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By Lyn Alderman
Institutional Learning Analytics - If you offer human services, how can you ethically use your data to determine participant experience
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Policy Borrowing - build on the success and contextualise for use


Bigg’s 3 P Model of Teaching and Learning – a qualitative coding framework
Australian legislation requires universities to collect student feedback from students each year and this has taken the form of a student survey (Alderman, Towers & Bannah, 2012). Last week I presented a simulated workshop on how to code student comments against Bigg’s (1996) 3 P Model of Teaching and Learning: Presage; Process; and Product. This 3 P model was my doctoral theoretical construct to code the outcomes of the government’s national initiatives: Australian Universities Quality Agency; Learning and Teaching Performance Fund; and Australian Learning and Teaching Council. This model still shines.
February 24, 2020
Policy Borrowing - build on the success and contextualise for use
Tool No 74 Policy Borrowing – build on the success and contextualise for use From the education discipline we call it Policy Borrowing when we borrow a policy from one country, discipline, school, or organisation, adopt it, and then implement it in our setting. The discipline of management call it Policy Transfer. Policy Borrowing requires policy designers and advisors to conduct an environmental scan to locate all types of policy that may be pertinent to your setting. The literature assures us that Policy Borrowing is successful when you borrow an evidence-based successful policy and then when you apply it to your setting. Make sure you contextualise the policy to your local conditions.
February 24, 2020
Post Occupany Evaluation
Post Occupancy Evaluation is an architectural evaluation tool. When a building or complex is complete and the keys are handed over to the new owner, it is anticipated that post occupancy evaluation will be conducted one year later.
February 2, 2020
Institutional Learning Analytics
This topic will introduce listeners to Institutional Learning Analytics. How to use data to assist organisations to understand what they can do with data when they offer human services.
February 2, 2020