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The Matthew and Rizzle Show

The Matthew and Rizzle Show

By Ma Fer
Co-hosts @matthew & @rizzle interview the most interesting projects, artists, and creators in the NFT & crypto space.
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[Cent Spotlight] Manifesting Ideas in CryptoArt with @skeenee

The Matthew and Rizzle Show

Building a home for Fashion, Photography & NFTs with Chad from
On this episode of the Matthew & Rizzle, Chad from joins the boys to talk about the marketplace platform he is helping to build out focused on digital fashion and high-end photography.
June 16, 2021
M○C△ (Museum of Crypto Art) on MARS
This week Matthew & Rizzle speak with the updated M○C△ team (Colborn, Shivani & Reneil) about the recent launch of $MOCA, building out a cryptoart DAO, the future of museums, patronage and much much more.
June 9, 2021
Talking about community, Bored Apes, and Arabian Camels with Antara
On this episode, Matthew & Rizzle speak with Antara, creator of Arabian Camels, about his very cool new project, some of the insanely awesome plans he has for early camel collectors, the future of transmedia, Bored Ape Yacht Club, community building, the NFT space and soooo much more.
June 2, 2021
[Classic Episode] CryptoArt in VR, CryptoVoxels & the Future of Digital Art
NOTE: Originally published 9 September 2019 Anyone that is just finding the NFT space or the metaverse will get a lot out of this episode. Recorded nearly two years ago, Rizzle and I discuss our very early experiences interacting with blockchain-based virtual worlds like Cryptovoxels and Decentraland (of course introduced to us from the legendary metaverse pioneer himself, Connie Digital) and our feelings on the burgeoning cryptoart and NFT space at the time. Below you can see the original show description in all its vintage glory: "In the first episode of season two, @matthew is joined by new co-host @rizzle. The two dive right into discussions about CryptoArt, CryptoVoxels, and the future of digital art by pulling on the real-life examples of fellow Cent users like: @n0shot, @javo, @Coldie3D, @skeenee, @mattiaC, @mlibty, @spontanert, @LoveArtHate, @pet3rpan, and of course @connie."
May 26, 2021
Talking about the NFT market in Africa with CryptoKarla from QLIP
Please enjoy the chat Matthew & Rizzle had with CryptoKarla from QLIP about how they plan to bring NFTs and creators in Africa to the global market.
May 20, 2021
Freestyling on Music NFTs with EZ & Kinchasa from Cipher
The music industry experienced a seismic shift from CDs to mp3s nearly two decades ago and now it finds itself in another shift from mp3s to NFTs. This week Matthew & Rizzle speak with's EZ & Kinchasa about that massive shift and how their new NFT music project cipher is trailblazing ahead of the trend and how they are making NFT music creation approachable for the masses. 
May 12, 2021
Talking NBA Top Shot & NFT collecting with Luc from The First Mint
This week Matthew & Rizzle speak with Luc from the NBA Top Shot-focused podcast, The First Mint. NBA Top Shot *of course* is the main topic of conversation, but hard questions are asked about some of the recurring controversies that have been popping up in the Top Shot community like withdrawal issues, and we also dive into the joy of collecting and other NFT-focused areas. Please enjoy!
May 5, 2021
Making Metaverse Music NFTs with Jonathan Mann
First of all - NEW THEME SONG!!!! Big shout out and massive thank you to Connie Digital & MAI World for producing an absolute banger. This week Matthew & Rizzle got a chance to speak with Jonathan Mann, famous for producing a song a day for over 12 years who also happens to be the co-host of the NFT-themed podcast Digitally Rare. Topics discussed include Jonathan's foray into NFT land, the background behind making one unique song every day for 12 years, the state of NFT land, and how too many folks are putting crypto punks in their profiles. 
April 28, 2021
Metaverse Musing with the two Matts from Intro To Music Theory
Matthew & Rizzle speak with the two Matts from the China, Hainan-based music group Intro To Music Theory (IMT). The conversation talks about their upcoming June 11th NFT album release, what it's like running a music label from China, metaverse concerts, and more.
April 21, 2021
Riffing on NFTs & Jazz with Melody Poet Mike Casey
This week saxophonist and melody poet Mike Casey joins us on MARS. Mike talks about his nearly 20-year creative journey as a musician, how he discovered crypto and NFTs, and his genesis NFT release that's scheduled to drop on OpenSea on April 19th. 
April 14, 2021
Unpacking AsyncMusic with Sam Brukhman
This week Matthew & Rizzle speak with Async Art BD manager and the Cryptoartistic Director of the vocal band Verdigris Ensemble about Async Music. The conversation starts off with Sam explaining the mind-blowing first project to launch on Async Music in partnership with Verdigris Ensemble in exquisite detail before orienting around the avenue of music, crypto, and NFTs. 
April 7, 2021
Kick Flipping NFTs with The Love Handlz
This week Matthew & Rizzle go back to the future by speaking with The Love Handlz, someone the boys met years ago on Cent when they first started recording the podcast together. They talk about that early encounter, catch up on everything that happened in between, and finish off by talking about what The Love Handlz has cooking up in terms of bringing NFTs and crypto to the skateboarding community and beyond. 
March 31, 2021
Making Metaverse Moves with Dirk Lueth, Co-founder of Upland
This week Matthew & Rizzle speak with Dirk Lueth, co-founder of the metaverse project Upland. As you'll hear, Upland has A LOT going on. They seem to have combined elements of every metaverse project out there and then some (e.g., cars!). After you're done listening though, go and try kicking the tires on Upland by visiting their website and report back on your findings.
March 24, 2021
Introducing NFT Protocol with Blockparty's Vlad & Joseph
This week Matthew & Rizzle speak with Blockparty's Vlad & Joseph about NFT Protocol which is a sort of Blockparty 2.0 grounded in the fully decentralized spirit of web3 principles. We cover a lot of ground including the origin story behind NFT protocol, how Vlad often breaks Rule #4 (of the 10 crack commandments) when it comes to buying nifties on his own platform, and end with a fascinating look into the traditional art world and the differences between a Certificate of Authenticity vs Certificate of Title. Please enjoy!
March 17, 2021
A Non Fungible Talk with Patricio W., Founder of POAP
On this episode of the Matthew & Rizzle Show, Rizzle and I speak with Patricio, founder of the Proof of Attendance Protocol aka POAP.
March 10, 2021
[Spotlight] Talking cryptoart with Colborn & Pablo of MoCA
A new season of The Spotlight is back where we deep dive into the creative journey of artists and creators and shine a light on the cool shit they are doing when it comes to cryptoart, NFTs, and the metaverse. Our debut episode features a dual conversation with Colborn Bell and Pablo Fraile, creators of MoCA aka the Museum of Crypto Art.  We discuss many things including the duo's collector framework, the scarcity vs. abundance debate, how we need to get better at collectively telling artists stories, the collector experience, and we wrap up with a cryptoart and metaverse-themed round of word association. Whether you're new to cryptoart and NFTs or have been down the rabbit hole since the time of Rare Pepe, this episode is a must-listen.
March 4, 2021
Taking NFTs to the next level with Ben Lakoff & Mango from Charged Particles
On this episode of the Matthew & Rizzle Show, Rizzle and I speak with Ben Lakoff & Mango of Charged Particles, a project that is taking NFTs to the next level by enabling NFT owners and creators to turn their NFTs into a sort of wallet that can hold other tokens like interest-bearing aTokens from Aave or even other NFTs.  We talk about Charged Particle's initial focus on artists and interesting applications in the cryptoart sphere, their insane metaverse launch party last week, future roadmap, and how they may be building out a terror dome to make things interesting (you gotta listen to understand why). Please enjoy and see you next week! 
February 24, 2021
A chat with Jeremy Dela Rosa, CEO & Founder of
On this episode of the Matthew & Rizzle Show, Rizzle and I speak with Jeremy Dela Rosa, CEO & Founder of Leyline is a nonprofit focused on creating a more compassionate future for folks all around the world. Jeremy has decades of experience working in AAA game studios like Blizzard and played a role in helping to shepherd e-sports into the general public's consciousness. He is pulling on that experience in addition to interesting crypto and NFT tools to help gamify altruism and make the world a better place. This is an absolutely fascinating conversation about a project I personally cannot wait to see evolve, grow and help make the world better for everyone. 
February 17, 2021
[Special Interview] A chat with Chris Dawe, CEO of Effect.AI
On this episode of the Matthew & Rizzle Show, Rizzle and I speak with Chris Dawe, CEO of Effect.AI building out an AI ecosystem. This project is deep. They combine AI, blockchain & crypto, ML, and more, but in a way that feels more approachable than you'd originally assume. Chris is an amazing guest and gave us mile-a-minute responses with some real meat on them. If you're interested in any of the above tech fields you're going to dig this episode. Enjoy your time on MARS yall. 
February 10, 2021
[Special Interview] Jess Sloss, Founder of Seed Club
On this episode of the Matthew & Rizzle Show, Rizzle and I speak with Jess Sloss, founder and chief instigator at the social money incudbator Seed Club. We talk about all things social money and why Jess chose this particular rabbit hole to dive down into, the future of crypto creators and social money, and much more. Hope you enjoy!
February 3, 2021
[Special Interview] Eclectic Method, Video Remix & Musical Animations Artist
On this episode of the Matthew & Rizzle Show, Rizzle and I speak with the video remix & musical animations master Eclectic Method about his 23-year video remixing career, how he found crypto, metaverse events like TokenSmart's GTFO NYE bash, music NFTs, and more.
January 27, 2021
[Special Interview] Twobadour, Co-steward of Metapurse
On this episode of the Matthew & Rizzle Show, Rizzle and I speak with the legend Twobadour who heads up Metapurse, recently dropping $2.2 million on Beeple 20. Let's find out why!
January 20, 2021
[Special Interview] Snowfro, Creator of
On this episode of the Matthew & Rizzle Show, Rizzle and I speak with Snowfro, creator of the on-chain generative art platform We start off with a background of the genesis behind artblocks including the surprising fact that Snowfro only recently started coding. The conversation quickly shifts to the on-chain "guts" of the project specifically focusing on what actually is on-chain and what isn't. Snowfro elaborates on the independent board he has set up to help guide project creators in directions that benefit them and the collector-base. All in all, it's a fascinating look at a bleeding-edge NFT project that's poised to explode in 2021. Please enjoy. 
January 13, 2021
[Special Interview] Leandro, Co-founder
On this episode of the Matthew & Rizzle Show, Rizzle and I speak with Leandro, co-founder of the pixel art minting platform We discuss the latest update to Pixelchain and DEEP DIVE into the importance of the on-chain art their platform enables artists to create. Leandro is a serial entrepreneur, so of course, we talk about the latest at Crypto Motors and VoxelArchitects, the venture that is literally building out the metaverse, one instance virtual build after the other. Please enjoy.
January 7, 2021
[Special Interview] Roneil, Audius CEO & Co-founder
On this episode of the Matthew & Rizzle Show, Rizzle and I speak with Roneil, co-founder and CEO of the blockchain-powered music platform Audius. We started off our conversation by digging into Roneil's interesting background starting a bitcoin-focused startup during underground before going to work in VC prior to co-founding Audius. The rest of our chat is focused on the incredible growth of Audius, the insanely cool fact that their users really are in charge of the future of the project, and their recent launch of mainnet staking. Please enjoy.
December 30, 2020
[Special Interview] Nate & Carolin,
Nate and Carolin are the co-founder couple behind the NFT minting marketplace known as Mintbase. They're awesome, and they are heads down grinding on putting together the next iteration of their core marketplace product, which will be shifting to the NEAR protocol blockchain. We talk about that, their recent $1 million raise, and the December Advent Calendar event in Cryptovoxels, which just wrapped up its final event today.
December 24, 2020
[Special Interview] Connie Digital, Danky.Club
On this episode of the Matthew & Rizzle Show, Rizzle and I speak with the legend Connie Digital who just launched his new project  The conversation we have is far-ranging. After going into the background behind why Connie setup instead of a discord server like most in the NFT space have, we recount his contributions to the cryptoart, social money, audio NFT, and blockchain-based VR scenes.  Then things get spicy. Connie gives some raw takes on a few projects in the space.  After that, we talk about burnout and how the NFT space also energizes everyone involved to do more. As you can see we talk about a lot. We get serious but also have a serious amount of laughs. Please enjoy.
December 16, 2020
[Spotlight] Buy any Tweet with Valuables by Cent
Welcome to another episode of the Cent Spotlight. The Spotlight is an interview series where I speak with one of the amazing creators on Cent. This week though, we have a special-edition of the Spotlight featuring the team behind Valuables, the app that lets users buy and sell tweets. Full disclosure, I'm part of that team. We soft-launched Valuables at the WIP Meetup in Cryptovoxels two weeks ago, and since then folks on Twitter have been making a steady stream of offers to buy and mint other user's original Tweets into NFTs (non-fungible tokens aka one of a kind digital artifacts). All of that probably sounds confusing.  So, the team decided to record a podcast together in order to share the background into Valuables and explain what it is, why we decided to run this particular experiment, and how we think it will help empower creators and their communities of fans. Many will probably still have questions, so if you do please reach out to me on Twitter (@niftytime), on Cent (/matthew) or by email to Cent post:
December 14, 2020
[Special Interview] Mark Rendar, Co-founder of
On this episode of the Matthew & Rizzle Show, Rizzle and I speak with Mark Rendar, co-founder of which is a gallery for digital collectibles specifically from some of the most renowned urban artists. We catch up on what Mark and co. have been up to since he hosted the WIP back over the summer, listen to Mark talk about the golden age of street art in the UK, dive into the major pain points that the cryptoart market poses to urban artists as well as the major promise it poses before fast-forwarding into 2021 to discuss some of the plans Mark and his team are getting set for. 
December 9, 2020
[Spotlight] Parsing Cryptoart Concepts & Themes w/ Skygolpe
Welcome to another episode of the Spotlight. The Spotlight is an interview series where I speak with one of the amazing creators in the creator crypto space. On this episode, I speak with the deep and thoughtful crypto artist known as skygolpe aka /msart on Cent about the golden age of street art, his creative journey to cryptoart, and deep dive into the central concept of his whole recent body of work: identity. Skygolpe is an incredibly thoughtful individual. He's passionate and profound in the same breath. To me, skygolpe is the philosopher king of cryptoart. You'll hear me get giddy at multiple points throughout our conversation. Hopefully, you feel the same as you listen to us go deep on collaboration, discuss the themes and concepts that undergird his creative projects, and the influence of words, writing, and philosophy on his approach to art. I hope you enjoy this conversation, and after you finish listening to it, please go seed Skypgolpe on Cent (there he uses the username /msart). Cent post:
December 3, 2020
[Special Interview] A chat with powerSurge⚡, cryptoart news curator
On this episode of the Matthew & Rizzle Show, Rizzle and I speak with powerSurge⚡, the man behind the wildly entertaining and successful short Twitter video updates where he covers the latest cryptoart sales. We start the conversation off by digging into Surge's background. From there we take a trip back in time to when Surge first came across crypto, then NFTs, and ultimately the cryptoart space. We also talk about the future direction of the space, whether Surge sees himself as a collector, investor, or flipper, and touch on his interest in the metaverse.
December 3, 2020
Thanksgiving Short & Podcast Preview
Hey everyone. No new episodes of The Spotlight or Matthew & Rizzle Show this week. Just want to say thank you to everyone who has tuned in this year and gave us a listen. So immensely thankful to each and every one of you🙏 In the weeks and months ahead you all can look forward to interviews and discussions with the following artists, creators, and projects: Pablo & Colborn of the MOCA project Jenisu Trevor Jones Spaced Painter Ocular Delusion Skygolpe Jokreg Mintbase PowerSurge Rendar Gallery Steady4u POAP
November 26, 2020
[Spotlight] Drawing Parallels b/w Punk & Cryptoart with Angie Taylor
Welcome to another episode of the Spotlight. The Spotlight is an interview series where I speak with one of the amazing creators in the creator crypto space. On this episode, I speak with the amazing Angie Taylor about punk, cryptoart, and the whole metaverse in between.  We stroll back in time stopping at the key points of her creative journey, including the initial inspiration her elder brother provided as a young child and the absolutely idyllic year spent in Jamaica learning wood carving, sculptor, and naive art. From there we compare and contrast the punk scene and aesthetic of the early 80s with the early cryptoart scene of today, before discussing her adobe wizardry, experience in the metaverse, the virtual exhibition featuring amazing female crypto artists called SHE ART, and much, much more.  Please enjoy this conversation, and go seed Angie on Cent.  Cent post:
November 19, 2020
[Special Interview] Viktor Radchenko, Founder of Trust Wallet
On this episode of the Matthew & Rizzle Show, Rizzle and I speak with Viktor Radchenko, founder of Trust Wallet. We start the conversation off by asking why  Trust is so damn good. Next, we dive into Viktor's supremely surprising path to founding Trust including tomato farming, ping pong, and being forced to abscond from Ukraine. Other topics touched on include a deep dive into what it was like to be acquired by Binance back in 2018, an overview of the shockingly small team and how they approach distributed work, the future of Trust, and some of the broader trends in crypto Viktor is able to observe from his vantage point. This was one of our favorite interviews to conduct. We hope you enjoy it.
November 18, 2020
[Special Interview] The Terra Virtua Squad
Rizzle and I had a blast recording this special interview with (nearly) the whole Terra Virtua squad. We had co-founder & CTO Jawad, CSO Jeff, and growth associate Franky on the show and we really chopped it up.  Terra Virtua has been around for a few years now and it's incredible they've managed to keep what they've been building under wraps for as long as they have. Not only does Terra Virtua have an art & collectibles marketplace selling items incorporating some of the most legendary cinematic figures of our times, but they're building out a suite of metaverse facing tools and experiences.  We talk about the origin and evolution of Terra Virtua, all the different ways users can experience the app, a typical user flow, plans for increased interoperability, the Terra Dome, Fan Caves, and a super special release that will be announced during the live listening party on 2020 November 11 in the TokenSmart discord.
November 11, 2020
[Spotlight] Talking scarecrows, bodies & cryptoart with Kitty Bast
Welcome to another episode of the Spotlight. The Spotlight is an interview series where I speak with one of the amazing creators in the creator crypto space. I was fortunate to have the opportunity to speak with crypto artist Kitty Bast for this week's Spotlight. My conversation with Kitty was illuminating. We dove into her creative journey, which according to her earliest memory, began by drawing a certain scarecrow over and over in front of her dad. From there we wade into deeper waters discussing her relationship with different types of canvases or "bodies" as she sees them. That conversation flows right into the topic of tattooing, a prominent feature of Kitty's art. Amazingly, we also have time to sip on heady topics and concepts like individuality vs. collectivism, her digital tattoo collaboration series, and how Kitty thinks about Collector Experience (CX). This was an extremely fun podcast to record and you'll hear laughs from both Kitty and me throughout. Check out the Cent post [HERE] and seed Kitty. Remember, seeding is a way to subscribe to a creator's community and creations. 
November 10, 2020
[Special Interview] Robi C., Founder & CEO of ARK Gallery
On this episode of the MARS podcast, Matthew & Rizzle speak with ARK Gallery founder and CEO Robi C. ARK Gallery made a big splash a couple of months back when they introduced their smart contract that allowed folks to wrap CryptoPunks and turn them into ERC-721 tokens to facilitate easier trading on various NFT marketplaces. But ARK Gallery has designs on becoming a lab that will run many more crypto experiments. Topics discussed include Robi's career as a fine art dealer and gallerist in Asia, his experience selling pre-NFT digital art for $50,000+, the next project that ARK is developing focused on matching buyers of specific NFTs to sellers, and an early conversation on "community ownership." Please enjoy. Lastly, we're really happy to have sponsoring the MARS podcast for the month of November. Cent Post:
November 4, 2020
[Special Interview] Kyle Lu, CEO of
Rizzle and I spoke with Kyle Lu, CEO of, the cross-chain platform for decentralized app discovery. We dug into the origin story of and its current mission, some of the unique insights that Kyle has into NFTs and other parts of crypto across the entire blockchain ecosystem, his vision of a multi-chain future, and the NFT projects that he's most interested in.
October 28, 2020
[Spotlight] Mining Metaverse Alpha with WhaleShark
I hope you're ready for an epic podcast. I sat down with WhaleShark, the legendary NFT collector and founder of the $WHALE Community, and let it rip. Topics discussed include: entrepreneurship as a form of creative expression, the value of hard work, the origin story of The Vault & $WHALE Community, a suggested formula to properly evaluate NFT value, a reflection on the decision to stop purchasing art on KO and SR, principles of community curation, opportunities in the metaverse, and much more. Cent post:
October 28, 2020
[Special Interview] Brian & Jon, Blocklete Games
Matthew and Rizzle speak with Second Legion & GigLabs co-founders Brian and Jon on this special interview of the MARS podcast. If you're interested in the intersection of NFTs, blockchain, and gaming, this episode is for you. We cover their partnership with Turner Sports/Blocklete Games, why other mainstream media corps are showing an increased interest in the NFT gaming space, wade into some speculative territory, and discuss future visions of blockchain-powered gaming and VR, and of course rummage through both Brian and Jon's crypto wallets to see what games, art, and other weird stuff they've been collecting.
October 21, 2020
[Spotlight] Making analog pixel art history with MattiaC
On this Spotlight interview, I speak with crypto artist MattiaC about his historic milestone of creating 100 works on SuperRare; his current project focused on increasing the adoption of cryptoart by artists call 'Adoption,' the unique creative partnership with fellow crypto artist Skygolpe; his experience on Cent and much more.
October 19, 2020
[Special Interview] Katy Arrington, Crypto Artist
Matthew and Rizzle speak with popular crypto artist Katy Arrington for this particular interview of the MARS podcast. Topics discussed include Katy's creative journey, the role life coaching has played in her becoming the artist and person she is today, her experiences coaching other artists through their creative struggles and doubts, a hilarious discussion on the other cryptoart marketplaces in the space, and how she identifies as being a child of the internet.
October 14, 2020
[Special Interview] Josie Bellini, Crypto Artist
Matthew and Rizzle speak with famed crypto artist Josie Bellini for this special interview of the MARS podcast. Topics discussed include Josie's path to cryptoart, $BTC vs. $ETH, Collector Experience (CX), the distinct benefits of listing cryptoart on AsyncArt, NiftyGateway, and OpenSea, the top secret project Josie is working on, and the Behind the Art live Twitch stream.
October 7, 2020
[Spotlight] Big Talk with OG Centian Green Giant
I'm really excited to share the Spotlight interview I recorded with /GreenGiant. GG is a Cent OG hailing back to the 2018 vintage on Cent. He witnessed Cent morph from a general blockchain-based social network into a cryptoart dominated community and grew into an artist in his own right in the process. Throughout our interview, we discuss what it's like to be a part of a fast-changing community, how he shifted from being a right-click-save skeptic of cryptoart to a selling crypto artist, and share tips on how to stand out and get noticed on social platforms like Cent.
October 5, 2020
[Special Interview] Joe Bender, Blockstack Developer Evangelist
On this special interview on the Matthew & Rizzle Show, the dynamic duo talk with Joe Bender, developer evangelist at Blockstack. Topics covered include: the origin story and history of Blockstack, the value of being blockchain agnostic, the distinct value of Bitcoin and Ethereum, and Blockchain's upcoming updates.
September 30, 2020
[Special Interview] Simona Pop, Head of Community at
On this episode of the Matthew & Rizzle Show our special guest is Simona Pop, Head of Community at
September 23, 2020
[Spotlight] Mixing music & crypto together with Indonesian music collective Sekud Beats
On this episode of the Spotlight interview series, I speak with Imam, co-founder of Sekud Beats, an Indonesian EDM community label. Topics discussed include the niche but growing EDM scene in Indonesia, difficulties facing musicians in Indonesia and how crypto fixes them, the acute impact of high Ethereum gas fees on Indonesian DeFi traders, and some Indonesian musicians to watch out for.
September 22, 2020
[Special Interview] Hugo McDonaugh, Cofounder of Cryptograph
The special guest on this episode of the Matthew & Rizzle Show is Hugo McDonaugh, cofounder of the NFT project Cryptograph. Topics discussed include: the background and origin story of Cryptograph, how Hugh convinced some of the biggest celebrity names including Paris Hilton and Ashton Kutcher to mint their first NFTs on Cryptograph, Ethereum scaling issues, and much more.
September 17, 2020
[Special Interview] Steve McGarry, Co-founder of Grow Your Base
Rizzle and I spoke with Grow Your Base content creator & co-founder Steve McGarry about the origins of GYB, it's current growth strategy that marries crypto projects and their native digital assets with eager collectors and users, as well as the future of the NFT space.
September 9, 2020
[Spotlight] Cataloging Metaverse Fashion with WWWearable
For this week's Spotlight, I speak with Avocuddle and Lolaroses, the couple behind WhoWhatWearable, the leading authority on the NFT wearable world. Topics discussed include: the backstory behind WhoWhatWearable, tge future of virtual fashion, and digital identity in the metaverse.
August 31, 2020
[Spotlight] Cherishing the Luxury to Create with Headplant
On this Spotlight interview, /matthew speaks with the mixed media artist known as /headplant about his creative journey, the difference between creating professionally versus independently, his perspective on crypto art as someone who has not (yet) tokenized their art, and the luxury of creating. .
August 24, 2020
[Special Interview] Jesse Johnson, Creator of
Matthew and Rizzle chat with creator Jesse Johnson and dig into the gold-backed digital NFT minting project. They talk about a future with $DGX gold-backed digital wearables (!), the myriad partnerships Bullionix has been striking with artists and projects like Axie Infinity and the Moonshot World Cup in Decentraland, as well as their plans for a gold-backed digital future. Follow Jesse on Twitter @gldnXross
August 18, 2020
[Spotlight] Waxing Poetic with the Poet Positioned
On this episode of the Spotlight, I speak with poet /Positioned about mechanical engineering (seriously), rap & hip hop, sharing poetry in public vs. private, as well as discuss why /Positioned has never been able to write poems about love.
August 17, 2020
[Special Interview] Alex Salnikov, Rarible Co-founder
/rizzle and I had the chance to speak with Alex, who heads up product and is a co-founder at Rarible about all of the experiments they've been running. We cover the slew of updates they've pushed live since we spoke last in February, $RARI and their aspirations to set up a user-controlled DAO, plans to address the issues of wash trading on their platform, and what the future of Rarible might look like.
August 12, 2020
[Spotlight] Making moves with Gif Master Edmotions
On this week's Spotlight, I speak with gif master edmotions. We discuss the unconventional path Ed took to becoming an animator, including long stops in music and film studies before diving into VFX in graduate school when he returned to Spain. Other topics discussed include: the perfection of imperfection, the differences between the large established creator networks like IG and Giphy and emerging creator crypto networks, as well as the immense potential crypto holds for creators.
August 6, 2020
[Special Interview] Vii, CTO of Lendroid
Having been in the crypto space for as long as I have, I've seen and heard a lot of crazy amazing ideas. So it's not every day that I come across a concept that really makes my mind explode. Well, I'm really happy to say that the conversation I had with /rizzle and Vii, CTO of the /Lendroid, last week was one of those mind-expanding moments. I'm still tripping off of what we talked about. Over the course of our chat, we cover the origin of the Lendroid project and how it was carving out a niche for itself in the DeFi space before the word DeFi even existed by trying to completely reimagine the financial system and create new financial engines to provide access to human-centered solutions that regular people can benefit from. But Lendroid wants to take things a step further by putting the rights to their work totally back into the artist's control. Artists can create tokens that are linked to a specific NFT artwork that, for example, grants print right access to the image of the token to facilitate licensing arrangements. Through Lendroid's Rightshare framework artists can create cash flow tokens linked to future sales and royalty payments of their work as well as earned interest tokens that are tradable on the market from day one. They also created the concept of encumbered tokens that artists can use to trustlessly collateralize their artworks in exchange for a loan. Lendroid Links: Website: Discord: Twitter:
August 5, 2020
[Spotlight] Telling Interactive Stories with Creative Technologist Hool
This week I speak with creative technologist /hool about his playful yet deadly serious Rubber Dinghy avatars which themselves are just a piece of a much larger multi-player web browser augmented reality project. We dive into his background as a 3d character animator, his focus on building out art.evolve, a project focused on bringing interactive 3d storytelling and digital asset ownership to the masses, and touch on the significance of the blockchain on digital art.
July 30, 2020
[Special Interview] Luke & George, The NonFunGerbils
The background for our recording is that NonFunGerbils will be hosting the WIP meetup at their eponymously named HQ in Cryptovxels this Thursday to as a way to celebrate the 1 year anniversary of the show, so as a way to promote that event and give proper attention to that significant milestone, we all agreed to hop on the mic together. We do a lot of looking back in this episode to the pre-origin and origin stories of the NonFunGerbils as well as look forward to what's next for their podcast. And of course, we preview some of the epic events and activities we're planning together with the NonFunGerbils at this Thursday's WIP Meetup. On that latter point, you're not going to want to miss this week's WIP. Afer updates from George & Luke, SoRare, NBA Top Shot and /blackboxdotart, the games will begin. Plural. We have a super fun game course planned before an absolutely bonkers scavenger hunt kicks off with a basket of absurd Gerbil-inspired NFTs up for grabs.
July 28, 2020
[Spotlight] Analyzing the Crypto Art Market with Hex6c
On this week's episode of the Cent Spotlight, i speak with the data scientist and generative artist hex6c. Topics covered include the epic story of how hex6c got to know both the artist duo Hackatao and crypto art, his groundbreaking academic research into the crypto art space, his takeaway after spending two months being accidentally quarantined with Hackatao in Italy, his creative process behind his generative artwork and much more.
July 22, 2020
[Spotlight] A chat with the clod master Fabiano Speziari
The digital artist Fabiano Speziari is on the Cent Spotlight this week. He and Matthew talk about his creative journey to crypto art, the meaning behind his digital Clod series and more.
July 16, 2020
[Special Interview] Matty from DCLBlogger
Last week /Rizzle and I had the chance to record an episode of You Deserve a Drin¢ with Matty from DCLblogger. I like to think of Matty as the unofficial mayor of the blockchain-based virtual world known as Decentraland (DCL) since he mainly lives and breathes DCL. We discuss Matty's relationship to DCL primarily as an investor in digital land and talk about how his role has expanded to include significant community initiatives organizing in-world conferences and games like the latest Moonshot World Cup Tournament. As I said, Matty is first and foremost an investor, so we dig into his philosophy behind investing and discuss some of the negotiating tactics that he employs in his buying and selling dealings. Other topics touched on include the impact of whales on the NFT space, how the space can get to 100k users let alone 1 million users, the difficulty of explaining the NFT and blockchain-based VR worlds to "normal people." We wrap up trying to get open Matty's NFT wallet to see what's in his collection. It was a pleasure to speak with Matty, and y'all should be on the lookout for more collaborations between the WIP and Matty heading forward, especially for folks who live in or nearby to Asia-Pacific timezones. Check our DCLblogger at Cent post:
July 14, 2020
[Special Interview] Nichanan Kesonpat, Product Lead at Last of Ours
/rizzle and /matthew spoke with Nich, product lead ar the wildlife conservationist focused NFT game, Last of Ours. Topics covered include: getting up to speed with where Last of Ours is in the development cycle, discussing how Covid-19 has impacted the development of Last of Ours, interesting thoughts behind digital identity and reputation, Nich's role in the female-led project funding focused DAO Meta Gamma Delta, and we finish up covering some of Nich's favorite NFT projects.
July 10, 2020
[Spotlight] Cutting it up with collagist Lucidhouse
On this episode of the Cent Spotlight, I speak with artist and collagist /Lucidhouse.  We begin our conversation diving into Lucidhouse's varied career which saw him working at ad agencies, on B-rate movies in South Africa, at a game houses in the UK and touring all around Europe for eight years creating live videos to accompany house music DJs.  We also spend a lot of time discussing Lucidhouse's two main ongoing projects: Loopbomb and the Analogue to Digital Collage Series. I really enjoyed this conversation, and I hope you all do too. If you like Lucidhouse's story and work, make sure you go $eed his account over on Cent. 
July 8, 2020
[Spotlight] Playing simple creative games with artist Richard F. Yates
The featured guest on this week's Cent Spotlight is artist and writer Richard F. Yates. Matthew and Richard cover a lot of ground in this episode. Some of the topics discussed include Richard's thoughts on remembering, creating as a form of time travel, note taking, creation as a game of simplicity, the xerox aesthetic prominent in his working, the impact of the Dank Rares podcast by Artnome (Jason bailey) + outreach from Makersplace on his journey into crypto art, the future of digital collectibles, and much more. Please enjoy.
July 2, 2020
[Special Interview] TryRoll Co-Founder & CTO, Sid Kalla
Matthew and Rizzle spoke with Sid Kalla from TryRoll for this week's Special Interview. Long time listeners will recognize Sid as the very first special guest on the YDAD podcast nearly 10 months ago. And like last time, another great conversation is had. Topics discussed include Ja Rule (about a million times), growth numbers for Roll, some examples of surprise use cases like Alex Masmej's $ALEX crowd funding, recent VC interest and some awesome shots fired by Sid at DeFi.
June 30, 2020
The Retrospective Episode
This week it's just Rizzle and I on the podcast. It's been a while since only the two of us recorded an episode together, so we took this rare opportunity to take the time to reflect on the past ten months since we started recording the podcast together.  After talking about why we started recording YDAD together, we list up what we view as the top three trends in crypto over the past ten months, recount some of our favorite episodes, shout out Sid from TryRoll multiple times (while comparing ourselves to potted plants for some reason) and briefly touch on where we see the show evolving and the open questions facing the direction of the show.
June 22, 2020
[Cent Spotlight] Talking Tokenized Writing with Thomas Dylan Daniel
On this episode of the Cent podcast, /matthew speaks with writer and published author /epicdylan about the novel he published on Cent entitled 'A Murder in Silicon Hills,' the significance and meaning of philosophy, and the special sauce that makes Cent tick.
June 18, 2020
[Cent Spotlight] Talking Art & Chess with Mahakjain
On this Cent Spotlight, /Matthew speaks with the oil painter and chess lover /Mahekjain. They cover Mahekjain's creative journey, how she's created so much at such a young age, and dive deep into her passion for chess. Please enjoy.
June 10, 2020
[Special Interview] Leandro & Alegria, CryptoMotors, PixelChain, Voxel Architects & $WHALE
For this week's special interview I'm bringing you the chat that Rizzle and I had with Leandro and Alegria. Leandro is co-founder of CryptoMotors, PixelChain, and Voxel Architects. Yes, all three of those amazingly high quality NFT projects. Alegria is head of community for CryptoMotors, PixelChain as well as Whaleshark's $WHALE social currency. We dive deep into all four of those projects, so if you are interested in NFTs and NFTland, this week's episode is a must listen.
June 8, 2020
[Special Interview] DeFi Dad, Ethereal Summit
Just in time for the weekend, I'm excited to release the conversation that /Rizzle and I had with /DeFiDad on the YDAD podcast. We chatted about the Ethereal Virtual Summit that DeFi Dad helped lead a few weeks ago, the challenges and learnings of taking an IRL event and converting it to a virtual context, and (of course) we dive deep into /cryptovoxels, what makes it so exciting and the future of VR. This was a super fun episode to record. You'll hear a lot of laughs.  Make sure you're subscribed to the YDAD podcast and recommend this episode to your friends.  And lastly, tweet this episode out with a personalized appeal for others to listen in for a chance to win some $WHALE.
May 30, 2020
[Cent Spotlight] An Animated Chat with Digital Artist Paola
The featured creator on this week's Cent Spotlight is the digital artist /Paola. I've long been an admirer of Paola and her work, so it was really cool to get a peek into her creative journey and find out, for example, how Barbie dolls and fashion magazines have influenced her digital work today. Equally fascinating was discovering the pivotal role /dowdy played in onboarding Paola to crypto art and Cent. Throughout our discussion, we also touch on what it's like for a creator to sell and price their work, as well as the resurgence of pixel art with the appearance of the NFT minting platform PixelChain.
May 27, 2020
[Spotlight] The Recursively Awesome VHS Artist TheSarahShow
I am so happy to share the latest Spotlight interview I carried out with VHS Artist /TheSarahShow, aka Sarah Zucker, with all of you. Sarah is a multi-talented artist who has traversed a fascinating creative journey. We dive into formative moments along her creative journey including a hilarious incident that occurred while Sarah was in 6th grade involving a gif of The Great Cornholio, a passion for photography and Lemography, and her move to LA. We dive deep into her process of conceptualizing a piece that ultimately will get put up to sale. Lastly, we wrap up on the rare digital art market and some interesting strategies that collectors and artists alike won't want to miss.
May 20, 2020
[Special Interview] Jim McNelis, Creator of InfiNFT
/j1mmy hopped back onto the YDAD podcast to talk with /rizzle and /matthew to announce the brand new NFT project, InfiNFT.  The trio dive into the weeds of InfiNFT starting with a lesson on pronunciation, before going over the technical details of how creators will be able to mint NFTs in a way that keeps all metadata onchain (on thr Arweave blockchain to be specific) and the epic list of initial artists that will be minting new work at launch. After that, Jimmy shares all the other developments going on over at NFT42, including /Avastars and TokenSmart.
May 19, 2020
[Spotlight] Peeking Into the Creative Process of Bryan Brinkman
Hey everyone. /matthew is back with another Cent Spotlight. This week he spoke with animator Bryan Brinkman. The two discussed Bryan's rich and varied creative journey starting out working for an NYC advertising firm before transitioning to jobs at HBO, MTV, and most recently the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon and SNL before veering off to talk about topics such as: art, value & perception, the future of rare digital art, different auction styles on SuperRare, and making posts on Cent that reveal the intricate process behind his recent works of crypto art. During the deep conversion Josie, Async.Art, Nifty Gateway, SuperRare, Matt Kane, and many others were mentioned.
May 12, 2020
[Special Interview] James Waugh, RareAF
Hey everybody! Matthew here. Rizzle and I had the chance to speak with James Waugh recently. James is the "lead" organizer of the RareAF (Rare Art Festival). Lead is in air quotes because, as anyone familiar with RareAF knows, the whole venture is organized around an ethos of decentralization. Nevertheless, James has been leading the charge in organizing the virtual version of RareAF, which is set to take place next week from May 14~17 in the NFT-based VR world known as Cryptovoxels. James talked about the origins of RareAF, some of the fantastic events, and 50+ speakers on deck, plus all the fun challenges associated with shifting an irl event into a virtual setting.
May 9, 2020
[Cent Spotlight] Catching up with Connie Digital
We are back with an exclusive interview with Connie Digital (who goes by /connie on Cent). @rizzle and I cover a lot of ground on this episode from Connie's infamous ability to be early to seemingly every burgeoning new scene, to plans that could see increased output from Connie in music and songwriting, his perspective on the state of blockchain-based VR projects like DecentralLand and Cryptovoxels, and we wrap up by reflecting on our meetup during NFT.NYC. Make sure you listen to the end for a very special and limited-time $HUE related announcement from Connie.
May 4, 2020
[Special Interview] Seb & Nathan, The Sandbox
This week, /matthew and /rizzle speak with Seb and Nathan of The Sandbox, the user-generated VR game platform for the metaverse. Seb and Nathan unpack the various layers that form the platform of The Sandbox, the tokenomics of the project, the unique ways that the #PlayToEarn meme applies to LAND owners, game builders and regular players, and much, much more. Listeners of the YDAD podcast can win a piece of LAND in The Sandbox by tweeting out this episode and tagging @thesandboxgame, @bread_krumbs, and @nftland. The individual whose tweet gets the most re-tweets by May 1st at 1159pm anywhere on earth will win the LAND.
April 24, 2020
[Special Interview] Drew Harding, Co-founder of The MetaFactory
This week @rizzle and I sat down to chat with Drew Harding, co-founder and robot at The MetaFactory. If you are on crypto Twitter or are familiar with MetaCartel, you should have at least heard of The MetaFactory. MF is an auction platform for community owned brands and custom digi-physical apparel. In other words, it's the future. Drew talked about the origin story of MF, where it's heading, how artists like Twisted Vacancy, Alotta Money, Skeenee, Vans Design and more are starting their own community owned brands, as well as his views on the Metaverse. This is an extremely interesting project, and one you can actually invest in today if you are one of the top 42 investors in their initial Genesis Auction which is going on right now.
April 19, 2020
[Cent Podcast] Translating the Art of Hackatao with Eleonora Brizi
Every creator Spotlight I record is special. But this week's is really unique. While the Spotlight this week is focused on the artist duo known as @Hackatao, my conversation was with the art curator Eleonora Brizi who doubles as Hackatao's authorized spokesperson. Eleonora has solid art world bonafides having started off in the traditional art working for the renowned Ai Weiwei as his assistant. She explained the role of art curators quite eloquently: To walk along the same path with an artist, speak for them while they create, and be their voices to explain their work for the world. Art curators are essentially translators. And over the course of our conversation, Eleonora translated the significance, process, and intent behind the amazing art of Hackatao.
April 15, 2020
[Special Interview] Caty Tedman, Head of Marketing & Partnerships at Dapper Labs
This week Rizzle and Matthew speak with Caty Tedman, head of partnerships & marketing at Dapper Labs. Caty and Dapper Labs are in the process of building NBA Top Shot, a blockchain-based app that will allow fans to buy, sell, own and trade their favorite NBA plays and may end up becoming the first blockchain project to achieve mainstream breakout success. We talk about Caty's untraditional path to working at a tech startup like Dapper Labs which started with her working first at ESPN and then at the NHL and NFL, how Dapper Labs and Caty are aiming to bring the power of the Blockchain to the masses through projects like NBA Top Shot, her plans to accrue the largest collection of Serge Ibaka moments in the game and more.
April 12, 2020
[Cent Spotlight] Creating in Quarantine with @ArtByMitrai
The featured artist on this week's Cent Spotlight is @artbymitrai also known as Indrani. Indrani has been one of the most active creators on Cent recently.  We discussed all of the work she has been creating thanks to Covid-19, her creative journey from physical art and watercolors to digital art, how she creates nearly all of her work on her smartphone, and we discuss all of the artists (and I mean all of them) that Indrani would like to collaborate with.
April 8, 2020
[Special Interview] Jiho, Co-founder & Head of Growth at Axie Infinity
This week Rizzle and Matthew spoke with Jiho, co-founder and Head of Growth at Axie Infinity. Major topics discussed include: the easiest way to start playing Axie Infinity, the amazing Axie community, the significance of the #PlayToEarn meme, current partnerships with Maker & Kyber Network, and a special promise to listeners of the Cent Podcast who are interested in learning how to play Axie Infinity.
April 4, 2020
[Cent Spotlight] Making Virtual Dreams a Reality with GiantSwan
The VR artist GiantSwan is the guest on this week's Cent Spotlight. Matthew dives into Swan's journey from selling hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of horse goods at a corporate gig to joining his favorite band and creating VR art for them. Although Swan is a prominent figure in crypto art today, he only came on the scene in December. The two unpack that aspect of his creative journey and look ahead towards what's next for Swan and his art.
April 1, 2020
[Special Interview] Alex, PM at Rarible
Rizzle and Matthew sat down for a chat with Alex, PM at the NFT minting platform and marketplace Rarible. We covered Rarible's long-term ambitions to become a marketplace of marketplaces, touched on potential decentralized solutions to the copyright issues that have been flagged by others and dug into the popular 'Unlock' feature that Rarible introduced.
March 27, 2020
[Cent Spotlight] Sharing Human Stories with Digital Artist Osinachi
I'm excited to share my recent talk with Osinachi, a one-of-a-kind artist who is sharing compelling visual stories using *checks notes* Microsoft Word. Osinachi called in from his flat tucked alongside a bustling thoroughfare in Enugu State, Nigeria.  He shared his creative journey from writing to discovering how to draw figures in Microsoft word and the process of finding his unique voice as an artist. We also talked about the present and future of Nigeria, Osinachi's future creative goals, and other Nigerian artists and creatives to keep an eye out for.
March 25, 2020
[Special Interview] A Mind Blowing Talk with Conlan, Founder of Async.Art
A few weeks ago, right before @AsyncArt went live, @rizzle and I had an early peek into what @conlan and his team were building. We were lucky to have the chance to listen to @conlan himself give us a presentation explaining Async.Art top to bottom: from an overview of the crypto art landscape, to what Async Art does, and how it works (including fee & royalty model). We hope our convo will help folks ubderstand just how innovative Async.Art is.
March 20, 2020
[Cent Spotlight] Programing the Future of Art with Matt Kane
This week's Cent Spotlight is on the digital artist Matt Kane. Matt is on the cutting edge of crypto art both from a technical perspective (he literally coded the programs he uses to create his one of a kind digital works of art) as well as being one of the space's most profound thinkers. We dive into Matt's background as a traditional artist, what motives him creatively, his unique relationship with his collectors, and how he creates databases of his art so that future artists can reinterpret them. Please check out Matt on Cent at and SuperRare at
March 19, 2020
[Bonus Interview] Jason Schadt aka MC Vandal, Founder of DAOrecords
Hey everyone. I'm back with a surprise bonus episode that I just recorded with Jason Schadt, aka MC Vandal, to mark the launch of his new single, Toss A Coin. We talk about that fire track, but we also dive into his plans for DAOrecords and the potential that DAOs (Decentralized Autonomous Organizations) hold for musicians, the broader music industry, and fans.
March 13, 2020
[Cent Spotlight] Astro Traveling with Science Fantasy Digital Artist AstroZach
Hey everyone. This week's Cent Spotlight is on the science fantasy (not science fiction) digital artist, @AstroZach. The two of us talked about how his past as a fashion designer helped him find his passion as a digital artist who is creating otherworldly works of rare digital art. We talk about the tools that folks new to crypto and crypto art need to be aware of to find everything they need to know and discuss the perspective behind each of AstroZach's works that stands in for the meaning of the work.
March 11, 2020
[Cent Spotlight] Spinning Up Whirlygigs with @SphericalArt
This week's episode features digital artist @SphericalArt aka Paul Peterson. Paul joined Cent just a month or so ago, but he made an immediate impact on me with his thoughtfulness and eye-catching work.  As his handle implies, Paul is a master of sphere-based digital art. What isn't implied is his decades of experience as a digital artist, storyboard artist, medical illustrator/animator, and 3D product visualizer who just found out about blockchain-based rare digital art.  Anyone active in digital art or curious how to get started will find a ton of value in this episode where Paul shares his creative journey along with all the tools and processes he employs to make his fantastic creations. Links of individuals or programs mentioned in the podcast: Gmunk, the designer who got Paul interested in his creation process - The 3D program Paul uses - A free 3D program anyone could use - The After Effects plugin Paul uses, plus some amazing and humorous tutorials: Collaborator - @bucwah (on IG)
March 4, 2020
[Special Interview] Jim McNelis, Creator of Avastars
Jim McNelis aka @j1immy aka DappWizard is well known for doing an immense amount of work to shore up the NFT space for centuries and centuries to come. He's the creator of Avastars, the new on-chain metadata project trying to find a solution to ensure digital collectibles and art remain viewable forever. @rizzle and @matthew had an extemely entertaining chat with Jim about Avastars in addition to digital identity and his mis-understood love for crypto art. Follow @j1mmy on Twitter at  Follow @Avastars on Twitter at Join the Token Smart Discord at
February 25, 2020
[Cent Spotlight] From Major League Baseball to Crypto Art with Micah Johnson
Each artists' backgrounds are like a creative fingerprint, every one is unique.  Diving into those individual stories is a huge part of why I love recording these Spotlight episodes. Case in point, my guest this week: @MicahJohnson.  Micah is a former major league baseball player turned artist who recently fell head first into the crypto art space. I'm extremely excited to share our conversation, which I've broken up into two parts.  In this first part I ask Micah to share his background, creative style, thoughts and impressions on crypto art and insights into how the worlds of sports and art are more closely related than they might appear.
February 19, 2020
[Cent Spotlight] Outlining Crypto Art with @dowdy
Silhouettes are stories. Real, profound stories. When I first came across @dowdy and his work, I was struck by how much his silhouette heavy art seemed to say to me.  We spoke about his evolution from silhouettes to focusing on POC in his work, what it's like being a new crypto artist on the scene, theories on pricing one's art, what quality art is, and more. As a collector and fan, I was looking forward to speaking with Dowdy for a while. I hope you enjoy listening to is as much as I did recording.
February 14, 2020
[Special Interview] James Morgan, Co-founder of
The buidl is strong with @KnownOriginio (KO) yall. Based on my chats with artists in the space and after talking with most of the platforms, I can say that there is a special excitement and energy surrounding KO that's quite unique.   Last week @rizzle and I had a really candid chat with James Morgan, co-founder of KO, about insanely exciting topics like how to achieve mass NFT adoption, v.2 of the @DAOSaka Crypto Art DAO, their work on creating an NFT lending & rental smart contract and more.
February 11, 2020
[Cent Spotlight] Zooming in on Lens-based Artist @UrBen
Thoughtful. Profound. Spiritual. And talented. Those words best describe the Centian Spotlighted this week. This week, @matthew had the pleasure to speak with @UeBen, a lens-based artist out of the UK. The duo talked about Ben's sublime art but also veered into much more in-depth topics such as Zen Buddhism, spirituality and traditions, Aztech stargazers, crypto art collecting, and more. Please enjoy this week's Cent Spotlight.
February 7, 2020
[Special Interview] Nate Geier & Carolin Wend from
The non-fungible token space is going through a massive period of growth and experimentation. When it comes to leading the way for that change, the growing number of platforms are out in front. This week @matthew and @rizzle had the chance to interview both Nate Geier & Caroline Wend from the NFT minting & selling platform Mintbase. Not all platforms are created equal, and Nate walks us through the importance of Verified Contracts when it comes to NFT minting solutions, the current limitations of storing all NFT image metadata on distributed file sharing solutions like IPFS (and skepticism of companies claiming they rely entirely on it), as well as their plans to form a Minters DAO to help shepherd in a new era of community hosted and stored data. This episode may seem a little more technical than usual, but that's because Nate, in particular, tried to give as much detail as possible to clarify the current state of the NFT space and its infrastructure.
February 4, 2020
[Cent Spotlight] On a Creative Trip With @ClayCal303
On this Spotlight, @Matthew talks with crypto artist @ClayCal303 about his creative journey to crypto art, the surprising role (or lack thereof) that psychedelics play in Clay's art, his thoughts on high volume minting of crypto art, the value of the Cent platform and more.
January 30, 2020
[Special Interview] Diving Deep Into Opensea with CEO Devin Finzer
Opensea CEO Devin Finzer took a chunk of his day to chat with Cent's @matthew & @rizzle about his background, experience working on the growth team at Pinterest (with former guest of the show Dannie Chu of @makersplace), what it's like building the "Google for NFTs" that's cleared $10,000,000 in volume, efforts to help ferret out fraudulent actors on the platform, and more.
January 29, 2020
[Cent Spotlight] @NeelYadav, From Meme Engineer to Crypto Artist
@Matthew spoke with meme Engineer turned Crypto Artist for this week's Cent Spotlight. The two talk about Neel's journey to becoming a Crypto artist, his process, philosophy on when a work is complete, and a hot take on the current state of Crypto art.
January 24, 2020
[Special Interview] Marbling the Internet with Marble.Cards Co-Founder Johan Unger
The other week @rizzle and @matthew had the chance to speak with Marble.Cards co-founder Johan Unger. If you've been following Cent or crypto Twitter recently you'll recognize that MarbleCards is in the middle of a controversy concerning digital art, IP rights and crypto tokenization. While this episode may not change your mind, I'm sure you'll walk away with a much more nuanced understanding of the project and team behind it. We talk about the origin story of MarbleCards, the gamified Marble.Cards Arena, how new sites get whitelisted for marbling, what happens when sites/artists don't want their content to be marbled, the value proposition of Marblecards and more. 
January 19, 2020
[Cent Spotlight] Scribing on the Blockchain with @conlan
Did you know that the mayor of @CryptoVoxels is on Cent? His name is @conlan. @matthew spoke with him right before New Years. Their conversation touched on his background coding up DeFi bots, his passion for crypto art, the virtual city he's been building in CryptoVoxels, and his latest NFT-related project, Scribe. 
January 17, 2020
[Special Interview] SuperRare CEO John Crain on building a crypto art marketplace
This week @matthew and @rizzle spoke with SuperRare CEO John Crain. They covered John's crypto progression from NY Bitcoin Meetups to a stint at Consensys and the background behind founding the crypto art marketplace, SuperRare. Listen in for juicy crypto art metrics, upcoming updates, how the HOLD & FOMO memes apply to NFTs as well as discussions about hard decisions like implementing a new attribution policy.
January 14, 2020
[Cent Spotlight] Making Marks in CryptoArt with @missalsimpson
Listen in to another great conversation with a truly unique creator on this week's Cent Spotlight. @matthew talks with the gritty, punk- and pop-inspired collagist @missslsimpson. The two dig into where her style originated, thoughts on the burgeoning cryptoart movement, a tight list of some of the amazing creators on Cent as well as how a new creator can get started in cryptoart.
January 10, 2020
[Special Interview] Dannie Chu From MakersPlace
Today I'm happy to bring you a conversation that @rizzle and I had right before the holidays with Dannie Chu, founder and CEO of @makersplace. We talk about the formative years he spent at Pinterest as an early employee where he focused on growing the user base there into the hundreds of millions, his first encounter with crypto and of course everything that MakersPlace is doing to create a fun, creative and trustworthy destination for both cryptoart creators and collectors.
January 7, 2020
2020: The Year Cent, NFTs & Crypto Have Been Waiting For
Welcome to the season finale of the You Deserve A Drink podcast yall. It's been a pleasure to have all you join us on this beautiful experiment.  To close out 2019, @rizzle and @matthew have put together a tight light recap of 2019 on @cent plus both of their predictions of what to expect in 2020 aka the year of the NFT
December 31, 2019
CryptoArt, The Devil's Advocate Episode
Merry Christmas yall🎅🎉🎄 After you've opened all your presents and after you've stuffed your faces with all that tasty holiday food, crack open this podcast and enjoy. We have a packed show this week, full of hot takes and critical looks at: the TryRoll + Uniswap integration, a devil's advocate view of CryptoArt and more.
December 25, 2019
[Cent Spotlight] Manifesting Ideas in CryptoArt with @skeenee
@skeenee shares his background, creative journey, and his drive to manifest new ideas in his art. @matthew also talks with @skeenee about how he combines forms from both the real and virtual worlds in his creations in addition to his collaborations with artists like @mera, @mlibty, and @blackboxdotart as well as the amazing things he's working on to educate more creators about cryptoart. Please enjoy our talk.
December 20, 2019
Social Money Follow Up + I'm in CV, Now What?
On episode 14 of the You Deserve A Drink, @rizzle and @matthew cast a critical eye on both social money as well as @cryptovoxels to highlight the current states of both projects. No hype, just balanced evaluations based on first-hand use. Of course, the duo shout out a ton of awesome posts on Cent too.
December 17, 2019
[Cent Spotlight] Deep Dive into the Creation of Saint Nakamoto with @AlottaMoney & Jivinci
@matthew interviewed not one, but two amazing creators for this week's Cent Spotlight: @AlottaMoney & @Jivinci. This duo made waves both when they released their Saint Nakamoto NFT to the marketplace and when again when it sold for around $1600. This Spotlight is a behind the scenes look into the background and creation of Saint Nakamoto as well as a preview of the future of the blockchain art space. Alotta and Jivinci aren't only incredibly talented artists, but they are very deep thinkers as well. Stop by for a full transcript and to join in the conversation.
December 13, 2019
Turning CryptoVoxels Green, Digital Art Collectors & Rebranding CryptoArt?
On this episode of the Cent Podcast, @rizzle starts off by sharing his experience (including a hilarious and beautiful(?) mistake) in @cryptovoxels over at The Cent-er build that @BlackBoxDotArt so kindly let him use. From there we discuss BBDA's amazing Cent post entitled The Case For The Collector-Curator before moving on to discuss the advantages and disadvantages of using the term #CryptoArt.
December 11, 2019
[Cent Spotlight] Talking Creative Collaborations With @WGMeets
The other week @matthew spoke with @WGMeets for the Cent Spotlight. The two had an incredibly insightful conversation and chatted about @WGMeet’s fascinating journeys as both a creative and in crypto (listen close for the absolutely hilarious TRON jokes), his creative process, how he creates his fractal works, and his numerous collaborations with a focus on his recent project with @MLIBTY. The talk concludes with an epic dhout out list of amazing artists in the crypto space and on Cent who are making major moves including: @MLIBTY, @mera, @astrozach, @abysms, @NeelYadav, @mightymoose, @Lazarus2571, @BlackBoxDotArt, @missalsimpson, @alottamoney and RobnessCyberpop (who isn't on Cent, yet).  I hope you all enjoy this chat as much as I did.
December 6, 2019
[Special Interview] Sid Kalla from TryRoll
@rizzle and I are excited to share our first, but definitely not last, Special Interview that we'll be doing with the teams and projects in the crypto creative space that Centians are using and talking about. Today we're stoked to share an interview we recorded with Mr. Sid Kalla, co-founder of the social currency-focused TryRoll project. Sid is a super sharp thinker and he gave us a very candid glimpse into how he is thinking about TryRoll today and heading into the future.
December 4, 2019
Fake Crypto Art Scandal, Blockchain Identity, & Channeling @connie
On this week's show, @rizzle and I dive into the recent controversy surrounding the fake digital art that made its way from the now blacklisted Editional app to OpenSea. [Note: we recorded this episode before it was clear how the blacklisting of Editional art would actually be implemented by the various sites, including OpenSea]. That discussion led to talk on crypto KYC, blockchain-based identity solutions, fraud prevention solutions on the part of NFT marketplaces, potential IP-related issues concerning digital art and an attempt on my part at clarifying what @connie meant in his recent headline post entitled Artists who tokenize on their own personal verified smart contract can always prove authenticity. Of course, throughout our chat, we shouted out numerous Centians who are sharing great work on Cent.
December 2, 2019
Cent Bounties & Crypto Collaborations
On this episode, @matthew & @rizzle spend a nice chunk of time talking about the Cent product focusing specifically on potential updates for bounties on Cent and changes for sorting. After that, they cover all of the amazing collaborations that are springing up within crypto on Cent, CryptoVoxels and other places between artists like @mlibty, @BlackBoxDotArt, fans and projects like Mintbase.
November 27, 2019
[Cent Spotlight] Following Your Energy In Crypto Art With @BlackBoxDotArt
On this week’s Cent Spotlight, @matthew was joined by a really special person. They're probably one of the most positive presences on Cent. Originally they were an encaustic artist, but they're an all-around pioneering creator and an intrepid digital explorer. It's incredible that they only recently started dabbling in digital art. Their work is truly enrapturing. It's intensely intricate, extremely delicate, and visually stunning. The guest this week was @BlackBoxDotArt aka Sparrow. The had a really amazing chat about her name, her creative philosophy, crypto art, and the broader crypto art community.
November 23, 2019
Next Steps for Crypto Art Shows & Thoughts On Artcoins
Episode 10 of YDAD is chock full of sharp takes and piercing insights from @matthew & @rizzle into the best of Cent, crypto art and the biggest new trends in crypto. The two focus on suggestions for future crypto art shows and review the recent developments of social currency aka artcoins.
November 19, 2019
[Cent Spotlight] Tripping on Crypto Art with @MaxOsiris
The Crypto Art Show LA wrapped up last week, and this week @matthew was able to speak with the man who made the whole thing possible, @MaxOsiris. The pair had a deep, far-reaching chat about the LA show and about the crypto art space as a whole.
November 17, 2019
IRL + VR CryptoArt Shows & CryptoVoxel Wearables (WEAR)
We start the show off by diving into the Cent+CryptoVoxels Art Tour, touch on the lessons learned from Secret Cent which is our crypto art giveaway, muse about what @MaxOsiris' LA Crypto Art Show will be like and talk about the wearables that are now a thing in CryptoVoxels.
November 13, 2019
[Cent Spotlight] Conducting Art Experiments with @MattiaC
The Cent Spotlight is an interview series with the amazing creators on On this installment of the Cent Spotlight @matthew interviews crypto artist @MattiaC. Learn about who @MattiaC is, his scientific approach to art inspired by Bruno Muneri, how he came across the Cent platform and much more.
November 10, 2019
Cent CryptoVoxels Art Tour & Social Money Giveaway
On this week's episode of You Deserve A Drink, @matthew and @rizzle dive into the The Cent CyptoVoxels Art Tour (CAT), share a trivia question for the CAT + YDAD Social Money Giveaway, reveal more details on the Secret Cent event that will be tied in with the CAT, and discuss their favorite posts on Cent over the past week.
November 4, 2019
[Cent Spotlight] Talking #CryptoArt with @Lazarus2571
The Cent Spotlight is a show that highlights the best creators on Cent. This week @matthew interviewed @Lazarus2571, a briliant and deep-thinking crypto artist. The chat about @Lazarus2571's multi-varied artistic style, the break and evolution of the digital art world from the off-line art world highlighted by projects like @CryptoVoxels, a mind blowing idea for a potential digital work of art in CV, who some of our favorite crypto artists are including @mattiac, @mlibty, @abysms, the last Spotlight with @n0shot and we wrap up with a pretty funny talk about how we try to onboard new folks to crypto.
November 3, 2019
Scooping #CryptoArt, Social Money & Community
On this episode of You Deserve A Drink, @rizzle and @matthew dive deep into a couple of topics thar are at the forefront of many Centians minds like buying #CryptoArt on all the major marketplaces and the continued adoption of the social money phenomenon. We wrap things up by focusing on community and talking about some amazing Cent posts.
October 29, 2019
Devcon V, Gamification & Female Crypto
On this week's installment of You Deserve A Drink, @matthew talks a little about what it was like at Devcon V aka "The country club of crypto." Then @rizzle talks about his...hilarious struggles leading up to finally cracking the latest #n0quest puzzle that @n0shot put together along with @puffin and @skeenee in @CryptoVoxels. Finally, we both then talk about the growing number of female creators like @misssalsimpdlson, @onyxmermaid, @blackboxdotart, and @banjoclara who are making Cent and even better community, because, well, "Cool shit knows no bounds."
October 22, 2019
Social Money, CryptoVoxel #n0quests, & Secret Centa
@rizzle and I get this episode started by discussing the Social Money phenomenon that @connie, @skeene, @mightymoose, @mera, and several others have been getting involved in focusing on the deep collaboration aspect between fan and creator. From there we talk about the amazing quests that @n0shot has been putting together over on @cryptovoxels and how we feel that is going to prove key for bringing more mainstream users to Cent and crypto. Then I shout out @blackdotboxart and discuss the amazing work another user created on her CryptoVoxel plot.
October 16, 2019
[Cent Spotlight] Becoming a Digital Craftsman With @n0shot
In this meaty 30 minute chat, host @matthew and guest @n0shot talk about @n0shot's concept-driven design philosophy, his favorite design tools and programs, the fantastic #n0quests he's been spinning up on @CryptoVoxels, the community on Cent and much more.
October 14, 2019
Mini Cent Spotlight - @Kaiviti & The CryptoVoxel Crypto Corner Cafe
This week I had the chance to speak with @kaiviti, whom many already know is the proprietor of the CryptoVoxel based Crypto Corner Cafe (CCC) where digital artists such as @connie and @n0shot are currently featured, while we were both inside the CryptoVoxels world. We speak about his goals and aspirations with the CCC plot, the idea of potentially featuring the You Deserve A Drink podcast in the cafe, shout out some of the artists he wants to feature in the CCC in the near future including @skeenee and @mera, and finish up with a preview of a new update that'll go live on Cent in the next week.
October 5, 2019
NFTs, Crypto VR & 11 yo CryptoArt Prodigies
This episode is a bit of a grab bag. First we start off talking about non-cryptoart NFT projects like @marblecards, CryptoKitties (plus and, 0xUniverse, My Crypto Heroes plus a million and one shitty CryptoKitties knock offs. We wonder if @johan could explain more of the mission behind @MarbleCards and touch on @sinkas' back-to-back sales of two of his MarbleCards. Next up we look at the burgeoning world of crypto VR. 
September 30, 2019
Cent Spotlight - @Goldkey, The Overnight Graphic Designer
There have been several stellar recent additions to Cent that have hit the ground running from their very first posts. @goldkey is one of those people. I had the pleasure of synching with @goldkey the other day to talk about how he honed his graphic design and gif making skills. Turns out the man hadn't made any motion graphic gifs until after he joined Cent. He was simply inspired by the amazing community here on Cent. The chat I had with @goldkey left me inspired, and I know it'll leave you all inspired too.
September 28, 2019
Forever Alone in Crypto & Secret Centa
@rizzle and I kick the episode off talking about the super thought provoking post from @slunk entitled 'Forever alone in crypto'. From there we lock in on the early signs of non-crypto communities starting to pop up like @mshep17's fantasy football league recruitment. And @rizzle drops a bomb of an idea: Secret Centa. It's a good one.
September 23, 2019
The State of Cent
On this week's episode of You Deserve a Drink, @rizzle and @matthew riff on the State of Cent.  We talk about all of the #CryptoArt on Cent and link that convo to plans for #TheNewCent.  We shout out some of the Centians we haven't seen in a while including @DavidSiler, @ByteLong, @Joel, @zubs, @remedude, @127kgs, @pajeebear, and I also talk about my top three favorite posts from the previous week from @connie, @blank, @dejure
September 16, 2019
Cent Spotlight - Waxing Philosophical on Hip Hop & Cent with DJ Lethal Skillz
This week I had the great fortune to lock down a couple of minutes to chat with the incredibly deep and wise @djliethalskillz. We started off talking about his childhood growing up amidst the civil war in Lebanon and hoe he was able to escape the sound of bombs and war through hip hop.  sound of bombs and war through hip hop. From there we branch out into how Skillz came across crypto and blockchain, the various projects and communities in the space that he has been active in and we finish up with a discussion of #TheNewCent along with a few suggestions for how Cent can become a real home for other musicians.
September 14, 2019
CryptoArt in VR, CryptoVoxels & the Future of Digital Art
In the first episode of season two, @matthew is joined by new co-host @rizzle. The two dive right into discussions about CryptoArt, CryptoVoxels and the future of digital art by pulling on the real life examples of fellow Cent users like: @n0shot, @javo, @Coldie3D, @skeenee, @mattiaC, @mlibty, @spontanert, @LoveArtHate, @pet3rpan, and of course @connie.
September 9, 2019
Community, Cent Global Chat Live Meetup, Super Mario on Cent, & The Future of YDAD
A quote from the recent New Yorker piece on the moderators of HackerNews sets the tone for the community theme this week. In this sub-5 minute episode, I look back at the first ever Cent Global Chat live meetup that took place last week, shoutout a fresh Super Mario-infused example of Cent fan art and touch on the next iteration of the YDAD podcast. New Yorker Link:
September 1, 2019
Cent Spotlight - A Reverse Spotlight on @matthew
This is the first ever podcast version of the Cent Spotlight series. On this episode fellow Centian @Rizzle does a reverse spotlight on @matthew, the creator of the Cent Spotlight and the one who is usually asking the questions. For more details and an edited transcript, check out
August 30, 2019
Setting the Cent Table
In this episode I lead off with a quote from Danny Meyer before talking about the idea of introducing a 'Certified Creators' designation on Cent and my upcoming podcasts with @Remedude and @Rizzle as part of the Cent Spotlight series
August 25, 2019
Centronicities, Replies & Cent Global Chat
I discuss @ClayCal303's recent post on 'Centronicities' or moments of syncronicity that occur often on Cent, reflect on my lack of activity in the reply section of my own posts and set a date/time (21 August 2019 @ 6pm PST) for a live meet up in the Cent Global Chat
August 18, 2019
Lewis Mumford, Invisible Cities, Cent & The Future of Podcasting
This week I read a quote from Lewis Mumford's 1961 'The City in History' that shares strong parralels with points made by Sonal Chokshi about the future of podcasting that she made on the most recent episode of the Software Engineering Daily podcast. [Link:]
August 11, 2019
Reflections on practice, crypto art and the Cent Spotlight with @MLIBTY
Weekly quote on practice by Hans-Georg Gadamer --> Cent and practicing at living a digital life that can unlock an alternative way to live in the real world --> Buying crypto art as a form of practicing towards living that digital life --> Recap of last week's Cent Spotlight with @MLIBTY and teaser of this week's Spotlight with @rizzle
August 4, 2019
You Deserve a Drink related thoughts and musings
July 27, 2019