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Consultancy Elite

Consultancy Elite

By M2Advisory
In my podcast interviews with my special guests, my elite consultants, we discuss business strategies, future and sustainable solutions in economic situations, macro economic developments and personal beliefs.
Listen how we see the world and share our positive messages to create beautiful movements and collaborations.
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Master Yourself Teaching from a CEO, serial entrepreneur and wealth coach
In this podcast interview I discuss with Susanne Fagerstrom the success formula and mindset to become a better business leader, business owner or better in relationships in general. Susanne combined her study in Economics and Mental Training to start at least 8 retail businesses in a period of 30 years and is now also a successful business coach on wealth and health. Listen to the podcast where the personal, entrepreneurial journey and future movements are going to and give you some useful tips and tools to become a better version of yourself.
August 01, 2021
CFO with a clear vision on diversity_Interview CFO Katya Forsyth
In this podcast interview with Katya Forsyth, CFO and entrepreneur we have a very vibrant and powerful discussion about how to acknowledge and apply diversity into work. Working as a CFO and starting in her career as the only woman in the finance world, Katya shares her experiences and survival skills to become a successful CFO and also mother of three children. Listen to this episode as we discuss what diversity means, how women can thrive in their careers and dominate the male (finance) environment.
July 23, 2021
Life after CEO Staatsolie Suriname_ Interview Rudolf Elias
In this podcast interview with Rudolf Elias, former CEO Staatsolie Suriname, we discuss how Rudolf and his clear vision regarding the commodity oil and gas created a transition of a slow moving business into a billion dollar business and partner of choice within less than 10 years for Suriname. We also talk about our vision for more sustainability and economic prosperity in the near future and outlook as we both share warm hearts for Suriname. Listen to our beautiful conversation about leadership, vision and sustainable future solutions.
July 17, 2021
Framework Intelligence and data management_Guests Paul Childerhose and Shaun Rolls EDM council representatives
This episode with my two guests captures various points of view regarding data management, framework intelligence for profits and utilising data. The podcast is a global experience, 3 continents are represented, North America, Europe and Australia. Even within these continent the common language and understanding is, that nowadays data is the most valuable assets on your balance sheet. My guests Paul Childerhose and Shaun Rolls authorities on this subject explain from their financial service background and as member of the EDM council how data is is being perceived within the public and profit sector and also the importance of understanding data in order to sustain and create financial viable companies.  Listen how we discuss data literacy, the focus and usage of data and future outlook in a data driven world. 
June 26, 2021
Women's Leadership during crisis_ Interview author Sophie Poldermans
In my podcast interview with Sophie Poldermans we discuss women's leadership as taken within the World War II and nowadays practice. Sophie is author of the best selling book " Seducing and Killing Nazi's. This book describes women leadership as a second nature and how this second nature is an important factor to create and build sustainable and profitable businesses. What I found intriguing is that women leadership is often underestimated, not recognised or even ignored. Listen how we discuss topics regarding female leadership, purpose driven leadership and how to create environments that support women operating from top levels within organisations. 
June 11, 2021
Elite Coaching: Take on life_Interview author Evelien van Es
Listen to the interview with Evelien van Es on how to become your relentlessly self. A beautiful podcast with the author of her book become relentlessly you and take on life! From an elite point of view we discuss life developments and what is needed to whole-heartedly accept and love yourself. Her point of view benefits you in a personal and business life if you understand what is needed to fulfil your purpose.
June 06, 2021
Master Effective Communication_ Interview founder Master4Business
In this podcast interview with my special guest, Kornelia Zegiel, we discuss the transition from working within a corporate environment to embarking entrepreneurship. Kornelia focus her services on delivering effective successful productivity and master your communication skills.  Listen how Kornelia explains her proven, pragmatical and effective communication blue print formula that enables a powerful way to communicate and also manage teams from a distance, so further excel her virtual communication and also elevated her career and entrepreneurial journey. 
May 28, 2021
Building Your Vision_ Interview Founder Bombay Express
In my podcast interview with Rehan Uddin, entrepreneur and restaurateur we talk about building your vision. What does this entail from a young age until now with 20 years of education, training and experience. Listen how this interview with an enthusiastic and clear visioned founder from the Bombay Express and also managing director of the first UK Asian Restaurant Owners Network (ARON) blends micro and macroeconomic situations nowadays that supports you in building your vision.
May 14, 2021
Scaling up your business_Interview CEO CostPerform
In my podcast interview with Sander den Hartog, CEO CostPerform, we talk about about embarking entrepreneurship, business strategies, future solutions and personal environmental impacts. Sander and myself met 15 years ago working as consultant at KPMG Business Advisory Services. Now 15 years later we both run our own companies and benefiting from our biggest learning school and network that we applied to our careers. Listen how we describe how we enjoy analysing, designing and creating sustainable solutions for our customers, honed in from our field of expertise. 
May 07, 2021