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Luke's Lowdown Podcast

Luke's Lowdown Podcast

By Luke Tyburski
A former professional footballer whose career ended through injury, Luke battled with depression, and now takes on some of the world's most extreme ultra-endurance challenges. Luke's Lowdown is full of stories, insights, tips, with plenty of laughs from what life has taught Luke on his journey in life so far. A variety of topics are covered like health & wellness, mindset, endurance sports, nutrition, mental health, fitness, and more.
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Living vs Surviving

Luke's Lowdown Podcast

Living vs Surviving

Luke's Lowdown Podcast

ALYSSA AMOS CLARKE: Breaking Boundaries with a Smile
Life is one big adventure for Alyssa Amos Clarke. The self-confessed 'Endurance Adventurer', travel junkie, and outdoor lover who definitely has an ultra-running problem, isn't one to shy away from a challenge. This conversation tip toes along Alyssa's 335 mile (539km) Women’s Overall FKT (Fastest Known Time) across the Pinhoti Trail in Alabama and Georgia in the U.S.A. This 5 day 14 hour, and 43 minute "incredible journey" taught Alyssa several things about herself, as well as many others about life, purpose, and the importance of gratitude. Get in Touch with Alyssa WEBSITE: INSTAGRAM: @theory_in_motion
May 13, 2022
BRIAN KEANE: Running Hot, Cold, and Living Way Outside your Comfort Zone
** Please be advised there is some swearing throughout episode. ** Brian Keane is insightful, curious, loves helping others, and 100% Irish! (This will make sense when you listen...) On this episode of the Luke's Lowdown Podcast, Brian shares not only what he has achieved in his life, but how he has created a mindset that has enabled him to overcome obstacles, adapt to setbacks, and create opportunities in his life.  A Dad, best-selling Author, ultra-marathon runner, and health & fitness educator; this episode is jammed packed full of actionable takeaways. Brians chart topic Podcast 'The Brian Keane Fitness Podcast' is full of inspirational stories from a variety of guests. LISTEN NOW to Luke being interviewed on Brian Keane's Fitness Podcast WEBSITE: INSTAGRAM: @brian_keane_fitness
May 06, 2022
LAURA SIDDALL: Don't Die Wondering...
Becoming a Professional Triathlete & Ironman Champion was never the plan for Laura Siddall. After building a career as an Engineer, she found the sport of triathlon, and her new life's Motto - 'Don't Die Wondering.' Laura's curiosity shines through as she shares the ups and downs of her globe trotting lifestyle, with several candid stories that will make you stop what you're doing, and ask yourself "is this the path I should be taking?" A thoroughly enjoyable chat with 'Sid' and one that should get you excited for living life after listening. Go Say Hi to Laura at: WEBSITE:  INSTAGRAM: @Imsid TWITTER: @Imsiddall 
April 29, 2022
JAMES LAWRENCE: The 'Iron Cowboy' on Creating an Iron Mind
This episode is a lesson on mental toughness, not only for your chosen sport, but for life! Luke chats with James Lawrence, A.K.A The Iron Cowboy. James has completed 50 Iron distance triathlons in 50 USA states, in 50 consecutive states, as well as 101 Iron distance triathlons in 101 consecutive days. It's fair to say that James knows how to strengthen his mind to accomplish his goals, and he's here to share just how he does this with us all. Website: Instagram: @ironcowboyjames The Iron Cowboy Fitness App:
April 22, 2022
LUCY BARTHOLOMEW: Finding Her Identity Through Running
Luke chats with Professional Ultra-Runner (and Aussie) Lucy Bartholomew. This open, honest, and insightful discussion dives not only into how ultra-running fits into Lucy's life, but also the personal struggles she has faced to grow into the individual she is today. Website: Instagram: @lucy_bartholomew Running Out Movie:
April 15, 2022
vEveresting & Calendar Club
What is it like cycling to the top of Mount Everest and then running 800 kilometres in 31 days? In this episode of the Luke's Lowdown Podcast, Luke talks about his vEveresting experience, and then with only 1 single day of rest, taking on the 800 kilometre Calendar Club in August 2020. He also shares another lesson he learnt during lockdown, understanding where you put your focus alongside your attention when looking to achieve something in your life (no matter what is going on around you...) Calendar Club Video vEveresting Video WWW.LUKETYBURSKI.COM
October 05, 2020
What WE learnt from lockdown
In this episode of the Luke's Lowdown Podcast, Luke chats with his wife Vanda about what they learnt from being in lockdown together. These two discuss what they learnt individually from their time in lockdown, alongside what they learnt about their relationship as well. Vanda even takes over as host for a little while...
September 29, 2020
Life is Preparation for Lockdown
In this episode of the Luke's Lowdown Podcast, Luke chats with Sport Psychologist Dr Rob Bell.  Luke and "Dr Rob" dive deep into why it's important to rest when you need, but work as hard as you can consistently, and being comfortable when speaking with people who have conflicting points of view to your own. This episode is full of "Golden Nuggets" surrounding physical training & mental health, mental toughness, and why communication is king. Go check out the 7 (YES SEVEN) books Rob has published, 'Puke and Rally' is my favourite! WEBSITE INSTAGRAM FACEBOOK
September 22, 2020
Do What You Enjoy!
In this episode of the Luke's Lowdown Podcast, Luke chats with Hannah Walsh about her experience in lockdown during the start of 2020. A key takeaway from this episode, and what Hannah focussed on during lockdown is to do what you enjoy. Whether that's in your day to day life, or to create a more enjoyable future. Hannah shares how she enjoyed her daily routine, and how she even started a new business during lockdown. To learn more about Hannah and how she is empowering woman to take on their first ultra-marathon, check out her social media pages and website. WEBSITE INSTAGRAM FACEBOOK
September 15, 2020
Routine & Community
On this episode of the Luke's Lowdown podcast, Luke chats with Jon Elliott about creating routines, the power of community and even preparing to change careers during lockdown. Jon shares his experience of working from home alongside his wife, entertaining and teaching his kids while at home, while also pushing himself to do things outside his comfort zone (like busking on Facebook). Another insightful episode with many valuable lessons from Jon's lockdown experience. Follow Jon on Facebook
September 08, 2020
Human Connection
In this episode of the Luke's Lowdown podcast, Luke chats with another friend who has suffered from having COVID-19. Tim Etherington-Judge was a fit and healthy guy, taking on ultra endurance cycling and running events, founding numerous companies, and travelling around Europe sharing his  stories and products, then he contracted the virus! Luke and Tim work through his experience, how brutal Tim's condition became, and how his recovery went. Being in isolation for weeks on end, Tim opens up about his struggles, alongside the lessons he has learnt throughout his lockdown (and having COVID-19) experience. TIM ON SOCIAL Instagram Strava HEALTHY HOSPO (Building a healthier, happier, and more sustainable hospitality industry) AVALLEN SPIRITS
September 01, 2020
Ambition & Gratitude
In this episode of the Luke's Lowdown podcast, Luke chat with Will Oldham. Will had an extremely unique experience during lockdown where he started a new job in lockdown. Unable to go into the office, or meet his colleagues face to face, he shares how he navigated his way through this "weird" experience, and how he believes it will actually strengthen his work relationships moving forwards.  Loads of insights throughout this chat regarding relationships, communication, ambition, and gratitude!
August 25, 2020
Know Why
In this episode of the Luke's Lowdown podcast, Luke chats with the one and only IronTarsh.  Tarsh wears many different hats from a Lifestyle Triathlete, womans triathlon/cycling apparel brand creator, and corporate woman. The key areas Tarsh highlights that have helped her get through an isolated lockdown period were to enjoy spending time with yourself, know why you are doing what it is you are doing, and create the lifestyle you want to live! Along with plenty of laughs, this conversation is full of insightful pieces of information we can all apply to our daily lives.  FOLLOW TARSH Instagram Blog STOMP THE PEDAL Website Instagram
August 18, 2020
Slowing Down To Focus
In this episode of the Luke's Lowdown podcast, Luke chats with Health & Wellbeing coach Siôn Stansfield (who is also a beast of a triathlete, especially in the cycling department...) Siôn unpacks what his lockdown was like, and how he learnt that through slowing down in all areas of his life, he was able to gain a clearer sense of focus to enjoy each day. Definitely go check out Siôn on STRAVA and the amazing work he is doing with his other co-founders at Point 3 Wellbeing. Point 3 Welling on Instagram 
August 11, 2020
Planning For Productivity
In this episode of the Luke's Lowdown Podcast, Luke chats with Caoimhe Bamber. Co-Founder of London's premier spinning, yoga, and HiiT studio (well there's actually 8 of them!) Alongside this, she is a Wife, Mum, and ultra-endurance athlete who shares some insights into her experience during lockdown, and how she was able to run a company, be a Mum homeschooling two young boys, a Wife, while still having her own alone time to continually be productive each day. If you want to check out Digme Fitness, they have locations across London, as well as a very popular ON DEMAND platform to be part of the fun! Digme Fitness Digme on Demand Caoimhe on Instagram 'The Pause' Poem
August 04, 2020
Gratitude is Key
Welcome back to another series of The Luke's Lowdown Podcast. Throughout this series, Luke chats with people from all over the world about their experiences during the global lockdown from COVID-19, what they have learnt, and lessons they will take away from this time. In episode one, Luke chats with 'Disaster' (A.K.A Kevin) about what it was like to have COVID-19, and how he managed working from home while recovering at the same time. Disaster shares some true 'Disaster' stories as well, which will make anyone laugh! NOTE: Disaster is a close friend of Luke's who appears in The Ultimate Triathlon documentary, and is mentioned in his Autobiography Chasing Extreme (which explains why he is called Disaster...) Disaster on Social: Instagram & Strava  
July 28, 2020
My 2020 Plan
In this episode of the Luke's Lowdown Podcast, Luke chats about his biggest teachable moment of 2019, and how he plans on CRUSHING 2020 to achieve his goals. What did you achieve in 2019 & what are you focusing in on for 2020? See you all on the other side... WWW.LUKETYBURSKI.COM The Ultimate Triathlon Documentary Chasing Extreme book Triverest (Switzerland Triathlon) Race to the Castle
December 24, 2019
Don't Confuse Me With The Research
In this episode of the Luke's Lowdown Podcast, Luke discusses how people can get blinded by personal opinion, and disregard research or factual information in order to do, take, or have things in their life they want. WWW.LUKETYBURSKI.COM Peter Attia & Matthew Walker Podcast: LISTEN
November 21, 2019
Living vs Surviving
In this episode of the Luke's Lowdown Podcast, Luke talks about how you need to find a way to enjoy the life you have, if not, change it! Life is too short to only live for 2 out of 7 days, even if it will take time to implement long term change, roll up your sleeves, get to work, and think about living your best life daily long term. WWW.LUKETYBURSKI.COM
November 15, 2019
Want It? Ask for It!
In this episode of the Luke's Lowdown Podcast, Luke talks through why you need to start asking the world for what it is you are looking for in life. Just because you ask doesn't mean you will receive, but what it will do is start a conversation for you to find what it is you are looking for! WWW.LUKETYBURSKI.COM
November 07, 2019
How I Increase Confidence
In this episode of the Luke's Lowdown Podcast, Luke shares his own process of how he goes about increasing his confidence across all areas of his life. Luke dives into why he believes consistent actions + positive internal thoughts are key when looking to increase your confidence. FREE Power of Reflection eBook The Power of Reflection Podcast  WWW.LUKETYBURSKI.COM
October 31, 2019
A CEO's Guide to Attitude
In this episode of the Luke's Lowdown Podcast, Luke chats with Digme Fitness CEO, world class triathlete, and all round nice guy Geoff Bamber. Geoff is the co-founder and CEO of London's leading boutique fitness studio Digme Fitness, who are changing the spinning, HIIT, and recovery fitness scene in London. With an exceptional business pedigree behind him, and having competed at the highest level of Ironman triathlon, the World Championships in Kona Hawaii, Geoff shares his insightful thoughts on what it takes to be the best you can be using attitude as a vehicle to achieve this. Digme Fitness WWW.LUKETYBURSKI.COM
October 24, 2019
Go Big to Achieve Big
In this episode of the Luke's Lowdown Podcast, Luke shares an observation, and then asks a question. Luke's Observation: People who have (and are) making a large impact on the world have either gone through extreme adverse conditions growing up, had a traumatic episode, or buried themselves in what they are trying to achieve. Luke's Question: Can someone make a sizeable impact on society, create a large organisation/business while not putting themselves in detrimental situations that can have a damaging effect to their health, wellness, and quality of life for a period of time? WWW.LUKETYBURSKI.COM
October 17, 2019
How YOU Impact the World
In this episode of the Luke's Lowdown Podcast, Luke shares his thoughts on the ways you can make an impact in todays world. Being consistent with your message, showing the passion you have, and always being energetic when sharing is key. Start this process within your own community, and encourage people from your community to share with the other communities they are involved in is your vehicle to make an impact in the world. "An avalanche can start with the drop of a single snowflake."  WWW.LUKETYBURSKI.COM
October 10, 2019
My Ireland Run Haters
In this episode of the Luke's Lowdown Podcast, Luke shares how he deals with haters, trolls, and negative people who judge him as a person and what he has achieved. From people creating videos on social media judging Luke on his reasons for stopping his Ireland Run, to negative reviews on Amazon about his Ultimate Triathlon documentary, he doesn't immediately dismiss these comments, but looks to see if he can learn from them... The Ultimate Triathlon Documentary Chasing Extreme Book My Ireland Run Podcast WWW.LUKETBURSKI.COM
October 03, 2019
Ireland Run - What Happened?
In this episode of the Luke's Lowdown podcast Luke's talks through his recent running adventure in Ireland, and why he finished this challenge after three days, and not nine...
July 04, 2019
WHY I’m Running Ireland
In this episode of the Luke’s Lowdown Podcast Luke reveals his plans of how he is going to run the length of Ireland.  He discusses what each day will look like, the kit he will use, what he will eat, and where he will sleep.  Luke dives deep into the three different layers of WHY he is running 660 kilometres in just 9 days as well.   WWW.LUKETYBURSKI.COM
June 20, 2019
Mental Toughness Chat with My Dad
In this episode of the Luke's Lowdown Podcast Luke chats with his Dad about how he uses his own mental strength to overcome some crazy setbacks he has faced. Broken sternums, self made medical equipment, and a deep personal loss are all examples of some of the obstacles that have been in front of Luke's Dad, and he shares how he has adapted when things haven't gone his way. Clearly mental strength runs in the Tyburski family.... WWW.LUKETYBURSKI.COM
June 17, 2019
Doubters Fuel My Inner Fire
In this episode of the Luke's Lowdown Podcast Luke shares his thoughts on how you can use the doubts and negativity of others to fuel your own personal experiences. LISTEN to PODCAST: Why motivation is like FIRE READ BLOG: Motivation shouldn't come from a motivational speaker WWW.LUKETYBURSKI.COM
June 12, 2019
Going Against The Grain
In this episode of the Luke's Lowdown Podcast Luke chats with Warren Pole, co-founder of the all natural, real food sports nutrition company 33Shake. 33Shake started by Warren and his co-founders not being able to find the real food sports nutrition they wanted, so without any experience, set off to create their own company. They did not follow the traditional sports nutrition model, but instead went against the grain to create a company that serves athletes globally with great tasting, real food sports nutrition. Whether you're an athlete, entrepreneur, or own your own business, this insightful episode is for you; as true success isn't about following others, but creating your own path and enjoying the process! Website: 33 Shake   Instagram: go33shake WWW.LUKETYBURSKI.COM
May 30, 2019
What Defines You?
In this episode of the Luke's Lowdown Podcast Luke chats about how he looks at what should define each and all of us. It's not one moment, one result, one day, or even what others say; looking long term, WITH how you act each day is important when defining who you are, what you're trying to achieve, and where you're at as an individual, business, or athlete. WWW.LUKETYBURSKI.COM
May 23, 2019
The Best You Conundrum
In this episode of the Luke's Lowdown Podcast Luke discusses a concept that he calls  'The Best You Conundrum.' We hear all the time that we should strive daily to be the best version of ourselves, right!?  This is all well and good when you are taking small steps each day forward to being that best version of you, but what happens when you slip up, fall, or are not the best version of yourself that day, that week, or even for an entire year??? Luke discusses this and shares how you should think and act when this happens. WWW.LUKETYBURSKI.COM
May 16, 2019
Prioritising For Success
In this episode of the Luke's Lowdown Podcast Luke chats with the extremely humble James Williams. James is taking on a 900 mile world record, running the entire length of Britain in just nine days. Apart from the obvious challenge James faces (in actually running this distance in such a short time frame) this isn't why Luke wanted to chat with him. James is a husband, father, and works a 9-5:30 job five days a week; Luke wanted to get an understanding of how someone with 'real life' responsibilities, a full time job, and family can fit in all his training for his challenge, while also still partaking in day to day life and fulfilling all his responsibilities. There are many takeaways from this episode, especially how you can prioritise your own time and life to be successful! Follow James on Strava Follow James on Instragram Checkout what he's up on his website WWW.LUKETYBURSKI.COM 
May 09, 2019
My Mental Health
In this episode of the Luke's Lowdown Podcast Luke discusses the state of his mental health.  He shares where he is at with his ongoing battle with depression, and how he has got to the place he is in today. Luke mentioned a podcast on sleep - WWW.LUKETYBURSKI.COM
May 02, 2019
Live Your Life (with my Mum)
In this episode of the Luke's Lowdown Podcast, Luke chats with his Mum about all things living life. Luke's Mum shares her thoughts on why she encouraged Luke to live his life, and how everyone (no matter of age) can start living their lives too! WWW.LUKETYBURSKI.COM 
April 24, 2019
Stop Making Excuses
In this episode of the Luke's Lowdown Podcast, Luke discusses why making excuses for yourself is detrimental to achieving your goals. He also shares his process on what he does when things don't go the way he hopes, and how to stop making excuses for yourself in the first place. Enjoy!
April 18, 2019
Fulfilling Promises
In this episode of the Luke's Lowdown Podcast, Luke wraps up his second season of the LLP with why it's important to fulfilling the promises we all make to ourselves, and how it can create space in your life to grow. I hope you have enjoyed season two of the Luke's Lowdown Podcast, Luke will be back towards the end of May with another season of weekly podcasts with some very special guests...
March 27, 2019
Be Patient and Aggressive
In this episode of the Luke's Lowdown Podcast Luke discusses the benefits of being both patient and aggressive in order to achieve your goals. Be patient in the long term, but aggressive on a daily basis... What the???
March 08, 2019
The Growth Equation
In this episode of The Luke's Lowdown Podcast Luke discusses why it's so important to put ourselves consciously in uncomfortable scenarios in life, and never be afraid to fail. Through being uncomfortable and failing, alongside rest and reflection, this gives us a chance to gain knowledge and grow in all areas of our lives. THE GROWTH EQUATION Stress + Rest = Growth
February 28, 2019
Cycling Around The World with Charlie Ottewill
In this episode on The Luke's Lowdown Podcast Luke chats with Charlie Ottewill, a man who went on a mission to cycle around the world, and gained insights into how he wants to live the rest of his life. AND how he fuelled "too many" days on smashed up fish guts... Follow Charlie Instagram: @charlieottewill Strava: Charlie Ottewill
February 21, 2019
Create a Tribe
In this episode of The Luke's Lowdown Podcast Luke shares the importance of creating a tribe around you, and the type of people he has in his tribe. If you take anything away from this episode it's this, surround yourself with people who will tell you what you need to know, not what you want to hear!
February 13, 2019
Mental Strength Training for Life
In this episode of The Luke's Lowdown Podcast Luke discusses why it's important to train your brain daily to help you achieve your goals, and gives you a couple of his favourite exercises to try for yourself. If you train your body and don't train your brain this episode is for you! If you train in your craft/occupation and don't train your brain this episode is for you! If you struggle mentally when faced with obstacles and setbacks in life, then this episode is for you too! 
February 06, 2019
Confident Communication
In this episode of the Luke's Lowdown Podcast, Luke discusses how to become more confident when it comes to communication. He reveals how he has created this "model" because he realised he was an extremely poor listener!
January 30, 2019
SUCCESS with Jane Hansom
In this episode of the Luke's Lowdown Podcast, Luke chats with Jane Hansom about what SUCCESS means to her. What makes Jane unique is not only is she the owner of Sponge Marketing, a sport, travel, and lifestyle PR & Marketing agency, but Jane is also an Ironman triathlon World Champion!
January 22, 2019
Why Motivation is like Fire
In this episode of The Luke's Lowdon Podcast Luke discusses why creating certain conditions in your life, alongside some preparation, can help you create and maintain motivation to achieve your goals.
January 17, 2019
CHASING EXTREME - Better Than Therapy...
In this episode of the Luke's Lowdown Podcast, Luke's first book 'Chasing Extreme' is described by Luke himself. More so, Luke opens up about why he wrote it, alongside how it has helped him to grow as a person and face his fears...
January 09, 2019
SEASON 2: Having an Adventurous 2019
In this episode of the Luke's Lowdown Podcast, Luke explains his plans for 2019, and shares one of his most crazy ideas...
January 02, 2019
Mental Health Injuries
In this episode of the Luke's Lowdown Podcast, mental health is discussed. Not just what it is, or why it isn't spoken about openly still in todays society, but with a comparison drawn between a "normal" acceptable injury and that of someone battling with a mental injury that is their mental health.
August 28, 2018
The Power of Reflection
When things go wrong in life, or not how you had planned in your head, what do you do? Give up, move on, or are you ready to roll up your sleeves and do some work to understand WHY? In this episode Luke talks about his 'Power of Reflection' steps. This process enables him to unlock and understand the things that go wrong in his life, and learn from these experiences to move forwards. FREE Power of Reflection eBook
August 22, 2018
Social Media Summer Holiday
In this episode of the Luke's Lowdown Podcast, Luke chats about his multiple week "social media holiday" and what he learnt from stepping away from posting and engaging with his various accounts.
August 16, 2018
ATTITUDE is Everything!
In this episode of Luke's Lowdown the power of choosing your attitude is discussed. Attitude, it's a choice no matter what the circumstance, situation, or what anyone says; not even the weather can control your attitude...
August 06, 2018
What is Success?
In this episode of Luke's Lowdown Podcast, Luke is joined by Richmond's "Ice Cream Queen" Bridget Hunt to discuss what success means to her. A truly insightful conversation!
August 04, 2018
Sports Nutrition Mistakes
I've had a passion for cooking, food, and experimenting since I was very young. In this episode of The Luke's Lowdown Podcast I share some of my biggest (& funniest) mistakes I've made regarding food and endurance sports!
July 30, 2018
Motivation is RUBBISH
In this episode I explain why I think external motivation is only a short term unsustainable energy source, and how you can look within to find your unlimited self-motivation to fuel the pursuit of your goals.
July 27, 2018
Live Life - Your Way!
Today I share a glimpse into how I became known as a Endurance Adventurer, what I've learnt on this journey, and a way we can look at our lives if we aren't living the life we truly want to be.
July 23, 2018
I've lost my Confidence
I'm a confident guy, but post The 500 Man my confidence has be knocked, a lot! Not only with my physical ability as an athlete, but also my self confidence as a person. In this episode I discuss how I've acknowledged my cracked confidence, and what I'm going to do in order to increase it to where it once was, and beyond!
July 20, 2018
The 500 Man
Hear exactly what happened when I took on the 500 kilometre non-stop triathlon I created; The 500 Man... If you would like to donate to the charity I am raising money for while pushing endurance sports boundaries, I would be extremely grateful! The 401 Foundation
July 17, 2018
Welcome to the LLP
The very first episode of the Luke's Lowdown Podcast is about giving you an idea of what to expect! Also, to encourage you (my listeners) to let me know what you'd like me to cover in these short form fun, informative, and varied episodes. Remember to subscribe and share this episode (because sharing is caring), leave a review to let me know your thoughts, and keep smiling!
July 13, 2018