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A candid daily podcast sharing wins, failures, and lessons learned while growing Lunch Pail Labs, a digital product studio for businesses.
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#345 — 🪞 Week in review
It's the week in review episode (here's the template I use). Discussing the wins and losses and all that jazz at Lunch Pail Labs this week (09/16/22 - 09/23/22). Links mentioned in the episode: promotion checklist Tweet on quitting or staying the course The dip summary by Seth Godin V1 of the no-code guide to APIs and integrating code with code
September 26, 2022
#344 — 😮‍💨 Taking a break
Jamming about a break from the daily version of the pod
September 19, 2022
#343 — 🪞 Week in review
It's the week in review episode (here's the template I use). Discussing the wins and losses and all that jazz at Lunch Pail Labs this week (09/09/22 - 09/16/22). Links mentioned in the episode: Public lab
September 16, 2022
#342 — 🔎 SEO Gotchas
Learning from some bozo SEO mistakes in this episode.  Links mentioned Wordstream Rankiq Reach out to Sukh about his Pseo community
September 14, 2022
#341 — 🌶 Fact or opinion
Jamming about discerning customer/user/advisor feedback and facts vs. opinion in this short episode Links referenced Everybody lies The mom test
September 13, 2022
#340 — 📧 Types of emails
Integrations directory has a newsletter now what's next? Jamming about the other important types of communication in this episode. Links mentioned: Outsetta's first 500 course Thread on why brand accounts don't work
September 13, 2022
#339 — 🪞 Week in review
It's the week in review episode (here's the template I use). Discussing the wins and losses and all that jazz at Lunch Pail Labs this week (09/03/22 - 09/09/22). Links mentioned in the episode: Developer experience API as a product The API economy Thread on creating content from Zooms
September 10, 2022
#338 — 🥇 Integration request
Got the very first integrations request since launching that feature on the integrations directory jamming about that in this episode
September 09, 2022
#337 — 🤔 Freemium & Free trials
Jamming about freemium and free trials in this episode. Have any thoughts? Feel free to tweet me Links mentioned; Trends #0093 — Freemium The Pricing Experiment That Doubled Outseta's Growth Rate Without Raising Prices Free Trial or Freemium? Going From 0 to 100,000 Users In Six Months Bootstrapped products with free trials (instead of freemium models) Bannerbear (40K MRR) Stridist (40K MRR) Tweethunter (50K MRR) Bootstrapped products with freemium models Testimonial ($300K ARR) Black magic (~10K MRR)
September 08, 2022
#336 — 🎉 Search results
A quick jam on some results from the first week+ of monitoring search success on integrations directory and tracking failed searches Links mentioned in the episode: LogSnag #329 — 🔢 Product analytics #332 — 🏄🏾‍♂️ Feedback loops for search
September 06, 2022
#335 — 🪞 Week in review
It's the week in review episode (here's the template I use). Discussing the wins and losses and all that jazz at Lunch Pail Labs this week (08/26/22 - 09/02/22).
September 03, 2022
#334 — 🛠 Build trap
I've been shipping more than I've been getting customer feedback with integrations directory lately. Jamming about that, some corrections and the build trap by Melissa Peri
September 02, 2022
#333 — 📧 Mailerlite campaign #1
Finally launched the first experiment to reengage users for integrations directory. Jamming about that in this short episode.
September 01, 2022
#332 — 🏄🏾‍♂️ Feedback loops for search
Jamming about search and feedback loops in Links mentioned in the episode: #256 — 🔁 Feedback Loops
August 31, 2022
#331 — 🔁 Reengagement
The stats are in, and users aren't returning to Jamming about an experiment to try to improve that metric in this short episode
August 30, 2022
#330 — 🪞 Week in review
It's the week in review episode (here's the template I use). Discussing the wins and losses and all that jazz at Lunch Pail Labs this week (08/19/22 - 08/26/22). Links mentioned in this episode: Automate all the things Stream Ayrshare blog post
August 26, 2022
#329 — 🔢 Product analytics
Jamming about OKRs and Logsnag in today's episode
August 26, 2022
#328 — 🔎 What's in a search?
Had a stream with AATT today, and it was too fun. Jamming about fuzzy search with the directory
August 25, 2022
#327 — ⏳ Procrastination
Jamming about procrastination and how a looming deadline helped push the v2 for integrations directory
August 25, 2022
#326 — 🪞 Week in review
It's the week in review episode (here's the template I use). Discussing the wins and losses and all that jazz at Lunch Pail Labs this week (08/12/22 - 08/19/22). Links mentioned in this episode: Integrations for No-coders with Lola Ojabowale
August 20, 2022
#325 — 🔨 Indie API
Jamming about another interesting stat as it relates to the API economy and some indie opportunities. Here's the source article mentioned in the episode
August 19, 2022
#324 — 🔢 Gartner IT stats
Gartner's chief of research shared some interesting API stats, TLDR the economy is exploding. Jamming about that in this short episode
August 17, 2022
#323 — 🫂 API economy
Noticed a few major no-code players (airtable,, coda) were mentioned as API-first rising stars in 2015 begs the question is no-code a subset of the api economy? Jamming about that, some differences in positioning of no-code companies vs. api companies and some thoughts on a better value prop for integrations directory 
August 16, 2022
#322 — 🎫 SaaS Day Passes
Jamming about integrations directory pricing thoughts and day passes. Saw this experiment the Gummy Search team and thought their approach was interesting.
August 15, 2022
#321 — 🪞 Week in review
It's the week in review episode (here's the template I use). Discussing the wins and losses and all that jazz at Lunch Pail Labs this week (08/05/22 - 08/12/22). Links mentioned in this episode: Product-Led Growth Goals
August 12, 2022
#320 — 💼 Enterprise integrations
The next content piece I'm working on to promote is on some integrations that help apps become enterprise-ready. Jamming about that and some low/no-code gaps in this episode. Here's the link to the guide on enterprise readiness that's referenced in the episode.
August 11, 2022
#319 — ⛑ Building Trust
Another common piece of feedback for the integrations directory has been around reliability. How do I know what integrations will work for me? If some are similar, which should I choose? Jamming about ways products build trust, curation, reviews, and what I'm slotting in to experiment with next! Links mentioned in the episode: How to build trust in a marketplace Re-Organizing the World’s Information: Why we need more Boutique Search Engines Wirecutter Thingtesting
August 10, 2022
#318 — 🧩 Directory Patterns
Helloo, this episode continues on the series of what I'm doing to grow Today jamming about some directory patterns I'm observing in the wild (moving to a true directory is my main hypothesis of reducing product overwhelm (Episode #313 — 😩 Reducing product overwhelm). Feel free to send over a dm if you have any thoughts.
August 09, 2022
#317 — 👩🏿‍🔧 Maintenance
Hey y'all 👋🏿 Jamming about some maintenance upgrades to today Link mentioned in the episode Use google sheets to check for broken links
August 09, 2022
#316 — 🪞 Week in review
It's the week in review episode (here's the template I use). Discussing the wins and losses and all that jazz at Lunch Pail Labs this week (07/29/22 - 08/05/22). Links mentioned in this episode: When Lower intensity leads to higher results
August 08, 2022
#315 — 🖊 Content writers
Testing a few content writers to improve my flow from turning threads into blog posts. I used to turn this thread on Bubble plugins into a post Other links referenced in this episode: #305 — 🪄 Software stack as the firm pt 2 #307 — 🪜 Content ladder  
August 05, 2022
#314 — 👨🏿‍🚀 Acquiring users
Jamming about Lenny's guide to acquiring first 1000s users (based on case studies of early user acquisition from Tinder, Uber, Instagram, etc) and some tactics I'm swiping for Links mentioned in the episode How to kickstart and scale a consumer business—Step 4: Find your early adopters by doing things that don’t scale Buffer guide on Quora marketing Get customers from Quora
August 04, 2022
#313 — 😩 Reducing product overwhelm
The most recurring theme amongst critical feedback with is that the Airtable list is overwhelming. Jamming about making it less so. Have any feedback or thoughts? Feel free to send me a DM on Twitter Links mentioned in the episode: #213 — 🐒 Applying Fogg's behavior model to products Fogg's behavioral model Thread summary on the model Making the Fogg Behavior Model actionable (from UI-patterns)
August 02, 2022
#312 — 👹 What you most fear doing is probably what you most need to do
Jamming fear, procrastination, and some necessary next steps for
August 01, 2022
#311 — 🪞 Week in review
It's the week in review episode (here's the template I use). Discussing the wins and losses and all that jazz at Lunch Pail Labs this week (07/22/22 - 07/29/22). Links mentioned in this episode: #308 — 🧫 Embeddable experiences Thread on email courses #283— 👯‍♂️ Joining the Trends community
July 29, 2022
#310 — ✨ 1% better
Jamming about some small feedback for and some small improvements in this episode
July 28, 2022
#309 — 🛠 Official Bubble Plugins
First content ladder experiment is up here. Jamming about that and what I've noticed after reviewing 1000s of Bubble plugins.
July 27, 2022
#308 — 🧫 Embeddable experiences
Jamming a out embeddable experiences what they are a few examples from Links mentioned Embeddable magic links by Stytch Clerk Hosted Pages Feathery forms Gist Website Toolbox Billflow 
July 27, 2022
#307 — 🪜 Content ladder
Jamming about the content ladder I'm using since its marketing week. The link to the previous episode in which I talked about this idea is here ➡️ #251 — ♻️ Reduce, Reuse, Recycle
July 25, 2022
#306— 🪞 Week in review
It's the week in review episode (here's the template I use). Discussing the wins and losses and all that jazz at Lunch Pail Labs this week (07/16/22 - 07/22/22).
July 23, 2022
#305 — 🪄 Software stack as the firm pt 2
Continued riffing on yesterday's episode and the software stack as a firm that I talked about a few months ago
July 22, 2022
#304 — 🪄 BrowserFlow is magic
 Jamming about BrowserFlow and its magic in today's episode
July 21, 2022
#303 — 🧪The next tests
Jamming about the next test and experiments for in this episode.
July 20, 2022
#302 — 😩 Schedule a demo
Working through the paid list of integrations. directory and a substantial portion request a demo before platform access. What's up with that? Chatting about that in today's episode. Oh, and this is the high-touch onboarding article I mentioned.
July 19, 2022
#301— 🪞 Week in review
It's the week in review episode (here's the template I use). Discussing the wins and losses and all that jazz at Lunch Pail Labs this week (07/09/22 - 07/15/22). Links mentioned in the episode: Coinbase's operating efficiently at scale (mentions APIs instead of meetings) Integrations Directory #299 — ⚙️Bootstrapped soloprenuer's flywheel Tweet about internal APIs #293 — ☠️ Reviving dead projects
July 15, 2022
#300 — 👁‍🗨 The mere exposure effect
Jamming about the mere exposure effect what it is, what it could mean for indie marketing and
July 15, 2022
#299 — ⚙️Bootstrapped soloprenuer's flywheel
Hellloooo everyone 👋🏿 jamming about what I'm calling the bootstrapped solopreneur's flywheel which I think is a way to solopreneur over the long term and contains three main parts  A service  (1-1 revenue stream) A product  (1-many revenue stream) A market/audience for content  Jamming about what all that means and more in this episode. Here are some links mentioned in the podcast: The hyper freelance Model Jake Singer's The Flywheel substack #223 — 👩🏿‍🔧 Learn, Build, Teach Would love to hear any thoughts! Feel free to send me a DM on twitter
July 13, 2022
#298— 🎉The first sales got its first few pre-orders yesterday so that means 1) the project gets to live another day and 2)Lunch Pail Labs now makes revenue from digital products. Jamming about all that and next steps in this episode.
July 12, 2022
#297— 🐌 Slow rollouts or procrastination
Pushing through the last few DM's for Now that that's done, was this slower rollout a helpful tactic or just procrastination? Tune in for thoughts and if you have opinions on the topic feel free to send me a dm
July 11, 2022
#296— 🪞 Week in review
It's the week in review episode (here's the template I use). Discussing the wins and losses and all that jazz at Lunch Pail Labs this week (07/02/22 - 07/08/22). Links mentioned in the episode: #295 — 📧 First 10 downloads Integrations Directory
July 08, 2022
#295 — 📧 First 10 downloads
The first 10 people have signed up for no purchases yet but jamming about this in this short episode
July 07, 2022
#294 — 🗂 Directories as MVPs
Now that is live jamming on some thoughts about whether directories are fruitful MVPs  Linke mentioned in the episode tweet that sparked the idea Issue#30: Building $1K -$10K MRR Micro SaaS products around Curated Content & Curated Lists
July 06, 2022
#293 — ☠️ Reviving dead projects
Jamming about potentially bringing Refolo back because of a recent partnership request. Here are the links mentioned in the episode Failory article on Refolo
July 05, 2022
#292— 🪞 Week in review
 It's the week in review episode (here's the template I use). Discussing the wins and losses and all that jazz at Lunch Pail Labs this week (06/24/22 - 07/01/22). Links mentioned in the episode: Integrations Directory Elaine Pofeldt (here's her new book Tiny Business, Big Money )
July 01, 2022
#291 — 😬 launch snags
Sending the to a few people and found some oopsies. Jamming about all that in this episode
July 01, 2022
#290— 🛣 to the first 100 purchases
Now that is live, now comes some fun! I've set some restrictions to determine whether I continue working on it or not in the medium term. If the project gets a pre-order, I'll finish the database, if it reaches 100 sales within the first month, I'll enhance it further (upgrading it to a true directory, more content around it etc etc) Jamming in this episode about some approaches I'm trying to give getting to the first sale and beyond. Some links mentioned: Any thoughts? Send over a DM #273 where I dive more into the idea behind this directory
June 29, 2022
#289— 🤖 is live 🎉 jamming about that in this short episode.
June 29, 2022
#288— 👩🏿‍🏫 Learning ➡️ to templates
Jamming about launching side experiment #1 (the database) and turning learnings into templates
June 28, 2022
#287— 🪞 Week in review
 It's the week in review episode (here's the template I use). Discussing the wins and losses and all that jazz at Lunch Pail Labs this week (06/17/22 - 06/24/22). Links mentioned in the episode: Shreyas LNO framework
June 24, 2022
#286 — 🌋Overkill or win/win
In the final stretches of the initial launch of the database and doing a little mini pre-reflection in this episode of was this overkill? (TLDL I don't think so)
June 23, 2022
#285 — 🏹 Forced free trials
Refining the presale landing page for the database using Harry's guide (here's an episode where I speak more about the process)
June 22, 2022
#284— 💵 Preselling
Decided to try preselling the database of plugins and APIs for no-code apps that I've been working on instead of slugggggging away to finish it since it's taking a lot longer than I originally thought. Jamming in this episode on thoughts around that.
June 21, 2022
#283— 👯‍♂️ Joining the Trends community
Joining the community, big fan of their reports and can't wait to learn and build alongside other makers
June 20, 2022
#282— 🪞 Week in review
 It's the week in review episode (here's the template I use). Discussing the wins and losses and all that jazz at Lunch Pail Labs this week (06/10/22 - 06/17/22). Links mentioned in the episode: the empire flippers podcast the womentalk  epsiode
June 17, 2022
#281— 🐛 Debugging design
Jamming about debugging design in no-code apps and some opportunities in this short episode. Here's a previous episode about no-code + q/a and testing 173 -- Automated testing and no-code
June 16, 2022
#280— 😬 Overly Optimistic?
I was a little too optimistic about how long the database would take to complete, and it's not going to be done this week. Jamming on some thoughts to engage folks and continue to promote in the meantime.
June 15, 2022
#279—💸 Digital product pricing
Jamming on the pricing for the database of APIs I'm working on. If you have any pricing thoughts, I'd love to hear them! Feel free to tweeeet or DM me @ojabowalola
June 14, 2022
#278— 🚀 Launch week
The database of plugins/api/sdks etc is going live this week. Jamming about the launch activities I'm thinking of in this short episode.
June 13, 2022
#277— 🪞 Week in review
 It's the week in review episode (here's the template I use). Discussing the wins and losses and all that jazz at Lunch Pail Labs this week (06/03/22 - 06/10/22). Links mentioned in this episode Give your no-code app superpowers with APIs
June 10, 2022
#276 — ⚡️ Superpowers and Guest Blogging
Jamming aloud about a guest blog post i'm in the process of writing around no-code, low-code, APIs and SDKs
June 07, 2022
#275— 🪞 Week in review
 It's the week in review episode (here's the template I use). Discussing the wins and losses and all that jazz at Lunch Pail Labs this week (05/28/22 - 06/03/22). Links mentioned in this episode Indie Hackers episode #254 -- designing your life
June 04, 2022
#274 — 🧱 the lego economy
Hellooo friends 👋🏿 Jamming in this episode about some more insights from my super deep dive on the lego economy what are some of the ways companies are monetizing? Tune in to find out!
June 03, 2022
#273 — ➕ functionality for your low-code apps
Spending a lot of time curating a database of "legos" that you can add to no-code and low-code products. (See #269 — 📊 A database of legos and #268 — 📚 Curating Legos for context). Jamming in this episode about some trends I'm seeing across the dataset and spotlighting 🔦 a few interesting APIs. Companies mentioned Hyperbeam Radar Vital Seam Metronome Speechly AtomicVest Work While Jobs Duffel
June 02, 2022
#272 — 🧾 Build to sell
Why should agencies adopt a build-to-sell mindset when building for clients? Exploring that in this episode! Links mentioned This tiny acquisitions article #126 — 🏃🏿‍♀️ transitioning projects
May 31, 2022
#270— 🪞 Week in review
 It's the week in review episode (here's the template I use). Discussing the wins and losses and all that jazz at Lunch Pail Labs this week (05/20/22 - 05/27/22). Links mentioned in the episode Ask Quda AMA 
May 28, 2022
#269 — 📊 A database of legos
Part 3 of this week's focus on legos (here's part 1 and part 2) pitched the idea of what I'm curating to Twitter and got some responses (which is motivation enough for me to keep curating)
May 27, 2022
#268 — 📚 Curating Legos
This episode is an extension of yesterday's episode on legos (#267 — 🧱 What's in a lego?). Working on curating my research on the topic into a curated database and jamming about others who create curated databases.  Links mentioned in the episode Spread the word (curated database on where to post your startup) Cyberleads (curated database of companies that have recently raised and are likely to outsource)
May 26, 2022
#267 — 🧱 What's in a lego?
This episode is all about Legos, I've mentioned this concept before (here and here most recently), but take a deeper dive into what makes a business lego and what does not in this episode.
May 24, 2022
#266 — 🎥 Video essays
Just dropped a video essay on Lunch Pail's youtube channel. Jamming in this episode about that and some reorganizations to the channel.
May 23, 2022
#265 — 🪞 Week in review
 It's the week in review episode (here's the template I use). Discussing the wins and losses and all that jazz at Lunch Pail Labs this week (05/14/22 - 05/20/22). Links mentioned in the episode Finding a project that works Lego-izing business
May 21, 2022
#264 — 🕵🏿‍♀️ Finding Emails with Who Works There
Another episode continuing the series of cold outreach/outbound sales. Talking about finding email addresses from a lead list in this episode. I'm using Who Works There  by Stuart as my tool of choice! If you have any comments or sales recs, feel free to send me a dm on Twitter.
May 19, 2022
#263 — 🐦Twitter for biz dev
Jamming about using Twitter lists for business development and market research in this episode. Nathan Barry talked about the importance of hanging out in a niche when forming a direct sales strategy, and I think that can absolutely be done on Twitter especially for any businesses or services that are targeting other tech companies.  Links mentioned in the episode: Using Twitter lists for business Nathan Barry's guide to direct sales for bootstrapped businesses
May 18, 2022
#262 — 💻 Dedicated landing pages
Jamming about dedicated landing pages for services. It's a strategy I often see with product based businesses, not so much with agencies/services, but now that Lunch Pail Labs has a few more engagements under our belt, starting to see a few patterns emerge in the clients and industries we serve and want to make that clearer.  Lee Launches tweet thread Unstack's video on dedicated landing pages Not Boring Co's article on API first companies
May 17, 2022
#261 — 📊 Metrics for Bootstrappers
Explaining the metrics, I regularly monitor at Lunch Pail Labs (did a little revamp!) to alert me when I should change course. They fall into 3 categories 1. General energy/contentment throughout week 2. Runway 3. Progress towards milestones Have any thoughts on what a bootstrapped service business should monitor? I'd love to hear it! Send me a DM.
May 16, 2022
#260 — 🪞 Week in review
 It's the week in review episode (here's the template I use). Discussing the wins and losses and all that jazz at Lunch Pail Labs this week (05/07/22 - 05/13/22).  Links mentioned in the episode #258 — 🌵 Applying Dry's landing page guide #257 — 🪢 Revisiting Chord #259 — 🥶 Going in Cold
May 14, 2022
#259 — 🥶 Going in Cold
Talking about all things cold outreach in this episode. I spent some time teasing out popular themes from a few cold outreach resources (linked below) and and share how I'm applying it at Lunch Pail Labs. Resources on outreach Wizen Guide to cold email outreach Shaan's Power of Writing Course Nathan Barry of Convert Kit on direct sales and cold outreach Twitter thread Cold Outreach for service businesses 31 Cold outreach tools
May 13, 2022
#258 — 🌵 Applying Dry's landing page guide
Helloooo! This episode is a continuation in parts of yesterday's Revisiting Chord episode. I took a look a long look at Harry Dry's Landing page guide and actually decided to apply it to Lunch Pail Labs. Jamming about that process and the modularization of everything in this episode.
May 11, 2022
#257 — 🪢 Revisiting Chord
Jamming about revisiting and rebuilding Chord. I originally built V1 a whole year ago and finally putting some time into a revamp. I will be using the next few pod updates to talk through The focus for the next few days Upgrading the landing page of Chord and the waiting list, leaning heavily on Harry Dry's landing page guide Upgrading the audio-only functionality with the Daily plugin for Bubble Cleaning up the portal and admin parts of the experience for Chord Users and opening it up for anyone to join
May 10, 2022
#256 — 🔁 Feedback Loops
Jamming about feedback loops in today's episode and how Lunch Pail Labs can implement stronger ones internally and for clients. This is a great read on feedback loops as well. 
May 09, 2022
#255 — 🪞 week in review
It's the week in review episode (here's the template I use). Discussing the wins and losses and all that jazz at Lunch Pail Labs this week (04/30/22 - 5/06/22) Links mentioned in the episode Culture & Code Episode #7 
May 07, 2022
#254 — 📑 Adalo component cheat sheet is live
Made the Adalo component cheat sheet live ✨ and have begun sharing with folks who had requested access. Jamming about that experience in this short episode! Other links mentioned: Making tasks higher leverage Learning in public
May 05, 2022
#252 — 🦫 Engineering accountability
Jamming about extrinsic motivation and some external sources of motivation I'm exploring to stay more on track with side projects. Links mentioned in this episode: Kernal - validating your startup ideas Half-day build
May 04, 2022
#251 — ♻️ Reduce, Reuse, Recycle
Talking about a content ladder for Lunch Pail Labs and some small steps on actually implementing that today! Links mentioned in the episode: 3/11 week in review 9 real businesses built with no-code Vox's article on the video essay boom
May 03, 2022
#250 — 🪞 week in review
It's the week in review episode (here's the template I use). Discussing the wins and losses and all that jazz at Lunch Pail Labs this week (04/23/22 - 4/29/22) Links mentioned in the episode #247 — ⚠️ The dangers of going solo #249 — 👨🏿‍🚒 Customer support when you're solo
April 30, 2022
#249 — 👨🏿‍🚒 Customer support when you're solo
Jamming about keeping up with customer support as a 1-person team. How do you make sure folks get timely responses and the help they need when you're working on a portfolio of products and services? 👀 Links mentioned in this episode: Zendesk scaling customer support #247 — ⚠️ The dangers of going solo Gitbook Notion Slab Letterbase
April 29, 2022
#248 — 🦻🏿 Getting feedback
Jamming about some public places to get feedback on early ideas in this episode.  Links that are mentioned in this episode: The Meetup Hack: How to get your first 1,000 subscribers Finding opportunities on Reddit Getting feedback on Kernal Unbundling Craigslist
April 28, 2022
#247 — ⚠️ The dangers of going solo
Jamming about some of the dangers of solo business and the artist/creator archetype which I think provides a good blueprint. Links mentioned in this episode Design Joy DesignJoy thread The agency of one storm
April 27, 2022
#246 — 🎥 Video for everybody
Jamming about some recent trends with companies from VC firms to no-code platforms investing big 💵💵💵 in video storytelling.  Links mentioned in the episode Initialized  Webflow Tv Inside 8020 1 min media
April 26, 2022
#245 — 🪞 week in review
It's the week in review episode (here's the template I use). Discussing the wins and losses and all that jazz at Lunch Pail Labs this week (04/16/22 - 4/22/22) Links mentioned in the episode #244 — 🎁 Productizing coaching #242 — 🧠 Learning in public
April 22, 2022
#244 — 🎁 Productizing coaching
Jamming about a new productized service I pitched today. Could this be the start of a new revenue stream for Lunch Pail? Tune in for thoughts! References from  the episode: #194 — 🏗 To build or to outsource? #152 — 🚫 reasons NOT to work with a no-code agency #226 — 🌪 Agency of one storm (shout outs to businesses with the productized service model) Unlimited question asking as a service by Ankur of No-code talks "You" as a service with Rhys of
April 22, 2022
#243 — 🧜🏿‍♂️ Entreprenuer support programs
Been coming across a ton of entrepreneur support programs recently. Jamming about them in this episode and some pros and cons.
April 21, 2022
#242 — 🧠 Learning in public
Jamming about learning in public and some progress on the cheat sheet I'm making on building components with Adalo. Links referenced in the episode Lunch Pail Daily #223 -- Learn, Build, Teach Kyleigh's twitter KP's build in public swipe file
April 19, 2022
#241 — 💁🏿 How can i help?
It's spring and warm in Atlanta which means more networking events and more interactions with folks who want to be helpful. I never know what to answer to the how can I help question, so jamming on some options in this episode.
April 19, 2022
#240 — 🪞 week in review
It's the week in review episode (here's the template I use). Discussing the wins and losses and all that jazz at Lunch Pail Labs this week (04/09/22 - 4/15/22)
April 15, 2022
#238 — 👷🏿‍♀️ Lessons from working in a warehouse
My very first job out of college was in a management development program at an industrial supplies company. Jamming on some lessons from that time period that I apply to Lunch Pail Labs.
April 14, 2022
#237 — 🌀 What's in a new no-code tool?
Jamming about what would be required from a new no-code tool in today's episode.
April 13, 2022
#236 — ✈️ Habits and traveling
Headed back to the USA today. Jamming in this episode about soloprenuering while traveling.
April 11, 2022
#235 — 🪞 week in review
It's this week in  review episode (here's the template I use). Discussing the wins and losses and all that jazz at Lunch Pail Labs this week (04/02/22 - 4/08/22)
April 08, 2022
#234 —🦦 Creating tutorial content
Jamming about how I create no-code tutorials. What's your process? Feel free to tweet it @ojabowalola
April 07, 2022
#233 —🙊 4 storytelling frameworks
Jamming about three frameworks to organize stories that I plan on using on some client projects. The frameworks mentioned were 1) The story spine 2) The story circle 3) The story brand framework and 4) Context, Action, Result
April 06, 2022
#232 — 📽 Investing in Storytelling
Recently joined 1 min media a video production community. Looking forward to using the tactics for content with Lunch Pail Labs
April 05, 2022
#231 — 🗣 Going to market with clients
Chatting about going to market with clients in this episode, why I think no-code agencies should think beyond "no-code dev" and the process I've been trialing on a few projects.
April 04, 2022
#230 — 🪞 week in review
It's this week in  review episode (here's the template I use). Discussing the wins and losses and all that jazz at Lunch Pail Labs this week (3/25/22 - 4/01/22)
April 01, 2022
#229 — 💻 The opportunity for developers in no-code
Jamming in this episode about why companies especially historically developer-first companies should explore marketing and serving no-coders/low-coders
March 31, 2022
#228 — 📞 Supporting no-code
Jamming about supporting no-coders who use integrations/widgets through demos in this short episode.
March 30, 2022
#227 — 🗞 Investing in information
Jamming about some ways I'm thinking about investing in information at Lunch Pail Labs to inspire better content.
March 29, 2022
#226 — 🌪 Agency of one storm
Ahmed recently wrote about the incoming agency of one storm. These are 1-person businesses that offer bundled end-to-end services to customers charge a monthly recurring fee -define their offer, pricing, and terms. define their offer pricing and terms  Exploring a few businesses with this model in the episode (DesignJoy, Chartfleau, and GetRhys) and how this might translate for Lunch Pail Labs
March 28, 2022
#225 — 🪞 week in review
It's this week in  review episode (here's the template I use). Discussing the wins and losses and all that jazz at Lunch Pail Labs this week (3/18/22 - 3/25/22)
March 25, 2022
#224 — 📽 Archiving Functionality
A client reached out from a project we worked on almost a year ago. A part of the site stopped working but luckily, I had saved the snippet, so it was easy to revert, but I don't always do that. Jamming about how archiving functionality can feed future product and content ideas for Lunch Pail Labs.
March 24, 2022
#223 — 👩🏿‍🔧 Learn, Build, Teach
I've been operating under the learn, build, teach mantra. Jamming in this episode about turning learning and building activities into teaching and reflecting on the process I used for creating a cheat sheet with Adalo. 
March 23, 2022
#222 — 🦿 Going from 0 to 1 with product, design, marketing
Shared a tweet today about resources on going from 0 to 1 with building products on things like marketing, design, etc and jamming about that in today's episode.
March 22, 2022
#221 — 😶‍🌫️ No-Code and Platform Risk
Some thoughts about platform risk for no-code agencies and freelancers in light of Bubble's new pricing announcements
March 21, 2022
#220 — 🪞 week in review
It's this week in  review episode (here's the template I use). Discussing the wins and losses and all that jazz at Lunch Pail Labs this week (3/12/22 - 3/18/22)
March 19, 2022
#219 — 🧑🏿‍⚖️ Being consistent in new environments
I'm in the UK for the next month or so for work and family, jamming about showing up consistently and things I plan to try to not fall off on critical daily routines for Lunch Pail Labs. If you have any tips would love to hear them 👀
March 17, 2022
#218 — 🥞 New software stacks
Jamming about some new low-code tools on the block and switching to platforms that let you build visually and export the code in this episode.
March 17, 2022
#217 — 🧮 The online game
Some of the brilliance of transparent storytelling and building in public is not only the building an audience affects, it turns anything into a game. I ran into this packy article that describes this phenomenon well and reflects in this episode about how it all applies to Lunch Pail's infinite game.
March 15, 2022
#216 — 🔍 The Art of noticing
Noticing helps us be more creative, find flow, and spot new trends. Unfortunately, we live in an age of distraction where the ability to be present is often lost. Jamming about some exercises to get better at paying attention from Rob Walker's The Art of Noticing.
March 14, 2022
#215 — 🪞 week in review
It's this week in  review episode (here's the template I use). Discussing the wins and losses and all that jazz at Lunch Pail Labs this week (3/05/22 - 3/11/22)
March 11, 2022
#214 — 🥽 Imitative Innovation and adjacent knowledge
Many popular business/product frameworks are inspired by concepts in completely different areas of study. For example, phenomena with Meerkat inspired Andrew Chen’s atomic networks in the Cold Start Problem,  game theory inspires a lot of popular UX patterns, The Lean Startup is the business application of the scientific method.  Jamming about this, and some areas of study I plan on delving deeper in at Lunch Pail Labs.
March 10, 2022
#213 — 🐒 Applying Fogg's behavior model to products
If you’re building a product it’s likely that you’re trying to change some behavior (ie switching from a competitor product, trying a new process). Fogg's behavior model provides a framework for changing behavior.
March 09, 2022
# 212 — 🗣 Opinionated no-code
In traditional software development, an opinionated framework gives you guard rails, starter code, and optimizes your path. I think there's a ton more opportunity for opinionated no-code tools, which will also make no-code easier for users without a design, analytics, tech background.  I started a list of some low-lift (and opinionated) no-code tools here but wanted to jam more about the space and opportunity in this episode!
March 08, 2022
#211 — 🧑🏿‍🎨 Creative exploration and execution
Recently read an article about why we're not doing creative work. The author talks about two phases of creativity, exploration, and execution. In this episode, I jam about creative exploration as a practice and reserving time for creative exploration.
March 07, 2022
#210 — 🪞 week in review
It's this week in  review episode (here's the template I use). Discussing the wins and losses and all that jazz at Lunch Pail Labs this week (2/25/22 - 3/04/22)
March 04, 2022
#209 — 🌊 Finding flow
Recently ran into this happiness lab podcast episode about fighting the feeling of languishing (the tldr is the solution is flow). I've had a few more days than usual that feel like a slog and I think this was a good reminder. In today's daily update, I jam on some tactics I'll use moving forward to better embrace flow.
March 03, 2022
#208 — 🛣 Prioritization 101
Today's episode is inspired by a convo yesterday and is all about different frameworks for prioritizing ideas and products (jamming about the Moscow method, kano model, value cost quadrant, and RICE scoring).
March 02, 2022
#207 — 🛍 Returns on investment
Today's episode is all about the benefits of getting in the arena and building even if an idea isn't a financial success. Inspired by this article.
March 01, 2022
#206 — 🧍🏿‍♀️ Company of One
I just finished Company of One by Paul Jarvis, a book about staying small. Jamming in this episode about ideas from the book and how they relate to Lunch Pail Labs
February 28, 2022
#205 — 🪞 week in review
It's the weekly, week in review episode (here's the template I use). Discussing the wins and losses and all that jazz at Lunch Pail Labs this week (2-21/22 - 2/25/22)
February 25, 2022
#204 — 🤷🏿‍♀️ pivot or stay the course
A lot of success is doing the obvious thing for a long period of time but it can be hard to know when to pivot or keep going the course. I ran into a product habit article about pivots and resonated with the approach. TLDL; You pivot when and only when you learn something significant. Jamming about that in this episode.
February 24, 2022
#203 — 👯‍♀️ no-code archetypes
Had a fun conversation last Saturday with no-code 45  about getting started with no-code. There are 100s of no-code tools so it can be overwhelming to choose which tool to start with. Jamming on some no-code archetypes and tools for those (operations no-coder, pm no-coder, design no-coder, no-coder who codes)
February 23, 2022
#202 — 🚢 Thinking about joining ship 30 for 30?
I spent January and part of February in ship 30 for 30 cohorts. I've gotten a few questions about what I thought about writing every day and the experience in general so thought I'd share for folks who are considering joining! The TLDL; Ship 30 for 30 was 😀 learned some fundamentals of writing  built a publishing habit -explored some new ideas I'd recommend it but make sure you really have the time for writing, exploring, and meeting others to really get the full value of the cost. 
February 22, 2022
#201 — 📛 Exiting no-code
An underrated benefit of no-code, especially for non-technical makers, is that because the investment to build is relatively lower, a micro exit can be an excellent outcome for a product. Jamming about exiting, where it might fit into the no-code services ecosystem and a few marketplaces to exit. Tiny Acquisitions Microacquire Flippa No-code acquire Acquire me
February 21, 2022
#200 — 🪞 week in review
It's the weekly, week in review episode (here's the template I use). Discussing the wins and losses and all that jazz at Lunch Pail Labs this week (2-14/22 - 2/18/22)
February 18, 2022
#199 — 🧪 MVPs and riskiest assumptions
I'm having more conversations with early founders on their MVPs and what they think is required. I ran into the riskiest assumption test recently, which I will help guide these conversations in the future.
February 17, 2022
#198 — 🧑🏿‍💻 the firm as a stack
More riffing on the software stack as the firm and the operational stack for Lunch Pail Labs. Here are the tools mentioned loom for asynchronous updates and demos for task management, knowledge bases, and client workspaces and for payments Quick Books for expense management and looking at cash flow Slack for automated notifications(things like q/a testing results and google alerts) and communicating with clients zapier for robots/glue Cal for scheduling and video meetings hypefury for tweeting superhuman and g-suite for email and storing files on the cloud revue for newsletters
February 16, 2022
#197 —👩🏿‍🏫 Education as marketing
Revisiting Lunch Pail Labs content approach for 2022 now that we've clarified a new infinite game. Jamming about that, marketing as education and content experiments for the meantime.
February 15, 2022
#196 —🕹 Lunch Pail's infinite game
Recently ran into the full quote of the popular jack of all trade adage ("jack of all trades is a master of none, but better than a master of one")  as well as what it means to be t-shaped. Jamming on Lunch Pail's infinite game to build the best T around when it comes to creating useful products for ourselves and others.
February 14, 2022
#195 — 🪞 week in review
It's the weekly, week in review episode (here's the template I use). Discussing the wins and losses and all that jazz at Lunch Pail Labs this week (2-07/22 - 2/11/22)
February 12, 2022
#194 — 🏗 To build or to outsource?
No-code has made building apps 10x faster 🙌🏿, but many tools still have a learning curve.  I've had a few convos with founders deciding whether to learn no-code or outsource a build to a service provider and found this helpful 2x2 which provides some ways of thinking about a decision. Jamming about when to outsource and when to build in-house and what some opportunities for agencies and service providers.
February 10, 2022
#193 — 💲 Pricing and no-code
Been seeing a lot of chatter on Twitter about pricing and no-code and how statements like x tool are easy devalue the ecosystem. I think we're (emphasis on me too) generally positioning the wrong problem and share some thoughts on that in this episode.
February 10, 2022
#192 — 🎢 upstream and downstream effort
I've been slogging it through it lately and ran into this Ted Talk about trying too hard. Jamming about topics covered in that ted talk like upstream effort and downstream effort and evaluating where I can minimize upstream at Lunch Pail Labs in this episode.
February 08, 2022
#191 — 🚢Ship 30 for 30 is over & what's next for daily writing
Today's episode is about ship 30 for 30. The cohort is officially over 🙌🏿,, I'll still be writing for another 1-2 weeks since I have 7 essays to write (i only shipped on weekdays👀 ) but in this episode, I reflect on the experience and answer a few questions Should this podcast be an audio-essay of a daily atomic essay? (short answer - nah) What topics resonated with my audience during ship 30 for 30? What do I think of the ship 30 for 30 formats (ie atomic essays, 250 words, sharing images)? What's next for the daily writing habit?
February 07, 2022
#190 — 🪞 week in review
It's the weekly, week in review episode (here's the template I use). Discussing the wins and losses and all that jazz at Lunch Pail Labs this week (1-31/22 - 2/04/22)
February 04, 2022
#189 — 🤝 growth through alliances
I first heard of growing through alliances from Alan Weiss, who has been independent consulting for decades, author of over 500 articles and 60 consulting books, and pioneered the value-based fees approach. He doesn't hire and prefers alliances. And as a 1-person business, I'm always intrigued by strategies to scale without hiring. Jamming about three types of partnerships solo businesses can consider to grow in this episode
February 03, 2022
#188 — 🎙 Lessons learned from this regular audio diary
I’ve been running a public daily audio diary (what you're listening to now!) about Lunch Pail Labs since the end of 2020.  They are short (usually ~10 minutes) episodes on the biggest thing on my mind that day and topics range from a new framework I discovered all the way to how my company performed that week.  Jamming on 3 powers discovered from the practice, and how I'm thinking of evolving it in the future.
February 02, 2022
#187 — 📚 no-code education for entrepreneurs
Jamming on no-code education for entrepreneurs and where it might fit in the services journey map of a provider. Here are the other links I referenced in the episode:  4 courses and cohorts for entrepreneurs to validate their ideas and build their MVPs without code Lunch Pail Daily episode #67 No-Code services journey map    Lunch Pail Daily episode #152 Reasons not to work with an agency
February 01, 2022
#186 — 🚢 1/2 way through ship 30 for 30
I joined ship 30 for 30 in early January to help me develop a shipping x writing habit. Prior to that, I had a daily writing habit but I struggled to complete full essays and share them. The ship 30 for 30 challenge is to write an atomic essay (1 idea, 250 words, less than an hour to write) every day for 30 days. I'm now halfway through the exercise and here are a few lessons from the process so far.
January 31, 2022
#185 — 🔍 Week in Review
It's the weekly, week in review episode (here's the template I use). Discussing the wins and losses and all that jazz at Lunch Pail Labs this week (1-24/22 - 1/28/22)
January 28, 2022
#184 —🪡 Digital minimalism as a digital entrepreneur
Jamming about digital minimalism and how I'm thinking about it at Lunch Pail Labs.
January 28, 2022
#183 — 🧙🏿‍♀️ Open-source the future of no-code
Jamming about recent trends in open-source SAAS and how that can be applied to no-code as well as some tools that I'm keen on trying.  Here are the tools mentioned in the episode Tooljet N8N Budibase Appsmith Nocodb And here's a previous episode I shared on open-source no-code (🤦🏿‍♀️ excuse the background music, it was a year ago and I thought that was a good idea)
January 26, 2022
#182 — 🛠Operational tools replacing the firm
Today's episode is an expansion of the software stacks as the firm concept that I mentioned in the nature of the firm and solopreneurship podcast episode and essay. Specifically operational tools that are supporting this change and some reflections on opportunities!
January 25, 2022
#181 — 🧪 Are experiments atomic products?
This episode is an extension of the atomic product episode that I shared a few weeks back. Today, cracked open the Wiley book of Testing business ideas and picked out a few tactics I might try. Overall I think I'm looking for something different as an atomic product but jamming about all of that in this episode.
January 24, 2022
#180 — 🔍 Week in Review
It's the weekly, week in review episode (here's the template I use). Discussing the wins and losses and all that jazz at Lunch Pail Labs.
January 21, 2022
#179 — 🧠 Mental models for life and business
A mental model is a representation of how something works. They help us simplify the complex into understandable and organizable chunks. From Elon Musk to Charlie Munger, many of the world’s popular leaders use mental models as they can help provide a shortcut to thinking clearly. Here are a few of the models I think of often as I grow a digital product studio. See Farnam street's blog post for more.
January 20, 2022
#178 —💼 Working in public
Transparency and openness are en vogue. There’s the open startup trend that companies like Butter and Ghost embrace, Austin Kleon put out the call for artists and creators to Show Your Work in his 2014 book, and many creators today embrace #buildinpublic. Starting to see a lot of this manifest by working in public and I jam on some opportunities there and what I might adopt at Lunch Pail Labs in today's episode. Read along, in today's atomic essay.
January 19, 2022
#177 — 🍱 Curation opportunities in no-code
A lot of no-code tools have networks at play with the hard side of the network being services providers, component developers, educators, and template designers. As networks become more successful there is a risk of overcrowding where consumers (the easy side of the network ) have difficulty finding the right and relevant supply. If Gartner estimates are right and almost 70% of new apps will be built with no and low-code by 2024 there might be a whole lot of connecting consumers to the right supply. Curation is a potential solution and I jam on some opportunities in this episode
January 18, 2022
#176 — 💂🏾‍♂️ Plugins and networked products
Reflections on Andrew Chen's Cold Start problem,  networked products, overcrowding, and some indie opportunities for no-code.
January 17, 2022
#175 — 🔍 Week in Review
It's the weekly, week in review episode (here's the template I use). Discussing the wins and losses and all that jazz at Lunch Pail Labs.
January 15, 2022
#174 — 🥵 Soloprenuership and combatting overwhelm
I saw a tweet recently ripping on the four-day workweek and how it doesn't make sense if you're serious about your career. I've definitely felt this. This time last year I was taking meetings anytime (sometimes until 10 pm 🥴) and often on the weekends. But taking time to rest is not just feel good gobbledygook companies that do this well experience more productivity and better profits. Jamming on that in today’s episode
January 14, 2022
#173 — 🗜 Automated Testing for no-coders
Gartner predicts that by 2024 almost 70% of application development will be made with no and low-code. Suffice to say No-code has seen a meteoric rise in the past few years and may soon become a large part of working in businesses of all sizes. I've worked on no-code products that were just getting started all the way to more mature products with thousands of monthly visitors. I've seen that there are a few challenges a team may encounter as their no-code app matures, I teased some of this from lessons from code for no-code, and options for automated testing are one of them. Jamming on some options here and the potential for a productized service. Here are some of the tools I mentioned in the episode Preflight Ghost Inspector Waldo
January 12, 2022
#172 — 🎬 What's a digital product studio?
Digital product studios are a relatively new term. Jules Ehrnhard of FKTRY coined the term in 2016 and shares a lot of analysis on the model. Several service companies in the no-code world (Lunch Pail Labs included) use the digital product studio model, it's even in the intro to this podcast but what does that all even mean? I explore all of that is this episode.
January 11, 2022
#171 — 💭 Thinking in ideal weeks
have a section in my weekly reviews that I call goal and vision where I reflect on where I'm trying to take Lunch Pail Labs, but I’ve often felt that my descriptions are general.  Ali Abdaal describes the ideal ordinary week, so I gave the exercise a try this morning and put some thoughts on how it applies to Lunch Pail Labs.
January 10, 2022
#170 — 🔍 Week in Review
It's the weekly, week in review episode (here's the template I use). Discussing the wins and losses and all that jazz at Lunch Pail Labs.
January 07, 2022
#169 — ⚛ Atomic Product
Atomic is everywhere. James Clear popularized atomic habits, Andrew Chen chats atomic networks in the Cold Start problem, and Ship 30 for 30 touts atomic essays. I did a quick google search to see what atomic thinking applies to products and didn’t find much, so this episode jams on my application of these atomic ideas to what could be atomic products. Read along with the accompanying atomic essay here.
January 06, 2022
#168 — 🔺 Maslow's hierarchy and product markets
Yesterday, I chatted about the water company Liquid Death and stages of product markets and how style/identity are the main differentiators in more markets. I did a little research to see what existing frameworks might apply to this thinking. And came across the Design hierarchy of needs ,coined by William Lidwell, which is on the Maslow hierarchy of needs. In this episode, I jam about how Lidwell's framework describes the earlier stages and how I plan to implement all of that at  Lunch Pail. Links: Atomic essay of this podcast Maslow's hierarchy of need Lidwell's design hierarchy of needs Yesterday's article and podcast
January 05, 2022
#167 — 💧☠️ Liquid Death and 3 stages of product
I read an article yesterday on how a water brand for partygoers called Liquid Death just raised $73 million 🤯. It got me thinking about all the upstarts that generate serious revenues with style and identity. I've talked about this idea previously and. I also think product categories go through three main stages before arriving at a place where it makes sense for style and that's when most of the solutions on the market are generally sufficiently good. Jamming on all of those ideas in this episode.  I also published this episode as an atomic essay which you can check out here.
January 05, 2022
#166 — 👩🏿‍🏫 Reasons why soloprenuers should explore CBC's
Jamming on cohort-based courses on why I think they're a massive cheat code for solopreneurs. This podcast was also an atomic essay check it out here.
January 04, 2022
#165 — 🎊 2021 in review
A quick recap episode of the year.  Hope everyone has a splendid new year and I wish many good things to all of you in 2022!
January 01, 2022
#164 — 🥋 Deliberate Practice
I'm a big fan of Atomic habits and I credit a lot of how Lunch Pail Labs operates to the framing but I haven't been investing enough energy into deliberate practice which is also related. I explore what all that means, why it matters and what I'm trying to change moving forward in today's episode. Resources mentioned in the podcast: Farnam's blog on deliberate practice  Ness Labs on metacognition This youtube video by James Clear on Deliberate practice
December 31, 2021
#163 — 🛂 Setting boundaries as a soloprenuer
Today's episode is all about setting boundaries as a solopreneur what that even means and some of my boundaries at Lunch Pail Labs. Below are the links I referenced in the episode for some more boundary-setting reading/listening. How to set boundaries w/ Nancy Levin No meeting, No deadlines no full-time employees
December 30, 2021
#162 — 📢 Distribution Strategies
I'm currently reading Doing Content Right by Steph Smith and distribution is finally starting to make more sense. In this episode, i quickly describe the six different distribution strategies and how I think they apply to Lunch Pail Labs' consulting practice and this podcast.
December 29, 2021
#161 — 👨‍👩‍👦 Nature of the firm and solopreneurship
Jamming on the nature of the firm and the rise of solopreneurship. Why aren't we living in a world where everyone contracts out their services as independent contractors and are recent trends in legoizing businesses, the pandemic, and web 3 now enabling that? Also jamming about product opportunities in the space. 
December 28, 2021
#160 — 🔍 week in review
It's the weekly, week in review episode (here's the template I use). Discussing the wins and losses and all that jaz at Lunch Pail Labs.
December 25, 2021
#159 —🧍🏿‍♀️Authentic biz
Jamming about authentic businesses in this episode and what that means and how that's coupling with consumer demand for products and services with style. 
December 24, 2021
#158 — 🧘🏿‍♀️ My reflection practice
Just finished up a vision board for 2022 and wanted to jam a little bit on the reflection and vision setting practice I maintain outside of weekly reviews!
December 23, 2021
#157 — 💥 Web3, No-Code and the Bildr Studio Pass
Just minted my first NFT and it was the Bildr studio pass (learn more here). I jam a little about that and why I decided to jump on the web 3 train and mint this one.
December 22, 2021
#156 — 🧠 Product as a service and the "future" of no-code
Some ramblings on no-code and Lunch Pail Labs inspired by this article on Jeff Bezos's strategy of focusing on the things that are unlikely to change.
December 21, 2021
#155 — 👀 week in review
It's the weekly, week in review episode (here's the template I use). Discussing the wins and losses and all that jaz at Lunch Pail Labs.
December 18, 2021
#154 — 🛒Plugin marketplaces and the next Wordpress
According to recent research from Gartner, 70% of new applications developed by organizations will use low-code or no-code technologies by 2025 🤯. I think that increase will fuel a robust plugin/integration/extension ecosystem for developers to support a variety of use-cases on these platforms. In this episode, I dive into what that means and how I'm looking to run product experiments in that space in 2022.
December 17, 2021
#153 — 🗣 Reasons for Building in Public
Got this question recently and thought building in public served 3 main audiences and jam on what that means in this episode.
December 16, 2021
#152 — 🚫 reasons NOT to work with a no-code agency
One of my favorite things is convincing folks not to work with an agency (no-code or otherwise) to build their product. In this episode, I dive into why and who I think is a  good fit for outsourcing product development. 
December 14, 2021
#151 —🎙Content Strategy for 2022
Today's episode is all about the content approach I'll try for 2022. I am looking at breaking out content into a few different "brands" that serve different audiences. First, @Lunchpaillabs will be a place for how-tos and frameworks around building products for no-coders/visual developers or using no-code/visual development to iterate and develop products. The goal is that it's helpful for people who I would consider typical clients on the consulting side of Lunch Pail Labs. Second, @Lunchpaildaily (it's new!) will house more of the traditional "build-in-public" content. I'll share available startup-type metrics, the internal processes I'm using, and how I think of growth, mindset, etc. Here, the goal is that it is helpful to other solopreneurs or people trying to run businesses similar to mine. Finally, @Ojabowalola will continue to be my personal Twitter where I continue to share the story of Lola and probably will retweet or share content from the other channels. Would love to hear your thoughts on the approach. Feel free to give me a shout on Twitter ( @lunchpaildaily) on what you think!
December 14, 2021
#150 — 🪞 revamping the week in review
Today's episode is all about a revamp to my week in review process for assessing the good, bad, and ugly at Lunch Pail Labs. This week's episode also comes with a free template through Gumroad if you want your own copy to start using! Link here: I also referenced Notion Charts for analytics if you're looking for a lightweight way to add analytics to your notion dashboards.
December 11, 2021
#149 — 💅🏿 Products & Services With Style
I recently came across this article and got me thinking about finding niches, authentic businesses, and this episode is all about that. Check it out and if you do, slide into my DMS and tell me what you think (
December 10, 2021
#148 — 🗣 Win Without Pitching Manifesto
Recently read the Win Without Pitching Manifesto ( by recommendation of Roxana (@notionflows on twitter!) and it spurred all the thoughts on things i could be doing better at Lunch Pail Labs. This episode is a reflection on some of that and thoughts on the book generally.
December 10, 2021
#147 — 💭 Download from No-Code Conf
In November, Webflow hosted no-code conf a 2-day conference all about no-code, and 🤯 there were some fire announcements. I was happy to get to attend virtually and here's my download from the very first day which wasn't previously posted.
December 09, 2021
#146 — 🏘 Some Thinking On The Village
After a little hiatus because of life we're (I'm) back with some thinking about November's product experiment (resurrection of the village: -- an experiment I launched in the summer of 2020)
November 16, 2021
#145 — 😩 Bad days and perspective
Today was rough. Some thoughts and rumblings and keeping perspective on tough days.
October 20, 2021
#144 — 🪅 Daily shots on goal
Lunch Pail’s build weekend experiment didn’t really pan out but we’ve been seeing more progress with breaking up longer terms experiments into items we can execute daily.
October 16, 2021
#143 — 🪞week in review
This week’s week in review 👀
October 11, 2021
#142 — 🔗 The Integration Economy
During Coda's Block Party, their team made a huge announcement sharing that anyone will now be able to create packs for the Coda community ( ) and they also announced a $1 million fund ( to build Coda solutions for the masses. Pretty wicked and it seems a whole ton of no-code platforms are opening up their integration communities (to name a few you have Bubble plugins, Bildr patterns, Airtable apps, Adalo components, and now Coda packs ). In Coda's announcement, they mentioned that they want to support makers creating businesses on top of Coda (in the form of packs, docs, etc). What do you think? In this episode, I riff a little on this whole burgeoning integrations economy.
October 07, 2021
#141 — 👣 Forcing functions and Build Weekends
All about an approach we're trying to push more experiments.
October 06, 2021
#140 — 🤔 perfect days
On focusing on making each day a success
September 21, 2021
#139 — Render(ATL) and lessons for no-code
Spent the past couple of days at Render ATL which is the largest southeast conference all about React and inclusion. Tune in for thoughts on what we can take and apply to no-code
September 16, 2021
#138 — Week in review 🕺🏿
Good, bad and ugly at Lunch Pail this week.
August 27, 2021
#137 — 🐌 moving too slow
End of summer slumps and missing the boat.
August 18, 2021
#136 — 🎯 what’s really the goal?
Reflections after listening to this indie hacker episode
August 04, 2021
#135 — 👀 Week in review
The good, bad and ugly this week
August 03, 2021
#134 — 🤔 agency mrr?
Some thoughts on recurring revenue in service based businesses and how I’m thinking about that as Lunch Pail pursues some digital product ideas 💡
July 30, 2021
#133 —📱 your work as a product
Reflections on growing a product mindset with services, working full time, or any type of work in general
July 30, 2021
#132 — ⛏ Selling pickaxes
A quick reflection on the pickaxe opportunities for microbusinesses
July 28, 2021
#131 — 🥳 Plugin Progress
Quick update on a plugin i’m building for fun as well as a shout out to Lunch Pail’s very first livestream
July 27, 2021
#130 — 👀Week in review
All about the week and progress on season 2 goals
July 27, 2021
#129 — 📦 Re re re branding?
Chatting about a Lunch Pail Labs rebrand to hopefully better suit our incorporation of more digital products. Tune in for thoughts on the approach we're taking.
July 21, 2021
#128 — 🔄 Goals -> habits
All about breaking down Lunch Pail’s season 2 goals into daily activities/habits. I’ll be using Harold ( to track progress on these. Also check out this cool creative habits generator
July 15, 2021
Coming Soon: Lunch Pail Daily Season 2
New goals, new podcast structure, new season. Tune in to hear more about what's in store for Lunch Pail Daily season 2
July 13, 2021
#127 —🪞week/month/quarter in review
Looking back at the week, month and quarter and teasing priorities for the future!
July 03, 2021
#126 — 🏃🏿‍♀️ transitioning projects
Some insights from Lunch Pail on off boarding clients and transitioning off projects
July 03, 2021
#125 — 🤝 New forms of networking
Talking all about networking and making new business connections
July 03, 2021
#124 — 💸 recurring revenue
Where to find recurring revenue in a service business? Listen for thoughts!
June 30, 2021
#123 — week in review 👀
Weekly rundown of the good, bad and ugly of last week.
June 28, 2021
#122 — 🎂 Lunch Pail’s first birthday
It’s been 1 whole year since I started operating under Lunch Pail Labs. A quick woohoo post
June 25, 2021
#121 — surviving 😅
Just keep swimming 🏊‍♀️
June 24, 2021
#120 — 👀 week in review
Highs and lows at Lunch Pail this week
June 20, 2021
#119 — week in review 👀
You know what it is...
June 14, 2021
#118 —🤔 Try before you buy?
Some thoughts on working with new partners and starting with small engagements first!
June 11, 2021
#117 — 😭 recovering gracefully
Sometimes we win sometimes we lose. This episode is all about recovering from the L’s.
June 10, 2021
#116 —🏃🏿‍♀️Sprint Reflections
Just finished an 8-week sprint with founder summit here are some reflections on the sprint goal and progress on the goal.
June 09, 2021
#115 — 🎨 process docs
Sharing a little insight into Lunch Pail’s evolving approach to documenting processes
June 08, 2021
#114 — 👓 Week in review
The good, bad and ugly at lunch pail this week.
June 05, 2021
#113 — 📆 Tuesdays and Thursdays
Some reflections on productivity and switching up the schedule
June 04, 2021
#112 — 🎨 👨🏿‍💼 Maker vs. Manager
Thoughts on the tension between maker vs. manager and reorganizing my schedule to better support both. Inspired by this blog post:
June 03, 2021
#111 — 👓 Week in Review
The good, bad, ugly at Lunch Pail this week
May 28, 2021
#110 — 👓 Week in review
Week in review 👀 this was a week of so much conflict but sharing some of the lessons and highs, lows and goals in this episode.
May 21, 2021
#109 — 🧩 working “on” the business
Some thoughts on trying to work more ‘on’ the business as a soloprenuer
May 21, 2021
#108 — 🤔 oversharing?
Some reflections on sharing metrics and building in public shout out to this thread for inspiring the reflections
May 20, 2021
#107 — ☀️ happy Monday
Updated and starting the week.
May 18, 2021
#106 — 👓 week in review
Reviewing the week and week in review
May 15, 2021
#105 — 😤 managing energy
Frustrating day and some reflections on the journey
May 14, 2021
#104 — 🧠 Minerva Knows
Talking about the excitement of Minerva Knows!
May 14, 2021
#103 — 👩🏿‍💻 (no)code blocks
Some more ideas on productizing what I know
May 12, 2021
#102 — 👓 week in review
Chatting about the good, the bad the ugly
May 11, 2021
#101 — 📅 regular days
Another day another day
May 07, 2021
#100 — 📈1% better
A new approach to continuous improvement
May 06, 2021
#99 — 👀update
Not a ton to say but want to be consistent 🤷🏿‍♀️
May 06, 2021
#98 — 🎯qualifying leads
A little insight into who we like to work with at Lunch Pail Labs
May 04, 2021
#97 — 👓 Week in Review
The good, bad and ugly at Lunch Pail Labs this week
May 03, 2021
#96 —💥 hitting reset
Reflections on a frustrating day and what I do to get myself back into the productivity zone
April 30, 2021
#95 — 📸 do it for the exposure?
Thoughts on evaluating opportunities, partnerships, etc that might have potential benefits in the future but currently aren’t what i’d normally pursue.
April 30, 2021
#94 — 🧱 beware heroes
Breakdown of the day and thoughts about idolizing other companies/products
April 28, 2021
#93 — 📅 monday
An update on the day
April 27, 2021
#92 — 👓 week in review
The good and the bad at Lunch Pail Labs this week
April 24, 2021
#91 — 🐋 Consistency
I’ve been lacking motivation these days which is when I find it’s the most important to show up. So in the spirit of that, recording this episode 😅
April 23, 2021
#90 —🛠 Digital Productizing
Reflections on 2nd quarter goals and building a ‘productizing’ habit
April 22, 2021
#89 — 🎯Mastermind Goals
Joined founder summit’s mastermind this week and sprinting on Lunch Pail Labs. Tune in for some thoughts on what goals I’m looking to accomplish for Lunch Pail Labs.
April 21, 2021
#88 —⚕️7-step product
Dove into this video over the weekend on design but more generally had me thinking about the process of product and where along the process Lunch Pail fits in. Tune in for open thoughts
April 20, 2021
#87 — 🥙 week in review
The good, bad and ugly of running lunch pail labs this week
April 16, 2021
#86 — 📄the nature of the firm
Thoughts and reflections on this really interesting not boring article:
April 16, 2021
#85 — 🔎 finding no-code work
Sharing my two cents on finding no-code opportunities
April 15, 2021
#84 — 📣 pitching no-code
Been having a few conversations around pitching no-code projects so sharing insights into the proposal process we use at Lunch Pail Labs
April 12, 2021
#83 — 🧱lego-izing business
Talking about this energizing video on the creator economy, (here: the concept of lego-izing business, and some thoughts on refining a thesis for Lunch Pail
April 08, 2021
#82 —❓what’s a product studio?
A short update on product studios, what it is and how we think about that at Lunch Pail Labs
April 08, 2021
#81 — 🤖 an api but services
In this episode, I share a quick rundown on how I’m thinking of scaling the team
April 07, 2021
#80 — 🤔 pricing thoughts
All about pricing and fixed price vs. hourly
April 06, 2021
#79 — 4️⃣ Quarter in review
A look back at Q1 2021 including the good and the ugly at lunch pail labs 🧫
April 02, 2021
#78 — 💲Compounding
Chatting about habits and compounding and expressing gratitude for a new month 🎉