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Mac Gist EP 1 - WWDC Recap!

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By Huzi Media
The Mac Gist Podcast, three longtime friends and Apple professionals bring just the gist of the apple news each week.
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Mac Gist EP 2 - RIP Dashboard
Great, now we need to find something to talk about other than WWDC topics. Mike Talks About How his life with iOS 13 Beta 1 is going. Nick Talks About New iOS Enterprise Enrollment for BOYD devices and Get your copy of Dead Cells on iOS now: Scott Talks about The death of Dashboard on MacOS. We'll all miss you so much and The Pixel 4 and it's back end and Larger batteries on the next iPhones Send us over an e mail 
June 14, 2019
Mac Gist EP 1 - WWDC Recap!
Welcome back! Let's talk about this EPIC WWDC keynote and share the Gist of our favorite parts.
June 8, 2019
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