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The Luci Power Perspective

The Luci Power Perspective

By Luci Power
Luci Power is an Australian fitness escort & porn star, taking the adult industry by storm. She grew from 1000 to over 27K followers on twitter in 18 months due to her savvy social media strategy & ability to genuinely connect with her fans. She courageously discusses those taboo subjects about working in the adult industry & simply wishes to educate people about the business & demolish stereotypes about the type of people who work or punt in the industry. In her "non-adult" profession she is a life & business coach, specialising in motivating people for behaviour change.
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S3 Life of Luci: What Happens at a Swingers Party - New Years Eve
Today's episode is about mine and my BFs adventures at the Swingers party we attended on New Years Eve.
January 03, 2021
Escort Client Stories - MMF & A Wife's Birthday Gift
This is a nice quick and fun episode where I talk about two different client stories. One is with two men and I and the other is when a man booked me as a gift for his wife who had been wanting to try a lesbian experience. Enjoy!
July 13, 2020
Why is Lesbian Sex So Good?
In this episode I talk about why some people may NOT like lesbian sex, when I realised I was bi-sexual and what happened, and ultimately why I like lesbian sex
July 07, 2020
My Response to the Newspaper Article That Outed Me
This episode is about my response to a newspaper article that was published on Saturday which actually mentions how my BF was investigated by his employer and governing body when someone found out that he had been filming adult content with me on line for a few months. The investigation had already been completed, he was cleared of any illegal doing and was still continuing to work in his field. The Whistleblower wasn't happy with this and wanted revenge so they contacted his new employer AND the local paper to report the story. The paper also revealed my real name, mentioned I had kids and showed clearly identifying photos of the BOTH of us.  I discuss my feelings about it, the action I plan on taking and talk about the psychology of whistleblowers. My partner and I have had such positive feedback and support about this BUT there are potential damaging consequences... Here's the link to the article that mentioned some characteristics of whistleblowers:  What science tells us about Whistle Blowers   Continue to help my pornstar rank improve by heading to my pornhub page and liking all my videos:  AND follow me on all my socials  Instagram and Twitter: @reallucipower
July 01, 2020
Life of Luci - My Week - Mental Health, Psychologist, Back Recovery, Tattoo, Drug Use & Harassment
Wow this episode is very "Vlog-like" in the sense that it's a rundown of my week. As you can see by the title, I did a variety of different things, but the main theme of this weeks topic is my declining mental health. I discuss my experience with depression and anxiety, network chiropractic therapy, my new tattoo, drug use, and harassment. This may appeal to you if you've experienced these things and need to hear my story to help you process your own experiences. If you are suffering from depression or any other concerning symptoms please visit your doctor to discuss your options. If you would like to contact me to tell me your stories and experiences please email Instagram & twitter: @reallucipower Website: Music:
June 23, 2020
Mum, What Do You Do For Work - AN UPDATE
So in my last episode I talk about how my kids found out about my sex work and porn. I talk about their reactions, but since I posted that episode there was a slight change in their response, so here is the update.
June 05, 2020
Does a Back Injury Affect Sex Work?
Here I talk about how I injured my back in 2018 and how the flare up last year really fucked everything up for me. I talk about my visit to the emergency ward and how pharmaceutical medication messed with my brain and ability to work as a Sex Worker.
May 03, 2020
Mum, What Do You Do For Work?
So, on the weekend, my daughter found some explicit videos of me on my iPad, which then lead to my two older children confronting me about it, and me ultimately coming out to them about my work as a Sex Worker and Porn Star. Have a listen to hear about how it went.
April 27, 2020
Series 2: Episode 8: Recording of LIVE Q&A on YouTube
Here is a trimmed down version of the LIVE Q&A session I did for my YouTube channel. I engage with fans as I answer the following questions: What’s the funniest thing you’ve done in porn and sex work? How are you handling the corona virus lockdown? What do you do all day? What’s your favourite cheese? What’s your ‘glutes’ workout routine? How do you strengthen your back? Have you worked out if your pink glow-in-the-dark dildo actually glows in the dark yet? Do you like rimming? How did you feel the first time you escorted and were you scared? How can you gain upper body muscles without gaining tummy fat? Have you ever made someone bow down to you? Have you ever met a client who made you feel unsafe and how did you deal with it? Have you ever had a bad vibe because of the location or person? When are you shooting with Johnny Sins? How do you feel about seeing clients of a different colour? Are you working out at home? Do you think there is a difference between white and black men in terms of how they have sex?
April 26, 2020
Series 2, Episode 6: Client Stories (Lawyer and CEO Pegging)
Listen to me talk about these two different client stories; one was a lawyer (one of my first ever clients) and the other a CEO of a large food company here in Brisbane who liked me to peg him.
April 14, 2020
How to Fight Stigma in Sex Work
In my last episode I gave you a little history about sex-work and prostitution and how, when and why stigma began.This episode talks about HOW to FIGHT the stigma. It begins with a top down process from macrosystems to individual internalisations of the stereotype and what we can or need to do to help fight off this stigma. I discuss a few things that Ronald Welzer talks about in his article. I mention how I've been stigmatised personally, how I reacted and what I do now to try and fight it off. References:
April 12, 2020
Sex Work & Stigma (History & Definitions)
I was asked to do an episode about how to fight the stigma of sex work, and I thought it would be a good idea to give a little history about when sex-work (prostitution) began, when in history the stigma originated and why. This is the prelude to Episode 5 which will be about how to fight the stigma. References:
April 09, 2020
A Day in the Life of Luci (Photoshoot Day)
Here's a quick, raw, unedited video of me describing a day in the #lifeofluci (me; an Australian Sex Worker). It starts with a walk at 5am, a few hours of a glamour photoshoot in the bush, grocery shopping, uploading adult content, mum life and then bed. It's absolutely thrilling information lol, but no, seriously, you could find it interesting to hear about just what it is that I, as a Sex Worker, might get up to in any particular day. Still trying to 'work' but not 'work' in this current climate of #selfisolation and crazy #coronavirus times.
April 01, 2020
The Benefits of Sex Work
Ok, so here I am rambling about the benefits of sex work and tried providing some evidence based research in there about sex, but my ability to link it in an academic sort of way is seriously lacking. It's not my best presentation, in fact, it pains me to watch this back because I can see where my brain isn't working, and I put this down to a combination of the pain medication I'm on (it's still fucking with my ability to speak and bring certain words to mind), but I push on. I'm desperate to make a really good video, discussion on point, and delivery just perfect. It's a goal, I'll get there. Here are some links if you want to read some research:
March 31, 2020
Sex Work & the Corona Virus
I recorded this 5 days ago, which seems a little outdated considering the daily developments in response to the Corona Virus outbreak, but, non-the-less I have uploaded it because it is still relevant. I just would have included a little more info. But have a listen to how this pandemic is affecting me as a Sex-Worker in Australia.
March 30, 2020
Client Stories
I talk about two interesting client bookings as an escort. One involved a beer anal enema in Hong Kong and the other I call "the teddy bear man" in Melbourne.
March 21, 2020
How to Date a Porn Star
I give you three main things to consider if you'd like to date a porn star.
March 21, 2020
Who the f***k is Luci Power?
Who am I? I tell you a little about my background and how I got into escorting and porn.
March 21, 2020