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Life's Valleys and Mountaintops

Life's Valleys and Mountaintops

By Gina Johnson
We share stories of overcoming trauma, accidents and illness to equip you with the tools you need to achieve your goals and dreams. You will hear from experts, authors, and entrepreneurs helping you to achieve a mindset that will keep you trying, learning and seeking your passion.
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Mindset Monday with Karly Nimmo

Life's Valleys and Mountaintops

Choosing A Good Life with Daniel Kold
Despite living with Fanconi anemia and surviving cancer twice, he is remarkably resilient.  Daniel started the Life, Death and Happiness podcast to allows others the opportunity to share their amazing stories of living with chronic and sometimes terminal illnesses. He has a great sense of humor and shares his story to inspire others.
December 30, 2019
Finding His Voice with AC Fischer
AC Fischer grew up in a very religious Christian family. They didn't allow him to ask deep questions about things that he understood differently than they did it had a devastating impact on him. Fischer lost his voice, felt estranged and began to walk a path that led him away from his church and the ones he had loved the most in his life. Listen to the podcast interview to hear how he found the path that is right for him, love and happiness.
December 23, 2019
Battered Hope with Carol Graham
Through multiple devastating experiences, Carol has never ever given up Hope. She is resilient and strong and helps Women create the life of their dreams. Today, may you be inspired and take one step closer to creating the life of your dreams. Carol Graham has survived the challenges of major illnesses, devastating personal losses including the loss of a child, and financial ruin more than once. Yet she has refused to become a victim. Her goal is to share with others how to survive and thrive. Carol Graham is the author of a fast-paced award-winning memoir, Battered Hope, the blog Never Ever Give Up Hope, and a regular contributor to numerous magazines, including her own column Matters of the Heart.  She has been published in several anthologies including a best-seller. In 2015, Carol received the Woman of Impact Award from Focus on Women Magazine and Author of the Year for her memoir, Battered Hope. In 2018 Carol received the global award for One Woman – Fearless which is given to women who have let go of their fears to create the life of their dreams. Carol hosts a bi-weekly talk show Never Ever Give Up Hope in which she interviews people with remarkable stories of how they conquered overwhelming obstacles and achieved success. Never Ever Give Up Hope has an international audience in over 140 countries. In addition to motivational speaking, hosting a talk show and writing, Carol owns two jewelry stores, is a certified health coach, a wife, mother, grandmother and together with her Husband have rescued over 30 dogs. PERSONAL BLOG:
December 16, 2019
Overcoming Rejection with LeRon Barton
Could you imagine what it would be like to write your first play, share it with your school and then have your peers and teacher tell you it was the worst thing they ever wrote? LeRon was a young man overcoming the challenge of speaking with a stutter while being faced with serious rejection. He is here today to share how he overcame his stutter and was able to move past the rejection to create the life he enjoys today as a writer and speaker.
December 09, 2019
Rough week Positive Mindset
Hey everyone I’m sorry but there’s not a new episode this week. I am sharing a bit about my week for anyone that has had a rough one and needs a little help getting through it.
December 02, 2019
Saved From Suicide with Sean Douglas
Integrating from Military Service to everyday family life is a challenge. Sean Douglas takes us on his journey down a dark and dangerous path that nearly led to taking his own life. He shares the decisions he made and the steps he took to stop drinking, smoking and to get his family back. Each step added up and brought him to be the man he is today,  giving back and pouring into others. Our guest today is Sean Douglas: U.S. Air Force Veteran, TEDx Speaker & Speaker Mentor, Master Resilience Implementer, Business Strategist, International Radio Show Host, and Author. Links Book - Sean's Get Booked To Speak Strategy Guide -  Radio Show -
November 25, 2019
Overcoming devastating childhood abuse and working in the sex industry to living the Dream Life as a millionaire Stay At Home Mom Entrepreneur with Kat McLead
Welcome to the Valleys and Mountaintops podcast. Today we talk about getting past the hold that childhood trauma has on our lives. I am talking with Kat McLead, she is the creator of the Stay at Home Mom Entrepreneur where he helps Mom's create a highly profitable business they love working only 2 hours per day. From the mucky mud of life to a 6 figure entrepreneur she has helped many leave behind drugs, eating disorders and the sex trade industry. We cover: the mindset to overcome the hold of trauma and abuse self-sabotage and what to do about it how to find the best person to help you through trauma what to do when negativity tries to take over your thoughts or your life.
November 18, 2019
Overcoming Cancer As a Teen with Timothy Lawson
When most boys are choosing their education path and graduation Timothy was having Chemo and overcoming Cancer. This young man demonstrated courage, faith and encouraged others. He shares how to get through cancer and some great tips to help your loved ones along the journey. Timothy lives in The District of Columbia. He has lived in about a dozen different places over the last 10 years but came from the Greater North West.  He spent about 5 ½ years in the Marine Corps, serving as a marine security guard. This is an episode from 2014. As today is Remembrance Day, we are sharing again. Timothy supports Veterans struggling with suicide. Find his inspiring interviews and resources here: Shownotes:
November 11, 2019
Rags to Riches with Jerry Brazie
Today's episode is about how to overcome a poverty mindset after living in poverty.  I am talking with Jerry Brazie who grew up being the 7th child coming from a family of 9 brothers and sisters. We will talk about how many of us are taught we can't achieve, we are not worth anything and hold on to the little we have afraid to let go and make more. Jerry is here to share his personal journey which is a modern American Rags to Riches story. All of the links mentioned are at: Find Jerry at: The Jerry Brazie Podcast
November 04, 2019
Turning a Multiple Sclerosis Diagnosis into an Enabled Warrior with Jessie Ace
Jessie Ace was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis, referred to as MS, in her early 20's. Undoubtedly shocked, she went through a difficult time while she learned about it and figured out what to do. Instead of considering herself disabled, she chose to see her self as an enabled warrior and founded a group to support others diagnosed with a disease and devastating conditions. She is a podcast host, entrepreneur blog writer and illustrator. Join us as she shares her journey on the Podcast.
October 28, 2019
Entrepreneurship, Dialysis and a Kidney Transplant with Craig Dias
Craig waited for 7 years before he was able to receive a kidney transplant. Throughout that time, he ran businesses, started a family and even played football, or soccer, depending on where you are in the world. Although he had many difficulties throughout his journey, he never gave up, made it through and stopped by to share his journey with you. Find the show notes here:
October 21, 2019
How to Forgive and Live After A Painful Divorce with Daeyna Jackson
Daeyna teaches English in Japan and is the host of the, She is a Mess Podcast. After discovering her husband was gay, going through a painful divorce and starting over from scratch she decided to helps others embrace the mess and share their message one story at time. Topics We Talk About: How holding on to hate towards someone only hurts us Moving to a new country How to heal from a painful divorce. Favorite book: Believe Bigger by Marshawn Evans Daniels Links: Soon to come:
October 07, 2019
Bootstrapping Your Dreams with Manuj Aggarwal
Welcome to the Valleys and Mountaintops of life podcast. We share real life stories to give you hope and inspire you to take action with whatever you're facing. No matter how difficult your life circumstances are, never give up. These words are peppered through the conversation today. Our guest began his journey in India, working in a factory as a teen,12 hours a day. It’s a love story about two people whose families believed in different religions and forbid them to marry. As he walks through some of life's darkest valleys he shares the ups and downs that led him to the success he enjoys today. Manuj Aggarwal lives in Vancouver, Canada and is the founder of TetraNoodle. He is a husband, father, fellow podcast host, coach and mentor. You can find the interview at
September 30, 2019
The Power of Conversation with Engel Jones
Engel and his wife Amanda traveled across North America this summer. They met with people along the way and shared their inspiring stories. Not long before their trip, Engel's ended up off work without a paycheck. He shares with us how the difficult time ended up propelling him to get out of debt and change course. You will hear the highs, the lows and everything in between. Engel is the podcast host of 12 minute convos. He was born and raised on the Caribbean twin island of Trinidad and Tobago. He wears many hats as a Financial Advisor, Podcaster, Entrepreneur, loving husband, and dedicated father.
September 23, 2019
From Diagnosis to Dreaming Again with Dr. Jennifer “Kaylene” Carter
For years Kaylene experienced many medical symptoms and illnesses. After a long journey, she was diagnosed with Complex PTSD. While in treatment she was able to link the medical challenges she had been faced with to the trauma from the abuse she endured as a child. Today on the show, From Diagnosis to Dreaming Again with Dr. Jennifer “Kaylene” Carter, we share her courageous journey to heal from Complex PTSD, Fibromyalgia and overcome the hold it had on her life. She began dreaming again, wrote and published her first book and shares her journey with anyone that would like to overcome their own challenges in life. Kaylene has a passion for poetry and songwriting. She is a singer and songwriter and is working as a Professor and Life Coach for entertainers. She is the author of the book: WHEN THE MIRROR SHATTERS, Breaking the Bondage of Performance Mentality. Read the show notes at:
September 16, 2019
Fearless Faith Mindset with MJ Callaway
MJ is the first guest on the show that has not only beat cancer but is currently overcoming it now. She has a fearless faith mindset and came on the podcast to share her testimony of just how much can be overcome for anyone that is facing something challenging. MJ Callahan is an award-winning and 7times author, member of the National Speakers Association as well as a keynote speaker. After surviving three life-altering crises, she shares her setbacks and how toBounce Up higher and stronger. On today's episode you will learn about: A Faith Mindset How to bounce Up higher and stronger and not just back Some suggestions on how to approach beating Cancer Having fun in dark places Killing it in sales MJ has overcome 3 major traumas including divorce, overcoming cancer and . Tune into the interview to hear her heartfult story. CJ's Powerful Question What can I do with I have? Scripture Mentioned: Jeremiah 29:11 For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future. Favourite Book The 12 Week Year  Favourite Things To Do: Plan ahead Drink coffee in coffee shops Travelling and loves beaches. Links:  Facebook LinkedIn Twitter Music gratitude and credit to Scott Homes Music Our facebook page: MJ's Bio Mj Callaway, CSP works with organizations that want to boost their resiliency during disruptions while increasing results and revenue.  As an award-winning author, keynote speaker and corporate trainer, Mj is known for building team momentum, shifting attitudes, converting key strategies into fun activities, and getting results. After surviving three life-altering crises, Mj candidly shares her setbacks and how toBounce Uphigher and stronger.  She was the only female sales executive to reach the Top Five in sales for a national company, producing three times her quota.  She authored seven books “including two Warner Books best-sellers” and sold a children’s game to Disney.  Her next book, Bounce Up:  The New Resiliency to Bounce Higher and Stronger, hits the market on Jan. 10, 2020.  She’s a professional member of the National Speakers Association and is a coffee café fanatic. Connect with Mj on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, or
September 09, 2019
A New Name: Valleys and Mountaintops
Welcome back to the podcast after a long summer break. The leaves are quickly falling off the trees, the nights are coming sooner, it is getting colder at night if you are in Canada. If you are a first-time listener feel free to skip to the next episode, our first interview of the season. Welcome back to all of you that have been long-time listeners of the show. In this short episode, I am going to tell you a bit about my summer and what to expect moving forward. My favorite part of the summer was spending time sitting on the beach admiring the beauty of the mountains and nature around me. The stress fizzled away and I was left with peace and awe. My family and I moved to a new city just as the summer began. It made for a summer packed with to do's and a lot of driving. I had taken a course over the summer and continued to drive back an forth to complete it. It was a summer of contemplation. I had posted to see who was listening to the podcast and spent a lot of time deciding if I wanted to keep it going. I prayed on what God's plan for my life is and what path is the one for me. After the last boxes were unpacked, my course completed and my home became settled, I took the last two weeks off to spend with my family. We enjoyed eating meals together, sitting out on the patio late into the night, fun at the beach, the zoo, and the park. I re-evaluated my values and my goals for the next while. One huge realization I came to is that I love hosting this podcast and I get a lot out of it myself. Each guest shares a story of courage, lessons learned and resources that helped them to get through. Over the years, many guests have influenced many of the choices I have made and it is thanks to them that I am able to keep this show going and now have a Life Coaching business. In the beginning, the podcast was called A Second Chance. Each person would ask me which second chance story they should share.  It became clear that most people have been given multiple chances at life: in physical health in overcoming a mistake they made overcoming PTSD overcoming trauma overcoming something someone else did to them. Then I started my Life Coaching Business and made the podcast the name of the business, Synergy Mindset Coaching. I realized quickly that being a business coach alone was not what God made me to do. After praying over it all summer I came up with the name: Valleys and Mountaintops Most of our guests have told us stories about how they walked through valleys and climbed mountain tops in the sense of: Overcoming cancer Healing from PTSD Learning to live in a wheelchair Losing their job and starting over Leaving an abusive relationship Overcoming gun violence Learning to live with a physical disability There are so many individual experiences yet many share a few things in common: They were persistent Had faith Set goals Overcome obstacles Had a growth mindset Were on the learner path Sought wisdom and Were brave. As we begin a new season we will hear stories from people that have climbed life's mountains, walked through the valleys and share to inspire those that are in a difficult situation. Stay tuned, coming up is a Fearless Faith Mindset with MJ Callaway. She has overcome cancer and is facing a battle once again. You will hear her share her success story as well as her battle plan to overcome it once again.
September 09, 2019
Diz Runs Radio: Gina Johnson Relied On Running To Help Her Through Dark Times
Denny Krahe of Diz Runs Radio shared my story on his podcast. We talked about quitting smoking, loosing weight and the relentless pursuit of achieving your dreams. You can find the show notes he wrote up at:
June 24, 2019
Healing From The Ground Up with Michael Hsu
Many of us grow up feeling invisible or not good enough. Some of us are aware of it and others have yet to discover it. If we are faced with trauma or have parents that faced difficulties in coping in life, we may interoperate that in a negative way within ourselves.  Today we talk about what it is like to be a highly sensitive person.  If someone is feeling anxious, angry, sad or depressed can you intuitively feel and sense it? You may have a gift of high sensitivity. About 1/5 people are blessed with this gift. If they are not aware of this gift it can be used against them. Michael teaches them how to use this gift in a positive way.  Michael specializes in helping people heal anger, anxiety and depression from the ground up. He helps them get to the root of the problem.  What you will learn about from this interview - How to stop feeling responsible for others - Ways to identify when you are feeling someone else’s emotions vs. your own - How to honour what you need - How to speak up - Quit worrying about making others angry - How to know your true self - Speaking your needs respectfully - How to create an identity  Find the show notes with links mentioned at:
June 17, 2019
How To Answer Why Did This Happen To Me? with Aaron Keith Hawkins
Aaron was a Police Chief, Husband and Father when he experienced a close call with death. After realizing he could have suffered a heart attack, mini-stroke or aneurism he experienced a change in his life. He shares his journey through more than a decade of personal growth and a shift from surviving to now living an intentional life that is thriving. Throughout his career, he was often asked, "Why did this happen to me"?  He shares his experience answering this for himself as well as how he helped others navigate through this process to understanding. Links: Synergymindsetcoaching/ Web: Free copy of Million Dollar Influence: LinkedIn: Instagram: Facebook: Twitter:
June 10, 2019
Vision With Geoff Hughes
Life is full of twists and turns and ups and downs. For our guest today, there has been no exception. He shares the story of his life; from being raised by a Single-Mother on Welfare to becoming an unfulfilled millionaire.  He tells us how he bought his Porche 911, home and became a Millionaire only to realize that the vision he had created for his life didn't include happiness.  Through this journey, he shares how he was able to create a deep and meaningful vision that includes helping kids that are entrepreneurs.  Topics Discussed: How to create a deep vision for your life Changing your sub-conscience mind  Finding success with meaning in your life Resources Mentioned: Why Am I Afraid to Tell You Who I Am?/Why Am I Afraid To Love: Insights Into Personal Growth (Exclusive 2-in-1 Edition) Psycho CyberneticsMaxwell Maltz Links: Facebook: Instagram: Website:
June 03, 2019
Something To Live For With Rob Decker
How do you free yourself from the struggles and pains that started in the generations before you were born? What happens when a parent is not equipped with everything they need to parent well, and they are not able to learn the skills necessary? Our guest today shares his story of a difficult and dark start to life, followed by struggle nearly ending with suicide. He takes us on his journey where he found God, hope and healing. We will hear how he found forgiveness, love and freed himself from the chains of addiction and anger.  Find the whole story here:
May 27, 2019
Bullish on Bitcoin with Misha Yurchenko
Have you ever made a mistake that took a while to get over? You asked yourself questions such as how did this happen and why? How about losing a couple hundreds of thousands of dollars? Join me as we walk along Misha’s journey through life as he learned a hard lesson by losing a lot of money. He has a curious mindset and looked for the answers to learn what he needed to change to make sure he didn’t make the same mistake again.  Tune in to hear the whole story, learn about crypto currency and if you are interested in buying it yourself, a few tips and resources to help you along your way.  His Book: Bullish on Bitcoin His website: Fav. book mentioned: Fav. podcast mentioned:
May 13, 2019
Finding Meaning with John Graham
John began life as an adventurer. He took on climbing mountains that have never again been climbed, was active in wars, revolutions and many thrill-seeking adventures that brought him near death a dozen times. In the midst of a war, he had a light bulb moment and realized that all the thrill and adventure had not brought him meaning in life. He shares his story and journey of how he found the life of serving and helping others that he lives today. Some areas of discussion: · Life as an adventurer  · Taking enormous risks in the battle in Vietnam · Solving difficult public problems   · Life in the Foreign Service  · Life as a Diplomat  · The power of story to change people  · Creating curriculum for students to provide the best service-learning free on the planet. · Realizing the fullness of who you are · Overcoming PTSD · Life’s moral compass in asking big questions such as: what will build justice, end pain? · Men struggling to find their feminine side -Loving your kids is meaningful -Playing catch, being a coach to your kids team, taking your grandkids for a while -Being compassionate to someone that hates your guts · Finding what your meant to do · Creating meaning that lasts in your life
May 07, 2019
ADHD a Superpower with Maneesh Sethi
Our guest today often speaks on topics such as: · How to raise millions for your startup · Productivity hacks that work and  · Travelling the world He was told as a boy that he had a disorder called ADHD. Today instead of sharing his business expertise, he has joined us to share his story about how he turned ADHD into Super Power. He learned how to build a team, use his creativity and started a successful company. Today he enjoys location independence and the opportunity to serve and help thousands of peoplewake up in the morning, reduce cravings, quit smoking, and defend against distractions. This call takes place is in a café in Columbia. Our connection struggled at times and there is background sounds. If you are wearing earbuds, be careful as the sound has some people talking and a dog barking in the back ground. It is amazing, as we hear his story and learn about how to change our habits to achieve our mission in life. 
April 29, 2019
Business Culture and Mindset with Julie Ann Sullivan
Julie Ann Sullivan speaks about business culture and shares her journey from quitting her first job on the spot without savings or a plan to being the successful entrepreneur she is today. She has interviewed over 40 C-Suite leaders about the award-winning cultures they have created and maintained.   Julie Ann Sullivan is a business culture expert.  She knows how to retain good talent and increase productivity, problem solving and profitability.  She creates a more positive and productive environment into every organization she works with. Julie Ann Sullivan’s diverse background gives her a unique business perspective.  She earned a BA in Psychology and an MBA in Accounting, earning the designation of CPA and spent decades involved in accounting and business functionality.  Julie Ann is a Professional member of the National Speakers Association, C-Suite Network Advisor and proud member of the SHRM Blog Squad.   She is an international best-selling author.  Her newest book titled, Blueprint for Employee Engagement, 37 Essential Elements to Influence, Innovate and Inspire, is a roadmap for the complex journey to create a best place to work.  Her next book: Catalysts of Culture – How Visionary Leaders Activate the Employee Experience, is coming in 2019. Julie Ann also is the host the Businesses That Care Podcast, speaking to leaders on how they have created and sustain amazing business cultures. Favorite Book The Four Agreements Be impeccable with your word Do your best Don’t take things personally Read the book to find out! Podcast Businesses That Care Here’s The Thing with Alec Baldwin. Links: Facebook LinkedIn Twitter                           
April 15, 2019
Project Woo Woo with Lisa Orkin
Living in LA as an artist is quite an adventure. Lisa shares her ups and downs with us today on the show! We talk about divorce, the grieving process and how to have fun in life. Favorite Book: The Alchemist: The Illustrated Man: Favorite Podcast: On Being with Krista Tippett: Links: podcast website- instagram Here is the link to join the project woo woo mailing list... Music Credit to: Corporate Innovative by Scott Holmes
April 08, 2019
Master your Time, Talent and Treasures with Scott Maderer
Episode 75 on The Synergy Mindset Podcast and Community. Driving a long way down a country road, contemplating sending his car off the road, Scott made a decision in his mind to end his life. He had thought that his wife could pay off the debt with the life insurance payout. As he was wrestling with his decision, Dave Ramsey came on the radio and he began to hear stories of couples that had become, "debt free". Each night he drove home, he listened more and more until he had the courage to speak to his wife. The plan never came to fruition. Have you ever felt that you were at the end of your rope? That all hope was gone and unsure of where to go? Perhaps you are still working a mundane 9-5 job that seems to go nowhere. In this interview with Scott, we hear how his journey unfolded. He and his wife got out of debt, became John Maxwell Certified Coaches, he quit his corporate job and now helps others. He helps people master their time, their talents, and their treasures and if you listen you will learn a little bit about how you can as well.   In 2017, Scott and his wife Carrie started Inspired Stewardship as a business to serve Christian men and couples that are struggling to live out their calling.  They work to help align the way you use your time, your talent, and your treasures so that you can identify and live a fully authentic life that allows you to authentically live your calling, serve others, and provide for your family.  As certified Human Behaviour Consultants and members of the John Maxwell Team, they focus on helping you understand yourself, understand others, and through that understanding build the Kingdom. Scott and Carrie through Inspired Stewardship are living out their own calling that started with a call to coaching in 2011 and has slowly grown to a full-time business through one on one coaching, speaking, and workshops. Favorite Book: The Bible Deep Work Favorite Podcast: Read to Lead Podcast: Also mentioned: Free Gift: Scott has a free gift to help you with your personal growth journey. Links: Website: Https:// Facebook: Linkedin Twitter My podcast on 7:
April 01, 2019
Do Good, Be Awesome with Steve Reiter
Today I have the honour and privilege to speak with the cohost of the Eternal Leadership Podcast. He interviews incredibly inspiring and successful business professionals alongside his good friend John Ramstead. Steve Reiter  is an entrepreneur, Husband, Father, Podcast Host and shares his story of how he faced burnout, left his job, began to work for himself and  helped his wife heal from a long term illness. It is an incredible journey of faith, time to listen to God and we get into the tough moments and the difficult decisions he faced long before the fruit came into his life.       Steve worked for Focus on the family for 15 years with Dr. Dobson. He was his Chief Audio Engeneer.  It was the first religious broadcast inducted into the National Radio Hall of Fame . His work began taking a toll on his health. There was a tension, and stress present and after about 6 months, he turned in his resignation. He had lost 20lbs in one month and his doctor advised him to take his health seriously. Steve experienced tangible pain listening to spoken word, his body was saying STOP! He took 6 months off and began to listen and notice what was coming next into his life. He had several friends that told him he should be a financial advisor. He took a couple of weeks to pray about it, and has clients lining up before he got his licence. Steve likes to hike 14ers. They are mountains 14000 feet and higher, he hiked Mt. Antero and went to the top of the mountain thinking he would hear the answer from God, but…… he got nothing. Upon thinking on why that was, he began to think, maybe he had been given the answer through the circumstances.   He had John Ramstead mentoring him, with clients in the 50-500-million-dollar range. He did great his first year until his wife got sick.   She was sick for six months, and then again for another 6 months and most of it bed ridden. It was because of the clients that he has already established, that he was ok. It kept the roof over his head, food on the table. His journey was over 7 years long and was about inner growth. Those close to him advised him that he had inner crap holding him back and it was causing him to doubt himself. He was consistent and kept trying different things. Steve received a break through and others noticed. They ask him what he did in pursuit of a formula. He tells us the path is different for everyone and always keeps going. The internal reality needs to match the external reality or people self savage when they reach a higher level of success. Steve knew that he was going to make it to a higher level and that he needed to have his internal reality exceed it. Listen to the podcast to hear the whole story! Favourite Book The Bible The Fourth Turning: What the Cycles of History Tell Us About America's Next Rendezvous with Destiny Favorite Podcast Bulletproof Radio with Dave Asprey Links: Daily Personal Growth Community Music credit: Scott Holmes
March 25, 2019
Kingdom Mindset with Christian CEO Kelly Baader
Kelly Baader is here to share her inspiring story of how she had to overcome insurmountable odds since her childhood to achieve the success she enjoys today. She is a wife and Mom, lives in Switzerland with a well-traveled Labrador, a renowned Digital Sales and Marketing Strategist, Certified Business Coach, Mentor to emerging Christian entrepreneurs, Host of Christian CEO podcast and author of a best selling book.  Highlights: How she overcome being told she wouldn't make it in business. What it was like to be a female CEO when it was mostly a male occupation. When Kelly experienced the presence of God and was asked what she wanted for her birthday present. How to write a letter to God Why we need more people that love God in the top 3% of the business world. Being a Christian in today's business world. Who are you called to serve, what kind of problem are you solving and what kind of solution will you provide?   Favorite Book: Atomic Habits: James Clear Favorite Podcast: Story Brand: Donald Miller Youpreneur by Chris Ducker Links: https://Kelly Website: Podcast: Youtube: Instagram: Twitter: Linkedin: Facebook: The Synergy facebook page: Photo by Lukas Budimaier on Unsplash Music Credit to: Corporate Innovative by Scott Holmes Episode 73
March 18, 2019
Setting Intentions that Succeed with Karen Liebenguth
Over half of people that set intentions fail at succeeding with them but it's not you, it doesn't have to be. If you have started to fall away from the intentions you set on New Years or have fallen away completely, don’t worry, Karen is here to share with you some great ways that you can not only get back on track but ensure success to see them through.   Karen is at her best when she is surrounded by nature in the great outdoors. She offers life coaching in green spaces and parks in and around London. She helps professional men and woman who, "appear" on the surface to be doing well yet feel unfulfilled,  have a real worry and fear that they are missing out on opportunities and that they are wasting time. They don't quite know what to do. Karen helps them to live a more meaningful life. There are some people that are ready to leave their current job, they don't know what to do. Others experience conflict at work, difficulty in their relationship and Karen helps them to be able to overcome the fear of face conflict and experience more meaningful conversations. Intentions: January to March is a busy time at Greenspace Coaching when everyone is setting intentions. Something happens and over half of the people that set them, believe they have failed. This is important, Karen tells us, we can start again every day!! If we bring awareness and curiosity to the conversation, we can ask questions and find out what is going on. Karen calls this a growth mindset vs. a failure mindset. Failure Mindset: When we fail at something we go into habitual ways of negative thinking and beat ourselves up. It is a narrow mindset that can only see the negative. Our self-talk becomes, "I am rubbish, can't do it, I will never do it." It comes from our evolution we have a tendency to focus on the negative, called a negativity bias, we no longer need this, although we tend to go there. Learning Mindset: This is where we are able to step back a little bit, look at what happened and be curious, kind and compassionate when we fail. As we understand ourselves better, we are able to find alternative ways to get what we need and honor our goals. Our Attitude Towards Ourselves: I asked Karen if she notices that we are harder on ourselves than others and she sure did. We engage in painful thoughts and judgments about ourselves in a way that we would never speak to others. How do we break this???? Karen tells us practice, practice, and practice. She also sought out mentors, partook in some therapy, increased her self awareness and made a habit to practice mindfulness and meditation. She tells us it was easier to bring kindness and self-compassion to her friends, family, clients than herself as she had felt it was a little self-indulgent to give it to herself. Over time, with hard work, she brought this kindness and compassion to herself and it lights her up as she speaks, it is inspiring that you and me, we can find this too. "If we want to live a meaningful life, one that is satisfying, rich and enjoyable, that takes effort. Nothing in life falls in our lap, we need to dedicate ourselves to our own life, it is a life practice."   Coaching to help you succeed with your goals, intentions: Ask yourself what the value is of setting it, what matters, what is the purpose? Consider writing down 3 words to express the importance of the intention. What are the benefits? About Karen: Karen Liebenguth is a certified coach, MBTI facilitator and accredited mindfulness teacher. She trained in Eco-therapy and specializes in working with individual clients, teams and groups in natural settings tapping into the beneficial impact nature has on our psychological,
March 11, 2019
Helping Moms Ditch the Stress and Find Joy with Marina Pearson
Marina Pearson is a mother, bestselling author, international TEDx speaker, investor and Joy Retreat Facilitator. Most of all she is a human Be-ing. She lives her life working on projects that light her up and in the process assists others to also light up their lives. Over 14 years’ experience in the transformation industry has culminated in Marina helping mums to ditch the stress at her Joy Retreats she hosts from her home in Javea, Spain. As host of the Joy of Being podcast, Marina interviews transformation professionals, business owners and creatives on how to live a life we can truly enjoy. Marina’s work has been featured on ITV’s This Morning, Marie Claire, Spirit & Destiny, The Guardian and the Daily Mail. If you are interested in finding out where your joy gaps are and what you can do about them, visit: You can also join Marina on the Joy of Being podcast at
March 04, 2019
Ending the Overwhelm and Stress with Nicole Burgess
Nicole Burgess is a licensed psychotherapist, host of Soulfilled Sisterhood podcast, and introvert empowerment coach to high achieving and sensitive professional women. She helps highly sensitive women end the overwhelm and stressed out cycle, perfectionism and find balance in their life. They go from surviving to thriving in our busy world.  Nicole began her career in Corporate America as an accountant before she followed her true calling as a psychotherapist to empowerment coach. She helps other visionaries, non-conformists, and truth sayers reach their potential without burning out. We learn how to reframe your thoughts: Listen to mind chatter Write the thoughts down, you can become objective and figure out where it comes from, you can ask: What story am I telling myself? Where did this thought come from? (most of the things we tell ourselves comes from before the age of 9. You have to recognize it is there to be able to change it. Many women are shocked at how much they put themselves down and how negative they are in their own mind. Compassion and forgiveness is the cure and you can begin to shift and change it. You can begin to love yourself and then love others.   Some Tips from Nicole: We all need to be working with a therapist and or a coach. We can all benefit from working with someone that is at least one step ahead. Review every day -What are your wins? What worked really well?   Money Mindset Anyone can learn it! Some woman do not ask for a raise, if they have their own business, they don’t raise their rates and may not keep good track of their money. There is a lot of shame around not knowing and you really, truly can learn! A money mindset is being aware of what you are telling yourself, what your limiting beliefs are. Then, taking steps, knowing that it is ok to not know and then take little steps towards it. Listen to the podcast interview above or on your fav. smartphone app to hear the whole interview. Favorite Book: Caroline Myss, Sacred Contracts   Favorite Podcast: Links: Website: FB: LinkedIn: Podcast: Soulfilled Sisterhood Free online workshop "The 5 Step Strategy My Clients Use to End Overwhelm, Get Rid of Guilt, and Increase Connection to Their Partner as a Highly Sensitive Woman": Music Credit to: Corporate Innovative by Scott Holmes Our Daily Personal Growth Group
February 25, 2019
Wyred to Win with James Newcomb
"This too shall pass" is a powerful quote we hear when going through a storm in life. Our guest today is in the middle of one and instead of postponing the interview, he shared with us from a place of vulnerability and truth. What do you do when you feel like a failure? How do you move forward? James shares his walk through these questions and the balance between waiting and taking action. We will dive deep into the mindset of overcoming the paralyzing effects of feeling like a  failure and how to move forward to embrace a mindset that we are wyred to win? Some topics that we will cover are: Divorce, starting a podcast, wisdom form interviewing many musicians and successful artists and more. Check out the entire interview above or on your favorite podcast app. James Newcomb is a father, musician, podcaster, and entrepreneur. Jame's Morning Routine Turns on the light and burner to make his Kion coffee Counts to 300 while waiting for the water to boil Makes coffee in a french press and opens up the Bible Reads bible gateway on the app on his phone. He reads the featured scripture and the whole chapter. He then reads the Tora followed by the Proverb. He reads from a success type book Walks on the beach when the sun is out or exercises By 8:00 he is ready to go and gives himself the first and best hour of the day to devote to his business Edits and produces podcasts for most to the day Practices  When his son is home he exercises indoors and sometimes with his son sitting on his back as a weight as he does pushups. They plank together. Favorite Book: Principles by Ray Dalio Conscious Capitalism  Favorite Podcast: Tom Woods Show Links: twitter: mrjamesnewcomb website: Music Credit to: Corporate Innovative by Scott Holmes Our Daily Personal Growth Group
February 19, 2019
Gratitude’s Lifeline with Rachel DesRochers
"You can not be in gratitude and have lack at the same time. It is a conscious choice that you as a human being are making to say, I don't have enough or look at how full my cup is."       -Rachel DesRochers   Show notes coming soon......... Mentions: 5 Love Languages Links: Instagram - @racheldesrochers Facebook- @racheldesrochers
February 11, 2019
When A Child Attempts Their Life with Anna Milne
Suicide rates continue to rise and it has been estimated that it is the second leading cause of death in teens. Although it is all too common it is not often spoken about and it can be difficult to find support if you have a teen that has attempted to take their life. There is often a stigma attached to what it means to have a child try to take their own life and also the fact that society seems to only deal with things when it is too late. Anna has been through this and due to the lack of support ended up shifting her entire career to create that support as well as be available to support her daughter. She faced one of the worst events that a parent can when her daughter attempted to take her own life. She shares her story openly and vulnerable today and lives her life to empower Moms.   Welcome to the Synergy Mindset Coaching Podcast. We share inspiring stories and expert advice to help you with your daily personal growth to achieve the life you desire. I am your host and certified life coach Gina Johnson.     Anna Milne is your lifeline thrown out to support you in the midst of the storm; pulling you back to shore away from the guilt, overwhelm and towards peace and calm. Flourishing Moms was created for moms to have a place to go, to learn, grow and not Survive but to  Flourish. Anna is a trained Child, Youth and Family Counsellor, and Life Coach who has years of experience working with families all around the world. Her focus changed from Children to working with Moms out of her own need of support while walking through her youngest daughters suicide attempt.  She is that much-needed spark of light in the midst of that at times overwhelming Chaos. She shares the story of how they healed as a family and how she overcame feelings of guilt. Listen to the interview by clicking on the player to hear the whole story. She speaks to the heart of a parent, in saying, "it is not your fault". Favorite Book: The Four Agreements  Favorite Podcast: Links: The Flourishing Moms Podcast: Instagram Anna Milne Music Credit to: Corporate Innovative by Scott Holmes Our Daily Personal Growth Community
February 04, 2019
Mindset Monday with Terri Fry
Do you ever tire from hearing about how positive you should always be while juggling all that life demands each day? There is a time for positivity and reality that there are negative things that happen, we must acknowledge, feel and move through. That is what Terri, podcast host of Mom Like that, wife and working Mother has come to share. Today we deep dive into the life of a working Mom, mindset and how to be real in a world of pseudo-happiness. We learn about how to set a schedule at the beginning of the week, have grace when things go wrong and all about self-care. Terri is the Mom of a 3 and 5-year-old boy, wife and currently in the transition of a new career. She is a podcast host and has a passion to bring different motherhood perspectives together. Some key takeaways: How do you keep feeling that you are growing? You can ask yourself these questions. What did I achieve this week? Where did I fail this week? How can I improve upon? 2. How having self-care allows us to give back more to others and be there for our family. 3. Allowing yourself to feel sad, to hurt, to be a little bit miserable for a short time is helpful to your happiness. 4. How to set a schedule at the beginning of each week and have grace for it's unfolding.       Favorite Book: Never Split the Difference: Negotiating As If Your Life Depended On It The Birth Order Book: Why You Are the Way You Are Favorite Podcast: Serial The Gold Digger Podcast Links: Mom Like That Podcast Instagram:
January 28, 2019
Mindset Monday with Karly Nimmo
Show notes coming soon........ Book: Podcast: Links: Music, Corporate Innovative by Scott Holmes
January 21, 2019
Mindset Monday for Frustrated Dads
This post is for the secondary parent that struggles with feeling stress, fear and anxiety when being left alone with their children. In many cases it is Dad, and for the purposes of this article, I will refer to Mom as the primary parent and Dad as the secondary yet acknowledge that in 2019 there are many different combinations of parenting. My kids range from graduated to elementary school age and I have been supporting my daughter raising her child as a single Mom for almost two years now. I can't even begin to tell you how much I have learned and I am excited to share it with you because I have seen far too many Dad's in my 18 years of being a parent, check out because they don't feel valued, equipped or capable of being a Dad. Can you be a good Dad? This is the very question that Dale Carnage was asked over and over again about the topic of being a public speaker, and he answered them, I know you can. What is the difference of being a Dad and a good Public Speaker, Businessman, or CEO? Comfort, experience, and mindset are a few that come to mind. What you have learned in business school you can learn about being a Dad, you can strengthen the things you are good at and seek support for the things you are not. I made the mistake of acting as a Mom to my Grandaughter before realizing that I am not. I am her Granny and there are some big differences. A few differences were: Mom breastfed and created the primary attachment Mom took a year off school and was there every day and night and I worked Mom cuddled her, loved her and was there for every moment, I filled in for a bit When I had my kids I was Mom and I was used to being able to pick them up, rock back and forth and comfort them. When I picked my granddaughter up, she wanted her Mom, not me, it took a lot of time, consistency and communication with her Mom for me to create a relationship where she wanted me and sometimes, she still only wants Mom. Because I am Granny, that is ok. I have seen many Dad's take this very thing personally and become defeated. They think that their child doesn't love them, or that they are not good at being a Dad and what I have seen them do makes it worse. Dad's take a step back........ instead of taking two forward. Each step they take back, increases their disconnection with their child. The connection is what they are seeking and disconnection is what they get. Credits: Music credit with gratitude to Scott Holmes. Song Innovative Corporate URL: Photo: Photo by Sam Headland on Unsplash Thank you to my daughter Emily
January 15, 2019
Heart for Jesus with Mike Stone
Today we take a deep dive into the scripture and talk about having a renewed mind, forgiveness and Grace. Mike is a serial entrepreneur with a passion to share the Grace of Jesus. He co-hosts the Grace Coach Podcast with Kevin Smith and after finding it over the holidays, I reached out to ask him to share with you. Today we cover the following topics: How his heart for Jesus helps him as a business owner. How Jesus offers us forgiveness for our sins, grace and unconditional love. For Mindset Monday, how we renew our minds as you will hear in Romans. Favorite Book and Podcast The Bible  Classic Christianity, Bob George Music credit to Bob Christopher has a great book and podcast where you can call in to ask questions. Links and Credit The Grace Coach Podcast  Music with permission and credit with gratitude to Scott Holmes. Song Innovative Corporate URL:
January 08, 2019
Second Chances with Rhonda Britten
Rhonda Britten shares a story that takes most peoples breath away. Today she is here to share the story of how her childhood was taken away in a moment when her father murdered her mother in front of her. The years between him taking his own life after to appearing on Oprah and sharing her story for the first time were difficult. She engaged in self-destructive behavior and built walls to keep people from getting to close. She has dedicated her life to helping people become fearless and is a Master Coach. One of the skills she teaches is how to listen to a difficult story.  Today she is brave, courageous and vulnerable and opens a window for us to walk along her on her journey of healing.   When Rhonda was only 14 her father murder her Mother and then shot himself.  The whole story unfolds in the podcast episode that you can listen to above or on Apple Podcasts. Free Gift Fearless Living Gift Links Music: Music credit with gratitude to Scott Holmes. Song Innovative Corporate URL:
January 02, 2019
The Mindset to Socialize Alcohol Free with James Swanwick
Have you ever had one too many drinks at a social event and suffered from that regret of having said or done something that you only wish you could take back? I had the privilege of having James Swanwick stop by for the second time to share some great stories about how people are having fun and enjoying the Christmas season without the hangovers, regrets or alcohol. We dive into his expertise in helping people sleep better, find more clarity, focus, energy and even make more money. If you would like to hear his story from the first interview you can find it here: James James Swanwick is an Australian-American investor, entrepreneur, speaker, former SportsCenter anchor on ESPN, host of The James Swanwick Show podcast and the author of The 30 Day No Alcohol Challenge. Forbes listed James as one of 25 Professional Networking Experts to Watch. James quit drinking alcohol in 2010 and hasn't touched it since. His life radically transformed and he has had a lot of success since. His life is about positive mindset and positive health habits and he has created businesses around them. We talk about failure, staying positive after a failure, the 30 day, no alcohol challenge, sleep and how his new product, Swannies blue light blocking glasses are improving lives. You can hear the entire interview here and be sure to check out the first where he shares his own personal story.   Links Facebook Twitter Instagram YouTube LinkedIn   Music credit with gratitude to Scott Holmes. Song Innovative Corporate URL:
December 17, 2018
Burnout to Thriving Solopreneur with David Ralph
Burnout to Thriving Entrepreneur with David Ralph David was determined to see his business thrive. When he was given a stern warning from his doctor that he may only have 6 months left if he didn't slow down, he increased his workload intending to accomplish his goal before his health runway ran out. His ended up burning out and in the hospital needing to scale back his 20 hour days. In today's interview, he shares his journey and the process he created to live a healthy life and run a successful business.   David Ralph is the host of the top-ranked online show, Join Up Dots where he  joins up the dots of his guest's lives, highlighting their failures and successes (with more than a few laughs in between) He is an ex-corporate trainer, with a wife, five kids, a grandson, a cat, and a snail (that might actually be dead already...who can tell?) The Beginning When David began Join Up Dots, he was working 20 hour days and wearing all the hats required to get the jobs done. He tells us that being an entrepreneur requires learning new skills daily to keep up with everything that needs to be done.   In the beginning, David had not figured out what he was really good at and he did everything. His friends commented that he didn't look well and his hair began to fall out. That was when the doctor told him that he needed to slow down and that he may have a heart attack or stroke in the next 6 months. David figured, if he had 6 months then he could work even harder and as long as he finished the job, before the time was up, he would be ok. He was living life as if he were Superman but like all mere mortals, burn out hit him again. David is not the type of man to give up and on he pressed. He was determined to figure it out. Optimized Entrepreneurship for The Solopreneur David figured out how to optimize his tasks and put systems into place. He has interviewed over 1200+ successful guests on his show and what he took away from all those interviews was that the most successful people are not all that smart. They focus on what they are best at doing, the 10%. He told us that that thing that you are the best at, the thing that no one can do better than you is the exact thing that you feel guilty for charging for. We dive into some great conversation about how to charge for a service and offer value each step of the way, check out the whole podcast to catch all of the details by listening to the player above or on Apple Music here. David Ralph Interview Skills The path to success for David was not straight and easy yet he demonstrated some skills along the way to achieve victory. Here are a few that really stood out to me. Savouring: Putting a spin on a cold rainy day by enjoying the time in his warm bed. Vision: Having a vision and the ability to work away towards it each day without giving up until the objective has been achieved. Optimism: Being able to see the good in situations and to know when it's bad that it will get better. Not giving up. Humour: From the intro, he used humour as he does on his own show, it lightens up life! Parting Guidance If you want to do something, know that it is there waiting for you. It is in your head for a reason, you never get ideas that pop into your head that you don't want to do. That thing that pops in your mind is waiting, it is knocking on your door and it is your duty to open it. Books The 4 Hour Work Week with Tim Ferris  The Rules of Life by Richard Templar Podcast Meaningful Money with Pete Matthew  Links https://twitter.
December 10, 2018
Frustrated, Stressed & In Debt to The Abundance Mindset with Nate Ridgeway
Welcome to the Synergy Mindset Podcast, Mindset Monday Edition.  Nate Ridgeway is here to share about the Scarcity Mindset vs. the Abundance Mindset.  We will find out what the Abundance Mindset is and how can we adopt an Abundance Mindset?     Nate is a Husband, Father, Entrepreneur, John Maxwell Certified Coach, Pastors’ Son, the Leader of Life Tribe and also has an amazing Second Chance Story. On his website, he says that he is grateful for his second chance at living life wisely and well. He grew up, The Son of a Preacher Man, that was also, The Son of a Preacher Man and he was also The Son of a Preacher Man. Being the 4th generation involved in church ministry and it taught him to love and value people and how to build things. Whether you are building things or peoples lives it is in Nate's DNA, in his blood. Not an Abundance Mindset Nate shares that he was not always living with an abundance mindset and started off his family in debt by putting the hospital bills on his credit card. They took vacations and paid utilities and at one point got to 50K credit card debt on high-interest cards. He had the wrong mindset about life, got up to 247 lbs, was totally stressed out, hated life and ended up wondering how he ended up overweight, broke, and frustrated. He has massive desires to make a massive impact in the world and he was not making an impact at that time. Nate was given the name, Life Architect, by a dear friend of his that had a branding firm and put the story in front of his face. He showed him how far he had come and how he was helping people to re-engineer and redesign their lives. This really played to the DNA of his heart. A Change in Life . When he realized change needed to take place in his own life it began step by step. He experienced frustration while he was trying on his wedding/funeral suit and it just wasn't buttoning and he punched the mirror in frustration. It as a wake-up moment of the physical state his body was in. The next was when he went to a financial coach and they uncovered his $600.00 a month Starbucks Habit. He tells us that when you are accountable and you really want to move from scarcity to abundance you are willing to take those kinds of, "spankings" from a coach. His mindset was a scarcity mindset because he had a lack of abundance in his mindset to be honest with himself and know how to use whatever resources were available to him. He was not in abundance because he had money to spend at Starbucks, he was in scarcity because he was using money that he could have put towards his debt so that he could move towards abundance. Moving toward abundant living is knowing how to use your resources; time, energy, money, a skill, talent or the gifts that God has given you responsibility.  The Power of a Coach or Mentor You have to be willing to submit to a coach if it is going to be effective. There are many coaches and areas of coaching and Nate feels that the coaching fit is special. He recommends taking the time to find a coach where the relationship is the right fit, someone that can help you get what you are looking for. Find someone that has done what you want to do or has been where you want to go.   Listen to the whole interview to find out what those steps are and hear the rest of Nate's Journey. Find out how he developed a Rockstar Abundance in his life and how it has allowed him to make a massive impact in the world. Listen on Apple Podcasts or by clicking on the player above. Nate's Fav Book: Think and Grow Rich The Bible  The PodcastNate's Listening to: Amy Porterfield   Links Nate's Website: facebook: https://www.
December 03, 2018
Back from Heaven's Front Porch with Danny Bader
Life is a gift and at any moment can be taken from us. It is a miracle that our guest today is alive and here to share his amazing story. He brings hope in the darkest of places and wisdom he learned from a difficult journey. Danny Bader is a best-selling author, inspirational coach, a member of the Elite Catholic Speakers Organization,, and he has an inspiring Instagram page. He has worked with some of the biggest organizations in the nation and has delivered over 10,000 hours inspiring others to live their best life. His purpose of sharing his time with us today is to tell us about how a near-death experience transformed his life. Life Today Danny Bader lives outside of Philadelphia Pennsylvania with his wife and three children. He spends time with his family, travels, works, goes to the beach, runs and works out a little bit.  Second Chance Story Take us to the moment in time that you would consider the worst moment of your second chance story and tell us the STORY. We’ll share what you learned. Danny was in an accident before he was 29 years old. He and his friend were lowering a ladder and tragically and certainly mistakenly hit an electrical line that had 8-10,000 volts of electricity in it. It came down the metal ladder and went into their bodies and killed his friend Bruce that day. Bruce was a great father of 3 a husband and only 36 years old. Danny had an experience of peace and knew he was dying or dead. His soul, spirit, life force, energy (whatever you want to call it), left his body. He absolutely believes now that when our human bodies stop working, there is a part of us that continues on. He called his book, Back from Heaven’s Front Porch, because he had an experience of that but he knew he had further to go, he explains that experience as being on Heaven's front porch, and then he was back in his body. It was the strangest experience he has had and not of this world. He crawled over and helped the other brother Stew, and he was trying to help Bruce. He asked him how he was here? Danny took his boots off because his feet were killing him. He took off his boots and socks and feet had little holes in them. There was not any blood because the electricity cauterized them. Stew came over and asked Danny what happened. Danny told him he must have hit a wire and Stew said he knew. Danny said he saw him coming down the ladder and was yelling at him to get his brother.  Stew said that he had not said anything, that Stew had rolled him over and given him CPR and tried to save him, given up and thought he was dead. He left Danny to try and save his brother Bruce. Danny was without oxygen for 7-8 minutes, this is a lot longer than the human brain can live. He doesn’t know if there is a medical reason he is here. The Second Chance Story came after that because he went into a dark place, he wouldn’t let anyone help him, he was experiencing Survivors Guilt. The Turn Around Point Take us to the moment in time of an incredible turnaround point you’ve experienced and tell us the STORY. We’ll explore the steps you took or the faith you used to walk your journey. He came out of a bar after drinking way too much, went into a phone booth and phoned his Mom. She asked him when he was coming home and said they couldn’t wait to see him.  This changed his life direction. He had made plans to engage in an act of self-destruction and be done with it all. With tears in his eyes and a lump in his throat he told her he would come in a few days. Something inside him shifted and he asked a question, “I wonder what it’s gonna be like when I get better?” He got up the next day and began to make the trip to see his Mom, it wasn’t all better but it was certainly the turn ar...
December 02, 2018
Scarcity Mindset With Jiaying Zhao
Today on Mindset Monday I speak with Jiaying Zhao about the Scarcity mindset and how it impacts everyone. She brings her own story about growing up in China living in an area experiencing poverty and tells us that is has led her to dedicate her life to researching and helping some of the most vulnerable and poor people. She shares her lens on this topic as well as some research and statistics from her work. Meet Jiaying   Jiaying has her PhD in Cognitive Psychology and is an Assistant Professor for the Department of Psychology at UBC. She is a Canada Research Chair (t2) in Behavioral Sustainability. She belongs to the Institute for Resources, Environment and Sustainability. She loves her work of research, supervising students, research projects, teaching, and service. On The Synergy Mindset Podcast, she takes us back to the beginning of her story and shares about her life growing up in China. She tells us she grew up poor and had intimate experiences in her family and in society at that time. Her family got out of poverty and she was able to pursue an education in Canada. She was interested in poverty because of her personal experience and when she was in graduate school, one of her Ph.D. advisors was working on poverty. Jiaying jumped on board immediately because it was a personal interest and passion of hers since childhood. They wanted to understand what makes the poor poor and for the last decade have been investigating a psychological cognitive explanation of the behaviors of low-income individuals. Scarcity Mindset is a condition of not having enough or the feeling of not having enough. This can be money, time, calories, pretty much anything. It is experienced by pretty much everyone in the world. When someone is feeling scarcity they begin to tunnel their resources. They focus only on the task at hand and can end up making poor decisions due to a lack of seeing the big picture. Jiaying uses the example of money scarcity and how people borrow money, such payday loans, with high interest to solve the moment's problems. They neglect everything else and those other things are equally important. This is a cognitive phenom. There are other scarcity mindsets. There are social driven ones as well. In society, we tend to view low-income individuals as lazy or not-competent and it is most of the time, unfair and not true. The poor suffer a lot of stigma because of their poverty identity. Therefore, a poor person may be worried about how others view them based on the perception that they know the average person will view them. These are mental burdens on the poor. It uses cognitive resources and the worry has effects. This constant worry reduces IQ, decreases performance and testing, When Jiaying grew up in China in the 80's everyone was poor therefore she experienced equality. Here in Canada, we have inequality of super-rich to all ranges which causes even more of a stereotype. We need to change the public perception of the poor and there are several initiatives on the way.  Self-fulfilling Prophecy A vicious cycle, the person perceives the stereotype is true about them, therefore, acts with behavior that is destructive or will be in ways to confirm the belief and ends up becoming the person that the stigma projects. It can be broken by realizing the stereotype or belief is not true. This is how we can begin to dissociate the situation from the individual. The individual can change their belief about themselves and therefore change their behavior. Policymakers can help make a difference as well. Jiaying has met with leaders to discuss how the government can help by increasing the overall income for low-income people. She suggests that we look at the impact the cash incentives will have on a person and what their individual needs...
November 26, 2018
Post Traumatic Growth from Failed Relationships with Katrina Goff
Have you felt the pain of losing someone that you love followed by the frustration of thinking about how difficult starting over would be? Post Traumatic Growth can show up from failed relationships. If you are hurting or keep repeating the same cycle of relationship- single- relationship tune in to this podcast interview with Katrina Goff.   Katrina Goff, CAPP, CRT, is a positive psychology practitioner, and a certified resilience trainer, licensed to facilitate the Bounce Back Better(R) system, a Flourishing Center Program. Katrina spent the majority of her career working in Health Care and with the Military. She came across the term, Post Traumatic Growth in a Psychology class she was taking and was able to share it with several service members in active duty over the years. It gave them some hope, and she could help them to see a different side of life other than just Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. She is passionate about helping people have happier and healthier relationships and helping people see there is something else outside of just being stuck in the trauma of a situation, that you can find good in situations and you can have maybe a different life than you anticipated but that it can be even better than you dreamed. Mindset It's all about how we choose to look at things and really being aware of the thoughts that come into our minds and what we do with them. Sometimes we are getting something out of holding into trauma and are not ready to let it go. The longer we entertain a negative or painful thought the quicker it will pop back into our head. We have automatic thoughts and we have the power to take control over it, we do not have to entertain them. We may not have had control over the initial situation but what we think and feel about it is definitely in our control. PTSD We often think of war, a serious illness, death of a loved one, rape or anything traumatic but when we think about a failed relationship that can be one of the most traumatic events that ever happen to us in our life. We have invested our time, our heart, our mind into believing we are going to have that relationship forever. Perhaps that person is your best friend and you never imagined not having them in your life. Due to some circumstances regardless of fault, it can be debilitating. We can want to lay in bed and our thoughts can focus on the negative like how our life will never be the same and that we won't have it back again. These thoughts don't lead us forward. Post Traumatic Growth (PTG) When we can see it and know how it shows up we can build more of it into our lives. One way that it shows up for Katrina is in Spirituality. Knowing she has a Heavenly Father that loves her and being part of something bigger than herself is very important to her. She knew when she was hurting that she was never alone. She tells us that when our heart feels it is breaking we tend to want to isolate ourselves and we feel we are the only person that ever felt that way but we are not alone, everyone feels this way and have had a heartbreaking experience. Meaning - I can make an understanding of what happened and expect that something is going to be better in the future because of it. We are meaning-making creatures and want to figure out what we learned so we can share it with others. PTG comes from asking questions such as, What was my part in that breakup, what did I miss? How can I help other people?  It is hard to do but if we don't get to the heart of this, we can end up in that repeating cycle of relationship, single and heartbreak or we never believe we can have it. Purpose - Future focuses, What am I going to do with that info that came from meaning? What gifts, skills,
November 19, 2018
What is Missing with Doug Holt
Mindset Monday with Doug Holt   What do you do when others think you have it made but deep inside you still feel like something is missing. You long for more than the life you have right now, what do you do? Doug's Story Back in 2007, Doug was one of the youngest business owners on the main street in Santa Barbara, CA. Owning an elite private training gym, a fitness magazine, and doing consulting for several companies. By all accounts he had it made... but he wasn't fulfilled. That's when Doug made a dramatic shift and began to ask the question: If you put down the last few years of your life into a book would it be a book you'd even want to read? Better yet would it be a page turner? If not, it's time to make a change and a change is exactly what Doug set out to make... and he did. Meet Doug Today He has been traveling with his family for 4 months. His 17-month son is his life and his goal and mission is to be the best possible husband and father he can be. Doug wakes up in the morning and journals, gets some work done and then spends a lot of time with his son. He runs 6 companies and the journey he shares today is all about how he made his business run around his life and not the other way around. The Journey Doug grew up an entrepreneur and it started in Orange County California where he grew a garden in his backyard and sold the produce door to door. He has always been that way and gave a lot to charity. Two cornerstones in his life were Entrepreneurship and Philanthropy. He was one of the youngest business owners and was running three business at the time. He ran a magazine, was consulting and ran a networking group that consisted of some celebrities and business people. From the outside, he felt that something was missing and went to his mentor to share this. His mentor told him to, "buck up" and be happy with how lucky he was. It didn't sit right in his stomach so he went to a coffee shop and started writing. The turn around point  Doug asked a powerful question in his journaling, If someone followed him around for the last couple of years of his life and wrote it down, would it be a best seller, a book Doug would be interested in reading, a page turner? The answer shocked him, it was NO! Doug took an honest appraisal of his life and noticed that he was stressed and that his time away from work was lonely. He decided he wanted to have a family and time to spend with them and when he consulted his mentor he was told that he couldn't have both. Observing others, Doug noticed that others in the business world weren't happy with their family life and he knew he wanted to have both. I asked him how he overcame being given this advice, advice being given by extremely successful people in life and business, neighbors of Ellen and Oprah. The Quest He went on a quest that lasted about four years and attended seminars, had coaching and mentoring and took it all in. He started piecing it all together like a puzzle. He gamified it into where he could get wins and figured out how he could make his business work for him. He sold the studio that required him to be there in person and took his businesses online. It required a lot of hard work and utilization of processes and systems to make it successful. He shared with his mentor and his mentor was very happy that he was able to create the life of his dreams. The 90-day game plan Doug created the 90-day game to help gamifie your own life. You an find it at Parting Words   Links  www.linkedin.
October 29, 2018
Fixed and Growth Mindset with Ana Melikian
Mindset Monday with Ana Melikian Ana shares her fascinating story of moving from Portugal to Phoenix Arizona in the United States. She had been traveling the world speaking in her academic life as a Psychotherapist and left is behind to be with her husband. She had recently finished her PhD and to practice in the United States, she would have had to jump back into more time in school so she decided to start her own coaching business. Ana tells us that jumping back into school felt as if she had completed running a marathon and was about to run the second one right away. She felt that life coaching pulled her skills and academic life together and she went on and became certified through the best coaching programs. She had found that her coaching business was much different than her practice in Psychotherapy. Using a Growth Mindset, she began to look to find a way to make success in coaching. Ana began to train with Michael Port, the NY Times Best Selling author and creator of Book Yourself Solid®.  She became certified, then became an elite coach. As Ana shares about mindset, she mentions Carol Dweck and her book. Mindset. Ana's steps to changing your thoughts: Become aware of our fixed mindset, we all have blind spots and a self-awareness muscle. We can become aware of our talk telling us that we can not do something. Recognize we have a choice, decide if we will do something about it. Talkback with our growth mindset. Reframe negative thoughts into we can do it attitude. Add yet, to your thoughts, I am not good at this yet! Effort, it is not desire alone that does something, we must put in a lot of effort and it is totally possible. Contact FACEBOOK PAGE: LINKEDIN TWITTER: INSTAGRAM: YOUTUBE:   Quote: “Watch your thoughts, they become words; watch your words, they become actions; watch your actions, they become habits;  watch your habits, they become character; watch your character, for it becomes your destiny.” -FRANK OUTLAW
October 22, 2018
Healthy Mind and Hormones with Dr. Cobi
Woman are like the thermostat of the home, there is a ripple into their families, jobs and everything they do if they are not well. This week on Mindset Monday is our first Practitioner interview with Dr. Cobi from Essential Health Natural Wellness Clinic. We all know it is important to have a healthy body but I ask her why is it important to have a healthy mind? Dr. Cobi tells us that it doesn't really matter how healthy your physical body is if your mind is not. If you are struggling with depression or anxiety you may not answer you are doing alright. If you have a really healthy mindset and are struggling with physical symptoms, you can sort of overlook them if your mindset is healthy. How do you help woman achieve optimal health? Dr. Cobi's specialty is Hormonal Health. She found that the underlying cause of many of the woman she would see was because of a hormone issue. Upon realizing this Dr. Cobi returned to school to earn her Ph.D. in Endocrine Function, (Basically Hormone Issues) She found herself falling more and more in love with hormones as she witnessed the impact it had on her patients. She tells us that Woman's hormones shift throughout the month and depending on the sensitivity during these shifts, it can equal a lot of issues. When a woman comes in and is struggling with fatigue, mood swings, menstrual issues, weight gain or other symptoms the first thing she helps them with is to recognize why they are feeling that way and discover the underlying cause. She helps them to discover it through comprehensive hormone testing, kind of the, "Hallmark foundation", of her practice. You could be feeling anxiety that could be coming from several different hormone issues, that is why is very important to find out the cause of the symptoms before treating them. She uses lifestyle changes first such as asking questions like, how did you get here in the first place? If it is stress, she will help her to make lifestyle changes. She uses specialized natural hormone therapies, natural herbal medicine remedies supplements and detox. How did Dr. Cobi find her path? Growing up, her Mom was always interested in natural health and her Grandpa was a herbalist so she got a bit of exposure from him. Dr. Cobi knew she was going to be a doctor or pharmacist from a young age. While he was in school her Mother developed a rare blood condition and was in the hospital for a year. She had to leave school and witnessed her mother go from being told that she would not live a healthy productive life to thriving. She tapped into her belief of natural medicine and although conventional medicine saved her, Natural Medicine brought her back to fully living. After this experience, she switched her path into Natural Medicine Healing. Q. What is something that you find you are often repeating to your clients? A. That when you come to Dr. Cobi, you won't be just taking a couple of pills and going home. She makes a reference to a marriage, both people have to work at it. Q. What can a first-time client do to best prepare for a first appointment. A. She finds most people have been down the path for a while and are ready for some changes or a shift in a different direction. She hopes they are open to making some changes in the foods they eat, the lifestyle they are living and this question, how do I treat the cause so I don't have to keep treating the symptoms? This is about 50% of the work she tells us. Q. Is there anything you would like to share? A. Her passion is to help people live their best life. She is on the team of the patient no matter what that looks like. It could be conventional medicine, natural medicine, coaching.... whatever that looks like that is what you will get.
October 15, 2018
51. Ashley James on Achieving Health Naturally
Ashley knows what it is like to feel like life is dark, hope is something for others, health is a dream and it is hard. At her worst point, she had Polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS), type two diabetes, chronic fatigue, brain fatigue and a list of health issues holding her back from living the life of her dreams. Today she is thriving, has overcome all of her health challenges and is helping others to create a life of thriving through her podcast, coaching and by sharing her personal journey. The Foundation of Health Sleep -We should be getting at least 8 hours of sleep you can listen to her full interview on sleep hygiene Moving your body -Get outside, hug a tree, breathe in the fresh air and move your body Eat Vegetables -Aim for two cups per meal or 6-8 cups per day Drink Water -Aim for 1/3 of your body weight plus extra for your vices such as sugar and sitting all day. Supplements   Mentioned on the show Dr. Molly Niedermeyer her interview on the Learn True Health Podcast Back to Eden Gardening Mixergy Every Day is A Second Chance to gain new learnings, learn something new, learn from others, your own experience, the past, the painful things. Show notes:
October 02, 2018
Massive Dreams with Valerie Groth
The Ryan Banks Academy was a dream in Valerie's Mind for many years before it became a reality for the 2018/2019 school year. She shares the story and mindset behind the school opening. Valerie Groth was a Social Worker in the South side of Chicago and worked with awesome kids facing a lot of challenges. They had such tough environments that they self-harmed and tried to commit suicide. She had the dream to create a boarding school that would provide a safe place for kids to receive an education for 11 years.  She had thought she would do it once she retired, perhaps when she had piles of cash lying around. Haha, she jokes with us as that is unlikely to happen. A few events happened that caused her to begin now. She quit her job four years ago and began to make it a reality. What happened in your mindset to take this from someday to today? She lost a student to gun violence. It was not the first, it was one she was close with and enough was enough. Valerie attended the World Domination Summit in Portland and Michael Hyatt was giving a speech. He told the audience that an actuary had told him that someone in the audience would die in the next 30 days. She had the realization that her dream was so big that no one else would know what to do, not Oprah, not the President, They Mayor didn't have a blueprint so therefore it helped her to ask, Why can't I do it. The bigger the plan is, the easier it was for her to see, it is never about the How, it is making the decision that you are going to do it. She made the realization that, "this is massive, audacious and requires sacrifice" and she made the decision every day to keep on moving forward. Her dream is for it to be a boarding school in a few years. Today, they are operating with their first grade 7 class as a day school. Talking about team Valerie shares that there are two teams. The Ryan Banks Academy team and the team of people that support her personally. They helped her by coaching, advising and mentoring her along the way. Links Website: Book The Power of the Possible Valerie's Website Music credits:
October 01, 2018
Survivors Guilt with Ryan M. Esquivel
Today on Mindset Monday, Ryan M. Esquivel shares his journey to overcome Survivors Guilt, PTSD and trauma to living a life that is full of love, joy and helping others on their own personal journey. His journey began in February of 2004 when his roommate and best friend was killed in action. He was with him a couple of hours before he died and that moment kept playing in his head long after he returned home. When he returned home he threw himself into work and his military relationship suffered, his personal relationships suffered, because he wanted his friend back. Ryan began to blame people and his world contracted as people began leaving him. It wasn't until about 2008 when he experienced a one in a million moments. A private ran into him in Southern California and asked him if he knew his roommate. It turned out that it was his best friend. They learned to value each other and became really good friends over the years. Ryan tells us that was the start of his faith, a belief in a God, energy, something out there. He began to start to put his life together and see-sawed back and forth of finding a job, losing a job, in and out of that dark place. He discovered that you need to find the joy, your purpose and the meaning of life. It may sound cliche but when you are on a journey you learn that when you share your pain it feels better. It wasn't until 2018 that looking back he was able to see, people had been taking care of him all along. His Fav. Book Mindset: The New Psychology of Success by Carol S. Dweck Secrets of the Millionaire Mind: Mastering the Inner Game of Wealth by T. Harv Eker As we get deep into Ryan's journey he shares how carrying Survivors Guilt began to impact his relationship with his family. He replayed the picture in his mind and wanted to go back and change it. He realized that loving people is hard, sharing is hard and the more you love and share the easier it becomes. Listen to the whole interview to hear the whole story. Links facebook Website Music credit to:
September 24, 2018
Business Mom’s Mind Dump
Take control of your thoughts, reduce your stress and flourish in this season of life.   School is back and for us Professional Mom’s it can be a time of stress or joy. It’s a lot of jugging time; making lunches, putting on make up, getting kids off to school, arranging afterschool care, commuting to our work or business, answering emails and phone calls, fulfilling our duties, picking up our kids, organizing drop off and pick up for activities, helping with homework, eating dinner together, spending time with our family, reading and getting our kids to bed followed by balancing the last couple of hours between finding some self-care time, reading or going to bed early so we may rise early to start our morning with a workout or prayer time.   It’s all in this video, if you would prefer the fun song that was so famous a few years back.   Now, what if your mind is wandering all over the place while you are navigating through all these activities. Your putting on your makeup and thinking about what you need to do later in the day, you're on a coaching call thinking about what you are going to make for dinner, you're watching your child’s soccer game and when they score a goal, you are thinking about how your speech will be next week. (I just watched Click with my daughter, if you haven't seen it and enjoy Adam Sandler, I recommend it) This is something a lot of Mom’s are struggling with and you are not alone. Here are a couple of things you can do to help start this season off strong.   Self Care Start a morning routine that includes time to pray or meditate, exercise, journal about gratitude for a few minutes, read, enjoy a cup of coffee. A great resource is Hal's Miracle Morning If you are a night owl there is always a bubble bath and a good book. Taking good care of yourself is a great way to keep your mind clear. It is also an easy thing to postpone to make way for everything else. Consider scheduling at least 30 minutes a day if not 2 hours each day before you work out your schedule.   Evaluate your commitments With the committees at the office, your kids school PAC committee, the many positions that are filling up to support your children’s activities, your church’s sign up for the Christmas Concert that will be starting soon, and many other various activities that are popping up in this season it is a great time to evaluate what you have committed to and what you will be committing to. When you consider the commitments you will make, ask yourself these questions? -will this bring me joy, use my talents or help me reach a goal? -will this give me more time with my family? -does it meet my values? -do I want to spend more time with these people? -what is the time commitment? -if there are financial costs what are they? -will this matter in 5 years   Try a Mind Dump One of the coaching exercises I use with the Mom’s I coach with are Mind Dumps. If you have never done one try doing one large on first. Then consider doing this as a regular exercise. Begin by writing down everything that is in your mind. You can work on it through the day or do it all at once. Snap a photo before you begin to write over it. Next, prioritize the items into several categories. Need to do today Need to do in the next week Need to do this month Long term Need to file on a separate list ie. Ideas Scratch the rest that you don’t feel you need. The first time I did this my will was #4 Long term, it took me one year to complete it and I celebrated wh...
September 10, 2018
Overcoming Fibromyalgia and SIBO with Rachel Barber
When Rachel first found out she had Mitochondrial Dysfunction and experienced her body shutting down she had nearly lost all hope. Severe fatigue and muscle pain had kept her unable to live the life she desired and she took a big risk to find the doctor that kicked off her healing journey.  She took her life into her own hands and went on a journey to achieve the life of her dreams. Second Chance Story Rachel's Second Chance Story began seven years ago when she began to experience pains and aches in her body.  She ended up being limited to only seven foods as they were causing her excruciating pain in her entire body. She was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia and Small Intestine Bacteria Overgrowth. Rachel saw several doctors without any success towards healing. She made the decision to take a big leap in faith and invested everything she had to go see a doctor in California.   Turn Around Point The doctor in California introduced her to a program that helps retrain your brain. Rachel committed to it was so invested in the training she did it on her wedding night and honeymoon. For 6 months she did it every day and found incredible results. Rachel changed her diet and it calmed her inflammation and cleared her brain fog so she could focus on the program. She started supplementation months through the journey when her body began to accept them. Every Day Is A Second Chance to: Get clear on what your purpose on this earth is and follow it.   Links and Resources Mentioned facebook Brain Retraining Program Podcast The Lively Show Book You Can Heal Your Life by Louise Hay website:
September 02, 2018
Cerebral Palsy Warrior with Heather Hancock
Heather was born premature and with Cerebral palsy. She was the first handicapped child mainstreamed into Calgary, Alberta’s public school system and subjected to many years of bullying and abuse. At the age of two, her parents were told that she was to be put into an institution because she would never amount to anything. She is on this show sharing her story because they were very wrong. She had to overcome the damage that was done and when Heather was only 14 years old she was suicidal and had made a plan. She tells us God had a plan that was greater for her and that she experienced his love and realized this at an event she attended. Her dream of becoming a nurse couldn't be due to the physical pain and limitations that CP caused her and she shares a story that includes multiple mindset shifts coupled with the will to go on despite challenges. In this inspiring interview, she shares her journey to becoming a Christian Inner Healing Coach. She helps Woman overcome deep, deep wounds by shifting their mindset to come into alignment with God's mindset. Favorite Book The Holy Bible, Hinds' Feet on High Places, by Hannah Hurnard Favorite Podcast Lisa Bevere’s I Am Adamant Scripture Mentioned James 1:2-4 2Consider it pure joy, my brothers and sisters,1:2 The Greek word for brothers and sisters (adelphoi) refers here to believers, both men and women, as part of God’s family; also in verses 16 and 19; and in 2:1, 5, 14; 3:10, 12; 4:11; 5:7, 9, 10, 12, 19.whenever you face trials of many kinds, 3because you know that the testing of your faith produces perseverance. 4Let perseverance finish its work so that you may be mature and complete, not lacking anything. Psalm 139:13-14 13 For you created my inmost being; you knit me together in my mother’s womb. 14 I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made; your works are wonderful, I know that full well.   Links Website: Synergy Mindset Coaching facebook page
August 28, 2018
4-Day Work Week with Wade Galt
Mindset Monday Wade hosts the 4-Day Work Week Entrepreneur podcast and is committed to helping 4,444,444 people create their own 4-day work week lifestyle. Wade has a Bachelor's Degree in Marketing, a Master's Degree in Mental Health Counseling Psychology, and has been a Certified Integrative (Life) Coach with the (Debbie) Ford Institute. When he’s not working, he enjoys spending time with family and friends, traveling the world, coaching youth sports and playing beach volleyball on Fridays. He lives happily with his wife, children, and dog in Naples, Florida. In this episode, he shares his journey to living the life of the 4-day work week as well as the mindset shift that is needed to start working towards this.  It is a process he tells us that should usually take time and starts with the first step. Links Music credit to:
August 20, 2018
The Mindset to Perform with Katrina Froese
When I went to the Place Maillardville Community Centre for a community event I was drawn to the Princess table and shortly after her performance began. My son and granddaughter were very excited and it didn't take long for a huge crowd of people to come over. Many were filming and taking pictures as she performed. What really captivated me was how she sang as if no one was in the room. Her eyes were on the kids and the performance was spectacular. I reached out and asked Katrina Froese to share her story on the show so we could all learn the strategies she learned to be a successful Professional Princess. In this podcast interview, we explore the journey she went on before she opened her business. her mindset while she is performing and more. You can find out more information about the work she does or book a party for your own children or class by clicking on the links below. Links facebook website Music credit:
August 13, 2018
Arthritis Under 30 with Jacob McCrae
Every Day Is A Second Chance Real Life Story Edition. Sharing real-life stories of those that have overcome illness, accidents and trauma. Welcome to our community! Show notes available at
August 02, 2018
Orphans from Gun Violence and Healing with Angela True
Sharing inspiring stories of healing at Find out the skills and mindset our guests have used to heal from illness, accidents and trauma. Our guest today is Angela True sharing her courageous story of healing from the trauma of losing her Father to gun violence at a young age followed by her mother from illness.
April 25, 2018
Overcoming Leukaemia During Pregnancy with Jan Pratico
Jan’s  Second Chance Story Imagine finding out you have Leukaemia when you are still under 30, not only with a three-year-old but while pregnant. The fear, the worry, the what iffs’ yet Jan shares a story that is positive, uplifting and offers hope and inspiration to realize that Cancer is the beginning and not the end.   Her Second Chance Story Jan found out she had Leukaemia while she was pregnant and was more concerned about her son than her own health. She went to the doctors' office for a test for Rubella and the doctor called her the next day and told her they needed to see her right away. She went to the doctor worried that he would tell her she had a miscarriage because she had one eight months prior. He came in looking like he had lost his best friend, and with tears in his eyes told her they thought she had Leukaemia. Jan didn't know what it was and had thought that they were telling her that her baby had Leukaemia. As she began to realize what it meant, she asked him if he was telling her she was going to die and his answer was, "not necessarily"! This was not very comforting to her. He checked out the baby and told her it was healthy. At this time, there were no cell phones so she went to find a payphone and called her husband. She told him that she had good news and bad news, the good being the baby was fine and the bad,  she may have Leukaemia. Can you imagine how long that weekend must have been, waiting to see the specialist? She took the weekend off and went home. Although she tried to act as normal as possible, her thoughts went to what iff's and she decided she was going to make it through. She went to the doctor and then the specialist a couple of days later. He confirmed that she had Leukaemia and very coldly, went over her options. He felt the odds were against her and recommended she have an abortion and gave her two weeks to make a decision. Jan was a strong and courageous young woman and stuck with her belief that she would give birth to a healthy baby. Although the doctor didn't give her any hope or encouragement she found a way to find it herself. He did a bone marrow aspiration without pain medicine due to the pregnancy. He had told her there was no possibility of having a bone marrow transplant and would need extensive chemotherapy. She came back two weeks later and he looked at her chart with a grim look on his face and told her she had the terrible, horrible type of Leukaemia. She was 1,000 away from having Acute Leukaemia. He asked her again if she decided about having the baby and she told him she was keeping the baby. The specialist had a connection to a doctor at Vancouver General Hospital that was a woman and also pregnant that may be able to help her. God is good! She went home that day and although she was not a religious person, she went on her hands and knees and prayed to God. She tells us she didn't believe before this but believes that  "There are no Atheists in a foxhole".  She prayed to God on her knees and said that if there is a God please help her and she promised to help other people with Cancer. God listened to her and n the way to the doctor she saw a semi truck with a message on the sign that said Cancer can be beaten and she thought, oh my God, that is my sign.   The Turn Around Point The doctor at Vancouver General Hospital worked with her and she also saw an Oncologist. Her white blood cell count went down every three weeks. Without any treatment, she kept getting better and the Oncologist couldn't believe it. Jan ended up with diabetes during her pregnancy and her doctor was so worried, Jan kept the mentality she was going to make it and make it she did! Her son was born 7 lbs 8 oz,
March 25, 2018
30 Day No Alcohol Challenge with James Swanwick
Today I have the privilege of speaking with James Swanwick, the author of the 30 Day No Alcohol Challenge, helping people reduce or quit using alcohol. He will be sharing his own personal Second Chance Story with you after I tell you a bit about his professional life. He is an Australian - American entrepreneur, a speaker, The CEO of Swanwick Sleep and creator of blue light blocking glasses helping people sleep better. He has interviewed celebrities including Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie, George Clooney and Arnold Schwarzenegger. He has been interviewed on podcasts such as Art of Charm and Entrepreneur on Fire and places such as Huffington Post and Psychology Today. Wow, His time is in high demand, James, thank you for taking the time out of your day to share your story, please take a minute to tell us a bit about yourself so everyone can get to know you. His Second Chance Story James decided to try giving up alcohol for 30 days and never started drinking it again. He tells us that he never felt he was an alcoholic but was what society would call a “social drinker”. In 2010 he was staying in a hotel room in Austin Texas and noticed he had put on about 25 lbs over a year just from casual social drinking and one day, he looked in a mirror and noticed he only looked like a 5/10. The casual drinking was making him just a little bit irritable, slowing him down just a little bit, making him a little bit unhappy, and he had just a little bit less money. In the 30 days, he lost 13 lbs, noticed his sleep improved, the quality of his friendships began to improve and these small changes led to even more changes. He began new habits of meditation, self-improvement, watched less tv and read more books. Breaking one habit kindled the spark that led to many new habits that in the end led him to help thousands of other people and create a business. and
February 26, 2018
Thriving Despite a Rare Lung Disease with Nicole Wipp
Nicole spent over 30 days in the hospital and was diagnosed with a rare lung disease. She was told she would have a lifespan of up to 8 years and she never allowed that belief to enter her mind. Many others living with this have not survived and Nicole had some survivor guilt to work through. She faced post-traumatic stress and was able to find a mindset of gratitude and thanksgiving.
January 26, 2018
Life Happens, Live It! With Jake French
In the blink of an eye, Jake's life changed course and he ended up being paralyzed from the chin down. In just a few short days, he made the decision to choose to adopt the motto Life Happens, Live it! It took some time for him to live that motto to its fullest and he shares his journey with us here.   I want to thank Joel from Relaunch for introducing me to Jake.  What really inspired me to share Jake's story was listening to the podcast Mere Mortals Unite, with Julie Ann Sullivan. Jake tells us that people can see his wheelchair so they know exactly what he is dealing with, but other people have some kind of wheelchair that we just can't see. He is a University of Idaho graduate and a huge fan of anything outdoors. Despite the difficulties he has encountered in his life, he is able to make others smile and turn things away from a victim mindset into a being the leader and speaker that he is today. His Second Chance Story Jake was on top of the world and, celebrating receiving his degree, to work in his dream job in forestry. He had been drinking and celebrating when he ran into his old childhood best friend. A freak accident took place between when his friend took him down in a headlock, and Jake couldn’t brace his fall landing head first in the pavement. He later found out he became a C6 Quadriplegic that evening. Sharing his story, we will find out how he was able to find happiness in a different way that he had planned the day he had graduated. The Turn Around Point When he was in the therapy room he was surrounded by people who were really hurting. He witnessed another patient whom’s way of looking at her situation changed his whole perspective. This is when he began to look around and realize that he was not the worst off in the world. He committed to healing as victoriously as he was able to. You can listen to the whole interview to hear all the details of Jake’s experience.   A Closer Look  What about you changed the most from this experience? Jake was no longer able to do many of the things he once could. He tells us how his Mom was amazing and taught him to never give up. With his perseverance and courage, he learned how to do many things again including driving.   What is one piece of guidance you would like to share with us?   He tells us a hilarious story about how someone brought him a hot pink wheelchair and his friends had a good laugh and called it ManGenta. He asks what has happened in your life that you can turn into you own ManGenta situation and how can you find the funny in the situation? What is one resource you couldn’t have made it without? Never Give Up! Success in Life Is an Attitude Paperback – 2005.                                                                                             by Ron Heagy (Author),‎ Donita Dyer (Author) Links Jake's Website
December 24, 2017
38. Louise Ennis on Finding What's Next after Cancer
Louise had just completed 4 years of university and began her dream job as a Dental Hygienist when she was given a cancer diagnosis and only 4 years to live without life-changing surgery. In this interview, she courageously shares her story for the first time. Show notes:
November 25, 2017
37. Chris Shea on Finding Inner Peace
Chris Shea tells us about a low point in his life and then shares what he learned from it and how he found inner peace. Sharing a few coaching tips, he tells us how we to can begin the journey to find inner peace.  Show notes:
October 25, 2017
36. Dr. CJ Huff on turning a Devastating Tornado into Resilient Communities
C.J. Huff is a Husband, Father, Inspirational Speaker and Professional Consultant living in Joplin USA.  For 7 years he was Superintendent of Joplin Schools. He led his district of 1,100 employees and 7,700 students through the recovery effort of one of the most devastating tornadoes in U.S. history. Show notes: ‎
September 27, 2017
35. Connie Strasheim on Winning The Battle of the Mind
Connie Strasheim is a health care researcher and writer sharing natural and holistic methods of healing. She focuses on helping others with Cancer and Lyme disease and in some cases helps shorten their treatment. She shares her story of how she lived with Lyme Disease for many years. Never, did it stand in her way of writing, helping others and loving God. She shares her story as an inspiration to others overcoming difficulty as well as hope. Show notes:
August 26, 2017
34. Miklós Szigeti on Overcoming The Odds from a Car Accident
The doctors told Miklós Szigeti's Mother that her son would not attend law school or function in any normal capacity by the doctors helping him after he was involved in a horrible car accident in Hungary. Despite the doctor's opinions, his mother refused to believe this about her son. She would not allow anyone to convince her that her son was would not recover and told others that God didn't bring him through it if he didn't have a plan for her son. Her faith was strong, and she never gave up believing that he would recover. The doctors tried to have others convince her that she should have less hope, despite their attempts, she kept on praying and believing. Praise the Lord, her son did recover and ended up becoming a Christian. He ended up changing his path from becoming a lawyer to becoming a Minister. He shared the difficulties he experienced in overcoming his physical injuries, a love story, and the good news Jesus brought into his life. Show notes:
December 25, 2016
33. Dave Sanderson - Miracle on the Hudson
No one survives a plane crash.... this is what Dave thought as the plane went down and he watched out the window to see when his last seconds would be. Dave heard his mom say, "If you do the right thing God will take care of you". His mom had passed away in 1997 but he heard her say this and that's why he waited in the back of the plane to make sure everyone else got out. Once he knew everyone was off the plane he got off himself. Why do some people get PTSD and others experience Post-Traumatic Growth? Dave was asked this question and he has been really looking into this. He will be giving a TED talk called Jolt and sharing how you can use your own personal experience to go up. The movie shows quite vividly what PTSD looks like as the Capitan of the plane would see troubling images over and over again. Show notes:
October 16, 2016
32. Angus Nelson on Finding God at Rock Bottom
Are you in search of real happiness, joy fulfillment, and perhaps satisfaction? Could you imagine what life would be like if you had good jobs, relationships, and friends all around you? Perhaps you like many others think that this is not possible and that is is not for you............ What if it was, what if it is? Today we learn about how Angus went from lying under his Christmas tree, all alone, wishing he would die ............ To a family man, helping fortune 500 companies, writing books, and traveling. Show notes at:
September 11, 2016
31. Melissa Marshall on Overcoming Cancer
Melissa Marshall, of the, No You Cant'cer Foundation, was diagnosed with stage III colorectal cancer and ended up receiving a colostomy bag in 2013. This meant that, for the rest of her life, she would be living with an ostomy bag. Today she is here to share her journey through this difficult time and the beautiful story of how she defeated Cancer created the No You Cant'cer Foundation. She was able to overcome the odds and return to her singing career. Show notes on:
July 10, 2016
30. Claire Yeung on Career Burnout
Claire Yeung contracted a mysterious virus that took her out of life for over 6 months. Looking back she tells us she believes it was caused by career burnout. She quit her job as a lawyer with no plan, thankfully with the support of her partner. Today she is certified as a Whole person coach, speaker, and teacher at the Justice Institute in Canada. Hear the story of how she made it through the tough time and healed, turned her life around and now, is using her experience to help others as the author of, The Eighty-Year Rule. Show notes at:
April 16, 2016
29. David Rachford on Recovering from a Naval Fire Fighting Training Accident
David Rachford wanted to get off the farm and joined the military. He had a dream of going to explosive ordnance disposal school. First, he had to do some time as a Naval Fire Fighter, stationed on the USS Abraham Lincoln, which was an aircraft carrier, on the Persian Golf. An unfortunate accident happened while training and took away his chances leaving him crippled and devastated at only 23 years old. David slipped into depression and ended up facing a narcotic addiction. Today he is a successful web developer, host of two podcasts and a blog. He has succeeded in healing and has come today to share the story of his difficult journey. He tells us how he overcomes his injury and addiction, weight loss of over 70 lbs, and how he created a healthy lifestyle. There seems to be a definite link to mental and physical health. By listening to others, my hope is that you may be able to avoid going down some of these dark allies by finding positive people to surround yourselves with and finding ways to keep your head up while you follow your own healing journey. Listening to Davids story is sure to help you get a good leg up on your own journey! Show notes at:
March 10, 2016
28. Part II - John John Genovese on Healing after a Miscarriage
This Family Shares Their Pain And Miracles So You Never Have To Feel Alone John John Genovese shared his story of how he healed from Degenerative Disc Disease and Gastric Bypass in the last episode. After months of hard work he lost a lot of weight and was able to strengthen his back and live a healthy life. John John and his wife decided it was time to fulfill their dream to start a family. They went on a trip to Europe as they knew it would be a long time before they would get away alone again. Once they arrived his wife became very ill. Their first baby girl was conceived but before she was born, they found out she had suffered two massive strokes in utero. She lost 70% or the right half or her brain and 90% of the left half of her brain. That was devastating news and the family they had imagined would never happen the way they imagined it. They were told that she would be deaf and blind and would only live to be 5 months old. After she was born they miscarried twice before having a healthy and beautiful baby girl. Once she was a year old they became pregnant with another baby girl and were told she has Down Syndrome. Through all of the difficult challenges that they have lived through, John John shares a story full of hope and optimism with the message, "No matter what you are going through, there is someone else that is going through something similar that shares your pain. The worst thing is to be alone". Show notes and links:
February 11, 2016
28. John John Genovese on Degenerative Disc Disease And Gastric Bypass
John John Genovese dreamed of living the good life of being a newlywed and starting a family. Having an early start to his working career, his life should have taken off and he should have excelled! However, at only 27 years young, John John was walking on crutches and canes and using a wheelchair to get to the store due to Degenerate Discs Disease. He was told back surgery was his only solution to be able to walk again. Since he was only a year into his marriage it left him struggling with wanting to provide for his wife and navigating months of medical decisions and healing. Over time, he watched his weight creep up higher and higher making the pursuit of health even more difficult. He decided to have gastric bypass surgery and with time, dedication and hard work, overcame his disc pain to enjoy his marriage and start a family. Show notes and links: :
February 10, 2016
27. Stacy Curtis on Healing After Divorce
Could you imagine finding out that the charming man you married was really a sociopath that was cheating on you? Now imagine that the difficult part was only beginning and divorcing a sociopath was really the hard part. Our guest today has lived through all of this and she shares the true, raw story with us here. She found writing and was able to share her story while healing herself. Please welcome the brave and beautiful Stacy Curtis! Favorite Scripture: Romans 12:12 New International Version (NIV) 12 Be joyful in hope, patient in affliction, faithful in prayer. Show notes:
January 10, 2016
26. Lori Jean Finnila on Healing From Physical Abuse
Healing From Physical Abuse by Creating Music with Lori Finnila Imagine having seizures as a child from abuse at a young age, then being abused by the father of your child and suffering very physical injuries. The wonderful women we interview today opens up and shares the hard truth of the abuse in her life. Passionately driven by an intense love for her child, she turns to other women's horrifying stories of survival that end with great strength and inspiration! She finds music and falls in love with creating it and singing, bringing herself closer to healing. This interview is an incredible story of healing, single parenting and the courageous decision to go back to school. She learns screen write, becomes a singer and songwriter and all while healing her brain injury and the scars of abuse that can only fade over time, becoming a memory far less than the joy that now fills its place. Links: Lori's facebook page website website, with free excerpt, from her book: Show notes:
December 10, 2015
25: Eugene Brown from The Big House to The Chess House
He was raised in two parent home with good morals and values yet slipped into the street culture and made some poor choices in his early years. Eugene ended up in prison and found his passion, chess. The "Chess Man", in prison told him he would always be a loser if he didn't accept responsibility for his own actions. He told him, "you are the king, you're responsible for every rule that is made on your side of the board, stop blaming people. Until you accept your kingship you are always going to be in and out of prison." These were the seeds that were planted and a paradigm shift happened. Today Eugene is the father of an inner-city chess club that helps children stay off the streets and make wise decisions. His story was made into a movie, Life of a King, starring Cuba Gooding Jr. Hear the story and all the details here! Links Eugine's website Email Phone: 202.396.1780 Speaking: Show notes:
November 22, 2015
24. Michele Rosenthal on Healing from PTSD
Imagine taking medicine that your doctor prescribed and then suddenly finding yourself in the hospital suffering an adverse reaction, that burns two layers of your skin from your body. Then surviving to end up having sleepless nights full of nightmares, a fear of taking medication or worse a fear dying from a reaction to anything you put in your body. Michele had only a 30% chance of survival and after surviving she lived with PTSD for decades. She went on a healing rampage and was able to completely heal her PTSD, being symptom-free for over 10 years. If you are living with PTSD or supporting someone who is, it may be hard to believe this is possible. Michele dedicated years of her life learning about PTSD and now helps others overcome it. By listening to this interview, or reading this blog post, my hope is it brings you a light of hope in the darkness you may be living in now. Show notes and links at: ‎
November 11, 2015
23. Holly Boyce on Cancer, Kids and Victorious Healing
Holly was living the life she had dreamed of. She was living in her happy home, in a nice neighborhood with her happy family and then while preparing for Thanksgiving dinner, she discovered a lump the size of a ping-pong ball in her breast. She was 30 years old and had really thought she was quite invincible in a way that most young people do. The doctor confirmed she had something in there, and in a week she had a mammogram and ultrasound. They determined it was a mass, not a cyst, and she met with a surgeon to have it removed. They decided to biopsy it and take it out at the same time. It was Dec 23 2009 when she went in for surgery and everybody had predicted it was not cancer. She went in with humor and asked to wake up with a DD Breast and size 0 waist!! She didn't wake up with any of these things, but she was given a cancer diagnosis. Hear Holly's inspiring story here, about how she overcame cancer while raising two young children. How To Survive Cancer With Children Holly told me that attitude it the most important. She did feel she was in control of her attitude, and since children pick up on it so well, she changed the way she was looking at life. Take the Help!! She didn't want any help and thought she could do it on her own. She was forced into it a few times and ended up liking it. She realized that it gives the people who love you a way to have some control as well as they want to help you, so take it for their benefit and remember, you aren't meant to do it all on your own! Healing As A Community!! Holly said, "we can do everything better together." Links Holly's website facebook twitter A Second Chance facebook page Lewis Howes website The School of Greatness Book
October 10, 2015
22. Terri Lawton on Healing a Concussion
Terri was given a second chance at life after she was hit by a truck while riding her bicycle. She had a backpack full of flowers that she had picked for her, then boyfriend, now husband, that just may have saved her life. Unfortunately, she was not wearing a helmet and ended up with a serious concussion that left her having to learn life all over again. The neurologist told her it would take 14 years to recover. Amazingly she completed her schooling and recovered within only 11 months. As she created a life changing program to help others, she ended up healing her own brain. If you have suffered a traumatic brain injury, concussion, PTSD or have ADHD, Autism, Dyslexia, a reading problem, Scitsofrenia or Alzheimer's, then this interview explains how the program she created may be able to make a big difference in your life. Show notes:
September 30, 2015
21. Bobbi Parish on Overcoming Sexual Abuse
Join us as Bobbi Parish, A Trauma Recovery Coach, shares her own personal story of overcoming sexual abuse. She struggled with shame, depression, feeling unloved and went through a period of homelessness. Bobbi found the strength and courage to walk down the path of healing, stand up and say, no more, no more shame! She united forces with two other ladies and has created many different methods of supporting others, healing from sexual abuse. Today she shares her personal story and tells us why we heal best with support and love from others. Show notes at:
August 10, 2015
20. Jamie Gilbert on Finding Your Identity
Do you know what it is like to put everything you have into something and then have it come to an end? You put so much into it that it became your identity and now without it, you don’t know what to do? Jamie Gilbert shares his personal story with us. He has been through that time where he lost his identity and he takes us on his journey to success. We talk about how he found his passion, overcame fear and worked really hard to become successful. Today Jamie, Joshua Medcalf and their team at Train 2 Be CLUTCH, speak, coach and give workshops. They have self-published a book called: Burn Your Goals, The Counter Cultural Approach to Achieving Your Greatest Potential If you are looking to find your own identity, get ahead in life and be successful, you can start today, start now by listening to this interview. Show notes and links at:
July 10, 2015
19. Bruce Van Horn on Overcoming Cancer to Running the Boston Marathon
Have you ever felt as if life has handed you too many problems and felt like you would never be able to break away from the darkness? Perhaps you have lost a child, and understand what it is like to live with heart wrenching grief, end up with bills that are more than you can deal with, and then have your marriage come to an end. Perhaps you have had cancer and been through the battle, with children depending on you to raise them. Today we interview a man who has been through all of this in just one lifetime. What came as a surprise to me, is that I requested to interview him about meditation........ Ok, I am a little embarrassed to admit..... from first impressions on the outside he looked to me like someone who had a great, perfect life that surely let to his success today. Well, I WAS WRONG, and I AM GRATEFUL that he was so honest, and so transparent, because his story INSPIRES me, MOVES me to try harder, LIFTS me up, makes me feel HOPE and I hope after listening that you feel ready to tackle whatever it is that is blocking your way! (I am learning that people don't become successful because they had a great perfect life, but because they learned from their mistakes and misfortunes and used them to help others.) I would like to welcome our guest, Bruce Van Horn from Life Is A Marathon Show notes at:
June 10, 2015
18. Fidel Rodriguez - Deciding to Thrive from a Jail Cell
Fidel shares a story about how his life hit rock bottom, and he wanted to disappear into the shadows. It is hard to find hope when you're in that place, but he did, and today he tells us how. With the support of his wife, he paid off his debt, lost over 75 lbs, and was able to find success and enjoy his loving family. Find out how he did it! Show notes at: :
May 21, 2015
17. Paul Colaianni on Why Relationships Fail
Have you ever been in a relationship that failed and been left with feelings of hurt, anger, frustration or wondered Why? I know I sure have, and so has Paul Colaianni. We talk about subconscious behaviors that can sabotage our relationships. Find out how you can improve the quality of your relationships with Personal Development Coach Paul Colaianni. In this episode, he shares his own personal failures and how he used them to his advantage by asking this question; "If I was the problem in this relationship? What could it be?" Show notes at:
April 24, 2015
16. Matt Ham - Our Scars are a Place of Healing
What does Rich mean to you and why should you take the time to think about it? "For so long, I felt like I was failing in life because I never had a lot of money. Rich to me was how many dollars you had, what you owned and what you gave your kids." Redefine Rich shares with us that there are many ways to feel rich. I began to see the gifts in having children to love, guide through life and play with. The richness in having a husband that supports my own personal growth and journey, a mom that loves me and supports me as well as true friends makes me feel full of richness. What is being rich for you? I hope you get as much out of this interview as I did. I sure hope you find richness in your life today, and believe that you can achieve your dreams. Meet Matt Ham, author of Redefine Rich. Matt is a family man passionate about his wife and three children. Secondly, he is an insurance agent and had experienced great success in his day job. Then he felt a calling to write a book. He tells us a story about how his aunt was terminally ill, and while in the hospital the nurse helped her. They exchanged words and the nurse said, "You make my life rich." Matt knew this deeply touched him and later on it helped shape his book. He knew why he needed to write the book, but didn't know how. He feels her legacy is being carried on through this book. He shares a story about his Aunt Trish, I fell in love with her and if had been her time to stay, I would have loved to share her story with you. Thankfully Mat shares a few pieces with us of her life. She had a Disney mentality. Every movie has a similar story. There is always a tragedy that ends in victory and triumph.  Aunt Trish had been diagnosed with Cancer a few weeks before Christmas, and still hosted a big party. She ran around being cheery and passing out eggnog. "Rather than seeing our scars as places of brokenness we need to see them as places of healing." How can you invest in others when you feel you have nothing to give? Matt told us without a moment's hesitation, there are many ways. Here are a few that you can start today Smile at people Hold doors for people Hold a door and smile at someone!!! Shownotes at    
April 10, 2015
15. Dilemma Mike on The Fort Leavenworth Story
The Fort Leavenworth Story Mike served his country, was a responsible and respectable member of society until one night he made a choice that changed his life forever.  He was offered a pill; that happened to be ecstasy. He took it and his whole life changed as he knew it. David Mike shares his story about his life before and after his visit at Fort Leavenworth.   He served his country, fell into drugs and became a drug dealer. At one point, he could see his own car on the street, outside of his prison window. Since prison, he has become a Husband, Father, Cosmetology instructor and blogger. His story inspires forgiveness, self-love and sends a message that everyone deserves a second chance.   He heard a broadcast while being transferred prisons,  that helped him embrace faith and was able to let go of everything and forgive himself.   “If you don’t forgive your self it will be hard to accept the forgiveness of others.”   We talk about how he got into cosmetology and then started a family. He shares the secret, about what a hairdresser really does!! David shares his evolution of writing and how he has been sharing his story.    
March 26, 2015
14. Stephen Garrett is Canadas First Death Coach
What Can We Learn From A Death Coach? Could you imagine finding out that someone you love died suddenly and unexpectedly? Stephen lost his sister and realized that everything he was striving for “wasn't really worth it”. He gave up his six-figure income, BMW’s and suits to become a social worker. His first year as a social worker he made $12,000 and he had made that each month as a Stock Broker. He almost went back when times were difficult, but he paid more attention to his heart and stuck with it. Through the years he found his calling and became a Death Coach or The Death Shaman. He helps people plan for death, have conversations about it, heal and find life.    Questions I ask Stephen and Important Points What is a Death Coach? Why are people afraid of fear? Why will a coach and surrounding yourself with support make it easier to start over with a new lifestyle? Why did you become a coach? What separates us from Vancouver's Downtown East Side sex trade workers, drug attics and homeless? How he learned to embrace death. How to be with someone who is dying. What it is like to live with grief. What are healthy ways to be with grief? Does everyone going through grief change their life's? How to help someone who has lost a loved one. Links And Contact Information Just Alive Consulting Inc.  604-328-7054 facebook Bean Around Books
January 08, 2015
13. Reverend Ray Rose on Faith and Stroke Recovery
How can a small measure of faith help some overcome the challenges that come with having a stroke? What happens when you know the odds are not with you, to be independent again? Today we talk with Reverend Ray. Even when he wanted to die, give up and call it quits, he kept going. He believes that there is so much in you that you have to give to somebody else. There is somebody else that needs you. This is the part of the emotional battle that he fought within. This is his first time telling his story, and he shares a message that,  What We Talk About In This Interview:   Ray shares his experience of having a stroke He shares a message from God We talk about his time in the hospital and his recovery What it was like when he first came home He shares his journey along with his recovery and finding what he is passionate about We talk about the impact on his family The power of prayer We talk about suicide, both having the will to go on and helping others see the good within themselves.   Show notes and links: : Contact Ray Itunes facebook group, Christians Against Suicide
December 11, 2014
12. Chaplain Mike Moreno on Healing after War in Iraq
We are talking with Mike Moreno on the show and he talks about spirituality, the war in Iraq, and shares some topics that may be difficult for some listeners. He is a Navy Chaplin and shares his experience with us and guides us through some of these tough questions. I've taken a life, how does that change who and what I am? The sticky wicket, Do you believe that God will protect you? What makes someone feel safe? Can spirituality strengthen personal resilience? How does one know who and what god is? What is my purpose here? I did not die, what is the meaning I am going to attach to that. How can you help someone after a near death experience? How can we be good at listening to someone that has experienced a loss? How can you share your faith, your view in a constructive way? How can you listen to someone whose stories and memories make me feel sad and sick? What is a moral injury? Show notes at:      
December 04, 2014
11. Christopher Hostetler on Escaping Death
Could you imagine if your child was playing in the backyard, and the next thing you know, his friend has come to get you, to let you know he has been shot? Imagine you are in the hospital wondering if he is going to be alright. How would this affect your family and how would this affect your child? Chris shares his experience for the first time on the radio, a story of hard times, strong family, healing and then a journey to help others. Show notes and links here:
November 20, 2014
10. Nicole Wipp Estate Planning Part 2
November 13, 2014
10. Nicole Wipp on Estate Planning
Nicole is an attorney in the state of Michigan and is also licensed in Hawaii. She is here today not as an attorney, but to give general advice on this topic. She suggests you seek an attorney for specific information to your situation. Her law practice is called, The Family and Aging Law Center. They help families manage crisis and prepare for a crisis.  Show notes and links at:  
November 06, 2014
9. Timothy Lawson on Overcoming Cancer As a Teen
Timothy lives in The District of Columbia. He has lived in about a dozen different places over the last 10 years but came from the Greater North West.  He spent about 5 ½ years in the Marine Corps, serving as a marine security guard. He was diagnosed with cancer as a teenager and overcame it to share his story with others.  Show notes at:  
October 29, 2014
8. John Dumas on Military Training Near Death Experience in Iraq
John served 13 months in Iraq, with the USA military. He had numerous near-death experiences. Today he shares the most prominent one with us, and the effects it had on him. Show notes at:
October 22, 2014
7. Dale Spencer – Train Trestle Fall to Inspiring Speaker
At the young age of 20, Dale slipped and fell from a railroad trestle, and in that moment, his life was dramatically changed. He spent two and a half months in the hospital and had to learn how to live life in a wheelchair.  Dale shares his journey and how his positive thinking led him to become a speaker and deliver the important message to Think First.  Show notes at:
October 02, 2014
6. John Ramstead - Devastating Horse Accident to Thriving Business Coach
John Ramstead survived a traumatic horse accident that caused him a traumatic brain injury. He spent nearly two years in the hospital and shared his journey on the podcast. His website is at: Show notes available at:
September 24, 2014
5. Martin Bailey on Surviving a Brain Tumour with Optimism
Martin Bailey shares his extraordinary story of recovering from a brain tumor, optimism and achieving your dreams.
September 03, 2014
4. Nick Pavlidis Second Chance at Life and Marriage
Nick was given a second chance at life when he was hit head-on by a Buick as a teenager.  He was incredibly resilient and bounced back quickly. Life crept up on him and before he knew it he was successful in business but not as much at home. He was working over 60 hours a week......   He shares the journey he took to become a good husband and father. As a bonus, he shares important information about wills and guardians, to help you make sure you have everything in order and a good sense of security in your family. Show notes at:
August 27, 2014
3. Joel Boggess - Miracle Boy Falls From Train Trestle and Survives
Joel shares such an impactful and moving story, that I found myself tearing up during the interview a few times. Tissue alert, he was only 5 years old when he slipped from a train trestle and somehow escaped death. Joel was truly given a second chance at life and how grateful am I. Today he helps thousands of people Relaunch their life with confidence. Joel's Life Today Joel and his wife co-host together Relaunch. They do daily shows throughout the week. They bring in the hottest and in-demand authors. They share inspiring ideas and practical steps to help people set themselves up and get ready for their own relaunch.Joel shares such an impactful and moving story, that I found myself tearing up during the interview a few times. Tissue alert, he was only 5 years old when he slipped from a train trestle and somehow escaped death. Joel was truly given a second chance at life and how grateful am I. Today he helps thousands of people Relaunch their life with confidence. Near-Death Experience Joel's parents separated when he was 3 years old. He lived with his mom and spent weekends and holidays with his dad. When he was 5, his dad took him hiking in the Texas hill country. He wandered off with the other kids and started their own hike. They climbed to the top of a cliff and found a bridge. At 5, the bridge represented a jungle gym. He walked to the middle of the bridge with the other kids. They laid down on their stomachs and called to their dad's below. Joel doesn't remember, but the bridge started shaking and a whistle sounded. It was a train trestle. The train has screeched to a halt, and Joel was nowhere to be found. He was laying in a pile of his own blood on the jagged rocks on the bottom. Through heroic and divine intervention, they were able to get him to the hospital. Get the full show notes at: Link to Joel's website:
August 20, 2014
2. Les Stratford on 300+ lb Weight Loss and Incredible Return to Health
Les overcame vast medical problems and lost over 300 lbs. Join us in this inspiring interview! What Happened? In 2010 Les weighed 510 lbs. He was having difficulty breathing, and when he couldn't take 6 steps without being out of breath, he went to the hospital. He had 6 blood clots and needed emergency surgery immediately.  His options were given to him and he ended up having surgery while he was awake. He had a clean bill of health when the Cardiologist told him there was no damage, and his nephew was happy to celebrate with him. You can listen to the audio interview on the Podcast: Here  Religious Beliefs Les grew up attending a Christian school.  He found organized religion turned him off a little bit towards attending religiously so to speak. When he walked out of the hospital with a clean bill of health he thanked God. Rebuilding He started walking little by little with his nephews' support. He felt uneasy until he had seen the doctor and took it easy. Once he was given the clean bill of health, he increased the distance and put in a lot of effort. He continued to up the goals, and try and achieve them to make himself feel good. Now he focuses on strength training. His most recent yearly check-up the doctor could not find anything he needs to work on!!!! He has lost 300+ lbs. He began public speaking and motivating others by sharing his story. Books and Music Amy Grant's music got him through his tough times. He was able to meet with her backstage to share his story. Parting Words "If you get a second chance don't waste it. Grab the bull by the horns and just focus." Contact Info:   Contact Info: The website is at:          
August 13, 2014
1. Jordan Agolli on Miracle Surviving a Life Threatening Car Accident
Jordan is only 19 years old!! He works in a marketing company that has an incredible culture. He has a podcast, a mastermind group and has recently earned his black belt in Taido. Religious Beliefs  Jordan was raised in a Christian family. went to Christian school and church every Sunday. The accident did not have any bearing on his religious beliefs. He did begin to question them around 17 years old. Today he is searching what it is he finds to be true but labels himself as agnostic when people ask. Near-Death Experience Jordan's brother was driving down a regular 2 lane road in Georgia. Jordan was a passenger and egging his brother to go faster. They came to a yellow light and tried to stop, causing the breaks to lock. They skidded and hit a car making a right-hand turn onto the street, and hit the back going 50- 60 mph. Thankfully there were no passengers in the car. They hit a tree and it stopped the car. They were wearing their seatbelts, and that was what saved them from being thrown from the car. No one was seriously injured. Jordan may have broken a rib, they had bruising and the other driver had a mild neck injury. After Effects and Inside the Experience Jordan saw a massive white flash, which may have been the airbag. They heard a hissing sound in the engine and thought it may blow up.  It was hard to get out because the car was facing 90 degrees downward. Jordan laid on the sidewalk, it was about 10:30 at night. They saw a man come from nowhere and asked if everyone was OK, and told him he called the police. Then he disappeared. In 5 seconds he came and disappeared.  Jordan's brother said it may have been an angel.  Moving On Jordan was scared to get into a car for a while. He was disappointed for doing something so stupid, and I am thankful he is so honest in sharing this as it may help others avoid this situation. He tried to put it out of his mind, so he could drive and move past it. It had an impact on him, he told me, "We have one life and one opportunity to live, and it can be taken from us in one instance. We need to live life each day intentionally and passionately, and realize this may be the last time we get to do whatever we are doing." His Dad took his brother driving that next day, so he could get past that fear. This experience helped Jordan conquer his fears and be able to get past fear when it comes.  There was fear to start a podcast Jordan pushed past, thankfully as Teenage Entrepreneur inspired me to start a podcast! Find at    
August 12, 2014
00 Heart Attack at 34
In the first episode, Joel Boggess, of Relaunch, interviews our host Gina as she shares her story of heart trauma and the making of this new podcast.
August 11, 2014