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By The Lumination Podcast
Lumination is a weekly podcast that explores self awareness, self love, and living life on purpose. Our mission is to build a Nation of Bright Lights committed to living a purpose driven life, while positively impacting others.
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Lumination Z Series with Bode Brown
With everyone doing their own thing, it may seem hard to own your voice. Sometimes, you don’t feel confident enough, other times it’s easier to just settle, go with the flow and do what you've always been doing... but is that always the best decision to make? Listen to singer-songwriter/ musician, and creative entrepreneur @iambodebrown and @bola_tunji, an author and mindset coach discuss practical tips on Owning your Voice in a Noisy World: dissecting Self-Confidence, Authenticity, and Creativity.
October 13, 2020
Lumination Z Series with Precious Gaza
Emotions can be confusing - one minute you're in the middle of a situation that makes you feel as though there's nothing else you can focus on. A few hours later, you're wondering why you were dwelling in those emotions. The truth is...Emotions are Important. They serve a purpose as a method of feedback. They are your brains' way of telling you something good or bad is happening in your life. Many young people find themselves battling their emotions. If you can control our emotions better, you can improve our health, your relationships, your work, and ultimately your life. Listen to this Podcast episode as Emotional Intelligence Coach, Precious Gaza @preshgaza, and @bola_tunji, an author and Mindset Coach discuss Self Awareness, Understanding your emotions; Causes, Actions, Reactions and How to Manage Them.
October 5, 2020
#TodayAt5am - EP 16: Accept your greatness.
#TodayAt5AM is a series of spontaneous thoughts.
May 22, 2020
#TodayAt5am - EP 15: Success is not the end of the race.
#TodayAt5AM is a series of spontaneous thoughts.
May 22, 2020
#TodayAt5am - EP 14: It's not shame, unless you believe it.
#TodayAt5AM is a series of spontaneous thoughts.
May 22, 2020
#TodayAt5am - EP 13: Try again tomorrow
#TodayAt5AM is a series of spontaneous thoughts.
May 22, 2020
#TodayAt5am - EP 12: Purpose vs Activity
#TodayAt5AM is a series of spontaneous thoughts.
May 22, 2020
#TodayAt5am - EP 11: Respect The Introduction
#TodayAt5AM is a series of spontaneous thoughts. 
May 22, 2020
#TodayAt5am - EP 10: Changing your mind.
You know that one person you didn't really like before ? Or that person that you've always thought didn't produce great work ? When you find out that they are a nice person, or that they are actually great at their work, don't be afraid to admit that you were wrong. If people say you are fake because you now hang out with the person you previously didn't like...let them know that you're not fake. You've changed your mind, and that's okay.
April 11, 2020
#TodayAt5am - EP 9: Give what you can.
There are times when you avoid someone or something because you can't do much for them. You don't want to visit your family often, because your hope was that by now you would have bought your parents a house. You don't want to see your friend who lost someone close, because you cannot give them what you would like to. You avoid your employees, because you know they deserve more, but you cannot afford more. You keep running away from everything and everyone, telling yourself that you have good intentions and that you will return when you've "hammered" - in your mind, "hammering" will make up for absence.
April 11, 2020
#TodayAt5am - EP 8: Staying aligned with your Rhythm.
As you progress on your lifes journey, you will recieve several invitations and offers to show up and show out. Learn to choose them just as much as they choose you. I ask myself certain questions, "Will I be speaking about a subject matter that is in line with my current mission?", "Does this interview add value to my God given mission ?", "Is this invitation simply going to massage my ego ?".
April 11, 2020
#TodayAt5am - EP 7: Pretend not to see it.
It's very tough not to get caught up in the things that lay infront of you. The people that try to break your spirit, situations and things that test your faith. The crazy part is when you're keeping the faith, and your energy level is up, is when all the annoying spirits show up to try and remind you that you ain't got things under control. And they're right, you don't. But God does! Your job isn't to run around headless, trying to solve. Nope. God is working on it (whatever it is).
April 11, 2020
#TodayAt5am - EP 6: Trust Yourself More
I need to share this for someone. As a business owner, one of the insecurities I have experienced in the past are peoples assumptions about the skills of a "creative" person. My academic background is in Economics and Business, and over the years I have managed other peoples businesses. In business, my primary gift is visioning, and my primary skills are operations and finding the value/money in any business, product, or platform. Being both creative and analytical, has allowed me build several businesses for people. Yet, when I would have challenges within my business, the advice I'd get from people around me was "Maybe you should let someone else do the business side."
April 11, 2020
#TodayAt5am - EP 5: Give people a chance
Have you ever made a decision not to befriend or work with someone, solely based on an experience someone else shared with you ? I think many people make this decision all the time, and I understand it. There are 4 things that usually happen in this situation.
April 11, 2020
#TodayAt5am - EP 4: You may need to cut that signal.
Get in here real quick. All the prayers you do, the messages you hear, the positive energy, can be zapped in a 60 second conversation with someone you love and respect - Your parents, Your siblings, Your spouse, Your close friends. There are people in your life who speak negative things to you, not always because they don't want you to succeed, but because they are projecting their own fears, hurts, the inability to see visions for their own lives.
April 11, 2020
#TodayAt5am - EP 3: Stop waiting for extraordinary opportunities.
Many of you are waiting for extraordinary opportunities and missing out on your training. Your vision of the post-wilderness experience is "I go Hammer". First of all, "wilderness" is not a synonym for financial challenges. And the "promise land" is not a synonym for money. I believe it is blasphemous to equate such a spiritually insightful experience to money matters. Don't do it. It's important for me to clarify this.
April 11, 2020
#TodayAt5am - EP1: Procrastination is scamming you.
On my self awareness journey, I've been cautious about clarifying context. If I don't understand something, I search for clarity/ask questions. This has helped me not to be presumptuous with the content I digest. I am intentional about protecting my programming. There are so many messages these days talking to us about consistency, and these messages can be a hindrance.
April 11, 2020
In Pursuit Of Excellence | Patrick Koshoni On #TheLuminationShow
On this episode of The Lumination Show, Lawyer, Designer, and Founder of Miliki, Patrick Koshoni talks about his passion for excellence, his deep-rooted belief that Lagos city has the ability to compete globally. He also shares bits of his story growing up, and some of the lessons that shaped his journey into design. Patrick shares about his “bittersweet” relationship with social media, and why he’s not an active user of the conventional social media platforms. Guest Zaps You don’t have to pursue excellence only by laudable, commendable things. You can pursue excellence through your life every day, through the little things. I believe in Self Knowledge. I know that I can close the gap between not going to institutionalized programs, and still make it in design. I believe inherently in myself. People think you have to shut the door on social media. The door can be open, you don’t have to go through it. For More Episodes & Show Details:  Website -  Instagram -  Twitter -  Facebook -  Follow The Journey: @lumination.tribe
January 27, 2020
Start Your Journey To Self Mastery | Ladi Okuneye On #TheLuminationShow
On this episode of The Lumination Show, Ladi Okuneye, Life Coach and Counsellor, shares on his passion for helping people understand themselves in order to achieve self-mastery. We talk about the Enneagram Test, Personality types and Behavioral Traits and how all these determine the way we interact with everything and everyone around us.   SHOW BOLTS:    1. We often think that the root of a lot of problems people have is from communication. But it’s deeper than that. Some people don’t even know why they behave the way they behave.  2. Achieving transformational change starts with you understanding yourself.   3. People's outward behaviour is never all that they are. We all have these instincts that we’ve built over time, and we access them depending on our need, per time.   For More Episodes & Show Details:   Website -  Instagram -  Twitter -  Facebook -  Follow The Journey: @lumination.tribe
January 19, 2020
Passion, Patience, and Persistence | Yemisi Odusanya (Sisi Yemmie) On #TheLuminationShow
On this episode of The Lumination Show, lifestyle Blogger, Vlogger, and Content Creator, Sisi Yemmie talks about how she discovered her love for creating educational and entertaining content. She also talks about the growth of her community and channel subscribers, and what these milestones meant for her. She shares about her belief in doing what you truly enjoy regardless of how the world perceives it, and the patience/resilience required to harness the potential of whatever path that you choose in life.   SHOW BOLTS   1. I think about what content I’m going to create, my audience, the language, and keeping the energy positive. Your audience is like a mirror, you don’t know how you act, until they tell you.  2. Everytime I want to do something difficult, I try to simplify it. Life is simple, unless you’re not.   For More Episodes & Show Details:    Website -  Instagram -  Twitter -  Facebook -  Follow The Journey: @lumination.tribe
January 12, 2020
Live To The Fullness Of Each Day | Ozoz Sokoh (KitchenButterfly) On #TheLuminationShow
On this episode of The Lumination Show, food explorer and exploration geologist Ozoz Sokoh talks about her transition from a full time geologist with a multinational company, to chasing her passion and dreams whole-heartedly. She discusses the challenges, and opportunities that came with this life altering decision.   Guest Zaps 1. Failure is important, it’s how you learn. Having lessons extracted from the failure, helps you to do better next time.  2. I don’t save things. I use my best set of plates to eat. My Each day is given unto us, we have to make the best of it.   3. Before you ask for anything, you already have a no. But asking actually changes the odds, and the odds can change in your favor. So, rather than banking the “No”, I believe in trying to change it.   For More Episodes & Show Details:    Website -  Instagram -  Twitter -  Facebook -  Follow The Journey: @lumination.tribe
January 5, 2020
Comparison Will Steal Your Identity | Vector On #TheLuminationShow
On this episode of The Lumination Show, Olanrewaju Ogunmefun (Vector Tha Viper), talks about the realities of growing up in the barracks and learning to fight for yourself. Vector shares his personal philosophy, his love for humanity and securing your identity.  Show Bolts!   - Why can’t I be the guy that thinks for himself? Why can’t I ask questions? No matter how many books I read, there’s still a bit of someone’s personal opinion in there.  - The left hand is simply the other hand, not the evil hand.  - Be patient enough to let your dreams manifest.   - Never let yourself be carried away by the false reality of comparison.    For More Episodes & Show Details:    Website -  Instagram -  Twitter -  Facebook -  Follow The Journey: @lumination.tribe
December 8, 2019
Your Life is Borderless - Be Confident, Embrace Failure, Win | Amin Ameen On #TheLuminationShow
On this episode of The Lumination Show, Founder of Everything Na Art, Amin Ameen shares about how she built a community of creative people, through sharing educational resources. She discusses her passion for Nigeria, and Africa as a whole - why she’s chosen tell African stories. She also shares stories from her experience putting together Cultivarte, a creative conference that held it’s first edition in Lagos, Nigeria in 2019.    Show Bolts   1. You have to embrace failure. Failure isn't always the no. Sometimes you get the job, and you don't do your best. Take stock of your failures and why.   2. I would never want to be the Hashtag Ad person, when the brand has nothing to do with my purpose.    3. In Nigeria, there's a lack of privilege in access, and I want to bridge that gap.    For More Episodes & Show Details:    Website - Instagram - Twitter - Facebook - Follow The Journey: @lumination.tribe
December 1, 2019
Imposter Syndrome, Ego, and The Creative Process | Akinlabi Akinbulumo On #TheLuminationShow
On this episode of The Lumination Show, Akinlabi Akinbulumo, Dreamterpreter, Brand Developer, and Visual Artist, talks about the Imposter Syndrome, Ego and the Creative Process. He explores various principles that have worked for him on his creative journey. The myth of competition, the mistakes that people make with their brands, how the brain works, and the nature of fear.  Show Bolts 1. Ego is self-protection. Everytime your ego is being displayed, it is you trying to preserve an image that people have of who you are. 2. The only way to move things to your long memory is by repetition. Once your brain can see patterns, it makes it easier to save in our long term memory. 3. You don’t have to try and get attention at the detriment of others. 4. You will learn faster, if you learn how to learn. There is a method to learning. 5. Competition is for the most part, a scarcity mind-set. For More Episodes & Show Details:  Website - Instagram - Twitter - Facebook - Follow The Journey: @lumination.tribe
November 17, 2019
Leadership Is Service | Godwin Tom On #TheLuminationShow
On this episode of The Lumination Show, talent manager and entertainment consultant, Godwin Tom, shares his journey managing some of Nigeria’s top talents in the entertainment industry, what he’s learnt from the experience, and what he believes people need to know in order to improve upon the existing structures in the industry. He also talks about some of the challenges he has encountered on the way, and his shift from the hustle mentality to living a more balanced life, after he went through a health scare that challenged what he knew about hard work. He discusses his legacy, and what he wants his children to say about him.
November 9, 2019
The Power Of Owning Your Story | Adenike Oyetunde On #TheLuminationShow
On this episode of The Lumination Show, Adenike Oyetunde discusses finding out at young age, that she had cancer, losing her limb, and her journey to becoming all that she believes she can become in this world, against all odds. She also talks about why she started Amputees United Initiative, and the impact that this initiative has had over the years. Adenike bares her heart out in this inspiring conversation with Lumination Host, Adaora Mbelu.
November 3, 2019
Fight Your Fear By Showing Up Fully | Steve Harris On #TheLuminationShow
On this episode of The Lumination Show, renowned consultant, motivational speakers, and author, Steve Harris, shares about his journey into creating several platforms that help entrepreneurs build thriving businesses through strategic positioning. He discusses his influences, and the role that family has played on his journey. He also talks about what he wants his legacy to be.
October 26, 2019
#AskAdaora - EP10 : How To Rekindle Your Passion
Many people struggle with the feeling that they've lost interest/passion for their work, relationships, etc. In this video, I explore several things that I do to rekindle my passion. I hope these tips help you. If they do, please share it with someone else!
August 27, 2019
#AskAdaora - EP9 : How To Leap Out Of Limbo
Limbo is frequently used to describe a temporary state  - a lack of movement either forwards or backwards. In life, and in relationships, one thing is certain- being in limbo is darn uncomfortable. We can feel like we are in limbo for many reasons- life transitions, family issues, the instability of a relationship, work issues, etc.  This session is for you. I want to help give you some clarity on why you are here, and what you need to do to leap out of it.    Follow Me on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook via : @adaora.lumina  Visit my website:, and sign up for my newsletter.
July 14, 2019
#AskAdaora - EP8 : How To Handle Multiple Passions
Juggling multiple passions and interests is not an easy feat, and it’s certainly not for everyone. But if you choose this path, here are a few things that you may want to consider.
July 14, 2019
#AskAdaora - EP7 : We are different
On this episode, Adaora goes a bit personal telling a story about her and a close friend of hers with whom she was in business with. How the friendship experienced strain because of their personality differences and the lessons she picked from the experience.
April 30, 2019
#AskAdaora - EP6 : Say No to say Yes
Saying No is not something that (mostly) comes natural to us as people because as much as we can,we always want to please people (which is great) but for the sake of our sanity, it's important to priotise our personal peace of mind and put ourselves first. On this episode, Adoara shares her thoughts on the need to learn to say No. Indulge!!
April 8, 2019
#AskAdaora - EP5 : What is your 5 year plan?
On this episode, Adaora has a little PSA that comes in handy to you our listeners. On this episode, she shares her thoughts on a question that everyone of us have most likely been asked at some point in our lives, "what is your 5 year plan?". INDULGE!
March 27, 2019
#AskAdaora - EP4 : Stop hustling, start living
Hustling is a word we all can relate to and it's safe to say that it's been overflogged. What really does it mean to hustle? And in the long run,what are the benefits of hustling (if there are any)?. On this episode, Adoara shares her thoughts on what hustle means. INDULGE !!
March 19, 2019
#AskAdaora - EP3 : 2 mistakes people make.
People most times make 2 errors in business and career. Subtle,yet very costly. 1.Not publicising their works as much as they should 2.Placing too much value on the supposed influence of other people. On this episode, Adaora shares her thoughts on these two and how to simply navigate through both of them for a better life. INDULGE
March 12, 2019
#AskAdaora - EP2 : How to deal with meetings
Are meetings as important as we make them seem or are they mostly are a distraction? When and how do you say 'No' and ' Yes' to meetings? On this episode, Adaora shares her thoughts on the meeting culture in Nigeria. INDULGE!
March 12, 2019
#AskAdaora - EP1 : How to deal with comparison
Are you the kind of person that is always quick to peeks over your shoulders to see what the next person is doing and is more focused on how green the grass is on the other side than on your own journey? You are not alone with how you feel.  On this episode, Adaora shares relateable ways to handle the urge to compare ourselves with other people. INDULGE!
February 26, 2019