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Lunch Pail Daily

Lunch Pail Daily

By Lunch Pail Labs
Welcome to Lunch Pail Daily. A week daily podcast documenting the journey of bootstrapping a no-code product studio. It’s brought to you by me, Lola, the founder of Lunch Pail Labs, and we get into everything ranging from no-code, product, and the journey. Stay updated on Lunch Pail happenings at
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09/20/21: 🤔 perfect days
On focusing on making each day a success
September 21, 2021
09/15: Render(ATL) and lessons for no-code
Spent the past couple of days at Render ATL which is the largest southeast conference all about React and inclusion. Tune in for thoughts on what we can take and apply to no-code
September 16, 2021
08/27/21: Week in review 🕺🏿
Good, bad and ugly at Lunch Pail this week.
August 27, 2021
08/17/21: 🐌 moving too slow
End of summer slumps and missing the boat.
August 18, 2021
08/03/21: 🎯 what’s really the goal?
Reflections after listening to this indie hacker episode
August 4, 2021
07/30/21: 👀 Week in review
The good, bad and ugly this week
August 3, 2021
07/29/21: 🤔 agency mrr?
Some thoughts on recurring revenue in service based businesses and how I’m thinking about that as Lunch Pail pursues some digital product ideas 💡
July 30, 2021
07/28/21: 📱 your work as a product
Reflections on growing a product mindset with services, working full time, or any type of work in general
July 30, 2021
07/27/21: ⛏ Selling pickaxes
A quick reflection on the pickaxe opportunities for microbusinesses
July 28, 2021
07/26/21: 🥳 Plugin Progress
Quick update on a plugin i’m building for fun as well as a shout out to Lunch Pail’s very first livestream
July 27, 2021
07/23/21: 👀Week in review
All about the week and progress on season 2 goals
July 27, 2021
07/21/21: 📦 Re re re branding?
Chatting about a Lunch Pail Labs rebrand to hopefully better suit our incorporation of more digital products. Tune in for thoughts on the approach we're taking.
July 21, 2021
07/14/21: 🔄 Goals -> habits
All about breaking down Lunch Pail’s season 2 goals into daily activities/habits. I’ll be using Harold ( to track progress on these. Also check out this cool creative habits generator
July 15, 2021
Coming Soon: Lunch Pail Daily Season 2
New goals, new podcast structure, new season. Tune in to hear more about what's in store for Lunch Pail Daily season 2
July 13, 2021
07/02/21: 🪞week/month/quarter in review
Looking back at the week, month and quarter and teasing priorities for the future!
July 3, 2021
06/30/21: 🏃🏿‍♀️ transitioning projects
Some insights from Lunch Pail on off boarding clients and transitioning off projects
July 3, 2021
06/29/21: 🤝 New forms of networking
Talking all about networking and making new business connections
July 3, 2021
06/28/21: 💸 recurring revenue
Where to find recurring revenue in a service business? Listen for thoughts!
June 30, 2021
06/25/21: week in review 👀
Weekly rundown of the good, bad and ugly of last week.
June 28, 2021
06/24/21: 🎂 Lunch Pail’s first birthday
It’s been 1 whole year since I started operating under Lunch Pail Labs. A quick woohoo post
June 25, 2021
06/23/21: surviving 😅
Just keep swimming 🏊‍♀️
June 24, 2021
06/18/21: 👀 week in review
Highs and lows at Lunch Pail this week
June 20, 2021
06/12/21: week in review 👀
You know what it is...
June 14, 2021
06/10/21: 🤔 Try before you buy?
Some thoughts on working with new partners and starting with small engagements first!
June 11, 2021
06/09/21: 😭 recovering gracefully
Sometimes we win sometimes we lose. This episode is all about recovering from the L’s.
June 10, 2021
06/08/21: 🏃🏿‍♀️Sprint Reflections
Just finished an 8-week sprint with founder summit here are some reflections on the sprint goal and progress on the goal.
June 9, 2021
06/07/21: 🎨 process docs
Sharing a little insight into Lunch Pail’s evolving approach to documenting processes
June 8, 2021
06/04/21: 👓 Week in review
The good, bad and ugly at lunch pail this week.
June 5, 2021
06/03/21: 📆 Tuesdays and Thursdays
Some reflections on productivity and switching up the schedule
June 4, 2021
06/02/21: 🎨 👨🏿‍💼 Maker vs. Manager
Thoughts on the tension between maker vs. manager and reorganizing my schedule to better support both. Inspired by this blog post:
June 3, 2021
05/28/21: 👓 Week in Review
The good, bad, ugly at Lunch Pail this week
May 28, 2021
05/21/21: 👓 Week in review
Week in review 👀 this was a week of so much conflict but sharing some of the lessons and highs, lows and goals in this episode.
May 21, 2021
05/20/21: 🧩 working “on” the business
Some thoughts on trying to work more ‘on’ the business as a soloprenuer
May 21, 2021
05/19/21: 🤔 oversharing?
Some reflections on sharing metrics and building in public shout out to this thread for inspiring the reflections
May 20, 2021
05/17/21: ☀️ happy Monday
Updated and starting the week.
May 18, 2021
05/14/21: 👓 week in review
Reviewing the week and week in review
May 15, 2021
05/12/21: 😤 managing energy
Frustrating day and some reflections on the journey
May 14, 2021
05/11/21: 🧠 Minerva Knows
Talking about the excitement of Minerva Knows!
May 14, 2021
05/10/21: 👩🏿‍💻 (no)code blocks
Some more ideas on productizing what I know
May 12, 2021
05/07/21: 👓 week in review
Chatting about the good, the bad the ugly
May 11, 2021
05/06/21: 📅 regular days
Another day another day
May 7, 2021
05/05: 📈1% better
A new approach to continuous improvement
May 6, 2021
05/04/21: 👀update
Not a ton to say but want to be consistent 🤷🏿‍♀️
May 6, 2021
05/03/21: 🎯qualifying leads
A little insight into who we like to work with at Lunch Pail Labs
May 4, 2021
04/30/21: 👓 Week in Review
The good, bad and ugly at Lunch Pail Labs this week
May 3, 2021
04/29/21: 💥 hitting reset
Reflections on a frustrating day and what I do to get myself back into the productivity zone
April 30, 2021
04/28/21: 📸 do it for the exposure?
Thoughts on evaluating opportunities, partnerships, etc that might have potential benefits in the future but currently aren’t what i’d normally pursue.
April 30, 2021
04/27/21: 🧱 beware heroes
Breakdown of the day and thoughts about idolizing other companies/products
April 28, 2021
04/26/21: 📅 monday
An update on the day
April 27, 2021
04/23/21: 👓 week in review
The good and the bad at Lunch Pail Labs this week
April 24, 2021
04/22/21: 🐋 Consistency
I’ve been lacking motivation these days which is when I find it’s the most important to show up. So in the spirit of that, recording this episode 😅
April 23, 2021
04/21/21: 🛠 Digital Productizing
Reflections on 2nd quarter goals and building a ‘productizing’ habit
April 22, 2021
04/20/21: 🎯Mastermind Goals
Joined founder summit’s mastermind this week and sprinting on Lunch Pail Labs. Tune in for some thoughts on what goals I’m looking to accomplish for Lunch Pail Labs.
April 21, 2021
04/19/21: ⚕️7-step product
Dove into this video over the weekend on design but more generally had me thinking about the process of product and where along the process Lunch Pail fits in. Tune in for open thoughts
April 20, 2021
04/16/21: 🥙 week in review
The good, bad and ugly of running lunch pail labs this week
April 16, 2021
04/15/21: 📄the nature of the firm
Thoughts and reflections on this really interesting not boring article:
April 16, 2021
04/14/21: 🔎 finding no-code work
Sharing my two cents on finding no-code opportunities
April 15, 2021
04/12/21: 📣 pitching no-code
Been having a few conversations around pitching no-code projects so sharing insights into the proposal process we use at Lunch Pail Labs
April 12, 2021
04/08/21: 🧱lego-izing business
Talking about this energizing video on the creator economy, (here: the concept of lego-izing business, and some thoughts on refining a thesis for Lunch Pail
April 8, 2021
04/07/21:❓what’s a product studio?
A short update on product studios, what it is and how we think about that at Lunch Pail Labs
April 8, 2021
04/06/21: 🤖 an api but services
In this episode, I share a quick rundown on how I’m thinking of scaling the team
April 7, 2021
04/05/21: 🤔 pricing thoughts
All about pricing and fixed price vs. hourly
April 6, 2021
04/02/21: 4️⃣ Quarter in review
A look back at Q1 2021 including the good and the ugly at lunch pail labs 🧫
April 2, 2021
04/01/21: 💲Compounding
Chatting about habits and compounding and expressing gratitude for a new month 🎉
April 1, 2021
03/31/21: ⚡️ Consulting systems
Taking a look back at some early thoughts on some of Lunch Pail Labs systems and how it has changed. The systems mentioned were inspired by Jason Swenk’s agency systems Disclaimer: I haven’t taken any of the courses but heard about the concepts on a podcast once
April 1, 2021
03/30/21: 📄 no-code documentation
Talking about open sourcing process and some no-code documentation at lunch pail labs as well as some other considerations when no-code apps grow up!
March 31, 2021
03/29/21: break time 🏖
Chatting about some rest and restoration in this episode and sharing a little sneak peak of the internal projects in the docket at Lunch Pail 🪣
March 29, 2021
03/26/21: week in review 🪞
The good, the bad and the ugly at Lunch Pail Labs. Tune in for the takes!
March 26, 2021
03/25/21: 🏆celebrate the small wins
A short episode but celebrate the small wins y’all!
March 26, 2021
03/24/21: ☯️ criticism and praise
A little bit of a more vulnerable episode but sharing my thoughts on critics, praisers and what really matters.
March 24, 2021
03/23/21: 🧮 Forcing Functions
Still feeling the energy from shipping this past weekend. Talking about forcing functions and engineered constraints to make things happen.
March 23, 2021
03/22/21: Introducing Chord 🪢
Over the weekend shipped a thing 🎉. Build, manage and grow drop-in audio Communities. Check it out at
March 23, 2021
03/19/21: 🪞Week in review
Another Friday, another round up of the good, the bad, and the ugly of Lunch Pail Labs 🥼.
March 19, 2021
03/18/21: 🥶 you have a choice
Today’s episode is all about leadership and ownership over choices and a rant. Just popped into a chat with a certain respected entrepreneur who was so so so aggressive. Why do things you don’t want to do? I’ll never understand it.
March 18, 2021
03/17/21: 🛣 no-code services journey map
Thoughts and reflections as we approach almost 20 no-code client engagements. What’s the journey for no-code services? What do people need? What does it look like to niche down on a stage vs. try to capture the full stack. Tune in for thoughts and what we’re thinking of at Lunch Pail Labs
March 17, 2021
03/16/2021: 🌭 Unbundling x no code
Chatting about unbundling and how no-code can help you launch product unbundling experiments quickly. Some great reading on unbundling is here:
March 16, 2021
03/15/21: 🔗Process is the product
Sat in on a great conversation with Mike who is one of the founders of dropped a “process is the product” gem. Tune into this episode for some tidbits on the processes we’re thinking of at Lunch Pail Labs.
March 15, 2021
03/12/21: 🪞 Week in review
Check out how the week went at Lunch Pail Labs
March 12, 2021
03/11/21: 🖼 Process of Design
In today’s episode, I share a quick tidbit about how we approach design at lunch pail labs and delivering design projects for clients.
March 11, 2021
03/10/21: 🎨 what’s our niche?
Talking about how I’m figuring out Lunch Pail’s angle 📐
March 10, 2021
03/09/21: 🪢 Capacity
Chatting a little bit about capacity and how I think about managing it at Lunch Pail Labs 🧪 🧫 have any tips? Feel free to reach out on Twitter @lunchpaillabs I could definitely use some suggestions!
March 9, 2021
03/08/21: 🤝 Collaboration > competition
Chatting about collaboration over competing and how I’m thinking of infusing more collaboration in Lunch Pail Labs!
March 8, 2021
03/05/21: 👀 Week in review
Tune in for how the week went at Lunch Pail Labs including what went well, what went poorly and what was learned.
March 5, 2021
03/04/21: 🧪 the experiment stack
Chatting a little about the no-code tools we use at Lunch Pail Labs to launch experiments fast 💨
March 4, 2021
03/03/21: 🎊 Do what works for you
Reflections on building in public and finding the right balance for Lunch Pail Labs
March 3, 2021
03/02/21: 📂 Open source no-code
Ran into this awesome thread about open source no-code yesterday. Can't wait to check out these tools more. Link to thread.
March 3, 2021
03/01/21: 🪡 Platform Risk
Today's update is all about platform risk and how I'm thinking about it as Lunch Pail Labs relies pretty heavily on platforms. Tune in for some thoughts!
March 1, 2021
02/26/21: 🔥 Week in review + making it to 1 year
A quick rundown on the week at Lunch Pail Labs and it's the 1-year anniversary of my self-employment journey 🎉 Tune in for the wins, losses and learnings for the week.
February 26, 2021
02/24/21: 🔮 Indie is the future
Talking about independent business and finally finding my tribe. Peep this article that sparked the podcast here.
February 25, 2021
02/24/21: ☠️ Is customer research dead?
In this episode, I talk about customer research. Is it dead? Does no-code change things? Tune in for the thoughts.
February 24, 2021
02/23/21: 🎥 We're a vlog too!
Hi listeners! In celebration of making it to 50 daily podcast updates 🎉 , I'm going to be experimenting with some new formats. In addition to this podcast, you can also watch the recording of the episode on youtube here. Today's episode is about going through the reps and some ways of thinking I'm using to get me through a current bought of the trough of disillusionment.
February 23, 2021
02/22/21: 🍾 in the arena
Today’s update I talk about being in the arena also check out micro brave if you want to take some baby steps in getting there and here is the wonderful tweet thread about global build weekend Also this is the 50th recording of the podcast 🍾
February 22, 2021
02/19/21: 👓 week in review
Talk about the good, the bad and the ugly of this week and the plans for next week.
February 19, 2021
02/18/21: 👏🏿 Belief Capital
This episode is about belief capital and a brief reflection on the early supporters of Lunch Pail Labs (y’all are the 🐐) If you’re in need of some belief capital definitely hit up this firm
February 18, 2021
02/17/21: 🏦 individuals as institutions
In today’s episode we’re jamming on the idea of individuals as institutions and what that could mean about economic equity.
February 17, 2021
02/16/21: 💥 300 power law
Talking about the 300 power law which talked about how the quantity leads to quality. Here’s the article for reference
February 16, 2021
02/15/21: 🎥 Skeuomorphism & Nostalgia
Hey 👋🏿 chatting about skeuomorphism & nostalgia products which seem to be making a comeback 👁
February 15, 2021
02/12/21: 👁 week in review
A quick rundown on the week at Lunch Pail Labs including what went well, what went poorly and what we learned.
February 12, 2021
02/11/21: 🕳 Deep work
In this episode, I talk about deep work by cal Newport (link: ) and how I’m implementing some of the principles at Lunch Pail Labs
February 11, 2021
02/10/21: 🚦Validating ideas
In today’s episode, I talk about validating ideas and how no-code changes some of the calculus.
February 10, 2021
02/09/21: 🚣‍♂️ personal moats
Hey 👋🏿 in today’s episode I talk about personal moats, what they are and some live thinking on mine.
February 9, 2021
02/08/21: 🕵🏿 filtering customer feedback
In this episode, I talk about how to think about customer conversations and the mom test by Rob Fitzpatrick link to the book 📚 is here:
February 8, 2021
02/05/21: 👓 week in review
Our weekly reflection at Lunch Pail Labs. Tune in to hear what went well, what went poorly and what we learned.
February 5, 2021
02/04/21: 🌀 Flywheels
Chatting about flywheels in this episode at what we’re thinking about at Lunch Pail Labs. For a great read on the studio flywheel check out this Venturism post
February 4, 2021
02/03/21: 📥 empty saas
Hey 👋🏿 chatting about the concept of empty saas (see blog post: today and more generally why JTBD type frameworks are more important than ever.
February 3, 2021
02/02/21: 🏚 Antifragile
Today’s episode is about antifragility and how I use the concept to evaluate opportunities at Lunch Pail Labs. Link to a blog post for more reading is here:
February 2, 2021
02/01/21: 🎓 Productizing Knowledge
Hey 👋🏿 in this episode I talk about productizing knowledge and ways I like to think about opportunities in the space.
February 1, 2021
01/29/21: 👀 Week in review
Tune in for Lunch Pail’s week in review, including what went well, what went poorly and what I learned.
January 29, 2021
01/28/21: 📄 You need a coda doc
Talking about coda which I feel doesn’t get enough love in the no-code community. In the coming weeks planning on moving some of Lunch Pail’s systems from Notion to Coda. Here’s a really great read on the power of Coda
January 28, 2021
01/27/21: 👨🏿‍💻 Code and no-code
In this episode, I share my favorite combos of code with no-code. Also written about in the blog post here:
January 27, 2021
01/26/21: 👾 A simple automation formula
I sat in on a 🔥 workshop with Michael Gill on automation ( and he shared a simple automation formula. In this episode, I share how I’m using it and how it led to this simple zap ⚡️
January 26, 2021
01/22/21: 🧚🏿‍♂️ vetting no coders
Hey all 👋🏿 I’ve been having a few convos lately about where to find no coders and how to know if they’re any good. Listen for my hot takes. Here are the links of the marketplaces, and
January 25, 2021
01/22/21: Week in review 🍱
Lunch Pails reflection on how the week went and what we’re focused on next week.
January 22, 2021
01/21/21: Atomic Tasks 🚨
Hello 👋🏿 today’s episode is about atomic tasks which is the latest productivity paradigm I’ve been using to gain more time. Listen in to hear the the thoughts.
January 21, 2021
01/20/21: 🚢💪🏿 shipping muscle
In today’s daily update, I share what’s on the docket for lunch pail labs and the small ways I’m exploring to help me grow my shipping (building and sharing products) muscle.
January 20, 2021
01/19/21: Slowing down 🐌
Talking about slowing it down and how I’m thinking about balancing it all at Lunch Pail.
January 19, 2021
01/18/21: Give before you take 🧚🏿
A late in the day episode today. Happy MLK day to U.S listeners. Talking about the idea of giving before you take and some of the things I’m learning as part of On Deck’s no code fellowship.
January 19, 2021
01/15/21: 👁 Week in review
Sharing this week’s week in review including the wins, losses and priorities for next week 🎉
January 15, 2021
01/14/21: Follow your gut
In this daily update, I reflect on a recent decision not to follow my gut and how that went poorly. Lessons learned 🤷🏿‍♀️ I also share what’s on the docket for today!
January 14, 2021
01/13/21: Won a buildie 🏆 😱
In this episode I talk about winning a buildie which I’m so honored by and what’s on the docket for Lunch Pail.
January 13, 2021
01/12/21: We’re hiring (maybe)
I know I know I keep waffling on this topic but listen in to my renewed opinion on the subject and some thoughts on Lunch Pail’s approach.
January 12, 2021
01/11/21: do what you ❤️?
It’s been almost a year since I quit my full time job to do more of what I “love”. In this episode, I share more about that advice and how I feel about it now that I’m in the middle of it.
January 11, 2021
01/08/21: Friday update
Short update for today! Hope everyone is doing well.
January 11, 2021
01/07/21: 🧘🏿‍♀️Being Authentic
I hope everyone is taking care of themselves out there especially our fellow U.S listeners. In this episode talking about communication and authenticity. When massive political events go down, do you mention it do you not mention it? Tune in to learn more about Lunch Pail’s approach.
January 7, 2021
01/06/21: 👩🏿‍💼 in vs. on the business
Today’s daily update is all about working in vs. on the business. It’s something I’m still figuring out but I talk through some new systems I’m implementing to carve out more strategic time.
January 6, 2021
01/05/21: Stack 🥞
In this episode I share Lunch Pail’s tech and operational stack. What do we use to run the business, communicate with clients and build no-code apps? Listen for the full tool suite of our product studio!
January 5, 2021
01/04/21: Building in Public 🎥
Hello! In this episode I talk a little bit about Lunch Pail’s current approach to building in public and share what’s on the docket for the company today.
January 4, 2021
01/01/21: Systems not goals
Happy new year! We made it to 2021. In this episode I talk a little about why I prefer systems to goals or resolutions and the activities that I commit to everyday while running Lunch Pail. In this episode, I reference habitify which is the app I use to track completion of my daily habits (, atomic habits which is a fundamental read on building good systems ( I also teased the upcoming issue of Lunch Pail’s January community update. If you’re not already subscribed to our newsletter get on the list at
January 1, 2021
12/31/20: Year in Review 👋🏿
Hey all! In this episode, I share a quick 2020 in review and share some of the wins and hard lessons learned during the year running Lunch Pail 🪣. Hope everyone has a wonderful last day of 2020!
December 31, 2020
12/30/20: Idea flow 💡 🌊
In this episode I talk about idea flow (I found out about the concept from this book: and what I’m doing to generate new product ideas for 2021.
December 30, 2020
12/29/20: Let’s talk process
Happy Tuesday! Today, I talk about process and what we use at Lunch Pail for our operating system (hint it’s: I also share what’s on the docket for today! As always, if you’d like to stay updated on lunch pail. Sign up at our website:
December 29, 2020
12/28/20: Sunday Scaries
It’s 12/28 and we’re back at it. Today, I talk about the sunday scaries and what’s on the docket for Lunch Pail Labs today.
December 28, 2020
12/25/20: Merry Christmas 🎄🎁
We’re not up to anything Lunch Pail related today. Wishing you all a wonderful holiday season!
December 25, 2020
12/24/20: Bubble performance and Vision Boards 👓
Merry Christmas Eve! In today’s episode I talk about bubble performance and this new guide on improving your apps performance: I also talk about my annual vision board ritual and what I’ve got my eyes on for 2022. As always, if you’d like to stay updated on lunch pail labs, check us out at
December 24, 2020
12/23/20: Modus Operandi 📃
In this episode, I talk about a modus operandi and some reasons why it’s important to have one. I also share the guidelines I try to live by and what’s on the docket for today.
December 23, 2020
12/22/20: Go big or go home 🏠?
In this daily update, I talk about “going big or going home”. We’ve been pretty busy at Lunch Pail. Is it time to expand or should we just keep doing what we’re doing? Tune in for how I’m thinking about it.
December 22, 2020
12/21/20: Don’t create a budget, find one 💰
Happy Winter Solstice! In this short episode, I share what’s on the docket for Lunch Pail Labs today and talk about finding a budget to serve instead of creating one.
December 21, 2020
12/18/20: Partner Partner 🕺🏿
In this daily update, I talk about how we think about partnerships at Lunch Pail Labs which have been very vital to our recent growth.
December 18, 2020
12/17/20: Async meetings ⏱
In today’s daily update, I talk about what’s on the docket for Lunch Pail Labs and talk about “async meetings” a remote work trend I’ve been trying to implement.
December 17, 2020
12/16/20: Let go or double down
In this daily update, I share what’s on the docket for today and some of the things on my mind as a business owner. We’re at the time of year when we’re taking a hard look at our activities and deciding what goes and where we are doubling down.
December 16, 2020