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Nautical Twist

Nautical Twist

By M (Sometimes Mary)
Hi! My name is M (or Mary, if you prefer). I started this weekly podcast as a way to begin or continue discussions of topics I have throughout my travels, interactions, and observations. Thank you for tuning in! Feel free to reach me on Instagram @nauticaltwist : )

I'm now actively on YouTube.
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Two Year Podcast Anniversary
In this episode I celebrate two years of uploading podcast episodes, thank listeners, and discuss plans for the future. Thank you for being a part of this! I'm truly honored.
September 22, 2020
Book talk with my best friend
In this episode I talk with my husband about choosing books and appropriate sleep times lol. Thank you for listening! Now, please stay safe and healthy! -M
September 22, 2020
Driving Behavior/Social Behavior
This episode is so random and recorded while half asleep lol. Thank you for tuning in!
September 15, 2020
Allowing Inconsistency
Okay, so I had to take one more social media break before really getting into things again. But I am back and I glad to be back. In this episode, I talk about how tough times can take physical toll and how I work to get myself back on track with physical activity. Thank you for listening! : )
September 8, 2020
Overthinking on a day of relaxation (lol)
I decided to dedicate this weekend to a relaxing, low cost, mental health friendly weekend. But, of course, I was doing some ovethinking along the way. In this episode, I share a couple life thoughts I had while over thinking. One of the key lessons were, not to freak out when I try and think of the big picture, but focus on one little section at a time. Somehow, it always works out that way. The other lesson was to learn to accept that there will always be some flaws or things that could be improved, but just embrace that fact. Thank you for listening! I hope you are staying safe and taking care of your mental health and relaxation, too!
August 17, 2020
Another attempt to address insomnia
As I have been trying not to depend on any type of medication to help me with sleep, I have recently tried another recommendation to help deal with insomnia. It sounds kind of crazy, but by giving my body permission to not sleep, I have found it to take a lot of pressure off my mind and allow me to relax a bit more. Bedtime can sometimes be something I dread, as I know that some nights will lead to hours of trying to sit still. We'll see how this new strategy works long term. I hope you're doing well. Thank you for listening. : )
August 9, 2020
Being able to adjust in the journey
I decided to take advantage of a little time off from work by doing something I rarely do: go to different places during the summer. I usually prefer to avoid the crowds and high cost of summer living. But, to avoid these two issues, I decided to go to a place I knew would not be crowded at all (making it easy to social distance and comfortably introverted lol) /and/ would not have to cost much beyond the gasoline needed for the car. Me and my travel buddy approach the trip with no solid plan beyond find some beautiful nature to enjoy. This trip was a big reminder for me to remain open to changes and new information along the journey. Thank you for listening! : )
July 31, 2020
Their plans for me
In this episode I talk about some things going on in my life and how people I know have reacted to that. Sometimes, opinions from people we know can get to us in a deeper way, so overtime, I've had to learn how to listen while protecting my vision at the same time. Thank you for tuning in!
July 24, 2020
An awkard attempt to deal with insomnia
I have tried different things to help me deal with insomnia. I can't say that any attempt has consistently helped me long term, but I still like to try different things. Recently, someone gave me something to help, and because I didnt expect it to work, I went a little overboard. In this episode I share some details on that. Thanks for listening! Please stay safe! -M
July 15, 2020
A Little Less-Passive Behavior
Ive realized that in the past, I have been far too passive about issues that bother me and tend to replace action with other things sometimes. Between social distancing and this new justice movement, many of us have been active in more ways than ever. In this episode. I talk a little bit about that.
July 14, 2020
Race matters...even when we don't want it to
In this episode, I talk about a topic I have avoided discussing on this platform: race. In my experience as a black woman, I know that my skin color is something that matters to some people, even when it is not something that I bring up. I share a few stories about my time in high school being one of few black people in the school and that kinds of comments that people made to my face. I grew up in a very protective home, so as I broke out it that shelter, it was interesting to experience how my skin color mattered to others and how people's expectations of me were sometimes different, based on my skin color. In the last few months, it's been shocking and encouraging to see so many people now willing to read more into systemic racism that related directly to issues we see today. While people are open to having this discussion and are now seeing so many videos and hearing so many stories of how people of different races and backgrounds have been treated differently, it's time for me to be brave and share some of my experience.
July 3, 2020
Disconnected management
Many of us have worked in situations where it seems the wrong person is in a management position. But the reality is, sometimes the wrong people can be drawn or lifted to a leadership position without having any real regard or passion for the company mission. In this episode I talk about nepotism, dealing with the frustration of disconnected management, and uplifting others even when not in any sort of position of power.
June 25, 2020
If only I wasn't....
While I was working the other day, I found myself looking out the window and thinking about all the things I would do if I wasn't at work. Then, I realized, on a day off, that I still failed to do the things that had been wishing for an opportunity to do....if that makes sense (sleepy brain writing here lol). Thank you for listening!
June 22, 2020
What has surprised me the most
I started this podcast to work on positivity (as I am not the most positive person lol). It has been hard to find the positivity in all that is going on, seeing so many crazy things happening. In the midst of the current events, I have not been surprised by seeing abuse of power. I knew it existed and have seen it for myself. But I have been stunned by seeing so many people joining in the push for justice. There are people I didn't expect, speaking up, asking questions, and taking action. This has been encouraging as we work toward a better world.
June 12, 2020
What we have to offer
Hey there! I'm back after taking a couple weeks away. I was feeling a bit to angry, frustrated, sad, and helpless to be very active on social media. In this episode, my husband and I discuss coping with the vast amount of negative news flowing right now and actions that may help. I truly believe we each have something to offer in this rough time (though it won't be easy), when we put our minds to it. Thank you for listening and please be safe!
June 6, 2020
A Very Serious Foodie Talk with My Quarantine Buddy
In back with another super random episode, with my quarantine buddy (aka. my husband). The conversation was supposed to be about whether or not decaf should be considered to be real coffee (I vote "yay", he votes "nay"), but the conversation derailed into something else (A foodie talk ranging from cake to wine to pasta to travel experiences) and I decided to post it anyway. I hope you enjoy! And thank you for listening. : )
May 21, 2020
Just a Little More Open-Minded
In the episode I talk about how certain life circumstances made me a little more open-minded about something I used to frown upon. Sometimes it takes unusual circumstances to pull us out of our comfort zone and get us to try something new. Thank you for listening! : )
May 19, 2020
A Random, Warm-up Discussion with My Quarantine Buddy
This is my first episode with a guest. This recording was actually intended to be a warm-up before recording a real episode with my quarantine buddy, but I decided to post it anyway. It is almost too random to describe. We talk conspiracies, home repairs, board games, etc. I hope you enjoy. Thank you for listening! Feel free to reach out to me on IG @nauticaltwist. : )
May 9, 2020
Creatives, Dancers, and Math
In a recent conversation, I was reminded of a comment that I hear a lot as an Instructor. We all have our own labels and definitions of what we do, but how often are we reaching to tap into another area outside of our usual outlets. Are we working the creative and formulaic sides of our mind? Once in a while, I'll catch myself becoming so comfortable with watching creativity that I forget to give a try. Even if it isn't "my kind of thing", why not try? In the midst of quarantining, there is an opportunity to tap into that other side. With the right setting and opportunity, we can be so much more than we usually allow ourselves to be.
April 29, 2020
When losing momentum...
So...I went into this quarantine with a determination to make this time count while having to #stayhome. But I, like others, have had a recent struggle with losing momentum. In this episode I talk a bit about sublte changes quietly sabotaging progress and a way I have found to pick up momentum again. Thank you for listening! : )
April 21, 2020
Why Am I Here? A Little Bit About Me / Background Story
In this episode, I talk a little bit about my background. How I grew up as a bit of a socially awkward outsider. I went from disliking myself so much, frustrated that I didnt quite belong, to learning to love me. I discuss one of the empowering moments that helped shift my perspective of myself. I decided to stop waiting for the world to make a space for me and decided that I could make room for myself. There is so much more to each of us than what others may decide for us. I had to realize that, in order to grow. I also talk about why I am here on this platform, using a podcast as one of many ways to reach out to others. Thank you for listening! Feel free to reach out to me on Instagram. : )
April 14, 2020
False assumptions
We can sometimes be so blinded by our own assumptions and fears that we don't even try to discover the truth standing in front of us. This episode is based on a comment. I saw after watching a vlog. Thank you so much for tuning in and please stay safe and healthy!
April 7, 2020
Dealing with Insomnia
Hey there! I have struggled with insomnia for most of my life and have tried many different things to make it go away and allow me to have consistent nights of sleep. In this episode I talk about how, last night, I tried to make my insomnia work for me. Thank you so much for listening and please be safe!
March 31, 2020
Finding that balance
Hello! I hope you're doing well. In this episode I talk about a recent conversation I had about awareness. Thank you for listening and please be safe out there!
March 27, 2020
The gym
In this episode, I share my thoughts after a random conversation with someone during my last visit to the gym. (Side note: the gym is now closed, due coronavirus concerns) Thank you for tuning in! : )
March 17, 2020
Is it earned?
Hi there! This episode is more social media observations as I slowly climb out of my shell lol Thank you for listening and please be safe out there!
March 11, 2020
Me vs. Social media: Part II
Hey there! In this episode, I share more of my observations made while reacquainting with social media. Thank you for listening! : )
March 2, 2020
Me vs. Social media
Hey there! In this episode I talk about something this isn't a big deal for normal people- as is my style lol Thank you for listening. : )
February 24, 2020
I'm not there yet
Hey there and thanks for stopping by! In this episode, I have a little confession about my podcast. Feel free to reach out to me at : )
February 16, 2020
Working with the awkwardness
Hi there! This episode is about how I worked through an awkwardish moment that happened during class. Thank you for tuning in! Feel free to reach out to me at : )
February 7, 2020
Hey there! This episode has a couple stories about limited perspective while traveling. Thanks for listening! Feel free to reach out to me at : )
January 30, 2020
The burden of honesty
After an honest conversation with a good friend, I just wanted to share a takeaway thought I had. If you have questions/comments, feel free to reach out to me at
January 23, 2020
He called anyway
Hey there! Today's episode is based on a mini road trip I took over the weekend. Thanks for being here! Feel free to reach out to me at : )
January 16, 2020
He called me out
Hello there! This episode is based on a recent conversation I had with someone who is not afraid to tell me the truth about myself (lol). Feel free to reach out to me at : )
January 8, 2020
The list
Hello and Happy New Year!!!! I hope your year is already off to a great start.This episode is about a new approach I am taking in the upcoming year. Feel free to reach out to me at : )
January 1, 2020
I never thought I would do this
Hello there! This episode is about how I ended up teaching a class I used to dislike- and how this relates to a another issue that I struggled with. Feel free to reach out to me at : )
December 28, 2019
Why I try
In this episode, I share my experiences when I attempted to speak another language while traveling recently. Please feel free to share your questions/thoughts at : )
December 17, 2019
Like I already knew them
This episode is about my recent visit to Malta. Feel free to reach out to me at . I'd love to hear from you!
December 8, 2019
Sleep or no sleep?
Today's episode describes two types of vacations that I do. Questions? Thoughts? Feedback? Feel free to reach out to me at! I look forward to hearing from you. : )
December 4, 2019
Making it work
Recorded in Malta, today's episode is about how I found a way to make traveling to Malta a reality. Feel free to reach out to me at : )
November 25, 2019
What are we saving it for?
Today's episode is a result of travel planning, combined with too much caffeine. Feel free to reach out to me at I look forward to hearing from you!
November 18, 2019
Scared every time
Today's podcast episode is a travel confession episode. lol Feel free to email at I'd love to hear from you! : )
November 12, 2019
I talked
Today's episode was inspired by a travel experience where I accidentally pulled myself out of my introvert shell. Please feel free to reach out to me via email, at I'd love to hear what you do to interact with new people while traveling!
November 4, 2019
Does this work for you?
Hello there! Today's episode was inspired by a recent conversation I had with a friend. : )
October 27, 2019
Where I'm from
Hey there! Today's episode was inspired by a conversation I had in a hostel. : )
October 20, 2019
New things
Today's random episode was inspired by a recent party I attended.
October 14, 2019
Everybody particpated
Today's podcast episode was inspired by a recent, budget-friendly weekend trip : )
October 5, 2019
One less ingredient
Today's episode was inspired by my recent cooking experiments. : )
September 27, 2019
It's been one year!
It has been exactly one year since I started this podcast. Today's episode is all about that. : ) Thank you so much to those of you who have tuned into this podcast in the past year!
September 21, 2019
Today's episode was inspired by an incident on a recent trip. : )
September 18, 2019
Everything was different
Today's episode is a reflection from a couple recent trips. : )
September 14, 2019
Today's episode was inspired by a recent conversation about my book list. : )
August 31, 2019
The curry dish
This episode was inspired by a recent dining experience. : )
August 24, 2019
You're not going to believe this
Today's episode is about something that happened only 10 hours after I recorded last week's episode.
August 15, 2019
Doing what I can
Today's podcast episode is about a lesson learned from my recent injury.
August 9, 2019
The last 10 minutes
This episode was inspired by a recent flight. : )
August 1, 2019
Today's podcast episode was inspired by budgeting. : )
July 20, 2019
The last time I tried
This episode was I inspired by a conversation that I had with a relative. : )
July 14, 2019
Dancing with the cashier
Today's random episode was inspired by a trip to the store. : )
July 6, 2019
"Ugly" shoes
Today's episode was inspired by a comment that someone made about my shoes. It's all about travel. : )
June 24, 2019
9 to 5
Today's episode was inspired by the 9 to 5 world. : )
June 21, 2019
It was the perfect excuse
This episode was inspired by a game I played on my most recent vacation. : )
June 11, 2019
It's not so bad
Today's random podcast was inspired by something I watched yesterday : )
May 18, 2019
The fan
Hello there! Today's random podcast was inspired by...the weather. : )
May 10, 2019
Exercising positivity
The other day, I was talking with someone about why I started my podcast and wanted to share some of those details with you. : )
May 3, 2019
He didn't believe me
In this podcast, I talk about an unexpected conversation I had with a stranger in Montenegro.
April 25, 2019
Should have gone for it sooner
Today's random podcast was inspired by my Zumba class... mostly : )
April 25, 2019
Building a car during brunch...why not?
Today's random podcast was inspired by a random occurrence that happened during brunch. : )
April 13, 2019
Today's random podcast was inspired by a cupcake truck. : )
April 13, 2019
Why would you go there?
Today's random podcast is a response to a question I was asked about my most recent weekend getaway.
April 5, 2019
No pictures?
Today's random podcast was inspired by one of my personal travel guidelines : )
March 28, 2019
A little something each day
Today's random thought is based on an article I read. : )
March 21, 2019
Wait, I'm an adult?
Just another random thought today : )
March 20, 2019
Changing it up
This podcast is about a confession...and a personal goal : )
March 14, 2019
Dancing in the Moonlight
A happy surprise that followed my Zumba class
March 12, 2019
Opportunity? No, thank you?
Why my first reaction to an opportunity surprised me... : )
March 11, 2019
I didn't imagine this
A story from a rainy day : )
March 10, 2019
Not so bold at first
This podcast was inspired by my first trip to Europe.
March 9, 2019
Hey there! Today's podcast was inspired by a New Year's resolution
March 8, 2019
Gotta do it anyway
Today's random podcast was inspired by my morning routine : )
March 7, 2019
My park
Today's random podcast was inspired by a bumper sticker... : )
March 6, 2019
Tell me about yourself
This episode stems from a question I have been asked on one of my YouTube Channels. : )
March 5, 2019
Didn't see it
Hello! On this episode, i share my response to some questions I recieved when returning from my most recent trip. Feel free to reach out to me on Instagram @nauticaltwist : )
January 27, 2019
The people!
Hello! I'm back to share some reflections on a recent trip and share how I ensured interaction with the people around me-even though it was scary at first lol Feel free to reach out to me on Instagram @nauticaltwist
January 25, 2019
Are you sad to return?
This podcast is a response to one of the most common questions I get asked when I have returned home after traveling. Feel free to share your response on IG @Nauticaltwist : )
October 1, 2018
Reality of Solo Travel
In this podcast, I reflect on the realities of solo travel for me and discuss some of the lessons learned. : ) Feel free to send me feedback on Instagram @nauticaltwist
September 24, 2018
Nice by default?
In this episode, I discuss whether niceness should be considered unusual. : )
September 21, 2018
Clumsiness and Awkwardness, how I love thee
In this I talk about some examples of how I work with my clumsiness and awkwardness superpowers
September 21, 2018
The Introvert Makes a Podcast
Welcome to my very first podcast!! I am just getting started and will be bringing more content soon. Feel free to reach out to me on Instagram @nauticaltwist
September 21, 2018