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Primary Care Nursing and Cancer Podcast

Primary Care Nursing and Cancer Podcast

By Macmillan Primary Care Nursing
A podcast to support Primary Care Nurses and other HCPs in South West London deliver truly personalised care for their patients living with cancer. This podcast is produced by the Macmillan Primary Care Nursing Project which is hosted by South West London Health and Care Partnership.
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Episode 3 Part 1: Working with Patient Partners - A Case Study of Good Practice

Primary Care Nursing and Cancer Podcast

Episode 4: Meet the SWL macmillan primary care nursing project team
In episode 4, we meet the macmillan primary care nursing project team. Sandra, Macmillan Primary Care Lead Nurse, Sarah, Macmillan Clinical Specialist and Jonathan & Yvonne, Project Managers.  The project team give an overview of the project, share the successes that they are most proud of and the knowledge and skills they have each gained. They also share what they have found challenging during the lifespan of the project and how they overcame these challenges.  Sandra, Sarah, Jonathan & Yvonne discuss how they would like the project remembered, and possible next steps for south west London.  If you would like to get in touch with the macmillan primary care nursing project team please email 
March 19, 2020
Episode 3 Part 2: Supporting Patients Living with Cancer in Primary Care - A Patient Perspective
During part 2, we will be talking with our patient partners Bonnie, Christine and Sharon, about the support they received from primary care during their cancer treatment and beyond. We also discussed what primary care support they feel would benefit patients, and who, within primary care, would be best suited provide it. 
January 29, 2020
Episode 3 Part 1: Working with Patient Partners - A Case Study of Good Practice
In part one of episode three we are speaking with three of our patient partners, Bonnie, Christine and Sharon. We explore how they have contributed to improve the outcomes of the Macmillan Primary Care Nursing Project in South West London. We also share tips on how to gain insights from patient partners, and how to incorporate them into project planning, and sharing learning.  We also hear from the patient partners what they have gained from working with the project team and how this has supported them in their recovery. 
January 29, 2020
Episode 2: Improving cancer care, the value of collaboration.
With the number of people surviving cancer increasing, it is vital that primary care adapts to better support their patients living with and beyond cancer. In this episode, we speak with a Macmillan GP, a General Practice Nurse and the Lead Nurse for the Training Hub in Sutton CCG. We find out how they have, through collaborative working, successfully improved the quality of cancer care for patients living in Sutton, in particular, developing the role of the general practice nurse to support this change. We will be exploring in detail how collaborative working and education has supported the primary care workforce within Sutton CCG to better support their patients and share learning on how a multi strand approach can be adopted by other CCGs.
December 20, 2019
Episode 1: Managing Cancer as a Long-Term Condition: What does Good Practice Look Like?
We met with Zaitun, a Macmillan GP and Clare, a Practice Nurse, who work together in a GP practice in Sutton CCG. Clare is leading on Cancer as a long-term condition for their practice and is managing cancer care reviews and prostate stratified follow-up for their patients. This episode explains how Clare took on this role with Zaitun’s support, and the tools they use to ensure both the safety of patients living with cancer and the delivery of truly personalised care. We also discuss the possibilities for the future and the opportunities that Primary Care Networks may bring. Further episodes from a community nursing perspective and from the patients’ perspectives will follow shortly. Disclaimer: some sections of audio may not be very clear due to a mishap with a fridge. You can find a transcript for this episode Macmillan Practice Nurse Courses: For more information on the project please join our Facebook Page,, where you can find details on all the work that has been done so far and future plans. Or contact us on Podcast produced by The Macmillan Primary Care Nursing Project hosted by South West London Health & Care Partnership. Sandra Dyer: Macmillan Primary Care Nurse Lead Sarah Dewhurst: Macmillan Specialist Clinician Yvonne Damanhuri: Macmillan Project Manager James Weaver: Technical Assistance
November 11, 2019