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LARP 4 Life

LARP 4 Life

By Luke Richardson
Join L.J. Richardson on a journey through LARPing (Live Action Role Play). You'll create memorable characters, visit exotic worlds, and meet some really incredible people, each with their own LARP Life Lessons. Come on in and LARP, for Life!
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Thank You NPCs! (Discussing Non-Player Characters)
L.J. and Caitlin tell us about the characters who populate the world of LARPing and make it possible for the players to have fun. Get ready to pull up a chair with Farmer Beth, cower in fear at the villainous Damien Claine and Nareeza, play with Poke and Percival, be inspired by the ethereal Unicorn and the wise Kirelea, and take off your hats to the Hat Gang!
January 9, 2021
The Gab of Garb: LARP Costuming (with Special Guest Caitlin!)
Caitlin drops in to talk with me about LARP costuming, thrift stores, and online LARP shopping. You'll hear about the sad tale of Raedir, learn the secrets of distressing, and unite with the seamsters! 
July 25, 2020
Avatars Part 2: Enter the Unicorn Mage (Featuring Special Guest Caitlin!)
My girlfriend and fellow LARPer Caitlin drops in to talk with me about her PCs, NPCs, and Joke PCS (Here's looking at you Johannson Mahogany!). She also gives tips on character creation and we give shout outs to our dear LARP friends!
June 13, 2020
Avatars Part One: The First Characters (a.k.a Meet My PCs!)
L.J. Richardson talks about characters in LARP, specifically player characters PCs, and tells the story of his first character Habbackus the Dwarf, and his newest characters, Draven Wolfe, River the Rover, and Gohjan Tarag.
May 30, 2020
What is LARP? (Baby Don't Hurt Me): A Brief History of LARP.
L.J. Richardson introduces you to Live Action Role Play, telling the story of how LARP first began, and introduces us to the 3 elements of LARPing, Characters, Setting, and the Magic If.
May 9, 2020