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Music To My Ears

Music To My Ears

By Lyonel Oyier
About music, random thoughts yes let's talk about those feelings. Help me update my playlist
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Perspective, purpose, calling or just manipulation?
Today we're discussing calling and your purpose. Sending love and light New music from Bien, sauti sol muthoni drummer Queen, charisma, matata..... One EP from matata, nviiri the storyteller and bensol. Twitter@chiriejamie. Whatsapp on +254795840962
October 18, 2021
Y'all just love mess,Loyalty Can't be tested
If you're curious about the title yes loyalty can't be tested by the time you're resorting to such measures you don't have it. The music is from Victoria Kimani's new album spirit animal.. City on the hill noel Nderitu and of course Ethan Muziki whatsapp no is +254795840962. Twitter@chiriejamie
October 6, 2021
To you my dear friends. For you are my world.
Hey there was a bit of turbulence in the last segment sorry. And I love y'all. Eric Wainaina is back with tell your mother . Victoria Kimani is serving remedies. Here are the links I promised you
September 20, 2021
I might have touched the sky(Donda or CLB?)
This week has been exciting but you'll get that in the episode. We're talking Donda, CLB. We're talking Ethan Muziki and his new project Love language. And best of all we're talking about you music from Wendy kay, flier, Eric Wainaina, wambura mitaru just to name a few WhatsApp no :+254795840962. Twitter@chiriejamie
September 6, 2021
Yeah I'm rocking Dreadlocks keep your Hands off (police brutality has to stop)
Hey welcome back to another week of this so ssaru graced a billboard in new York that's a big deal. Music from Wendy kay and steph kapela, baraza katapilla , benachi take a pick.. Whatsapp on +254795840962
August 21, 2021
Black, love, magic. It's one of those days
Heey this week we're talking Ms katana,, Noel nderitu, Mumbi, Rigga....... Have you heard about song exploder well you'll have to listen to the podcast to know... You're doing okay hit me up on +254795840962. Twitter@chiriejamie
August 7, 2021
We might need more wine ๐Ÿƒ
Today we're talking of the power in I am. New music from fena, Anto neo soul, mejja so dive in. Twitter@chiriejamie. Whatsapp is +254795840962
July 27, 2021
We live on a floating Rock please love yourself
Yay I'm so happy to see you back to this. We're still talking music, Breeder LWs bazenga mentality and others.. Hit me up on twitter @chiriejamie and my WhatsApp is +254795840962 thank you have a nice week
July 10, 2021
X's and O's just lemme go
We're talking exes new music have you heard the new Nikita Kering EP. Kagwe has a new song out Black and gold EP from fena gitu twitter @chiriejamie
July 1, 2021
Pride and Prejudice
If you could tell one thing to your past self what would it be.. What's holding you back from writing it down.. New music is from Brian nadra _ Nadrenaline album H_art the band _simple man Nikita kering ex Twitter@chiriejamie. +254747840962
June 12, 2021
Find Time To Live
Let's talk Intimacy. Do you feel free asking for the things you want or go with the flow.. Find courage to go for the things you want whatsapp no +254747840962. Twitter@chiriejamie. Bensol Medicine EP, Crystal asige Lenga, Jadi the band wivu, Octopizzo ringa, Jivu wangari, Tetu shani asante sana ft fadhilee, blinky bill ft sage rise, Kamau mango, Noah oduor Good thing.. Have a nice week people
May 15, 2021
The Berry or The Juice
So shekhinah is dropping an album but that has totally nothing to do with this episode. Have you experienced colourism Or you're just looking for a brand new podcast. What's app no is +254747840962
May 1, 2021
Vybes and Inshallah ๐Ÿฆ‹
We're talking music and the impact in your life.. How people limit your potential and how to claim it back. And of course music. Whatsapp no +254747840962. Twitter@chiriejamie. Email
April 17, 2021
It's An Aries Thing๐Ÿ˜
Heavy episode. Karun finally dropped that album so we're talking that. Who should create safe spaces for men? Let's talk that and rape culture. Share your thoughts on this episode on +254747840962 Twitter @chiriejamie Email
April 3, 2021
Catch A Vybe
Karun is out here dropping bangers. And I know you're curious so I got you sorted. What is that one mistake you won't forgive yourself for and why Find me on twitter @chiriejamie or email me on
March 8, 2021
Are We Doing This?
This is our very first episode I don't have this figured out so help me improve this...welcome to music and of course the random stuff
February 5, 2021