problems does it help resolve? How do you build them?
May 24, 2022
Secrets to Remote Employee Experience & Engagement with Kaleem Clarkson
Kaleem Clarkson is the COO of Blend Me, Inc, a remote people operations consultancy that helps startups and small businesses transform into high-functioning remote or hybrid-remote workplaces. He has been featured in Harvard Business Review, and named LinkedIn’s Top 10 Voices in Remote Work. He is passionate about work-life integration and the remote employee experience. Tune in for answers to these questions: What is employee experience?  Why does it matter? What is The Remote Employee Experience (TREE)? What needs to be considered when thinking about the remote/hybrid employee experience? How might HR / PeopleOps leaders start thinking about it employee experience? How do you help companies with this? And why  - Diversity of talent > Competitive advantage > Profitability
May 24, 2022
Career Development Within Organizations with Larnell Vickers
Larnell Vickers is an experienced executive coach and talent professional within the social good/impact space with over 10+ years of experience. From one-on-one executive coaching, to talent placement and talent recruitment and hiring; he has worked with non-profits, educational organizations and for-profits to help enhance and drive forward their strategic talent plans. Also, he has worked tirelessly to help organizations to get very clear about their “who” when hiring and to then identify top talent that is game changing for the organization. Currently he serves as CEO and Founder of Larnell Vickers Enterprises, LLC, a firm positioned in matching great to great organizations and supporting individuals to live from their highest and best self both in career and life. Over the course of five years, the firm has supported over 25+ organizations in finding phenomenal talent, placed over 100+ professionals in mission driven organizations and has provided top tier coaching to over 150+ professionals. Connect with Larnell:
May 10, 2022
Pulling together data for the win with Dr. Frank Gonzalez
Frank is the Senior Director and Head of DEI for a financial solutions organization called Momentum Financial Services Group with over 2000 employees in North America (Canada, U.S). He is also a consultant with focuses on evidence-based data to influence substantive insights and conversations.  His love of continuous, enthusiastic learning is also the foundation of his outlook, a self-described people enthusiast. We get to the heart of why analyzing data matters and how understanding it can save you time, reduce costs and make you invaluable as an HR leader.  Frank shares his personal stories and insights and we manage to make a conversation about data fun! Connect with Dr. Frank González IV, PHR, CDP Global Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion Connect with Chris Herndon
April 30, 2022
Why you need to listen to your people with Diana Carrillo
Diana is an HR Business Partner at Cooper Norman, a law firm based out of Idaho. They have just under 150 employees. She’s passionate about talent acquisition, training and development, performance management, consulting and offering HR services from the heart. What stands out to me about Diana is her positive and get it done attitude. Her story is one of resilience and I’m grateful to have her on as a guest. We’ll explore her familial roots, dive into her firm’s employee recognition and mentorship programs and as we wrap up, some pearls of wisdom to as you develop your career. Enjoy ~
April 03, 2022
The business case for cultivating grit with Erin Hamann
Erin is the Director of Human Resources SKDO, a law firm out of Illinois. They have around 40 employees. After realizing a stark difference in performance between those employees with and without grit, Erin was able to successfully make the business case for incorporating grit and resilience training into the onboarding process for new employees. Her story shows the power of playing the long game.
April 03, 2022
Involvement is the key to engagement with Caytie Matti
Caytie is the Director of Human Resources and Talent Success at Buckingham, Doolittle & Burroughs – a law firm based out of Ohio. They have about 150 employees. She is passionate about culture, recruiting, employee engagement and giving people a voice. What has enabled her success is being assertive, learning how to be a good business person and creating alignment with leadership. Connect with Caytie on LinkedIn
April 03, 2022