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Let's Unpack That

Let's Unpack That

By Lyall Behrens
Irreverent Comedian Lyall Behrens unpacks a different subject every episode. This is a safe space for men, Black masculinity and reckless original thought. New episodes every Thursday. Follow: Instagram & Twitter: @lyallbehrens
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One Night Stand
In the season two finale, Lyall talks one night stands preparing you for adulthood, the difference between a one night stand and somebody you just smashed the once, how to attract them and more. Stream Lyall's album and subscribe to this podcast on Apple & Spotify. 
June 16, 2021
Lyall talks about moving to Brooklyn, the pandemic creating the great millennial migration and when it's time to go. 
June 14, 2021
Luxury Issues
Lyall unpacks when bougie is better, his issues with ghetto ass barbershops, and which types of things he must splurge on in the realm of travel, food, and style.
May 28, 2021
Too Soon for I love You, Too Late for Butt Stuff
Lyall is joined by Ariele to unpack when is "too soon" or "too late" to do something in a relationship. We get into saying "I love you," taking off the condom, passing gas, showing your ugly side, and discussing your sexual desires. 
May 21, 2021
The Kwame Brown Effect
Lyall unpacks what inspired Kwame Brown's clap backs, clowning professional athletes and what is the line when simply critiquing millionaire entertainers and being a jealous hater online. Also J.Cole's new album and basketball career. Follow Lyall
May 21, 2021
Three Coons with William Jeffery & Matt Duckett
Lyall is joined by Comedian Matt Duckett and his cousin William Jeffery, to unpack grade school freak dancing, the difference between White & Black incels, White dudes being habitual line steppers and more. Follow Lyall Follow Matt Follow Will
May 12, 2021
Old Rappers Dying Young
Lyall looks to make sense of the madness on this episode.
May 4, 2021
First Post-Pandemic Vacation
Lyall talks about his time in Maui with Ariele, the line between paradise prices vs feeling ripped off, what's changed and more. This is a fluff piece. Toxic gang resumes next episode.....maybe. 
May 4, 2021
The Wire vs Snowfall
Lyall breaks down The Wire vs Snowfall, categories include Authenticity, Characters You Would Not Wanna Run Into, Pilot Episode, Weak Links and more. We finish with Ariele joining Lyall for a season 4 recap and season 5 predictions.
April 24, 2021
30 & Up
Lyall shares his perspective on being married and bored, or single and lonely. He breaks down how the options of having kids and buying a house or being old at the club all boil down to living with your decisions.
April 16, 2021
Social Halfway House
Lyall unpacks how we've all been de-socialized over the last year, why crowds aren't acting right, and how we will relate to each other in the future.
April 9, 2021
Current Events #2
Lyall unpacks people who want a piece of you without contributing, why Kevin Durant was in the right & Michael Rappaport is a bitch, and learns about the coming out process for Lil Nas X. He wraps up with thoughts on the Chauvin trial. Tickets for the live show this Saturday
April 2, 2021
Back To Normal (coming soon)
Lyall unpacks America’s reopening, the good and bad of being back to work in these new times, and the shot in the arm that makes it all happen.
March 30, 2021
The Law of Attraction
Lyall unpacks how the energy, vibe, and desires you put out in the world come back to you. He discusses people who are always in toxic relationships, how to attract da bitches on dating apps, and how to attract good relationships.
March 23, 2021
Digital Blackface
Lyall unpacks Digital Blackface, "Lightskin Niggaz be like" memes, Black neighbor viral videos and more.
March 15, 2021
1 Year With Trenton Davis
Lyall is joined by Trenton Davis to discuss being one year removed from their final pre-pandemic gig, the first few months of quarantine, parenting during Covid and more. Things go off the rails when Trenton unpacks why married people shouldn't live together and reflects on his promiscuity in college.  Stream Trenton's Comedy Special Follow: @lyallbehrens @trentoncomedy
March 12, 2021
Current Events #1
Lyall talks Coming 2 America, the new Notorious B.I.G. and Patrice O'Neal documentaries, Vanessa Bryant clapping back at horrible white women, Drake's Scary Hours 2, Meyers Leonard and more.
March 11, 2021
Lyall and Ariele unpack bad service, tip shaming, and their personal line of when it’s bad enough not to tip. They discuss the audacity of Bay Area servers, including one who tried to pick up Lyall after doing a terrible job.
March 8, 2021
Levels Of Being Racist
Lyall goes through his racial rolodex and personal bias. Ariele joins us to unpack different types of Jews and relations with the Black community. 
March 6, 2021
Players, Scumbags, Losers & Nice Guys
Lyall and Ariele unpack archetypes of manhood, talk about the difference between a “nice guy” and a “good guy”, and share stories of run-ins with players, scumbags, and losers.
March 1, 2021
The Problem with Men
Lyall unpacks why so many people have a hard time treating men like full individuals, shares a few stories, and brings Ariele on to explain why so many women don't seem to genuinely care about men. 
February 27, 2021
2000's Hip-Hop
Esteemed guest Trevor Joyner unpacks 2000's hip-hop with Lyall. They talk best and worst of the decade, theories about what Tupac and Biggie would have been doing if they'd lived, and how the South took over.  Follow Lyall Behrens on Instagram: @lyallbehrens Follow Lyall Behrens on Twitter: @lyallbehrens Follow Trevor on instagram: @loltrev
February 20, 2021
Having Standards vs. Being Picky
Lyall talks about the distinction between having high standards and being rude and picky. He unpacks dating standards, restaurant service, and haircuts -- and how to hold your standards without being disrespectful. Follow Lyall Behrens on Instagram: @lyallbehrens Follow Lyall Behrens on Twitter: @lyallbehrens
February 16, 2021
Feast of Saint Valentine
On this special Valentine’s episode, we unpack how to tell your woman to step up her gift game, the perfect Valentine’s Day menu that ensures a sexy evening, Lyall’s dislike of cards, and past V-day fails. Follow Lyall Behrens on Instagram: @lyallbehrens Follow Lyall Behrens on Twitter: @lyallbehrens
February 12, 2021
Lyall unpacks when ghosting is justified, when it's wack, and how to be a man and have the hard conversations that you're trying to avoid with ghosting. Ariele joins for a brand new segment called, "She has a fat ass, but..." where we learn what lines Lyall would cross in order to to get with a girl with his favorite body part.
February 5, 2021
Turning 30 with Class
Lyall unpacks the choices you have to make as you approach 30: what you are willing to compromise on, who you really want to be, and what behaviors you should leave to the youngsters. He talks about classy and classless ways to move that set you up for success or failure. Follow Lyall Behrens on Instagram: @lyallbehrens Follow Lyall Behrens on Twitter: @lyallbehrens
February 2, 2021
Travel + Leisure
Lyall talks about “travel” vs. “vacation”, couples trips, and how to avoid catastrophe when you travel with others. He unpacks all types of sex that may be pursued while on vacation. Follow Lyall Behrens on Instagram: @lyallbehrens Follow Lyall Behrens on Twitter: @lyallbehrens
January 29, 2021
Cheating Part Two With Joe Praino
Lyall is joined by Dirty Sports Podcast's Joe Praino to unpack cheating, Joe's issues with Tiger Woods' infidelity, and cheating pre-social media days. Lyall reveals more than he intended to but won't edit it out. Follow Lyall Behrens on Instagram: @lyallbehrens  Follow Lyall Behrens on Twitter: @lyallbehrens  Follow Joe Praino on IG - @joepraino Follow Joe Praino on Twitter: @FixYourLife
January 25, 2021
Cheating Part One
Lyall kicks off the episode with some cheating stories. Lyall unpacks why men should and shouldn't cheat, why men shouldn't go into a relationship if they haven't sampled enough, and what makes men creepy or normal. Follow Lyall on Instagram: Follow Lyall on Twitter:
January 22, 2021
Lyall unpacks G.O.A.T. criteria for the NBA, Hip-Hop and Stand Up Comedy. As well as why Eddie Murphy and Biggie Smalls are counterparts. This is a nice light barbershop episode.  Follow Lyall on Instagram:
January 18, 2021
Techies, Yuppies, & Gentrifiers
Lyall unpacks what's wrong with techie culture, why these people don't know how to talk to Black people, and his general disgust for gentrifiers who move to the Bay Area in order to live out their wildest fantasies. 
January 16, 2021
Pandemic Self-Care
Lyall talks about what he does to maintain sanity during the pandemic and the importance of social media breaks. He and Ariele discuss the line between believing science and being a dirtbag.
January 12, 2021
Storming the Capitol
Lyall talks about what it will take to get these white people to act like they might have consequences, unpacks what's wrong with "pat yourself on the back" woke social media culture, and may or may not call Chris Dorner an American hero.
January 8, 2021
Lyall unpacks community hoes not having a high body count, barter-system hoes, sociopathic hoes and why sex workers are exempt from being hoes. Ariele comes on to explain why men can't be hoes after Lyall gave examples of why men can be hoes.
January 5, 2021
Moving In With Your Significant Other
Lyall unpacks moving in with your girlfriend, not being able to live with your partner until you see how they fight, how not to resent your significant other over rent, conflict with the thermometer in an interracial household and more. 
January 1, 2021
Things I Was Wrong About....
Lyall unpacks things he believed when he was younger and was wrong about. Hard work always wins, having sex with a lot of Women makes you feel good and money habits. Ariele joins us later in the episode to unpack being wrong about AIDS, friendship and how easy it is to be famous.  Join us for a NYE Comedy Show on Zoom:
December 29, 2020
Shit Comedians Need To Stop Doing
Very "Quincy Jones"-type episode. Lyall unpacks things Comedians do that annoy him. Old Black Comedians not downloading Venmo and taking a picture with every celebrity they meet. White Comedians being fake "wOkE" and comedy culture being rooted in weirdo white guy culture. Indian Comedians talking about their parents too much and jacking Black swag on stage. Lyall is very annoyed by first generation comedians not being doctors just as much as their parents.  
December 29, 2020
Christmas With Rudy Ortiz
Lyall is joined by Comedian Rudy Ortiz to unpack Christmas, the pandemic gift budget, buying gifts for somebody kids, holiday binge drinking, protocol in a Mexican household and more. If you're in the Bay Area listen to Rudy on KBLX with The Dream Team. FOLLOW ON INSTAGRAM: Guest: @itsrudyortiz Host: @lyallbehrens
December 21, 2020
Protect Ya Energy
As a follow up to the "Holding L's & Getting Your Swag Back" episode, Lyall unpack's protecting your energy. We unpack hater remarks disguised as jokes, zero tolerance policy with white friends, media consumption altering your mood and of course throwing some people under the bus. First time we break out the BLEEP button.  No new episode on Friday. New episode next Monday.  Buy a copy of Couples Therapy on Itunes or Bandcamp to support this podcast. 
December 21, 2020
Vlad TV/Blacks & Jews: Bonus Episode
Lyall unpacks Vlad TV, boycotts for the show, Black & Jewish relations in this country and more.
December 18, 2020
Holding L's & Getting Your Swag Back With Trenton Davis
On this episode Lyall is joined by Comedian Trenton Davis to unpack losing your swag, getting cheated on, not being happy at home, the universe gifting you and more. Trenton tries to get Lyall to say he can't be monogamous for the rest of his life.   Stream his special on Amazon Prime: AtTrentonComedy Follow on Instagram:  Guest: @trentoncomedy Host: @lyallbehrens on Instagram & Twitter
December 15, 2020
Social Media With DJ Illanoise
Lyall is joined by DJ Illanoise to unpack the butterfly effects of social media, hate following people, corny screenshots, sliding in DM’s, getting unfollowed by people you know, white folk doing tone policing and revisiting the impact of the viral cat calling video.  Lyall unpacks why people born in the 90s have significantly less sex than people born in the 80s. This episode was sponsored by millennial angst.  @djillanoise @lyallbehrens
December 11, 2020
Birthdays With Your Significant Other
Lyall is joined by the lovely Ariele to unpack birthdays with your significant other, pressure on men that are broke at the moment, Lyall learns why women nag about their birthday, what it takes to have your born day crown slapped off, birthday red flags and more.
December 7, 2020
California Dreaming With Ariele
Lyall is joined with the lovely Ariele to unpack California vacations. Lyall's hate for Lake Tahoe, the proper way to do Wine country, why San Francisco is the only place you need to visit in the Bay Area, San Diego tricking people, LA expectations and Santa Barbara's versatility.  
December 4, 2020
"Stay Outta Hood Business" With Trevor Joyner
Let's Unpack That's Lyall Behrens is joined by Comedian Trevor Joyner to unpack a light (no sad sh*t) year in review, Mike Tyson, Rap album of the year, Dave Chappelle, Jeezy & Gucci's Verzuz and more. Also Trevor's theory on Black people treating White people like puppies, White American women not having swag and why certain people need to stay out of hood business. Follow Trevor on instagram: @loltrev
November 30, 2020
Vices With Jared Camacho
On this episode Lyall Behrens talks with Jared Camacho of the Great Content podcast. They discuss managing vices around sex, drinking, video games, food, weed and even fitness & education.  Lyall & Jared also get messy and throw some "friends" under the bus. 2020 gon 2020.
November 28, 2020
Long Distance Relationships With Gary Anderson
On this episode Lyall is joined by fellow Comedian Gary Anderson (MTV's Acting Out, Tru TV's Laff Tracks) to unpack long distance relationships. Also the downfalls of sleeping with too many sad girls, why relationship sex isn’t supposed to be great, White girlfriend problems, sugar babies and Gary breaks down why men expecting monogamy is juvenile. Plus a lot more. Subscribe to Gary Anderson’s YouTube channel:
November 23, 2020
Artist Support
This episode Lyall unpacks to what degree friends should support their artist friends. We also get into bringer shows, rapper friends, artist being delusional and more. Lyall also calls his mother for revenge support.  Support this podcast:
November 19, 2020
Outgrowing The Homies With William Jeffery
Lyall Behrens is joined by William Jefferey (Head Above Hypocrisy podcast) to unpack outgrowing the homies, friends you can't bring to the house or around your girl, getting into wine, why the Bay Area is the dirty south of California and much more.  Follow him on Instagram: @headabovehypocrisy Support The Show:
November 13, 2020
Weird White Dudes At Comedy Shows
Lyall unpacks why he don't talk to people after shows and how weird white guys ruined it for everybody. Racist hecklers at NBA games. Old white people on facebook. 
November 13, 2020