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LXD Talks

LXD Talks

By Alexander Salas
LXD Talks is the weekly learning experience design podcast with Alex Salas. Learn about the various disciplines contributing to what is known as LXD. Learn ways you can prepare for a career in learning and development (LnD). Check out discussions with recognized speakers in instructional design, UX, web design, eLearning development, learning facilitation and more.
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Things to be Thankful for in LXD #018
Is that time to be thankful; thankful that you are alive, that you have another chance to make progress and thankful that LXD Talks is here!!! Tristia and Alex come back and will show what are the things you should be thankful for in instructional design and the LXD world.   Catch the podcast here and everywhere where you get your podcasts on   LEAVE US A MESSAGE HERE
December 03, 2020
Easy eLearning Authoring with IsEazy #017
In the world of cloud based eLearning authoring tools, there are juggernauts like GOMO or Articulate's Rise, but there's one cool app from Spain known as IsEazy. Join us on this episode where we dive into IsEazy with the help of the awesome Stacey Hulseberg.   GET IsEazy: USE PROMO CODE = PA_9102001_DISCOUNT
November 23, 2020
Awesome Things to do in Snagit #016
SnagIt is Techsmith's ultimate tool for workflow productivity, screen captures, job aid creation, graphic editing and micro tutorial wizardry. This LXD Talk episode goes techie with Tristia and Alex sharing some of the powerful things you can do with SnagIt. Catch the podcast here and everywhere where you get your podcasts on  LEAVE US A MESSAGE HERE
November 17, 2020
Tools for LXD Designers
There are many tools and technologies available today for LXD practitioners, but there are some essential tools all designers must have. Alex and Tristia discuss tools an LXD designer must have to deliver the best learning experiences. Don't miss this episode if you are new or looking to get into the field. One lucky live episode participant will win a free seat for eLearning Launch's Enterprise ID JAN2021 cohort. Catch the podcast here and everywhere where you get your podcasts on  LEAVE US A MESSAGE HERE
November 05, 2020
L&D Horrors - The Halloween Special #014
This is our Halloween special episode about L&D Horrors. What are the worst practices we have witnessed in our L&D past? What's the scariest thing in compliance training? Come, hangout live and have a chance to win a free seat to eLearning Launch's next EnterpriseID program in January 2021.   Catch the podcast here and everywhere where you get your podcasts on  LEAVE US A MESSAGE HERE
October 29, 2020
From Teacher to LXD Designer #013
Let's face it! Many teachers endure several challenges that many LXD designers do not have to face. Based on that we can assume that teachers are perfect candidates for LXD roles, but are they? In this episode, Tristia and Alex discuss what teachers need to consider before attempting the crossover from teacher to LXD designer.   Catch the podcast here and everywhere where you get your podcasts on  LEAVE US A MESSAGE HERE  License for audio assets found here
October 22, 2020
eLearning Pricing Strategies #012
Some people pay thousands of dollars for a glorified PowerPoint design and boring read-through slides. Others want to pay pennies for all the bells and whistles, how can you price your projects for optimal results? Should you agree to be paid by the hour? Should you be paid by the project? In this episode, Tristia and Alex discuss some strategies to avoid getting duped into reducing the value of your eLearning designs. SUBSCRIBE ON YOUTUBE Catch the podcast here and everywhere where you get your podcasts on   LEAVE US A MESSAGE HERE
October 15, 2020
From Corporate to Freelancing LXD #011
For better or for worse, 2020 is the year of the freelancer. So, what if you have to make the leap from coporate gig to freelancing? What if you have no choice? aka laid off. Alex recently made the leap and he has some golden nuggets to share with Tristia in this epic episode of LXD Talks. Learn some tips, the good, the bad and the awesome of the freelancing life versus the comfort of corporate America. Catch the podcast here and everywhere where you get your podcasts on   LEAVE US A MESSAGE HERE
October 08, 2020
LMS and LXPs for Learning Experiences #010
Learning Management Systems (LMS) and Learning Experience Platforms (LXP) are technology services that centralize learning resources for organizations. However, how these affect learning experiences is not often discussed and this is why we have invited Alex Ryan, Founder at Evolve Solutions Group to have a chat with us.   CONNECT WITH ALEX RYAN   Catch the podcast here and everywhere where you get your podcasts on   LEAVE US A MESSAGE HERE
October 01, 2020
Visual Design for Learning Part II #09
In this part II of the visual design series, Tristia and Alex dive into the influences of graphic design and UX as they apply to LXD. They will discuss some additional laws and principles involved in engaging learners. They also show a few live samples of eLearning ideas for engaging titles and starting courses.  LAWS OF UX    MULTIMEDIA LEARNING DESIGN PRINCIPLES   10 HEURISTICS OF USER INTERFACE 
September 24, 2020
Visual Design Do's and DON'Ts Part One #08
Visual design has a strong influence on everything we do. So, it's only natural that we consider its impact in how your designs engage learners. There's a reason why Instagram is a popular social media app and why blockbuster movies look the way they do. Marketing uses visuals for specific purposes and so shall we learning experience professionals. AVAILABLE EVERYWHERE YOU GET YOUR PODCASTING ON Watch it on YouTube 10 rules of composition all designers live by Come back next Wednesday for Part Deux of our Visual Design Series
September 17, 2020
Adobe Captivate vs Articulate Storyline #07
Adobe Captivate and Articulate Storyline are the most popular eLearning authoring tools on the planet. Both have different approaches for workflows and interactive features. In this episode, Alex and Tristia dive in to check what's new and how these tools match up against each other. CHECK OUT THE CAPTIVATE VS STORYLINE PLAYLIST BE PART OF THE ACTION AND LEAVE US A MESSAGE
September 10, 2020
Good and Bad Gamification #06
Is gamification over? There are certainly many horrible as well as great examples of it in L&D. Alex and Tristia dive into the fascinating world of gamification and the power of game design for learning purposes in this episode of LXD Talks. The Gamification of Learning and Instruction: Game-based Methods and Strategies for Training and Education Handbook of Game-Based Learning
September 03, 2020
LXD Talks Trailer
LXD Talks is the new vlog and podcast offering real conversations about the emerging field of Learning Experience Design (LXD) and sound Instructional Systems Design (ISD) practices. Hosts Alex Salas, Chief of Awesomeness at and ID extraordinaire Tristia Hennessey come to you live on YouTube and Facebook every Wednesday at 4PM EST. LXD Talks is also available as a podcast in all your favorite platforms.
August 27, 2020
Design Thinking for L&D #05
Nowadays, Design Thinking is all the rage and in heavy rotation in corporate learning environments. What's behind design thinking and why do we think that it's the way to work in Learning and Development (L&D). Alex and Tristia get into design thinking in this episode.   DESIGN THINKING TIMELINE  DON'T MAKE ME THINK BOOK  CHANGE BY DESIGN BOOK 
August 27, 2020
ADDIE vs SAM #04
The Analysis, Design, Development, Implementation and Evaluation or ADDIE framework has been around for over 40 years. The Successive Approximation Model or SAM by Michael Allen is what we would call a SCRUM Lite version of Agile. Many L&D practitioners tend to use one of these frameworks as their preferred way of creating learning interventions. Which one really matters and which ones are hype? Alex and Tristia take you there. Watch on YouTube Follow our LinkedIn page for updates
August 20, 2020
Creating Learning Personas with guest Myra Roldan #03
How does creating learning personas benefit our learning designs? Personas are ideographic representations of an audience. Alex and Tristia discuss the practice of creating personas with the awesome Myra Roldan, a former software engineer turned L&D pro. Myra's currently a program manager at Amazon and she shares her know-how on personas in this episode. Watch on YouTube
August 13, 2020
What is Learning Experience Design? #02
#lxd #instructionaldesign #lnd   It's only natural that we talk about the meaning of Learning Experience Design (LXD), after all, it's the name of our show. Alex and Tristia are going to go deep into the subject though because like anything else in L&D, it's getting diffused. How can a designer dictate one's experience? Are we succumbing to designer ego at times? Come and get the goods in this episode of LXD Talks.
August 07, 2020
What is Instructional Design? #01
#instructionaldesign #lxd #edtech   On this EPIC first episode of LXD Talks, Alex and Tristia go deep into the archives and finally answer the existential question "What is Instructional Design?" Is it pretty graphics and information? Performance consulting? PowerPoint wizardry? Curriculum development or just a generic label for content developer? Come join us, ask questions and get into it.   HISTORY OF INSTRUCTIONAL MEDIA    HISTORY OF INSTRUCTIONAL DESIGN  
July 29, 2020