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Envision This

By Envision Partnerships
Envision Partnerships is a non-profit agency in Butler County Ohio. They play a major role in providing prevention education to both youth and adults within their community. This podcast showcases the work that they do, and the various partnerships they have. People of Butler County is a sub-podcast within Envision This.
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People of Butler County Episode 3: Interview with Michelle Price

Envision This

PAX Tools Q&A
To answer all of your questions about PAX Tools, we put together an expert panel with Kristen Smith, Kristina Latta, and Amy Macechko. Whether you're considering getting trained in PAX Tools, or you've been trained already, there is so much to learn in this episode.  Did you send in a question that wasn't answered during the show? Send a message to 
April 27, 2020
People of Butler County Episode 3: Interview with Michelle Price
This Friday, April 10th, we had a chance to interview someone at the forefront of the fight against suicide in Ohio: Michelle Price. Michelle is the Director of Community Engagement at the Ohio Suicide Prevention Foundation. In this interview we talk about her role at OSPF, her personal experience with depression and suicidal ideation, effects of COVID-19 on mental health and how to stay socially connected, responsible messaging and language, suicide trends in Ohio, and so much more. Be sure to stick around for the "Fast Five" at the end! Resources for this Episode: Information on Ohio's Suicide Prevention Coalitions: Responsible Messaging: Using Effective Language to Prevent Suicide (Webinar): John Ackerman and Responsible Messaging Resources: Learn more about programs available and how to get involved:
April 12, 2020