“It can ALL BE GONE”- Why the ‘moment’ is so important

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By LukeLifeCharms
Thank you thank you thank you!! Just for your support and even more so for your attention!! I really hope that these podcast will brighten your life a little but which then will allow you brighten and help other peoples as well!! Enjoy!
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"Never Twice"- Why this moment you are in. . . .is priceless . . .
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March 22, 2019
"The Signs"- Why the "signs" should never be ignored. . .
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March 20, 2019
"The Gift of the Enemy"- Why there are some things only "they" can teach you!
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March 19, 2019
"JKG"- One thing that has me where I am today!
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March 18, 2019
"It's in the Struggle" - Why going thru the bad times is the best moment. . .
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March 17, 2019
"It's about them. . . "- Why what people project onto you, is not about YOU
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March 16, 2019
Thank you Thank you THANK YOU!!
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March 15, 2019
"Not going to like you" - Something we don't like to hear. . . but is true at times
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March 14, 2019
The 'Belief Flaw'- The little problem with 'belief'
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March 13, 2019
Waiting for what?- Seriously. . . . what are we waiting for??
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March 12, 2019
Just press it!!- Why you should do do do do and DO!!!
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March 11, 2019
3 Minutes!! (Finding your Truth) - New setup for the Podcast for a few episodes. . .
Just trying something new in the Podcast. . hope you all enjoy this 3 minute episode! 
March 10, 2019
Everything is okay. . . . .just a little change that I hope will help you all even more!! 
March 9, 2019
Endurance Wins!- Why to choose endurance over Intensity. . . for more! 
March 9, 2019
Rejection Rejection REJECTION!! - Why it's not as bad as you think!
New book is out today!! :) "23 Unspoken Life Lessons!"
March 7, 2019
"Lessons in the fog"- The importance of marching to the sound of YOUR OWN drum. . . .
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March 2, 2019
"THE RISK" - Why we should take a lot more 'risks' than we normally take. . . . is officially online and activated now :) 
February 28, 2019
"The Investment"- Understanding the power of investing in YOURSELF
February 27, 2019
'It Doesn't Exist" - just a few thoughts on 'Perfection'
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February 24, 2019
"Just Press Record" - Sometimes that is just the best way to do it. . . .
Latest episode of LifeCharms
February 24, 2019
"The 3rd Variable" - Why what you DON'T see, can make all the difference. . .
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February 22, 2019
THIS IS THE EPISODE!!!! - 'Start on your TRUTH'
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February 21, 2019
“It can ALL BE GONE”- Why the ‘moment’ is so important
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February 20, 2019
"Questioning Beliefs"- why is is okay to question the things you have always believed in. . .
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February 19, 2019
"Rule you or Fuel You" - How to stop letting the past destroy you. . .
Latest episode of LifeCharms
February 18, 2019
“The Moment”- A different way to look at ‘feeling alive’
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February 17, 2019
“Funeral Highlight Film”- It’s about doing things that REALLY MATTER. . .
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February 15, 2019
It's all about ACTION. . . .
Latest episode of LifeCharms
February 12, 2019
You realize it 2019- Understanding how thing are NOT the same. . .
Latest episode of LifeCharms
February 12, 2019
The Happiness Solution :)
Latest episode of LifeCharms
February 10, 2019
"Cut off the LEFT ONE!!!" - Why anything really is possible!!
Latest episode of LifeCharms
February 9, 2019
"The Hallmark of Champions" - Why Consistency is KEY!!
Latest episode of LifeCharms
February 8, 2019
True KEY to Happiness- The one nobody talks about. . .
Latest episode of LifeCharms
February 6, 2019
How bad to you really want it? - A serious question. . .
Latest episode of LifeCharms
February 5, 2019
Need more HATERS- Why Haters are key that your on the right track!!
Latest episode of LifeCharms
February 4, 2019
YOUR Help Needed - Would love your feedback on this. . .
Latest episode of LifeCharms
February 2, 2019
"Time to Audit TIME"- How time management makes all the difference
Latest episode of LifeCharms
February 1, 2019
"$10 Focus"- When you get better you have more. . .
Latest episode of LifeCharms
January 31, 2019
Smart person gone wrong. . . - A very sad truth. . .
Latest episode of LifeCharms
January 30, 2019
The Newness- Warning to not be tricked by something being "NEW"
Latest episode of LifeCharms
January 29, 2019
Deep down. . . You always know. . - The Power of Intuition!!
Latest episode of LifeCharms
January 27, 2019
Protect the ASSET!!- The one thing you need to ALWAYS protect!!!
Latest episode of LifeCharms
January 25, 2019
"Attacked from Above and Below!!" - Why you just have to 'keep going'
Latest episode of LifeCharms
January 23, 2019
"Scalability"- Please consider this before STARTING!!
Latest episode of LifeCharms
January 22, 2019
"YOU really don't have to. . ." - Why we don't always have to give an explanation. . .
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January 20, 2019
"Sometimes WE just can't see it" - Why sometimes we really do need HELP
Latest episode of LifeCharms
January 19, 2019
"Maybe only Boring to you"- Why Your Perspective MATTERS
Latest episode of LifeCharms
January 18, 2019
"Your Special Enough I Promise"- Why we all can make a difference TODAY!
Latest episode of LifeCharms
January 17, 2019
Selfie of Happiness? - Just some observations noticed in Paris. . .
Latest episode of LifeCharms
January 15, 2019
Win Monday and you WIN the WEEK!!
Latest episode of LifeCharms
January 14, 2019
"Pros do too!!!" - Why what you see is not always how it is. . . .
Latest episode of LifeCharms
January 11, 2019
"The 3 R's" - The importance of always re-evaluating yourself
Latest episode of LifeCharms
January 6, 2019
"153,000"- The importance of doing things you can't 'unsee.'
Latest episode of LifeCharms
January 5, 2019
"When she fell" - Why there are lessons to be learned everywhere in life
Latest episode of LifeCharms
January 4, 2019
"Just DO!!!" - Sometimes we just need to stop overthinking. . .
Latest episode of LifeCharms
December 28, 2018
"Before and after 18"- The Importance of time. . . .
Latest episode of LifeCharms
December 25, 2018
"Passion on the Side"- Little rant on the power of a 'side passion'
Latest episode of LifeCharms
December 23, 2018
Too OLD to Start?- Is age really just a number??
Latest episode of LifeCharms
December 21, 2018
You NEED a PODCAST- Yes. . . . YOU
Latest episode of LifeCharms
December 19, 2018
"Finishing it up"- How to know what motivation is needed to get things done
Latest episode of LifeCharms
December 18, 2018
Give it a break. . . . - Importance of having "still time."
Latest episode of LifeCharms
December 17, 2018
"The KISS Theory" - Why is is best to keep things SIMPLE. . . .
Latest episode of LifeCharms
December 15, 2018
"This was the Problem" - How small thinking will slow you down. . . .
Latest episode of LifeCharms
December 14, 2018
The "Real Cost"- Maybe the cost of doing 'nothing' is more expensive. . . .
Latest episode of LifeCharms
December 13, 2018
"Cycling 150 miles"- How setting 'Goals' is not enough
Latest episode of LifeCharms
December 12, 2018
FEAR. . . .The powerful enemy. . .
Latest episode of LifeCharms
December 10, 2018
"TEAM" - Never be too afraid to "TRY"
Latest episode of LifeCharms
December 9, 2018
"Snow Evaluation"- Why we should check on ourselves from time to time
We must alway be re-evaluating ourselves. . . . and here is why. . .
December 8, 2018
"The Call from Bali" - Perspective changes everything
a simple call, a huge lesson learned. . . ..
December 7, 2018
"The Stone Cutters"- And why "Your WHY" makes the difference. . .
have talked on this in the past, but thought after hearing this story, it will bring a new perspective. . .
December 5, 2018
December 4, 2018
Have you heard of them??
I was pretty shocked when I heard of these as well!!!
December 3, 2018
"31 Hours" - Finding Comfort in the Uncomfortable
Realizing that it is only thru the Uncomfortable that huge growth happens. . . .
December 1, 2018
Only 40%. . . .
And this is something that after all this time, I truly believe. . . .
November 30, 2018
The Last One. . .
There is always things going on that sometimes we know nothing about. . .
November 29, 2018
It's FREE, but with a Price. . .
So many time the things we look at as being easy and free are completely the opposite. .
November 28, 2018
Use what YOU have. . .
Something that I struggle with from time to time, but always think back to this whenever I do have moments like that. . .
November 27, 2018
Don't be so Hard on Yourself
Recorded this a while ago and totally forgot to upload it, I hope it will help you all!
November 26, 2018
Use YOUR Blueprint. . .
And yes we all have one. . . you may have to think way back into your past, but I can promise you it is there. . .
November 24, 2018
Comfort is the killer. . .
Comfort sounds like a great thing. . . . but then again. . . is it??
November 23, 2018
Happy Thanksgiving!!!
Wasn't going to Upload today. . . . but it is Thanksgiving. . . . . so I didn't have a choice! ;)
November 22, 2018
November 21, 2018
Trust it!!
The episode title kind of sums it all up :)
November 20, 2018
The Samauri Story
A little story that has changed and allowed me to understand things in a completely different way!
November 19, 2018
Maybe just needed to vent a little after seeing a documentary, but wanted to let you all know this! Thank you!
November 18, 2018
Need YOUR Help. . . . . And your thoughts would be so appreciated!! Thank you all so much!!
November 17, 2018
Simple and Consistent
Sounds so simple right?
November 16, 2018
Coffee and Purpose
Sounds a little funny, but I think it is a very true analogy, hope you all will enjoy.
November 15, 2018
Dangerous Perfection
It's the imperfections that really make us relate. . . . Which is what really matters. . . .
November 14, 2018
Still shocked about this. . . .
November 9, 2018
THIS Doesn't work
There are a lot of ways to make you feel better. . . .but there are only a few that guarentees that you wont. . .
November 6, 2018
"Trying" is the the gateway
Trying doesnt guarentee the "thing," but it doesnt hurt. . . .
November 5, 2018
2 Words. . . .
2 words I hear today that really sparked my brain strongly, and I hope they will do the same for you! :)
November 3, 2018
React, Recalibrate and ADAPT
Something that has really helped me lately and I hope it will help you as well!
October 31, 2018
Positivity is not the ANSWER
Been responding to you all messages the last hour, and this is the conclusion I have come up with to answer a lot of the questions asked. . .
October 30, 2018
New Places, New Things, New Perspectives!
Left France for a bit, and have had some amazing observations just over the last few hours, so I hope this will help inspire you all and hope you enjoy!
October 27, 2018
More Difficult than they think!
A little thought of the day for you. . . Hope it will help one of you out there today :)
October 26, 2018
Failing More
Something that is looked at so negatively, but I promise you that it doesnt have to be that way. . . .
October 25, 2018
Motivation to Move
This was a question I received today in the comments on Youtube today and I hope it will help give you all different perspective on things as well.
October 23, 2018
Feel sad for Them
Most of the time, what people say or do to you, shows you who they are and what they are going thru. . . .
October 21, 2018
Embrace the Awkward
The title is the simple answer. . . the podcast is the explanation :)
October 20, 2018
Just keep going
Hope you will understand it's importance after listening to this episode
October 19, 2018
YOU are the WATER!!
No matter what people throw at you. . . . .remember who is in control!
October 18, 2018
I feel like if we just shift the spotlight just a little bit, that can change everything!! And Thank you Jessica!
October 17, 2018
Process IT
Something so simple, but yet I feel like if I make the mistake not to do this, that there are other people out there who do the same. .
October 16, 2018
How do YOU define it??
I think you as you try to define this, that you will see that the definition doesn't really exist. . .
October 11, 2018
Clean it out
Sometimes that is the only way. . . .hope you understand what I mean by the end of this episode :)
October 10, 2018
Fighting the Symptoms
Sometimes we just need to recalibrate ourselves from time to time. . . . . .and thats okay. . .
October 9, 2018
Give yourself some credit!
I feel like this something that we don't do enough. . . . and we 100% should!
October 8, 2018
Secret to Meet ANYONE!
And the craziest thing, is that is is so much easier than you think. . . .and. . . so much SIMPLER than you think. . .
October 7, 2018
How much Money to Travel Europe?
Well there is no easy answer to this. . . .but here goes. . .
October 6, 2018
Recycled Motivation
Maybe this theory isn't proven, but it has worked for me for years, and i hope it will help you all as well!!
October 5, 2018
The 3 Lessons
This episode was inspired from an email I received that asked such a good question I felt the answers could benefit everyone! So enjoy :)
October 3, 2018
And not in a typical "thoughts journal" kind of way. . . . you will understand after the episode :)
October 2, 2018
Second time's a charm!
You will understand what I mean after the episode haha
October 1, 2018
Beware of "The Cage"
Just something I think we all need to be aware of, and at the same time, knowing that at the end of the day, its your choice to decide what to do with this information. Choose Wisely!
September 29, 2018
Turn it to Fuel
Something happened to me the other day and I am sure you all have had the same situation as well, so I hope seeing how I dealt with it can change your perspective on how to deal with this as well!
September 27, 2018
The Anti-Hero
We all have heroes. . . but what may be even more important is the ANTI-HERO. . .
September 25, 2018
A Moment lost. . .
Does this ever happen to you??
September 24, 2018
Find YOUR Poland!!
Special guest on todays episode!! And they are actually the FIRST guests! Hope todays episode will really help you all as much as it reminded me of what is really important in LIFE!!
September 21, 2018
The POWER of Social Media!!
I know people talk badly about it at times, but I hope after this episode, you will see the powers it has, and you will help use it to make the world better.
September 19, 2018
Strengths or Weaknesses??
Interesting lesson I learned yesterday from my cleaning lady. .. I know that sounds crazy, but after you listen you will understand ;)
September 18, 2018
Useful BELIEF!
I used to think I was a positive person, but after reading this book, I have come to realize that is not the case at all. . . but you will understand exactly what I mean after todays episode. . .
September 16, 2018
One of the saddest things that can happen when doing something you love. So hope this story will help you avoid that!
September 12, 2018
So sad for them
People can always act horrible toward you, but I am realizing that the only thing you can really control about that is how you let it affect you. Hope what happened to me today will help motivate you as well!
September 10, 2018
It Doesn't exist
I feel like one thing that holds me back at times can be something that has the same affect on you all as well. So hopefully this will help you all see things from a different perspective.
September 9, 2018
Why I started Vlogging. . . .
Recorded this a while ago and totally forgot to upload it, hope to will help you all to start creating as well :)
September 7, 2018
One of those days. . .
Im sure I can't be the only one who has days like this. . . . but I hope you will find something beneficial to you all in todays episode :)
September 6, 2018
Wise words from Will Smith again that have really changed the way I have seen things, and I hope you will benefit from this as well!
September 5, 2018
Never the same. . . .
This is one thought that my College coach put into my mind, and its something that I hold myself to on a daily basis, and I hope it will help you all as well!
September 4, 2018
And now what. . .
Been doing a lot of thinking lately. . . .but then remember something Gary Vee said, and this cleared so much up in my mind, and I hope it will for you as well!
September 3, 2018
Time for a change. . .
Sometimes the WHY is the most important aspect of the journey, and after some thinking, maybe its time for a change. .. . and hope this little personal insight can help you all as well!
September 2, 2018
Travel Vlogging ??
So many people always are asking me about Starting to Travel Vlog, so I hope this will help clear somethings up for you all!
September 1, 2018
Don't let it!
The one thing that really used to hold me back from being creative, and I hope hearing this, that is will allow you to not let it bother you like it used to bother me. . .
August 31, 2018
Why Travel Solo!!!! (Why YOU SHOULD)
This is probably one of the Top 5 questions that I am asked all the time! So I hope this helps answer that question for you, and help you realize why you should as well :)
August 30, 2018
Not So POSITIVE. . . .
Yeah that title!!! I know what you are thinking. . . . .but after reading the book "Useful Belief". . . I can explain. . .
August 29, 2018
Why I started on YOUTUBE!
Not sure if I have ever shared this story, but I hope that it will help inspire you all as well!!
August 28, 2018
It's Always there!!
I get so irritated at myself when I have doubt, but one thing I have realized over the years, is that it is always there, but that doesn't mean you have to give it attention. . .
August 27, 2018
Jump on it!!!
Sometimes you really need to use this when it is there, because you never know how long it will stay for!!
August 26, 2018
Don't tell just ANYONE!
I feel like we all have huge dreams, things that are so amazing that we just want to tell everyone, but sometimes. . . . we should think twice about telling. . . .
August 25, 2018
Don't know how much longer. . .
Something I get asked a weekly basis, and hope that this will help clear things up for a lot of you and maybe make you see things a little different now. . . .
August 24, 2018
"28 and Broke!"
Been wanted to talk about this for a long time, and hope that it will put some things in perspective for you all! I wouldn't wish regret on anyone, so hopefully this will help motivate you to live on your own terms and do the things you want. . . because it is YOUR LIFE! :)
August 20, 2018
I think so many times we see things the right way. . . .just not on a big enough scale. . . and this is something that I really have to remind myself of on a daily basis, and hopefully this will help you all as well!
August 12, 2018
Q.8 "Why work hard Luke?
This question was asked by Kris, thank you so much for this question and comment! Hopefully it will bring you and other people a little bit of what life is really like when traveling and doing anything that they love!
August 7, 2018
E.7 "It's OKAY"
Must say a big thank you to my friend Glo, for pointing this one out to me, and hopefully this will help you all as much as it has helped me the last few days!
August 7, 2018
E.6 "The Birthday"
Yes Yes. . . today is my birthday :)
August 7, 2018
Passing you By. . . .
They say life is what happened when your busy making plans. . . and here is a perfect example. . . . .
August 3, 2018
Why you need Game Film!!!
Great question asked on the Channel about why as an athlete who wants to play at that next level needs game film! Hope this helps you!
August 3, 2018
The Pressure to CREATE
July 15, 2018
Gratitude is EVERYTHING
Just want to say thank you all for taking the time to listen and please feel free to reach out to me and send me and email or message anytime it's always great hearing from you :)
July 12, 2018
The First!
July 6, 2018
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